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More than 25 million years ago, India, once a separate island on a quickly sliding piece of the Earth’s crust, crashed into Asia. The two land masses are still colliding, pushed together at a speed of 1.5 to 2 inches a year. The forces have pushed up the highest mountains in the world, in the Himalayas, and have set off devastating earthquakes.2500多万年前,印度还是一个快速滑动的板块上的独立岛屿,它与亚洲大陆发生了碰撞。这两个板块仍在继续相撞,每年以1.5到2英寸(约合3.81厘米)的速度相互挤压。这些力量令喜马拉雅山脉形成世界最高的山峰,并引发灾难性的地震。Experts had warned of the danger to the people of Katmandu for decades. The death toll in Nepal on Saturday was practically inevitable given the tectonics, the local geology that made the shaking worse and the lax construction of buildings that could not withstand the shaking.数十年来,专家一直警告加德满都人民要注意这种危险。鉴于地质构造、令地震震动加剧的地质情况,以及建筑物的构造不严谨、抗震能力差,尼泊尔在周六出现的惨重伤亡实际上是不可避免的。GeoHazards International, a nonprofit organization in Menlo Park, Calif., that tries to help poorer, more vulnerable regions like Nepal prepare for disasters, had noted that major earthquakes struck that region about every 75 years.设在加州门洛帕克的非营利组织国际地质灾难协会(GeoHazards International)是一家试图帮尼泊尔等较为贫穷、脆弱的地区为应对灾难做准备的机构。该机构指出,每隔75年,这里就会发生一次大地震。In 1934 — 81 years ago — more than 10,000 people died in a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in eastern Nepal, about six miles south of Mount Everest. A smaller quake in 1988 with a magnitude of 6.8 killed more than 1,000 people.81年前的1934年,在尼泊尔东部距离珠峰大约6英里(约合10公里)的地方发生8.1级地震,共有1万余人丧生。1988年,共有逾1000人在一次规模较小的6.8级地震中丧生。Brian Tucker, president and founder of GeoHazards, said that in the 1990s, his organization predicted that if the 1934 quake were to happen again, 40,000 people would die because of migration to the city where tall, flimsily built buildings would collapse.国际地质灾难协会的总裁兼创始人布莱恩·塔克(Brian Tucker)说,上世纪90年代,他所在的组织曾预测,倘若1934年的地震再次发生,就会造成4万人死亡——这是因为人口在向这座城市迁移,高大而脆弱的建筑物将会坍塌。In an update just this month, GeoHazards wrote, “With an annual population growth rate of 6.5 percent and one of the highest urban densities in the world, the 1.5 million people living in the Katmandu Valley were clearly facing a serious and growing earthquake risk.”国际地质灾难协会在本月的更新信息中写道,“这里的年均人口增长率为6.5%,而且城市密度位于世界最高之列;在这种情况下,住在加德满都谷的150万人明显面临着严重而且越来越大的地震风险。”The organization helped set up a local nonprofit to continue preparations, including the reinforcement of schools and hospitals.该组织协助成立了一个本地非营利组织,以继续进行准备工作,其中包括学校和医院的加固。Saturday’s earthquake occurred to the northwest of Katmandu at a relatively shallow depth, about nine miles, which caused greater shaking at the surface, but at magnitude 7.8, it released less energy than the 1934 quake.周六的地震发生在加德满都西北地区,震源相对较浅,约为9英里,所以地表的震动更加强烈。但是由于震级为7.8级,所以释放的能量比1934年的少。Roger Bilham, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Colorado who has studied the history of earthquakes in that region, said that the shaking lasted one to two minutes, and the fault slipped about 10 feet along the rupture zone, which stretched 75 miles, passing under Katmandu.科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)地质学教授罗杰·比尔汉姆(Roger Bilham)曾研究过该地区的地震历史,他说,震动持续了一到两分钟,断层沿着断裂带滑动了约10英尺,断裂带长达75英里,从加德满都穿过。The earthquake “translated the whole city southward by 10 feet,” Dr. Bilham said.这场地震“让整个城市向南移动了10英尺”,比尔汉姆士说。Aftershocks as large as magnitude 6.6 have occurred mostly to the northeast of Katmandu.最高达6.6级的余震多数发生在加德满都的东北部。It is possible that the Saturday quake is a preface to an even larger one, but Dr. Bilham said that was unlikely.周六的地震有可能只是更大地震的前奏,但比尔汉姆说可能性并不大。Katmandu and the surrounding valley sit on an ancient dried-up lake bed, which contributed to the devastation. “Very, very soft soil, and the soft soil amplifies seismic motion,” Dr. Tucker said.加德满都和周围的山谷坐落在一个古老而干涸的湖床上,这也是该地区在地震中受到严重损毁的原因之一。“非常非常软的土壤,松软的土壤放大了震动,”塔克士说。Steep slopes in the area are also prone to avalanches like the one that the quake triggered on Mount Everest on Saturday.该地区的陡峭山坡也很容易发生雪崩,就像周六的地震在珠穆朗玛峰上引发的雪崩一样。Katmandu is not the only place where a deadly earthquake has been expected.并非只有加德满都预计会发生致人死亡的地震。Dr. Tucker said Tehran; Haiti; Lima, Peru; and Padang, Indonesia, were similarly vulnerable. In those places, nearby tectonic faults are under strain, and building standards and disaster preparations are seen as inadequate.塔克说,德黑兰、海地、秘鲁利马,以及印度尼西亚巴东同样容易发生地震。这些地方附近的构造断层都处在紧张状态,但建筑标准和灾难预防则似乎不够充分。But not everywhere has been complacent. Over the past 76 years, many earthquakes have occurred along a fault in northern Turkey, starting in the eastern part of the country and progressing west, toward Istanbul. An earthquake in 1999 killed more than 17,000 people, mostly in the city of Izmit, east of Istanbul. The expectation is that the epicenter of the next big earthquake will be in or around Istanbul.不过,并非所有地方都这样麻痹大意。过去76年,土耳其北部的一个断层附近发生了许多地震,该断层从该国的东部开始,朝着伊斯坦布尔的方向,向西部延伸。1999年的一场地震曾导致超过1.7万人遇难,多数遇难者位于伊斯坦布尔东部的伊兹米特市。人们的预期是,下一次大地震的震中将在伊斯坦布尔或其周围。“Istanbul is the place that has been most aggressive in enforcing building codes,” Dr. Tucker said. “I think Istanbul has been doing a good job.”“伊斯坦布尔是执行建筑规范最积极的地方,”塔克说。“我认为伊斯坦布尔做得很不错。” /201504/372169

