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Those lucky enough to reach the impressive milestone are often confronted with the same question: Just what is their secret to a long and healthy life?据英国《每日邮报》11月29日报道,那些能活到百岁的幸运老人总会被问及同一个问题:到底他们保持长寿和健康的秘密是什么?A study of centenarians has shown that many of those who make it to 100 are part of a lucky few who manage to avoid developing common diseases such as cancer.一项针对百岁老人的研究显示出,许多活到一百岁的长寿老人都是成功预防患上诸如癌症等常见疾病的幸运者。Many centenarians report being in better health than pensioners years younger than them, remaining fit and healthy right up until their final few weeks and months.据报道, 许多百岁老人比那些年纪较轻的退休老人身体更健康,一直到去世前的几周和几个月内还保持着健康的身体状况。They are also more likely to have enjoyed healthier lifestyles when they were younger, say researchers.研究人员还称,他们在较年轻的时候也更有可能享受健康的生活方式。Experts say that a quarter of children born in Britain today can expect to live to 100 and believe there will be a twelve-fold increase of centenarians over the next 30 years.专家称现今英国有四分之一刚出生的儿童预计能活到100岁,他们相信在未来30年,英国百岁老人的数量会增加12倍。There was an estimated 12,640 centenarians in Britain last year, but this number is expected to reach 500,000 over the next few decades.据预计,去年英国的百岁老人有12,640人,但是这个数据在未来几十年内期望能达到50万。 /201112/162980The art of memory has fascinated us since...well, I can#39;t quite remember. Nowadays however, there seem to be so many more things to keep track of. From what floor our dentist office is on, to an average of seven passwords and PIN numbers per person, we use our memories more than ever before. Improve your memory by choosing the right foods, and here is a fistfulof five foods for the memory which are both respected by science and revered by the ancients.记忆艺术的魅力让我们深深着迷,那是从什么时候开始的呢?唉,我都记不清了。 现实生活中有太多东西要记住了,牙医办公室在几楼?各种密码是多少?我们用到的地方太多了。提高,要选择正确的食物,下面这五种食物受到科学和古老文明的一致推崇,是提高的不二食疗法宝:One of the most famous memory-enhancing herbs is rosemary. Rosemary is rich in the anti-oxidant, carnosic acid which dilates the cerebral vascular tissues. Studies have shown that even the smell of rosemary can improve memory performance in office workers.最著名的提高的草本植物是迷迭香。迷迭香富含抗氧化剂和鼠尾草酸,它们都有助于大脑血管组织扩张。研究实,就算是只是迷迭香的香味,也能提高上班族的表现。Other herbs that may help memory include ;the three Gs;: ginko, ginseng, and gotu kola.其他可以帮助提高的草本植物包括:银杏、人参和雷公根。Another food with a long pedigree and which seems to have many benefits on the brain is usually served as a beverage, tea. Tearsquo;s benefits may spring from its healthy combination of anti-oxidants and caffeine. The antioxidants in tea are called polyphenols which have repeatedly been shown to improve cognitive function and memory.另一种能提高的食物大家应该早就耳熟能详了,它对大脑也多有益处,那就是作为饮品的茶。茶的好处在于它是抗氧化剂和咖啡因的健康组合。茶里的抗氧化剂叫做茶多酚,实验多次实茶多酚有助于提高认知能力和记忆。Tea also contains a calming amino acid called theanine which helps reduce ;the jitters; and keeps the mind relaxed and focused. Perhaps the best news is that tea has up to 10X the polyphenols found in foods like fruits and vegetables.茶还含有一种镇定情绪的氨基酸叫茶氨酸,可以帮助降低 ;神经过敏;,让大脑保持放松和注意力集中的状态。