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上海玫瑰医院大腿脱毛宝山区彩光嫩肤多少钱Before she became a photographer, Sara Bennett was a public defender, so she thought she knew something about life in prison. But as she followed four women in their transition back to freedom in New York City, she realized she had a lot to learn. The women were all convicted of murder and served between 17 and 35 years, mainly at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County. “I didn’t know that if a loved one dies, you’re allowed to go to the funeral but you’re shackled,” Ms. Bennett said. “I didn’t know what it meant to be ill and grow old in prison.”成为摄影师之前,萨拉·贝内特(Sara Bennett)曾是一名公设辩护律师,因此她觉得自己对于监狱里的生活多少有些了解。但当她开始跟拍四位女性,和她们在纽约市重新融入社会的过程后,她才意识到自己所知甚少。这些女性都曾被判定犯有谋杀罪,主要在威彻斯特县的贝德福德山惩教设施(Bedford Hills Correctional Facility)刑,时间从17到35年都有。“我以前不知道,如果家人或者爱人去世,你可以去参加葬礼,但必须戴脚镣。” 贝内特说,“我以前不知道在监狱中生病或者老去意味着什么。”Ms. Bennett, 60, stopped practicing law full time more than a decade ago, and turned to photography. She accompanied the recently released women — Carol, Evelyn, Keila and Tracy, whose last names Ms. Bennett agreed not to reveal — as they found jobs and housing and reunited with family. She watched as they explored their new freedom and dealt with the lingering restrictions on it, from mandatory drug tests to curfews.贝内特今年60岁,10多年前不再全职从事法律工作,转向摄影。她陪同着这些近期被释放的女性:卡罗尔(Carol),伊夫林(Evelyn),凯拉(Keila)和特雷西(Tracy)——贝内特同意不透露她们的姓氏。贝内特看着她们寻找工作和住处,与家人团聚,看着她们探索重新获得的自由,适应仍然存在的限制,从强制性毒品检测到宵禁要求。Despite these prohibitions, the women relished the little things. “Carol basically lives on one block,” Ms. Bennett said. “She says: ‘This is great. No one is coming in and out. I can lock my door.’ ” Or as Tracy put it to her, “There are no bathtubs in prison.”尽管有众多限制,她们还是在新生活的细节中找到了乐趣。“卡罗尔基本就在一个街区内活动,”贝内特说,“她说:‘这特别好。没有人进进出出。我可以锁门。’或者就像特雷西对她说的那样,“监狱里没有浴缸。”Ms. Bennett said she hoped the series, compiled in the self-published book “Life After Life in Prison,” would prompt a re-examination of the criminal justice system, which repeatedly denied these women parole, though they had learned trades, earned degrees and had good disciplinary records in prison. “I was very specific about focusing on women convicted of murder,” she said. “I focused on people facing life sentences for violent crimes they committed a long time ago. I think that’s where we really need to focus our attention, because it’s a humanitarian issue; that’s who gets old in prison,” she added. “And they’re the ones least likely to commit crimes when they get out.”贝内特将作品汇编成册,自费出版了《铁窗生涯之后的生活》(Life After Life in Prison)一书。她希望这个系列能够促使人们重新审视刑事司法体系。这一体系中,女性往往很难获得保释,即便她们学会了手艺,获得了学位,并且在狱中表现良好。“我非常强调要专门关注被判谋杀罪的女性这一群体,”贝内特说,“我专注于面临无期徒刑的人,他们距离当初犯下暴力罪行已经有很长时间了。我认为这是我们最需要关注的地方,因为这是一个人道主义问题;是这些人在监狱里生活然后老去。”她补充道。“并且他们在出狱后重新犯罪的可能性是最低的。” /201607/454785长宁鼻头鼻翼缩小多少钱 A Legend Related to the Origin of the Cold Food Day与“寒食节”起源相关的一个故事According to the legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period, a person named Jie Zhitui followed his master Chong#39;er,the prince of Jin, and stayed with him during all the 19 years when the prince was in exile. Jie Zhitui was so loyal to his master that once when the prince was starved to death,Jie cut one piece of flesh from his leg to feed his master so as to save his life.据传说,在春秋时,一个叫介之推的人跟着他的师傅重耳,金的王子,并一直陪伴着他19年,直到王子流放。介之推是如此忠诚于他的主人,一次当王子快要被活活饿死时,介之推从他的腿上切一块肉喂他的师傅,以挽救他的生命。