Who makes a worse company chairman: one who is always scratching his head, or one who is off his head?哪种人当董事长更糟糕:永远在挠头的人,还是头脑发昏的人?I have been turning over the question of blockhead-versus-cokehead since the ex-chairman of Co-op Bank was a) filmed apparently handing over £300 for cocaine and crystal meth and b) told a Treasury select committee that the bank had £3bn in assets when it had £47bn.我一直在反复思考这个“傻瓜VS瘾君子”问题,起因是Co-op Bank的前董事长曾被拍到递出300英镑购买可卡因和冰毒的画面,他还曾对财政部的一个专门委员会表示,自己的拥有30亿英镑资产,其实该行的资产规模为470亿英镑。I’m not saying that Paul Flowers himself is either cokehead or blockhead, as I don’t know enough about him to judge. Instead I’m asking more broadly: if you were a shareholder of any company, which type would you be more appalled to find you had in a position of power?我并非意在指出保罗?弗劳尔斯(Paul Flowers)要么是个瘾君子,要么是个傻瓜,因为我对他的了解不足以做出判断。我的问题是更加广泛意义上的:如果你是一家公司的股东,哪种人执掌公司大权会让你更感不安?You could protest that cokeheads and blockheads go hand in hand; though which leads to which is hard to say. If you are on drugs, that could make your command of the facts a little hazy. (Though coke tends to make you wildly optimistic, so you’d be more likely to overestimate your assets 10-fold than the other way round.) On the other hand, if your command of the facts was hazy initially, that might drive you to coke as a way of dealing with your low self-esteem and the clawing fear of getting found out.你可以反驳,声称瘾君子常常也是傻瓜,虽然谁因谁果难以判断。如果你吸食毒品,你对事实的把握可能会有点糊涂。(不过毒品通常会让你异常乐观,因此你更有可能将自己的资产规模夸大十倍,而非反其道而行之。)而另一方面,如果你对事实的把握从一开始就稀里糊涂,这可能促使你走上吸毒的道路,以解决自己缺乏自尊的问题,并缓解害怕被人识破的百爪挠心般的焦虑感。Yet if you take the two types as distinct, the obvious answer is that the cokehead is more lethal. For a start, coke is illegal – and having a chairman arrested, as Mr Flowers was last week, never does any good to a company’s reputation. More than that, a coke habit can make people irritable and unpredictable, distort their judgment, lead to paranoid psychosis as well as doing nothing for the lining of their noses.但如果你认为这是两种完全不同类型的人,那么容易得出的结论是瘾君子危害更大。首先,毒品违法——公司董事长被捕(就像弗劳尔斯最近那样),对一个公司的声誉绝没有任何好处。更重要的是,吸毒成瘾可使人变得易怒急躁,不可预测,扭曲人的判断力,导致偏执的精神状态,对于鼻腔粘膜也绝无好处。None of that is desirable. But it is still better than being ruled by a blockhead. Anyone who is ignorant of the basic facts of a business can only do harm to a company.虽然以上这些都不令人满意,但仍好于由一个傻瓜来执掌公司大权。一个对企业业务的基本情况一无所知的人只能给这家公司带来损害。It is true that ignorance on the scale of Mr Flowers’ is exceptional (the Co-op’s structure is so idiosyncratic it made a virtue of having people on the board who knew nothing about banking). Yet my strong hunch is that there is a great deal of ignorance on most boards that may not be quite as jaw-dropping as at the Co-op, but is still worrying.像弗劳尔斯那样的极度无知确实罕见(Co-op Bank的企业构架是如此独特,以至于让对业一无所知的人加入董事会成了一件好事)。但我有一种强烈的直觉,即多数企业的董事会中都有很多无知的人,虽然情况或许不至于像Co-op Bank那样令人震惊,但也足够引人担忧。If I think of some of the directors I have come across, many have large and shaming gaps in their knowledge. These arise either because their markets have changed in ways they have not kept up with, or because they hop from one industry to another, and after a bit in a new one it becomes too embarrassing to ask: can someone explain how we actually make our money? Add to that the fact that businesses are increasingly complicated – and keeping up becomes increasingly hard.我在回想自己遇见过的董事时发现,很多人的知识结构都存在令人汗颜的巨大断层。这种情况产生的原因之一在于他们所处的市场环境发生了变化,而他们没有跟上形势,或者是因为他们从一个行业跳到了另一个行业,而在对新行业初涉皮毛之后,向人求教对他们来说变得过于难为情,他们不好意思问:有人能帮我解释一下我们究竟是怎么赚钱的吗?此外,商业模式正变得愈加复杂,跟上发展变得越来越难,这进一步加剧了董事们的知识断层。If ignorance is so common, how come we almost never hear of it? Politicians occasionally let their inner bonehead show – Sarah Palin was caught getting her Iran and Iraq confused – yet the people who rise to the top in business are worryingly good at keeping theirs hidden.如果董事们的无知如此普遍,为什么我们几乎从未听说?政客们偶尔会暴露出他们愚蠢的一面——莎拉?佩林(Sarah Palin)被人发现分不清伊朗和伊拉克——但升至商界顶层的人物似乎非常善于掩饰自己的无知,这很令人担忧。This is for three reasons. First, they delegate. Don’t know how big your assets are? Never mind – your finance director can answer that one.商界高层善于隐藏有三个原因。其一在于他们可以把任务分派下去。不知道公司的资产规模有多大?没关系——可以让财务总监来回答这个问题。Second, jargon and flannel come to their aid. “This is an issue currently out of my sightline, and I’ll revert going forward when I have some clarity around it” sounds more impressive than: no idea.其二,行业术语和废话可以助他们一臂之力。相对于“我不知道”,“这个问题目前不在我的关注范围内,当我对它有更多了解时我会重新回到这个话题上”听起来更上档次。Thirdly, when you are really senior, nobody ever calls your bluff. If a tiresome journalist asks a tricky question, then it is quite simple: you answer another question instead.其三,当你真的身居高位时,没有人会戳穿你的虚张声势。如果一个惹人生厌的记者问了一个刁钻的问题,接下来非常简单:你回答另一个问题作为替代。Indeed the only time that directors are really put on the spot is when they get hauled before the regulator or a select committee, where there is no finance director to field tough questions, and where bluster doesn’t work. But even then, they have time to prepare. When I was summoned before the Financial Services Authority (as a routine part of being a non-exec) I spent several weeks beforehand revising furiously.董事们唯一真的陷入困境的时刻,是当他们被传到监管当局或者专门委员会面前时,此时他们既不能找财务总监来替他们回答棘手问题,咆哮恐吓也失去了效力。但即便如此,他们仍有时间进行准备。当我被英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)传唤时(这是对待非执行董事的一种惯例),我就花了好几周的时间拼命复习。What is needed is a new system of fierce and random knowledge tests for all directors, just like drugs tests for sportsmen. Directors would be accosted at unpredictable times and forced to answer basic questions about their company, its performance, its risks, and the market in general. This would flush out the most lethal blockheads and focus the minds of all directors, all of the time.现在所亟需的是一个针对所有董事、强大而又随机的新知识测试系统,就像运动员的药检一样。董事们将会在不可预测的时间被问话,回答有关自身公司的基本问题,例如业绩、风险以及市场整体状况。这将有助于淘汰危害最大的傻瓜,并使所有董事在任何时间都精力集中。Just as Andy Murray recently almost missed getting to Buckingham Palace on time to collect his OBE because the drugs testers had showed up on his doorstep demanding a urine sample, so it should be for company directors. No excuses. No diverting the questions to someone else. No flannel. If you don’t know the answer, you’re out.安迪?穆雷(Andy Murray)几乎没能按时赶到白金汉宫领取他的大英帝国勋章(OBE),因为药检官员突然出现在他门前,要求他提供一份尿样。针对公司董事的测试也应如此。没有任何借口。不能将问题交由其他人代为回答。不允许说废话。如果你不知道,就将被扫地出门。 /201312/267296


