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A: What about roommates in my apartment?B: You may have one roommate, but their name must appear on the lease.A: Can I have someone visit me a short period of time?B: We understand that a family member or friend may visit from time to time. Just make sure that they are not moving in with you.A: How many days could a friend stay without it being a problem?B: You cannot have an extra tenant over a week, unless we give you special permission.A: Will I be charged extra money having roommates or visitors?B: A roommate or a short-term guest would not cost you anything extra.A: Can my family and friends use the facilities when they visit me?B: Your guests may not use the facilities unless you are with them. 779长乐湖南镇那家医院做人流好些Bargaining讨价还价S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesC: Can you give a discount?能给我打个折吗?C5: What the wholesale price?批发价是多少?C6: I want to pay less than 56 Yuan.我最多出56元C7: What discount can you give me?能给我多少优惠?C8: Can you sell it 5 Yuan less?便宜5元卖不卖?C9: Cant you make it any cheaper?不能再便宜一点吗?C: How much did you say that one was?您刚才说那个要多少钱?C: Can you give a discount on the old style?旧款式能否便宜点?C: Could you reduce your price by %?能否给予我们%的折扣?C: Shall we strike a bargain at this price?就这个价格成交好吗?C: Too expensive. Can you come down a little?太贵了,能便宜点吗?C: That a bit more than I wanted to pay.这比我想出的价格要高一些C: Ill take many. Can you come down a little?我要买很多,能否降点价?C: It costs too much. Can you make it cheaper?太贵了,能便宜一点吗?C18: If I were you, I would take this business.如果我是你,我将接受这笔生意C19: The ations we received from each other scources are much lower.我们从别处接到的报价要低得多C: There is every prospect of concluding business if prices are reduced.如果降低价格,完全有希望成交C1: Because this is a big order, we hope to get a discount.因为这是一张大订单,我们希望得到折扣C: Unless you accpet our price, there is no possibility of business.除非你们接受我们的价格,否则不能成交C3: If you accept our price, we will place an order with you.如果你接受我们的价格,我们将和你下单C: Our cooperation will bring a big profit you.我们的合作将为你们带来大利润长乐无痛人流好的专科医院A caterpillar that munches on plastic bags could hold the key to tackling plastic pollution, scientists say.科学家们称,一种吃塑料袋的毛虫或可成为解决塑料污染的关键Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered that the larvae of the moth, which eats wax in bee hives, can also degrade plastic.剑桥大学的研究人员发现,这种飞蛾幼虫不仅吃蜂巢中的蜂蜡,还能降解塑料Experiments show the insect can break down the chemical bonds of plastic in a similar way to digesting beeswax.实验表明,这种毛虫可以分解塑料的化学键,与其消化蜂蜡的方式类似Each year, about 80 million tonnes of the plastic polyethylene are produced around the world. The plastic is used to make shopping bags and food packaging, among other things, but it can take hundreds of years to decompose completely.每年,全球约生产8000万吨塑料聚乙烯塑料聚乙烯可用作购物袋、食品以及其他物品的包装,但这种塑料需要数百年才能被彻底降解However, caterpillars of the moth (Galleria mellonella) can make holes in a plastic bag in under an hour.然而,蜡螟一个小时内就可在塑料袋上弄出一个洞Dr Paolo Bombelli is a biochemist at the University of Cambridge and one of the researchers on the study.剑桥大学生物化学家保罗·邦贝利士是参与该研究的研究员之一;The caterpillar will be the starting point,; he told B News. ;We need to understand the details under which this process operates. We hope to provide the technical solution minimising the problem of plastic waste.;他告诉B:“蜡螟将成为一个突破口“我们需要了解这一过程背后的运作细节我们希望为最大限度减少塑料污染提供技术解决方案”Dr Bombelli and colleague Federica Bertocchini of the Spanish National Research Council have patented the discovery.邦贝利和他的同事--西班牙国家研究委员会的费德里卡·贝尔托基尼已经给这项发现申请了专利They want to speed up the process of discovering the chemical secrets behind the natural degradation of plastic. They think microbes in the caterpillar - as well as the insect itself - might play a role in breaking down plastic.