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B News – If you’re an expat in Hong Kong, a cup of coffee costs nearly . An unfurnished two-bedroom apartment in an “appropriate neighbourhood” will set you back ,800 a month. A carton of milk? .B新闻 – 如果你是在香港的外籍人士,喝一杯咖啡就要花近8美元。“合宜的小区”不带家具的两居公寓月租费6800美元。一盒牛奶?4美元。That’s according to global consultancy firm Mercer, which last month ranked the most expensive cities in the world for expats in its 2016 Cost of Living report. Hong Kong was top of the list, followed by Angolan capital Luanda, then Zurich in Switzerland and Singapore. The list is compiled based on measuring the comparative cost of more than 200 items in each location. Items compared include accommodation, transport, food, clothing, household goods and leisure activities.这是根据全球咨询公司美世的数据 – 该公司上月对2016年世界上外派员工生活成本最贵城市作了排名。香港位列榜首,安哥拉首都罗安达紧随其后,然后是瑞士苏黎世和新加坡。该榜单的编撰,依据的是对每个地方200多项比较成本的衡量。比较项包括衣食住行,家庭用品和休闲活动。But do people really pay those prices, or are there ways for expats to live in places like Hong Kong or Luanda for less? What is it about the expat experience that makes these cities so expensive for foreigners to live there, but not necessarily locals?但人们是真的付了这些价格, 还是对住在香港或罗安达等地的外派员工来说,有少花钱的方法呢?使得这些城市对居住在那里的外侨来说如此昂贵,但对当地人来说却不一定这么贵的外派员工经验是什么呢?Dean Blackburn, head of HS Expat, an offshore banking arm of the HS Group catering to expatriates, said that rent was a major expense for expats, particularly in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, London or New York. According to the bank’s own research, only one in three expats received an accommodation allowance from their employer.为外派人员务的汇丰集团离岸业务部门“汇丰外派员工”负责人布莱克本说,房租是外派人员的费用大头,特别是在新加坡,香港,伦敦或纽约这样的城市。根据该行自己的研究,只有三分之一的外派人员从雇主那里得到了住房补贴。Not all expats are as money-minded. Indeed, according to Keren Bobker, an independent financial advisor and long-term resident of Dubai in the ed Arab Emirates, a “keeping up with the Joneses mentality” had led many expats into serious debt…并非所有外派员工都同样地具有金钱头脑。其实,根据独立财务顾问,阿联酋迪拜的长期居民鲍勃克的说法,“与左邻右舍攀比的心态”使许多外派员工陷入了严重的债务…….Moving overseas with a family can also ramp up costs due to additional spending on school fees, health care and regular trips back home.举家迁至海外也会由于在学费,健康医疗和定期返家之旅上的额外开销而加大生活成本。 /201604/437089The Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral in 2014 has funded an important scientific gene discovery in the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS, the ALS Association says.美国渐冻症协会表示,2014年风行的冰桶挑战募集了大量资金,已经帮助科学研究发现了与渐冻症相关的重要基因。渐冻症是渐进性神经退行性疾病,学名为肌萎缩侧索硬化症(ALS)。Scientists have identified a new gene contributing to the disease, NEK1.科学家已经发现了一种导致该病症的新基因NEK1。The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised 5m from people pouring cold water over themselves and posting the on social media.冰桶挑战共募集了1.15亿美元,参与挑战的人们将冰水泼到自己身上,并在社交媒体发布视频。It was criticised as a stunt, but has funded six research projects.该活动曾被批为噱头,但所获捐款资助了六个研究项目。More than 80 researchers in 11 countries searched for ALS risk genes in families affected by the disease.11个国家的80多位研究员在受病症影响的家族中寻找渐冻症的风险基因。;The sophisticated gene analysis that led to this finding was only possible because of the large number of ALS samples available,; Lucie Bruijn of the ALS Association says.美国渐冻症协会的科学家露西#8226;布鲁因说:“因为有大量可供研究的渐冻症病例,才使复杂的基因分析得以实现,也才有了今天的成果。”