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As Irene travelled north to the Canadian border, she continued to inflict damage, leaving destruction in her wake. Heavy rains falling on aly sodden ground, led to widesp flooding and damage in the northeast. It will be a long time before these communities return to normal life.飓风艾琳北上越过加拿大边境时,灾难仍在持续。飓风扫过,满目疮痍。暴雨倾泻在满是积水的地上,在东海岸造成大面积洪灾。让这些社区恢复到原样还需很长时间。;Around the State, there has been very significant damage. I understand that more than 260 roads are closed. There are numerous bridges that have been knocked out. Theres one confirmed fatality and theres a search going on for four people in the southern part of the State.;“肆掠的飓风已经造成了重大灾害。目前了解到,有超过260条公路被迫关闭,大量桥梁轰然倒塌。确认已造成1人死亡,4人失踪,目前搜救队仍在西部地区紧张寻找失踪人口下落。”Up and down Americas east coast, people assess the damage. Irene has been a deadly storm, destroying property and infrastructure and leaving millions without power. But the predicted catastrophe never fully materialized. New York, one of those cities, that escaped the worst. Despite a total public transport shut-down and evacuations, an inconvenient Monday commute and the ongoing cleanup, now the real concerns as Americas most populous city recovers from a near miss.美国东海岸上上下下的居民都在评估灾难带来的损失。致命风暴艾琳摧毁了房屋,基础设施,造成断电,使上百万人口无电可用。然而灾祸是永远预测不了的。其中一个受灾城市——纽约躲过了这一劫。除了公共交通完全瘫痪,人口疏散,工作日上下班不方便和清理工作外,最关键的是美国这个最受欢迎的城市侥幸脱险。;Its going to take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude. The effects are still being felt across much of the country, including in New England and States like Vermont where theres been an enormous amount of flooding.;“从如此巨大的飓风中恢复还需一段时日。全国大对数地区,包括新英格兰州,佛蒙特州等遭遇到巨大洪灾的州仍然受到影响。”The damage caused by this storm will cost billions to put right. Irene may not have been as devastating as feared but her impact will be felt for some time to come.将灾区恢复正常将花费数十亿美元。飓风艾琳的毁灭性也许不那么令人胆寒,但未来一段时间会感受到她带来的压力。Hannah Thomas-Peter, Sky News, New York.汉娜·托马斯·彼得,天空新闻,纽约。201206/186818Science and Technolgy科技Foie-gras production论鹅肝How much is too much?多少是个度Why some duck livers are delicious, and others nasty为什么有的鹅肝是珍馐,有的却让人恶心FOIE GRAS is one of the most controversial dishes on earth. To protagonists, it is simply the finest foodstuff that exists. To those opposed, it is a product of cruelty that is not far short of criminal. The overfeeding of ducks and geese, so that their livers bloat to between six and ten times their normal size and take on a buttery consistency valued by gourmets, exploits the ability of these birds to store large amounts of calorie-rich fat, which was needed to propel them on the long migrations that their wild ancestors would routinely have undertaken. The moral argument over the way foie gras is produced (by feeding the birds with grain, through a tube or a funnel) turns on whether this is merely the permissible exaggeration of a natural inclination, or is tantamount to abuse. Intriguingly, a newly published piece of research on foie-gras production suggests the quality of the product depends on exactly the same distinction.鹅肝是这世上最富争议的食物之一。持鹅肝的人说它是最美的珍馐;而反对者则认为制作鹅肝与犯罪无异。鸭鹅被过度灌食后,肝脏将变为正常水平的6至10倍并呈现出美食家所推崇的黄油状,肝脏贮存脂肪的能力被充分挖掘。鸭鹅的祖先需要定期长途迁徙,而这些脂肪可以为其提供充足的能量。制作鹅肝*(用管子或漏斗对鸭鹅灌饲谷物)涉及一个道德问题:这种做法究竟是在可接受的范围内将动物自身的功能发挥至极致,还是一种虐待行为。有意思的是,最近发表的一篇关于制作鹅肝的研究认为,鹅肝的质量取决于这一问题。From the chefs point of view, one of the disturbing things about foie gras is how variable it is. Some livers, when cooked, retain their fat and thus their rich flavour. Others lose fat when heated and end up tasting terrible. To try to work out why, Caroline Molette, a biologist at the University of Toulouse, did some experiments. Her results, just published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, suggest that the difference is whether the liver in question is truly healthy or not.