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Foreign-owned firms in Zimbabwe were given a deadline of April 1st to comply with a law that requires them to hand 51% of their ownership to “indigenous” citizens. Banks and mining firms are among those affected by the law.依照津巴布韦(Zimbabwe)的一项法律,该国境内的外资公司必须在4月1日前将公司51%的股份移交给该国的“土著”公民。该法已影响到津巴布韦的业和采矿业。Irans Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that missiles, and not just diplomacy, are the key to Irans future.伊朗最高领导人阿亚图拉·阿里·哈梅内伊(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)宣称,伊朗的未来不应只由外交决定,导弹同样有着关键性作用。Donald Trump had a bad week. His campaign manager was charged with battery following an encounter with a female reporter last month. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush endorsed Mr Trumps main rival, Ted Cruz, for the Republican nomination. And Mr Trump implied that women should be punished for abortion if it becomes illegal (which he hastily retracted). The Republican front-runner also backtracked on his pledge to support the partys nominee if he fails to win, complaining that he isnt being treated fairly.美国总统竞选人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)本周很不走运。其竞选经理被指控于上个月殴打一名女记者。斯科特·沃克(Scott Walker)和杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)力挺特朗普劲敌泰德·科鲁兹(Ted Cruz)作为共和党候选人。特朗普称,如果堕胎违法,堕胎妇女应受到惩罚。但随后,特朗普又迅速对此言论进行了澄清。这位共和党候选人领跑者还抱怨自己未受到公平对待,声称一旦落选,将不持共和党其他候选人竞选,这与其最初的誓言相悖。The Republican governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, announced that he will veto a bill that would allow religious organisations to withhold the provision of services from gay people. Conservatives were furious, blaming a lobbying campaign from big businesses, which worry that the bill tarnishes Georgias reputation.美国乔治亚州州长内森·迪尔(Nathan Deal共和党人)宣布将否决一份宗教机构不允许同性恋人群参与宗教活动的法案。保守派对此举极为愤怒,归咎于大公司的游说活动。此前,这些公司担忧此法案有损于该州名誉。Americas Supreme Court ruled 4-4 in a case that sought to stop unions taking fees from workers who do not want to pay their dues despite benefiting from collective-bargaining actions. The courts split decision means that the law stands as it is, a deep disappointment to conservatives who were sure they would triumph when arguments were heard in January, before the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Republicans are still refusing to hold hearings to confirm Scalias nominated successor, Merrick Garland.美国最高法院将一起公会诉工人的案件裁定为4比4平局。该案件意在阻止公会对受惠于劳方集体权益却不愿缴纳会费的工人一律实行强制扣费的行为。由于法律允许上述情况,法官意见不一,保守派人士对此深表失望,他们认为如果该案在已逝大法官安托宁·斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)在位时受审,保守派必将获胜。共和党人仍拒绝为斯卡利亚的继任者梅里克·加兰(Merrick Garland)举行听会。Ukraines parliament dismissed the countrys prosecutor-general, Viktor Shokin, after months of pressure from international donors who faulted him for refusing to act against corruption. Shortly before his dismissal Mr Shokin in turn had fired his popular, pro-reform deputy. A new nominee for prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman, is seeking allies to form a majority in parliament that would allow the unpopular Arseniy Yatsenyuk to step down.