The identification of gene NEK1 means scientists can now develop a gene therapy treating it.NEK1基因的发现意味着科学家们从此可以开发治疗该病症的基因疗法。Although only 10% of ALS patients have the inherited form, researchers believe that genetics contribute to a much larger percentage of cases.尽管只有10%的渐冻症患者携带该遗传基因,研究者们认为有更高比例的病例与遗传相关。Social media was awash with s of people pouring cold water over their heads to raise money for ALS in the summer of 2014.2014年夏天,人们往头上浇冰水为渐冻症募捐的视频席卷了社交媒体。More than 17 million people uploaded s to Facebook, including many celebrities who rose to the challenge, which were then watched by 440 million people worldwide.超过1700万人在脸书上传了视频,其中包括许多接受了挑战的名人。全世界有4.4亿人观看了相关视频。 /201607/457166

Meet Nephi Garcia, a 32-year-old fashion designer and father of three who lives in Orange, California.尼菲·加西亚住在加州奥兰治,有三个孩子,是一名32岁的时装设计师。Nephi, who has been designing for the past nine years, used to focus on high fashion. ;But once I had kids, it started to feel like the industry wasn#39;t really working for me.;尼菲当设计师九年了,曾经专攻高档时装。“但我一有了孩子之后,我发觉那个领域其实并不适合我。”Last year, after the family planned a trip to Disney World, Nephi#39;s 6-year-old daughter Lili asked him to make a costume she could wear to the park.去年,尼菲一家打算去迪士尼乐园玩,他6岁的女儿莉莉想让他做迪士尼动画的衣,好让她穿着去玩。He made her a Fairy Godmother dress from some scrap fabrics, and she wore it on the family’s day trip. People instantly started freaking out. Some visitors even asked for her autograph. ;The following day, I got an order for 10 costumes.;他用一些没用的布料做了一条《灰姑娘》里的仙女裙,莉莉就穿着去迪士尼乐园了。人们看到之后一下子就惊呆了,有些游客还想要她的亲笔签名。“第二天我就接到了10个戏的订单。”;Lili really loves the transformation dresses,; he said. ;And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston.;“莉莉很喜欢换装,”他说,“我儿子就很喜欢穿成坏人,特别是加斯顿。”To make this dreamy veiled vision a reality, Garcia used some wire and two fake birds. ;I altered the birds#39; wings to make them look like they were flying,; he said.尼菲用了铁丝和两只假鸟,把飘逸的头纱带到了现实。“我把鸟翅膀改了一下,看起来就像真的在飞一样,”他说道。It takes Garcia roughly four to six hours to make one of his children#39;s costumes.每做一件这种装尼菲都要花四到六小时。;I hate repeating designs, so I always try to vary each dress so that they#39;re unique,; he said.“我不喜欢重复设计同样的衣,所以每一件衣我都试着变化一下,这样每一件都是独一无二的了。”And Garcia makes *adult* costumes, too.尼菲也做大人穿的童话装。;An adult dress can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours of work,; he said.“一件大人穿的裙子可能要做12到48小时,”他说。He prides himself on using high-endhigh-end materials.衣的高档布料是他引以为豪的地方。Garcia uses a lot of organic silk and gets materials shipped from Europe. ;I don’t charge cheaply, but I also don#39;t deliver a cheap product,; he said. His children’s costumes start at 0, and his adult looks begin at ,800.尼菲用了很多有机丝绸,他的材料都是从欧洲运来的。“我开价不便宜,但是一分钱一分货,”他说。他的儿童童话装600美元起,而大人穿的至少要1800美元。For Garcia, his requests start at home.尼菲自己家里就需求不断。;My daughter really wants me to make a frog costume that turns into a Tiana ballgown,; he added. ;And my wife suggested that I make a Princess Aurora dress that starts with her peasant dress, transforms into her pink dress, and then transforms into her blue dress.;“我女儿很想我做一件蒂安娜的青蛙礼,我老婆建议我做欧若拉公主的装,先是她的农妇装,然后变成粉红裙子,然后再变成蓝裙子。”But his dream is to share them with the world.但他的梦想是和全世界一起分享他的装。