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11月25日是国际素食日,是一个自1986年开始来源于印度的节日;原称“世界无肉日”。 渐渐发展为一个世界性节日。11月25日这一天世界各地许多屠房停宰、饭堂医院监狱等会供应全素食品。让我们在这个素食日里,不吃肉,多吃素。保护自己的健康,也保护我们的环境。 While some people can#39;t imagine a day without meat, others insist that a vegetarian is the best way to enjoy food and stay healthy. If you#39;re still on the fence about diving into earth and animal-friendly s, consider the benefits of adopting the lifestyle before making the final decision. Here#39;s a look at just ten benefits of being a vegetarian:有些人很难想象一天不吃肉会是什么样子,而另一些人则坚持认为吃素是享受食物、保持健康的最佳方法。如果你还在犹豫要不要一头扎进一个更有益于保护地球和动物的菜单的话,那就在做决定前想想吃素的好处。以下十条都是吃素可以带来的益处:1. Lower risk of cancer. With a diet rich in antioxidants, phytochemical, and vitamins, vegetarians naturally lower their risk of cancer and other diseases. Meat eaters, especially those that indulge in fatty meats are at a much higher risk of cancer.1.降低患癌症的风险。素食中含有大量的抗氧化成分、植物营养素和维生素,这些都能帮助素食主义者降低罹患癌症和其他疾病的风险。另一方面,喜欢吃肉的人,尤其是那些喜欢吃肥肉的人,患上癌症的几率则要更高。2. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common with the rise of obesity around the world, and vegetarian diets may even can prevent it by including complex carbs and fiber that help the body manage insulin more efficiently.2.预防II型糖尿病。随着世界范围内肥胖者的增多,II型糖尿病也越来越普遍了。素食中包含多种碳水化合物和纤维能够帮助身体更有效地分泌胰岛素,从而预防II型糖尿病。3. Healthy skin. Diets rich in water-based and plant foods are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins-ideal for healthier skin every season.3.拥有健康的肌肤。蔬菜中含有大量水分,是抗氧化成分和维生素的丰富来源,这对于时刻拥有更健康的肌肤来说是非常理想的选择。4. Low or no saturated fat. Vegetarian s typicall use all-natural oils and cooking methods to enhance flavor. This is free of unhealthy saturated fat which can lead to a variety of heart problems and cardiovascular disease.4.不含有或含有少量饱和脂肪。素食的烹饪一般采用植物油来提升食物的风味。这就避免了摄入不健康的饱和脂肪。饱和脂肪会引起各种心脏和心血管疾病。5. Hormone-free eating. Fruits, vegetables, and soy products are never injected with growth hormones and other chemicals that may harm the human body.5.避免吃到激素。水果、蔬菜和豆类不会被注射那些影响人体健康的生长激素和其他化学物质。6. Increased energy. With the body spending less time digesting animal protein, an energy boost is a nice side effect.6.提升能量。吃素的话,身体就不需要花更多的时间来消化动物的蛋白质,从而让人精力更充沛。这是吃素带来的额外好处。7. Lower blood pressure. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be naturally low in fat and sodium, helping reduce blood pressure and improve circulation instead.7.降低血压。素食食谱中的脂肪和钠的含量都较低,有利于降低血压,加速血液循环。8. Improved digestion. Plant-based foods and fresh fruits are rich in fiber, improving the digestion and elimination process.8.改善消化。果蔬中含有丰富的纤维,有利于改善消化功能。9. Increased life span. With the body in harmony and free of harmful toxins and chemical buildup, vegetarians may live longer than their fellow meat eaters. According to a study, vegetarians can live up to 3-6 years longer than meat eaters.9.延长寿命。吃素的人身体健康,体内毒素和化学物质较少,从而会比肉食者的寿命更长。有研究显示,素食者的寿命要比肉食者长3-6年。10. Lower grocery shopping bills.Vegetarians can eliminate almost 25% of their food budgets without pounds of meat on the bill.10.减少消费。如果不买肉食的话,素食者可以减少约四分之一的食物消费。 /201311/266037Catch yourself daydreaming while washing the dishes again? If this happens often you probably have a pretty capable working memory, new research suggests.洗碗的时候发现自己又在做白日梦了?新的研究表明,如果你经常做白日梦,那么你的工作可能会很好。This mind wandering, it seems, actually gives your working memory a workout. Working memory is the mental work space that allows the brain to juggle multiple thoughts simultaneously. The more working memory a person has, the more daydreaming they can do without forgetting the task at hand.走神实际上会锻炼你的工作。工作记忆是大脑的工作空间, 能让大脑同时在多种想法间跳跃。人的工作记忆容量越大 ,那在不影响工作的情况下做的白日梦就越多。;Our results suggest that the sorts of planning that people do quite often in daily life — when they#39;re on the bus, when they#39;re cycling to work, when they#39;re in the shower — are probably supported by working memory,; study researcher Jonathan Smallwood, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science, said in a statement. ;Their brains are trying to allocate resources to the most pressing problems.;“我们的研究结果表明,人们在日常生活中,在公交车上,骑自行车上班时,淋浴时等时候,经常做的那类计划很有可能都是由工作记忆来持的”, 马克斯·普朗克人类认知和脑科学研究所的研究人员乔纳森·斯莫尔伍德在一篇报道中写道。“人们的大脑试图把资源分配给最紧迫的问题。”Researchers studied groups of people from the University of Wisconsin-Madison community, ranging in age from 18 to 65. The first group was asked to perform simple tasks, like pressing a button every time they took a breath or clicking in response to a letter popping up on a computer screen; these tasks were so easy that their minds were likely to wander, the researchers figured.研究人员对来自威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校社区中的几组年龄从18岁到65岁的人员进行了研究。让第一组人员执行简单的任务,例如每次按按钮的时候吸口气,或者点击电脑屏幕上跳出来的字母 ;研究人员推测,由于这些任务都非常简单,所以他们应该会很容易走神。The researchers checked in periodically, asking the participants if their minds were on task or wandering. When the task was over, they measured each participant#39;s working memory capacity by having them remember letters while doing math equations. Though all participants performed well on the task, the researchers noticed that the individuals who indicated their minds had wandered more than others also scored higher on the working memory test.研究人员每隔一段时间就检查一次,询问受试者他们是在工作还是在走神。当任务结束时,他们让受试者一边做数学方程一边记忆字母,通过这种方式对他们的工作记忆能力进行了评测。研究人员发现,虽然所有的受试者都很好的完成了任务,但是说自己走神次数多的受试者工作记忆评测的分数也比较高。;What this study seems to suggest is that, when circumstances for the task aren#39;t very difficult, people who have additional working memory resources deploy them to think about things other than what they#39;re doing,; Smallwood said.“这次研究似乎表明,当工作不是很难的时候,人们会有额外的工作记忆资源,可以让自己去想工作以外的事情。” 斯莫尔伍德说。Missing moments失踪的时刻When our minds run out of working memory, these off-topic thoughts can take the main stage without us consciously meaning them to; for instance, arriving at home with no recollection of the actual trip, or suddenly realizing that they#39;ve turned several pages in a book without comprehending any of the words.当我们大脑的工作记忆空间塞满时,这些离题的思想会在我们无意识的情况下占据主导地位;例如,回到家却想不起来实际的行程,或者翻了几页书却突然意识到自己不明白里面的意思。