  Millions of workers will be exposed to ;risky;, hard-to-understand and outdated retirement saving schemes under the government#39;s scheme to automatically enrol people into pensions, former Downing Street adviser Dr Ros Altmann has warned.前英国政府顾问罗斯奥尔特曼士警告称,政府将民众自动纳入退休金的方案将令数百万工人陷入高风险、难以理解又过时的退休金储备系统。More than 1.6 million people have aly been placed into pension schemes under the Government#39;s automatic enrolment initiative, which started in October 2012 and is expected to result in around 11 million new pension savers over the next five years.目前已有超过160万民众纳入政府自动注册方案的养老系统中,此系统自2012年10月启动,预计五年后纳入约1100万新退休金储户。But in a report, Pensions – Time for change, Altmann said: ;The future for pensions is more complex and risky than ever before.; She called for an overhaul of defined contribution (DC) pensions which, she argued, ;are not fit for 21st-century lives;.然而在一份名为《退休金--是时候改变》的报告中,奥尔特曼称:“退休金未来的复杂性和风险性将前所未有。”她呼吁对固定缴款退休金进行一次改革,对此她称:“固定缴款退休金已不适合21世纪。”DC schemes offer payouts based on the performance of the funds that the saver#39;s money is invested in, unlike final salary schemes where employees are guaranteed a set income on retirement. They are cheaper for firms to run because the employee is taking on the investment risk, and are likely to be the type of scheme on offer to workers through auto-enrolment.与提供给雇员退休后固定薪水的最终薪水方案不同,固定缴款退休金制度根据储户投资基金的绩效来提供退休金。后者对于企业的运转来说更易承担,因为雇员承担了投资风险,而且这种制度可能通过自动注册即为雇员提供养老。People with DC schemes use their retirement savings to buy an annuity when they retire, which sets the size of their annual income for life. But the rates on offer fluctuate and comparing deals is made more complicated by the variety of different annuities you can buy, which depend on factors like the state of your health and whether you want them to provide for just yourself or your partner as well.在固定缴款退休金制度下,人们退休后应个人存款来买年金,这就固定了一生的年收入。然而由于每个人健康状况不同,而且退休金可自用也可与配偶共同使用,因此退休金种类繁多,这就令波动和比较交易的价格更加复杂。The report said: ;The risk of buying at the wrong time, choosing the wrong annuity or failing to find the right rate could increase the number of poorer pensioners by many millions.;该报告称:“购买时间错误的风险,选择错误的退休金和错误的价格都将导致穷困的退休金购买者的人数增加,可能增加数百万。”Altmann, a former director-general of over-50s group Saga, recently said pensioners could be taking on ;the biggest gamble; of their lives when they buy an annuity, and many may never live to see any return on their money.五旬以上老人组织撒加(saga)的前总主管奥尔特曼最近称,购买退休金的储户将面临前所未有的“巨大风险”,可能永远也不会有任何收益。Her report, sponsored by retirement products provider MetLife, surveyed more than 3,000 people. It argued that auto-enrolment will increase ;coverage but not adequacy of pensions;.她的这份报告由退休产品提供者Metlife赞助,该赞助商对超过3000个人进行了调查,称自动注册退休金制度将增加“退休金的覆盖范围而非养老金的妥善性。”Altmann said the problem with the Government#39;s pension reforms is that they require people ;to be able to cope with risks that they do not really understand;.奥尔特曼称政府养老金改革的问题是,他们要求人们“能够应对未知的风险”。Consumer research carried out for MetLife found that three-fifths (60%) of people do not understand or are unsure if they are fully aware of the risks of investing in a DC scheme. This figure rose to three-quarters (75%) of people aged between 18 and 24 years old.Metlife的消费者调查显示,3/5(60%)的民众不清楚或不确定固定缴款退休金制度下投资的风险。此数据在年龄处于18至24岁间的民众中升至3/4(75%)。Nearly three-quarters (72%) of people said they would be more likely to save into a pension if it guaranteed a level of retirement income.约有3/4(72%)的民众称,他们更愿意将钱存入能保障一定退休金数额的系统中。Altmann said that to shore up more savings, people should think about working for longer and easing into retirement in phases, perhaps by initially going part time.奥尔特曼称,人们如果想要稳住更多资金,应考虑增加工作的年限,退休前先做一段兼职,从而逐步适应退休。;A record 1 million people are now still working beyond age 65,; she said. ;The old notions of #39;early retirement#39; are being consigned to history, but far too few workers are planning ahead for longer working lives.她称:“记录表明,目前超过65岁仍在工作的人有100万。过去‘早退休’的说法已成为历史,现在工人正考虑增加他们的工作年限。”;This has to be part of the solution to our pensions crisis and, in fact, can be a very positive model for the future. The whole concept of retirement is changing. It will become a process rather than an event.;事实上,这必须是解决我们退休金危机的一部分,因为它将是一个对未来非常有积极作用的模式。整个退休的概念都在变化,这种变化是循序渐进的,并不是一蹴而就的。A Department for Work and Pensions spokeswoman said: ;Our reforms to the state pension will introduce a single, simple, decent state pension, which will provide a solid foundation for further saving through automatic enrolment into workplace pensions with employer contributions and tax relief.;就业与退休保障部门发言人称:“我们国家退休金改革将会引进一个独立、简单又适宜的国家退休金制度,将为未来的储蓄打下坚实的基础,该储蓄将雇员的贡献和减免的税收自动注册到其工作地的退休金系统中。 /201312/270372。


