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义乌美白针诸暨市红十字医院激光去斑多少钱As I mentioned last week I sorted a contest with my friend Chillson called正如我上周说到的 我和我的朋友齐尔森之间搞了个比赛;Cuter than Kid Challenge; and the challenge is这个游戏叫”挑战谁比吉德更可爱” 这个挑战是You have to upload photos..yes that#39;s my Kid.你得上传你的照片 没错 这就是我的孩子吉德And... Em..so you have to upload s or photos of your pets呃.... 你得上传宠物的视频或者照片to chosen and convince me that you#39;re cuter than my dog Kid.来让我们挑选 你还得说我 你的宠物比我的吉德还要可爱It sounds impossible, right, it is.听上去绝无可能 恩 就是这样But still submitting, so here are few more submissions但还是要顺从你们哦 所以还有一些任务要完成This is from Jessica Sperlerk , she send this in. Wow...来自杰西卡·斯布雷克 她发来的这个 哇...I know cute, but not cuter than Kid.我承认很可爱 但是不如我家的吉德You putting me that awkward position of having to say that your child is no as cute as my dog.是你逼迫我不得不说 你的宠物不如我家的可爱And that#39;s not fair but I#39;ll do it.尽管不公平 但我还是要这么做This is from Darling Percans. Wow...Alright. Again. Cute but not cuter than Kid.来自达玲·波坎斯 哇...好吧 再说一遍 可爱 但不如我家那只Cutest hedgehog I#39;ve seen though. That#39;s the...so far that#39;s been submitted anyway.尽管是我见过的最可爱的刺猬 那是...不管怎么说 我还是承认吧Em...this is..this is a from Ellison em...Bayling. Do what? Buy the brownie.呃... 这段视频来自埃里森·贝玲 干什么呀? 买个布朗尼蛋糕Cute. For sure that#39;s cute. I mean that#39;s... Definitely cute可爱 确实很可爱的 我的意思是...绝对可爱Not cuter than Kid, but clean this floor that has been submitting. Thanks for sending those in.不如吉德可爱 但是拖地板这...很可以 谢谢你们上传的东西啦If you are so delusional that you think your pets cuter than Kid,要是你产生了错觉 觉得你的宠物比我家的吉德可爱Go to ;chosen; upload your photo or . You are not gonna win, but maybe...去Chosen上面 上传你的图片或者视频 反正你不会赢 但也许...Use harsh tag ;Cuter than Kid challenge; We are gonna pick winner later this week.贴上标签“挑战谁比吉德更加可爱” 这周我们将挑选出最后的赢家And they#39;re gonna get trips to LA and tickets to my show.他们将有机会去洛杉矶旅游 并且参加我的节目Which seems unfair cause I#39;m gonna win.这看上去挺不公平的 因为最后的赢家一定是我啦 Article/201706/512804义乌市中医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 In our mention aly early this week Mexico has passed the ed States恩 这周早些时候我提到过这件事了 墨西哥已经超越美国for the title of fatter#39;s major country in the world成为了世界上肥胖人数最多的国家they are officially fatter than we are.他们比我们胖了I never thought this thing will coming Americans at now even too lazy to get fat.我从没想过这种事会发生 美国人 现在都懒得长胖了And that#39;s sad. But I thought it this was making an interesting indication真是悲哀啊 但是我想 这会是个很有趣的尝试of our audience participation segment pedestrian question让观众参与进这个路人问答的环节when we went out onto Hollywood Boulevard today.我们去了好莱坞卡德大道And we ask a wide range people the following question are you fat?我们问了很多人 一个这样的问题 你胖吗Now the way this work is pedestrian will say their name and where they from.现在是这样 被采访者会说出自己的名字和来自哪里And we will all try to guess if they think they are fat. OK?我们就要猜猜看他是不是觉得自己胖 好吧That#39;s triky.Because you have to get inside a person#39;s brain. All right还挺难的 因为你得看透别人脑子里的想法 对吧Let#39;s meet our first pedestrian. What#39;s your name and where are you from?