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Celebrities whose marriages appear on the front page of a magazine are more than twice as likely to get divorced, according to a study.研究发现,婚礼照片被登上杂志封面的名人离婚的几率要比其他名人高出两倍以上。One in six couples (16 percent) whose wedding featured on the cover of Hello! magazine in the past decade were divorced within six years, compared with a national average of 7 percent.过去的十年里,那些婚礼图片登上《Hello!》杂志封面的夫妇有六分之一(16%)在六年内就离婚了。而英国六年内离婚的名人夫妇比例平均为7%。However, the magazine rejected the suggestion that appearing in its pages was a ;curse;.然而,该杂志否认登上封面是诅咒的说法。Many couples agree for the weekly title to photograph their wedding ceremony, in deals said to attract large payments and an option for security to prevent anyone intruding on the occasion.许多夫妇同意让周刊为自己的婚礼摄像,一是为了得到大笔报酬,二是有严格的安保措施,防止其他任何人闯入婚礼现场。Liz Hurley, the actress, and Arun Nayar, the Indian textile heir, who appeared on the cover twice in 2007, were married for four years before divorcing. Their nuptials cost a reported pound;2 million, said to have been partly funded by the magazine.女演员丽兹#8226;赫莉和印度纺织大头继承人阿伦#8226;纳雅尔曾于2007年两度登上杂志封面,他俩婚后才过了四年就离婚了。据报道,他们的婚礼花费了200万英镑,据称其中一部分费用是由《Hello!》杂志资助的。Kim Kardashian, a US reality television contestant, was married for less time than any of the other celebrities to feature in the magazine. Her wedding to Kris Humphries, a basketball player, appeared on the title#39;s front page last August. She filed for divorce after 72 days.美国真人秀选手金#8226;卡戴珊的婚姻比其他任何婚照登上杂志封面的名人都要短暂。她和篮球运动员克里斯#8226;亨弗里斯的婚礼图片于去年八月份登上杂志封面,仅过了72天她就提出了离婚诉讼。The advantages of having a wedding featured in Hello! can include a generous cheque and a formidable security option to prevent the public - and rival publications - catching a sneak glimpse of the bride.婚礼图片登上《Hello!》杂志的好处包括一张丰厚的票,以及为防止公众和出版界对手偷拍新娘,会采用严格的安保措施。Rosie Nixon, editor of the magazine, said: ;The #39;curse of Hello!#39; is a ridiculous concept and totally unfounded.;该杂志的编辑罗茜#8226;尼克森说:“‘Hello的诅咒’一说根本是不经之谈,完全没有根据。”But Kay Goddard, a former editor, said: ;Perhaps they should put a clause in the contract that celebrity couples who divorce within a certain time should repay some of their fee.;但是前编辑凯伊#8226;戈达德说:“也许他们应该在合同中加一个条款:凡是在一定时间内离婚的名人夫妇都应返还部分费用。” /201204/177179Many of us depend on a mug of freshly brewed coffee to perk us up in the mornings.   我们中间的很多人早上都要靠一杯新鲜的现煮咖啡提神。   But its mood-boosting effect could well be lasting far longer than we realise, claim scientists.   但是据科学家称,提神的效果将会比我们想象的还要长。   They have discovered that women who drink four or more cups a day are a fifth less likely to become depressed.   他们研究发现每天喝四杯咖啡的女士的抑郁症的几率将会大大降低。   And those who drink between two or three reduce their risk by 15 per cent.   而那些喝两到三杯的,得抑郁症的概率则会降低15%。   Researchers at Harvard University compared the coffee intake and risk of depression amongst nearly 51,000 women over ten years.   在哈佛大学的研究者对比了在10年间大约5万一千名女士们喝咖啡的量和患抑郁症的概率。   They did not look at men—but other studies have found it has a similar effect.   他们并没有做关于男士的研究,但是其他的一些研究发现结果是相似的。   The scientists, whose findings are published in the Journal of American Medicine Association, think that caffeine works like antidepressant pills by stopping the production of certain hormones such as serotonin.   那些将研究结果发表在美国医学协会杂志上的科学家认为在停止分泌雌激素上面,咖啡因和某些抗抑郁的药物例如血清素的功能是一样的。   Dr Michel Lucas, from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, said: 'Our results support a possible protective effect of caffeine, mainly from coffee consumption, on risk of depression.   