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探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 09The email was sent by Olov Bygren. He was studying the population records of an obscure town in northern Sweden, Overkalix. What made these records unique was their detail. They recorded births and deaths over hundreds of years, but they also had accurate details of the harvests. More significantly, Overkalix's isolated location on the Arctic Circle meant that it was particularly vulnerable to famine. In the 19th century, this was a very isolated area, they could not have help from outside. As it was so poor, they really had a hard time when there was a famine, and they really had a good, good time when the, the harvests were good. Bygren appeared to be seeing links between generations that confounded his expectations. I sent Marcus Pembrey an email telling him that we had some, some data, which could interest him. I was terribly excited to get this completely out of the blue, and for the first time, it seemed that there were some data that we could then start to explore, so that was the beginning of our collaboration. Overkalix offered Pembrey a unique opportunity to see if the events that happened in one generation could affect another decades later. While Pembrey and Bygren sifted through their Overkalix data, someone else had stumbled on another group of people that caught them by surprise. Rachel Yehuda is a psychologist. She is interested in how people respond to stress. Well, trans-generational effects were not on my radar screen at all until we opened up a clinic for the treatment of Holocaust survivors. While treating the Holocaust survivors for stress, she was surprised that many of the children of the survivors were themselves suffering stress effect. About five children of Holocaust survivors were calling us for every Holocaust survivor, and what these children said was that they were casualties of the Holocaust too that they had been affected by the Holocaust indirectly. She was convinced that the stress in their children was caused by continual retelling of the stories by their parents.New Words amp; Phrases:confound: If someone or something confounds you, they make you feel surprised or confused, often by showing you that your opinions or expectations of them were wrong. 使混乱;使困惑;使不知所措sift: If you sift through something such as evidence, you examine it thoroughly. 详查,细究Holocaust: The Holocaust is used to refer to the killing by the Nazis of millions of Jews during the Second World War. 大屠杀;大破坏200807/44964。

Today has been declared the women’s “no pay” day. Equality campaign in unions are highlighting the average women working fulltime is paid only 80 percent of what her male counterparts earns per hour. It means when you compare pay packets average women is actually work for nothing from today until the end of the year. Our Money reporter** Are asking about with campaigners. It’s the height of rush our in central London. And as commuters head for the office, campaigners *are handing out leaflets to highlight the gender pay gap which persists despite the fact that the Equal Pay Act was introduced 30 years ago. Now the Fawcett Society which campaigns the equality and the union in Unison who join the forces demand strong actions from governments. They say that action on equal pay is so slow that it will take 80 years for women’s pay to catch up with men’s pay unless something is done. Official statistics show that the average full-time working women earns 17% less per hour than her male equivalent. That means those women are losing out massively earning 4000 ponds less per year than man. They * working for nothing from today to the end of the year. People we are talking to are not impressed.