;I hope that someday I can make costumes for Broadway shows or live-action movies,; Garcia said. ;But I will never give up making pieces for people who are not in the industry — I like to give them quality outfits that they can#39;t get anywhere else.;“我希望有一天我可以给百老汇或者真人表演的电影做戏,”尼菲说,“但我会继续给普通的顾客做衣,我喜欢给顾客做仅此一家的高品质装。 /201606/451431A devoted couple from a Chinese village have moved the hearts of thousands after continuing to support and love each other for 96 years.中国农村一对恩爱夫妻相爱相守96年的事迹已经感动了成千上万人。The 103-year-old wife moved in with her 102-year-old husband when she was just six-years-old after her parents died, the People#39;s Daily Online reported.据环球网报道,今年103岁的妻子在自己的父母双亡之后,从6岁开始就和现年102岁的丈夫生活在一起。Pictures from Chinese media show the couple, living in the town of Suqiao in Guangxi Province, enjoying a simple farming lifestyle. They were seen taking holding hands while taking a stroll and sitting together outside of their home.从中国媒体报道的一些照片可以看出,这对居住在广西苏桥镇的老夫妻很享受简单的田园生活。有人看见他们散步时手拉着手,还一起坐在门外歇息。Pictures also show the pair cooking a meal together and arranging their clothes. They are never seen apart from each other.从照片中还可以看到,两人一起做饭,一起收拾整理衣。从来没有人看见过他们离开彼此。According to the report, Wei Basao was orphaned when she was just six years old leaving her and her brother to fend for themselves. She was then given to another family in part of an old traditional arrangement where she would later marry one of the family#39;s sons.根据报道,韦八嫂六岁的时候就成了孤儿,家中只剩下她和弟弟相依为命。她后来被过继到另一户人家,遵循传统成为童养媳,长大后要和那家的一个男孩结婚。Basao remembers her wedding to Wei Qishou: #39;In the evening, we had dinner with all the family elders and we were married.#39;八嫂仍然记得他和韦啟寿的婚礼:“那个晚上,我们和家里所有的长辈一起吃了顿饭,我们就结婚了。”The family relied on farming to survive. The couple said they were very poor and mostly slept on bare beds without bedding. Despite their lack of money, she was treated well by her new family and always had food to eat.这户人家靠种地为生。老两口表示,他们当时很穷,几乎睡的是光板床,没有什么寝具。尽管他们没什么钱,但是这个新家庭待韦八嫂很好,并且能有饭吃。When they were older, Qishou worked as a farmer and Basao made shoes from hand.他们老了之后,韦啟寿种地,而八嫂手工做鞋。The couple live a simple life and have never owned a car. They have five sons and a daughter who visit them as much as possible. As long as the weather is good, the couple enjoy walking around their village holding hands.老两口的生活很朴素,从来没有过汽车。他们育有5个儿子1个女儿,儿女们都尽可能多地来探望老父母。只要天气晴好,老两口就会手拉着手绕着村子散步。 /201607/454941

Would you stop if you saw a 6-year-old girl alone in a public place?当你看到一个6岁的小女孩孤零零站在公共场所的时候,你会停下来对其提供帮助么?A social experiment conducted by UNICEF shows how differently people reacted — depending on the girl#39;s appearance.联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,观察人们会因为女孩不同的着装而做出何种不同的反应。The posted to YouTube features a 6-year-old child actor named Anano. When Anano was dressed in a nice dress and coat, people stopped to ask if she was lost, tried to comfort her and made phone calls on her behalf.该视频上传到了YouTube网站上,而参与这次实验的6岁小女孩名为阿娜诺。当阿娜诺穿着时尚整洁的衣站在街边时,人们都会停下来询问其是否迷路,并试图安慰她,有些行人还会主动打电话为其提供帮助。Then makeup artists covered her face with soot and dressed her in dirty sweats and a knit cap. The shows people walking right past her without a second glance.随后,化妆师在阿娜诺的脸上涂上煤灰,并让其换上了破旧的毛衣,戴上一顶脏兮兮的针织帽。视频显示,当阿娜诺以衣衫褴褛的面貌站在街边时,来往行人无人问津。UNICEF then repeated the experiment inside a restaurant. When Anono was clean and dressed nicely, diners welcomed her at their tables. Strangers smiled at her, patted her arm and even rubbed her cheeks.联合国儿童基金会随即又将饭店作为实验地点。