我们来看看第一位被采访者 你叫什么名字 来自哪里呢I#39;m Hussein.I#39;m from Las Vegas. And are you fat? Yeah.侯赛 我来自 你胖吗 恩Is Hussein fat? Yes... And he will be happy to hear that. Yes,I am.那么侯赛 胖吗 胖…… 好吧 他听到会很高兴的 是的 我胖Think yes. Name one person that is fatter than you.是的 说出一个比你还胖的人Er.It#39;ll be my sister. OK.That#39;s all right呃 那就是我了 好吧 好吧Next up. I#39;m Jordan. From Minnesota. Are you fat? Ah.That#39;s.下一个 乔丹 来自明尼苏达 你胖吗 好的 那么Is Jordan fat? No One yes, the rest no. No.乔丹胖吗 不胖 有一个人说胖 其他的都说不胖 不胖What about now? No. What about now? No. Give them time.现在呢 不胖 那现在呢 不胖 慢慢问 你最后总会得到想要的的Next. Jim Karen. I#39;m from New Brown Fels, San Antonio. Are you fat?下一个 吉米 凯伦 我来自圣安东尼奥的新布朗菲尔斯 你胖吗Ah,is Jim fat? No. Yes. That#39;s hard to tell for.好的 吉米胖吗 不胖 胖 这个好难猜Don#39;t know. OK. Let#39;s find out. NO Why not? Ah. Because I#39;m tall.我也不知道 那么 我们一起看看吧 不胖 为什么呢 因为我很高Yeah, Because tall enough He can#39;t be some fatter. All right. And we go.对啊 你要是够高 你就胖不了了 好的 继续吧Arroyo. From Alabama. Are you fat? But he doesn#39;t look fat at all.阿罗约 来自阿拉巴马州 你胖吗 他看起来一点都不胖啊Let#39;s find out. Ah, I#39;m kind of. It should be some.我们来看看结果吧 我其实有点点发福I have to go back to the gym. Are you Mexican? No, I#39;m not Mexican.我得回去好好健身了 你是墨西哥人吗 不 我TMD才不是墨西哥人呢But.My name is Arroyo. Is that what you ask me there? Yeah.不过 我的名字叫阿罗约 你是因为我的名字才这样问我的吗 嗯哼Damn.Oh,I am not Mexican. I#39;m black.我去 我不是墨西哥人 我是黑人Oh,I aly now have see. He#39;s right.He is right.哦 现在我知道你是黑人了 他说的对 他是对的I#39;m Robbie Myers. I#39;m from Eastern Canada. Are you fat? Hum. Is this guy fat?我叫罗比 麦耶 我来自加拿大东部 你胖吗 恩 这个人胖吗No. NO Are you scared for? Let#39;s find out. No. Why not?不胖 不胖 怎么 怕他啊 咱们来看看吧 不胖 为什么呢Because I eat healthily. Because, Because I,it doesn#39;t show. Because I more than 210 cm tall.因为我饮食健康 因为 因为我胖的看不出来 而且我身高接近2米1So that I doesn#39;t show fat. Hum. He is tall. Uh huh? All right. And one more.所以胖也看不出来 恩 他很高 是吧 好的 再来一个Hi. My name is Aisawa. I#39;m from Ilanlo, Georgia. Are you fat?你好 我叫艾泽 我来自乔治亚州的伊兰洛 你胖吗Is he,is he is fat? No. Wow. Let#39;s see what he thinks.他胖吗 他胖不胖 不胖 好 来看看他怎么说的No, I gotta little good meat to lose. But, I#39;m not fat. Thank you.不胖 虽然我要再瘦一点 会更好看 但是 我并不胖 谢谢你She gotta going home, fellows. I wish see the camera right there.来看看她啊 朋友们 我希望你们吧镜头对着这里Come and stand, do like me. Do like me. Turn your left. Look at that. No.来跟我站一起 跟我做 转身 快来看啊不要Even Ben Laden get to resurrect. Right. White girl back blank.本拉登都要复活了 白人子正点啊OK. We#39;re done. Let the table has turned. Thank you.好了 我们拍完了 反客为主了哦 订阅吉米鸡毛秀 Article/201707/515954义乌整形医院修眉手术多少钱

东阳市肿瘤医院激光祛痘手术多少钱初级公司英语会话Lession7:市场调研战略Listen to the dialogue between the Head of Marketing (HM) an the Head of Sales (HS).HM: here’s a full breakdown of the market research for you to look at.HS: Ok. So you interviewed 250 people in Shanghai, is that right?HM: Not just Shanghai, 250 people in Shanghai, 20 in Beijing, and 250 in Guangzhou.HS: Oh, right, it looks like you got similar results in all three cities.HM: Yes. The main question we were asking was how people would respond to a new brand coming in