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宜昌治疗前列腺囊肿权威医院宜昌男科妇科网上预约宜昌男健医院男科咨询 Are you as straight-backed as a ballerina, or as hunched as a dinosaur?你的后背是像芭蕾舞演员一样直,还是像恐龙的后背那么弯?Your #39;posture profile#39; can identify whether you will suffer from aches and pains in later life, the British Chiropractic Association has said.英国脊椎治疗协会表明,从“侧面站姿”就能判断你是否会在以后遭受背痛折磨。People whose heads lean forward are most likely to suffer back pain, its survey found. 英国脊椎治疗协会的调查表明,头向前倾的人更有可能罹患背痛。Whether you are a #39;spoon#39;, #39;bridge#39;, #39;leaning tower#39; or #39;flat-pack#39; will determine your risk of having problems later.“勺形”、“桥形”、“斜塔形”和“直背形”四种不同站姿将决定你在余生中患病的风险。While previous indicators have focused on body shapes, with larger-breasted women and #39;apple#39; shapes being seen as a warning sign, this new research shows posture could be key in preventing back pain.此前研究多关注人体体型。如果女性的胸部较大,且拥有“苹果形”身材,就需多加警惕。而这项新研究表明,站姿对预防背痛至关重要。A quarter of women suffer pain lasting between one and three days starting at the relatively young age of 34, the survey found.调查发现,患有背痛且持续时间在1-3天的女性群体中,有四分之一的女性都在相对较早的34岁就开始背痛了。#39;Leaning towers#39; - women whose heads lean forward - are most likely to report pain, with almost six in ten with this posture aly suffering and three in ten having daily twinges.“斜塔形”女性的头部前倾,此类女性患上背痛的可能性最高。“斜塔形”群体中,有接近十分之六的人已经罹患背痛,有十分之三的人遭受日常刺痛。Being a #39;bridge#39; with an arched back was the second worse posture, followed by a #39;spoon#39; position with rounded shoulders but a flat back.“桥形”是第二大不良站姿,后背呈拱形;“勺形”则是第三大不良站姿,后背挺直但双肩下塌。And a change in posture can be far less demanding than a crash diet or boot camp-style exercise programme.改变站姿可要比速成节食和新人集训简单得多。#39;Flat pack#39; ladies, who keep their backs flat are the most likely to avoid pain with a fifth reporting they have never suffered back or neck aches in their lives.“直背形”女士后背挺直,是罹患背痛可能性最低的人群。调查人群中,有五分之一的“直背形”女性表明,她们一生从未患有背痛和脖子痛。Tim Hutchful, a registered chiropractor and member of the British Chiropractic Association, said women looking to stave off back pain should try to keep their head and ankles in line.注册脊椎师、英国脊椎治疗协会的成员蒂姆·哈区福称,想要预防背痛的女性可以试着将头部和脚踝保持在一条直线上。He said: #39;Rather than worrying about being an apple or an hourglass, we want people to think about what they look like from the side.他说道:“我们关心的不是‘苹果形’和‘沙漏形’身材,而是想让人们想想他们的侧面是什么样的。”#39;Paying closer attention to your body#39;s side profile can really help to identify back or neck pain triggers.“密切注意身体的侧面轮廓可以帮助你判断背痛和脖子痛的诱因。”#39;The perfect posture should give you a neutral side-on appearance, with your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in line.“完美的站姿应该能让你的侧面轮廓不偏不倚,双耳、双肩、臀部、膝盖和脚踝都处于同一条直线。”#39;People who want to improve their back and neck pain symptoms through a better posture should try imagining they have a plumb line hanging straight from their ears to ankles - with everything in the middle sitting on the same line.“想要改变站姿缓解背痛和脖子痛的人可以试着想象从双耳垂直向下延伸出一条直线,直至脚踝,中间的所有部位都要处于这条直线上。”#39;One way to do this is to try standing in a relaxed way and then gently contracting the abdominal muscles.“要想达到这种效果,可以在放松站立时,缓缓地收腹。”#39;When sitting, the gravity line should pass thorough ear, shoulder and hip.#39;“坐下时,这条垂直线应从双耳经双肩直达臀部。”Over 1,200 women were surveyed.这项研究中,有超过1200位女性接受调查。 /201512/413385The machines at Independent Record Pressing whirred and hissed as they stamped out a test record. The business’s owners waited anxiously for Dave Miller, the plant manager, to inspect the still-warm slab of vinyl.