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An incredulous farmer has been offered HUGEsums of money after one of his goats gave birth to a kid with TWO HEADS.一位农民养的山羊生下了一只长着两个脑袋的羊羔,但有人愿出巨额购买却难以置信地遭到了拒绝。Bidders are battling for the famers#39; mutantgoat which has a split-head with three eyes and two ears.出价者争着要买下农民的这只突变异种羊羔,它长着两个头、三只眼睛和两个耳朵。Shocked neighbours flocked to see thetwo-headed billy when it was born.惊讶的邻居们都聚集到他家里观看这只长着两个脑袋的刚出生的小羊羔。But many of the fascinated visitorscautioned Chinese farmer Xu Jinkui, 43, that his hideous baby goat would notlive long at all – and that he should just let it DIE.但很多被吸引过来的看客提醒43岁的中国农民徐金奎(Xu Jinkui)说,这只丑陋的羊羔活不了多久——他应当丢下它。Xu said: ;They told me to leave it todie, but I couldn#39;t just do that.徐说,“他们要我丢下它,但我就是办不到”。;I asked the vet and he said itwouldn#39;t live long either, but the mother didn#39;t reject it and I gave it a bitof extra milk occasionally and instead of dying, it seemed to do prettywell.;“我问过兽医,兽医也说羊羔活不久,但羊羔的母亲并没有丢弃它。我会不定期另给它喂些牛奶,羊羔不但没有死去,身体好像变得相当不错”。After ignoring the predictions of thosearound him and giving the two-headed kid a little extra care, the young goathas gone on to thrive.忽略了人们对它的种种预言后,多一些照料,它就茁壮成长了。;I have had a lot of visitors, andsome pretty big cash offers as people realise it#39;s probably going to livelonger, but I#39;m not interested in selling it.“有很多访客。因为觉得羊羔可能还可以活得更久就有人开出了高价,但我没有将它卖掉的意愿”。;Maybe later, but for now it#39;s fun tohave around.;“或许以后会卖掉它,但现在有它在身边很有乐趣”。 /201411/344052The Chinese stock market rout in recent weeks has prompted the country’s government to act aggressively to stop the slide. If stocks continue to fall, that could erode consumer confidence in China and slow further the country’s aly weakening economy, which would have painful implications for the global economy.中国股市近几周的崩溃已促使政府采取积极措施以阻止下滑。如果股票继续下跌,将损害中国消费者的信心并使已然减速的经济增长进一步放缓,而这对于全球经济将影响惨痛。What has happened?发生了什么?Chinese stocks have surged almost unimpeded, more than doubling in the 12 months ending June 12. Millions of working-class and middle-class Chinese families bet heavily on stocks, often borrowing money to do so and further spurring the rise.中国股市曾一路飙升,在6月12日之前的一年里上涨了超过一倍。数百万中国的工薪阶层和中产阶级对股市下了重注,经常借钱炒股,而这也进一步刺激了上涨。But the rally defied fundamentals, prompting concerns of a bubble. Stocks rose even as the Chinese economy was slowing. While foreigners and domestic institutions bought shares in large companies with fairly stable businesses, working-class and middle-class families mainly bought inexpensive shares in small and medium-size companies, and kept buying these shares simply because they were rising. Weak balance sheets and chronic problems with corporate governance at many of these companies were swept aside.但上涨与经济基本面并不相符,催生了对于泡沫的担忧。股票在中国经济增速放缓之时仍在上涨。当外国投资者和国内的机构购买经营稳定的大型公司股票时,工薪阶层和中产阶级家庭购买价格较低的中小型公司股票,并因为这些股票的价格在上涨而不断购入。许多这些公司脆弱的资产负债表和长期的公司管理问题被搁置一边。In recent months, the Chinese stocks have experienced brief periods of weakness, as investors started to grow concerned that the market was getting overheated. The government, though, has regularly reassured investors, helping to steady the markets.最近几个月,中国股市经历了短暂的虚弱期,因为投资者对于市场过热的忧虑开始增加。即便如此,政府仍频繁地安抚投资者以稳定市场。