他们希望加紧找出蜡螟自然降解塑料背后的化学原理他们认为,蜡螟自身及其体内的微生物可能在分解塑料方面发挥了作用If the chemical process can be identified, it could lead to a solution to managing plastic waste in the environment.如果能够确认这个化学过程,就可能会找到解决塑料垃圾污染的办法;We are planning to implement this finding into a viable way to get rid of plastic waste, working towards a solution to save our oceans, rivers, and all the environment from the unavoidable consequences of plastic accumulation,; said Dr Bertocchini.贝尔托基尼说:“我们正计划将这个发现转化为消除塑料污染的可行办法,努力寻找方案,拯救海洋、河流以及整个环境,使它们免于承受塑料聚积产生的无法避免的影响”;However, we should not feel justified to dump polyethylene deliberately in our environment just because we now know how to bio-degrade it.;“但是,我们不应该因为知道如何生物降解聚乙烯,就认为故意向自然中丢弃聚乙烯是正当的”The research is published in the journal, Current Biology.这项研究发表在《当代生物学杂志上 5673福建省长乐市妇幼保健人流要多少钱

做无痛人流长乐哪好长乐妇幼保健院彩超No, this isnt ripped from the headlines of the National Enquirer. According to a hospital in Spain, a woman really did give birth to twins at the age of 6.不,这可不是从《国家调查者上随手剪下来的头条据西班牙的一家医院表示,真的有一位6岁的妇女产下了一对龙凤胎According to a news release from Hospital Recoletas, a hospital in Burgos, Spain, the sextagenarian gave birth via C-section to a boy and a girl, and all three patients are in perfect health.据位于西班牙布尔戈斯的雷科莱塔斯医院发布的消息称,这位花甲老人通过剖腹产产下了一名男婴和一名女婴,而且两个孩子和大人都非常健康The woman had undergone IVF treatment in the ed States bee returning to Spain.在回到西班牙之前,这位妇女曾在美国接受过试管婴儿手术Recoletas says this isnt the first time the woman has given birth there. Six years ago, she had her first child at the hospital at the tender, fecund age of 58.雷科莱塔斯医院表示,这位妇女已经不是第一次在这里生孩子了六年前,她正值58岁,更年轻,更有生育能力,那时她在这家医院生下了她的第一个孩子Fertility over 50 is a rare but clearly not impossible feat. Data from the Centers Disease Control and Prevention (PDF) show that 600 babies were born to women between 50 and 5 years old in . By comparison, there were only such births in 1997.50岁后依然具有生育能力的情况很少见,但也不是不可能根据美国疾病控制和预防中心的数据显示,在年有600名婴儿都是其母亲在50到5岁之间时产下的相比之下,在1997年,情况相同的婴儿只有名Still, even though fertility treatments have changed the game older moms, experts say there are risks, both the birth and the difficulties of motherhood that follow.虽然如今增强生育能力的手段已经改变了大龄妈妈们的现状,但专家称,这样做依然有风险,不仅仅是生宝宝有风险,产子后怎样做一名合格的妈妈也是一个难题 58交货 About DeliveryS: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Pratical Key SentencesS1: The goods are y.货物准备好了S: Well do it right away.我们马上照办S3: Is next Wednesday, OK?下周三行吗?S: Weve aly sent it.我们已经发货了S5: Call me when you receive.收到货给我电话S6: Where is your warehouse?您的仓库在哪里?S7: What day would suit you?您觉得哪一天合适?S8: This is clothes like quality.这是相同质量的衣S9: Would you like to specify a date?您要指定日期吗?S: Would you like to have it delivered?您需要我们送货吗?S: Well arrange the delivery at once.我们马上安排送货S: Youll get it in about two days.大概两天左右您能收到S: All the goods have aly been delivered.货已经发完了S: Where are you? Im looking you.你在哪里?我在找你S: You may specify a day delivery.您可以指定送货日期S: Sorry, we dont offer delivery service.对不起,我们不送货S: Call me as soon as you receive, OK?收到货尽快给我电话,好吗?S18: From here to there about an hour.从这里到那里大约要一个小时S19: Please come to take your goods as soon as possible.请尽快来拿货S: We have delivery service and it free.我们有送货务,并且是免费的S1: The earliest date may be the beginning of next month.最早可能是下月初 18鹤上镇妇幼保健院看病贵吗A: Im returning this radio.我想退掉这台收音机B: No problem. You do have your receipt, dont you?没问题你有收据吧,你有吗?A: Here you are.给你B: What seems to be the problem?有什么问题?A: It doesnt have a headphone jack.它没有耳机插孔B: If youd like, I can show you a different one.如果你愿意,我可以给你介绍另一款收音机A: No, thanks. A refund will be just fine.不,谢谢了退款就行了B: No problem. Thisll only take a minute.没问题这得等一会儿长乐地区第一医院联系电话

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