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定南县激光脱腋毛多少钱赣州整形医院打瘦脸针好不好赣州隆鼻术哪家医院好 About 6 percent of luxury hotels in three major Chinese cities have stopped serving shark fin, a survey has found.一项调查显示,在中国的三大城市中有近6%的高档酒店对鱼翅说“不”。Although the controversial delicacy remains on the at most hotels, Green Beagle Environment Institute, a Beijing-based non-government organization that was the main sponsor of the survey, said the results are encouraging and reflect increased awareness.尽管这道备受争议的美味仍出现大多数酒店的菜单上,本次调查的主办单位、来自北京的非政府组织达尔问自然求知社则表示,此次调查结果令人鼓舞、体现出人们环保意识的提高。The survey was carried out in Beijing, Shenzhen in Guangdong province and Fuzhou in Fujian province, which were selected as representative cities to collect basic data on shark fin consumption nationwide.这些调查分别在北京、深圳、福州三地展开,这三座城市被选为收集全国鱼翅消费基本数据的代表城市。In Beijing, 132 hotels completed the phone questionnaire between Nov 20 and Dec 12.11月20日到12月12日之间,共有132家北京酒店完成了电话问卷调查。Only 12 hotels, 9 percent, said they do not serve shark fin.只有12家酒店(占9%)表示拒绝鱼翅。A similar survey of 131 Beijing hotels conducted a year ago found only one hotel that did not serve shark fin, Wang Xue, chief coordinator of the survey, said on Saturday.该调查的主要协调人王雪(音译)上周六表示,一年前的一项类似调查显示,在北京受访的131家酒店中,只有一家酒店对鱼翅说“不”。In Shenzhen, four out of the 85 four and five star hotels surveyed had stopped serving shark fin, accounting for about 5 percent. In Fuzhou, only one of the 40 hotels surveyed did not serve shark fin.在深圳,共有85家四五星级酒店参与此次调查,其中有四家酒店拒绝鱼翅,约占5%。在福州,参与调查的40家酒店中,只有一家表示拒绝鱼翅。On average, about 6.61 percent of the hotels in the three cities did not serve the food.平均来说,三地约有6.61%的酒店对鱼翅说“不”。;The survey reminded us there is still a long way to go to remove shark fins from Chinese hotels and restaurants, but the improved situation in Beijing is encouraging,; said Wang. ;We found more hotels and restaurants were willing to take action over the past year.;王雪表示:“该调查提醒我们要想中国餐营业全面拒绝鱼翅,还有很长一段路要走,但是北京状况的改善十分令人鼓舞。过去一年中我们发现越来越多的餐厅和酒店自愿加入拒绝鱼翅的行列。”International hotels are more active in the ;shark-fin-free; project, she noted. Shangri-la, Peninsula, JW Marriot, Accor and Starwood are among the hotels that have declared they will not serve shark fin.她指出,许多国际酒店在“拒绝鱼翅”项目中表现得更积极。香格里拉、半岛、J.W.万豪、雅高以及喜达屋等酒店品牌纷纷表示不再提供鱼翅。China is the world`s biggest importer and consumer of shark fin, which has been used in luxurious Chinese dishes for 500 years. Dishes made from shark fin are still regarded as a symbol of honor and respect, especially at business dinners, according to Wang.王雪介绍说,中国是全球最大的鱼翅进口国兼消费国,鱼翅作为中国顶级食材已有500年的历史了。鱼翅菜肴仍然被视作尊贵的象征,尤其是在商务宴会上。;Our awareness-raising mainly targets the luxury hotels, restaurants and businessmen associations,; she said.她表示:“我们旨在提升这些高档酒店、餐厅以及商会的相关意识。”Her organization has held talks with China Hotel Association and discussed the association adding ;shark fin free; into its scoring system for hotels hoping to gain the Green Hotel or Green Restaurant label, said Wang.王雪称自己所在的组织已同中国饭店协会展开会谈,并就将“零鱼翅”加入绿色酒店、餐厅的评分机制这一问题进行讨论。Displays of dried shark fin in hotels and restaurants are expected to soon be banned by the hotel association.中国饭店协会有望在短时间内对各大酒店、餐厅下达“鱼翅禁售令”。;We hope hotels and restaurants remove shark fin products from their s,; Wang said.王雪表示:“我们希望所有酒店及餐厅都可以将鱼翅产品从菜单上去除。”The Chinese government pledged to ban shark fin products from government banquets in late June, but the regulation is expected to take three years to release officially.今年六月末,国家政府承诺官宴禁止鱼翅产品,而该禁令将在三年内正式发布。The NGOs that oppose shark fin consumption aim to protect the decreasing number of sharks in the ocean and stop shark-finning, a practice that condemns the finless sharks to a slow death.那些反对鱼翅消费的非政府组织致力于保护海洋中鲨鱼数量的减少,制止“削鳍”行为的发生——这种行为致使那些失去鳍的鲨鱼慢慢消亡。Research has also found that shark fin contains poisonous elements, including lead and mercury, but the nutritious value is less than that of chicken or pork.同时也有研究发现鲨鱼翅含有铅汞等有毒元素,而营养价值却不及鸡肉和猪肉。Some fishing associations in China say shark fin products should not be banned and deny shark-finning occurs. They claim a ban on the fins will lead to waste when sharks are captured with other fish.国内几家水产协会表示鱼翅产品不应被禁,声称割鳍弃肉的行为根本就不存在了。他们表示,当鲨鱼同其他鱼类被一同捕捞上来时,鱼翅禁令将会导致资源浪费的现象。 /201212/215203赣州皮肤医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

