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Part . Asia cities face gridlock.Keywords. Asia cities, gridlock, mass transit systems, car sales, problems.Vocabulary. gridlock, lure, aggravate, snarl, implement.A. Youre going to hear a report on experts discussing the traffic problems Asian big cities face.Complete the exercises while listening to the first part of the report.Asian cities boosted by economic prosperity, especially in China and India are facing increasing gridlock unless urgent measures to promote mass transit systems are promoted.This was the warning Tuesday from transport analysts during a regional conference in Bangkok on sustainable transporation and air quality.More than 0 transport specialists from countries at the the conference, say the solution lies in providing better public transporation system to lure car owners away from driving.B. Now listen to the whole report, finish the exercises.Asia cities, boosted by economic prosperity, especially in China and India, are facing increasing gridlock unless urgent measures to promote mass transit systems are promoted.This was the warning Tuesday from transport analysts during a regional conference in Bangkok on sustainable transportation and air quality.More than 0 transport specialists from countries at the conference, say the solution lies in providing better public transportation systems to lure car owners away from driving.Heather Allen, a manager with the International Association of Public Transport, says Asian cities need to stress transport systems over private car use.tAt the moment, I think anywhere in the world, the energy issue is very firmly on the table.And the energy efficiency of public transport, our experience and our research shows that on average you can go twice as far using public transport as you can with a private individual car.Asia love affair with the car appears very strong.In India, car sales in September were up almost %, while in China, vehicle sales were up 33% from a year ago to 35,000 s.Both countries have booming economies and growing middle classes.But experts say such growth aggravates the problems of increasingly crowded cities.Axel Friedrich from Germany Federal Environment Agency says such growth cannot be sustained as traffic snarls increase in cities.Also he says, more private cars aggravate pollution problems and increase economic costs.Because workers and cargo get stuck on jammed roads.Transport analysts say that new systems such as underground railways are often too expensive and provide low returns to investors and governments.The most efficient systems and fastest to implement are bus systems.But Mr Friedrich says governments often face local political and business interests when trying to put in place such efficient, low-cost transport systems.。

Step by Step 3000. Book Two. . Dictation.In this , youll hear items dictation.Each item will be presented three times. Write down every word you hear.Item One.Vocabulary. abuse, innocent, mitigate, trauma, equipped, Judith Wallerstein, Kid Turn.Judith Wallerstein studied 93 children over a generation.Her findings havent been published in a medical journal only in her book.She says children of divorce are more likely to abuse drugs, and that 0% of them avoid marriage themselves.When they do marry, fail at nearly twice, the usually rate.Wallerstein families divorced a generation ago.Times have changed and with them, the attitude towards divorce and the attention to the divorce innocent victims.In our parents generation, people who got divorced didnt talk about it, they were embarrassed by it.Programs like kid turn try to mitigate some of the effects of divorce with family counseling.So the next generation more aware of the trauma may be better equipped to handle it. 35365。

Faith轻松电台:Releasing the Past 往事如烟Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith.Do you condemn yourself things which you did--or failed to do--in the past? Everyone does this at some point. However, if you want to lead a successful and productive life, it is imperative that you release the past and not blame yourself events which have aly transpired and which cannot be changed. The successful person takes this approach: Learn from past mistakes and make adjustments in future behavior. The strategy of berating yourself past conduct solves nothing and only serves to lower your self-esteem. You create a vicious cycle where negative experiences and negative feelings are reinced, which leads to more negative outcomes and more negative feelings.If you insist on dwelling in the past, I suggest that you focus on your past successes. Visualizing and thinking about past successes is an excellent way to build confidence and self-esteem. What you think about is what you become. Theree, when you concentrate on your successes, you help to create future successes. When you find yourself starting to dwell on past negative experiences, immediately halt and remind yourself: "There is nothing I can do now which will change what happened. I learned a valuable lesson and will act in a more constructive manner next time." Regardless of what you have done--or failed to do--the only sane approach is to accept it and move ward. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. The successful individual does not waste precious mental energy dwelling on past events which cannot be changed. Instead, he or she uses past mistakes as learning experiences and springboards to future successes. 6。

Natalie Ledesma is a registered dietician at the U.C.S.F.She says compounds found in super food, called phyto-chemicals, can reduce the risk of cancer, boost the immune system, even protect the heart.She showed us what everyone should try to eat each week optimal health.On her shopping list, Herbs.;Dark green ones, like rosemary and thyme, and any intensely colored spice, like turmeric or red pepper.;;Both of those have anti-inflammatory properties.;Turmeric may reduce the risk of leukemia, skin and liver cancers. Hot pepper may reduce the risk of colon, stomach and rectal cancers.Also on the list, green veggies, but not just any green veggy,;Brussels sprouts are part of the cruciferous vegetable family that has significantly anti-cancer properties.And that family also has a very favorable effect on hormone metabolisms.;Other cruciferous veggies include cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. And dont get the tomato!;It is probably the best source of lycopene, which is one of the phyto-chemicals that has shown significant anti-cancer properties, especially with prostate and potentially lung and breast cancer as well. ;As fruit, citrus contains Vitamin C, limonoids and phemols, which inactivate cancer cells and strengthen the immune system.Cantaloupes, mangos and carrots contain cancer-fighting carotenoids.And berries are bursting with flavonoid and ellagic acids, antioxidants that protect against cancer, ulcers and viruses.Natalie recommends organic.;Organic fruits and vegetables have shown not only to have lower pesticide toxicities and lower pesticide levels, but also now have been shown to have higher phyto-chemical content.;Dont get the fatty fish or flaxseed.Both are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and boost the immune system.Olive oil, which may reduce breast, prostate, or colon cancer.And soy. ;Soy has protective effects heart disease as well as osteoporosis potentially.;And finally, onions, garlic and shallots. They may protect the heart fight cancer and help with asthma. 0197。

