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青岛海慈医院属于几级青岛霉菌性阴炎症去哪治疗Page: 89Which of the statements on this Page: are true and which are false?Put a T bee the true statements and an F bee the false.a 1. The earth is in motion. true. The earth is turning round. true3. The earth goes round the moon. falseb 1. The moon is greater than the sun. false. The sun is colder than the moon. false3. The moon goes round the earth. truec 1. The attraction between two bodies gets greater as they go farther from one another. false. The attraction between two bodies is greater when they are nearer. true3. When two great bodies are near one another the attraction between them is small. falsed 1. When a blow puts a ball in motion,the blow is the cause of the motion. true. When a blow puts a ball in motion,the motion is the effect of the blow. true3.When a body is in motion, it is at rest. falsePage: 90QuestionsMilk comes from a cow.Heat comes from the sun or a fire.Where do these things come from?a potatoesPotatoes come from the roots of a plant.b cheeseCheese comes from milk.c lightLight comes from the sun or flames.d lettersLetters come from persons.e flowersFlowers come from plants or from seeds.f snowSnow comes from the sky or clouds.g orangesOranges come from orange trees.h meatMeat comes from animals.i eggsEggs come from birds.Which of these things have a face?a mana doga bonean iceboxa clocka treea goata birdan airplanea rivera tableA man, a dog, a clock, a goat, a bird may have a face.Which of them have a mouth?A man, a dog, a goat, a bird, a river may have a mouth.Which of them have hands.A man and a clock may have hands.Which of them have a door?An icebox and an airplane may have a door.Page: 91Questionsa We put a bottle on a shelf.Which of these things may we put on a shelf:a book, a mountain,a cup, a box, a star,a clock, a horse,a distance, a plate,a bus, a river, a house,a spoon, a garden?We may put a book, a cup, a box,a clock, a plate, a spoon on a shelf.b We put potatoes in a pot.Which of these things may we put in a pot:water,windows,food, streets,tables,milk,soup,trains,salt,colors,eggs,wood,ideas?We may put water, food,milk,soup,salt,eggs in a pot.c We put money in our pockets.Which of these things may we put in our pockets:pipes,education,letters,pencils.offices, islands,maps,hands,governments,buttons,watches,distance, balls,roofs, knives?We may put pipes,letters,pencils,maps,hands,buttons watches,balls, knives in our pockets.d We put our hats on.Which of these things may we put on:feet,boots,seats,gloves,shirts,walls, directions,coats,buildings,soap,scissors,collars, locks,socks,trousers, branches,trays,shoes,apples?We may put boots,gloves,shirts,coats,collars,socks,trousers,shoes on. 3939日照打胎多少钱 介绍:Window dressing视窗的装饰The world most popular computer programs are becoming less boring世界上最火的计算机程序正在变得不那么乏善可陈听力原文:BROWSERS, pieces of internet software that people probably spend more time with than they do in bed, have long been boring affairs. Save occasional innovations such as tabs, these programs have remained fundamentally the same since the release of Mosaic, the first mainstream browser, nearly a quarter of a century ago. Just four browsers nearly all users: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is difficult to tell them apart.