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楚雄市哪里有美甲培训大概花多少钱新巴尔虎右旗日式法式美甲美睫培训学校排行榜At Beijing's flagship Apple Store they switched off the company's famous icon at midday. It was a tribute to Steve Jobs the visionary who had created a truly global brand. Flowers were laid at the entrance of the store. Some came to shop but others are gathered to pay tribute.Speaker 1 "I just found out this morning from the news that Mr Jobs has passed away, so this is why I came here. I wanted to buy some flowers myself but I couldn't find where."Speaker 2 "I'm kind of a diehard fan of Apple. It's really really sad to see that Steve Jobs passed away. This man I think really influenced the way I think, the way I observe the world. I really can't say how grateful I am to him." Many Apple products are made in China. But unlike other western brands Apple is a household name here. Its iPhones and iPads are snapped up by the growing middle class. More than 35 million Chinese internet users also tweeted about his death. Steve Jobs was a man who was idolised around the globe and many here say his vision helped connect the world.词语注释:flagship 旗舰icon 偶像a tribute(对死者的)致敬a visionary 有远见卓识者to pay tribute to 歌颂(某人)to pass away 逝世a diehard fan of (某人的)铁杆粉丝a household name 家喻户晓的名人to snap up 抢购to tweet 发微to idolise 崇拜(某人)201110/156427尉犁彩绘美甲视频美甲教程视频自学美甲培训 Women will evolve into having children at older ageThe fashion for having children later in life could lead to women becoming more fertile in their 40s and beyond, scientists have suggested.As many women wait until they are older to give birth, only those with longer lasting fertility genes will be successful.That means the average length of fertility will grow as their genes will be passed on to their children.The study from the University of Sheffield shows that previously women would marry early and if widowed were too old to remarry thus favouring early childbirth in women.But today's reluctance to settle down and reproduce until later in life could lead to fertility beginning to favour older women.The researchers studied marriage patterns to trace the survival and marriage histories of 1,591 women.Using 18th and 19th century Finnish records – a time when almost everyone got married and divorce was strictly forbidden.They found that women aged 30 to 35 were the most likely to be married. Those that wed wealthy husbands were married at a younger age but to relatively older men, meaning family sizes were bigger but with an increased risk of widowhood.The researchers say that this high chance of widowhood, coupled with low remarriage prospects for older widows with children, limited the percentage of women in the population with the opportunity to reproduce at older ages.Duncan Gillespie, from the university's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences said that in today's society however, women do not start childbearing until an older age as marriage is often delayed.He said: "As a result of this, the natural selection maintaining young-age fertility might weaken and the relative strength of natural selection on old-age fertility could increase, something that could potentially lead to improvements in old-age fertility over many generations.”背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109914US Official Reaffirms Need for Afghanistan Society Building美国官员重申重建阿富汗社会的必要It has been about six months since the Obama Administration unveiled a new strategy boosting efforts to rebuild Afghan civil society. That is part of a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. A top State Department official is acknowledging the need to show real progress soon.大约六个月前,奥巴马政府公布了一项为加强重建阿富汗公民社会而制定的新策略。这一新策略是针对阿富汗和巴基斯坦的综合策略的一部分。美国国务院的一名高级官员承认,需要尽快展示取得的成果。A senior U.S. official acknowledges the clock is ticking on showing the effectiveness of America's multibillion dollar attempt to rebuild Afghanistan. The effort has been deemed a foreign policy priority of the Obama administration. 他表示,时间紧迫,需要尽快展示美国耗资数十亿美元重建阿富汗的努力的成效。这一努力被视为奥巴马政府外交政策的当务之急。The Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, Jack Lew, on a visit to India, spoke with a small group of Indian and American reporters in the capital. He told them it is critical to continue the effort to transfer skills and tools to Afghans so foreigners do not need to have a permanent presence there. 主管资源管理的副国务卿杰克.卢在印度访问时,在新德里对一小群印度和美国记者谈话时说,继续向阿富汗民众传授技能,提供工具至关重要。这样外国人就不会永久待在那里。"It is a challenge after just a few months of implementation to be able to speak with confidence about when these things will occur," said Lew. "But the president has been clear, the Administration has been clear that there's a need for demonstrable progress on a short order."