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A: I am here to get my prescription filled.B: Your prescription will be y in twenty minutes.A: Do you ever deliver prescriptions by mail?B: Yes, in fact, you can renew this prescription over the Internet and have it delivered to your home.A: How should I take this medication?B: You should take it twice a day.A: Should I avoid alcohol with this medication?B: You need something in your stomach when you take it. Don’t drink alcohol with this medication.A: Should I expect any side effects?B: Sometimes you might feel dizzy, but that isn’t common. 3651A woman who was bullied over her height is inching her way into the record books with what she believes are the longest legs in the US - measuring a whopping 9.5 inches.一女子曾因身高受欺负,现因其拥有美国最长腿而跻身记录册——-她腿长惊人,达9.5英寸(1.5米)Holly Burt– who is 6ft 5ins tall – said she was picked on at school being so tall – but added since moving to New York two years ago, men love her figure.霍莉·特身高6英尺5英寸(1.98米),她说,因为身材高挑,在学校会受欺负不过她补充道,自两年前搬到纽约后,人们喜欢她的身形Holly said: Back in middle school I was called daddy long legs, tree or giraffe - but the dating scene has gotten better since I moved to New York. I definitely have seen guys come up to me who have a fetish long legs.;霍莉说,“在中学的时候,我被大家唤作长腿叔叔、大树和长颈鹿——但我搬到纽约后约会变得顺利很多我也真的碰到很多迷恋大长腿的人来到我面前”Holly believes her legs are definitely an asset now, being older I feel like people appreciate them more.霍莉认为她的长腿现在绝对算资产,“年龄越大,我发觉人们越懂得欣赏长腿之美”Holly was always destined to reach great heights as extreme stature runs in her family.霍莉注定会长得高,因为她家里人身材都非常高挑But being tall also proves difficult when Holly uses standard sized cars or shops clothes. She said: It very difficult taking planes and getting in cars. My ex-boyfriend had a Mini Cooper and we took that to Florida - it was probably the worst ride of my life.但霍莉乘标准规格的车子或者购买衣时,长得高也成了问题“乘坐飞机、钻进车子都很艰辛我的前男友开迷你库柏,我们乘那辆车去的弗罗里达,这估计是我今生最不堪回首的旅程了”Im hoping my legs will generate good opporties - Im very open to modelling again.我希望的我的大长腿可以带来好机会——我很乐于再做模特这行 138

本文选自Gossip Girl《绯闻女孩,欢迎大家来此做客Rufus: And how is this a favor to me again? Lily: Rufus, look around. When was the last time you had access to the top people in music and art? Introduce yourself. Revialize your flgging career. Put that sad little Gallery on the cultural radar. Rufus: Since when were you the patron saint of mer rock stars?Lily: Since when were you a star? No, look, leave if you want to. Really. Alison would have a fit if she knew you were accompanying me to this party, even if it was your benefit.Rufus: Actually, I don't care what Alison thinks right now.Lily: Good. Then let me introduce you to our hostess.重点讲解:flagging: adj. 下垂的,衰弱的,委顿的,逐渐衰退的patron saint: n. 守护神;保护圣徒have access to: 接近(或进入)的方法,接近,可以获得或使用have a fit: (口)大发脾气,大为烦恼 your benefit: 为你的益处着想 30

The recent death of a -year-old bridesmaid in Wenchang, Hainan province, from being ced to drink too much alcohol at a wedding banquet has stirred up public debate, the media reported last Monday.据媒体上周一报道,近日海南省文昌市一位岁伴娘因在婚礼现场被迫大量饮酒而不幸身亡,此事引起了群众的热议A clip widely circulating on Chinese social-media sites shows the woman in a black dress being egged on into drinking baijiu at the ceremony.一则在社交网络中迅速传播的视频显示,一名身穿黑色裙子的年轻女子在婚礼上被旁人频频劝饮白酒She later appears to lose consciousness, and is rushed to local hospital. Untunately, the emergency department fails to resuscitate her.随后该名女子便失去意识,并被火速送往当地医院不幸的是,急诊部最终没能挽回她的生命A preliminary investigation by local police shows the woman died after consuming too much alcohol, which caused vomiting and choked her to death.当地警方经过初步调查之后认为,该女子是因饮酒过量,导致呕吐物堵塞了呼吸道引发窒息死亡According to the report, the family of the bridesmaid and the newlyweds are negotiating the liability and related compensation issues.据新闻报道,这位伴娘的家人正在与这对新婚夫妇就死亡责任以及相关赔偿等问题进行协商The incident has become a controversial topic on the internet over wedding traditions, as well as who should be held responsible her death.这起事件已经在网络上引发了人们对于婚礼传统习俗的讨论,一时成为热点话题,同时还有谁应为伴娘之死负责这个问题In China, drinking baijiu is usually considered an important part of social ritual, especially in business dinners and wedding banquets.白酒在中国的社交场合可谓是必不可少的一部分,在商务晚宴和婚宴这种场合更是如此But sometimes it just goes too far as the guests have to follow the hosts orders no matter how reluctant they are.然而,对于不顾客人意愿,主人强行劝酒的这种行为就有些过分了And this also puts too much social pressure on women as many men start crossing the borders in physical contacts, using indelicate language and ced drinking.同时,有些男性会越过身体上接触的边界,并说出一些粗俗下流的语言,强行劝酒,这让女性也承受了很大的社会压力While some internet users said those who ced the bridesmaid should take full responsibility as they pushed her, others believed the woman should also be blamed as she was an adult and could have chosen not to drink.尽管一些网友认为应该让那些劝酒的围观者负全部责任,但仍有一些网友认为该伴娘也应承担责任,因为作为一名成年人她完全可以选择拒绝喝酒 67857

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