Now, investors are losing faith. After a drop of more than 7 percent in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets on June 26, the Chinese central bank responded the next day with an interest rate cut, saying it was acting to shore up the economy. A broad slide in stocks continued, prompting the government to take aggressive action.现在,投资者失去了信心。在6月26日沪深两市大跌超过7%后,中国的中央在第二天以下调利率作为回应,称这是为了提振经济。但股市持续大规模下跌,促使政府采取积极的行动。What is China doing about the sell-off?对于股价下跌,中国正在如何应对?Since June 25, the Chinese government has tried a series of policy measures to halt the slide. It has cut interest rates, made more loans available to buyers of stocks and promised to investigate anyone involved in market manipulation.自6月25日起,中国政府已经采取了一系列政策措施以阻止下跌。政府降低了利率,增加了投资者可获得的贷款,并承诺调查任何涉嫌操纵市场的人。The government made its boldest move on July 4, orchestrating a plan for 21 brokerages to put .4 billion in a fund to buy the shares of large companies. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges suspended 28 pending initial public offerings and said that all deposits paid for shares would be returned to the would-be buyers, freeing up cash that could be invested in existing stocks. Government agencies announced on July 5 that they would lend money to brokerages so that the brokerages could lend the money to investors who wanted to buy shares.政府在7月4日采取了最为勇敢的举措,策划了一项计划,将21家券公司将出资194亿美元(1200亿人民币)建立基金购买大型公司的股票。上海和深圳券交易所暂停了28个新股的发行计划,并称将向未来的购买者退还所有已付的定金,以释放更多现金投入到现有的股票中。政府机构还在7月5日宣布将向券公司提供贷款,之后券公司将可以向有意愿购买股票的投资者提供资金。Following the move, large company shares held most of their value on July 6. But the shares of small and medium-size companies, widely held by retail investors, kept falling.救市举措之后,大部分大型公司的股票价格在7月6日止跌。但大量散户投资者持有的中小型公司股票仍持续下跌。How exposed are foreign investors?外国投资者受影响程度如何?The Chinese markets have only recently started to open up to outside investors, so overseas players are not heavily exposed to the downturn. Such investors own an estimated 4 percent of Chinese shares. And they have been heavily concentrated in large companies, which have not been as volatile as their smaller brethren.中国股市才刚刚向外国投资者开放,所以海外买家并未受到下跌的严重影响。这类投资者持有大约4%的中国股票。而这些股票高度集中在并不像中小型公司那般不稳定的大型公司。But stock market routs can quickly sp. The Hong Kong market withstood previous bouts of selling, but fell on July 6 after the Chinese government’s moves. And foreigners have invested heavily in the Hong Kong market, often as a proxy for mainland China.但是股市的下跌能够很快蔓延。香港股市抵挡住了此前的几轮抛售,但在7月6日政府的行动之后下挫。而且外国投资者在经常作为内地股市代言者的香港股市大量投资。Will China’s stock market troubles affect the global economy?中国股市的问题会影响全球经济吗?Possibly.这是有可能的。China has the world’s second-largest economy. It is the biggest importer of commodities, from countries like Australia and Brazil. China is also a huge buyer of factory equipment and other machinery in Germany and other places. If the Chinese stock market slump damages consumer confidence, it could lead to a slowdown in those purchases.中国是世界第二大经济体,也是澳大利亚和巴西等国商品的最大进口国。中国也是德国以及其他国家重要的工厂设备和其他机械的买家。如果中国股市的下跌损害了消费者信心,这将导致此类采购的减缓。The stock market weakness, should it sp to the Chinese economy over the long term, could prompt Beijing to reassess its overseas loans and investments. Many countries, industries and companies have come to depend on Chinese money to fund their own growth. But Chinese outbound investment could still increase if companies and individuals seek safety overseas.股市的衰弱如果长期蔓延到整个中国经济,可能促使北京重新审视其海外贷款和投资。许多国家的行业和公司的发展都依赖中国的资金。但是如果公司和个人到海外寻求资金安全,中国的境外投资可能还会上升。 /201507/385251