他说:“在实行新策略仅几个月后就能够充满信心地说这些何时会实现,这是个挑战。但是奥巴马总统和美国政府都已经清楚的表明,需要在短期内展示取得的进展。”The deputy secretary, who is the State Department's chief operating officer, adds that Congress and the administration itself will hold those responsible accountable to show a difference is being made in Afghanistan. 杰克.卢还说,美国国会和政府本身也会请有关负责人士来展示阿富汗正在发生变化。Programs underway include training the Afghan National Army and police, as well as building capacity in Afghan government ministries. President Obama, in late March, outlined a comprehensive plan to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaida in order to bring security to Afghanistan and to construct a civil infrastructure. 正在进行的项目包括训练阿富汗国家军队和警察,充实阿富汗各政府部门的运作能力。奥巴马总统在三月底描述了一个综合计划来打击塔利班和基地组织,以保障阿富汗的安全,建设民用基础设施。Lew says these efforts "address a direct threat to the ed States." The deputy secretary is to visit Afghanistan next week. His trip comes at a critical time with the results of the country's presidential election still uncertain and worries a disputed outcome, due to allegations of widesp ballot box stuffing, could spark further civil violence. 杰克.卢说这些努力是为了解决“针对美国的一项直接威胁”。这位官员将在下周访问阿富汗。他此行正值阿富汗的一个关键时期,就是总统选举结果尚不明朗,人们担心由于被控存在大规模选票欺诈现象而带来的选举结果争议会引发更多平民暴力。The White House is now reviewing strategic recommendations made by the top U.S. military officer in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal. Details are confidential but they are believed to include the possibility of adding more troops to the aly 60 thousand Americans in uniform deployed there in the eight-year old war. 白宫现在正在审核美国驻阿富汗的军方官员提出的战略建议。虽然有关细节保密,但是据信这些建议包括向阿富汗增兵的可能性。阿富汗战争已经历时八年,目前有六万名美军士兵驻扎在那里。This comes at a time when opinion polls show dropping support among Americans for the military effort in Afghanistan, where Afghan, American and NATO coalition forces together are fighting the Taliban.与此同时,民意调查显示,美国民众对军方在阿富汗的努力的持率下降。目前,阿富汗、美国和北约联军部队共同在阿富汗抗击塔利班。09/83399临泽附近美甲培训学习学校渐变美甲

佛冈开一个美甲店多少钱当地时间4月1日上午,美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔抵达唐宁街10号首相府,与英国首相布朗会面。当被记者问及美国是否应该对当前的经济危机负有责任,奥巴马表示,他宁愿向前看,不愿向后看。他对美国的经济体制毫不担心。但就在二十国集团金融峰会即将召开前夕,法国总统萨科齐发出威胁,称如果G20金融峰会不能制定更为严格的全球金融市场规则,他有可能退出峰会,同时,奥巴马说各国之间的分歧被夸大了。The president says no one country can fix the economic crisis.Speaking just hours before the start of the G20 meeting of major economies, Mr. Obama stressed the need for all participants to seek common ground. "I am absolutely confident that this meeting will reflect enormous consensus about the need to work together to deal with these problems," said Mr. Obama.Tension precedes summit startBut there are signs of tension, as the G20 summit prepares to begin its work in London. Some countries are blaming the ed States for sparking the economic crisis through the deregulation of its financial sector- a move that led to a credit crunch and sparked an economic recession.The president says the ed States has made mistakes, but so too did other countries whose regulatory systems could not keep pace with a changing financial scene. He says it is time to look for solutions."At this point, I am less interested in identifying blame, than in fixing the problem," he said.President says differences are overstatedAt home, Mr. Obama has focused on government spending to jump-start the economy and he was expected to urge other nations to take similar steps at the economic summit.France and Germany have balked at such action, saying the emphasis should be on regulatory reform. French President Nicholas Sarkozy even told an interviewer that he might walk out of the summit, if nations fail to agree on stricter regulation of global financial markets.Brown predicts no walkoutsPresident Obama says reports of differences are overstated. And, Prime Minister Brown predicts no one will walk away from the summit and its important work."I am confident President Sarkozy will not be here for the first course of our dinner, but will still be sitting as we complete our dinner this evening," said Mr. Brown.Mr. Brown says everyone knows the stakes are high."Never before has the world come together in this way to talk about an economic crisis," he said. " Any of the crises we have seen since the second World War, you have not had this level of international cooperation."Obama agenda packed on first overseas tripOn his first European tour as president, Barack Obama is seeking cooperation on both the economic and security front as he holds bilateral talks on the sidelines of the London summit.His discussions with Gordon Brown also covered the new American strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran and the search for Middle East peace.At their joint news conference, Mr. Obama also talked about efforts to control the sp of nuclear weapons - an issue that is topping the agenda for his discussions here with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. 