重点词汇:1 piece(尤指一套中的)一件,一台 occasional 偶尔的;偶然的;临时的3 save 除了; 除…外; mosaic 镶嵌图案;马赛克5 chrome 铬;铬合金NCSA Mosaic,或简称Mosaic,是互联网历史上第一个获普遍使用和能够显示图片的网页浏览器听力原文:New, more interesting browsers have started cropping up. In August internet users will be able to download the first full version of Brave, the brainchild of a co-founder of Mozilla. Mozilla itself is working on a new type of browser which will give users suggestions on where to navigate next. Both are only the latest in a series of such efts: last year Microsoft unveiled Edge, meant to replace Internet Explorer; March saw the release of Cliqz, a browser developed in Germany; a month later came Vivaldi.重点词汇:1 crop up (尤指意外的)出现,发生 brainchild (个人或小群体的)主意,发明3 unveil (首次)展示,介绍,推出;将…公之于众听力原文:If most browsers are boring and unwieldy, it is because they are expected to do more than ever bee: not just surfing the web, but editing documents, streaming music and much more besides. As a result, priority is given to stability and ease of use. Too many fiddly buttons could scare away novice users. Innovation is outsourced to developers of ;plug-ins;, which add features to a browser.重点词汇:1 unwieldy 笨重的;笨拙的;不灵巧的 stream 用流式传输,流播(无须待整个文件下载到计算机便可播放互联网上的视频或音频文件)3 fiddly 微小难弄的;需要手巧的;精巧难使用的 novice 新手;初学者5 plug-in 插件,外挂听力原文:Building a new browser from scratch is a fiendishly difficult and expensive undertaking. Only Apple, Google and Microsoft have the money and resources to throw at developing a fast ;engine;, as the core of a browser is called. Their dominance also scares off investors. Few venture capitalists are foolhardy enough to invest in a product that needs to take on three of the world most powerful tech companies. Mozilla is a non-profit which partially relies on volunteer developers and donations.重点词汇:1 scratch 划痕,划伤 from scratch 从头开始;从零开始 fiendishly 很;极其3 venture capital 风险资本(投入新公司的资金,风险很大) foolhardy 莽撞的;有勇无谋的听力原文:Insurgents are trying to overcome the obstacles in three ways. To reduce development costs, their products are based on existing open-source projects, such as Chromium, which also powers Google Chrome. They get money from angel investors, who have an appetite risk. And most important, they aim their products at niche segments. Brave, instance, is surfers who prize privacy. It can block annoying online advertisements and privacy-invading ;trackers;, which lurk on websites to follow users around. Cliqz also blocks trackers and is integrated with a new search engine. Vivaldi pitches itself as a browser ;power users;. It is packed with customisable features and comes bundled with an e-mail client.重点词汇:1 insurgent 起义者;叛乱者;造反者 obstacle 障碍;阻碍;绊脚石3 chromium 铬 niche 商机;市场定位 niche segments 细分市场5 lurk (尤指为做不正当的事而)埋伏,潜伏6 bundle 匆匆送走;推搡;赶 bundle sth (with sth) 额外免费提供(设备等);(尤指出售计算机时)赠送(软件)欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisamaSix Grade Science第单元 六年级的自然科学课Six grade science teacher Mr. Sampson asks his class:六年级的自然科学老师桑普森先生问班上同学:;Who can tell me which organ of the human body expands to times its usual size when stimulated?;“有谁可以告诉我,人体哪个器官受到刺激后,会比平常大小膨胀十倍?”Nobaody raises a hand, so he calls on the first student to look his way.没人举手,于是他就问第一个往他这边看的学生:;Mary, canyou tell me which organ of the human body expands to times its usual size when stimulated?;“玛丽,你可以告诉我人体哪个器官受到刺激后,会比平常大小膨胀十倍吗?”Mary stands up, blushing furiously.;Sir, how dare you ask such a question?; she says.;Im going to complain to my parents, who will complain to the principal, who will have you fired!;玛丽站起来,满脸通红地说:“老师,你怎么敢问这种问题?