LONDON — Kensuke Shichida, the head of a centuries-old sake brewery in southern Japan, had spent a dizzying week in London restaurants tasting a variety of exotic and confounding dishes: pub food, gourmet burgers, French food, Angus beef, ceviche.伦敦——日本南部一家有一百多年历史的清酒厂的老板七田谦介(Kensuke Shichida),在伦敦的餐馆里度过了头晕目眩的一周。他品尝了各种充满异国风情又令人费解的菜式:酒吧餐、厨师汉堡、法式大餐、安格斯牛肉,还有柠汁腌鱼生。The experience left him slightly bewildered and slightly ill, he said, suffering from a food hangover.这场体验让他有点困惑,还有点不适,七田谦介说,就好像经历了一次由食物引发的宿醉。But Mr. Shichida, 43, is on a mission, he said, to bring his family-brewed sake to European restaurants and pair it with Western cuisine, which means charting new territory. It is an exercise of necessity. Japan is proud of its sake heritage, but sales have been falling for decades, and Mr. Shichida and a number of other brewers are trying to help reverse its decline before it is too late.现年43岁的七田谦介说,他现在有一个目标,就是要把自己家族酿制的清酒推广到欧洲的餐馆,让它与西餐搭配,开辟新的市场。七田谦介这么做实属无奈。清酒一直是日本人引以为傲的传统饮品,但它的销量几十年来却在不断下滑。趁现在还不算太晚,七田谦介和另外几位酿酒商都在设法扭转颓势。“I’d be lying if I said pairing sake with burgers didn’t hurt my pride as a Japanese,” he admitted at a recent dinner, hesitantly poking a piece of lamb kidney and sweetbs — a first for him — with his fork. “But we need to be exploring this path to survive as a brewer.”“如果我说,清酒配汉堡不会伤害我作为日本人的自豪感,那是在撒谎,”七田谦介最近在一次晚餐时承认道。他一边说着,一边用叉子迟疑地戳向一片羊腰和一堆羊杂。那是他第一次吃羊杂。“但作为酿酒商要存活下来,我们必须尝试这条路。”“Sake is surprisingly versatile,” he added. “I’ve discovered it goes well with many Western recipes, perhaps even better than wine or beer.”“清酒的搭配范围之广令人称奇,”他接着说。“我发现它与很多西方菜式都可以很好地搭配,甚至可能比葡萄酒和啤酒还好。”Fresh oysters, for example, usually go pair well with Champagne or Chablis, which have a crisp acidity. But Mr. Shichida, who runs the 140-year-old Tenzan brewery, says sake works better. The drink is mellower and less acidic, and its cleansing properties help remove the oysters’ briny taste, he said. And sake’s umami — a savory sensation considered to be the “fifth taste” — helps improve their fleshiness.例如,法国生蚝一般都以口感酸爽的香槟或夏布利酒搭配。但七田谦介却说,清酒配生蚝效果更佳。他经营的天山酒造(Tenzan brewery)已有140年历史。他说,这是因为清酒更香醇、没那么酸,由于能去除邪味,它还可以消除生蚝的腥气。此外,清酒的鲜味(umami)——经常被称为“第五种味道”——则提升了食物的质感。At a recent dinner at Hixter, a restaurant here, the head chef, Ronnie Murray, paired a plate of Launceston lamb and meaty girolle mushrooms with Mr. Shichida’s 75 Junmai, a full-bodied sake that uses unpolished rice, a rarity even in Japan. The Japanese generally prize sake that contains highly polished rice, which produces a flowery and smooth taste. By contrast, Mr. Shichida’s sake had a round, woody flavor with a tempered acidity that complemented the earthy lamb.最近在伦敦Hixter餐厅享用晚餐时,主厨朗尼·莫瑞(Ronnie Murray)以一盘朗塞斯顿羔羊肉和有肉质口感的鸡油菌,来搭配七田谦介的“纯米75”。这种清酒用糙米酿造,口味浓烈,即使在日本也很稀有。日本人一般喜欢用精米酿造的清酒,因为精米能带来一种优雅和柔滑的味道。相比之下,七田谦介的清酒则饱满直接,酸味受到了抑制,与味道浓厚的羊肉相得益彰。“Wine tends to be more acidic and cuts through the taste of meat,” said Gareth Groves, the head of marketing at Bibendum Wine, a retailer that recently announced that it was stocking sake from Japan. “Sake is less about cutting through the food than sitting alongside it.”