当阿娜诺穿着整洁得体的衣出现在餐厅时,很多用餐的顾客都非常欢迎她坐在自己身边,冲她微笑,拍她的手臂甚至还抚摸她的脸颊以示喜爱。When she returned to the restaurant in the dirty sweats and knit cap, people clutched their purses and bags when she passed by. One man signaled to an employee and asked, ;Can you take her out please?; The shows Anano running out of the restaurant in tears.当她换上破旧的脏衣再次出现在饭店时,情况却截然不同。有些顾客特意将自己的包远离阿娜诺,还有一位顾客直接向店员表示将阿娜诺赶出餐厅。视频的最后显示阿娜诺流着眼泪跑出了饭店。;We stopped the experiment because Anano became too upset,; UNICEF said.;由于阿娜诺情绪特别低落,我们的拍摄工作便没有再继续进行下去。;联合国儿童基金会表示。;Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive,; UNICEF stated on YouTube. ;It doesn#39;t need to be this way. Our 2016 State of the World#39;s Children Report is a call to action for the world to treat its least fortunate children the way it treats its luckier children.;联合国儿童基金会在YouTube上公开发布:;世界上平均每天有数以百万计的儿童处于贫困的境地。他们被人忽视,被人冷落,被剥夺了他们成长所需要的一切。事实本不应该如此,2016年世界儿童状况报告就曾呼吁全世界用平等的方式对待所有的孩子,无论其贫穷还是富有。; /201607/454258Sichuan Baijia Artificial Pickled Cabbage Fish Flavor Instant Vermicelli康师傅酸菜鱼味方便粉丝I’ve been checking out a few of these Baijia varieties recently, and they’ve been interesting. When I first started reviewing, I generally found the flavors and varieties to be pretty horrid, but after a few years, I’m starting to come around. Pickled cabbage and fish, eh? Well, let’s have a look.我最近在尝试白家系列的几款方便面,他们都很有意思。通常我第一次试吃的时候,我发现口味和品种都很糟糕。然而,几年后,我开始接受酸菜鱼味面,嗯?好吧,我们一起看一看。The back of the package. To prepare, add package contents to a bowl. Add 500ml boiling water and cover for 5-6 minutes. Stir and enjoy!包装的背面。先准备一个碗,放入面块和调料。加入500ml开水,焖5-6分钟。搅拌一下就可以开动了!Added spring onion. The vermicelli hydrated well – I cut twice with kitchen scissors to make it more manageable with a fork. They’re a little slimy but have a nice gauge and feel to them. The broth on the other hand wasn’t really my thing. Although spicy, the ‘pickled’ aspect was just a bit too acidic. 1.5 out of 5.0 stars.加点葱。粉条含水度良好——我用厨房剪刀把粉丝剪了两下,使其更便于用叉子食用。酸菜鱼味面有点黏滑,但口感很好。但是,我不太喜欢面汤。虽然辣,但“酸菜”方面实在有点太酸了。5分满分的话,可以给1.5分。 /201604/437690

A cafe in Virginia has come up with an ingenious new strategy to convince customers to be more polite.美国维吉尼亚州的一家咖啡馆提出了一个别出心裁的策略,来说顾客变得更加礼貌。The business offers financial rewards to those who mind their p#39;s and q#39;s.店家会对那些注意个人行为举止的顾客予以现金奖励。A sign outside the establishment advertises different costs for a cup of coffee depending on how courteous the customer is when ordering.而店铺外的一个告示牌上写道,咖啡的价格会由顾客点单时的礼貌程度所决定。The prices are listed with the typical phrases a patron might use when placing their order.商品价格旁还标示着顾客点单时所要使用的特定礼貌用语。They include: #39;Small coffee#39; at (£3.85), #39;small coffee please#39; at (£2.30) and #39;hello, one small coffee please#39; at .75 (£1.35).包括:“小杯咖啡”,5美元(3.85英镑);“请给我小杯咖啡”,3美元(2.3英镑)。或是“你好,请给我小杯咖啡”,1.75美元(1.35英镑)。A passer-by took a photo of the directive and posted the image on Reddit with the caption: #39;Sign at a local coffee shop.#39;一位路人将这个告示牌拍下来,将图片发到红迪网上,并附上说明“这是本地一家咖啡馆里的告示牌”。This isn#39;t the first time that a coffee shop has attempted to teach customers a lesson.这并不是第一家尝试让顾客变得更有礼貌的咖啡馆。A store in the south of France incentivised patrons a few years ago with a pricing scale.几年前,法国南部的一家商店同样试图通过变动价格的方式来激励顾客。The Petite Syrah café in Nice, on the French Riviera, charged customers 7 (£5.96) for #39;a coffee#39;, but a more affordable 4.25 (£3.62) for a #39;a coffee please#39;.