“独立唱片压制公司”(Independent Record Pressing)里,机器轰鸣作响,压出一张测试碟。车间主管戴夫·米勒(Dave Miller)检查这张余温犹存的黑胶唱片,老板们在旁边焦急地等待着。“That’s flat, baby!” Mr. Miller said as he held the record, to roars of approval and relief. “That’s the way they should come off, just like that.”“是平的,宝贝!”米勒拿着唱片松了口气,用赞许的口吻大声说,“唱片出来就该是这样的,就是这样。”Independent Record Pressing is an attempt to solve one of the riddles of today’s music industry: how to capitalize on the popularity of vinyl records when the machines that make them are decades old, and often require delicate and expensive maintenance. The six presses at this new 20,000-square-foot plant, for example, date to the 1970s.“独立唱片压制公司”的成立是为了解决当今音乐产业内的一个难解之谜:如今,黑胶唱片重又流行起来,然而压制黑胶的机器却已经走过了几十个年头,经常需要细致昂贵的维护保养,怎样从黑胶的流行中获利就成了问题。这家占地二万平方英尺的厂房里有6台黑胶压制机,都是20世纪70年代出产的。Vinyl, which faded with the arrival of compact discs in the 1980s, is having an unexpected renaissance. Last year more than 13 million LPs were sold in the ed States, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, the highest count in 25 years, making it one of the record business’s few growth areas.20世纪80年代,随着CD技术的出现,黑胶一度销声匿迹,如今却出人意料地出现了复兴。根据美国唱片工业协会统计,去年全美售出了1300万多张LP唱片,达到25年来的最高点,成了唱片工业内为数不多的增长领域之一。But the few dozen plants around the world that press the records have strained to keep up with the exploding demand, resulting in long delays and other production problems, executives and industry observers say. It is now common for plants to take up to six months to turn around a vinyl order — an eternity in an age when listeners are used to getting music online instantly.但是,唱片业的高管和行业观察者们指出,面对突然爆发的需求,全世界少数几个能够压制黑胶唱片的工厂已经疲于奔命,由此导致了漫长的延期和各种生产问题。现在,工厂花费六个月时间完成一份黑胶订单是非常普遍的,对于当今这个听众习惯马上在网络上听到音乐的时代来说,真是一段过于漫长的时间。“The good news is that everyone wants vinyl,” Dave Hansen, one of Independent’s owners and the general manager of the alternative label Epitaph, said on a recent hot afternoon as the plant geared up for production.“好消息是,现在所有人都想要黑胶,”前不久,一个炎热的下午,“独立”的老板之一戴夫·汉森(Dave Hansen)在工厂准备生产的间隙接受了采访,他还是另类唱片厂牌“墓志铭”(Epitaph)的经理。“The bad news is everything you see here today,” he added, noting that the machines had to be shut down that afternoon because of the rising temperature of water used as a coolant. To replace an obsolete screw in one machine, Independent spent ,000 to manufacture and install a new one.“坏消息就是今天你在这儿看到的一切,”他指的是当天下午机器被迫关闭的事,因为用作冷却的水温度升高了。为了替换机器里一个坏掉的螺丝,公司花了5000美元制作安装了一台新机器。The vinyl boom has come as streaming has taken off as a listening format and both CDs and downloads have declined. The reasons cited are usually a fuller, warmer sound from vinyl’s analog grooves and the tactile power of a well-made record at a time when music has become ephemeral.黑胶回潮发生在流媒体播放成为主要聆听方式,CD和下载都出现下降趋势之际。人们青睐黑胶的理由通常是,在这个音乐已经变得短暂易逝的时代,黑胶的模拟方式更加丰满、温暖;精美唱片的手感也带来一种力量。Most surprising is the youth of the market: According to MusicWatch, a consumer research group, some 54 percent of vinyl customers are 35 or younger. Mr. Hansen and Darius Van Arman, a founder of Secretly Group, a consortium of small record companies that is a partner in Independent, said they believed their customers were often discovering new music through streaming and then collecting it on LPs.最让人惊讶的是,这个市场非常年轻:根据消费者调查集团MisicWatch统计,54%的黑胶唱片消费者是35岁至35岁以下的人群。小唱片公司联合团体“秘密集团”(Secretly Group)的创始人德里乌斯·范·阿尔曼(Darius Van Arman)也是“独立”的合伙人之一,他和汉森都说,客户往往是通过流媒体发现新的音乐,然后收藏它们的黑胶唱片。“None of this was supposed to happen, and yet it’s happened,” said Michael Fremer, a senior contributing editor at Stereophile magazine and a longtime champion of vinyl as a superior medium for sound.