不过最好的消息应该是茶内所含的抗氧化剂可是水果和蔬菜等食物中的10倍!Let#39;s not knock our friends, fruits and vegetables, however. Man cannot live (or learn) on herbs and tea alone, we need food. The thing to remember about memory boosting foods is color. You want dark reds, blues and greens. Apples contain quercetin which protects against memory loss. Blueberries (and red beets) have another great anti-oxidant called anthocyanin which performs the same function. Red onions and grapes contain both.不过我们可不能这么打击我们的老朋友水果和蔬菜。我们不能光靠草本植物和茶存活,还得吃东西。记住,想要提高,食物的颜色很重要,我们要的是暗红色、深蓝色和深绿色。苹果富含槲皮素可以帮我们抵抗健忘症,蓝莓(还有深红色的甜菜)则含有花青素,这也是一种能抵抗记忆衰退的抗氧化剂。红洋葱和葡萄则都含有槲皮素和花青素。Combine red and blue and you get the purple of eggplant, a food rich in nasunin which protects the lipids in our brain tissue. Dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts and romaine lettuce are high in folic acid which several studies have show to prevent and even reverse memory loss.红色和蓝色组合,就有了紫色的茄子,富含花翠苷,保护我们大脑组织内的脂肪。花椰菜、菠菜、甘蓝和莴苣等深绿色蔬菜中含有大量叶酸,这是经研究明防止健忘甚至提高的重要元素。Sushi, anyone? The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish (and nuts) are great for the brain. Sea swimmers like mackerel, herring, eel and tuna are also chock full of phosphatidylserine. You donrsquo;t have to remember these fancy chemical names, just remember that these oils contain nutrients that are not made in the body, so itrsquo;s important to eat plenty.谁想吃日本寿司?鱼类中的omega;-3脂肪酸对大脑很有好处,海洋鱼类如鲭鱼、鲱鱼、鳗鱼和金鱼都含有大量的磷脂酰丝氨酸。这些复杂的化学名称你根本不用记住,只要记住这些油脂都富含我们身体中没有的营养物,所以需要通过大量食用来补充。Honey is a delightful sweet that every culture in history has enjoyed. The sweet product made by bees from flower nectar has been used for thousands of years in food, medicine and even religion. Now, based on a study by the University of Waikato in New Zealand, a diet sweetened with honey could both lower anxiety and improve memory. What an excellent excuse to not skip dessert.蜂蜜是每个古老文化都喜欢的美味甜点,长期以来,蜜蜂从花蜜中提取的甜味产品都广泛用于食物、医疗甚至宗教中。根据新西兰怀卡托大学的研究,加入蜂蜜而变甜的食物既可以降低焦虑还能提高记忆,多么完美的借口啊,以后就能理直气壮地吃餐后甜点啦!It may not be entirely scientific to suggest, but a nice cup of tea and a slice of honey-soaked baklava (containing omega-3 rich nuts of course) might be the perfect snack after a healthy dinner.可能不是很科学,但是建议在晚餐后喝杯好茶,吃块泡过蜂蜜的果仁蜜饼(里面当然有富含脂肪酸的坚果),绝对是最完美的小吃。 /201111/161649City workers and tourists did a double take this morning as a giant 50ft-tall rubber duck sailed up the Thames.一只高50英尺(约为15米)的巨型橡胶鸭今天早上在伦敦泰晤士河游过,很多市民和游客多看了好几眼才反应过来。The bright yellow duck, weighing half a ton, looked quite at home amongst the shiny towers of the City as it set sail on its mission to make people laugh in the capital today.这只重达半吨的明黄色大鸭子,悠哉悠哉地穿行在高楼林立的伦敦市区,而它这趟旅程的主要任务就是给首都人民带来欢笑。It was launched to publicise a new pound;250,000 bursary designed to encourage people in the UK to have more fun.为了让民众快乐一点,有机构拿出25万英镑鼓励人们想点子,而这只大黄鸭就是为了宣传这一创意活动。The oversized bath toy was launched from West India Dock in the Isle of Dogs, east London, at 8.30 this morning.今天早上八点半,这只巨大的浴盆橡皮鸭从伦敦东部犬岛的西印度码头开始了它的航行。It floated along the Thames past the O2, the glittering towers of Canary Wharf, and on towards Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast as part of a publicity stunt organised by a website.作为某网站宣传策略的一部分,大黄鸭途径O2体育场,金融中心金丝雀码头,然后沿着泰晤士河经过伦敦塔桥和贝尔法斯特 号巡洋舰。Former Carry On and EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor, who saw the duck off at West India Dock is patron of Jackpotjoy.com#39;s new Facebook FUNdation, part of a marketing campaign to grant funds to people who have good ideas to make people laugh.