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宜昌妇保医院男科专家挂号宜昌男健医院泌尿科主任名字China#39;s super rich should rethink the value of the once-coveted U.S. green card.中国有钱人应该重新思考,曾经让人羡慕的美国绿卡究竟是否值得拥有。中国首富、娃哈哈集团创始人宗庆后近日宣布,他已经去美国领事馆还掉了他的美国绿卡。Take beverage billionaire Zong Qinghou, one of China#39;s wealthiest people, who recently gave up his permanent-resident status because #39;China is getting better and stronger than America, #39; his spokesman said.中国人还是想要出去。根据贝恩咨询的一项调查,教育、资产安全和准备退休是最主要的原因。年初北京的雾霾和现在黄浦江里浮着的几千头死猪,都给人以寻找“退出机制”的动力。The Chinese do still want to go abroad, with education, safety of assets, and retirement preparation the top reasons cited in a Bain amp; Co. survey. Other concerns∪such as thick Beijing smog and the recent scandal of dead pigs floating in a river that supplies water to Shanghai∪add new incentives to look for an exit strategy.美国是中国富豪最喜欢的移民目的地。上个财政年度美国批准的7,600个投资移民的签中,有八成给了中国人。The U.S. is the most popular destination, with as many as 80% of the 7, 641 investor immigrant visas approved in the U.S. in fiscal 2012 taken up by Chinese.尽管中国富豪正在把家庭和财产转移海外,但波士顿咨询的一项调查显示,只有6%的高净值人士自己拿了外国护照。他们国内的生意还在增长,他们还没有到打包离开的时候。But while the rich are sending their families and assets overseas, only 6% of the Chinese high-net-worth individuals have taken up foreign citizenship, according to Boston Consulting Group. Their businesses are still growing in China, so they aren#39;t y to just pack up and leave.但一本美国护照的成本也很高,尤其对于那些没有意识到拿了美国护照就要交美国税的中国富人。和其他国家不同的是,美国对其永久居民和公民的海外收入和资本利得也都要征税。所有在拿到美国身份之后获得的收入,都必须缴纳美国税。普通收入的最高税率为39.6%,高收入者的长期资本利得要交20%的税。A U.S. passport can be costly, especially to the wealthy who often don#39;t realize that with U.S. citizenship come U.S. taxes. Unlike other countries, the U.S. taxes its citizens no matter where they live or where they earn their income. All gains realized after becoming a U.S. citizen will be subject to U.S. taxation. Ordinary income is taxed at rates up to 39.6% and long-term capital gains are taxed at 20% for wealthier taxpayers.“有钱人一般只给他们的家人和亲戚申请美国投资移民,因为这对他们自己来说会有很大的税务影响,”以伦敦为总部的国际律师事务所Withers的美国移民主管Reaz Jafri说。#39;Wealthy people often just send their relatives through the U.S. investor program because it has significant tax implications for themselves, #39; said Reaz Jafri, head of U.S. immigration for London-based international law firm Withers.美国护照可能是一个成本高昂的附属品──在享受美国公民权利的同时也得承担美国赋税。 《华尔街日报》的顾蔚解释了为什么一些中国富人放弃美国绿卡,转而考虑在一些债务缠身的欧洲国家和一些富裕的亚洲城市入籍,以享受更优惠的待遇。A foreign residency can become a political liability at home. Revelation of Mr. Zong#39;s green card has led some Chinese to question whether they should be represented by an #39;American#39; at the National People#39;s Congress. Mr. Zong and his family members no longer carry U.S. green cards.外国身份在中国国内也可能是个政治包袱。宗庆后绿卡被曝光后,有些中国人开始抱怨一个“美国人”是否适合作为人大代表。宗庆后之所以放弃美国身份,是因为“中国变得越来越好而且一定会比美国强” ,他的发言人如此说到,并补充说现在宗庆后全家都是中国身份,没有人持有美国绿卡。Some Chinese businessmen have applied for foreign passports so they can enjoy preferential policies at home. Those policies include China#39;s tax breaks for foreign investors. Some business owners got foreign passports so they could list their companies in Hong Kong as #39;red chip#39; stocks. But foreign investors are now subject to the same tax rates as locals, and Hong Kong has tightened listing requirements.之前拿外国身份还有一个好处是可以在中国享受特殊待遇,中国过去对外商有税务优惠政策。要在香港以“红筹”身份上市,企业主也需要一本外国护照。但现在外商投资企业和本地企业的税率已经拉平,而且香港提高了上市审查标准后,海外上市也不那么容易了。