“I think it really just depend on which industry you are in, oh yeah I think it’s disgusting. Things about this must be changed ““Well, personally I believe women are as essentially as men they should be paid equally. ““but they are not ““no, um but should be”“outrageous yeah but women ***prove themselves a little bit more “Well join me now on Bronwyn McKenna from Unison and Katherine Rake from the Fawcett Society. Katherine can I start with you first?. Is it the problem that many women just do different kinds of works and man work part time?”“That’s part of the problem that women are concentrated on different kinds of professions. But we are undervalued on professions for a very long time. It’s a *** Can’t look after our children. So we must in valuation women’s work. And when women do do the same job as men why they don’t just demand equal pay? The law is there ** happens?“The law is there, but one thing is they don’t necessarily know that they are paid unequally. Because we have got very * pay system. It’s very difficult for women to find out whether they have been paid equally. Secondly they know those kind of cases enormous penalty can take many many years**** the penalties are too big. “Bronwyn from what we’ve heard here what do you think the government need to do? Because this situation hasn’t really improved has it?“It hasn’t, the owners has to been good employers It’s owner’s legal responsibility to pay their staff. Employers should be required to order their pay system to be sure their payments are fair. “And Katherine said these cases often take a long time, that’s the case isn’t it?“That’s the case. Unison has the experience that 15 years ago we started to bring claims for women who would deny that suspensions because they were part-time. Many of those cases have to be result women literally died waiting for their cases to be concluded.”Ok, thank you very much for talking to us. Well later today campaigners will be meeting ministers for women Harriet Harman and they will be pressuring on her to revise and strengthen equality legislation in the next parliament. 200805/39913。

‘Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Anna.’期待很快收到您的回信。祝好,安娜。And Margery said: I dont think Ive ever seen a vegetable quite that size before...玛杰里说:“我不认为我之前见过这么大的蔬菜……”Wheres that hole punch? !订书器在哪?!Ah, business as usual in the offices of Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading办公室的工作日常。Oh for goodness sake! What a disaster! I cant believe it!上帝!真是灾难!我简直不敢相信!But one member of the team seems bothered.但是团队里的一名成员似乎很烦恼。Anna, this is the moment to show you’re willing to help. Yes!安娜,这是你表示愿意提供帮助的机会。 是的!Use phrases like Is there anything I can do?使用这样的表达,如“我能帮你做什么吗?”Let me help! or, to be more informal, you can say, Can I give you a hand? or Give me a shout if you need anything!“让我来帮你!”或者更随意一点的说法“我能帮你一把吗?”或“需要我的时候叫我!”Right.好的。Go on!去吧!Are you okay Tom? No.你还好吗,汤姆? 不好。Is there anything I can do? No.我能帮你做什么吗? 不能。Oh. Whats wrong? Everything.出什么事了? 一切都不顺。I see. Can I give you a hand?我明白了。我能帮你一把吗?My computer has crashed. Ive lost my phone. And theres a big, big problem with my timetable.我电脑死机了,我手机丢了。而且我的时间表有严重的大问题。I’ve got two meetings scheduled at the same time with two extremely important clients.我同时有两个会议安排和两个极其重要的客户。I cant do them both at once!我不能一次把这俩都做了! /201612/483602。