“这一切都是人们不曾预料到的,然而就这样发生了,”《Stereophile》杂志的资深供稿编辑,迈克尔·弗莱默(Michael Fremer)说,长期以来,他一直主张黑胶是一种高级的声音介质。Independent’s machines tell some of the history of the modern music business. Mr. Miller, 62, helped build them as a young man in the 1970s, and they were used for decades at the Hub-Servall plant in Cranbury, N.J.; Mr. Miller recalled pressing copies of the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” soundtracks there.“独立”的机器可以反映出现代音乐工业的一些历史。米勒先生现年62岁,70年代时,年轻的他曾经参与制造这些机器。它们在新泽西州克兰伯里市的Hub-Servall工厂役几十年,米勒回忆这家工厂曾经压制过《周六夜狂热》(Saturday Night Fever)和《油脂》(Grease)的原声专辑。In 2007, Hub-Servall’s presses were sold to RIP-V, a new plant in Montreal that took on Epitaph as a client. RIP-V shut down last year, and Independent bought six of its 14 machines and brought them back to New Jersey. (The rest went to other plants.) Mr. Hansen said that he and Secretly had invested .5 million in the venture.2007年,Hub-Servall的压制机被蒙特利尔的新厂RIP-V买去,“墓志铭”也是它的客户。RIP-V于去年关门大吉,“独立”买下了它14台机器中的6台,把它们带回新泽西(另外八台机器被其他工厂买去)。汉森说,他和“秘密”为这家工厂投资了150万美元。For the music business over all, vinyl is still a niche product, if an increasingly substantial one. According to Nielsen, LPs now represent about 9 percent of sales in physical formats. But for indies like Epitaph and Secretly, vinyl has become essential: Both now take in nearly as much revenue from LPs as they do from CDs.对于整个音乐行业来说,黑胶唱片的势头虽然愈来愈强劲,但仍然属于小众产品。根据尼尔逊公司统计,黑胶LP唱片占据音乐实体销量的9%。但是对于“墓志铭”和“秘密”这样的独立唱片公司来说,黑胶成了必不可少的东西:两家厂牌目前在黑胶唱片和在CD唱片两部分的收益都是差不多一样多。Mr. Hansen started Independent as a 50-50 partnership with Secretly to serve other independent labels — companies that often find themselves squeezed out of the production line by bigger players.汉森和“秘密”以50-50的分成合作方式开了“独立”,同时也为其他独立厂牌务,这些小公司在生产环节经常受到大公司排挤。“One of the problems that independent labels are facing,” Mr. Van Arman of Secretly said, “is that some of the bigger plants might get an order for an Eagles box set, and everyone else is put on hold.”“独立厂牌经常面临这样的问题,”“秘密”的范·阿尔曼说,“有些大厂可能因为接了‘老鹰’(Eagles)盒装特辑的单,就把别人的单都推到后面去。”Independent’s initial order list includes records by Vampire Weekend, Pavement, the XX and Mac DeMarco, all indie acts that are steady sellers on vinyl. Mr. Hansen’s ownership is separate from his employment at Epitaph, and both he and Mr. Van Arman said that releases on their labels would get no special treatment.“独立”的第一批订单中包括“吸血鬼周末”(Vampire Weekend)、“人行道”(Pavement)、“the XX”和马克·德马科(Mac DeMarco),所有独立艺人和乐队都是黑胶唱片稳定的卖家。汉森对工厂的所有权是同他在“墓志铭”的职位分开的,他和范·阿尔曼都说,来压制黑胶的艺人如果选择在他俩的厂牌发行唱片,并不会得到特别优惠。Independent has taken over a spot in a small industrial park in this town about six miles south of Trenton. The company expects to employ seven full-time workers and a small part-time crew to assemble the finished records and sleeves; some of those part-timers will be moonlighting employees of a Netflix DVD fulfillment center next door where similar work is done, Mr. Hansen said.“独立”坐落在镇上一个小小的工业园区,位于特伦顿以南6英里。汉森说,公司希望雇用7名全职员工,以及一小批兼职人员,帮忙包装唱片和封套;公司打算从隔壁Netflix的DVD压制厂雇用一些工作内容差不多的兼职人员。When it is operating at full capacity, Independent should produce up to 1.5 million records a year, Mr. Hansen and Mr. Van Arman said. But first the machines must be fully restored and tested, and after several months they are still not quite y.一旦满负荷运转起来,“独立”一年可以生产150万张唱片,汉森和范·阿尔曼说。但是,机器首先需要进行全面修复和测试,几个月过去了,他们还没完全准备好。While tweaking two machines, Mr. Miller, the plant manager, showed how many parts of the physical process must be aligned to make a record properly.