来自波士顿哈佛大学公共卫生学方面米歇尔·卢卡斯士说,“我们的结果持咖啡因的积极作用,主要是从能抵制抑郁方面说的。”   The scientists pointed out that caffeine had 'well-known psychostimulant effects' including 'increased sensations of well-being and energy'.   科学家们说咖啡因有显而易见的刺激精神的作用,这其中还包括增加快感和能量感。   They think that in future coffee could be used as an antidepressant or as a means of preventing depression.   他们认为在未来咖啡也许能用作防止抑郁的药物。   Only last year a study in Finland discovered that men who drank more than four cups a day were also far less likely to become depressed.   去年在芬兰的一项研究表明一天喝超过四杯咖啡的男士同样会远离抑郁。   And last month German researchers claimed that women are now twice as likely to suffer from depression compared with 40 years ago because they are trying to juggle families and careers.   上个月,德国的研究宣称现在的女士们和四十年之前相比更容易得抑郁,因为他们现在需要操心家庭和工作。   It is aly known that coffee can help stave off a range of illnesses including prostate cancer, gout and Alzheimer's and may even boost brain power.   现在已经知道咖啡能延缓前列腺癌,痛风和老年痴呆症,甚至还能健脑。   But it isn't entirely beneficial—and you can have too much.   但是这并不是全部的,有的可能比这个还多。   Scientists have also shown that can raise the blood pressure and increase the heart rate.   科学家们同样发现了咖啡有可能会增加高血压和心脏病的概率。   And pregnant women are advised to drink no more than two cups a day to reduce the likelihood of a miscarriage or their babies being underweight.   若是妇每天喝超过两倍的咖啡,则将会大大增加流产的概率。 /201110/156193

Don#39;t you wish there was a small trick or two that could make you more attractive to the opposite sex? It turns out there are plenty.想不想学几招让你在异性面前更有魅力呢?当然有很多招数可以学。We combed through some recent scientific studies to find personal grooming tips, dietary changes and other fixes that are proven to make you more attractive.我们整理了一下最新的科学研究,发现改变自己容貌,饮食规律以及其他的方面会让人更加有魅力。Go for a ride...on a roller coaster.坐......过山车Take your date or someone you want to be romantically involved with on a roller coaster.带着你的约会对象或是你想进一步发展感情的某人去坐过山车吧!A study from earlier last year revealed that roller coaster riders found their non-romantic co-riders more attractive after a whip around the track, according to The Daily Mail.《每日邮报》报道称,去年早期的研究表明乘客,在经历过过山车之后会发现自己的普通朋友更加有魅力。There was no difference for couples who were aly romantically linked, so this trick only works with potential partners.不过这对已经是情侣们不太适用,仅限于潜在约会对象哦。Eat your fruits and vegetables for glowing skin.多吃水果蔬菜让肌肤焕发光Eating more fruits and vegetables is a natural way to make your skin look more attractive, a study from PLoS ONE showed.公共国家图书馆研究表明,多吃水果和蔬菜是使肌肤更有魅力的最天然方法。The redness and yellowness of skin in white people may be linked to the number of servings of fruit and vegetables they eat daily, the study showed. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and plant-based pigments, which seem to give skin a healthy hue.研究表明,白种人皮肤发红与发黄有可能与每日摄取的水果蔬菜数量有关。水果和蔬菜富含抗氧化剂和植物色素,这些似乎能让肤色更加健康。Better yet, the results are instant. Participants in the study had rosier cheeks and healthier looking skin with just an increase of one portion of fruit and vegetables a day.更好的是,此方法效果立竿见影。通过每天多食用一份水果和蔬菜,研究参与者们很快脸颊更红润了,肤色也更加健康。Keep those teeth pearly white保持牙齿白亮A study confirmed the obvious, that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth make people seem more attractive.研究明,拥有白亮整齐牙齿的人似乎更有魅力。The study, from researchers at the British universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire, found that teeth are ;the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail,; according to The Daily Mail.