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Where are we right now? We're on the cusp of the second half, when we're supposed to see recovery.Yeah, I think it's unlikely for a while. I mean I get figures on dozens of, dozens of businesses. I get them daily. I mean we own them. And we have not, there is no uptick yet. There will be. I wanna assure everybody that. This country always comes back. I mean if you go, you know, we've had the Civil War, we've got the Great Depression, we've had Pearl Harbor, we get a lot of unpleasant surprises, but we always overcome them and we will this. But we haven't yet, and it doesn't look to me like it's imminent. It will happen.You know, it's rare to hear you as the Dr. Doom. I mean you know, look, the rate of jobless, job layoffs has slowed down. We got the report today on big ticket items. We have a second month of gains. (Yeah) We had existing home sales up for three, for a couple of months. So there are signs of growth. You are not encouraged by this.Well, I'm encouraged by the fact that it's gonna work over time. But I'm not, but in terms of looking at all the figures that I see, whether, you know, retail sale, everything. The unemployment is gonna keep going up significantly. But we will overcome it, I don't wanna be Dr. Doom in that respect. I'm a huge bull on America, I always have been. But I also don't believe in kidding myself. So when I look at numbers of how many yards of carpet we sold yesterday, or how many items of jewelry, or how many watches, or whatever it maybe. And I just was talking with the gentleman that runs this, this restaurant, you know, the same, the same situation. We have not bounced yet.You mentioned one of the things, rate of unemployment going up. (Yeah.) There's this talk of a jobless recovery, is there such a thing?No, eventually, but there will be, at the beginning of recovery, there will be jobless. I mean when firms tighten up, they don't start hiring a month or two months after their business turns up. They do start hiring later on. But unemployment will peak after businesses aly start/ turning up somewhat. So it won't be a jobless. We'll add millions and millions of jobs in the next decade in this country. We just won't add them in the next few months. 08/82103。

  • North Korea’s train-lover朝鲜那个爱坐火车的主儿A China hedge?防范中国?A hermit makes a rare venture out of his kingdom深居简出的金将军,罕見地走出国门到外面风险投机Aug 27th 2011 | BEIJING AND TOKYO | from the print edition EVEN by his own mercurial standards, the contradictory signals sent out this week by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, are unusual. One day his government was seizing the assets of a South Korean tourism venture in the North once hailed as a symbol of detente. Two days later Mr Kim, making his first visit to Russia in a decade, was discussing the possibility of a pipeline carrying natural gas between Siberia and the two Koreas.即便是以其常出人意料的标准来衡量,朝鲜领导人金正日本周放出的反常信号还是那么的非比寻常。某天,金将军的政府将曾被视为朝鲜半岛和解象征的金刚山旅游区内的韩方资产收归己有。两天之后,他又跑到俄罗斯,商讨铺设从西伯利亚到朝鲜和韩国的天然气输送管道,这是他十年来首次访问俄罗斯。Mr Kim’s foray into Siberia began on August 20th, and was as usual by train (he has a fear of flying). In Ulan-Ude, Mr Kim met Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, who treated the Dear Leader to some greasy salmon from Lake Baikal. Some in Russia have pushed the idea of piping Siberian gas to South Korea through the North, as well as connecting the three countries by rail. Perhaps North Korea, desperate for cash, is really interested. More likely, the interest is feigned. Russia is a useful supplier of free grain.金正日对西伯利亚的“突然袭击”始于8月20日,一如既往地乘坐火车(将军害怕坐飞机)。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在乌兰乌德会见了这位贵客,并用贝加尔湖肥美的大马哈鱼款待了他。在俄国,有人推崇铺设西伯利亚至韩国的输气管道通过朝鲜,进而通过管道联通三国的理念。或许极度贫困的朝鲜是真的动心了。而更有可能的是,动心是假的,反正俄罗斯的便宜不占白不占。(*毛子这次在利比亚赔了几十亿美元的军火)Importantly, the trip takes place at a time when Chinese diplomatic pressure is on North Korea to be less belligerent towards the South, and Chinese influence in the North is growing. North Koreans resent both. Mr Kim may be hedging against over reliance on China by getting closer to Russia. Either way, the political risks for Russia and South Korea of a pipeline through the North are almost too high for the plan to be credible.重要的是,这次访问发生的背景,是中国施加外交压力要求朝鲜减少对韩国的武力挑衅,以及中国在朝鲜的影响与日剧深。这两点都让朝鲜很不爽。所以将军想要拉拢俄国以防对中国过于依赖。但是不管怎样,铺设通过朝鲜的输气管道的政治风险,对俄罗斯和韩国来讲都是高的无法可信。201109/152004。
