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Dating can be a blast, but all those dinners, drinks, and late nights can also be hard on your health. With a few tips, you can keep unhealthy habits in check without losing any of the heat.约会或许非常精,但是那些晚餐,饮料和熬夜对你的健康不利。遵守下面的建议,可以在不影响气氛的情况下避免不健康的习惯。You Will Need你需要Workout routine锻炼的习惯Red wine红酒Small plates小盘子Physical activities体育活动PassionDark chocolate (optional)黑巧克力(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,却不是医学院出品。一定要向医生咨询医疗建议。STEP 1 Work it out1.锻炼Get thee to a gym! Theres no better workout motivator than a date -- aside from the physical and emotional health benefits, regular exercise can also enhance arousal in women and decrease sexual dysfunction in men.一起去健身馆!没有什么比约会对象更能激励人去锻炼了——除了常规的身体和情绪健康益处之外,经常运动还能增强女性的生理反应,缓解男性的性功能失调。STEP 2 Win with wine2.饮用红酒Forget the beer and fruity umbrella drinks and have a glass of red wine -- its loaded with antioxidants. Plus, youll look much classier holding a wine glass than sipping from a giant frozen margarita.抛开啤酒和果汁饮品,喝一杯红酒——红酒中含有丰富的抗氧化剂。此外,手持一杯红酒看上去比抱着一大杯冰啤更有品位。STEP 3 Diversify at dinner3.晚餐多样化At dinner, offer to share a few small plates with your date. Youll practice portion control and get your veggies -- without the stigma of ordering a salad.晚餐时,与约会对象分享一些小盘子的食品。既可以控制份量,又可以享受到蔬菜,而不需预订沙拉。If you cant resist dessert, split a little dark chocolate with your date -- experts believe it may help prevent heart disease.如果你难以抗拒甜点,与约会对象一起分享一点黑巧克力——专家相信,黑巧克力可以帮助预防心脏病。STEP 4 Hit the town4.逛街Suggest activities that get you up and moving. Youll get your blood pumping and enjoy a much more intimate experience than sitting with 50 other people, staring at a movie screen.建议可以让你运动的活动。可以让血液加速流动,比和很多人坐在一起盯着电影屏幕更加亲密。STEP 5 Unlock the passion5.释放When you make your move, kiss your date deeply -- researchers have found that locking lips with passion can increase your metabolic rate significantly. Plus, steamy smooching lets your date know just how much you want to see them again.当你采取行动的时候,深情地亲吻你的恋人——研究人员发现,深情的亲吻可以大幅促进新陈代谢水平。此外,湿吻会让你的约会对象了解你多么渴望再次见到他们。A neuroscience researcher found that social isolation and loneliness predispose people to premature aging.一位神经科学研究人员发现,社交孤立或孤独的人更容易衰老。视频听力译文由。201409/326528

Like fingertips searching for a hold,这棵长春藤的黏性吸盘this ivys adhesive pads grip the bark.像寻找着力点的指尖一样 紧紧抓住树皮Instead of sticking to the trees, some climbers use sharp claws.有些植物不会紧黏在树干上 而是伸出利爪The cats claw creeper hooks its tendrils into the tiniest crevices猫爪藤用卷须勾住微小裂缝and hauls itself to the top.把自己往上撑With every metre it climbs, the light gets a little stronger,每向上爬一公尺 阳光就变得更强一些fuelling more growth.进一步刺激它生长This tendril of a passion flower seems to flail aimlessly in mid-air,这株西番莲的卷须 看似漫无目的地在半空中乱挥but in fact its searching for an anchor point.其实它在找一个着力点Its tendril coils on itself, pulling the plant towards its support.卷须盘绕起来 把植物拉向它的撑物In a matter of just days, these climbers make it to the canopy.短短几天光景 这些攀缘植物就到了树冠层Now with light in plentiful supply, these plants are able to flower.它们来到明亮的阳光下 肆意地绽放花朵Other plants have a different strategy别的植物在拥挤的森林里 以截然不同的策略to find the light they need in the crowded forest.得到它们所需的光线201310/262588