;It#39;s almost like your attention was so absorbed in the mind wandering that there wasn#39;t any left over to remember your goal to ,; study researcher Daniel Levinson, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison#39;s Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, a part of the Waisman Center for Brain Imaging and Behavior, said in a statement.研究人员丹尼尔·莱文森在一篇报道里说:“你的注意力好像都用来走神了,没有余下的用来阅读。” 丹尼尔是威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校健康头脑调查中心的一名研究生,该调查中心是韦斯曼脑成像和行为研究中心的分部。People with overall higher working memory were better able to stay focused when the task at hand required it. Those who had low working memory often had their thoughts drift away from the task, and did less well at it.工作较好的人,在手头上的工作需要时,可以更好地集中注意力。工作较差的人,在工作时,思想总会偏离工作,所以工作完成的不是很好。The findings add to past research suggesting these mind drifts can be positive moments. For instance, daydreaming has often been associated with creativity — researchers think that our most creative and inventive moments come when daydreaming. It#39;s likely that the most intelligent among us also have high levels of working memory, Levinson noted.结合以往的研究,结果表明走神确实对大脑有益。例如,白日梦通常让人想起创造力。研究人员认为白日梦是我们最有创造性和创新性的时刻。莱文森提到,最聪明的人,他们的工作可能也比较好。 /201406/304500Prince George who celebrated his first birthday yesterday, has undeniably earned himself the title of Royal cutie but it looks like the one-year-old may grow up to be a real Prince Charming.乔治王子昨天刚度过了自己的一岁生日,并且当之无愧的赢得了“王室小可爱”的头衔,不过,待这个1岁的小婴儿长大后,似乎会变成白马王子哦。Hungarian graphic designer and illustrator, Nikolett Mérész has created an image of what young Prince George might look like at the age of 18.一位名叫尼克利特·梅瑞慈的匈牙利平面设计师和插图画家位小王子画出了一幅肖像,告诉人们乔治王子18岁的时候可能是什么模样。The artist referred to the genetic traits that George has developed from his mother and father when using a computer to generate the final image.这位画家通过参照乔治王子从母亲和父亲那里遗传的基因特征,用电脑生成了一幅成品图。She told the Herald Sun: #39;Prince George has a very similar face to William’s when he was a toddler. But, at the same time, his cheeks look a lot like baby Kate’s and that can’t be ignored. Especially as Kate has dimples, which are also a dominant trait, so it’s very likely George will have them as well.#39;她对《先驱太阳报》的记者说:“乔治王子和威廉幼时的的相貌十分相似。但同时,他在两颊的部位上也很像小凯特的模样,这一点不容忽视。尤其是凯特双颊上有酒窝,这是她幼时模样的一大特点,所以乔治很可能也会有小酒窝。”In order to make the final product the artist combined the current facial traits of both George#39;s parents.为了完成最终的效果图,画家将乔治双亲现有的面部特征进行了。#39;To create the remainder of the image, I merged Kate’s hairline, ears and edge of mouth with William’s nose, brows, forehead and lips.#39;“为了最终完成图像,我将凯特的发际线,双耳和嘴巴轮廓与威廉的鼻子,眉毛,额头,嘴唇加以综合。”Although we can expect George to develop the same enviable dimples of his mother and face shapes of his father there are some attributes that the Prince can expect to avoid.我们可以预期到,乔治会和母亲一样拥有羡煞旁人的小酒窝,以及父亲的面部轮廓,不过,我们也可以预见乔治将能够避免双亲的一些面部特点。Nikolett continued to say that she didn#39;t believe that George would suffer from the same hair thinning that we have recently noticed on his father Prince William.尼克利特接着说,她认为乔治不会受到脱发的困扰,而我们注意到,他的父亲威廉亲王正遭受这一苦恼。 /201407/315432The last decade has been a real roller-coaster ride for Greece. The country was on a high when it went on a spending spree to host the 2004 Olympics. Several years later Greece was begging for a bailout. Athens was hit especially hard by the global financial crisis: Storefronts and residential buildings were shuttered; young people returned to rural villages, unable to find work. 在过去的十年里,希腊真实地经历了一把如过山车般跌宕起伏的经济。2004年时挥金如土举办奥运会的繁华景象尚在眼前,几年后希腊却只能四处乞求别国的救助。全球金融危机对雅典的冲击尤其剧烈,商店、住宅人去楼空,年轻人因为找不到工作纷纷回到乡下的家中。But crisis can breed creativity, and while all is not completely sunny -- as evidenced by the car bomb in the city this week -- the aura of gloom is clearing. There are new organic grocery stores in neighborhoods like Syntagma Square, where grand hotels and fur boutiques have long reigned. Coffee and cocktail joints are bringing buzz to an area near Agia Irini Square that was dominated by a languishing garment industry. Homegrown fashion brands, including Dimitris Petrou and Dea Rosa, have taken over spaces left vacant by high-end names. The royal family just moved back to Athens after decades in exile. 雅典旅游攻略不过危机也能催生创新。雅典城的天空虽然还没有完全放晴(最近发生的汽车炸弹事件便是明),但是笼罩四周的阴霾正在逐渐散去。像在宪法广场(Syntagma Square)周边这种一直是高档酒店、皮毛精品店统治的地区,新出现了一些有机食品店。埃瑞尼·阿吉亚广场(Agia Irini Square)地区也开始有了咖啡和鸡尾酒吧,为这片曾经是日渐衰败的装业占据主导地位的地区带来了勃勃生机。包括Dimitris Petrou和Dea Rosa等在内的本地时装品牌已经填补了高端大牌撤离后留下的空白。皇室成员在经历了数十年逃亡生涯后,不久前也搬回了雅典。The sense of renewal extends to the city#39;s cultural life. TAF/the Art Foundation and six d.o.g.s. -- organizations that combine gallery spaces with food, drink and live entertainment -- have come to Athens#39;s former flea-market district. Collaborations between traditional museums and younger institutions, including the Benaki Museum#39;s effort with the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, are spicing up exhibitions and events. The National Museum of Contemporary Art finally opens its doors this summer; the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, designed by Renzo Piano, is scheduled for completion in 2015. Even the Caryatids, statues that have watched the world go by from the Acropolis for more than 2,000 years, are getting a face-lift. Their restoration will be on view in the Acropolis Museum through the end of the year. Like the city itself, they#39;re getting prepped for the spotlight -- again. 雅典的文化领域同样也在焕发勃勃生机。TAF/the Art Foundation以及将画廊与餐饮和现场演出相结合的组织six d.o.g.s.已经进驻曾为跳蚤市场的地区。在传统物馆和新兴机构的合作下,展览、演出等活动层出不穷,比如贝纳基物馆(Benaki Museum)和戴斯特当代艺术基金会(Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art)的合作等。国家当代艺术物馆(The National Museum of Contemporary Art)今年夏天终于开门迎客;由伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)设计的斯塔夫罗斯-尼亚尔霍斯基金会文化中心(Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center)也计划于2015年完工。甚至在雅典卫城(Acropolis)中见了2,000多年历史变迁的女像柱(Caryatids)也将被翻修重整。它们的重整工作将在卫城物馆(Acropolis Museum)对公众开放参观,并一直持续到年底。和雅典城一样,它们已经准备好了再次走到聚光灯下。THE COOK: Argiro Barbarigou 阿尔吉罗·巴尔巴里高厨师:阿尔吉罗·巴尔巴里高(Argiro Barbarigou)Chef and owner of Papadakis and Homey Papadakis and Homey的大厨和老板TREAT SPOT // Sweet Alchemy Parliaros. There is no better baker or pastry chef in Greece than my friend Stelios Parliaros. When I wanted to learn how to up my game with pastry, I studied with him. He makes perfect truffles, which you can taste and buy at this chic bakery and shop. Irodotou 24, parliaros.gr 美食//Sweet Alchemy Parliaros。