  One night last month, Lesley King received a Facebook message that reflected what she considers one of the finest qualities of Old Greenwich: a connected community.上个月的一天晚上,莱斯利·金(Lesley King)收到一条Facebook讯息,这件事体现出老格林威治(Old Greenwich)在她看来最好的一面:这是个很团结的社区。Her new business, Back 40 Mercantile, an upscale general store for the eco-conscious, had opened that day in the small commercial center called ;the village.; (Ms. King is an owner with family members.) She had closed up shop only a few hours before. The Facebook message arrived around 9: A man she barely knew wanted her to know that he had spotted a candle still burning in the shop.她新开的Back 40 Mercantile是一家高级杂货店,客户多为有环保意识的人群。这家商店那天刚刚在一个名为the village的小型商业中心开业(店主是金和她的家人)。她在几个小时前才刚刚结束营业,收到这条Facebook讯息的时候大约是9点:那是一个她不大认识的人。他就是想让她知道,他看见她的店里还点着一只蜡烛。A resident of Old Greenwich since 2001, Ms. King says that sort of neighborly outreach is the custom in a community where people#39;s yards don#39;t extend much beyond their houses.金从2001年起就成了老格林威治的居民。她说,在这样一个各家的屋外庭院都伸不出多远的社区里,那种从邻里间延伸出来的相互关照,已经成了一种风俗。At the home she shares with her husband, Bill, and their four children, the swing set sits in the front yard, an open invitation to youngsters walking by. That might not pass muster in the parts of Greenwich that take pride in pristine, gated isolation, but the culture of Old Greenwich is better expressed by the prevalence of front porches.在她与丈夫比尔(Bill)及四个孩子共同居住的家里,前院安装了一副秋千,这对于路过的孩子们来说就是个公开的邀请。那样的设施在格林威治一些以古朴守旧、门禁森严为傲的地方,可能是不合要求的;但在这里,随处可见的前院门廊却更好地体现了老格林威治的文化。;The best thing about Old Greenwich,; Ms. King said, ;is that everybody lives in houses close to each other.;“老格林威治最好的地方,”金说,“就是大家都住得很近。”A census-designated place with its own ZIP code, Old Greenwich occupies the southeastern edge of the town of Greenwich, bordering Stamford and extending into Long Island Sound. A summer beach resort in the 19th century, it takes in a large peninsula that tapers into a spit prized townwide as a public recreation area. Officially, the 147-acre site is called Greenwich Point Park; unofficially, it is known as Tod#39;s Point, after a banker who once had an estate there.老格林威治社区位于格林威治镇的西北部边缘,与斯坦福德(Stamford)交界,并伸入长岛湾(Long Island Sound),是一个有单独邮政编码的普查指定居民区。这里作为19世纪的夏季海滨度假地,下辖一座渐成细长岬角的大半岛,是全镇居民都钟爱有加的一处公共场所。这片占地147英亩(约60公顷)的地方,正式的名称是“格林威治岬角公园”(Greenwich Point Park);而私下里,人们则称之为“托德岬角”(Tod#39;s Point),名称取自一位曾在此地置业的家。If Old Greenwich feels less guarded than some other areas of town, it is hardly bohemian. Single-family homes in decent shape start at around million, with the occasional exception; new construction can run millions more. Private neighborhood associations maintain their own beach areas and put fence sections in their roads to slow traffic. Local tastes are reflected in the wares at Back 40 Mercantile like Himalayan pink salt and flip-flops.老格林威治虽然感觉上没有该镇其它区域那么戒备森严,但也不是很波西米亚。那些独门独户、打理得非常体面的房屋,起价大约为100万美元(约合人民币614万元),偶有例外;而新建的房屋则有可能高达数百万美元。一些民间社区协会维护着他们自己的海滩区域,并在道路上设置了一些路障来减慢车速。当地人的品味反映在诸如Back 40 Mercantile这样的小店里,比如喜马拉雅粉红岩盐,和价格64美元(约合人民币393元)的人字拖。The housing market is just now emerging from a nearly two-year slump induced by Hurricane Sandy. Flooding in low-lying areas and a wind-driven fire that destroyed three waterfront mansions ;left a bit of a scar,; said Gary Cunningham, a former stockbroker who now develops single-family homes in Old Greenwich and is the managing partner of Core Properties.这里的房地产市场经历了飓风桑迪(Hurricane Sandy)造成的将近两年的疲软,现在正慢慢复苏。低洼地带的洪涝灾害,与一场摧毁了三栋海滨豪宅的借风起势的大火,“给这里留下了一点伤疤,”曾担任股票经纪人、如今在老格林威治开发独栋房屋并担任Core Properties地产公司执行合伙人的盖里·坎宁安(Gary Cunningham)说。Uncertainty around the Federal Emergency Management Agency#39;s flood zone remapping and new insurance rates also caused buyers to temporarily back off. These fears appear to be easing, however, Mr. Cunningham said. And he is further encouraged by recent revisions to the town#39;s building regulations for flood zones.联邦紧急事务(Federal Emergency Management Agency)的洪水区域重新勘测工作仍未确定,而新的保险费率也导致买家们暂时退避三舍。然而,这些担忧似乎正在减轻,坎宁安说。而且该镇最近为洪水区修改的建筑规程,也让他愈发受到鼓舞。If the last three months are any indication, buyer confidence is back in a big way. Since June, at least four waterfront properties have traded above million; the most expensive, a 7,700-square-foot colonial on Greenwich Cove, closed at .05 million.如果最近三个月的情况是一种预兆的话,那么可以说,买家的信心正在大幅提升。自6月份起,至少有四栋海滨房产的交易金额超过600万美元(约合人民币3686万元);其中售价最贵的是一栋位于格林威治湾(Greenwich Cove)、面积7700平方英尺(约715平方米)的殖民地风格住宅,成交金额为1305万美元(约合人民币8017万元)。What You#39;ll Find这里有什么?The heart of Old Greenwich (population 6,600) is its business district on Sound Beach Avenue, the main thoroughfare. The look is small-town America: rows of shops beneath colorful awnings, benches for sitting, plentiful flowerpots. Most of the businesses are independently owned.老格林威治(人口6600人)的中心地带,是位于主干道桑德海滩大道(Sound Beach Avenue)的一片商业区。那里看上去是典型美国小镇的样子:一排排商店挂着五颜六色的雨棚,到处都是长椅可供坐下休息,还有大量的盆栽花卉。那些店面大多数是独立经营的。;People get very upset when they get a hint of national chains coming in,; said David Rafferty, the president of the Old Greenwich Association. The district has seen its share of empty storefronts over the years; maintaining enough support to keep businesses going is a challenge, Mr. Rafferty said. These days, however, more residents are opening businesses themselves. In addition to Back 40, the district has gained a dog groomer and a bakery and cafe, Sweet Pea#39;s Baking Company.