赣州俪人医院治疗痤疮价格As the days draw in and temperatures drop, you may be tempted to hang up your exercise gear and hibernate. Don’t! It may be cold outside but winter needn’t be the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family. Stay active throughout autumn and winter to beat those seasonal blues and feel on top of the world.当冬天来临,气温降低,你或许想收起你的健身器材,进入“冬眠”了。千万别!外面可能是很冷,但冬天不应该成为你和家人不健康的时段。无论秋天还是冬天,都要保持活力,打败季节性忧郁,让自己处于最佳状态。Here are four ways to make sure that even when your body is telling you to hibernate you can keep healthy and fit, no matter what the weather’s like:尽管身体告诉你是时候“冬眠”了,但是以下四个方法可以让你无论在何种天气,都保持身体健康。1. Eliminate your sleep debt1. 消除睡眠负担“On average we sleep six-and-a-half hours a night, much less than the seven to nine hours recommended,” says the spokesperson at the Sleep Council, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing. But in winter, we naturally sleep more, due to the longer nights. “It’s perfectly natural to adopt hibernating habits when the weather turns cold.”睡眠委员会的发言人表示,“我们每晚平均要睡眠6.5小时,比建议的7到9小时要短”,这是要提高人们对一个好的晚间睡眠对身体健康重要性的意识。但是,在冬天,我们要多睡一点,因为冬天晚间时间长。“当天气转冷,采取‘冬眠习惯’是非常自然的事情。”2. Drink more milk2. 多喝牛奶You are 80% more likely to get a cold in winter so making sure your immune system is in tip-top condition is important. Milk and dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are great sources of protein and vitamins A and B12. They’re also an important source of calcium, which helps keep our bones strong. Try to go for semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, rather than full fat, and low-fat yoghurts.在冬天,你有80%的机会换感冒,因此,让你的免疫系统处于巅峰状态尤其重要。牛奶和奶制品如芝士、酸奶和奶酪都是蛋白质和维他命A和B12的重要来源。同时也是钙质的重要来源,可以让你的骨头坚实。尝试喝半脱脂牛奶或脱脂牛奶,而不喝全脂或低脂酸奶。3. Eat more fruit and veg3. 多吃水果和蔬菜Ensure that you still keep your diet healthy and include five portions of fruit and veg a day but not unhealthy comfort food. If you find yourself craving a sugary treat, try sweet dried fruits such as dates or raisins. Winter vegetables such as carrots and turnips can be roasted, mashed or made into soup for a comforting winter meal for the whole family.确保饮食均衡营养,保持每天五份水果和蔬菜,而不是吃不健康的消闲食品。如果你真的想吃些含糖小吃,你可以吃些甜干果如大枣和葡萄干。红萝卜和白萝卜这类冬季蔬菜可以烤着吃,或磨成浆放进汤里作为全家人的温暖冬天晚餐。4. Try new activities for the whole family4. 和家人进行新活动Don’t use the cold winter months as an excuse to stay in and lounge around. Regular exercise helps to control your weight, boost your immune system and is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is constantly cooped up inside the house.不要把冬天天气寒冷作为呆在家里和闲逛的借口。常规锻炼可以控制你的体重,促进免疫系统循环。家人经常禁闭在家里会引发紧张关系,外出锻炼同时也是打破紧张关系的好方法。Don’t worry if you’ve not done much for a while, these exercises are easy, gentle to follow and can also be done indoors.虽然你很久没做运动,但也无须担心,以下的锻炼简单轻松,也可以在室内完成。if you’re not keen on exercising outdoors, check out our 10-minute home exercise routines:如果你不想去室外锻炼,可以看一下我们为你提供的10分钟在家锻炼运动:6-minute warm-up6分钟热身运动10-minute home cardio workout10分钟有氧运动10-minute home toning workout10分钟塑身运动Stretching after exercising伸展运动Something you enjoy在享受中运动Choose an activity that you enjoy. Now might be the time to try something new that you can do indoors, such as:选择你可以从中享受的运动。这个时间最适合在室内做的新锻炼模式:archery箭术badminton羽毛球bowls保龄球cycling自转脚踏车运动dancing跳舞curling冰壶运动fencing击剑fitness classes健身班five-a-side football五人制足球handball手球judo柔道pilates普拉提健身课程squash壁球swimming冬泳table tennis乒乓球tai chi太极拳yoga瑜伽 /201212/212743赣州祛眼袋 赣州俪人整形美容医院切眼袋手术多少钱