The sheer demand for visas to the U.S. and elsewhere by Chinese is making them harder to get, with China now the world#39;s biggest exporter of its people. In 2011 alone, 150, 000 Chinese got immigration visas from foreign countries, according to the Center for China and Globalization, a Chinese think tank.中国人对美国投资移民的庞大需求本身也使得美国绿卡更难拿了。现在中国已经是世界上最大的人口出口国。根据智库中国和全球化研究中心的数据,仅2011年,就有15万中国人获得了海外移民身份。For the U.S. investor visa program known as EB-5, an individual-country a is likely to kick in later this year, according to the U.S. State Department. That means some Chinese investors will need to wait for several years after their money has been invested in the U.S., Mr. Jafri said.根据美国国务院预测,今年开始,投资移民签会开始受国家配额限制,这意味着未来中国申请人把钱投到美国后,可能要等好几年才能拿到移民签。A U.S. green card can be lost just by doing nothing, yet the applicant may still be on the hook for U.S. taxes. In general, permanent residents who fail to enter the U.S. for more than a year will be treated as if they abandoned their green cards. This is a time burden for first-generation rich in China who are still deeply involved in their businesses at home.美国绿卡也很容易失去,但绿卡拥有者可能还要继续给美国税。一般来说,美国永久居民如果有一年没有踏上美国土地就被认为自动放弃了绿卡。这对还积极忙于打造他们的商业帝国的中国第一代富豪来说,这也是个不小的时间负担。#39;People should ask themselves if a U.S. green card is what they really want, #39; said Erik Wallace, a Hong Kong-based lawyer at Withers. #39;If not, there are other options available.#39;“人们应该问问自己,是否美国绿卡真是他们想要的,”Withers的香港律师Erik Wallace说,“如果不是,他们还有其他选择。”For Chinese businessmen who want to sp their empires to America, they can apply for an L-1 visa, which allows foreign employees of international companies to relocate to the corporation#39;s U.S. office. The L-1 visa, which can be extended to up to seven years, may legally be used as a steppingstone to a green card.对于想要把自己的生意扩张到美国的中国商人,他们可以申请L-1签。该签帮助国际公司的外国雇员在其美国公司工作。L-1签可以一共延期到七年,也可以合法地作为申请绿卡的一个踏脚石。The L-1 visa has no investment or job-creation requirements, while the U.S. investor visa program does, and L-1 visas can usually be approved in a matter of weeks. People on L-1 visas are subject to U.S. taxes on their U.S. income, but not on their overseas income and capital gains if they spend fewer than 122 days each year in the U.S., according to Mr. Wallace.和美国投资移民不同, L-1签对于在美国的投资金额,以及在美国创造的工作都没有特别要求。一般来说,几个星期就可以批下来。Wallace说,成功的申请人需要为他们的美国收入交税,但只要每年在美国呆的时间不超过122天,一般就不需要为海外收入交美国税。Many Chinese believe a foreign passport, especially if it is from the world#39;s No. 1 superpower, can protect them from being targeted by Chinese authorities, or get them on a plane out of China if the country sinks into turmoil. Those are unlikely scenarios and people need to be realistic about the costs and benefits of foreign passports. It is always good to have a backup plan, but rich Chinese also need to make sure that they aren#39;t overpaying for it.很多中国人相信一本外国护照,尤其是来自世界第一超级大国的护照,能够保护他们不受中国政府的惩罚。万一中国乱了,还可以坐上一架特别飞机离开中国,他们有必要更现实和理智地看待这个问题。给自己找一个备用方案是个好主意,但中国富人也没必要为其付出太高昂的代价。 /201310/262822宜昌包皮手术要花多少钱 A city in northern China reversed course twice this week and is now dropping its limits on the purchase of second homes, in a sign of the uncertainties in China#39;s softening property market.中国北方一座城市本周两次修改房地产相关政策,目前正式发文取消了二套住房的限购措施,这一迹象显示出,中国疲软的房地产市场松绑前景仍不明朗。A statement on the website of the city of Hohhot in China#39;s Inner Mongolia region said that authorities there won#39;t demand information on a homebuyer#39;s prior home purchases. The move effectively allows residents to purchase second and subsequent homes, a shift from a previous policy that made it more difficult for them to buy a second home and banned them from buying a third.