“人们一旦得知有哪个全国连锁店要进驻,就会变得很不满,”老格林威治委员会(Old Greenwich Association)的主席戴维·拉弗蒂(David Rafferty)说。该区域这些年来一直存在一定比例的空置店面;维持足够的消费水平以保这些店面的运营是一项挑战,拉弗蒂说。但是近来,有更多居民开始自己营业了。除了那家Back 40商店之外,该区域还新增了一家爱犬美容店和一家烘焙食品与咖啡店Sweet Pea#39;s Baking Company。The area also has its own train station, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the privately run Perrot Memorial Library. Nearby is 32-acre Binney Park, a green oasis with a duck pond and footbridges.这个区域还有一座自己的火车站,已被列入国家史迹名录(National Register of Historic Places),另有一座私人运营的佩洛特纪念图书馆(Perrot Memorial Library)。附近还有一座面积32英亩(约13公顷)的宾尼公园(Binney Park),那里是一片绿洲,有一座鸭子池塘和几座人行小桥。Interstate 95 and Route 1 slice through Old Greenwich. Properties above Route 1 are generally less grand and less expensive than those below, which are closer to both shopping and the water.95号州际公路(Interstate 95)和1号线(Route 1)都贯穿了老格林威治。1号线下游的房产一般比上游的更贵、更豪华,因为那里更靠近购物区,离海边也更近。What You#39;ll Pay要花多少钱?Of the 2,260 housing units in Old Greenwich, about 2,000 are single-family detached houses, according to ed States census data. As of the end of July, 78 sales had closed year to date, down slightly from the same period last year, according to data provided by Charles Nedder, an agent with Coldwell Banker. The median sales price was up about 3 percent over the same period last year, at .379 million.据美国的普查数据,在老格林威治的2260栋房屋之中,大约有2000栋是单户式的独立住宅。而据科威国际不动产(Coldwell Banker)的一位经纪人查尔斯·内德(Charles Nedder)提供的数据,至7月底,今年上半年已经成交了78笔交易,比去年同期略有下降。而房屋销售的中间价格为137.9万美元(约合人民币847.2万元),比去年同期上涨了大约3%。North of Route 1, the postwar subdivision of Havemeyer Park retains many of its original Capes and colonials, though teardowns are increasing. Older homes start in the high 0,000s, Mr. Nedder said. Below Route 1, million is the more likely entry point for the four- or five-bedroom homes commonly sought by young families, said Rob Johnson, an agent with Halstead Property.在1号线上游路段的哈夫迈耶公园(Havemeyer Park)战后住宅区,虽然遭到拆除的房屋数量还在不断增加,但也保留了许多原来的科德角(Capes)风格与殖民地风格的房屋。老式住宅的起售价接近80万美元(约合人民币491.5万元),内德说。而在1号线的下游路段,通常适合年轻家庭的那些四居室或五居室住宅,更有可能以200万美元(约合人民币1228.7万元)的价格起售,哈尔斯泰德地产公司(Halstead Property)的一位经纪人罗伯·约翰逊(Rob Johnson)说。New construction is another story. A quarter-acre lot with a teardown property goes for .2 million to .5 million, which means builders must price their properties at upward of million, Mr. Cunningham said.新开发的住宅则是另一种情况。一块四分之一英亩(约合1012平方米)的土地带一栋拆迁房,售价在120万美元(约合人民币737.2万元)至150万美元(约合人民币921.5万元)之间。这意味着承建商们必须将他们的房产价格抬高至300万美元(约合人民币1843万元),坎宁安说。Condominiums at Old Greenwich Gables range from one-bedrooms, generally priced in the 0,000s, to three-bedrooms in the 0,000s, according to Mr. Johnson. At the Common, a ‘70s-era complex, unrenovated alcove studios go for as low as 0,000, and renovated two-bedrooms go up to the high 0s, according to Peter Hoyt, an agent with William Raveis.在老格林威治的盖大厦(Old Greenwich Gables),共管公寓的一般价格从单卧室的50万美元(约合人民币307万元),至三卧室的90万美元(约合人民币553万元)不等,据约翰逊说。而在Common这栋70年代的综合大楼中,壁龛大小的未翻修单间公寓,售价可低至27万美元(约合人民币165.9万元),而翻修过的两居室公寓的售价要将近50万美元(约合人民币307.2万元),据William Raveis房地产公司的一位经纪人彼得·霍伊特(Peter Hoyt)说。What to Do可以做什么?Greenwich Point is the hub for outdoor activity. With panoramic views of the Sound, the park is used for swimming, fishing, sailing, picnicking, hiking and cycling. Seasonal park passes are available to town residents for ; for those without passes or for nonresidents, daily entry is a vehicle plus a person.格林威治岬角(Greenwich Point)是户外运动的集散地。这座公园拥有海湾的全景,被用于游泳、钓鱼、出海、野炊、徒步和骑行。镇上居民购买公园季票的价格为31美元(约合人民币190.5元);对于非本地居民或没有季票的人,一日的门票是25美元(约合人民币153.6元)/车,6美元(约合人民币36.9元)/人。格林威治岬角公园的海滩上。A seasonal farmers market is held Wednesday afternoons in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church.每周三下午,在基督教长老会教堂(Presbyterian Church)的停车场会有当季的农贸市场。The private Innis Arden Golf Club has an 18-hole golf course, swimming pools and tennis. The Rocky Point Club, also members-only, offers swimming and sailing.私营的高尔夫俱乐部Innis Arden Golf Club,有一座18洞的高尔夫球场,还有几座游泳池和网球场。同样是会员制的“岩石岬角俱乐部”(Rocky Point Club)可供游泳与航海。The Commute通勤方式The Metro-North train ride to Grand Central Terminal takes about an hour. A monthly pass is 6 at the station. Parking permits at Old Greenwich station cost 7 annually. It takes two to three years for applicants to get to the top of the waiting list, according to a spokesman for the town#39;s department of parking services.地铁北线(Metro-North)的列车大约1小时可到达中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)。北线车站的月票售价为276美元(约合人民币1695.6元)。老格林威治车站的停车许可年费为407美元(约合人民币2500.4元),但据该镇停车务办的一位发言人说,申请者要花2至3年时间才能排入候选者清单的前列。The SchoolsAbout 370 students in kindergarten to Grade 5 attend the Old Greenwich School. Eastern Middle School, with about 780 students, serves Grades 6 through 8. Greenwich High School, with an enrollment of about 2,600, offers more than 300 courses, including 25 advanced placement classes, and fields 42 varsity teams.老格林威治学校(Old Greenwich School)从幼儿园至五年级有大约370名学生。中东学校(Eastern Middle School)提供6至8年级的教育,约有780名在校生。格林威治高中的在校生约为2600名,该校提供了超过300门课程,包括25个进阶选修课程,并成立了42校队。Mean SAT scores for the class of 2013 (the most recent year available) were 559 for ing, 585 for math, and 571 for writing, compared with the state means of 499, 503 and 504. Ninety percent of the class of 2013 went on to attend college, according to a spokesman for the school district.2013届学生的平均SAT成绩(目前可查的最新数据)是阅读559分,数学585分,写作571分,而这几项成绩的州平均分为499,503和504。