《每日邮报》报道称,利兹和中央兰开夏郡的英国大学研究发现,牙齿相当于人类的孔雀尾巴。They are a sign of health and good genetics that help select a mate.牙齿是健康和优质基因的标志,能帮助人们选择伴侣。女人应该随身带口红Ladies, pick up some red lipstick next time you#39;re at the drug store.下次去药妆店,女士们可别忘了买点口红。A woman#39;s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially when colored with red lipstick, a study from the Manchester University revealed.曼彻斯特大学的研究发现,女人的嘴唇是身体中最性感的部位,特别是在涂过口红之后。The study found that men stared at a woman#39;s lips for seven full seconds when they were colored red. In comparison, they spent just 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair.研究发现一旦女人涂了口红,男人可以盯着女人的嘴唇长达7秒之久,相比之下,他们只会花0.95秒去关注女人的眼睛,0.85秒关注女人的头发。Play dumb (but only if you#39;re looking for a fling)装傻(仅限于找一夜情的情况)This one pains us to write. But ladies, if you#39;re looking for a one-night stand, it#39;s best to play it stupid.我们十分纠结到底要不要列出这一点。如果你想找的是一夜情,那么最好的办法就是装傻。In a study recently published in Evolution and Human Behavior, graduate students at the University of Texas–Austin found that that men were most attracted to women who appeared ;dimwitted- or immature,; or ;sleepy or intoxicated; for a one-night stand.德州大学奥斯丁分校的研究生在《进化与人类行为》杂志上近期发表的研究发现,男人更喜欢那些看起来“笨笨的、单纯的” 或“昏昏欲睡醉酒的”女人们来玩一夜情。Women who appeared quick-witted and lucid, on the other hand, were found less physically attractive.而那些聪明机警头脑清楚的女人反而缺少点魅力。Thankfully, the opposite was true when men were seeking long-term partners.不过谢天谢地,在男人们寻找长期伴侣时,结论完全是反过来的。Ladies—smile!女士们笑一个!Ladies, a simple smile will help a guy find you more attractive.女士们,简单的微笑都能让男人觉得你更有魅力。Happiness is the most attractive emotion in females, a study called ;Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction; from Emotion showed.一个名为“快乐者事竟成:情感表达对异性魅力的影响”的研究表明,快乐是女性最有魅力的情感。Guys—brood a little more.男士们还是深沉点吧Brooding and swaggering men are much more attractive than men who are smiling, according to a recent study from the University of British Columbia. In fact, the women surveyed said happiness was the least attractive quality in a man.根据英属哥伦比亚大学的最新研究表明,相对于那些笑嘻嘻的男人们而言,深沉而高傲的男人们似乎更有魅力。实际上,被调查的女人们说快乐是男人身上最无魅力的特性。The study could explain why some women are attracted to the ;bad boy; persona.该研究能解释为何有些女人独爱“坏男人”。And shave those beards.男士们还要记得刮胡子Women did not rate men with have bearded faces as more attractive in a recent study in the Oxford Journal.《牛津大学期刊》上最新的调查显示,女人们并不认为有胡须的男人会更有魅力。The study found that men with beards were seen as more aggressive and of a higher social-status, but not better looking.调查发现有胡须的男人会显得更有进取心,虽然可以显示更高的社会地位,但是会影响外貌美观。Take a deep breath and relax.深吸一口气放松Women find less-stressed men substantially more attractive than their more-stressed out rivals, a study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal found.《英国皇家协会学报》B刊的研究表明,女人们觉得相对于压力重重的男人们而言,她们更喜欢轻松点的男人们。The study#39;s researchers concluded that men with low stress levels are more attractive, because handling a stressful situation suggests having a ;strong; genetic makeup and that can be passed on to children.调查者总结说压力小的男人更有魅力,因为他们能处理好压力状况,表明有好的抗压基因,这能遗传给下一代。Play hard to get.保持神秘感In another odd turn of human behavior, a study in Psychological Science showed that women found a man more attractive when she wasn#39;t sure how strongly he felt about her, as opposed to when she was certain he was very interested in her.这又牵扯到人类一个奇怪的行为了,《心理科学》杂志的研究表明,如果女人们并不清楚自己在男人心中的地位,则那个男人会更有魅力,然而一旦获知男人对她很感兴趣,那么这个男人似乎就没那么有魅力了。The study found that women started thinking about a man more when she was uncertain if he really liked her or not. Then, she would conclude she liked him since she couldn#39;t ;get this guy out of her head.;研究发现当女人并不确定男人是否喜欢她时,会不断的想起这个男人。然后她就会觉得已经喜欢上了他,因为这个男人一直在她的脑海挥之不去。Overall, the study suggested that if men hold back some of their feelings at the very beginning, and create some mystery, he#39;ll be more likely to hook a member of the opposite sex.总的来说,如果男人们想一直保持最初在女人心中的感觉,那就制造点神秘感吧,这会让你吸引一大批异性哦。 /201301/221460