中国内蒙古自治区呼和浩特市在政府网站上发布通知称,居民购买商品住房时不再要求提供住房套数查询明。此举实际上允许居民购买二套或多套住房,从而取消了之前居民难以购买二套房并被禁止购买二套以上住房的限购措施。The statement--dated Thursday--echoed one that the city issued last week then rescinded shortly after, according to local media. The Friday statement from Hohhot#39;s Property Development Supervisory and Management Department was headlined #39;Clarification.#39;据当地媒体表示,这份落款日期为周四的通知是对上周该市发布的一份文件所作的更正,那份文件在发出后不久就被撤下。呼和浩特房地产开发监督管理处(Property Development Supervisory and Management Department)周五发布这份通知的标题是“更正声明”。Hohhot is the first Chinese city to issue a written statement to announce a reversal of the administrative curbs, though it isn#39;t clear whether other cities would follow suit. Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia region, is a modest-size city by Chinese standards, with a population of 2.8 million people.呼和浩特市是中国首个发布书面文件宣布取消限购措施的城市,不过尚不清楚其他城市是否会效仿。呼和浩特市是内蒙古自治区的首府,按中国的标准是一座中型城市,人口为280万。The about-face reflects uncertainty among Chinese cities about whether and how much to loosen property-market curbs enacted under pressure from China#39;s central government. Other cities have attempted to ease curbs only to retreat days later.呼和浩特市这一政策的反复显示出,中国各城市在是否及如何放松房地产市场调控措施方面存在不确定性。这些调控政策是在中央政府的压力下实施的。其他一些中国城市此前也曾试图放松楼市调控政策,但都在数日之后恢复了相关调控政策。Since 2011, Hohhot, along with more than 40 Chinese cities, had implemented restrictions on the number of homes people could buy, as part of the central government#39;s campaign to rein in speculative purchases that were pushing home prices out of reach for ordinary Chinese people.自2011年以来,包括呼和浩特在内的40多个中国城市都实施了住房限购政策,这些政策是中央政府抑制楼市投机炒作方案的一部分,此类投机行为已将中国的房价推高至普通中国民众无力购买的价位。But the housing market in many cities outside Beijing and Shanghai are now beleaguered with an excessive supply of apartments. Developers looking clear inventory have started to cut prices. Home buyers, wary of further price cuts, have stayed on the sidelines.但除北京和上海外,中国许多城市的住宅市场现在正面临供应过剩的困境。为消化库存,一些开发商已开始降价促销。而出于未来可能会进一步降价的考虑,购房者则持观望态度。Housing sales in the first five months this year fell 10.2% to 1.97 trillion yuan (6 billion), compared with the same period a year earlier. Average home prices in China also recorded a decline in May from April, the first month-over-month fall in two years.今年前五个月,中国的住宅销售金额较2013年同期下降10.2%,至人民币1.97万亿元。5月份的平均住宅价格也较4月份出现下跌,这是两年来首次出现环比下跌。This year, central government officials have said that they are giving local governments more autonomy to make changes to their own property measures according to the local conditions. But local governments have been uncertain about how far they can go to loosen the shackles of property curbs, and have tiptoed around the question of loosening.中央政府官员今年已表示,将给予地方政府更多自主权,根据本地情况调整当地房地产市场相关措施。但在房地产调控政策能够放松多少的问题上,地方政府却没有把握,因此在放松调控的问题上非常谨慎。 /201407/308995Petra Diamonds announced its discovery of what may very well be the largest blue diamond to ever be unearthed at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.佩特拉钻石公司近日宣布,他们在南非库利南钻石矿发现了一颗很有可能是迄今为止最大的蓝钻石。It is the size of a strawberry and weighs a bit less than three pound coins.它和一颗草莓差不多大,比3枚一英镑硬币略轻。But if you had this rare blue beauty in your pocket you would be carrying around a diamond that could be worth more than #163;60million.要是你能将这颗蓝色尤物装进自己的口袋,那你等于随身带了一颗价值超过6千万英镑(约为6.3亿人民币)的钻石。