在修理两台机器过程中,工厂主管米勒展示了要制作一张唱片,需要经过多少程序。Vinyl pellets are poured from a bucket into an extruder, and then formed into a small lump of vinyl that is placed between metal stampers forming the shape of each side of the record. The machine then presses the stampers together with 150 pounds per square inch of pressure. If the temperature, pressure or consistency of the vinyl is off, the result is an imperfect record that is scrapped.用大桶装着的乙烯基颗粒被注入压出机,形成一小团乙烯基块,之后被注入唱片两面的金属母模之间。之后机器用150磅每平方英寸的压力冲压母模。如果温度、压力和乙烯基浓度出现问题,唱片就报废了。“This is the dirty, brutal side of the record business,” Mr. Miller said. “Nobody realizes the work it takes to actually make a record.”“这是唱片行业中最脏、最残忍的一面,”米勒说,“没有人知道制作一张唱片要花多大功夫。”There is now a global rush to set up more plants and find existing presses, but the few that have been tracked down are often in poor shape. This year Chad Kassem of Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kan., found 13 disused machines in Chicago — “they looked like scrap metal to anybody but me,” he said — and he hopes to restore five of them within six months.目前全球都出现了建立新黑胶厂,寻找现存压制机的风潮,但是能被找到的、仅存的机器通常都是保养状况不佳。今年,堪萨斯州萨莱纳市“优质唱片压制公司”(Quality Record Pressing)的查德·卡塞姆(Chad Kassem)在芝加哥找到了13台报废的机器,“除了我,别人都把它们当成废铜烂铁,”他说。他希望能在6个月内修复其中5台机器。Fat Possum, another indie label, also started a new plant in Memphis this year to meet its own demand, with nine machines. “Now I can go and push my own stuff to the front,” said Matthew Johnson, Fat Possum’s founder, who said that in recent years he had been faced with frustrations like thousands of records held up in customs as they came in from manufacturers in Europe.独立厂牌“胖负鼠”(Fat Possum)为了满足公司自己的需要,今年在孟菲斯开设了一家新厂,他们拥有9台机器。“现在我可以直接推出自己的东西了”,厂牌创始人马修·约翰逊(Matthew Johnson)说,他说,近年来他遇到过很多困难,比如上千张唱片从欧洲的压盘厂回来,结果却被扣在海关。Yet talk of a possible bubble hangs over the vinyl business, and some plants seem to be bracing for a decline even as they expand. ed Record Pressing in Nashville, one of the biggest plants, has 30 presses running 24 hours a day and has acquired 16 more machines. Yet the plant, overwhelmed by demand, has stopped taking orders from new customers.说到这个行业内可能存在的泡沫,不少厂子在扩张的同时,似乎也在为衰退做准备。纳什维尔的“联合唱片压制公司”(ed Record Pressing)是最大的压盘厂之一,拥有30台机器,一天24小时运转,并且新近订购了16台机器。然而该厂的生产能力供不应求,已经不再接新客户的单。“It’s difficult to turn people away, especially when it is maybe an independent artist,” said Jessica Baird, a representative of the company. “But we are trying to do the best we can for people who have been loyal to us for years, and that we hope will stick with us when the ebb and flow comes again.”“要拒绝别人很难,特别是对方可能是独立艺术家,”该公司代表杰西卡·贝尔德(Jessica Baird)说。“但是我们只想为那些多年来的忠实客户做到最好,我们希望他们在行业衰落再次来临之际也能一直跟随我们。”Mr. Hansen, 52, said he wasn’t sure whether the vinyl gold rush would continue, either, but he has staked a considerable personal investment in it and called the plant part of his retirement planning.52岁的汉森说,他也不确定“黑胶淘金潮”是否会一直持续下去,但他个人对工厂进行了相当大的投资,把它当做自己养老计划的一部分。“The dream is to build capacity for our label and provide a service for the indie labels that I love and respect so much,” Mr. Hansen said, “and at the same time, make a few bucks too.”“我的梦想就是让产量能够满足我们的厂牌,以及我喜爱和尊敬的许多其他独立厂牌,同时还能赚几个钱花,”汉森说。 /201509/400632宜昌有正规的男科医院吗