在厨师看来,鹅肝的麻烦事之一是质量参差不齐。有些肝脏烹饪后还保留着脂肪、油腻感十足。有些肝脏在加热后脂肪就没了,相当难吃。为了搞清楚其中缘由,法国图卢兹大学(University of Toulouse)的生物学家Caroline Molette进行了实验,并将结果发表于《农业与食品化学杂志》(Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)。她认为其中差别在于所用肝脏健康与否。Dr Molette and her colleagues raised 150 male mule ducks (a cross between Pekin and Muscovy ducks that is often used to produce foie gras) for 13 weeks in standard poultry-house conditions and then transferred them into individual enclosures. For a further 12 days the birds were fattened up with a mash of grain and flour—the usual procedure for enlarging their livers. They were then slaughtered, their livers removed, and those livers immediately trimmed of their blood vessels and chilled for six hours.Molette士与其同事将150只雄性杂交鸭(北京鸭与疣鼻栖鸭的杂交种,常用于生产鹅肝)在家禽饲养场标准条件下养殖13周,然后转入单独的笼子中。在之后的12天,用谷物和面粉的混合物灌饲鸭子——这是让肝脏变大的常用步骤。然后处死鸭子,取肝脏,快速剔除血管,冷藏六小时。So far, so normal. But instead of cooking the whole things, Dr Molette removed a 200-gram sample from each liver (an average liver weighed 550 grams) and put the rest in cold storage. She then placed each sample into a jar with a bit of salt and pepper, and cooked it for an hour. As she expected, some livers released a lot of fat when cooked while others released little. Armed with this information, she was able to turn her attention back to the uncooked sections of the livers and see if she could find any systematic chemical differences between them.到此阶段,一切正常。然而Molette 士并没有使用整个肝脏,而是从每份肝脏(均重550克)中取200克作为样品,其余冷藏。她将每个样品分别放置在罐子中,加入少许盐和胡椒,烹饪半小时。正如她所料,烹饪时有些肝脏释放出大量脂肪,而有些却不是。获得这一信息后,她就将目光转向至还没处理的那部分肝脏,她想知道这二者之间是否存在系统性化学差异。Using a combination of electrophoresis (which sorts proteins according to their size and electrical properties) and mass spectrometry (which sorts fragments of those proteins according to their weight), she was able to do just that. The upshot was that the fat-retaining livers were rich in a variety of proteins known to help the body digest and store food. In the fat-shedding livers, by contrast, she found high concentrations of a protein called fatty-acid-binding-protein 4. In a human liver, this would be a marker of disease. Put simply, the fat-retaining livers are healthy while the fat-shedding ones are not.Molette 士使用电泳(根据蛋白质的分子大小和电荷差异,将蛋白质分离)和质谱(根据分子量将蛋白碎片分离)测定来进行实验。结果发现,保留脂肪的蛋白质富含多种有助于人体消化和贮存食物的蛋白质。相比之下,她在没有脂肪的肝脏中发现了一种名为脂肪酸-结合蛋白4的蛋白质,且浓度很高。在人类肝脏中,这种蛋白是一种疾病指示物。简单的说,保留脂肪的肝脏是健康肝脏,而没有脂肪的肝脏不健康。Both sides of the debate, then, are right. Foie-gras production can be a form of abuse but is not necessarily so, for an enlarged liver can still be healthy. The question is, how do you draw the line?所以,讨论双方说的都对。生产鹅肝可以是一种虐待行为,但也可以不是,因为超大肝脏仍然可以是健康的。问题在于,分界线在哪里?Dr Molettes ducks were all treated similarly, and their livers were of more or less the same size (certainly, the fat-shedding ones were not systematically heavier). The search is therefore on for some way to tell in advance which animals will respond positively to extra helpings and which will not. That knowledge would help farmers, gourmets and animal-lovers alike.Molette士的鸭子,处理方法相似,肝脏大小差不多一样(当然,没有脂肪的肝脏总体来说不会更重)。所以,这项研究可以从某种角度提前告诉我们:哪些动物对过度喂食反应良好,哪些不是。这一点也可帮助农民、美食家、以及动物爱好者。 /201210/203567

After Messengers 3 fly-bys,weve now mapped 90% of the planet,taking them around 124 miles. These images are the clearest data of mercury.And its not hard to spar? A crater epic proportions,the result of yet another Taitanic collision.在信使3次探索之后,我们现在已经映射出这个星球的90%,它大约124英里。这些图像是最清楚的水星数据。不难分辨是吧?一个空前绝后的陨石坑,好像另一次泰坦尼克号的碰撞一样。;Thats the C basin.Its an impact basin.It covers almost 3 million square colometres.Its one of the biggest source in th solar system.;;这是C盆地。这是一个冲击盆地。这几乎涵盖了300万平方公里。这是太阳系很重要的能源之一;。The size of the Lasga and Caforlina combine,whatever created C almost destroy the planet.好像阿拉斯加和加利福尼亚结合创造的这个几乎能摧毁整个星球。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173428