据该校区的一位发言人说,2013届的学生有90%都进入了大学。The History历史沿革Old Greenwich, which was the original town of Greenwich, as it was the first area settled by Europeans, has undergone several name changes. According to the town historical society, in the mid-1800s, Greenwich was used to designate the central part of town, and the original Greenwich was renamed Greenwich, Old Town.老格林威治经历了几次名称变更,此地就是最初的格林威治镇,因为这里是第一处欧洲人定居地。据该镇历史协会(town historical society)的资料,在19世纪中期,“格林威治”常指的是小镇的中心地带,于是最早的格林威治就更名为了“格林威治老城区”(Greenwich, Old Town)。In 1872, to draw summer tourists to the shoreline inns, the area was called Sound Beach. But public access to the shoreline gradually diminished, and in 1931 the beach moniker was dropped in favor of Old Greenwich.到了1872年,为将夏季游客吸引到海边旅馆来,该地区被称为桑德海滩(Sound Beach)。但后来,公共海滩的面积逐渐减少,于是到了1931年,海滩的称号逐渐被“老格林威治”取代了。 /201409/325535These daredevil highliners are the ultimate chillseekers - setting up hammocks hundreds of feet in the air. As they inch their way carefully along the thin wire, some are even happy to pull out a guitar and play some tunes. The extreme event, called the International Highline Meeting, is in its third year, and takes place at Monte Piana in Italy. It is a large gathering for fearless folks to hone their skills without any form of competitive edge. The idea of adding hammocks was put forward by hammock manufacturer Ticket To The Moon.为了追求寒冷带来的刺激,一群不怕死的家伙居然把吊床吊在几百英尺的高空,真是做到极致。当他们沿着单薄的吊索缓慢移动吊床时,有些人竟然还兴致勃勃地拿起吉他弹上一曲。该极限活动被称为国际高空吊床大会,本次是第三次举行,地点设在意大利的蒙特皮纳。它是属于勇士的大型聚会。活动中勇士们将在没有任何竞争优势的情况下磨砺自身技能。而加入吊床的想法是由吊床制造商月球之旅提出的。Highliners attach the materials to a strengthened #39;highline#39; as they walk out to their designated relaxation spots - 150ft high. Snapper Sebastian Wahlhuetter captured the breath-taking shots as 22 people hopped into 16 hammocks. The meeting ran from 6 to 14 September, with 500 people attending. Sebastian, who also helped to organise the event, revealed it was difficult to capture his shots due to the remote location and steep, rocky surroundings. He said: #39;The action lasted around an hour and it was amazing to see all those people hanging out in their hammocks - it was exciting to watch. #39; A special highline set up was rigged so that it could carry the weight of the many people on one line at the same time. #39;Monte Piana Highline Festival was definitely the best highline event I have ever photographed.#39;当这群高空冒险者从吊床出发前往150英尺高的规定休息点时,他们会把保险装备装在加固的吊绳上,确保安全。斯纳·塞巴斯蒂安·瓦尔沃尔特抓拍到了22个人跳进16个吊床的精瞬间。该活动将从9月6日持续到9月14日,共有500人参加。该活动的组织者之一塞巴斯蒂安表示由于吊床地点较远,距地面较高再加上周围多是悬崖峭壁,很难抓到镜头。他说:“当活动进行到一个小时左右的时候,你会惊奇地发现所有人都从吊床出来在吊绳上走来走去,真是个激动人心的场面。”高挂空中的吊绳由特殊材质制成并由专人控制,因此可同时承受多人重量。“蒙特皮纳高空吊床节无疑是我拍过的最棒的高空活动,”塞巴斯蒂安说道。 /201411/339767

  Yogesh Mahansaria, chief executive of Mumbai-headquartered Alliance Tire, would make a good frontman for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign. And it certainly needs one.如果让总部位于孟买的联盟轮胎(Alliance Tire)的首席执行官约格什#8226;马汗萨里亚(Yogesh Mahansaria),来做印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)推出的“印度制造”(Make in India)运动的代言人,那将是个很好的选择。并且这场运动确实需要一个代言人。When Mr Modi launched the initiative some months ago, he left many people unclear about what it actually meant. To some, it is simply an amorphous rallying cry, rather than an attempt to achieve real change on the ground. To others, it is a variation on the Gandhian theme of Swadeshi — at the time, a sort of shorthand for “do not buy Manchester cloth, buy Indian instead” (never mind that Indian fabric was far more expensive back then).当莫迪在几个月前推出该计划时,很多人不清楚其真正的意图。对一些人而言,这只是一个空洞的口号,而不是要努力实现真正的变化。对另一些人而言,这是甘地发起的抵制英货运动Swadeshi的另一个版本,当年那场Swadeshi运动的内容是“不要买曼彻斯特的布料,买印度的”(尽管当时印度布料的价格要贵得多)。To one Japanese official based in Delhi, the campaign is more specifically about persuading Indians not to buy Chinese imports of everything from smartphones to steel.对于驻德里的一位日本官员而言,这场运动更具体来说是说印度人不要购买从中国进口的任何商品,从智能手机到钢材。But, right now, it is not obvious that India can show a competitive advantage in the manufacturing of anything. Indian infrastructure remains a huge constraint. Power in most states is in short supply, ports are clogged, railways have inadequate freight capacity and the roads are even worse. Many infrastructure companies are on the verge of going bust because government-owned entities, such as the National Highway Authority of India, do not pay their bills and then contest court cases for years. Their creditor companies therefore cannot repay their banks, and the banks themselves become less willing to lend.但就目前而言,还没有明显迹象显示印度能否在制造业的任何领域表现出竞争优势。印度的基础设施仍是一个巨大的制约因素。多数邦的电力供应短缺,港口阻塞,铁路运力不足,公路状况更糟。很多基础设施企业濒临倒闭,因为印度国家公路局(National Highway Authority)等政府所有的实体机构不缴付账单,然后打了多年的官司。因此,它们的债权人企业无法偿还贷款,变得更不愿放贷。In addition, few Indian companies have genuine economies of scale, and poor productivity often offsets the theoretical advantage of cheap labour.另外,印度企业几乎都没有实现真正的规模经济,生产率低下往往让理论上的廉价劳动力优势化为乌有。To make matters worse, China, with its massive and excess capacity, has changed the economics of manufacturing worldwide. Producer prices in China have been in deflationary territory for three years. Few manufacturers anywhere in the world today have real pricing power. Trade has also been virtually flat for three years. It is possible that the east Asian model of growth through the export of “value-added” manufactured goods is dead.