湖北省宜昌市第一人民医院男科专家宜昌市治疗早泄多少钱 For many people, being left-handed means there are a lot of little, everyday inconveniences that you just learn to deal with; from scissors to desks, the world was designed for right-handed people. But there are some very weird things that go along with being left-handed, including a long history of suspicion and distrust, along with a scientifically proven tendency to develop a mental illness.对许多人来说,成为一个左撇子意味着你必须学会克日常生活中遇到的诸多不便,从使用剪刀到在桌上办公,这个世界无疑为右撇子量身定做的。不过在漫漫历史长河中,人们发现了许多关于左撇子的奇闻佚事,有一些科学研究甚至倾向于将惯用左手归因于某一类精神疾病。10.People With Psychotic Disorders Are More Likely To Be Left-Handed10.精神失常的人们更容易成为左撇子Left-handed people have long been viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. Recently, science has shown that there might be a solid reason for that. In 2013, Yale University researcher Jadon Webb conducted a survey among patients diagnosed with different types of psychotic illnesses, including schizophrenia. Participants in the study were asked to fill out a questionnaire, which included the question about which hand they wrote with. The results were surprising. Researchers found that about 40 percent of those who were suffering from psychosis were left-handed. That#39;s a significant percentage, considering that only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed.长久以来,人们总是带着有色眼镜来审视左撇子,然而最近,科学家们实,这一切也许是有理可依的。耶鲁大学的杰登·韦伯(Jadon Webb)教授在2013年对那些被诊断患有不同类型的精神疾病的人们做了个调查,其中包括精神分裂症患者。这些人被要求填写一份问卷,其中一个问题就是他们是否是左撇子。统计结果出人意料。研究者发现在这些存在精神问题的参与者中,40%是左撇子。考虑到全世界仅有10%的人惯用左手,40%无疑是个瞩目的数据。Researchers believe that being left-handed involves having a sort of biomarker that might indicate a predilection toward mental illness—specifically psychosis. In studies done with other groups suffering from mental illness such as depression, there was no similar correlation. When these other groups were studied, there was a much more expected pattern where the number of left-handed sufferers was comparable to the overall percentage of left-handed people in the population.研究者认为,左撇子也许存在某种生物标记,使得他们更容易患上精神疾病——尤其是精神错乱。因为另一项针对抑郁症患者的调查表明,其与左撇子并没有必然联系。并且在对其他患病人群的调查中,惯用左手的人口率基本在10%上下浮动,并没有类似精神病患者中出现的高几率。9.Our Ancestors Also Had A Left-Handed Minority9.我们的祖先中也有少部分左撇子We tend to think of right- or left-handed dominance in terms of modern things, like what hand we write with or use for the television remote. But, it turns out, early humans were favoring one or the other even 500,000 years ago. Researchers have taken a look at Neanderthal tools and have found that the vast majority of them show wear and tear consistent with right-handed use. Many of the tools were used in the cleaning of hides, which the individual would typically grip with their teeth and rake with a tool to clean. Teeth would often get scratched by the stone tool, and the direction of the scratches indicates which hand was used. In most cases, it was the right hand. There were, of course, left-handed individuals. Today, about 10 percent of the population is left-handed, which seems to be fully consistent with the researchers#39; findings about Neanderthals. This supports the theory that they#39;re much more like us than has been previously thought. Even other animals that are thought to be pretty close to us on the evolutionary tree—like gorillas and chimpanzees—are only about 5 percent more likely to favor their right hands than their left hands.我们似乎总是认为惯用左右手之分是现代的事情,就像我们习惯于用哪只手来写字或是按电视机遥控板。但是事实上,早在50万年前,人们就有了左右手之分。一些学者研究了尼安德特人(neaderthal)的工具后发现,其中大多数工具上的磨损和裂纹都昭示着它们的使用者是右撇子。大部分工具是用来处理兽皮的。通常人们会抓住猎物的牙齿,然后用那些工具耙平兽皮。因此牙齿上会留有一些刮痕,研究者正是通过这些刮痕的方向来判断使用者惯用哪一只手——通常都并非左撇子。但是,当然也有一些惯用左手的人留下的方向不同的刮痕。现代大约10%的人们是左撇子,这和关于尼安德特人使用工具的调查结果高度一致。可见左撇子自古就存在,并不像我们所认为的是现代生活所独有的。