Anyone who buys it, however, will be hoping for better luck than the owners of the famous deep blue Hope Diamond. It supposedly puts a curse on those who possess it, as the guillotined Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette discovered.这颗钻石的买家得祈祷自己拥有比著名的“希望蓝钻”的拥有者更好的运气。“希望蓝钻”被认为会为拥有者带来厄运,比如被送上断头台的路易十六夫妇。Blue diamonds get their colour from small amounts of the chemical element boron trapped in their crystal structure. The more ‘blue’ it is, the greater the value. They are the rarest diamonds after red, which are almost never found.蓝钻石的晶体结构中含有的化学元素硼是蓝色的由来。蓝色越深,钻石的价值越高。蓝钻石是第二稀有的钻石,仅次于极难被发现的红钻石。The Cullinan mine is recognised as the most important diamond mine in the world. It is famous for producing the world’s largest white diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond, which was found in 1905.库利南钻石矿被认为是世界上最重要的钻石矿。它因1905年发现的世界最大的白钻石——3106克拉的库利南钻石而声名远播。 /201406/306214宜昌做包皮手术多少钱

当阳市治疗前列腺炎多少钱Boris Johnson has a talent for carefully calculated imprudence. The London mayor says, apparently artlessly, things others are advised not to say. The result is that while appearing as a buffoon, he is in fact one of the most thoughtful politicians of our time. These abilities were in evidence last week when he delivered the Margaret Thatcher memorial lecture.鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)有一种天赋:他表现出的莽撞其实是经过精心设计的。这位伦敦市长会以一种显得很天真的方式,说出其他人都知道不该说的事。结果就是,尽管他看起来像个小丑,但他实际上却是我们这个时代最具洞察力的政治人物之一。他的这种能力在他近日发表纪念玛格丽特#8226;撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)的讲话时得到了清晰的体现。Mr Johnson appeared to regard the observation that Britain had invaded 171 countries as a matter for pride not apology. But since he was clearly not suggesting we should once more adopt this foreign policy, his evident purpose was to wind up critics he knows will not vote for him anyway.约翰逊称,英国入侵过171个国家。看上去,他似乎把这件事视为一种骄傲,而不是需要道歉的事。然而,由于他明显不是在暗示我们应该再次奉行这种外交政策,因此他的目的显然是想给某些批评者添点儿堵——他知道,这些批评者无论如何也不会把选票投给他。Other headline-grabbing observations were, similarly, truths that these critics think should go unmentioned rather than ones with which they could reasonably disagree. More people do have an IQ below 85 than above 130. (As Mr Johnson doubtless knows, this is a result of the way the statistics are constructed, not a function of the level and dispersion of achievement.)同样,约翰逊说过的另一些引起轰动的话,其实也是那种批评者们认为不该提及的事实,而不是那种他们能够合理反对的话。智商低于85的人确实比智商高于130的人多。(约翰逊当然明白,这一结果是这种统计的构造方式导致的,而不是成就水平或离差的函数。)When Mr Johnson said: “After 2008 the left was ushered centre stage, and missed their cue: political history reached a turning point and failed to turn,” he scored a hit against his political opponents. When capitalism finally came to the point of collapse under the weight of its internal contradictions – an event Europe’s left had long anticipated – the policy response of its representatives was, and continues to be, to avert that collapse with lots of public money. Voters responded to this intellectual vacuum by throwing out whichever party – left or right – was in power at the time, and by turning to fringe parties.约翰逊说:“2008年后,左翼被推上中心舞台,变得忘乎所以:政治历史发展到了一个转折点,但转折却并没有发生。”这番话帮他从政治对手那里赢了一分。当资本主义在内部矛盾的重压下终于临近崩溃时(这是欧洲左翼人士长期以来期盼发生的事件),左翼代表们给出的政策应对是(而且现在依然是)用海量公共资金来避免这一崩溃的发生。对于这一缺乏理智的现象,选民们作出的回应是抛弃了那时掌权的任何党派——不管它是左翼还是右翼——转而求助边缘政党。But it was on inequality that Mr Johnson was most controversial[AND RIGHT?]. “Some measure of inequality is essential for the spirit of envy,” he said. “Keeping up with the Joneses is, like greed, a valuable spur to economic activity.” Yet most critics of capitalism deplore these things rather than deny that they are true.