Host: Why did you decide to pick up the story on dreams? Julie Bain: Well, dreams are fascinating, and the thing is most people don't pay any attention to them. And dreams have a lot to offer. Host: How do you train your mind to remember it the next morning? Gayle Delaney: Just keep a note pad by your bed before you go to sleep. Host: So you don't train yourself, you just write it down? Gayle: Just write it down. When you wake up, whatever's in your mind, write it down because you're problem solving. Every night in your sleep, you're looking at your relationships, your work issues, and your self-esteem. So it makes senseto write down whatever's there and then learn how to interpret your dreams. 主持人:你为什么决定研究梦? 朱莉·贝恩:嗯,梦令人着迷,问题是大多数人都不会注意它。梦可以反映很多问题。 主持人:怎样训练自己的大脑在第二天早上记住昨晚的梦呢? 盖尔·德莱尼:睡觉前在床边放一个笔记本。 主持人:所以你不需要训练自己,只要把梦记下来就行了? 盖尔:只要记下来就行了。你醒来时,不管你脑海中记得什么,写下来,因为你在解决问题。每晚在睡梦中,你都在审视你的人际关系、工作问题和自尊心。所以,明智的做法是:不管记得什么,先记录下来,然后学习怎样解梦。Host: Why do we dream in the first place? Gayle: We dream for many reasons. We dream to incorporate new learning. We dream to calm down our feelings and our upsets. But we also dream to understand our lives better. What are we really like when we're not so defensive? And our dreams show us "Look here!You're having a fi ght with your husband." You're the one who's doing something really stupid. Sometimes your dreams will tell you that, and that’s more useful information than ever being right with your husband. Host: So Julie, to that point then, we really should pay close attention to our dreams because it may enlighten us on what's down the road or what we're dealing with immediately. Julie: Well, and what people say is that you can train yourself to remember your dreams. You can even train yourself to go back to them and follow up, ya know, and it's all that stu that'sburied in you that  nds ways of bubbling up in your dreams...主持人:我们到底为什么做梦? 盖尔:我们做梦的缘由有很多。我们做梦以吸收新知识,我们做梦以平稳情绪、缓解不安。我们做梦还可以更好地了解我们的生活。当我们卸下一些防备时,我们到底是什么样?我们的梦告诉我们,“看!你和你的丈夫吵架了。”你是那个正在做一些非常愚蠢的事情的人。有时候你的梦会告诉你这一点,而那是比跟你的丈夫和好如初更有用的信息。 主持人:朱莉,说到这一点,我们真的应该密切关注我们的梦,因为它可能会启示我们将来会发生什么,或者我们应该马上处理什么问题。 朱莉:嗯,据说你可以训练自己记住所做的梦。你甚至可以训练自己重新回到那个梦,继续那个梦境。你知道,那些都是埋藏在你身体里的东西,以某些情境在你的梦里冒了出来……Gayle: And not only that, you can ask for a problem to be solved in your sleep. Incubate a dream. Tonight you've got a problem with your sister. What's really going on between me and my sister? You write that down and you will have a dream on it that night. Host: I want to break it down to some of the dream scenarios that are common, that people talk about all the time. Flying. What does that mean? Julie: They say it's when you feel exuberant and your self-esteem is up...Host: Really? Julie: ... you feel in control. Host: Now what about chased, being chased? That can't be a good thing, is it?  