即使是那些在进化史上和人类高度相似的物种——比如黑猩猩——也有大约5%更偏好使用右手。8.Left-Handed Tendencies And Language8.左撇子的成因及语言No other animal has such a huge bias against being left-handed. So why humans? It#39;s thought that it has something to do with language. For most people, language develops in the left side of the brain—specifically, in Broca#39;s area. This is where we not only develop ideas but translate them into a form of communication that others can understand. Since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, the prevalence of right-handed individuals is an outward sign of left-brain dominance.大多数动物并不像人类那样有左右手的概念,这是为什么呢?通常人们认为这和语言有关系。对于大部分人来说,语言由大脑左半区块的白洛嘉区(Broca#39;s area)操控,它帮助我们表达心中想法,使得人与人之间得以交流。而由于大脑左叶操控右半身体,因此右撇子的动作流利度其实取决于左半脑的指挥。However, it#39;s now been discovered that, in some people, language skills happen in the right side of the brain. These individuals are subsequently left-handed. It#39;s not just that cut-and-dried, either. The more a person favored one hand or the other, the stronger the connection was with the other side of the brain. People who use their left hand for almost everything have an extremely high chance of being right-brain language dominant. Additionally, those who have a familial history of a high rate of left-handed individuals also have a stronger right-brain language processing center, suggesting that as a species we became left-handed and right-handed when we started developing language.然而,目前研究发现有些人的语言中枢在大脑右半球。这些人于是就成了左撇子。事情当然不是这么简单。一个人对惯用手越依赖,其肢干与另一边大脑的联系就越紧密。一个在生活中完完全全依赖于左手的人多半有右半叶语言中枢,那些有家族遗传因素的左撇子们也如是。这明了语言的产生使得我们开始有左右手的区分。7.Left-Handed Spiral Stairs7.左旋阶梯It#39;s well known that many medieval castles have spiral staircases built as a defense measure. A spiral staircase that turns clockwise gives the defender (presumably the one backing up the stairs or coming down them) a better freedom of movement. The defender can place his left hand on the central ;post; for balance and strike down with the sword in his right hand. That assumes the defenders are right-handed, which is a problem for those who aren#39;t. So what#39;s a left-handed lord to do?众所周知,许多中世纪城堡中都建有螺旋楼梯来作为防御措施。通常,一个顺时针旋梯可以让护卫队(尤其是背对着退上台阶或者从楼上下来的士兵)的行动更自由。卫兵可以在右手持剑的同时用左手扶着楼梯中央的撑柱以保持平衡。当然这是以假设护卫队成员都惯用右手持剑为前提的,那么那些左撇子君主公爵该怎么办呢?Ferniehirst Castle in Scotland is the ancestral home of the Kerr family, which traces their family tree back to their arrival in Britain alongside William the Conqueror in 1066. They#39;re said to have a long history of left-handedness running in the family. According to the story, many of the Kerr homes and castles—like Ferniehirst—were constructed with spiral staircases that go counterclockwise (as pictured above) instead of the traditional clockwise ones. This allowed the largely left-handed clan to maximize their defenses, making it easier for them to fight while simultaneously presenting a major challenge to anyone who tried to take their castles by force. The early lords discovered the massive advantage held by left-handed fighters, and it became tradition to train all their guards and soldiers to fight left-handed. This lead to the term ;Kerr-handed; or ;corrie-fisted; to describe someone who favors their left hand.苏格兰的芬尼赫斯特城堡( Ferniehirst Castle)是科尔(Kerr)家族祖传的居所。科尔家族的先祖随着威廉一世(William the Conqueror)在1066年来到英国。左撇子在这个家族的传承中由来已久。因此,科尔名下的房屋、城堡——比如芬尼赫斯特城堡——都采用了逆时针的左旋阶梯(如上图所示)而非传统的顺时针。大部分科尔宗族借此增强了他们的防御力,使得他们在战斗的同时更好地阻止入侵者。那些公爵们发现这些左撇子士兵在对战中占有很大的优势,因此他们开始特意训练他们的警卫和士兵们左手持剑。久而久之,左撇子就又被大家称为;科尔军队;(Kerr-handed)或者;苏格兰拳头;(corrie-fisted)。