However, when the prince ascended the throne and became king of the Jin state, he forgot about Jie Zhitui completely. He awarded all his other followers except Jie. Jie, on his part, left his master with his old mother without even one word of complaint. The local people were very indignant about this and they compiled a rhyme to satirize the king. The king learned about this and in order not to ruin his reputation, he ordered his men to go to Jie#39;s home to bring him back,yet they failed to find Jie. The king then learned that Jie had hidden in the Mian Mountain,so he ordered his men to search the mountain, again,they failed to find Jie. The king knew that Jie was a filial son,so he thought if he set the mountain on fire,Jie,for his mothers sake,would definitely come out.然而,当王子登基,成为金王时,他完全忘了介之推。他嘉奖所有其他的追随者,除了介之推。介之推离开了他的主人和他的老母亲一起生活毫无怨言。当地的人都很气愤这一点,他们编制押韵诗来讽刺国王。国王得知这个情况后,为了不破坏他的声誉,他命令手下去介之推的家中把他带回来,但他们没能找到介之推。国王随后了解到,介之推藏于绵山,所以他命令手下搜山,再次,他们没有找他。国王知道介之推是个孝顺的儿子,所以他认为,如果他放火烧山,为了他的母亲他肯定会出来。Based on this thought,he ordered his men to set the mountain on fire. The fire lasted three whole days and nights,yet to the king#39;s disappointment,Jie never came out. In the end, Jie and his mother#39;s burned bodies were found beside a tree. That was the 103th day after the Winter Solstice. The local people admired Jie Zhitui for his moral integrity. To commemorate him,they ate cold food and restrained from making fire on that day and the following two days. This is how han- shi,the Cold Food Day,came into being.基于这个想法,他命令手下放火烧山。大火持续了整整三天两夜,但国王很失望,介之推没有出来。最后,介之推和他的母亲的烧焦的尸体被发现在一颗树旁。这就是冬至后的103th天。当地人崇拜介之推的道德操守。为了纪念他,在那一天他们吃冰冷的食物和禁止生火,并持续两天。这是寒食节产生的原因。 /201607/452779The Ministry of Public Security unveiled a series of favorable policies for skilled foreign workers in the pilot free trade zone in Guangdong.公安部近日推出了一系列针对广东自由贸易试验区外籍技术人才的优惠政策。Among the 16 new exit-entry measures are simplified permanent residence application procedures and fast-track approvals for skilled foreign workers in the zone, support for young foreign students#39; start-ups, accelerated visas and residency application channels for overseas Chinese and lower thresholds for investors in the zone to apply for permanent residency, according to a ministry statement released last Monday.根据公安部上周一发布的声明,新推出的16项出入境措施包括:简化广东自贸区外籍技术人才申请永久居留手续,加快审批进程;持外籍青年学生进行创业;为申请签和居留件的外籍华人提供快速通道以及降低在广东自贸区投资人员申请永久居留的标准等。;These new exit-entry policies and measures are based on the free trade zone#39;s urgent demand for high-caliber foreign talent, overseas Chinese returning to start businesses, young foreign students and investors to realize innovation-driven development of the zone,; the ministry said.公安部门表示:“这些新的出入境政策和措施是建立在自由贸易区对高素质人才的迫切需求、海外华人回国创业,年轻的外国留学生和投资者在该区实现创新驱动发展的基础上的。”Other measures include allowing foreigners who meet salary and taxation standards to apply for permanent residency, a fast track from work permits to permanent residency for high-caliber talent, and visa exemptions for personnel from certain countries within specified times at Guangdong customs.其他措施包括允许符合工资和税收标准的外国人申请永久居留权,对外籍高层次人才畅通从就业居留向永久居留资格的转换机制,以及广东海关特定时间内特定国家人员的免签。The measures will take effect on Aug. 1, the ministry said.公安部表示,这些措施将从8月1日起实施。 /201607/456583浦东新区南汇中心医院点痣价格费用

上海市松江区方塔中医医院玻尿酸多少钱For some, going to the gym can be a hassle, a nightmare and even an embarrassment. However, there are plenty of easy ways to burn calories through simple, everyday activities without committing time and effort to the fitness center. Check them out below.对许多人来说,去健身房是一件麻烦事,一个噩梦,甚至是种尴尬。然而,有许多简易的办法来燃烧卡路里,人们可以仅通过每日简单的活动来实现这个目标,并不需要安排额外的时间去健身房苦练。向下翻阅以查看详情。5. SNACK5.零食You heard that right; eating actually helps to burn calories. By eating every 2-3 hours you keep your metabolism running throughout the day. Just make sure your snacks are healthy. Ditch the potato chips for nutrient dense foods like nuts and fruit.