at the high end of the market.HS: And it seems as if a lot of people liked the idea.HM: Exactly. We found that only 30 % of people weren’t interested at all.HS: But the other 70% are interested?HM: yes. 70% of people like a well-respected brand name, it’s as simple as that.HS: But will they want to buy our products or stick to what they know.HM: well most people like the idea of being able to buy a Chinese brand rather than a foreign one.HS: what do you mean by ‘most people’ exactly?HM: In our target market of 16 to 30 year olds, only 15% said they would be put off buying a Chinese brand.HS: so you’d say that being a Chinese brand is one of our major strengths?HM: Definitely. I think the main thrust of our marketing campaign should be our Chinese identity.HS: The trick will be convincing them that our products are of the same quality as the established brands.HM: yes, and our research showed that pricing will have a lot to do with that.HS: we can’t afford to price our products too high, obviously.HM: that’s right. The research suggests we should go for price points just below those of our main competitors.HS: I agree –we need to be noticeably cheaper but still be in the same price bracket as the other top brands. /200708/16963义乌人民医院祛痘多少钱 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/454225义乌鹰钩鼻驼峰鼻翘鼻鞍鼻多少钱

浙江东阳医院去痘多少钱Look, he wanted to say,Just stop worrying about the dead king.You#39;re the sovereign now.他想呐喊 听着 别再顾虑死去的国王 今日你们已是统治者Come to think of it, you#39;ve always been the sovereign.细想一下 你们一直是真正的统治者Kings have been yours to hire or fire.水能载舟 亦能覆舟But when Cromwell and Milton told the people that it was time for them to govern themselves,但当克伦威尔和弥尔顿向人民宣告 民主的时代已经到来时they didn#39;t, of course, mean to be taken literally.他们当然不希望事实真的如此What? Every jumped-up weaver or ploughman with some sixpenny book-learning什么 那些自大的纺织工或庄稼汉 肚子里只有少得可怜的墨水are now thinking just appointing himself the magistrate of Mucking-on-the-Wold, granting himself the vote?都以为自己是世界的主宰者 拥有选举权的人士吗Heaven forbid! That way lay chaos.这样天理难容 只会使世界大乱No, the people should put the government to the state into the hands of the kind of men God saw fittest to exercise it 不 人们应当将政府 交予上帝认为最适合的人选来管理incorruptible men of substance and piety.交给在物质与信仰上都洁身自好的人Oh, I see,said free-born John Lilburne, the Leveller,明白了 信奉生而自由的平等主义者约翰·李尔本说an ex-army officer who wanted to level the distance between the mighty and the humble, the rich and the poor.这位前任军官主张无论贵贱 无论贫富 众生平等You mean, the same kind of people who got us into this mess in the first place.你是说 交给最初 挑起这场纷争的那些人We#39;ve all known a John Lilburne heavyweight,some of us have even been John Lilburne.我们都熟悉约翰·李尔本这样的大人物 我们中有些人 甚至正是这样的人物First at the barricades, first to be arrested, won#39;t shut up!他们身先士卒 囹圄之中仍不弃口诛笔伐But love him or hate him,you know he won#39;t go away.但爱他也好 恨他也罢 你也知道 他不会动摇 /201704/501733 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431421东阳市去抬头纹多少钱东阳激光祛斑价格



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