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Tourists who encounter a language barrier while visiting Japan can now access -hour, multilingual phone assistance, it reported.有报道称,如今,在日旅游遇到语言障碍的外国游客,可以通过小时多语言电话翻译务获得帮助了Local authorities have started offering the translation services after a boom in eign visitors, many of whom have little knowledge of Japanese, The Japan Times website reports. In some areas the hotlines are accessed by staff in hotels, car rental companies or restaurants to decipher tourists queries, but others enable visitors to contact a call centre directly.据《日本时报网站报道:随着赴日旅游的外国游客人数的激增,日本地方政府开始为他们提供翻译务,因为大部分游客对日语一窍不通在某些地区,酒店、汽车租赁公司或饭店员工接听翻译热线,负责解答游客的问题但在其他地区,游客还是直接与热线中心联络The number of international visitors arriving in Japan has soared in recent months. In August, an estimated 1.8 million eign tourists entered the country, a 6% increase on the previous year, according to figures from the Japan National Tourism Organisation.近几个月来,赴日旅游的国际游客数量飙升日本国家旅游局数据显示:8月约有18万外国游客到日本旅游,较前一年增长了6%Local authorities have partnered with private companies which run the call centres, and staff can help people with everything from finding a doctor who speaks a particular language, to negotiating a deal in a souvenir shop. One company has languages available, including Russian and Indonesian. ;In the case of hotels, guests often ask simple questions such as what time is breakfast or dinner,; says Toshiharu Kimura, a spokesman Shiga Prefecture. They also often ask how to send baggage home, he says.日本地方当局与经营电话务的私人公司合作,工作人员可以为游客提供他们所需的一切帮助,无论是寻找会说特定语言的医生,还是在纪念品商店讨价还价有一家公司能为游客提供俄语、印尼语等种语言务滋贺县发言人木村寿治说:“就酒店方面的务而言,游客经常会问些简单的问题,如什么时间供应早餐或晚餐”他们还经常会询问如何把行李寄回家,木村说In the southern Saga Prefecture, the government has launched a smartphone app to connect tourists directly to an operator, who can answer queries or contact local services on a tourist behalf. A spokeswoman the Saga Tourism Federation says: ;Weve gotten the fire department and the police on board as well, so you can use the service help if you are involved in a traffic accident in a rented car or you need urgent medical help.;在日本南部的佐贺县,政府推出了一款智能手机应用程序,使游客能直接与运营商联系,运营商会解答游客的问题或代表游客与当地务机构联系佐贺县旅游协会发言人说:“我们把消防部门和警察也加了进来,如果你开着租来的汽车发生交通事故或需要紧急医疗救助,便可以使用该务” 18A sperm donor from the US has met children he fathered at a ;wonderful; family gathering.在一次;不可思议;的家庭聚会上,美国一位捐精者见到了因他捐精而出生的名子女Todd Whitehurst began donating to a sperm bank in 1998 while he was at university. four years, Todd donated to the same clinic about 00 times.1998年,还在上大学的陶德·怀特赫斯特开始向精子捐精,年间,陶德向同一家诊所捐精约00次The Google computer engineer, 9, said he did it to ;help people out; and signed ms that stated he had to remain anonymous.这位现年9岁的谷歌计算机工程师表示,他这么做是想帮助他人他还签下了希望匿名的表格文件However it was his unique donor ID number that enabled one of his donor children, Sarah Malley to eventually find her dad through the online database: Donor Sibling Registry.然而,正是根据他唯一的捐精号码,使得一名受他捐精而出生的、名叫萨拉·莫利的孩子,最终通过Donor Sibling Registry网站找到了她的父亲;This is so awesome,; Malley said and she hugged Whitehurst as soon as he got out of the car.怀特赫斯特一从车上走下来,莫利就和他抱在了一起她说道:“这真是太好了”The site was set up by Wendy Kramer, the mother of a donor son, who soon realised how much her son wanted to know who his biological dad was.该网站是由温迪·克莱默创办的,她也是一个受捐精而出生的孩子的母亲不久之前,温迪意识到了她的儿子是多么想知道自己的生身父亲是谁The networking site allows children to match the donor IDs to their biological dads to chat and meet their siblings.该网站可以允许孩子们通过匹配生父的捐精号码,与自己的兄弟聊天见面 03388Conversation 3A: Good afternoon, sit. Im pleased to have you here.A:下午好,先生很高兴您能来我们这儿B: Good afternoon.B:下午好A: Are you looking some particular type of decoration materials?A:您是在找装潢材料吗?B: Well, it hard to say. Ive purchased a new flat and I want to decorate it.B:嗯,很难说我刚买了一套新房子,我想装饰一下A: I see. If you will permit me, I would be happy to show you around and explain any products to you.A:嗯,我明白了如果您愿意的话,我乐意带您周围看看,为您介绍一些产品 1859

A: What can I do you today?B: Doctor, I have the worst toothache!A: How long have you had this pain?B: about a week or so, but it’s gotten really bad in the last couple of days.A: Did you do anything that might have aggravated your tooth?B: You know, I was eating jawbreakers in the movies the other day, and I accidentally bit down really hard on one.A: What kind of toothbrush do you use?B: I just use a regular hard bristle toothbrush.A: Does it bother you when you eat something really cold?B: Yes, it definitely bothers me more when I do that. 3

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