saving grace ———— 可取之处(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) A quality that compensates for other faults.例句 My sister is not very intelligent, but her enthusiastic sincerity is her saving grace, and people always like and respect her.我不是很聪明,但情真义切是她的可取之处,人们一直很喜欢和尊重。 /201607/455756。

Bush Says US Not in Recession; Dollar Slumps to New Low; Oil Hits New High 布什关注高油价对美国经济的影响  U.S. President George Bush says he is concerned about rising gasoline prices and the effects of higher energy costs on an aly slowing economy. Mr. Bush made the comments in New Orleans, where he has been meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  美国总统布什表示,他对汽油价格的上涨和能源成本的增加对正在放缓的经济产生的影响感到关注。布什是在新奥尔良会见墨西哥总统卡尔德龙和加拿大总理哈珀时发表这番的。President Bush says the U.S. economy is not in recession, but there is no doubt it is slowing down with higher food and health care costs depressing retail sales and a growing number of Americans struggling to make their house payments. 布什总统说,美国经济并没有衰退,只是由于食品价格的上涨和医疗费用的增加抑制了零售的增长以及越来越多的房主在偿还房贷方面遇到了困难,美国经济因此而放慢了增长的速度。Record-high oil and gasoline prices are only making things worse. Speaking to reporters at the close of a summit with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, President Bush again called on Congress to approve a controversial plan that would allow drilling for oil in an Alaskan wildlife refuge. 原油价格和汽油价格都达到创记录的高度,使得情况变得更为糟糕。布什总统在北美领导人峰会上会见墨西哥和加拿大的领导人之后对记者发表了讲话。他再次呼吁国会批准有关在阿拉斯加野生动物保护区开发石油的议案。这个议案一直存在争议。"No question rising gasoline prices are like a tax on our working people," he said. "What is happening is that we have had an energy policy that neglected hydrocarbons in the ed States for a long period of time, and now we are paying the price." 布什说:“毫无疑问,汽油价格上涨等于是给我们的工人加税。我们面临的问题是,我们的能源政策在很长的一个时期忽视了美国境内的碳氢化合物,现在我们要为此付出代价。”The president's comments came as the price of crude oil reached a new record above 9 a barrel and the U.S. dollar hit a record low against the euro. The U.S. housing market also continues to drag down the economy. Home sales and prices fell again last month with banks repossessing more and more homes as owners default on their mortgages. 布什讲话的时候,原油价格已经突破了新的记录,每桶原油的价格超过119美元;美元对欧元的汇率也创下了新的最低记录;美国房地产市场还在继续拖累经济,房屋销售和房屋价格在3月份继续下滑,房主在偿还抵押贷款方面违约,越来越多的房屋抵押赎回权被收走。Mexican President Calderon said the U.S. slowdown is being felt beyond its borders. 墨西哥总统卡尔德龙说,美国经济放缓的影响已经超出了美国的边界。"I think that the steps taken so far by the fiscal tax monetary authorities in the ed States and the Bush administration and in general have been appropriate. They have been the right measures, and we hope that they will very soon demonstrate effects so that we have a quick recovery among all our economies." 他说:“我认为,到目前为止,美国财政、税收和货币当局以及布什政府所采取的措施,总体上看,是恰当的,这些措施是正确的。我们希望这些措施的效果很快得到展现,从而使各有关经济体都能够出现迅速的反弹。”President Bush and opposition Democrats in Congress agreed on a temporary economic stimulus package of business incentives and tax rebates earlier this year. Mr. Bush said tax rebate checks should reach more than 130 million households next month, and that should begin to help the economy by the start of the third economic quarter in July. 布什总统和国会中的民主党人在今年早些时候就制定临时经济刺激方案达成了共识,给企业提供刺激,给家庭提供退税。布什说,退税票应当在下个月送到1亿3千多万个美国家庭,在7月份第三季度开始的时候给经济提供帮助。He also called on Congress to make his record tax cuts permanent and criticized Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for saying they would repeal some of those cuts for wealthier Americans. 布什还要求国会把他提出的前所未有的减税计划永久化。布什批评民主党总统参选人希拉里.克林顿和巴拉克.奥巴马。这两个总统参选人表示他们要取消美国富人所享有的退税。"