  Being happy is a choice. Here are a few tips on how to be happy in your life and how to attract other happy people to you.快乐是一种选择。本视频为你提供一些建议,教给你生活中怎样做到快乐,怎样吸引其他快乐的人关注你。How to feel happy. This is a great topic. If we feel happy, we create amazing things in our life as against when we feel miserable, we attract really bad stuff.怎样感到快乐。这是一个很大的话题。如果我们感到快乐,我们在生活中会创造奇迹。相反,如果我们感到痛苦,结果就会非常糟糕。So, its a great thing to get in the space of feeling happy. Now, how do we do this? You can begin to feel happy just in a moment. Just go and decide, in your own mind, “Im going to start getting a happier feeling”.所以,找到快乐的感觉非常重要。那么,应该怎样才能做到呢?你可以一瞬间就感到快乐,只要内心做出决定就可以了,“现在我将要得到更加快乐的感觉。”Now, there are people around us who are like energy vampires, who may make us feel bad. Pull us down. Start telling bad stories to us.我们周围总是有一些人就好像吸血鬼,让我们感到非常讨厌,让我们情绪低落。给我们讲糟糕的故事。So, the trick is surround yourself by people who make you feel good and feel happy. And it might be that which you decide no one makes you happy, in which case, head off to the park. Head off to the disco. Head off to a coffee shop. Go for a walk. In fact, just decide, what is it that makes you feel happy? You can make a list.那么,关键就是让我们置身于能让自己感到快乐,感到开心的人周围。谁能让你开心是由你自己决定的,可以去公园,也可以去舞厅,去咖啡厅,或者去散步,自己决定就好了,那么到底什么事情可以让你感到开心?你可以列出一张清单。Go, “What makes me happy”? Walking in the sunshine or, I dont know, ing a book. It can be anything that makes you happy. Just think about it.什么事情可以让自己开心呢?在阳光下散步,或者是看书。任何让自己开心的事情都可以。好好想一想。Have a little think. What is it? And then, make a conscious decision that youre going to spend ten minutes of your day just doing that regardless of what else youve got on. Once you get into your stuff thats making you feel good, then your body will get used to it and you can begin to get happier much faster.花费点时间想一想。什么事可以让你开心?然后,有意识地作出决定,每天花费十分钟的时间来做这件事,无论手头有其他多么重要的事情。一旦开始做让你开心的事情,你的身体会慢慢习惯,你会更快地进入开心的情绪。Remember this. The happier you are, the more good radio signals youre sending out and the more good stuff youll attract back in. It really works.记住,你越开心,传递出的好的信号就越多,得到的好的反馈也越多。这样就会形成良性循环。So, happiness is a choice point and its something we can choose to be at any time. Its very attractive. The happier you are, the more you attract other happy people and so it goes on.所以,开心是一个选择,我们任何时候都可以选择开心快乐地生活。这种生活非常有新引力。你自己越快乐,就越容易吸引到快乐的人和你在一起,你自己也更容易受到感染。It becomes a loop. The happier you are, the happier you get. The happier people are around you and its contagious.这就形成一个循环,你越快乐,得到的快乐也越多。你周围的人也越快乐。快乐会传染。Youll sp it to your friends, your family, the people you hang out with. Its a great place to come from. Whats more, the happier you are, the more of a good life you can attract in.你会把这种快乐的情绪传染给你的朋友,你的家人,和你在一起的人。更重要的是,你越快乐,你的生活质量就越高。Just happens that way. Its the law of attraction. Being happy is a choice.事情就是这样,这就是吸引力法则。快乐是一个选择。Thanks for watching How To Be Happy In Life.感谢收看“如何选择开心快乐的生活”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 /201309/257204。