Gayle: Hardly ever, because you're terrified and you're afraid you're not gonna survive. So you have to in and out, who's the aggressor? What do you feel like in your dream? And if what you're feeling like is this person's overwhelming me, terrifying me, see what you can fi nd out about who is this guy following you, and is there anything in your life that's like that? What are you running away from? 盖尔:还不止这些, 你可以要求在睡梦中解决一个问题。酝酿出一个梦。比如今晚你跟你的产生了矛盾,“我和我的之间到底发生了什么?”你把它写下来,那晚你就会做一个有关这件事的梦。主持人:我想打断一下,谈谈一些人们经常谈到的非常常见的梦境。飞翔,这个梦境是什么意思?朱莉:据说当你觉得高兴,你的自尊心提高…… 主持人:真的吗?朱莉:……你感到自己控制着一切时(你会做这样的梦)。 主持人:梦到追逐……被人追是什么意思?那不可能是好征兆,对吗?盖尔:基本上不是,因为你会害怕,你害怕你会无法幸免。所以你要找出谁是那个攻击者?你在梦中的感觉是什么?如果你的感觉是这个人压制着你,让你感到害怕,看看找出这个追你的人你能发现什么,你的生活中曾发生过类似的事吗?你要逃离什么?Host: What if it's someone you don't recognize? 'Cause I've had dreams about people I've never seen! Julie: You know what I learned about this is that it might be a partof yourself that you're running away from, and it's really important to look inside and think "What could that be that I'm trying to get away from?"Gayle: And especially if the person chasing you is a different sex...Host: Uh-huh...Gayle: ...is there some part of yourself that acts like that person that you're not aware of, and you're running away from your own smoking, your own addiction? Host: This is deep. We need to sit in – we need to have a long talk. Now I'm going to ask you about the dream of missed exam, or missed appointment. A lot of people have that. Even when they don't have an appointment or an exam! Gayle: Remember, dreams are metaphors. 主持人:如果是你不认识的某个人呢?因为我的梦里出现过我从来没见过的人! 朱莉:你知道,据我了解,这可能是你想要逃避你自身的一部分,内省并想想“我试图逃避的是什么?”真的很重要。 盖尔:特别是如果这个追你的人是异性…… 主持人:嗯哼…… 盖尔:……是你的某一部分表现得像那个你不认识的人?你在逃避抽烟,你的烟瘾? 主持人:这学问太深了。我们需要坐下来,我们需要好好谈谈。现在我要问一下梦见错过考试或错过约会是什么意思。很多人都会做这样的梦,即使是在他们没有约会或考试的时候! 盖尔:记住,梦是隐喻。Host: OK...Gayle: It's not that you're actually having an exam tomorrow, but something going on in your life right now, your relationships, your work pressures, are like "Oh, there I am, back in high school or in college, taking an exam and I'm not even prepared for it." What are you doing in your life that you're so overscheduled that you're not prepared for things? Or, are you forgetting to prepare for something you know is coming up and you're just putting it off? Host: OK, and the last one I've got to ask you about…huh…the dream of being naked. There's a whole lot of people who feeexposed...Julie: ... vulnerable...Host: So that seems pretty obvious! Gayle: It's obvious, but you have to say "Relate it to my life. How in my life do I feel like that? Do I feel that way in my relationship? At work? Do I feel that I’ve said too much? Am I vulnerable?" And that's very helpful to know and be aware of so you don't keep making those same mistakes. 主持人:嗯…… 盖尔:实际上,不是你明天有考试,而是你现在的生活中发生的一些事,比如人际关系、工作压力,让你觉得就像“噢,我回到了中学或大学,要参加一场考试,我甚至都没有准备。” 你的生活中有什么事情如此仓促让你没有准备?或者,你是不是忘了准备某件事,延误了做某事? 主持人:好的,我最后想问你的是…… 呃……梦见裸露。许多人感到自己被曝光…… 朱莉:……易受伤…… 主持人:看起来非常明显! 盖尔:非常明显,但你得说“将它和我的生活联系起来,我在生活中是怎样一种感觉?在我的人际交往中我有那种感觉吗?在工作中我有那种感觉吗?我说得太多吗?我敏感吗?”了解这些非常有用,意识到这些可以让你不犯相同的错误。 /201110/158988

In the Water在水里Sure, we#39;ve all heard that swimming laps and water aerobics will keep us fit, but there are plenty of less fitness-focused activities that can also count as, well, exercise.大家当然都知道,游泳和水中有氧运动会让我们保持健康,但是还有许多较少关注身材保持的活动也可以算作运动。Snorkeling: Burn Factor 318 calories浮潜:燃烧值318卡Many of us lucky enough to be hitting a tropical beach this summer will find ourselves strapping on fins and snorkel masks to check out the local marine life. The upside to getting those masks tangled in our hair is that we#39;ll burn over 100 calories for every hour we#39;re exploring.