“葡萄酒往往口感更酸,会盖过肉的味道,”必比登葡萄酒(Bibendum Wine)市场营销负责人加雷思·格罗夫斯(Gareth Groves)说。这家零售商最近宣布,从日本进口了大量清酒。“清酒不太会盖住食物的味道,能够互不影响。”Most Westerners generally view sake as a clear-colored liquor to be savored with sushi and sashimi, with an alcohol content of 15 to 20 percent. It is thought to have originated in the seventh century and is considered the drink of the gods in the Shinto religion.多数西方人只是知道,清酒颜色澄清,要搭配寿司或刺身,酒精度在15%到20%之间。清酒据信起源于7世纪,而在日本的神道教里,清酒则被视作神祗的饮品。There are 80 types of rice specially designed to produce sake, which is made from fermented rice, water and koji — white rice imbued with a special kind of mold. While wine is typically served only in glasses, sake can be poured into a variety of cups that alter its fragrance, including earthenware, lacquerware, glass, porcelain and box-shaped ones made from Japanese cedar.专门用来酿造清酒的大米有80种。清酒是由酒酿、水和酒曲酿成的。酒曲是加入了某种特殊霉菌的大米。葡萄酒一般只用玻璃杯盛,而清酒却可以倒入不同的杯皿,酒香也会因为容器的不同而略有差异。可以盛放清酒的容器包括陶器、漆器、玻璃、瓷器,还有用日本柳杉制做的盒型容器。Sake ranges from sparkling, somewhat similar to Champagne, to namazake, which tastes best straight from the vat, unpasteurized. Meaning “raw sake,” namazake offers a taste of the ethereal, as it can sour within hours. Some other sake uses yuzu, a Japanese citrus, making the drink a tangy cousin of the Italian limoncello, while umeshu is kind of a plummy version of the Hungarian dessert wine Tokaj.清酒种类繁多,从有些类似香槟的发泡酒,到未经杀菌处理的生酒。生酒直接从酒桶汲出时味道最佳,口感妙不可言,但几个小时就会变质。还有一些清酒是用日本柚酿制的,这种柑橘属水果又称香橙,味道就像是意大利柠檬酒(limoncello)的浓郁版。而梅酒则仿佛是梅子味的匈牙利甜酒托卡伊(Tokaj)。Some lesser-known koshu, or aged sake, sells for more than 0 a bottle for a 40-year-old vintage. Shigeri Shiraki, whose family brewery in the mountainous region of Gifu was founded in 1835, is exploring how to make her 20-year-old aged sake, Daruma Masamune, palatable to Westerners. It is brewed manually by a handful of employees, and only in the winter, a practice among koshu brewers that dates to the 17th century. Mrs. Shiraki said her brewery does not use refrigerators.还有一些不那么出名的古酒,即陈年清酒。一瓶40年的古酒售价在300美元以上。白木繁里(Shigeri Shiraki,音)是岐阜市山区一座家族清酒厂的老板。这家酒厂创立于1835年。她正在探索如何让自己酿造了20年的清酒——达正宗(Daruma Masamune)——适合西方人的口味。这种古酒是由几名工人手工酿制的,而且只在冬天酿造,延续了17世纪酿造古酒时普遍采用的方法。白木说她的清酒厂不用冷库。On its own, her sake has a salty undertone reminiscent of soy sauce or Marmite, and it shares notes with port, sherry or the smoky-flavored Islay Scotch whisky. Mrs. Shiraki suggested pairing it with a particularly rich dessert, pouring it over a slice of pecan pie and vanilla ice cream, or trying it as a digestive.白木繁里的清酒带有一种咸味,能让人联想起酱油或马麦酱,还有一丝波尔图葡萄酒、雪利酒,或者烟熏味艾拉岛威士忌(Islay Scotch)的口感。白木繁里建议搭配味道浓郁的甜品,在享用山核桃派和香草冰淇淋时倒上一杯,或者把它当成一种餐后酒。Some chefs and food lovers describe the experiment with sake as a shot in the dark, but for brewers, the challenge is more urgent.一些大厨和美食爱好者称,用清酒所做的这种尝试结果还很难说,但对于酿酒商来说,面前的挑战越来越迫在眉睫。Sake consumption has fallen sharply in Japan since the 1970s because of a decreasing birthrate and a switch by many drinkers to wine, much of it imported, or other domestic drinks like beer, whiskey or shochu, a Japanese spirit. Japan exported 5,000 tons of sake in 2012, but mostly to Japanese restaurants, limiting its audience. Overseas sales are still a small fraction of total sales.自1970年代以来,清酒在日本的消耗量就大幅下降,一个原因是出生率的不断下滑,此外许多饮酒者转而饮用葡萄酒——很大一部分是进口的——或者国内生产的其他酒类,如啤酒、威士忌或烈性的烧酒。2012年,日本出口了5000吨清酒,但主要都流入了日式餐厅,这就限制了清酒的受众。