  关于建立培养创造力(而不是扼杀创造力)的教育体系,Ken Robinson发表了一番幽默生动的演讲。201409/325312

  伊夫斯 罗西是空中飞人。 身配一副喷气式飞行翼,以身体为方向舵,他在瑞士阿尔卑斯山脉和大峡谷自由飞翔。在介绍他如何飞翔的震撼人心的短片之后,我们邀请罗斯到TED舞台上分享他惊险刺激的飞行经历。201311/264394“我能不能把你的办公室废弃了?”这是Elyn对她医生曾问的问题,而且不是开玩笑。一个合法的学术家,在2007年Saks来这里,带着她自己精神分裂症的故事,被治疗和药物所控制但始终存在。在这个强大的演讲中,她请求我们去用清晰的,诚实的,同情的眼光去看待有精神疾病的人们。201402/272457Thailand Clashes Kill Four As PM ChargedThousands of police begin clearing anti-government protesters from sites in Bangkok they have been occupying for weeks.新闻背景:泰国警方18日出动2.5万警力,前往首都曼谷多个被反政府示威者占领的地点进行清场。警方在清理路障时,与示威者爆发冲突,造成最少4死64伤,死者包括一名警员。警方成功夺回能源部办公大楼,搜获大量武器,并逮捕逾百人,是示威爆发3个多月来,最多人被捕的一次行动。警方称,他们采取和平手段清场期间,遭示威者以M79手榴弹和开袭击,但有报道指警方最先开引发冲突。冲突爆发后,警员发射催泪弹和橡胶子弹,示威者持还击,现场非常混乱。有示威者指控警员使用实弹,但政府否认。示威者指控总理英拉同身为其兄的前总理他信的裙带关系和腐败行径,并宣称他信使用纳税者的钱进行民粹主义补贴和轻松贷款,这些做法使得他赢得了人口众多的北部和东北部地区民众的认可。 Tensions in Bangkok has been mounting for months. The icon? This eruption of violent clashes. Police were tasked with clearing protesters from roaring government buildings. The demonstrators refused to back down. Tens of tear gas fueled the chaos. Police say they were thrown by the protesters, then came the gunfire. The police were forced to take cover, then retreat. Reports suggest there are big fatalities and injuries on both sides. These protesters have been blocking access to state officers since late last year. The government led by caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has strong support from the provinces. But protesters mostly from the capital claim shes corrupt. They say shes paving a way for her brother Thaksin Shinawatra to return from exile and build a family dynasty to hold hard for decades. Yingluck held a snap election earlier this month. But the opposition boycotted it and in some areas even prevented voting. Its been impossible to form a new government as the political and economic deadlock continues. As for who controls the streets, that battle is still being fought.Michael Blair, Sky news. /201402/277054

  The ed Kingdom is going to new lengths to lure Chinese tourists, with the pilot of a new joint visa system with the EU due to launch next month. Currently, Chinese travellers need to apply for a separate visa for the U.K. than the EU. Now though, theyll have just one form to fill out.英国将于下月试行新的签办理制度以吸引中国游客。目前,中国游客赴英国除要申请欧盟签以外,还需单独申请英国签。然而现在,他们只需要填写一张表进行申请。201310/260328A young turtle like that像那样的年轻海龟could lay 6,000-7,000 eggs in her lifetime.一生可以产下6000到7000枚蛋So, the survival of just one could have huge consequences.所以救活一只海龟的后续影响也是巨大的Saving just one individual requires huge effort救活一只海龟需要巨大努力and of course, saving a species requires even more.拯救一个物种则需要更多But these heroic efforts但这些艰苦的努力are only ever going to be a partial solution.只能解决局部问题Every individual animal is part of a much bigger story,每一种动物都是大生态系统的一部分part of an interconnected web of plants, animals互相纠缠的植物和动物网and the landscape itself that make up an entire ecosystem.及地理环境构成了完整的生态系统Saving ecosystems is the key to Africas wild future.拯救整个生态系统决定着非洲野生生物的未来Gorongosa in Mozambique is a modern day Jurassic Park.莫桑比克的戈龙戈萨是当代的侏罗纪公园Its ruled by some of the worlds biggest crocodiles.那里的统治者是世界上最大的鳄鱼Some of these monsters are six metres long有些鳄鱼体长达6米and close to 50 years old.年龄近50岁Somehow they managed to escape a civil war lasting nearly 20 years,然而他们成功躲过了延续近20年which swept through Gorongosa.横扫戈龙戈萨的内战201408/321473




  Thailands Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on charges of negligence for allegedly mishandling a government subsidy program.泰国反腐委员会就首相英拉涉嫌对政府补贴项目违规操作行为的玩忽职守提起诉讼,并就此对其进行传唤。On Thursday, government supporters blocked access to the National Anti-Corruption Commission office and shut one of the gates to the agencys headquarters. Yinglucks legal representatives had to meet commission members elsewhere to complete the procedures.周四,政府持者阻断了进入国家反腐委员会办公室的通道并关闭了其中一扇通往该机构总部的大门。英拉的法定代表人不得不在其他地方会见该委员会成员以完成诉讼程序。The prime minister did not go in person to hear the charges because she is in northern Thailand. Yingluck will be given 15 days to answer the accusations against her. She could eventually face impeachment by the Senate or criminal charges if the commission delivers a final ruling against her.泰国首相英拉因身处泰国北部,未能亲自听对其的控诉。英拉有15天的时间对该项控诉进行回应。如果反腐委员下达了对其的最终裁决会,她最终可能会面临参议院的弹劾或者刑事指控。201402/277818


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