位于法国里维埃拉尼斯的小希拉咖啡馆则规定若顾客说“一杯咖啡”,咖啡价格则为7欧元(5.96英镑),若是“请给我一杯咖啡”,那么咖啡价格则降为4.25欧元(3.62英镑)。Fabrice Pepino, manager of the Petite Syrah, said of the rationale: #39;It started as a joke because at lunchtime people would come in very stressed and were sometimes rude to us when they ordered a coffee.#39;小希拉咖啡馆的经理法布利斯·费皮诺道出其原因:“起初,人们只把这当成一个笑话,因为在午餐时分,进店的人都压力山大,甚至在点单时会十分粗鲁。”He added: #39;I know people say that French service can be rude but it#39;s also true that customers can be rude when they’re busy.#39;他还说道:“我知道人们抱怨法国餐厅务态度糟糕,但是有的顾客在赶时间的时候,对我们也挺粗鲁的。”The American cafe will be hoping to following in the footsteps of the Nice trailblazer as the original coffee shop proved a success in changing customer behaviour.在改变顾客言行这一方面,尼斯咖啡馆首创的方法取得了成功,而那家美国咖啡馆也会效仿它的做法。Pepino said that he had noticed a marked difference in the behaviour of his customers after a few days of the sign being on show.费皮诺说在告示牌展出几天后,他注意到顾客的态度发生了明显改变。 /201607/455285China#39;s love affair with physical beauty is helping to fuel a selfie-editing app#39;s valuation of 3 billion dollars.由于中国上下对形体美的热爱,从而帮助一自拍编辑app的市场价值达到了30亿美元。Meitu app helps 270 million monthly active users slim faces, lengthen legs and otherwise spice up their online appearance-essential among image-obsessed social media mavens.美图app每个月帮助2.7亿用户美化照片,尤其对于重视形象的社交软件达人,用美图瘦脸,拉长腿,或者给照片增加趣味是上传照片之前必不可少的工序。;I never post a photo online without using Meitu first,; said 26-year-old accountant Pan Nana from Qingdao, Shandong province, who#39;s used the app for more than six years to streamline body parts and conceal acne.26岁的潘娜娜,是一位山东青岛的会计师,她已经使用美图秀秀进行瘦身、去痘超过6年了,她说,“不美图的话我是绝不会把照片放到网上的。”;It#39;s the first app I#39;ve ever used to beautify selfies and I haven#39;t come across another that has as many functions.;“这是我第一个使用的美化自拍软件,而且也是我用过功能最多的一个。”Meitu, founded in 2008, arrived at an opportune time. Its apps allow people to adjust their photos in almost every conceivable way and with a single touch, from lightening complexion to adjusting height and slapping on virtual makeup.美图公司成立于2008年,正好赶上一个时机。它的应用程序可让人们只需轻轻一点,就几乎可以通过各种可能的方式调整自己的照片,从美白肤色到调整身高再到虚拟化妆等。The start-up, backed by IDG and Qiming Venture Partners, is raising about 200 million dollars in its latest round of funding, the people familiar with the matter said, requesting not to be named.熟知信息但不愿意透露姓名的人士表示,美图公司由美国国际数据集团(IDG)和启明创投出资持,目前新一轮融资已达到2亿美元。It#39;s also planning an overseas initial public offering as soon as this year, one of the people said. Meitu declined to comment in an e-mailed statement.其中一位相关人士透露。美图公司同时计划在今年年内完成首次海外公开募股,不过美图公司在一则邮件声明中拒绝对此作出评价。Meitu completed its third round of investment in 2014, gaining a cumulative amount of 360 million dollars and a valuation of 2 billion dollars from backers such as Innovation Works, founded by Kai-fu Lee, the former China head for Google Inc.2014年,美图公司完成了其第三次融资,在前谷歌公司中国区负责人李开复的“创意工厂”的持下,累计金额达到3.6亿美元,总价值20亿美元。Its apps have aly been installed on more than 900 million mobile devices. It#39;s consistently topped photo and app rankings on Apple Inc#39;s App Store in China this year, according to data provided by market researcher App Annie.目前,美图app已经在超过9亿台移动设备上进行了安装。据市场研究机构App Annie提供的数据显示,该软件今年一直处于App Store中国区照片和视频应用程序榜首位置。 /201604/438095

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