让情况变得更糟的是,拥有大规模过剩产能的中国改变了全球的制造业经济学。3年来,中国的生产者价格指数一直处于通缩。如今,全球无论任何地区的制造商几乎都没有真正的定价权。3年来,贸易也一直近乎持平。东亚通过“增值”制成品出口推动增长的模式可能已破产。If so, that would block the path to a middle-class lifestyle for masses of unskilled workers, from Dalian to Detroit to Delhi. Increased use of technology and robots is aly constraining new job creation. But if jobs cannot be created, India’s “demographic dividend” of a young population becomes a curse.如果是这样的话,这将切断大量低技能员工过上中产阶级生活的道路,从大连到底特律到德里。科技和机器人的应用扩大,已经在抑制新就业岗位的增加。但如果无法创造就业,印度年轻的人口结构带来的“人口红利”反而将成为祸害。So far, countries such as Vietnam have able to take advantage of rising wages in China more effectively than they have in India — even though the Indian market, with a middle class that is larger than the entire population of Vietnam, should be a magnet for foreign investors. It is only very recently, however, that US and Japanese carmakers — including Ford, Nissan and Toyota — have begun to heed Mr Modi’s Make in India call.尽管中产阶级人口比越南总人口还要多的印度市场理应成为吸引外国投资者的磁石,但迄今为止,越南等国一直比印度更能有效地利用中国薪资上涨带来的契机。直到最近,福特(Ford)、日产(Nissan)和丰田(Toyota)等美国和日本汽车制造商,才开始响应莫迪“印度制造”的呼声。To succeed against the odds in India requires a nuanced strategy and a big dose of hope. Mr Mahansaria of Alliance Tire has both. He knows he is in a business that should become yet another victim of the huge economies of scale in China, where almost 20m cars are sold annually. So he knows he cannot compete against the Chinese. Instead, he focuses on niches that are too small to be of interest to them: he makes customised tyres (2,000 models in all) for agricultural and construction vehicles, supplying multinationals such as Caterpillar. These tyres require a high level of engineering, which plays to India’s strength: its elite universities produce some of the most skilled engineers on the planet.印度要排除万难取得成功需要一种细致的战略和宏大的愿望。联盟轮胎的马汗萨里亚这两个都有。他知道,中国每年的汽车销量高达近2000万辆,拥有巨大的规模经济效应,应该会让他所处的行业成为另一个牺牲品。因此,他知道他不可能与中国人竞争。他转而关注于规模太小、中国人不感兴趣的“利基”领域:他为农业和建筑车辆生产定制轮胎(共2000个型号),供应给卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)等跨国企业。这些轮胎对工艺水平要求很高,而这恰好可利用到印度的优势:该国的一流大学培养出了全球一些技能最为高超的工程师。Mr Mahansaria opened his first plant in Tamil Nadu and, two years ago, he was bemoaning the fact that he had to be in the power business as well — because of the perennial deficit of power in that southern state. Today, the generators he had installed are only infrequently switched on. Instead, he can take advantage of energy exchanges and small private plants that have recently opened.马汗萨里亚在位于印度南部的泰米尔纳德邦(Tamil Nadu)开办了第一家工厂,两年前,他还在抱怨,因为这个邦常年电力供应不足,自己不得不进入电力行业。如今,他当年安装的发电机已很少开动了。他可以利用最近开办的能源交易所和小型私营工厂。“The government is bankrupt,” he says. “They are finally allowing the private sector to fill the gap.” Similarly, his second and newest plant, in Mr Modi’s home state of Gujarat, has access to newly constructed private sector ports that make the process of exporting far easier.“政府面临破产,”他表示,“他们终于允许私营部门来填补空白了。”类似的,在莫迪的家乡古吉拉特邦,马汗萨里亚的第二家、也是最新建成的工厂,可以利用新建的私营港口,大大方便出口流程。Indeed, Mr Mahansaria is considering switching his focus to opportunities in the domestic market, for the very first time. “The health of global markets is a big concern,” he says. “Only three countries — India, the UK and the US — are doing well. The other 117 have their own challenges. Today, we are asking if India can be 5 per cent to 10 per cent of our revenues in the next five years instead of 1 per cent to 2 per cent.”实际上,马汗萨里亚正头一次考虑将他的关注点转向国内市场上的各种机遇。“海外市场的健康状况非常令人担忧,”他表示,“眼下只有3个国家表现不错,印度、英国和美国。其他117个国家都面临各自的挑战。如今,我们在考虑,未来5年,印度能否占到我们营收的5%至10%,而不是1%至2%。”Now it is up to Mr Modi to not disappoint businessmen like Mr Mahansaria.如今,要让马汗萨里亚这样的商人不失望,就看莫迪的了。 /201503/363086




  Hon Hai Precision, the Apple supplier also known as Foxconn, faces a rare challenge at its M today from a group of global institutional investors over its corporate governance.鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision)将在今日的年度股东大会上遭遇罕见挑战,全球机构投资者将质问这家又名富士康(Foxconn)的苹果(Apple)供应商的公司治理事务。The intervention from a group including Aviva, Axa and Calstrs is one of the first of its size and scale in Asia, and represents wider hopes for greater engagement between shareholders and executives in the region.这些机构投资者包括英杰华(Aviva)、安盛(Axa)和加州教师养老基金(CalSTRS),它们发起的这种大规模干预是亚洲迄今少见的,并代表着一种广泛的期盼,即亚洲的股东和高管之间能够增加接触。Governments and regulators have begun trying to shake up the often supine relationships between investors and management. Earlier this year, Japan brought in a new stewardship code and yesterday confirmed plans for corporate governance reforms. Malaysia will this week become only the second Asian country to introduce stewardship guidelines.政府和监管机构已开始试图撼动投资者与管理层之间往往偏于懒散的关系。日本在今年早些时候出台了一套新的管理法规,并在昨日实了开展公司治理改革的计划。马来西亚将在本周成为亚洲第二个出台管理指导原则的国家。The investors are expected to challenge Hon Hai over issues including transparency, long-term strategy, board composition and the “key man” risk posed by chairman Terry Gou.预计投资者将在各种问题上向鸿海精密发起质问,包括透明度、长期战略、董事会的组成,以及董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)构成的“关键人物”风险。Mr Gou founded Hon Hai 40 years ago with a ,500 loan from his mother. Hon Hai is now China’s biggest private employer, with about 1m workers. It also makes the majority of Apple’s iPhones and iPads.