不过,约翰逊最具争议的话还是有关不平等的言论。他说:“一定程度的不平等对于保持嫉妒心是十分必要的。和贪婪一样,攀比是对经济活动的一种宝贵刺激。”大多数资本主义的批评者谴责这类说法,但并不否认它们说的是事实。Where Mr Johnson is wrong is in suggesting social mobility is what makes inequality tolerable. If medieval peasants did not resent the wealth of the king, it was not because they could imagine themselves as king but because they could not. Political agitation came from those who might be king. Social unrest increased when education and economic change enabled people to aspire to a lifestyle that most could not, in fact, achieve.约翰逊的错误之处在于,他暗示社会流动性令不平等成为一种可容忍的事情。如果说中世纪的农民不憎恨国王的财富,那并不是因为他们能够想像自己有称王的那一天,而是因为他们不能这么想。政治上的骚动源自那些可能成为国王的人。当教育和经济变革令人们能够对多数人其实无法实现的生活方式产生渴望时,社会动荡就会加剧。Envy is, therefore, indeed both inseparable from economic progress and destructive of social cohesion. Some inequality is inevitable, and there seem to be three principal factors that make it more tolerable.因此,嫉妒实际上与经济进步和社会凝聚力的瓦解均有不可分割的关系。某些不平等是不可避免的,其之所以更可容忍,似乎是因为下面三个主要因素。Inequality is easier to accept if everyone is becoming better off. Recent dissatisfaction in Britain and the US is significantly attributable to the fact that, while some have grown much richer, median incomes have not increased. The criticism that the rapid economic growth of China and India has been accompanied by rising inequality is mainly made from outside these countries.首先,如果每个人的境遇都在改善,不平等就更容易被人接受。最近英国和美国国内的不满情绪主要归因于一个事实:尽管有些人的财富大幅增长,国民收入中值却没有上升。相比之下,中国和印度经济快速增长的同时不平等也在加剧,而对这种现象的批评却主要来自这两个国家以外。Inequality is easier to accept if the beneficiaries have benefited people other than themselves. Bill Gates’s extraordinary wealth causes little resentment because he is associated with technological innovations that have transformed business and personal life. Financiers rarely attract similar approval because – sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly – they are suspected of appropriating wealth created by others rather than engaging in genuine wealth creation.其次,如果不平等的受益者给他人带来好处,而不是只给自己带来好处,这种不平等也更易被接受。比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)的巨额财富几乎没有引起什么不满情绪,因为人们把他与技术革命联系在一起,而技术革命彻底改变了商业面貌和个人生活。金融家很少得到类似的认可,因为人们怀疑他们窃取了他人创造的财富,而不是参与了真正的财富创造——这种怀疑有时候是正确的,有时候却并非如此。And inequality is more tolerable if its beneficiaries behave well. Mr Gates has chosen to devote his Microsoft fortune and his time to philanthropy rather than fly in entertainers and exotic foods for lavish parties. Investor Warren Buffett famously lives in the Omaha bungalow he purchased 50 years ago.最后,如果不平等的受益者举止得当,人们对不平等的容忍度也会更高。盖茨选择把他的微软(Microsoft)财富和他的时间都奉献给慈善事业,而不是用飞机运送艺人和异国美食,来举办奢侈的聚会。投资家沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)出名的事情则是他一直居住在自己50年前购买的奥马哈平房里。Mr Johnson knows these things. When he muses on whether the widening income gap is the result of “boardroom greed or, as I am assured, the natural and God-given talent of boardroom inhabitants”, he makes clear which side he is on. When he refers to teddy bear braces and young people driving Porsches, it is not with approbation. And when he hopes, somewhat optimistically, that “this time, the Gordon Gekkos of the world are conspicuous not for their greed as for what they give and do for the rest of the population”, he correctly identifies the moral issue at the heart of London’s role as a financial centre.对于这些情况,约翰逊心知肚明。当他沉思自问收入差距的扩大是源自“高管们的贪婪,还是像我相信的那样,源自高管们天生、天赋的才干”时,他已表明了自己是站在哪一边的。当他提到泰迪熊背带和开着保时捷(Porsche)的年轻人时,他并不是表示对这些现象的认可。当他带着些许乐观情绪希望“这一次,全世界的戈登#8226;盖柯(Gordon Gekko)们不是因他们的贪婪、而是因他们给予他人的东西和为他人做的事而引入注目”时,他正确地认识到了伦敦金融中心角色的核心是道德问题。 /201312/269916宜昌男健医院分院有检查精液的吗 宜昌妇幼保健医院龟头炎症