海外销售仍然只占总销量的很小部分。The number of brewers — mostly old-fashioned and family-owned — has shrunk to around 1,000 from around 4,600 in the earlier part of the 20th century.清酒厂的数量已经由上世纪上半叶的约4600家,减少至目前的1000家左右。大部分清酒厂都是传统的家族式酒厂。“The sake industry won’t survive on its local market,” said Barry McCaughley, a food and beverage consultant based in London. “Unless it makes changes now, it will be dead in 20 to 30 years.”“清酒行业单靠本地市场根本无法生存,”伦敦的餐饮行业咨询师巴里·麦可利(Barry McCaughley)说。“除非现在就做出改变,否则二三十年后清酒业就会消亡。”Restaurants and retailers are starting to push sake as the next drink fad, similar to craft beer, whose popularity has exploded in Britain. A Scottish brewer, Arran, plans to start producing Britain’s first sake on a commercial scale later this year, the second European brewer to do so after Nogne O of Norway. Many bars are aly using sake in their cocktails.餐厅和零售商正开始把清酒包装成新的时尚饮品,就像在英国人气爆棚的手工酿制啤酒一样。苏格兰的酒厂Arran计划今年晚些时候,商业化生产英国的第一款国产清酒。它是继挪威的纳酷欧(Nogne O)之后,第二家采取这种做法的欧洲酒厂。许多酒吧已经开始使用清酒调制鸡尾酒。For all the gambling on foreign sales, brewers say they have one ultimate aim: bringing sake back in Japan as well.除了进军海外市场的,酿酒商说,他们还有一个终极目标:让清酒在日本重新流行起来。“If we’re able to tell the Japanese, ‘Look how much foreigners are enjoying sake,’ that would give them an opportunity to rediscover sake and revive demand,” Mr. Shichida said. “We don’t want our culture to disappear. We really don’t.”“如果我们能够告诉日本人,‘看,外国人多喜爱清酒啊,’就会让他们重新发现清酒的魅力,进而提振需求,”七田谦介说。“我们不想让自己的文化消失。真的不想。” /201411/345176

In the past, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has bestowed its Eugenia Sheppard Award for media on a wide range of journalists: newspaperpeople (Teri Agins, Patrick McCarthy); magazine editors of various stripes (Paul Cavaco, Candy Pratts Price); photographers (Bill Cunningham, Bruce Weber); and bloggers (Scott Schuman and Garance Doré).过去,美国时装设计师协会(Council of Fashion Designers of America)曾把时尚编辑记者奖(Eugenia Sheppard Award)授予各种新闻人:特丽·阿金斯(Teri Agins)、帕特里克·麦卡锡(Patrick McCarthy)等报人;保罗·卡瓦科(Paul Cavaco)、坎迪·普拉特·普赖斯(Candy Pratts Price)等各种杂志编辑;比尔·坎宁安(Bill Cunningham)、布鲁斯·韦伯(Bruce Weber)等摄影师和斯科特·舒曼(Scott Schuman)、加朗斯·多雷(Garance Doré)等客写手。This year, recalling the moment when Time magazine made “You” Person of the Year in 2006, the award will go to Instagram.今年,该奖项将授予Instagram,这让人想起,2006年,《时代》(Time)杂志把“你”评选为年度人物。Made on Monday, by the CFDA’s president, Diane von Furstenberg, after she was trailed by “House of DVF” cameras to a Swarovski crystal-encrusted dais in the Weather Room on the 67th floor of Rockefeller Center, this announcement was the only real surprise from a list of nominations that included many names from the past. For women’s wear, the contenders will be Joseph Altuzarra (last year’s winner), Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen of the Row. The men’s wear nominees are Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright of Rag amp; Bone, Thom Browne, Tim Coppens and Tom Ford.周一,《黛安·冯芙丝汀宝之家》(House of DVF)的镜头跟随美国时装设计师协会主席黛安·冯芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg)来到洛克菲勒中心67层的气象房(Weather Room)。她在镶满施华洛世奇水晶的讲台上宣布了这一决定。它是一系列提名中唯一真正令人意外的,提名名单中包括很多过去出现过的名字。获得年度女装设计师提名的有约瑟夫·奥图扎拉(Joseph Altuzarra,去年的获奖者)、马克·雅可布(Marc Jacobs)、迈克·高仕(Michael Kors)、普罗恩萨·施罗(Proenza Schouler)的拉扎罗·埃尔南德斯(Lazaro Hernandez)和杰克·麦科洛(Jack McCollough),以及Row的设计师阿什莉和玛丽-凯特·奥尔森(Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen)。