在希腊,没有哪个烘焙师、糕点师比得上我的朋友斯泰利奥斯·帕里阿罗斯(Stelios Parliaros)。以前我想提高烘焙技能的时候,就是找他学的。他做的松露堪称完美,你可以在这家别致的烘焙店里购买品尝。地址:Irodotou 街24号;网址:parliaros.gr。INTERNATIONAL ACCESSORIES // Luisa. There are two locations in Athens, but my favorite boutique is in Kolonaki, where my restaurant is. It#39;s my go-to shop for designer handbags and shoes. I usually go once a season and stock up on a few perfect items. Skoufa 15, luisaworld.com 国际配饰// Luisa。它在雅典有两家精品门店,我最喜欢的一家在柯洛纳基区(Kolonaki),就在我的餐馆附近。它是我购买设计师手袋和鞋的必去之处。我通常每季去一次,屯上几件完美的物品。地址:Skoufa街15号;网址:luisaworld.com。GREAT INGREDIENTS // Moiropoulous Dimitrios. This tiny shop is filled with treasures: dried figs, the best feta cheese in Greece, thyme honey from the Peloponnese. Hundreds of products. Emmanouil Benaki, 31, 30-210-3818846 精杂货店// Moiropoulous Dimitrios。这个小小的店铺里面满是宝藏:无花果干、希腊最好的菲达奶酪、来自伯罗奔尼撒(Peloponnese)的百里香蜂蜜。数百种商品。地址:Emmanouil Benaki街 31号;电话:30-210-3818846。TOP COIFF // Love Is in the Hair. Christos Michailidis is the best hairdresser in the city. He cuts the hair of many of the country#39;s biggest celebrities. Kifissia 146, loveisinthehair.gr 顶级发廊// Love Is in the Hair。克里斯托斯·米凯利迪斯(Christos Michailidis)是雅典城最棒的美发师。城里许多最大牌的明星都会找他做头发。地址:Kifissia街 146号;网址:loveisinthehair.gr。NATURAL LIFT // Theano Bella Spa. I started going to Theano Bella three years ago. If you saw pictures of me before you would notice the difference her facials and creams have made. Her products are only available in the spa. She is also famous for her cellulite treatments. I swear they work. Leof. Amfitheas 103, theanobella.com 自然的养护// Theano Bella Spa。我是三年前开始来Theano Bella水疗馆的。如果你对比我来前后的照片,你就会注意到她这里面膜和面霜的效果。她的产品只在水疗馆里使用。她的去脂护理也很有名,我发誓它们真的管用。地址:Leof. Amfitheas街103号;网址:theanobella.com。THE ARISTOCRAT: Prince Nikolaos of Greece 希腊尼古劳斯(Nikolaos)王子贵族:希腊尼古劳斯(Nikolaos)王子Son of King Constantine II 希腊国王康斯坦丁二世(King Constantine II)的儿子MORNING RAMBLE // Parnitha. When I#39;m feeling adventurous, I wake up before sunrise and head to Parnitha, a forested mountain range north of Athens, for the stunning scenery. On the way back down, the air is filled with the smell of freshly baked b from little bakeries that offer very tasty koulouria pastries, which I love to have with my morning coffee. 清晨漫步//帕尼萨山(Parnitha)。每当我想找点刺激的时候,我就会在日出之前起床,去雅典城北边树木繁茂的帕尼萨山看那里绝美的景致。回来的路上,空气中弥漫着小烘焙坊里新鲜烤面包的味道,我喜欢这里非常美味的克鲁利(koulouria)糕点,用它来配我的清晨咖啡再好不过。MONUMENTAL GALLERY // Acropolis Museum. It is truly impressive and one of my favorites -- a sleek, modern building housing of some of the earliest examples of architecture and sculpture, which were made with one of my preferred materials: marble. Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, theacropolismuseum.gr 不朽的艺术长廊//卫城物馆。它实在是非同凡响,是我的最爱之一。物馆建筑线条柔和,极富现代感,馆藏建筑和雕塑的最早期范例,而且用的还是我最爱的材料:大理石。地址:Dionysiou Areopagitou街15号;网址:theacropolismuseum.gr。