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湖北宜昌男科医院在那儿宜昌三峡大学仁和医院男科挂号正确发音小技巧/tr/发音时,舌尖先抵住上齿龈后部,然后突然松开,靠近硬颚气流随即泄出口腔,形成先破后擦的声音,这是一个清辅音。/dr/发音时,口型与/tr/相同,不过,这是一个浊辅音。发这两个音的关键是: 嘴巴向前撅,/tr/通过气流发声,而/dr/通过喉咙发声。 /tr/ tree try trim train trouble/dr/ dream dry drink drain drum唇舌训练: I'm busy trimming the Christmas tree, can you get me some drinks. /tr/ /tr/ /dr/In my dream, all my troubles are solved after I drink that magical water. /dr/ /tr/ /dr/Would you please help me water the tree, it looks a little bit dry. /tr/ /dr/I'm trying my best to catch the train because my drum is still on it. /tr/ /tr/ /dr/Let's drain the pipe until it becomes dry. /dr/ /dr/单词中字母的发音规律一般发/tr/的字母 tr true, travel, treat, trust一般发/dr/的字母 dr dress, drift, drive, drop请注意: 发音与朗读训练 在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音If You Can 如果你能……If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; /dr/ /dr/如果你是个追梦人——不要被梦主宰; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;如果你是个爱思考的人——光想会达不到目标;If you can meet with triumph and disaster, /tr/如果你偶遇成功或挫折,And treat those two impostors just the same; /tr/请以同样的冷静态度处之;If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken /tr/如果你能忍受你曾讲过的事实 Twisted by knives to make a trap for fools, /tr/被他人扭曲并用于去蒙骗傻子; Or watch the things you gave your life to be broken, 或看着你用毕生去看护的东西被破坏,And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools;请俯身,用破烂的工具把它修补好; /201110/158014宜昌哪里有男科医院 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: It sounds that you have a high opinion of him.听起来你对他评价很高呀。B: He is an all-right guy. I have no bone to pick with him.他这人不错,我跟他没什么矛盾。A: Birds of feather flock together.真实物以类聚,人以群分。B: But he is not a fine wether friend who could sell you down the river.但她不是那种靠不住的,随时都会出卖你的朋友。A: You cannot judge a person that way. I have a hunch that he is a sly dog.你不能这么说,我有预感他是个阴险的人。B: Depends on with whom. He may be doing things on the sly, but he is honest with me. I trust him.看对谁呢?他也许办事狡猾,但是对我还是挺诚实的,我相信他。A: You can never tell. He might do you in when he sees an angle in doing it. 那可说不准,看什么时候有利可图时,他就会坑害你。对话精讲第一、 地道表达【核心短语】all-right【解词释义】all-right和all right要区分开。All-right做形容词时表示“还不错的,还过得去”。All-right中的all表示“很好,优秀”,各方面都不错的人当然应为“优秀”的人了。引申为“可靠的”“可信的”或“善良的”的意思。We will answer for it that the test is all-right. 我们保这个试验是可靠的。 The caretaker of the warehouse was all-right. 那个看管仓库的人是很可靠的。 The facts have been drawn from all-right sources. 这些材料是从可靠的来源得来的。 I can assure you that the news is all-right. 我可以向你保这消息是可靠的。第二、 词海拾贝have a high opinion of something or somebody:高度评价,对......有好的看法,认为......很好Up to now, the customers have a high opinion of the quality of our service. 到目前为止,顾客对我们的务质量评价甚高。We have a high opinion of his work. 我们对他的工作评价很高。 I have a high opinion of that man. 我对那人评价很高。 have a bone to pick with:与......争辩I have a bone to pick with you. You still owe me the fifteen dollars you borrowed. 我有账跟你算。你向我借的十五美金还没还呢! I cant make out why he seems to have a bone to pick with almost everyone. 我真搞不懂为什么他好象和几乎每个人都有仇似的。 a fair-wether friend:唯利是图的朋友,不能共患难的朋友Bill stayed for lunch but he wouldnt help me with the yard work. Hes just a fair-weather friend.Bill就知道等着吃中午饭,他不会帮助我们清理院子的。他是个唯利是图的人。A fair-weather friend isnt much help in an emergency.唯利是图的朋友在紧急形式下帮不上忙。sell sb down the river:出卖某人【典型范例】Youll go or Ill sell you down the river. Youll never see your mother again or anybody you know and Ill sell you for a field hand too. 你得给我马上走,要不我就卖了你,叫你以后永远也见不到你妈和其他任何一个熟人,我还要把你卖出去当大田的劳工。 have a hunch:有预感I have a hunch that it will snow soon. 我有快要下雪的预感。 Did she have a hunch that my business is going on the rocks? 她是不是预感到我的生意要垮台? depend on【释义1】取决于......依靠......依赖......All living things depend on the sun for their growth.万物靠太阳生长。This is an authentic news report.We can depend on it.这是篇可靠的新闻报道,我们相信它。on the sly:秘密地,偷偷地Now they wouldnt have to socialize on the sly.现在他们不必偷偷摸摸地进行社交交往了。Some officials claimed to unhook connections with the companies but still maintained close ties on the sly.某些干部口称已跟公司脱钩,可暗中仍然保持联系。be honest with:对......诚实I made the mistake of being honest with you. 我错误地和你坦诚相待。 I admire your honesty, and so I must be honest with you. 我很欣赏你的诚实,所以我也要对你说实话。do in:杀害; 搞垮; 损坏; 累垮【典型范例】Whoever did him in removed a man who was brave as well as ruthless.无论谁杀了他,都是除掉了一个既勇猛又残忍的人。 /201308/250910迷你对话:A:I learned of the railway accident only this morning.我今天早上才听说火车事故的事情。B:A really dful accident and many people were killed.真是一场可怕的事故,死了很多人。A:Is that true?真的吗?B:Yeah, well, I fill you in one the details later.是呀,等会儿我再告诉你详细情况。B:Thanks.多谢。地道表达:fill somebody in on the details解词释义:detail作为名词,本义为“细节”,on the details是指“关于细节的情况”,即“详细情况”,fill in在此可以理解为“向......提供最新消息”,因此fill sb in on the details意思就是“向某人提供详细情况”。持范例:Eg.As for the fight that France made in the next few years against a European coalition we cannot fill you on the details.关于接下去几年里法国对欧洲同盟作战的情况,我们不可能详细述说。Eg.I will fill him in on the details that Mr. James Helstones career and character I was acquainted with.我将告诉你我所知道的詹姆斯·赫尔斯通先生的生涯和性格的一切详细情况。Eg.I didnt fill them on the details, I didnt want them to go crazy.我没有把详细情况告诉她们,我们不想把她们气疯了。Eg.He earnestly pressed her to come with her daughters to Barton park, after filling her on the details about the house and garden,他讲述了房子和花园的详细情况以后便恳切地竭力劝说她携带女儿到巴顿庄园来。词海拾贝:learn of:获悉,听说Eg.It is with the deepest regret that we learn of your bereavement.惊悉你亲人逝世,深切悲痛。Eg.Shocked to learn of your mother death I express heartfelt condolence in your affliction.惊悉你母亲去世,谨此表示深切的慰问。Eg.The country is stunned to learn of the death of the president .听到总统逝世的消息,全国为之震惊。Eg.She was depressed to learn of her illness.她得知自己患病,心情十分抑郁。视野拓展:fill in:填写Eg.First make an outline and then fill in the content.先搭好架子, 再充实内容。Eg.If you fill in this form, you can take books out of the library.如果你填了这张表,就可以把书带出图书馆。Eg. If you want tickets for the ferry, please fill in this booking form.你如果想买渡船的票,请填写订票单。Eg.The teacher asked us to fill in the blanks with prepositions.老师叫我们在空白处填入介词。特别声明:该节目的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201209/197597宜昌市中医院男科专家挂号