这个夏天,我们当中的许多人都有幸能够来到热带海滩,自己穿上脚蹼和潜水面罩一探海洋生物。虽然浮潜会让面罩与头发纠结在一起,但好处是每次进行潜水活动都消耗了超过100卡路里。Kayaking: Burn Factor 318 calories划独木舟:燃烧值318卡Many oceanside areas offer kayak tours to check out nearby landmasses and wildlife. While smelling that fresh, salty sea air and figuring out just how to make that canoe like thing turn the way we want, you#39;ll torch just as many calories as you would on a stationary gym machine-sans sweaty-shorts guy panting next to you.很多海边地区提供皮船旅行,让人们探索附近的陆地和野生动植物。一边呼吸着这般新鲜而咸咸的海滨空气,一边想着如何让这种皮筏运动变成我们想要的运动方式。虽然在固定健身器材上你将消耗一样多的卡路里,但是周围却没有了穿着短裤还喘着气儿卖命划桨的人。Around the House在屋子周围Summer often adds more outdoor chores to our to-do lists. The good news? Many of these are tiring, because they also count as exercise.夏天通常会在我们的任务清单中多添上很多户外劳作。好消息是:很多劳作都很累人,因为他们也被算作是一种锻炼。Mowing the Lawn: Burn Factor 350 calories修剪草坪:燃烧值350卡We all love two-for-one deals, and when chores can double as exercise.我们都喜欢买一赠一的交易,当这种家务劳作也可以当成锻炼的时候也是这样。Gardening: Burn Factor 255 calories园艺:燃烧值255卡The good news is that all that digging, raking, pushing, pruning, and weeding is worth a significant amount of calories. Lack a garden? Find a local farm that#39;ll let you go berry picking.好消息就是挖掘、耙松、推挤、修枝和播种都是消耗大量卡路里的活动。没有花园?那就找一个当地的农场,去采采浆果吧。Washing the Car: Burn Factor 286 calories洗车:燃烧值286卡Another summertime double whammy-you can save money and get fit just by sudsing up your own vehicle. All it takes is breaking out the sponges, soap, and towels, and you#39;ve put in just as much effort as we would have on the StairMaster.另一个夏季;双重灾难; 是:你可以自己洗刷爱车,既省了钱,又达到了塑身的目的。所需要的就是拿上海绵,肥皂和毛巾,然后使出你在阶梯器上花费的力气就可以咯。In the Great Outdoors在美妙户外Without rain in the forecast, we can get outside in the sun (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course) to try these recreational activities, and spend less time indoors at the gym while we#39;re at it.天气预报说没有雨的话,我们就可以到外面的阳光下(当然要涂些防晒霜)来尝试这些活动,能出门的时候就花少一些时间在室内健身室里喽。Playing Tennis: Burn Factor 445 calories打网球:燃烧值445卡It doesn#39;t take very long on the court to break a sweat. Turns out, that#39;s thanks to the massive amount of calories you#39;ll burn perfecting that backhand.在球场上,不消多久你就会流汗。事实明,熟练的反手击球会帮你燃烧掉大量的卡路里。Biking for Fun: Burn Factor 509 calories骑单车消遣:燃烧值509卡That#39;s right, biking at just a moderate speed burns around 500 calories in an hour. I#39;ve started riding my bike to work every day-incorporating activity naturally without it really feeling like ;exercise time.; Work too far from home to ride there? Just bike to the store when you can, or for fun around your neighborhood.没错,速度适中地骑单车能够在一小时内燃烧大约500卡路里热量。我每天开始骑车上班,把活动自然地合并,让它看起来不像是;锻炼时间;。上班的地方离家里太远,不能骑过去?那就在去商店的时候骑车过去喽,或者在附近骑车消遣也可以。Rollerblading: Burn Factor 764 calories轮滑溜冰:燃烧值764卡It#39;s a little cheesy, sure, but for 700-plus calories per hour, what more creative way to get from place to place when the sun is shining than Rollerblading—especially if you#39;re somewhere with a nice bike path.这个运动稍微有点俗气,当然了,冲着一小时燃烧700+的卡路里的份儿上,在如此烈日炎炎之下,又有什么更加有创意的方式能让你从一处很快到另一处呢---特别是如果你在一处有很好自行车道的地方。Dancing: Burn Factor 414 calories跳舞:燃烧值414卡Spending a steamy summer night learning salsa or grooving to some live music? Yes, please. Calories or no calories, jamming alfresco screams summer for all the senses.是说学跳萨尔萨舞曲或是在现场音乐中起舞来度过潮湿的夏季夜晚吗?对,就是这样。不管能不能消耗卡路里,先让所有感官被户外热热闹闹的夏季填满吧。 /201207/188780

每当你发脾气的时候,你的体温就会上什,空调就要加大功率工作,能源费用上涨,利润下降,最终你的股票贬值。 /201109/155006

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