Its Wednesday, March 2nd, Im Natali Morris and its time to get loaded.今天是3月2日,周三,我是Natali Morris,是时候了解今天的最新资讯。Today is the day Apple takes the wraps off the next generation ipad. We are filming this broadcast before the event starts in the West Coast, but stay tuned to see that today for a live blog and s of the device and we will give you a wrap up here on loaded tomorrow.今天苹果公司揭开了新一代产品iPad的神秘面纱。这段节目的录制早于西海岸的发布会,但请持续关注我们的报道,我们会对这款电子设备进行持续地文字和视频报道,明天的节目我们会为您带来关于这款ipad的最新消息。You knew the unlimited data plan for the Verizon iphone must too good to be true. Verizon has said the plan will end this summer. This was the plan that gave you unlimited data for 2999 per month. ATamp;T ended its unlimited data plan a long time ago, but like Verizon those who signed up with those plans get to keep them, even when that is no longer an option for new subscribers.威瑞森电信的无限数据套餐因为太棒了而不能实现。威瑞森公司表示这项套餐计划将于今年夏天结束。订购这款套餐,用户每月将有无限制的数据流量。而美国电话电报公司很早就终止了无线数据流量套餐务,而威瑞森公司早前这些订购过这款套餐的用户可以持续享用这项务,而这款套餐已经停止向新用户提供了。Facebook purchases a company called Beluga that does group messaging for mobile. The notable part of this purchase is that Facebook does plan to keep the company up and running, while figures out how to integrate this group messaging platform into its own site.脸谱网收购了一家名叫Beluga的公司,这家公司主要业务是为手机用户提供群组消息务。这次收购最引人注目的部分就在于脸谱网计划继续运营这家公司,与此同时想办法将这家公司的群组信息平台业务融入到脸谱网的业务中。WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this year. Of course, he is among 240 other nominees one of which includes the Internet nominated again this year. This must be the highlight of Assanges week giving he is also facing extradition to Sweden on a sex-related charge which he refuses.维基解密创始人阿桑奇今年被提名诺贝尔和平奖。当然,他只是240名提名候选人中的一位,候选人还包括再次获得提名的英特网。这将是聚焦阿桑奇的一周,但与此同时,虽然他矢口否认,但他还面临性侵指控,和有可能被引渡到瑞典的命运。Angry Birds St. Patricks edition is on its way out. The game launches on March 22nd which of course is after Saint Patricks Day. So now weve seen Angry Birds game for just every holiday including Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.愤怒的小鸟圣帕特里克季正在紧锣密鼓筹备中。这款游戏将于3月22日,也就是圣帕特里克节后发售。往后我们将能够看到各种节日版本的愤怒的小鸟,包括万圣节版,圣诞节版和情人节版。Amazon is in a tax battle with the state of California. The company is threatening to shut down ten thousand affiliates in California if the state passes legislation which would require Amazon to collect sales tax from state residents. Amazon says this bill is unconstitutional because it requires sellers with no physical presence in the state to collect tax from its residents.亚马逊正在和加州政府进行一场税收斗争。如果加州通过相关法案,加州政府将收取亚马逊在当地用户在互联网上所提交订单的营业税,而亚马逊威胁要断绝与该州境内1万多个分机构的关系。亚马逊表示这项法案是违反宪法的,因为这项法律是建立在销售者是实体销售者的前提上,加州才能收取营业税。And Lenovo is showing off an eye-ball controlled laptop. This is a prototype so not something you will get for Christmas this year. It lets you point, select and scroll with your eyes alone. If you want your cursor to appear, you stare at it. If you want your cursor to appear, you stare at the screen. If you want to zoom in on your photos or maps, or switch windows, you stare harder, I guess. The machine tracks eye movement by shinning infra-red light into the users eyes. Can that be good for you?联想以其眼球控制笔记本电脑而骄傲。这款笔记本电脑还只是原型机,所以别指望圣诞节能收到这样的礼物。只用眼睛就能够点击,选取和滚动屏幕。如果你想看到光标,只要盯着它。如果你想让光标出现,盯着屏幕即可。如果你想放大照片或地图,或者切换窗口,我想可能要再努力点儿盯着屏幕。这款电脑通过散射红外线光来追踪用户眼睛行动轨迹。这款设备适合你吗?Thats your news for the day. Ill see you tomorrow. Im Natali Morris for CNet and youve just be loaded.以上就是今天的科技新闻。我们明天再回。我是CNet的Natali Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/205232

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