秭归县有治疗前列腺炎吗Subject:No bones about it. 迷你对话A: Do you have some new suggestions about promotion?你能否就促销出点新点子呢?B: We may advertise our products in a large area.我们可以大范围地打广告。A: Ha, it is a good idea. No bones about it.哈哈,直截了当地说这还真是个好主意。 地道表达 no bones about something 1. 解词释义No bones about something是个习惯用语,沿用已久。据说是某人在不该有骨头的饭里发现了骨头,照理他会大惊小怪一番,但是这人却毫不啰嗦,直接了当地挑出骨头来就完事了。后来no bones about something这个说法的意义就发展为“直截了当,毫无顾忌”。表示不加掩饰地发表看法,或者直截了当地处理问题。这种刚想敢做的风格也被形容为Just do it! 2. 拓展例句e.g. We dismissed him and made no bones about it.我们毫不犹豫地把他解雇了。e.g. She made no bones about expressing her crush on him.她毫不犹疑地向他表白爱意。e.g. When Mary asked me what I thought of her poetry I made no bones about it - I told her that its too pessimistic and needs more polish.当Mary问我对她的诗有什么看法的时候,我直截了当地告诉她,她的诗歌情调过于消沉悲观,而且文字也需多加润色。 /201410/333265宜昌割包皮哪家好吃 宜昌三峡大学仁和医院治疗早泄多少钱

宜昌市中医院男科大夫 关键词:a skeleton in the closet 不可外扬的家丑;隐情短语释义:今天的插图有点儿恐怖,我们先来看看图中的文字。一个男孩回到家,发现柜子里竟然有个骷髅,所以他大喊道:damn!who left this seleton in my closet?! Skeleton表示“骷髅”,closet表示“壁橱,橱柜”。这句话字面意思是:真该死,谁把骷髅放到我的柜子里了?其实在这句话背后有一个故事。传说有个年轻貌美的女人,因丈夫长年在外,不堪寂寞,于是常在家和情人幽会。有一天晚上她的丈夫突然回来,妻子手忙脚乱地把情人藏入壁橱中。当丈夫疑心她把别人藏在壁橱中时。妻子却一直否认,于是丈夫叫人在壁橱边上筑了一道坚固的墙。久而久之那位情人变成了一具骷髅。这可不是件光的事儿,后来 skeleton in the closet就成了“家丑”的代名词。含意是“不可外扬的家丑,隐情”。而短语中closet还可以用cupboard来替代。情景领悟:1. Many families have a skeleton inthe closet.许多家庭都有不可外扬的家丑。2. The only person I know who has a skeleton in the cupboard is George.我所认识的唯一的有隐情的人便是乔治。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201302/224242宜昌包皮去哪里比较好宜昌治疗早泄医院哪家好



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