The house on the mango street芒果街上的小屋When I was in a Creative Writing class,we wrote many vignettesand if you are a student in Creative Writingyou have to get this bookand share it with your class and teacher.It will help you understandthe importance of writing free verses, this is the best example of vignettes I have ever seen.The voice of the author does not sound professionalor too fancy,but like the ordinary words people say today.it is a story of our time and a tale all.My only complaint is that it was too short!I wanted to know moreabout what Esperanza does and her wishes.I also wanted to know what happened to her after the story.讲解Even so, it is pretty plain to see that Esperanzalearned how to escape from her cruel world,unlike the people who never knew where she went.I haven't seen such an exquisite story of our modern timessince I the "Joy Luck Club" about two years ago.If you want to a beautiful story about growing up,living life, and with musical poetry,you must this book.讲解Great Books by Women ( Jesse Larsen)Esperanza and her familydidn't always live on Mango Street.Right off she saysshe can't remember all the houses they've lived inbut "the house on Mango Street is oursand we don't have to pay rent to anybody,or share the yard with the people downstairs,or be careful not to make too much noise,and there isn't a landlordbanging on the ceiling with a broom.But even so, it's not the house we thought we'd get." 讲解Esperanza's childhood lifein a Spanish-speaking area of Chicagois described in a series of spare, poignant,and powerful vignettes.Each story centers on a detail of her childhood:a greasy cold rice sandwich,a pregnant friend, a mean boy,how the clouds looked one time,something she heard a drunk say,her fear of nuns:"I always cry when nuns yell at me,even if they're not yelling."Esperanza's friends, family,and neighbors wander in and out of her stories;through them all Esperanza sees,learns, loves, and dreams of the houseshe will someday have, her own house,not on Mango Street.讲解A poetic story of growing up Latino(Michael J. Mazza)"The House on Mango Street," by Sandra Cisneros,is told in the first person by Esperanza,a daughter in an urban Latino family.The "About the Author" sectionat the end of the book notes that Cisneroswas born in Chicago,the daughter of a Mexican fatherand a Mexican-American mother.Cisneros tells Esperanza's storyin a series of short vignettes.讲解Cisneros' writing is really beautifulfull of wonderfully vivid imagery.Many of the short chaptersare less than a full page in lengthand like prose poems.Along the way we learn of Esperanza's family,neighbors, school, rites of passage,and dreams of the future.Cisneros writes with a moving appreciation of beauty,hope, and tragedy;"Mango Street" is a richly realized world.出版社:译林出版社 出版日期:-6-1 37。

notorious声名狼藉的,cheap skate 吝啬鬼The Mean Man’s PartyThe notorious cheap skate was explaining to a friend how to find his apartment. He said. ″Come up to 5M and ring the doorbell with your elbow. When the door opens,push with your foot.″″Why use my elbow and foot? ″″Well. Gosh, ″ was the reply. ″You're not coming empty-handed, are you? ″吝啬鬼的生日派对一个出了名的吝啬鬼在向一个朋友解释怎么找到他家时说:“你上到五楼,找中间那个门,然后用你的胳膊肘门铃门开了之后,再用你的脚把门推开”“为什么要用我的肘和脚呢?”“你的双手得拿礼物啊天哪,你总不会空着手来吧?”吝啬鬼回答1.mean吝啬的也可以指“卑鄙的,不善良的”:It was mean of her to say that.她那样说是刻薄的.notorious声名狼藉的He is a notorious rake.他是个声名狼藉的浪子He was notorious as a gambler.他是臭名昭著的赌徒3.cheap skate吝啬鬼.come up上去(来)也有“发生”的含义:I expect something to come up soon.我预料很快就要出事的“升起”:The sky was dark blue and clear when the moon came up.月亮出来时, 天空是深蓝色的, 非常晴朗也可以指“提到, 提及”:The project came up in their conversation.他们在谈话中提到了这项工程5.doorbell门铃He refused to answer the doorbell.门铃响了,但他拒绝去开门6.elbow肘部Don't lay your elbows on the desk.不要把两肘放在书桌上也可以作动词,指“用肘推, 用肘挤”:He elbowed right and left in the crowd.他在人群中左冲右撞He elbowed me out of the way.他把我挤开了 1。