HISTORIC STROLL // Plaka and Monastiraki. During warmer months I love to walk around these neighborhoods in Central Athens, with their many little shops and restaurants. The walk ends up at the reconstructed Stoa of Attalos in the ancient Agora. It is the oldest part of the city; it has an intimate feel to it. 闲步历史//普拉卡(Plaka)区和蒙纳斯提拉奇(Monastiraki)区。在天气比较暖和的月份,我喜欢在雅典市中心的这两个地区走走,看看里面众多的小店和餐馆。最后我会走到古代集会所里重建的阿塔罗斯柱廊(Stoa of Attalos)。这里是雅典城最古老的一部分,让我有种亲切感。CHARISMATIC CAFE // Athinai Bistrot. Very close to the Acropolis Museum is this affordable restaurant, which serves excellent Greek dishes with a twist. The produce is all sourced from within the country. Makrigianni 3, 30-21-0922-9210 魅力餐馆// Athinai Bistrot。离卫城物馆非常近,价格亲民,有上好的改良希腊菜。食材均取自希腊国内。地址:Makrigianni街3号;电话:30-21-0922-9210。MOVIE SCENE // Cine Paris. In the summer months, there#39;s a marvelous open-air cinema in Plaka called Cine Paris. It is unique because it#39;s in a rooftop garden and has a view of the Parthenon. Kydathineon 22, cineparis.gr 露天影院// Cine Paris。夏季在普拉卡区有一处非比寻常的露天电影院,它的独特之处在于它建在一个屋顶花园之中,可以俯瞰帕特农神庙(Parthenon)。地址:Kydathineon街22号;网址:cineparis.gr。THE ENTREPRENEUR: Lena Korres 莉娜·珂诺诗企业家:莉娜·珂诺诗(Lena Korres)Co-founder of the beauty brand Korres 美容护肤品牌Korres联合创始人LIGHT BITE // P-Box. I love the chef, Christoforos Peskias, who has traveled the world and worked at some of the best restaurants. The offers a mix of Greek and international dishes, often with an Asian touch. It#39;s located a bit outside the city, in Northern Athens. 11 Levidou St., p-box.gr 美食// P-Box。我喜欢它的主厨克里斯托弗罗斯·帕斯奇亚斯(Christoforos Peskias),他曾环游世界,在全球许多最好的餐馆工作过。这里既有希腊本地菜,还有常常添加了亚洲元素的国际美食。餐馆位于雅典城外以北一点的地方。地址:Levidou街11号;网址:p-box.gr。SUPERB SEAFOOD // Varoulko. One of my favorite places to eat fish -- besides going to the Central Market to pick one out and have it grilled up -- is Varoulko, one of the first restaurants in Greece to receive a Michelin star. The service is wonderful. Try the kritharoto -- a Greek risotto -- with crayfish. Pireos 80, varoulko.gr 超棒海鲜// Varoulko。除了去中央市场(Central Market)挑条鱼自己烤制,我吃鱼首选地之一就是Varoulko,这是希腊首批获得米其林(Michelin)星级评定的餐馆之一。务非常贴心。你可以试试小龙虾配希腊调味饭kritharoto。地址:Pireos 80号;网址:varoulko.gr。SPLENDID RELICS // National Archaeological Museum. Treasures recovered from the Antikythera Shipwreck, which dates to the first century B.C., are on view here until the end of June. Recently they discovered that one find, now called the Mechanism, might be one of the world#39;s first computers. 44 Patission, namuseum.gr 精遗迹//国家考古物馆( National Archaeological Museum)。六月底之前这里都将展出从安提基特拉沉船(Antikythera Shipwreck)遗址中发掘出来的宝藏,安提基特拉沉船可以追溯到公元前一世纪。最近人们发现,在沉船里面发现的一样东西(如今被称为安提基特拉机械)可能是世界上最早的计算机。地址:Patission 街44号;网址:namuseum.gr。SECRET SIP // Baba Au Rum. I am keen on this well-hidden downtown spot with an exceptional cocktail list. The space is reminiscent of bars in Berlin and New York. Kleitiou 6, babaaurum.com 隐秘酒吧// Baba Au Rum。我非常喜欢这个大隐于市的酒吧,它有许多很不错的鸡尾酒。这个地方会让人想起柏林和纽约的酒吧。地址:Kleitiou街6号;网址:babaaurum.com。ANCIENT ARTIFACTS // Museum of Cycladic Art. It contains the world#39;s best collection of Cycladic art. One of my favorite displays is #39;Scenes of Daily Life in Antiquity,#39; which is also great for kids. This fall there will be a show about ancient Greek medicine that should be fascinating. Neophytou Douka 4, cycladic.gr 古代艺术品//基克拉迪艺术物馆(Museum of Cycladic Art)。