曾出演《加油》和《伦敦东区》的女演员芭芭拉·温莎是这项活动的赞助人,该活动由Jackpotjoy.com新成立的Facebook FUNdation基金举办,旨在征集一些能让大家会心一笑的方案,网站会为评选出来的方案提供资金。She said: #39;We thought a giant rubber duck floating down the River Thames was a great way to kick the FUNdation off, and it definitely raised a smile and a chuckle from everyone who saw it.她说:“我们觉得如果让这只巨大的橡皮鸭游过泰晤士河,对FUNdation基金将会是一个很好的宣传方式,同时看到它的人也会很开心。”#39;After the Queen#39;s Diamond Jubilee Pageant, the floating Olympic rings and David Beckham jetting into the Olympic opening ceremony, the Thames really has seen it all this year.“伊丽莎白女王的钻石禧年庆典,伦敦奥运会的成功举办,还有大卫·贝克汉姆驾驶快艇出现在伦敦奥运会开幕式上,这一年泰晤士河见了这一切。#39;The giant duck was a perfect way to round it all off and it certainly cheered everyone up. No one could suppress a smile as they saw it sailing past on its way to HMS Belfast.#39;“这只大黄鸭为这一切画上了一个圆满的句号,同时也让人们开怀一笑。人们看到它经过贝尔法斯特号巡洋舰时都忍俊不禁。”Miss Windsor, who is patron of the FUNdation, said she hoped the duck stunt would encourage people to come up with their own ideas.FUNdation基金的赞助人温莎说,希望这只引人注目的大黄鸭能鼓励人们想出更多的好点子。#39;We now want people to send us their own entries of wacky things they#39;d like to do, and we#39;ll provide funding for the best ones.#39;“现在我们希望人们将自己的奇思妙想呈递给我们,我们会为那些最佳方案提供资金。”A team of eight people spent more than 800 man-hours cutting and welding together the parts for the duck to ensure it was airtight before it took to the water this morning.一个由8人组成的团队,足足花了800个工时来进行切割和焊接这只大黄鸭,以确保它在下水前的密封性。#39;We want to make sure we get the laughter a back where it belongs and are hoping the FUNdation will help people have some daft fun. If you want to organise the biggest ever street conga, or jump into a pool of jelly, let us know.#39;“我们想把笑声带回我们的生活中,也希望FUNdation基金能帮助人们获得更多乐趣。 如果你想在大街上组织一场规模空前的康茄舞,或者想跳进果冻游泳池,请告诉我们。”According to the research commissioned by the website, adults in Britain laugh an average 7.2 times day, while psychologists recommend we should do it 15 times a day to stay happy and healthy.该网站的一项委托研究表明,英国成年人现在平均每天只笑7.2次,而心理学家建议一个活得健康且开心的人每天应该发笑15次。Consultant psychologist Anjula Mutanda said: #39;The importance of laughter and joy cannot be underestimated. Research shows that 60 years ago we used to laugh for up to 18 minutes a day but today this figure has gone down to six minutes. We should be laughing more than we are.#39;心理学顾问安居拉·马顿达说:“笑和开心的重要性不容小觑。研究表明,60年前我们每天发笑达18分钟,而今天,这个数字已经下降到6分钟。我们应该尽可能多笑一笑。” /201212/214495

Europe has moved a step closer to putting a health halo on dark chocolate. 欧洲朝着给黑巧克力加上一层健康食品的光环这一现实又迈进了一步。 On Tuesday, the world#39;s largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut , won the backing of the European Food Safety Authority for its claim that cocoa flavanols, or compounds that can also be found in dark chocolate, can be good for blood circulation. 前不久,全球最大巧克力生产商百乐嘉利宝(Barry Callebaut )提出的可可黄烷醇(此类化合物也存在于黑巧克力中)可能有利于血液循环的声明获得了欧洲食品安全局(European Food Safety Authority)的认可。 While the request to use the health claim still awaits approval from the European Commission, the food agency#39;s blessing indicates that confection makers including Nestle SA and Kraft Foods Inc., which markets the Cadbury brand overseas, may soon be able to make a health claim on product labels. 