宜昌男健泌尿医院治疗早泄多少钱 Weeks after President Franois Hollande#39;s affair with an actress was revealed, a Europe-wide survey has shown the French are the continent’s worst philanderers, while British are the least likely to cheat.法国总统奥朗德与一名女演员的桃色事件被曝光数周后,一项泛欧的民意调查随之跟进,民调结果显示,在欧洲法国男人的风流指数名列第一,而英国人最不易于欺骗自己的伴侣。Italian men are in joint pole position with their French cousins, with 55 per cent of males from both countries saying that they have had sexual relations with a woman other than the person they were in a relationship with.意大利男人则与他们的法国老表惺惺相惜,两国受访男性承认曾有过婚外性行为的比例都达到了55%。British men scored far lower, but were shown to be no angels, with 42 per cent of them saying they had had an affair, according to the survey of nearly 5,000 people in six countries.与之相比,英国男人的风流指数则远远落后,但也不是说英国男子个个都是守身如玉,也有42%的男性承认曾偷吃过禁果。The survey, carried out by polling firm IFOP for Gleeden, which claims to be the “premiere international dating website for married people”, comes just a few weeks after President Hollande was snapped leaving the home of actress Julie Gayet on a scooter.法国总统奥朗德在骑托离开女演员朱莉·葛耶(Julie Gayet)家门时被拍,照片曝光后数周后,此次民调随即跟进,参与受访者来自欧洲六个国家达到了近5000人,由民调机构伊佛普研究所(IFOP)为格林登(Gleeden)婚外交友网站运作执行,格林登网站自诩是首个国际婚外情交友平台。“After all the noise about #39;L#39;Affaire Gayet#39;, and all the articles in the international press about the fickle nature of the French, this seems to confirm the clichs about Latin males,; said Ifop director Francois Kraus.伊佛普研究所所长佛朗索瓦·克劳斯说:“在所有关于朱莉的桃色事件和国际媒体对法国人轻佻天性的言论浮出水面后,看起来真的印了老生常谈的对拉丁男人的评价。”Mr Hollande and Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi, who was last year convicted of paying for sex with an underage prostitute at one of his infamous ;bunga bunga parties;, are ;ultimately quite representative of their respective nations,; noted Kraus.意大利前总理西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼(Silvio Berlusconi)去年因在他声名狼藉的花香派对里向一未成年买春受到了法律的判决,如拿奥朗德与贝卢斯科尼比较,克劳斯提到,“他们二人完完全全代表了各自的民族。”The pollsters suggested a link between bed-hopping and religion, saying there was less evidence of cheating in ;majority Protestant; countries.民调机构还把对伴侣忠贞与宗教联系在一起分析,认为在新教为主要宗教的国家,出轨率明显减低。German men were slightly more promiscuous than their British counterparts, with 46 per cent of them admitting to infidelity, while the Belgians, at 51 per cent, beat the Spanish at 50 per cent.德国男人要比英国男人更花心些,有46%的承认不忠,而比利时是51%,西班牙为50%。Women in all six countries were far better behaved than their menfolk.受访的六个国家中,女性要比男性洁身自好得多。By far the naughtiest were the Germans, with 43 per cent of them admitting playing the field, far behind the Italians and the French at 34 per cent and 32 per cent respectively.目前看,欧洲女性中,要数德国女人最水性杨花了,有43%的人承认了曾有过滥交行为。与之相比,远远落后的是意大利和法国女性,比例分别为34%和32%。Cheating British women came in at 29 per cent, on a par with the Belgians and just above the Spanish.出轨的英国女性占受访者女性的29%,与比利时女性持平,略高于西班牙女性。The poll also showed that the British suffered more from remorse after hopping into bed with another man or woman.About half of British respondents who admitted infidelity said they regretted it, while only 28 per cent of French did.民调还显示,英国女性出轨后后悔程度更高,约有一半有过出轨经历的英国女性表示后悔当初的行为,而只有28%的法国女性表示后悔。 /201404/285963宜昌男健男科医院男科专家挂号宜昌治疗前列腺



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