乌克兰议会在承受来自其国际捐助者(译者注:意指西方国家)的数月压力下,日前罢免了该国总检察长维克托·邵金(Viktor Shokin)。西方国家指责邵金无力反腐。在被罢免前,邵金解雇了倍受欢迎的改革派副检察长。乌克兰总理新候选人福罗迪米尔·格洛伊斯曼(Volodymyr Groysman)正寻找同盟组成议会多数席,让人心尽失的现任总理阿尔谢尼·亚采纽克(Arseniy Yatsenyuk)下台。Radovan Karadzic, the leader of the Bosnian Serb side in the Bosnian war of 1992-95, was found guilty of genocide and war crimes by an international criminal tribunal in The Hague. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. The conviction instantly sparked a bitter row between the leader of Serbia and the Bosniak (Muslim) leader of Bosnia. Vojislav Seselj, a Serbian nationalist and ally of Slobodan Milosevic, Serbias president at the time, was cleared in The Hague of committing war crimes.海牙国际刑事法庭指控前波黑塞族总统拉多万·卡拉季奇(Radovan Karadzic)在1992至1995年间的波黑战争中犯有种族屠杀和战争罪,判处其有期徒刑40年。这一裁决立刻激起了塞尔维亚和波斯尼亚穆斯林双方领导人的唇舌剑。法庭判决塞尔维亚激进党人沃伊斯拉夫·舍舍利(Vojislav Seselj)的战争罪罪名不成立。舍舍利曾是斯洛丹·米洛舍维奇(Slobodan Milosevic)的盟友,后者在波黑战争中曾任塞尔维亚总统。In Turkey the German ambassador was summoned twice in one week after a satirical song about President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, entitled “Erdowi, Erdowo, Erdogan”, was shown on German television. The incident hints at tensions between the two countries, which are both key to solving the refugee crisis in Europe.由于德国电视台播放一首名为《Erdowi, Erdowo, Erdogan》讽刺土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)的歌曲,德国驻土耳其大使一周内被土耳其当局召见两次。此事件暗示德土两国目前关系紧张。两国在解决欧洲难民问题上均处于关键地位。翻译:张力文amp;赵悦 精校:谢晓羽 译文属译生译世201604/436518四川省第四人民医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱Robert Owen, a British mill-owner and reformer, treated private property, along with organised religion and marriage, as a social scourge. In 1825 he bought land for a farm-and-factory commune in Indiana. It attracted farmers, artisans and intellectuals. Tools, food and housing were free. The commune had mixed-sex schools and a library. It sponsored scientific research. Without a shared faith or purpose, however, the members split into competing groups. By 1827, Owens secular community had disbanded. The difficulty of pursuing micro-communism in a capitalist society also dogged Cabets American followers. His New World Icarians split into several rival groupings. Shakers, Owenites and Icarians focused, each in their own way, on duties. They sought to tame human selfishness. Gloomy as he looked in portraits, the Frenchman Charles Fourier concentrated on fun. His writings inspired the Brook Farm commune near Boston and, less directly, Oneida. Fourier wanted to free peoples instincts so that everyone, especially women, might lead a life of varied enjoyments and sensual delight. Stripped of emphasis on sex, Fouriers message that a good life was a cultivated life, not one of striving and work, appealed to New England intellectuals who formed Brook Farms core.罗伯特欧文是英国一个工厂的厂长,同时他也是一位改革家,他把私有财产同有组织的宗教与婚姻归为社会灾祸。1825年,他在印第安纳州购买了农场,建造了将农场与工厂集一身的公社,吸引农民、艺术家与学者前往。