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On May 29, the Chinese public was put on alert by a notice issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.59日,国家计生委的一条消息让中国民众警觉起来。It was about Chinas first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The unnamed 44-year-old man who contracted the infectious disease is South Korean. He flew from Seoul to Hong Kong on May 26 after his father was diagnosed with the MERS, and then traveled to Huizhou, Guangdong province, ignoring instructions from doctors to stay at home, Xinhua reported.这是关于中国首例(输入性)中东呼吸综合征(MERS)患者的消息。据新华社报道,这位韩国籍患者今4岁,在父亲确诊患MERS之后,不顾医嘱,6日从首尔飞抵香港,随后进入广东省惠州市。Currently hospitalized in Central Hospital in Huizhou, the mans condition was worsening, yet his vital signs were stable. A total of 67 people who had been in close contact with the man in China had been quarantined, but another 10 had remained out of contact by Tuesday.据悉,该男子已进入惠州市中心人民医院接受治疗,虽然病情尚未好转,但各项生命体征稳定。在中国,与该男子密切接触的人中已有67人已被隔离,截止上周四仍0名接触者“失联”。The infected mans insistence on traveling to China despite the opposition of his doctor has sparked criticism in South Korea and China, with lots of legal experts and members of the public asking to punish him.该男子不顾医生反对执意前往中国也引起了中韩双方的谴责,很多法律专家和公众都呼吁应严惩。“Deliberately sping infectious diseases and endangering public security is subject to civil and criminal laws in China,Han Xiao, a lawyer with the Beijing-based Jingrun Law Firm, told The Beijing News.在接受《新京报》采访时,北京京润律师事务所律师韩骁表示:“故意传播传染性疾病,危害公共安全已经违反了中国的民法与刑法。”What is it?MERS是什么?The MERS is a respiratory tract illness caused by the MERS coronavirus that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to China Daily.据《中国日报》报道,MERS是由一种新型冠状病MERS-CoV)引起的病毒性呼吸道疾病,这种病毒于2012年在沙特阿拉伯首次被发现。The virus can lead to fevers, coughing, difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.该病毒可能引起发热、咳嗀?呼吸困难等症状,导致肺炎、肾衰竭、甚至死亡。The MERS is transmitted through close contact and respiratory droplets. Patients with diabetes, kidney failure, chronic lung and immune problems are the highest at-risk groups. The source of the virus remains unclear, but some suspect it comes from camels.MERS可通过密切接触以及飞沫传播。糖尿病、肾衰、慢性肺炎以及免疫系统疾病患者都是该疾病的高危人群。虽然MERS病毒的来源尚不完全清楚,但是,一些研究怀疑骆驼是来源之一。By May, 1,150 MERS cases had been reported in over 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Malaysia and the US, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,截至今年5月(16日),全球共0多个国家报告总计1150例MERS病例,包括沙特阿拉伯、英囀?法囀?马来西亚以及美囀?MERS is considered deadlier than SARS, which killed hundreds of people in Asia in 2003, and there is currently no vaccine or treatment plan for the virus. Of the infected, 431 people have died, which means the fatality rate stands at 37.5 percent, three times that of SARS, said Wang Linghang, an expert with Beijing Ditan Hospital.2003年SARS在亚洲夺去了成百上千人的生命,而MERS的致死率比SARS还要高,而且目前还没有可用的疫苗和药物治疗方法。北京地坛医院的专家王凌航表示:在被感染者中,目前已31人死亡,由此可见MERS的致死率7.5%,是SARS的三倍。No need to panic无需恐慌There is good news, though, which is that the MERS is less infectious than SARS. “The MERS has been around for three years, but there has been no massive outbreak, and only sporadic cases were reported,Wang said.庆幸的是,MERS的传染性要低于SARS。王凌航同时表示:“MERS出现已有3年之久,但是并没有大面积爆发过,只有零星的病例确诊。”“As lots of cases were reported in regions with poor medical resources, the current fatality rate does not represent the whole picture,he said.“加之很多病例出现在医疗条件较差的地区,因此当前的致死率也不能代表全部情况。”He cited SARS as an example. “At the early stages of the SARS outbreak, the fatality rate was high, but after research and treatment, it dropped.”王凌航还以SARS为例,他说:“(就像)SARS,爆发初期致死率居高不下,但是随着研究和治疗,死亡率逐渐降低。”Better news is also on the way. China has developed some experimental drugs to fight the virus, which, however, are not y to be put into clinical use, The Beijing News reported.好消息接踵而至,据《新京报》报道:中国已研制出一些(治疗性抗体和多肽)实验药物,但目前还无法应用于临床。来 /201506/379013

France’s National Front (FN) has ousted its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen in an effort to shed its extremist image and increase its chances of taking power in the 2017 presidential election.法国国民阵线(National Front)罢免了其创始人让-马里勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen),试图消除其极端主义形象,提升在2017年总统选举中掌权的机会。In a statement on Thursday night, the party said it had taken the decision to expel the 87-year-old veteran of French politics after a meeting lasting several hours, during which the executive board “deliberated and decided, by the required majority, to exclude Mr Jean-Marie Le Pen as a member在周四晚上的一份声明中,该党表示已决定开除这位现7岁的法国政界资深人士。该党是在一场持续了几个小时的会议之后做出这一决定的。在会上,该党执行董事会曾“经过深思熟虑,以必要的多数票决定解除让-马里勒庞的党员身份”。The decision is a clear victory for Marine Le Pen, the party’s current leader and Mr Le Pen’s daughter, who has been locked in a power struggle with her father.这一决定是该党现任领导人、勒庞女儿马琳勒Marine Le Pen)的一次明确胜利。此前,马琳勒庞与其父一直处于权斗之中。Ms Le Pen, who has tried to present the party her father founded in 1972 as a more moderate force in French politics, decided that enough was enough in April when her father repeated comments about the Nazi gas chambers being a mere “detailof history.对于其父972年创立的这个党派,马琳勒庞一直试图令其在法国政坛表现为一更温和的力量。今月,当其父重申纳Nazi)毒气室只是个历史“细节”问题的言论时,马琳勒庞认定她已受够了。He also said that France should support Russia as part of a push to save what he described as the “white world马里勒庞还曾表示,法国应该持俄罗斯,以拯救他所谓的“白人世界”。Following Thursday’s expulsion, Mr Le Pen told France’s iTélé news channel: “There is indignation; there is sadness. It’s always trying when one has the feeling of not having made any mistake, of having expressed one’s opinion as a politician.”在周四被国民阵线开除后,让-马里勒庞向法国iTélé新闻频道表示:“这事令人愤慨;这事令人悲哀。如果一个人感觉没犯任何错,只是以政客身份发表了自己的看法,那么这样的遭遇就会令人非常难受。”Frederic Joachim, Mr Le Pen’s lawyer, called the move “a political assassination马里勒庞的律师弗雷德里克若阿基姆(Frederic Joachim)称此举是“一次政治上的刺杀”。Mr Le Pen is likely to appeal against the decision in court. He has resorted to legal action several times in recent months with some success.马里勒庞可能会向法庭申请驳回这一决定。最近几个月,他曾多次采取法律手段,并曾取得一些成功。来 /201508/394348

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