里面有世界上最好的基克拉迪艺术藏品。我最喜欢的展览之一是“古代日常生活场景”(Scenes of Daily Life in Antiquity),也很适合小孩子。今年秋季这里将安排有关古希腊医药的展览,想必会相当吸引人。地址:Neophytou Douka 街4号;网址:cycladic.gr。THE COLLECTOR: Iasson Tsakonas 伊尔森·萨寇纳斯收藏家:伊尔森·萨寇纳斯(Iasson Tsakonas)Real-estate developer and founder of the ReMap art festival 房地产开发商、ReMap艺术节创始人。STELLAR RESTO // Funky Gourmet. I#39;ve been going here regularly for four years and I am never disappointed. It#39;s run by a young duo who are inspired by traditional Greek cuisine but give it a real contemporary take. It#39;s in a corner building with huge windows, and ceilings made partly of glass, so you feel like you are outside. The restaurant just won its second Michelin star. 13 Paramithias, Keramikos, funkygourmet.com 明星餐馆// Funky Gourmet。四年来我一直是这里的常客,也从没失望过。它的老板是一对年轻人,他们受传统希腊美食的启发,但为之添加了真正现代的元素。餐馆建在一幢转角楼内,巨大的窗户、加上部分用玻璃制成的天花板,让人觉得仿佛是在室外。它刚刚获得了米其林二星评定。地址:Keramikos区Paramithias街13号;网址:funkygourmet.com。ART INCUBATOR // The Breeder. One of the most interesting contemporary Greek galleries, with an international presence. They created a white cube with no windows in a building from the #39;70s in a red-light district. The space won architectural awards when it first opened a few years ago. The gallery has consistently good shows. 45 Iasonos, thebreedersystem.com 艺术孵化器// The Breeder。希腊最有意思的当代艺术馆之一,呈现国内外艺术家作品。艺术馆像一个白色的大立方体,没有窗户,设在某红灯区一幢70年代的大楼里面。艺术馆几年前刚落成时还获得了建筑奖。这里总是有不错的展览。地址:Iasonos街45号;网址:thebreedersystem.com。INNOVATIVE INSTITUTION // Benaki Museum. Originally in the Benaki family mansion, the museum is now a network of a half-dozen spaces scattered throughout the city. Their contemporary collection has always been excellent but now that they are collaborating with the Deste Foundation, things will get really interesting. www.benaki.gr 创新机构//贝纳基物馆。贝纳基物馆最早建在贝纳基家族大宅邸里面,如今已经成为了一个分布在全城六个不同地方的物馆网。他们的当代艺术品收藏一直非常杰出,如今他们正在和德斯特基金会(Deste Foundation)合作,真正的好戏看来还在后头。网址:www.benaki.gr。WEEKEND BRUNCH // New Hotel. The restaurant here has the best brunch on Sundays. They bake their own b and make a mean eggs Benedict. The hotel is very cool; it was designed by the Campana brothers. Filellinon 16, yeshotels.gr 周末早午餐// New Hotel。这里周日提供的早午餐是全城最好吃的。他们自己烤面包、做火腿蛋松饼。这家酒店特别酷,设计出自坎帕纳(Campana)兄弟之手。地址:Filellinon街16号;网址:yeshotels.gr。THE PERFORMER: Sakis Rouvas艺人:Sakis RouvasSinger, actor and former pole-vaulter歌手、演员兼前撑杆跳运动员SCENIC ROUTE // Temple of Poseidon. An amazing drive and the most beautiful sunset in the city. The ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon, the God of the sea, is surrounded by the Aegean Sea and has a rare spiritual energy. Cape Sounion, a little over 40 miles from Athens风景线// 海神庙。一次奇妙之旅,这里也是这座城市最美的日落观赏地。这座古庙是为海神波塞冬(Poseidon)而建,被爱琴海环绕,有少见的灵性力量。地点:斯尼旺海角,距雅典40多英里。