工具,食物与住房都是免费提供,还有男女混合制的学校与图书馆。此外,公社还赞助科学研究。然而因没有共同的信仰或目的,公社内部发生分裂,成员间相互争斗。到了1827年,欧文的这个非宗教团体也解散了。在美国这样一个追求内阁政策的资本主义国家中,想要追求微型公社,困难重重。欧文的新世界Icarians分裂成几个敌对群体。无论是震教徒,欧文的组织还是Lcarians,都以他们各自的方式关注职责,都寻求驯化人类自私的心理。法国人查尔斯傅里叶关注于这其中的乐趣,尽管他在肖像画里看起来很忧伤。但他的著作鼓舞了波斯顿附近的“小溪农场”公社,还间接影响了奥奈达一带。傅里叶想要解放人们的本能以便每个人,尤其是女性,都尽可能的过上享受多种与感官愉悦的生活。他传递的信息不再只具有强调性,而是指好的生活,即耕种生活,并不是奋斗与工作的生活之一,这一观点对于“小溪农场”核心力量,一些来自新英格兰的学者颇有吸引力。“Paradise Now” is more than a record of failed hopes. Some ideas sp to the mainstream. Fouriers feminism is a good example. Fourierist communes foundered across the New World and Old; his ideas about gender equality lived on. No society could improve, Fourier believed, until womens lot improved. “The best countries”, he wrote, “have always been those which allowed women the most freedom.” That is a common thought today. It was radical when Fourier wrote it in 1808.《现世天堂》不止记录了一系列破败的幻想,其中的一些想法也成为了主流。傅里叶的女权主义就是极佳的例子。虽然傅里叶公社在新旧世界都破产了,但有关于性别平等的想法仍在产生影响。傅里叶认为,除非女性的命运得以改善,否则整个社会难以得以发展。他写道,“最好的国家总是那些给予女性最大的自由。”而今这一想法已再寻常不过。但1808年,傅里叶写下的这句话却显得尤为激进。Women more generally are at the centre of the Utopian story. Some communes he writes about were democratic, some authoritarian. None was patriarchal. Mr Jenningss book is rich in fond hopes and improbable ventures. Rather than nudging ers to mock, which is easy, the author reminds them instead to remember that the maddest-sounding ideas sometimes become motherhood.女性更多的被置于乌托邦故事的中心。Jennings所描述的公社一些是民主的,一些是自治的,但没有一个是家长制的。他的书中记录了希望与不可思议的冒险。但作者却并不是去怂恿读者去模仿——尽管很容易,而是提醒读者要记得听起来最疯狂的想法有时候会变成为现实。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201603/429255泸州洗牙洁牙什么价格Have you ever noticed that while its pretty easy to tell your dog is sick,its much harder to know how your cat or bird are feeling? 你有没有注意到,自家生病很容易就被你发现,但很难知晓你的猫或鸟是何感觉?Well, before you start asking your dog why it cant be more stoic like animals half its size, its probably worth considering each animals place in the food chain. 好吧,在开始前问问你的为什么不能像身材不及一半大小的动物们更强韧,这可能要考虑每种动物处在食物链当中的位置。You see, the lower down the food chain you are, the more important it is for you to hide any sign of illness. 你看,你越是处于食物链下层,隐藏任何疾病的迹象就显得越发重要。Obvious illness or pain function as red flags for predators. 明显的疾病或疼痛表象就是对捕食者们举起了白旗。You may as well wear a sign saying, “Easy meal, guys. Come and get me.”你就仿佛穿着标志,上面写道:“伙计们,我是顿白来的大餐。过来抓我吧。”201501/357023成都新桥口腔超声波洁牙冷光美白喷砂洁牙价格

自贡市第五人民医院牙齿正畸镶牙龅牙智牙怎么样好吗成都美尔雅口腔诊所And your hosting.And how is...okay还有你的主持工作 进展得怎么样了So where are you right now?Since its a week away in the motion place.那现在你们进行到哪一步了呢 因为只有一周时间了Where are you?For the Oscar spectacular?进展如何 奥斯卡盛宴吗We are right in the thick of it.They started loading in the theater.目前是最紧张的阶段 他们已经开始装饰剧院了They are doing all of the stuff now there.At the theater.已经开始在剧院 布置现场了And my team of writers are thinking about jokes and its a tricky process with the content.我的团队正在准备笑话和串词 这真的是个技术活As you well know.I should really ask you.How was it like for you a week.You know, 6,5 days out.