获得年度男装设计师提名的有公立学校(Public School)的周道一和马克斯韦尔·奥斯本(Maxwell Osborne)、瑞格布恩(Rag amp; Bone)的大卫·内维尔(David Neville)和马库斯· 温赖特(Marcus Wainwright)、桑姆·布郎尼(Thom Browne)、蒂姆·科庞(Tim Coppens)和汤姆·福特(Tom Ford)。Mr. Chow and Mr. Osborne are also nominated in the up-and-comers’ category for women’s wear, along with Ryan Roche and Rosie Assoulin. “Honestly, I’m just so happy to be in this room,” Ms. Assoulin said, standing near a window with a vertiginous view of the bright red Hamp;M logo at 4 Times Square.周道一和奥斯本还获得了最具潜力女装设计师提名,获得这一提名的还有瑞安·罗奇(Ryan Roche)和罗茜·阿苏利纳(Rosie Assoulin)。“实话说,能来这个房间我已经很高兴了,”阿苏利纳说。她站在窗边,透过窗户能看到时报广场4号炫目的鲜红色Hamp;M招牌。Their counterparts in fledgling men’s wear are Hood by Air, Orley and Ovadia amp; Sons.获得最具潜力男装设计师提名的是Hood by Air、Orley和Ovadia amp; Sons的设计师。Perhaps still blinking after Rihanna showed up in a transparent dress to last year’s ceremony, the CFDA has elected not to anoint a so-called Fashion Icon in 2015. But the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, most recently claimed by Mr. Ford, 53, will be given to Betsey Johnson, 72, who promised that her acceptance speech at Alice Tully Hall on June 1 will be characteristically freestyle.美国时装设计师协会也许仍对去年蕾哈娜(Rihanna)身穿透明连衣裙现身颁奖礼感到震惊,它决定2015年不颁发所谓的时尚偶像奖(Fashion Icon)。不过,终身成就奖将授予72岁的贝齐·约翰逊(Betsey Johnson)。她说,6月1日她在爱丽丝·杜莉音乐厅(Alice Tully Hall)发表获奖致辞时将会即兴自由发挥。去年获得终身成就奖的是53岁的汤姆·福特。“I don’t want to practice anything,” Ms. Johnson said, wearing a scarlet knit gown slung with multiple charms and clutching a glass of Champagne, having strung her handbag over a publicist’s shoulder. “I aly asked my grandkids: I said, ‘I get this award, you have to come on stage with me and we all do cartwheels.’ It’s going to be adorable.”“我不想提前准备,”约翰逊说。她身穿猩红色针织长袍,身上挂着好几件小饰品,手里拿着一杯香槟,手提包甩在身边公关人员的肩上。“我已经跟我的孙子孙女们说了:‘我得奖了,你们得跟我上台,咱们一块儿翻跟斗。’一定很好玩。”But who will dress Instagram?但是谁来给Instagram设计出场礼呢? /201503/365683

There are many things believed to make a woman more attractive in a man#39;s eyes – but a curved spine isn#39;t usually thought to be one of them.女人有很多方面可以让男人觉得具有吸引力,但是弯曲的脊椎一般来说不被认为是其中之一。However, researchers claim men are particularly attracted to a women with a back that curves exactly 45 d egrees above the top of her bottom.但是研究人员称女人的脊惟和臀部如果呈45度的话对男人来说特别具有吸引力。The findings provide a new explanation as to why voluptuous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennif er Lopez are considered to be so attractive, with extra mass around the buttocks enhancing the curvature c the spine.这项发现解释了为什么像卡戴珊和洛佩慈这样的名人特别具备吸引力了,臀部越大就越强化了脊椎的弯曲度。Such an angle would have given a woman an advantage while pregnant in early hunter-gatherer societies and so has evolved as beingseen as attractive around the world, they claim.在早期的采集狩猎社会里,这样的角度会给怀的妇女以优势,随后演变成了具有吸引力的特征,研究人员称。However, the researchers also found that a physical curvature of the spine - known as vertebral wedging - was seen as more attractive than extra buttock mass.然而,科学家发现脊椎的弯曲度比大臀部更加具备吸引力。Dr David Lewis, a psychologist at Bilkent University in Turkey, said: #39;It#39;s an independent and previously undiscovered standard of attractiveness.来自土耳其比尔肯大学的心理学家David Lewis说:;这是一个独立的、先前没被发现的吸引力标准。