You got people out there campaigning, 'Well, we are just going to tax the rich.' You can't raise enough money to meet their spending appetites by taxing the so-called rich," he said. "Every one of those so-called tax-the-rich schemes ends up taxing the middle class families. And in a time of economic uncertainty, we need tax certainty. At a time of rising gasoline prices, we need to be sending a message to all Americans: We are not going to raise your taxes." 布什说:“民主党人在竞选活动中大肆鼓吹说,‘我们将只征富人的税。’可是只征所谓富人的税并不能满足他们的出需要。他们提出的每一个对富人的征税计划最后都变成了对中产家庭征税。在经济不确定的时候,我们的税收需要稳定。在汽油价格不断上涨的时候,我们有必要给所有美国人发出一个信息,这就是我们不会增加大家的税务负担。”This was the last North American leaders' summit for President Bush, who will be leaving office before next year's meeting in Mexico. 这是布什总统参加的最后一次北美领导人峰会。下届峰会将在墨西哥举行。不过,布什总统在下次峰会之前就已经卸任了。 200804/36461。

Bush, Democrats Promote Conflicting Economic Plans布什与民主党的促进经济方案不同Republicans and Democrats agree that help is needed for the sagging U.S. housing market and the ailing American economy in general. But President Bush and a Democratic lawmaker have made it clear they differ on what kind of help is needed.  美国的共和党和民主党都认为需要帮助解决不景气的房屋市场和整体的经济不景气。但是布什总统和一位国会民主党人明确表示,他们在提供什么样的帮助上存在分歧。The year's first major government effort to strengthen the U.S economy quickly passed both houses of Congress last month and was signed by President Bush. The legislation is intended to give Americans more money to spend, by providing about 8 billion in tax rebates and business incentives.  美国政府今年第一个加强经济的主要议案上个月在国会参众两院迅速获得通过,经总统布什签字生效。这个立法意图为美国民众提供更多用于消费的资金,拿出大约1680亿美元作为退税款以及对企业的刺激。In his weekly radio address, Mr. Bush said he believes the part of the initiative which gives business owners tax breaks for investing in new equipment this year will be especially helpful to the economy. "As more businesses begin taking advantage of these incentives, investment will pick up and so will job creation. And together with the individual tax rebates, these incentives will help give our economy a shot in the arm," he said. 布什在每周一次的广播讲话中说,他相信对企业提供免税那一部分计划会对经济有特别的帮助。这项法规允许企业主在今年投资新的设备时享受税款减免。布什说:“当越来越多的企业开始享受这项刺激的时候,投资就会逐渐增加,就业机会会随之增长,再加上纳税人得到的退税,这些优惠将给我们的经济注入活力。”The Bush administration has also proposed giving the U.S. central bank sweeping new powers to more tightly regulate the country's financial industry. One provision of the plan would give the Federal Reserve the power to examine the books of financial institutions whose problems could threaten the nation's economic stability. Democrats are also calling for tougher supervision of Wall Street and the mortgage lending industry. 布什政府还提议给美国中央广泛的新权力来更严格地管理美国的金融业。计划当中的一项就是要授权中央对那些有威胁国家经济稳定问题的金融机构的帐目进行检查。民主党人也呼吁更严格地监管华尔街以及房屋贷款的放贷机构。Differences between the two parties appear in their approaches to strengthening the U.S. housing market. Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both backing a billion proposal for the government to refinance mortgages for up to two million homeowners who are in danger of defaulting on their loans. 两党的不同之处在于他们加强美国房屋市场的方式不同。争取民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿和巴拉克.奥巴马都持一个300亿美元的提案,让政府为多达两百万可能会在偿还贷款上遇到麻烦的房主重新安排贷款。Representative Bill Foster, elected in a special vote three weeks ago, said in the Democrats' radio address that his party's plan will help a large number of at-risk homeowners. "Next week, the House of Representatives will continue to work on a comprehensive plan to help families who are on the brink of losing their homes. Our plan will help more families avoid foreclosure and give cities the chance to rehabilitate foreclosed homes and put them back on the market," he said. 众议员比尔.弗斯特三个星期前在一次特别投票中当选,他在民主党人的广播讲话中说,民主党的计划将帮助大批面临风险的房主。