郭台铭在40年前用母亲借给他的7500美元创立了鸿海精密。鸿海目前是中国最大的私营部门雇主,有100万左右工人。该公司为苹果代工制造大部分的iPhone和iPad。But the shareholders’ attempt to engage with Hon Hai comes as the world’s largest contract manufacturer faces questions over its future direction as it tries to fend off competitors while coping with rising labour costs in China – still its manufacturing centre.但在股东试图与鸿海接触之际,全球最大的代工制造商正面临有关其未来发展方向的问题。目前该公司正努力抵挡竞争对手,同时应对中国大陆劳动力成本上升问题;中国大陆仍是它的制造基地。Two members of the investor group will attend today’s annual general meeting and plan to ask whether the company can provide more clarity on its long-term business plan, whether its board has the skills to cope and to probe its succession plans for Mr Gou, its founder, chairman, chief executive and largest shareholder.上述投资者群体的两名成员将出席今日的年度股东大会,并计划提出多个问题,包括该公司能否提供更清晰的长期业务计划?其董事会是否有能力应对并考察关于郭台铭退位后的接班计划?郭台铭是该公司的创始人、董事长、首席执行官和最大股东。Hon Hai declined to comment.鸿海精密拒绝发表。Other members of the shareholder group include MN and PGGM, the Dutch pension funds, RailPen, the UK pension fund, Robeco, the Dutch fund manager and the UK Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).这个股东群体的其它成员包括荷兰养老基金MN和PGGM;英国养老基金RailPen;荷兰基金管理公司荷宝(Robeco);以及英国高校退休基金(USS)。“Not every investor has the resources to engage effectively with companies far away from home,” said Hans-Christoph Hirt, Singapore-based executive director for responsible investment and stewardship at Hermes Equity Ownership Services, and one of the attendees.“不是每个投资者都有充足资源,能与远离本土的公司有效接触,”Hermes Equity Ownership Services负责投资及管理事务的执行总监汉斯-克里斯托夫#8226;希尔特(Hans-Christoph Hirt)表示。他是会议出席者之一。“Companies need to change but so do investors. Effective stewardship requires more people on the ground in Asia to build relationships and engage with companies.”“公司需要改变,但投资者也需要改变。有效管理意味着需要在亚洲的第一线投入更多人力,以构建关系,与企业接触。”This week Hon Hai and Pegatron, a rival Taiwanese assembler of Apple products, both said they were recruiting workers – thought to be related to production of the next round of Apple products.本周鸿海和同样为苹果装配产品的台资竞争对手和硕(Pegatron)均称,他们正在招工。据信此举与生产苹果下一代产品有关。Last year, Hon Hai was one of six bidders to win a 4G telecoms licence in Taiwan in a clear sign of its plans to diversify its business.去年,鸿海成为赢得台湾4G电信运营牌照的六个竞标者之一,这是一个明确迹象,说明该公司计划将业务多元化。 /201406/307952

  With Alibaba making waves in China’s staid financial sector, banks have every reason to be worried. But there are signs that Alibaba is also worried – about Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat messaging app that is now muscling into the financial space, writes Simon Rabinovitch.从阿里巴巴(Alibaba)给中国古板僵化的金融部门造成的冲击来看,中国业有充分的理由感到担忧。不过,有迹象表明,阿里巴巴自己也有担忧的对象,那就是腾讯(Tencent)——热门通信应用“微信”(WeChat)背后的这家公司目前正在强力挺进金融领域。The WeChat challenge is similar to the threat Instagram once posed to Facebook. While Alibaba has been the dominant ecommerce company on PCs, WeChat has made such big inroads on smartphones that it now has the ability to take a bite out of the mobile ecommerce market. “Alibaba’s dominance in the PC era cannot be fully carried over to the mobile era,” says Alex Wang, an analyst at internet consulting group iResearch.微信对阿里巴巴构成的挑战,与Instagram曾对Facebook构成的挑战如出一辙。虽然阿里巴巴在PC(个人电脑)电子商务市场占主导地位,但微信凭借在智能手机领域的建树,现在已经有能力在移动电子商务市场分一杯羹。互联网咨询集团“艾瑞咨询”(iResearch)分析师王亭亭(Alex Wang)说:“阿里巴巴在PC时代的霸主地位无法原封不动地延续到移动时代。”Tencent is waging a multi-front war against Alibaba. In August, it launched a payment tool on WeChat, taking aim at Alipay, Alibaba’s lucrative online payment service. It has also tied its Yixun online shopping site to WeChat, trying to create a mobile alternative to Alibaba’s ecommerce site Taobao.腾讯正在多条战线向阿里巴巴发起挑战。今年8月,腾讯针对付宝(Alipay,阿里巴巴旗下盈利颇丰的在线付务)发布了一个微信付工具。它还将旗下的购物网站易迅(Yixun)接入微信,努力在移动端打造一个类似淘宝(Taobao,阿里巴巴电子商务网站)的购物平台。Just this week Tencent invested in Howbuy, an online trading platform for mutual funds, in what could be a precursor to its launching an investment product like Alibaba’s Yu’E Bao.就在上周,腾讯注资好买基金网(Howbuy,一家共同基金在线交易平台),这或许是它将发布一款与阿里巴巴的余额宝类似的投资产品的先兆。Alibaba is fighting back. In August it announced that Taobao merchants would no longer be able to advertise QR codes, the digital bar codes, linked to external websites. Alibaba says this was done to prevent spam and fraud, but analysts believe the bigger concern was WeChat’s use of QR codes to power its payment platform, effectively taking transactions away from Taobao.阿里巴巴方面也展开了反击。今年8月,该公司发布公告称,淘宝商家不得再发含有外链二维码的图片。阿里巴巴称,此举是为了防范滥发广告信息乃至诈骗,但分析师认为,其更大的顾虑在于微信利用二维码强化自己的付平台,有效地蚕食了淘宝的交易量。Earlier this month Alibaba also started charging PC users for Alipay transactions, but kept its payment services free on phones. With this move, it is trying to encourage its customers to shift to mobile and so prevent WeChat from gaining more ground.本月早些时候,阿里巴巴开始向PC用户收取付宝交易费,但仍免收手机付务费。阿里巴巴希望借此举鼓励其用户转向移动付平台,以阻止微信掠夺更多市场份额。There has been mudslinging, too. Alibaba and Tencent have accused each other of writing negative reports about the other company to sully their rival’s reputation.当然,双方的大战也少不了互相中伤。阿里巴巴和腾讯互相指责对方撰写关于自己的负面报道,损害自己的声誉。Asked about the intensifying battle, both say they welcome it. “Competition will only serve to raise the bar in terms of user experience,” says Florence Shih at Alibaba.但在被问及如何看待这场愈演愈烈的商战时,两家公司都表示对其持欢迎态度。阿里巴巴发言人施致瑀(Florence Shih)说:“竞争只会提升用户体验的标准。” /201312/270222

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