我要去跟我爸妈抱怨,他们就会向校长抱怨,然后炒你鱿鱼!”Mr. Sampson is shocked by Mary reaction, but undaunted.He asks the class the question again, and this time Sam raises his hand.桑普森先生被玛丽的反应吓了一大跳,但不为所动,继续问班上同学有谁知道,这回山姆举手了;Yes, Sam?;says Mr. Sampson. ;Sir, the correct answer is the iris of the human eye.;“山姆知道是吗?”桑普森先生说“老师,正确是眼睛的红膜”;Very good, Sam. Thank you.;“很好,山姆谢谢你”Mr. Sampson then turns to Mary and says, ;Mary, I have 3 things to tell you: first, it clear that you have NOT done your homework. Second, you have a dirty mind. And third, I fear one day you are going to be sadly disappionted.;桑普森先生接着转向玛丽说道:“玛丽,我有三件事要告诉你:第一,很显然你‘没有’做功课;第二,你想‘歪’了;第三,恐怕有一天你会大失所望” 18679青岛做一次人流要多少钱

青医附院宫腔镜腹腔镜手术费...put [Sbsth1] through [sth]第一个人让第二个人需要经历某事(多指不好的事),多指“让某人受苦,吃亏,煎熬,给某人找麻烦”,常用于责备语气,表达不满,委屈1.I cant believe you put me through that!我简直不敢相信你让我受了那样的苦(煎熬)!. [Sb1] put [sb] through [sth]某人完全保护与持某人顺利度过某事He put me through school.他(替我付了学费)帮我搞定了学校的一切事多亏了他,帮了大忙3.Do I really want to put myself through that again?我真的需要让自己再经历一次那样的时光吗?再受一次那样的煎熬吗?再吃一次那样的苦吗?Are you through? 你结束了吗?你用完了吗?1. Are you through with [sth]?你结束了用完了某事吗?Are you through with the computer?你用完电脑了吗?. [Sb is] through某人完了、或者放弃了Im through.我完蛋了,死定了,或放弃了He through.他完蛋了,死定了,或放弃了Youre through.你完蛋了,死定了,或放弃了或者你完事了,拜拜了,被解雇了其它句型1. [Sb] put [sth1] through [sth]用一个东西撞进去,再从另一边出来Hell put your head through a wall.字面意思:他会用你的头撞穿墙表达意思:(比较搞笑的说法)a.他把你打得很惨b.他脾气很坏c.气得翻桌子You put your fist through the wall?你的拳头怎么能把墙打了个洞?. Weve been through this!我们已经聊过这个东西(很多遍)了!(真的没必要再说一次了好吗?)3.I cant sit through this.我无法继续坐在这里(完成某件事了)我看不下去了,我待不下去了我忍不下去了我没法从头到尾忍受某事,熬过某事. Sorry, coming through!借过一下5. You got to come through.你必须要靠谱地救我们6. We cant make it through the traffic.字面意思:我们无法成功地通过堵车的交通路段说人话:堵车7. We have to talk this through.我们要聊清楚,讨论清楚8. You need to think it through next time.你下次需要想清楚9. He dragging my name through the mud.俚语:他在毁坏我的名声,他让我难堪.Were just going to have to power through.我们咬牙搞定了这件事. We worked straight through the weekend.我们周末一直在工作(中间没休息,一直做某事). We can run it through the wall.我们能使(某物)在墙里面通过吗?比如电线等物. I can see through you.我能看清你,我能看透你 66788崂山区中医医院门诊部地址 My grandma would write her entire message in the subject line and then in the body of the email shed write, ;see above.;我奶奶会把所有的信息写在标题栏,然后在正文部分写——“往上看”subject n. 主题body n. 正文;Sorry sir, I cant come into work today; Im in bed with a nasty clown.; I meant to say ;cold.;“老板,恐怕我今天不能来工作了,我现在和一个流氓小丑一起躺在被子里”我其实想说,“我感冒了”nasty adj.下流的clown n. 小丑On a business trip I tried to message my wife;Tell the kids I love them.;It autocorrected to ;Tell the kids I love men.;有一次出差,我想要给老婆发短信说:“告诉孩子们,爸比爱他们”结果系统自动纠错成“告诉孩子们,老子爱男人”autocorrect v. 自动纠正I secretly liked my friend boyfriend. He sent me a birthday e-card. I opened it 36 times. It notified him each time.我暗恋着我一个朋友的男朋友一天,他发了一张电子的生日贺卡给我我打开了36次,重点是,每一次他都会收到提醒信息e-card 电子卡片notify v. 通知Emailed my boss, Stuart, and it autocorrected to, ;Thanks, I’ll take care of it tomorrow, stupid.;给我上司斯图尔特先生发邮件,系统自动纠错,“好的,我明天会来处理的,你个笨蛋!”Stuart 人名,斯图尔特Stupid n. 笨蛋My co-worker sent an email to everyone asking his help to get his wife turned on. He meant to say ;Wi-Fi.;我同事给所有人群发邮件,请求大家帮忙,把他老婆给打开他其实是想说“把Wi-Fi给我开了”turn on 打开更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 53城阳区中心医院联系电话

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