6.Fear Of The Left-Handed Might Be Innate6.人们潜意识对于;左;的恐惧History hasn#39;t been kind to the left-handed. They were made to retrain their hands and even punished for using the ;wrong; one. But now, science is suggesting that it#39;s not just the desire to make people conform to a certain standard that has created this bias against left-handed people. According to researchers at the University of Utah, things that have to do with our left side are innately more scary. For the experiment, researchers exposed their subjects to a number of different threats, coming from either their right or left side. For example, in one case, participants were told that an earthquake had hit to the left or to the right of their city (on a map shown) and asked whether they would evacuate because of the danger of aftershocks. The earthquake to their left was seen as much scarier, and more people chose to evacuate.历史对于左撇子并不仁慈。许多左撇子都努力尝试训练自己的右手,甚至因为;错误;的用手而遭到批评指责。不过近来的研究表明,人们对左撇子的偏见并不是简单的因为大家希望遵从一套固定的行事标准。一项犹他州大学的调查显示,人们潜意识中对于;左;有一种恐惧感。在一个试验中,参与者被询问假如他们所生活的城市的左半边或者右半边(地图上的)发生了一场地震,他们是否会选择撤离城市以防余震的危害。结果表明,发生在城市左半边区域的地震在人们潜意识中要可怕得多,因此更多的人会选择撤离。Similar results were found when the threat was changed to a radioactive disaster; even though the occurrence on the right was closer, the left was viewed as more of a threat. People were also more disgusted by objects on their left, as illustrated by how far out of their way they went to avoid things like fake poop. There are a couple of different theories about why this happens, such as our brain#39;s tendency to overcompensate for things and favor the right, as well as most of us feeling more capable of defending ourselves from threats on our stronger—right—side.相似的结果也出现在核辐射威胁中。即使右边发生的事件和他们关系更密切,人们依然更畏惧左边发生的事件。从被实验者遇见假动物粪的躲避距离可以看出,人们甚至会更讨厌他们左手边的事物。有一些理论可以解释这个现象,比如大脑的过度补偿机制以及对右边的偏爱,并且当威胁来自于右方时我们通常更能应对自如。翻译:周予星 来源:前十网 /201509/397703宜昌市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱

宜昌西陵区人民中妇幼保健医院男科医生 About 74 percent of Chinese people are confident the country#39;s culture will be globally popular, a survey has showed.近日一项调查显示,约有74%的中国人相信,未来中国文化在世界上会有很强号召力。According to a survey jointly conducted by the China Youth Daily and wenjuan.com, more than half of those surveyed believe Chinese characters and traditional costume, designs and patterns are the top representatives of Chinese culture. According to the newspaper, a total of 2,000 people were surveyed. Among them, about half are post-1980s generations, while those born after 1990 account for 23 percent.据中国青年报和问卷网联合进行的调查结果显示,超过一半的受访者认为中国的汉字、传统饰、纹样和图案是中国风的重要载体。据悉,共有2000人参与了这项调查,其中一半是80后,而90后占了23%。About 83 percent of the people surveyed said they have a strong interest in products that carry traditional Chinese elements, the China Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.据中国青年报2月16日的报道,83%的受访者表示他们对带有中国风元素的产品有浓厚的兴趣。The majority of respondents said Chinese culture is reserved and diversified, with more than 78 percent questioning the way in which international brands employ Chinese elements.多数受访者表示,中国文化是一个含蓄而又多元化的概念,有超过78%的受访者认为国际品牌追求的中国味儿不够地道。Meanwhile, only 33 percent of the respondents considered bright red and yellow as elements representing Chinese culture, though the two colors were promoted by many designers.然而,各大商家普遍认为“用了#39;大红、大黄等颜色#39;就是中国风”这一观点,仅有33%的受访者表示赞同。 /201602/427138宜昌妇幼保健院治疗生殖感染价格伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院治疗男性不育多少钱

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