;#39;(The curve) would have enabled ancestral women toshift their centre of mass back over their hips during pregnancy, a time during which there is a dramatic forward shift of their centre of mass.“这样的曲线将能允许古代的妇女在怀时将质量中心转移到臀部上方,因为在怀期间妇女的质量中心会大量的向前转移。;This benefit is critical: without being able to do this, women would experience a dramatic increase in h ip torque (pressure)subjecting them to risk of muscular fatigue and injury.这个优势非常重要:如果无法这么做,妇的臀部扭矩(压力)将大大增加,就会有肌肉疲劳和损伤的风险。”#39;Consequently, ancestral women who possessed this degree of lumbar curvature would have been able to forage longer into pregnancy and would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies with a reduced risk of spinal injury.#39;;所以,拥有这种脊椎曲线的古代妇女在怀期间就可以进行更加长久的觅食,就可以进行多胎妊娠,而且脊椎受伤的风险变小。Dr Lewis said that this trait would have becomesexually attractive to men due to the evolutionary advantage it gave.David Lewis说,由于具备了进化上的优势,这个特征对于男人来说具备了性吸引力。Without such a curve, the pressure on a woman#39;s hips during pregnancy increases by nearly 800 per cent, rendering her largelyimmobile and increasing the risk of health problems.如果没有这样的曲度,妇女怀期间臀部所受的压力将增加800%,这将导致妇几乎无法移动并且增加了患病的风险。A 45-degree angle was optimal because it would have aided movement, yet would not have been so great so as to expose women to the back pain and risk of slipped discs that can come with excessive spinal curvature.45度是最理想的,因为这有助于人们行动,但是也有不好的地方,因为如果脊椎过度弯曲,将会导致背痛或者有椎间盘突出的风险。For the study, which was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, the psychologists showed 300 men silhouettes of women withdifferent angles of curvature.这份研究发表在了《进化和人类行为》期刊上,为了进行研究,心理学家向300名男子展示了不同脊椎弯曲度的妇女的轮廓。They were then asked to rate the images accordingto how attractive they found the silhouette.然后每个男子根据这些图像的吸引力做出评分。Most of the men were significantly more attractedto those with a spine curve of 45.5 degrees, the researchers found.研究人员发现,大部分男子觉得拥有45.5度脊椎的女性更加有吸引力。Analysis of the results also found that the preference for this level of spine curve was #39;unequivocally not a by-product of a preference for buttock mass#39;, they added.对结果进行分析后发现人们对这种弯曲度的偏好并非是人们对臀部偏好的副产品。Men who think they like big bottoms may actually bemore into spines, Dr Lewis said.那些以为自己喜欢大臀部的男性其实更加喜欢脊椎,Lewis士说。He said: #39;Men may be directing their attention to the butt and obtaining information about women#39;s spines, even if they are unaware that that is what their minds are doing.他说:;男人们可能将自己的注意力放在臀部上了,从而获得有关女性脊椎的信息,尽管他们没有意识到这正是他们的脑袋正在做的事情。;#39;Alternatively, men may have preferences for both lumbar curvature and buttock size.;或者,男性对脊椎曲度和臀部大小都有偏好。;#39;Future research is needed to better understand the latter.#39;;未来将对后者进行更多研究。; /201503/362859

With a motto like “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, it is no surprise that Sin City has it fair share of secrets, especially when it comes to winning on the casino floor. That said, a few savvy travellers on question-and-answer site Quora.com were brave enough to break the code of silence and share a few things that casinos will not tell you about gambling in Las Vegas.有句格言说“发生的一切会留在。”人们一点儿都不惊讶于这座罪恶之城有它自己的秘密,特别是当谈到赢在业这个方面。即便如此,一些经验丰富的旅行者仍然敢于在Quora.com网站的问答板块打破沉默,分享出一些关于,不会告诉你的事情。