尽管使用这项健康声明的申请仍需等待欧盟委员会(European Commission)的批准,但是欧洲食品安全局的认可表明,包括雀巢(Nestle SA)和卡夫食品(Kraft Foods Inc.)在内的糖果生产商或许很快就能在产品标识上使用该健康声明。卡夫食品还在海外销售吉百利(Cadbury)品牌产品。最终的决定预计将于明年年初做出。 A final decision is expected at the beginning of next year. 百乐嘉利宝是全球最大的可可买家之一,该公司称这项健康声明可以被用于雀巢和卡夫等客户的包装上。该公司还预计,该声明在巧克力饮料、谷物棒和曲奇等产品中的应用将能带来巨大的市场潜力。百乐嘉利宝添加了高黄烷醇含量可可产品的客户将能把这项声明用在产品和包装上。 Barry Callebaut, one of the world#39;s largest buyers of cocoa, says the health claim could be applied by its customers to the packages for customers including Nestle and Kraft. The company predicts considerable market potential for applications in items like chocolate drinks, cereal bars and cookies. Barry Callebaut#39;s customers using high-flavanol cocoa products would be able to apply the claim on their products and packaging. 为了给其申请提供依据,这家瑞士企业还在去年提交了相关据。该据显示,每天摄入200毫克可可黄烷醇有助于正常的血液流动。这个份量比较少,因为10克(只有0.35盎司)高黄烷醇含量的黑巧克力就含有200毫克黄烷醇。 To back up its request, the Swiss company last year submitted evidence that the intake of 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols a day contributes to normal blood flow. That#39;s a small portion, as 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols would be found in 10 grams-a mere 0.35 oz.-of high-flavanol dark chocolate. 黄烷醇已被明能够降低血压、改善血液流动并降低心脏病风险,这至少在部分程度上是因为它可以促进可使血管舒张的一氧化氮的生成。然而,不可忽略的是,巧克力棒也含有糖分和脂肪。 Flavanols have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce heart-disease risk at least in part by stimulating production of nitric oxide, which relaxes vessels. Chocolate bars also include sugar and fat, however. 自2005年以来,百乐嘉利宝开展了20多项临床研究来调查可可黄烷醇对人体的影响。该公司使用的可可粉和巧克力产品通过其开发的一种特殊工艺生产,可保留高达80%的黄烷醇含量,而传统的巧克力生产流程会破坏掉大部分黄烷醇。 Barry Callebaut carried out more than 20 clinical studies looking at effects of cocoa flavanols on people since 2005, using cocoa powder and chocolate products made through a special process it developed that preserves up to 80% of flavanols, which would be mostly destroyed in conventional chocolate-making procedures. 在欧洲食品安全局的持之下,百乐嘉利宝是欧盟27个成员国中第一家获得有关可可黄烷醇积极效果的官方认的企业。如果它还能获得欧盟委员会的批准,那么它将被授予在欧盟区内使用可可黄烷醇健康声明五年时间的权利。 With the backing of the European food authority, Barry Callebaut is the first company in the 27-member bloc to obtain an official validation of the positive effects of cocoa flavanols. If it gets approval from the EU Commission, the chocolate maker would be granted the right to use the cocoa flavanols claim for five years within EU countries. 在海外但不在美国本土销售吉百利产品的卡夫公司表示,“只要这些健康声明真实无误、没有误导性并且得到了有资质的科研人员的适当明,我们持在所有产品类别上使用它们。” Kraft, which sells Cadbury overseas and not in the U.S., said, #39;We support the use of health claims on all product categories as long as these are truthful, not misleading, and appropriately supported by qualified scientists.#39; 好时公司(Hershey Co.)则夸耀称,其好时可可粉和好时特浓黑巧克力是黄烷醇抗氧化剂的天然来源。 Hershey Co. has touted that its namesake Cocoa and Special Dark versions of chocolates are natural sources of flavanol antioxidants. 对于食品公司而言,附带健康声明的食品正成为一个越来越重要的利基市场。在欧洲经济增长乏力的情况下,品牌食品被价格更便宜的产品抢去了一些市场份额,因此这些公司希望借助销售价格更高的这类产品来抵消销售的萎缩。根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor International)的预测,到2015年,全球健康食品及饮料市场的市场总值有望从2010年的6010亿美元升至6910亿美元。 /201207/192934

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