对,你没有听错,吃东西确实可以帮助人们来燃烧卡路里。通过每2-3个小时吃一次零食,你可以维持一整天的新陈代谢。但是记住一点:要确保你所食用的是健康零食。为了保食物的营养,放弃薯片去选择坚果和水果才是明智之选。4. DRINK ICE COLD WATER4、喝冰水The key here is ice cold. The cold water needs to be heated up by your body, which in turn burns calories. Sure, this isn#39;t going to create 6-pack abs, but every calorie counts. Water will also help you feel full, which will decrease cravings for unhealthy treats.最关键的是要保水足够冰。冰水需要在人体内加热,这个加热过程将会燃烧人体内的卡路里。虽然这并不会帮你练就六块腹肌,但是每一个燃烧的卡路里都会有它的效果。通过增加饱腹感,喝水也可以减少人们对于不健康食物的渴望。3. PARK FAR3.把车停远Seems obvious, right? Instead of driving through the parking garage lane-by-lane to find the spot closest to the office, why not park far away and get a morning walk in? You#39;ll burn a few calories and save some time cruising through the lot.结果是显而易见的,不是吗?不要再一圈又一圈地在停车场内绕来绕去--只为找到一个离办公场所近的车位了,为什么不停远一点再晨走呢?这是既健康又省时间的最佳选择。2. EAT BREAKFAST2.吃早饭After fasting all night, your metabolism has essentially stopped. Eating first thing in the morning will kick-start that metabolism for the day. Skipping breakfast will leave your body in starvation mode, which essentially halts your metabolism. Make breakfast healthy with a bowl of oatmeal, fruit, or for those on-the-go, a healthy meal replacement shake.在一整夜未进食之后,人体的新陈代谢功能已经几乎处于停滞状态。在早上吃的第一个东西会触发一整天新陈代谢机能的运转。选择不吃早饭将使你的身体处于饥饿状态,并再次中断新陈代谢。做一份含有燕麦,水果的健康早餐吧!或是对于那些上班族来说,一杯代餐奶昔也是一个不错的选择。1. TAKE THE STAIRS1.爬楼梯You know how annoying it is when someone takes the elevator to the second or third floor. If you#39;re able-bodied, taking the stairs is a simple and effective way to burn calories without throwing a wrench in your day. Plus, you avoid awkward elevator conversation.当有人乘电梯上到二层或者三楼时,你将会知道这是多么令人生厌。如果你的身体条件允许的话,爬楼梯将会是一种简便有效的燃烧卡路里的方式,并且这样还不会对你一天的工作造成影响。此外,你还可以避免尴尬的电梯对话。译文属 /201607/456609黄浦区人民中医院打瘦腿针价格费用 上海第九医院祛疤多少钱

上海附属医院开双眼皮多少钱First, there was the cinnamon challenge.最开始是“肉桂挑战”(干吞肉桂粉)。Then, the firespray challenge.然后又有“喷火挑战”(对着火苗喷雾)。And now, as a final testament to the fact that the Internet has lost its mind, we have ;the pen challenge.;而现在,“插笔挑战”再一次验了网友们的脑洞到底有多大。Two U.K. students show how much stationery a person#39;s head can hold in a throwdown on Twitter. It#39;s as absurd as it sounds.两名英国学生在推特上发起了一项挑战:一个人的脑袋上最多能放多少文具。光听名字你就该猜到这事儿有多荒唐了。Apparently, studying for exams also makes you come up with totally insane and random ideas. It is so for two U.K. teenagers.很显然,即使快考试了也没能阻挡学生们搞些不着边际的馊点子。这两名英国青少年就是典型。16-year-old Lauryn from northwest England tweeted during the weekend, “I#39;m trying to revise but instead I decided to see how many pens I can hold with my head.” This was taken as an apparent challenge by her friend Rebzy, another 16-year-old from Scotland, who tried to shove even more pens up her nose.16岁的劳琳住在英格兰东北部。她周末发推称:“我本来想复习功课的,但突然想试试我的头究竟能放多少笔。”她朋友莱兹显然把这个突发奇想当成了一项挑战,于是在自己鼻子的帮助下,顶起了更多笔。莱兹同为16岁,家住苏格兰。In a series of escalating images, Twitter users were amazed to see how much stationery a human head can actually hold.随着分享的图片不断增多、挑战升级,推特用户们开始惊讶于“脑袋顶文具”的无限潜力。Lauryn got a headband and stuck as many pens as she could into it, topping out at 179 pens and three rulers. But she soon bowed down to Rebzy, who ended up with a total of 242 pens stuck up her face.劳琳戴上发带之后,创造了新纪录——179笔,外加三个尺子。不过她不久就被莱兹超越了:后者能达到头插242笔。While fitting such a large number of writing utensils on one#39;s face is certainly an insane feat, perhaps the most impressive part of the challenge, as one Twitter user pointed out, is that Rebzy had 242 pens in her possession.能在脸上安插这么多书写工具已堪称奇观,不过正如推特网友们所说,或许其最让人惊叹的部分在于:莱兹竟然拥有242笔。 /201605/441973 上海祛疤多少钱浦东新区中医医院做抽脂手术价格费用



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