Drinking alcohol is a sure way to lose酒后必输Though many travellers might count the free booze as a perk of gambling in Vegas, plying players with drinks is clear house strategy. “Unless you’re some kind of alcoholic prodigy, your alcohol intake is going to impair your judgement and perceptions,” said Jon Mixon, who grew up in Nevada. “If you want to win, you’ll need to be a teetotaller.”许多玩家把提供的免费酒水当做时的额外优待,然而给玩家们供应酒水是的一个策略。生长在内华达州的乔恩#8226;米克森说:“除非你是个喝酒奇才,否则摄入的酒精会影响你的判断能力和观察能力。如果想要赢,需要做到滴酒不沾。”Every game has a house edge, save one每场赌局都存在庄家优势,玩家需小心下手Quora answerers reiterated over and over again that the house has an edge on every game – but they vary by type. Users Ilya Veygman, a software engineer in Menlo Park, California, and Jenn Tseng, a hotel operations professional in Las Vegas, agreed that roulette has by far the worst odds of the popular table games. While the generally accepted house edge is 5% for a double-zero roulette wheel, 1.4 % for the pass line in craps (the game’s standard bet) and only 0.28% for blackjack, Mixon mentioned that the smaller casinos in Vegas might have slightly better odds, as they cannot afford to retain the best dealers.Quora网站上回答问题的网民一次又一次地重申庄家在每场赌局中都有优势,但是这种优势会根据游戏的类型而变化。加州门洛帕克市的软件工程师伊利亚#8226;维哲曼和的酒店运营专家詹#8226;茨奥一致认为迄今为止轮盘赌是大众桌游中获胜几率最低的游戏。大众普遍可以接受的庄家优势在2:0的轮盘赌中占5%,在双骰儿的“过线区”(即赌局的标准赌注)中占1.4%,在21点纸牌中仅占0.28%。米克森曾提到在越小的玩,获得胜算的几率越大,因为这些雇佣不起手气最好的庄家。As for the game with the best odds, Don Dawson, a Las Vegas resident, suggested live poker. “All other games favour the house. It’s the only game where the casino does not take money directly from the player,” he said. “It is strictly up to you and your skill on how much you win or lose.”说到胜算最大的游戏,市的市民唐#8226;道森的建议是现场扑克。他说:“其他所有的游戏都会偏袒庄家,这是唯一一个玩家的钱不会被直接拿走的游戏。不过严格的讲,能赢多少还是会输多少完全取决于你自己以及你的玩牌技巧。”You must play “max bet” on slots to win big玩要想赢得多,必须下最大赌注“If you play slots, there’s no point playing the lowest bet,” said Tseng. “Max bet max win.” The maximum bet is usually two or three times the advertised price; for example, the maximum bet on a 25 cent machine will usually be 50 or 75 cents.茨奥说:“压最低赌注玩没什么意义。”事实上,“最大赌注=最大胜算”。而最大赌注通常是游戏广告价格的2到3倍,例如:25美分游戏机的最大赌注通常为50或75美分。Casinos are built to disorient的布局易使人失去方向感It can be a challenge to find your way out of a casino once you find your way in. “Casino floors are labyrinthine by design,” said Veygman. “You get lost because you’re supposed to, then you grab a seat at a slot machine or blackjack, and voila! You drop some cash gambling.”进容易,出难。“的楼层设计如迷宫般错综复杂,”维哲曼称,“你会在内迷路,因为你必须迷路才会在或21点纸牌桌旁坐下,瞧,你这就开始花钱了。”For the same reason, you will never see a clock in a casino. “They don’t want you to say, ‘It’s getting late. Time to turn in,’” said Garrick Saito, a Los Angeles resident. “The longer you play, the more likely it is you’ll lose.”同理可得,在从来看不到钟表。洛杉矶市的市民加里克#8226;萨伊托说:“不想听到你说‘太晚了,该回家睡觉了。’只有你玩的时间越长,输的可能性才会越大。”Win, then walk away赢钱后请起身走人According to every respondent, the only real way to take home cold hard cash from Vegas is by stopping while you are ahead. “You are only going to win once or twice during your entire stay,” said Mixon. “When you do, stand up and leave. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing it all back – with interest.”根据网民的回答,能把钱从带回家的唯一可行方式就是在占上风时停手。“在的整个过程中,你只会赢一到两次,”米克森说,“当你赢钱之后请立马起身走人,否则最后你将连本带利一起输掉。” /201501/355245

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