赣州彩光永久脱体毛It may be a new year, but is it really a new you? Let#39;s face it -- it#39;s unlikely that you#39;ve suddenly acquired a new wardrobe, started a new career, found a new family, or overhauled your personality.新的一年要开始了,你是不是也要盖头换面啦?好吧,我的意思并不是你突然换了身行头,开始了新工作,有了个新家庭,又或者对自己的人格彻底反省。Do not despair. You don#39;t need a life makeover to experience more happiness. By putting a few simple habits in place, you will increase your happiness every day.先别沮丧,想要更快乐其实并不需要翻天覆地的变化。只要养成一些简单的习惯,你就能提升每日的快乐心情啦!And don#39;t worry, these habits are simple and easy shortcuts to inner peace -- no daily kale drinks or hours at the gym required.也别担心,这些习惯都十分简单,可以让你迅速达到内心的平静,也不需要每天喝蔬菜汤又或在健身房锻炼。1. Say a Morning Affirmation1. 在清早鼓励自己The first thought in your head should not be ;ugh; or ;Is it Friday yet?; Try an upbeat intention instead, such as, ;This day is going to be wonderful,; ;I#39;m lucky to be alive today,; ;I have gifts to share today,; or ;I#39;m going to have a terrific experience.; Keep Post-Its with positive affirmations next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to fill your head with positive thoughts.早晨醒来,你脑海中闪过的第一个念头不应该是“啊”或“星期五了么?”,试试乐观点的吧,比如“今天一定超级棒” “能活着是多么幸运的事情” “今天有些礼物可以分享”又或“我今天一定要经历什么大好事”。坚持做下去,在床边或浴室镜子前面说的乐观向上的话,会提醒你多给自己一些点积极思想。2. Say ;I Love You; Every Day2. 每天都说我爱你Before you leave the house, say ;I love you; to a loved one in person, by text, or on email. Say it to your spouse, to your children, or to your pets. Look in the mirror and say it out loud to yourself. Open your heart to love and watch your mood improve. We are designed to connect with other beings and when we do, we feel better.离开家时,用手写或者发邮件来对每个人说我爱你,你的伴侣,孩子甚至是宠物。也对着镜子大声的对自己说出来,敞开心扉去爱,你的心情也会变好。我们不是孤岛,我们和别人密不可分,所以做这些时,我们会感觉更快乐。3. Smile3. 微笑Whenever anyone asks you, ;How are you?; bring to mind at least one way that life is grand. Say ;I#39;m terrific; and notice how people around you respond. When you say this with zesty energy and a smile, you send a message to your brain that you#39;re happy.无论什么时候别人问你“最近怎么样?”你脑子里需要想到的至少是生命很美妙,说“我好极了”,看看周围人的反应。如果你的回应充满了能量并附上一个微笑,你就向大脑传递了信息——你很快乐。4. Wish Others Well as You Commute4. 通勤时也希望别人一切顺利When you#39;re in your car, on the train, in the subway, or walking to work, look around at other people and wish them well. Wish them peace, joy, and love. Each person you see is fighting his or her own battles (with health, with finances, with fear, with loneliness, with aging, with loss). Open your heart with compassion to others and your happiness level will rise.当你开着车子,坐着火车、地铁或步行去上班时,看看周围的人,顺便也祝他们也一切顺利吧。希望他们平静,幸福和有爱。你见到的每个人都在自己的战场上厮杀着(为了健康、金钱、恐惧、孤单、衰老和失去)。打开心胸把你的情感传递给他人,你的幸福指数也会提高。5. Breathe Deeply5. 深呼吸Whenever you take a break to snack, drink coffee, or go to the bathroom, take a moment for a deep, cleansing breath. Try ;Take Five;: breathe in for five, hold for five, and exhale for five. Breathing deeply calms the body and the mind, making it an ideal shortcut to inner peace.无论什么时候你要休息一会,吃点零食、喝喝咖啡或去一下洗手间,都别忘了深深吸一口气。试试“五秒原则吧”:吸气五秒,屏气五秒,再呼出五秒。深呼吸能平静身心,让你迅速达到内心的宁静。6. Be Grateful, Every Night6. 每天晚上充满感激As you#39;re falling asleep, review your day and recall three things for which you are grateful. It could be a relationship, good news, or a happy email. Be grateful for food on the table, for a warm bed, for electricity, or for your eyesight. You will definitely rest in peace when you count your blessings instead of sheep.睡觉之前回想下今天,想想哪三件事是你最感激的。可以是一段关系,一个好消息或一封开心的邮件。对桌子上的食物、温暖的被窝、电和你的视力都要充满感激。相比睡眠而言,当你庆幸你所得到的一切时才是最平静的时候。Intentionally make these six simple habits a regular part of your day and you can look forward to a very happy new year.每天养成这六个简单的小习惯,新的一年你就会更加的快乐。 /201302/224931 赣州抽脂哪家好一点赣州去妊娠纹



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