弗斯特说:“下星期,众议院将继续推动一个帮助濒临失去住房的家庭的综合计划。我们的计划将帮助更多的家庭避免因为交不起贷款利息而被代管机构没收住房,让市政府有机会为被没收的房屋恢复元气,重新上市出售。”Republicans say the Democratic plan is irresponsible, and amounts to a bailout. President Bush says he will veto that proposal. "The problems in the housing market are complicated, and there is no easy solution. But by supporting responsible homeowners with wise policies, we will help them weather a difficult period. We will help get our economy back on track, and we will ensure (that) America remains the most prosperous nation in the world," he said. 共和党人说,民主党的计划是不负责任的,等于是让政府挽救房市。布什总统说他将否决这个建议。布什说:“房屋市场的问题是复杂的,没有简单的解决方案。但是通过明智的政策来持负责任的房主,我们就将帮助他们度过一个困难阶段。我们就能够将我们的经济拉回正轨,我们就将保美国在世界上仍是一个最繁荣的国家。”In his Saturday address, Mr. Bush promoted two of his administration's policies to help homeowners. Under a voluntary program called Hope Now, participating lenders freeze at-risk borrowers' interest rates at a low level. Another program, called FHA Secure, helps credit-worthy borrowers refinance so-called subprime mortgages that have a low introductory interest rate but later re-set at higher rates. 布什总统在星期六发表的讲话当中,宣传了政府帮助房主的两个项目。在一个叫做“现时希望”的自愿项目中,参与项目的放贷机构冻结有风险的借贷人较低的利率。另一个项目叫作FHA保,帮助仍然有信誉的借贷人重新贷款,这种贷款开始时利率很低,但是以后会逐渐升高,也叫做次级抵押贷款。200803/32854。

Thats okay, Ill try again later.没问题,我过会儿再打来。Okay. Thank you for calling, goodbye.好的,谢谢你的来电,再见。Excellent! Oh!太棒了。How did you call me without dialling?你是怎么不拨号就能给我打电话的?I didnt, thats a real call!我没有,那是真的来电!Oh no, Im all nervous now.不,我现在好紧张。Hello? Tip Top Trading. This is Anna speaking.你好,这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安娜。Hello Anna, this is Seb Lime. Sublime?你好,安娜,我是Seb Lime。 崇高?Mr Lime from Citrus Ventures. But I think we should be on first name terms now, so call me Seb.Citrus Ventures的Lime先生,但是我想我们现在可以称呼对方的名字了,所以就叫我Seb吧。Okay, er, Seb. How can I help you?好的,Seb,我能帮你做什么吗?I just wanted to say again that your Imperial Lemon is fantastic...and I was wondering if youd like to do lunch with me sometime?我只是想再说一次你的皇家柠檬太棒了,而且我想知道你是否愿意和我改天吃个午饭?Lunch? Er...午饭?I knew it! Mr Lime is interested in more than just your lemons!我早就知道!Lime先生不只是对你的柠檬感兴趣!Would you like to discuss the Imperial Lemon?你想要讨论皇家柠檬吗?Forget the lemons Anna! The reason I want to see you is more of a personal nature.别管那些柠檬了,安娜!我更是因为私事才想见你的。Personnel? Er...Can I call you back? Im afraid Im a bit busy at the moment... But…人事部?我能过会儿回你电话吗?恐怕我现在有点忙。 但是…… /201701/483840。

Hello! Welcome back to the offices of Tip Top Trading, where Annas interview for a sales job continues.你好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading办公室,安娜还在这里应聘她的销售岗位。When we last said goodbye, Tip Top boss Paul had asked Anna why she wanted the job.在上次我们说再会的时候,Tip Top的老板保罗询问安娜为何想要这份工作。First she said: Errr...mmmmm...她首先说:呃……嗯……Since then, shes added: Mmmm...errr...之后她又说:嗯……呃……And as we join her again, Anna is saying: Well, errrr...Im errr.当我们再和她在一起时,安娜说:那么,呃……我……Come on, Anna! If you cant think of the word you need, find another way of saying it.拜托,安娜,如果你找不到合适的词,换个别的方式表达。I am...Well, I really, really want this job and I am willing to work very hard if I get it.我真的很想要这份工作,如果应聘成功我会非常的努力工作。So you’re very motivated, then?那么你很有积极性?Motivated! Yes, that’s it. I am really motivated.积极性!没错。我很有积极性。Good! Why?很好,为什么?Now over to you Anna; structure your answer!现在轮到你了,安娜。组织好你的回答。Say, firstly, then give your first reason, secondly and then a second reason.说“首先”,然后给出你的第一条理由,“其次”然后给出第二条理由。Then say, above all and give a really, really good, enthusiastic final reason!然后说,“最重要的”给出最好,最积极的最后一条理由!Go for it: firstly!加油吧:首先! /201611/479862。