你很了解 我该向你请教下 距离开始还有一周 五六天时 你是怎么做的Well, you write as much as you possibly can and up until that day youre changing jokes.你要尽可能多写 并且一直修改and timing it in rehearsal.And really until that day.排时卡时间 直到正式演出那天I mean, I was changing things an hour before it started.我是说 直到开始前一小时 我都在改稿Cause Im finding that good jokes that we have they were solid.我发现 很多时候我们选用的梗 确定用的梗They were... we think its funny and strong.那些我们觉得很棒的梗Then I will watch a Late Night Talk-Show and they will say the same joke.随后我在夜间脱口秀节目 看到他们用到同样的梗You go ah!You scratch that one out.So thats been happening.就抓狂了 只能划掉它 这种事一直在发生The Grammys. Ah!Saturday Night Live did it. Ah!;格莱美上也有 周六夜现场;也这样Well, you start... - Ijust want everyone to stop talking until Monday.没错 -我 我只希望周一前所有人都别再说话了I know. But it starts with the Globes You watch Tina and Amy and you are like hoping they dont do something that you have in mind.我懂 这是从金球奖开始的 你看着蒂娜和埃米 并且你希望 他们千万别做你想做的But um, but itll be so much fun.Are you... are you excited? Are you.但 这会很有趣 你呢 你激动吗 还有Where... are you scared?Where are you?Im sort of all of it.是不是有点害怕 什么感觉 都有一些吧Im calm and I feel good about the content we are doing.我还算平静 我对我们的内容很自信 /201511/407297Michael Phelps is famous for listening to music at swimming competitions. 众所周知,菲尔普斯喜欢在游泳比赛前听音乐。The nineteen time gold medalist is known to wear his headphones right up until jumping into the pool for a race. 跳入泳池比赛前,这位19枚奥运金牌得主酷爱戴上耳机听音乐。Now many olympics fans are wondering just what hes listening to. 现在许多奥运迷都在好奇他听什么。Phelps hasnt revealed his musical selections for the RIO games, but theres a good chance it is mostly hip hop. 菲尔普斯没有透露他在里约奥运会听什么音乐,但很有可能是嘻哈。The swimmer has previously declared his fandom of rap stars like Eminem, young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.此前菲尔普斯宣布自己是说唱歌手艾米纳姆、杰伊·詹金斯和李尔·韦恩的歌迷。译文属。201608/459535雅安纯钛烤瓷牙怎么样Knock knock.Whos there?Orange.Orange, who?Orange...glad I didnt say banana.叩 叩 是谁 橙子 哪个橙子 橙子 真高兴我没说是香蕉I said it wrong.You are no better than Harper. - I know.I wont show you all of them, Ellen.我错了 你比哈珀可好不到哪儿去 -我知道 艾伦 我不会把这些全给你看的I just show you the overview.Cause that way I can easily print them.我就大概给你看看 因为这样我就能轻而易举地把它们打印出来Our first guest is a Tony and Emmy award winning actor who will be hosting the academy award for his first time on Sunday.我们的第一位嘉宾是一位托尼奖及艾美奖获奖演员 本周日 他将第一次 担任奥斯卡颁奖典礼主持人Please welcome Neil Patrick Harris.Hey. How are you? - I am very well,thank you.让我们掌声有请 尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯 嗨 你好吗 -我很好 谢谢Hi,everybody.Hey, Neil.- Hi, Ellen.Im so happy to see you.嗨 大伙儿们好 嗨 尼尔 -嗨 艾伦 见到你我真是太高兴了Im sorry.Im so glad you make time to be here.不好意思 很感谢你挤出时间过来We will talk about all that nonsense in a minute.但我们还是待会儿再扯谈吧-Great. - But since Ive seen you You moved to New York.好的 -上次见过你以后 你搬到了纽约You won a Tony.And you got married.Congratulations.- Thank you.Thank you very much.拿了托尼奖 你还结了婚 真是要恭喜你 -谢谢 十分感谢It was very exciting.Forever bashing David Burtka.很令人激动 永远闪闪惹人爱的大卫·伯尔特考 /201510/406609都江堰地包天牙齿前突什么价格

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