PERFECT RUN // Schinias National Park Pine Forest at Marathon Bay. One of my favorite escapes. A beautiful forest by the sea featuring a rare ecosystem. It is an ideal destination for running, hiking, mountain biking. Every season has a different beauty and the pines on the coast make for a stunning landscape. About 25 miles from Athens, visitmarathon.gr完美之行//希腊马拉松湾Schinias国家松林公园。这是我喜欢的出游地之一。海边的一座美丽森林,有着珍稀的生态系统。这是跑步、远足、骑山地自行车的理想之地。四季皆有其美,海岸边的松林勾勒出惊艳的美景。地点:大约距雅典25英里;网址:visitmarathon.grPORT ESCAPE // Kastella. I love every single part of this neighborhood, which has a breathtaking view of the Mikrolimano (small port in English), with great seafood restaurants and taverns. Being in Kastella is like visiting a Greek island while you are in Athens.港口逸趣 // Kastella。我热爱这个地方的每个部分,这里有着令人窒息的小港景观,还有非常棒的海鲜餐馆和客栈。身在Kastella,仿佛身在雅典参观一座希腊岛屿。Plus Don#39;t Miss . . . 不可错过…Odeon of Herod Atticus 阿迪库斯剧场(Odeon of Herod Atticus)This open-air theater, on the south side of the Acropolis, hosts a number of performances during the annual Athens Festival. 这个露天剧场位于雅典卫城的南边,在每年一度的雅典节 (Athens Festival) 期间会有不少演出。Nixon Nixon A new hot spot in Kerameikos that#39;s a cocktail bar, restaurant, cinema and concert venue all in one. nixon.gr 这是凯拉米克斯(Kerameikos)的一处新的热门场所,集鸡尾酒吧、餐馆、电影院、音乐厅于一体。网址:nixon.grQueen Calliope Queen Calliope Greek-American photographer and stylist Calliope Karvounis just opened a boutique that sells boho-chic clothing and accessories. queencalliope.com 希腊裔美国人、摄影师兼造型师卡利俄珀·卡尔沃尼斯(Calliope Karvounis)新开的精品店,主打波西风情装和饰品。网址:queencalliope.comNice #39;N#39; Easy Nice #39;N#39; Easy This spot serves delicious salads and other dishes made with ingredients sourced from small organic farms. niceneasy.gr 这家餐馆有美味的沙拉等美食,食材均来自小型有机农场。网址:niceneasy.gr。Lalaounis 想买些有希腊古韵的漂亮现代珠宝?试试这家高端店铺。网址:lalaounis.com。For beautiful modern versions of ancient Greek jewelry, visit this upscale shop. lalaounis.com A for AthensA for Athens 从这家精品酒店的露台上,你可以欣赏到令人惊叹的城市美景,雅典卫城、普拉卡区、蒙纳斯提拉奇广场(Monastiraki Square)等一览无余。网址:aforathens.com。 /201404/292953A popular tourist destination in Chongqing, a major city in southwest China, has devoted a portion of its pavement for mobile phone users too entranced by the activity on their screens to avoid other pedestrians.在重庆市的一个景区里,有一条专供手机爱好者的人行道,在这上面步行,可以供低头族们头也不抬地一直盯着手机屏幕而不用担心与其他行人相撞。Another section of the pavement bans phone users.这条被一分为二的人行道的另半边则禁止行人使用手机。In July, National Geographic commissioned a similar stretch of pavement in Washington DC, in a brief experiment testing human behaviour.今年7月,美国国家地理栏目曾因一项验人类行为的实验,在美国华盛顿的一条人行道上做过相同的划分。Chongqing#39;s new sidewalk attracted ridicule on Weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter.重庆的这条新人行道在中国的微上引发了大家的各种吐槽。;Am I supposed to jump to the other side of the path when I get an incoming phone call?; one user questioned.“如果我手机响了,我要接电话是不是得跳到另半边才能接呢?”一位网友吐槽说。;Maybe they can even build one traffic lane especially for drunk drivers in the future,; sniffed another.“也许以后还可以专门为喝酒的司机建一条专用道。”另一位网友吐槽道。Indeed, the ploy seems to have created a new problem: street congestion, as hordes of people stop in their tracks to snap photos of the special sidewalk.的确,这种做法可能会导致另一个新问题—道路拥挤。为什么呢?因为会有一大群行人停在路上对着这条特殊的人行道拍照哪。 /201410/334756

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