  • Thailand, China Sign Agreements to Boost Economy泰总理访华吸引中国投资  Thailand is looking to China to boost its ailing economy and to draw in Chinese investments, as other sources of foreign funds dwindle. The effort to build China's business profile in Thailand came during Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's official visit to China.泰国总理阿披实(Abhisit Vejjajiva)正在对中国进行正式访问,努力加强泰中两国的商业往来。观察人士指出,由于来自其他国家的资金减少,泰国正在转向中国,希望通过吸引中国投资来振兴泰国疲弱的经济。Prime Minister Abhisit, leading a delegation of more than 100 officials and business people to China, announced business deals worth more than billion. The agreements aim to increase Thai exports industries and to attract Chinese investors.阿披实总理这次访华率领了一个由100多名政府官员和工商人士组成的代表团。阿披实表示已经跟中国达成了价值10亿多美元的商业协议。这些协议旨在增加泰国的出口业和吸引中国的投资者。Mr. Abhisit also held talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing during his four-day visit, which ends Saturday.在这次为期四天的访问中,阿披实在北京跟中国国家主席胡锦涛和中国总理温家宝举行了会谈。The agreements involve exports of Thai rice, rubber, tapioca, fruits and jewelry. They are part of Thai Commerce Ministry efforts to expand business networks between the two countries, to counter the pain caused by the global economic slowdown.双方签署的商业协议包括泰国稻米、橡胶、木薯、水果和珠宝出口。这是泰国商务部扩大两国工商交往努力的一部分,以减轻全球经济衰退给泰国带来的阵痛。Somphob Manarangsan, director of the Chinese Studies Center at Thailand's Chulalongkorn University, says both countries want to boost trade and investment.泰国朱拉隆功大学的中国研究中心主任颂蓬(Somphob Manarangsan)说, 两国都想增加贸易往来和投资。"There are quite some prospects for the expansion of economic activity between Thailand and China," said Somphob. "Now the foreign trade of the two countries is just about billion - the two way trade. So I think they try to expand the figure to achieve the billion in the next few years." 他说:“人们对扩大中泰两国之间的经济活动充满了远景期望。现在,两国之间的贸易额只有370亿美元。所以我认为他们想努力扩大这个数字,希望在接下来的几年达到500亿美元。”Somphob says exports still account for over 60 percent of Thailand's total output. Thai trade with China fell 25 percent to just over billion in the first five months of this year, but Somphob expects the rate of decline to improve in the coming months. 颂蓬说,出口仍然占泰国总产出的60%以上。今年头5个月,泰中贸易下降了25%,超过110亿美元。但是颂蓬预期下降的速度在未来的几个月会得到改善。The Thai government recently set out a national investment plan worth more than billion as part of efforts to revive the flagging economy.泰国政府最近推出了一项超过400亿美元的全国投资计划,努力改善低迷的经济。The plan includes infrastructure projects, such as an expansion of the rail network. During his visit, Mr. Abhisit met with the chairman of the China Railway Engineering Corporation.这项计划包括扩大铁路网等基础设施建设项目。阿披实总理在访华期间还会见了中国铁路工程公司董事长石大华。Somphob says many countries like Thailand hope to benefit as Chinese businesses seek investments abroad. 颂蓬说,泰国跟许多其他国家一样,希望能在中国企业寻求海外投资时获得好处。"From now on I think China will seem to boost outward foreign investment particularly in the field of direct investment," he said. "As you know that China has huge amounts of foreign reserves - so they need to go out to particularly to the developing economies." 他说:“我认为,从现在开始,中国将扩大在海外的投资,尤其是直接投资。中国有大量的外汇储备。所以他们需要走出去,尤其是向发展中国家投资。”Thailand also hopes to lure back Chinese tourists, many of whom postponed visits over the past year because of the country's recent political uncertainties.泰国还希望能把中国游客吸引回来。去年,许多游客因为泰国政治不稳而放弃了到泰国旅游的计划。06/75866。
  • RS8MTC(3mtVf~X(*(@2j 听完了挪威的一系列故事,不知道大家做好去下一个地方的准备了吗?呵呵~ ~ 今天Daisy小编带大家来到位于北美大陆的落基山脉,首先大致介绍一些关于落基山脉的情况WSnvM2y4EBq。这样就可以了解一些地球形成的情况kE3di-!8)|3NXR|D0。p[II~M!zOYlZyQ_;[oZ0 落基山脉占北美大陆西部大高原体系的大部地区.整体而言,落基山系所包含的各条山脉从亚伯达省北部和不列颠哥伦比亚省向南延伸,经美国西部至墨西哥边境,全长约4,800公里*Gassza|;2qHU_Rn。界线大多不易确定,尤其是西北边远地区,经常将阿拉斯加的布鲁克斯山脉归入落矶山系.这里有终年积雪的山峰、茂密的针叶森林、宽广的山谷、清澈的溪流、开阔的天空和丰富的矿藏资源.大部分山脉平均海拔达2000到3000 米,有的甚至超过了4000 米,如埃尔伯特峰高达4399 米,加尼特峰高达4202 米,布兰卡峰高达4365米. AYSNYzI^fVdZG,(dG,TY Q(b245c(aBU#Earth, a unique planet, restless and dynamic, continents shift and clash, volcanoes erupt, glaciers grow and recede, titanic forces that are constantly at work, leaving a trail of geological mysteries behind.5;Fh3HfcUH4|^+Le~1rBIn this episode, we investigate the formation of the Rockies, the North American mountain range shrouded in mystery, flanked by huge slabs of rocks with ancient sea fossils buried high in its slopes, and crowned by jagged peaks that geologists believe were once double the height they are today. Scientists piecing together their story, uncover evidence of 1 ice sheets, collapsing mountains and explosive volcanic eruptions. A geological history that brings us one step closer to understanding HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE.;sIvR~qXP1Q^D+ZThe Rockies, a 2 mountain range, towering high above the American West. Its the longest chain in North America, and the third longest in the world, stretching over 3,000 miles, from New Mexico, through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, and north into Canada.rq7m!qgC0ZU]For decades, geologists have been puzzled about how this giant mountain range rose from the plains. The investigation begins with a specific type of rock.sXZL#dXk];Here we are, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains; were in an amazing place to begin with. And right here, at Red Rocks, were in the midst of an amphitheatre of rock.;nRm|Cmur(]%a4|9Thirteen miles west of Denver, Colorado, two 300-foot-high sandstone monoliths slope 45 degrees into the sky, each is taller than Niagara Falls. Together they form the walls of a unique musical venue.课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?RN!gD0UMBmI~o3*Fb+N%^i0r6m8Rz9Mm;#W#yc^(bKi201110/157845。
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