04/66242济源附近美甲培训学习学校渐变美甲 Pilgrims Flock to Bethlehem for Christmas各地信徒云集伯利恒庆祝圣诞节  The faithful have flocked to the West Bank town of Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas. 世界各地的信徒聚集到约旦河西岸的伯利恒庆祝圣诞节。A fragrant cloud of incense filled the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, as Palestinian Christians celebrated Christmas Mass. A few meters away, thousands of pilgrims from around the world visited the ancient grotto believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.  巴勒斯坦的基督教信徒在伯利恒的基督诞生教堂举行圣诞弥撒,教堂中充满了香火的气味。在离教堂几米远的地方,来自世界各地的成千上万名朝圣者参观了据信是耶稣诞生的地方。Adam Heyney came from the western U.S. state of Utah.  亚当.海尼来自美国西部的犹他州。"It's amazing, it's always been a dream to come out here, you see all the stuff on TV, you it in books, but it becomes reality. Just to be there in that spot was just an incredible experience," Heyney said.  他说:“这里真是太棒了。来到这里一直是一个梦想,你从前都是在电视上看到这些景象,在书里读到它们,但现在这都成了真的。能来到这里就是非常棒的经历。”For Barbara Beachie of the Midwest state of Michigan, it was an experience of faith and community.  对来自美国中西部密西根州的巴巴拉.比奇来说,到伯利恒朝圣是一次信仰和归属感之旅。"We need to touch something. We need to touch the sacred, we need to touch the place where Jesus was born, we need to see it," Beachie said. "There's a sense of mystery that is very overwhelming. And it's not just the place, but it's also the people that come from so far away."  她说:“我们需要触摸到什么,触摸神圣的东西,触摸耶稣诞生的地方,我们需要看到这个地方。它具有强烈的神秘感。而且,除了这个圣地之外,那些来自遥远地方的朝圣者也很吸引人。”Palestinian police armed with assault rifles patrolled Manger Square, but that did not bother Monty Luker of South Carolina.  手持冲锋的巴勒斯坦警察在马槽广场巡逻,但是,来自美国南卡罗莱纳州的陆克尔对此并不介意。"Even though it's a bit scary, the guns in the hands of the security people is a good thing. Were it not for that, we'd have to worry about the bad guys," Luker said.  他说:“虽然这有点吓人,但是安全人员手里有毕竟是好事,否则我们就会担心受到坏人的袭击。”It was the biggest turnout in years thanks to a lull in West Bank violence. Bethlehem hotels were full, and Palestinian shopkeepers like Nabil Jakaman were upbeat.  由于约旦河西岸暂时停止了暴力袭击,游客数量创下了多年来的最高纪录。伯利恒的酒店住满了人,像雅卡曼这样的巴勒斯坦店主十分高兴。"You can see tourists, many, many, many tourists, you can see it. That's good. It's nice to see this kind of tourists In Bethlehem," Jakaman said.  他说:“你可以看到这里有非常非常多的游客。这太好了,能在伯利恒看到这么多游客真是不错。”Palestinians bitterly complain about Israel's security barrier, or wall, surrounding Bethlehem, which was built in response to a wave of suicide bombings a few years ago. But Jakaman sees some light at the end of the tunnel.  巴勒斯坦人愤怒地抱怨以色列在伯利恒周围建立的安全屏障,这个围墙是几年前为了应对自杀性爆炸袭击的猛增而修建的。不过,雅卡曼看到了一些希望。"Well, the wall has made some problems but thank God, now there is a lot of tourists, now it's moving better," Jakaman said.  他说:“的确,这个围墙带来了一些麻烦,不过,感谢上帝,现在这里来了许多游客,情况变好了。”So for pilgrims and Palestinians, it was a Merry Christmas in the little town where it all began. 因此,对于朝圣者和巴勒斯坦人来说,今年,在这个耶稣诞生的小镇,他们可以渡过一个快乐的圣诞节。200812/59695山西省美甲精英全科培训班图片

抚顺县美甲化妆造型美容培训US Senate Democratic Leaders Outline New Agenda美国会民主党人阐述主要议事日程  A day after a new Democratic-led U.S. Congress was sworn in, lawmakers are focusing on an ambitious agenda. Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday outlined their priorities, which range from passing an economic stimulus plan to addressing new global threats and closing the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 美国民主党人领导的新一届国会宣誓就职一天以后,议员们把关注点转向了雄心勃勃的国会议程。参议院民主党领袖星期三阐述了首要议程,包括通过一个经济刺激计划,因应全球范围新的威胁,以及关闭美国在古巴关塔那湾的拘留中心。Topping Democrats' agenda is an economic stimulus plan that will put the growing number of jobless Americans back to work. 民主党人所制定日程上的首要项目是刺激经济的一揽子计划,通过这一计划可以给越来越多的美国失业者创造就业机会。"The American people realize we have such a difficult time with the economy. It is in the state of crisis. It's not thousands of jobs being lost each month, but now hundreds of thousands of jobs lost each month," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 参议院多数党领袖哈利.里德在一次新闻发布上说:“美国人民了解我们在经济上的困难时期。现在已经进入危机状态。目前的失业状况已经不再是每个月增加数千人,而是每个月增加数10万人。”Senate Republicans are open to a stimulus package, but say tax relief must be an essential part of the plan. 参议院共和党人对一个刺激经济一揽子计划持开放的态度,但是表示减少税款必须是这一计划的重要部分。Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke at a separate news conference.  参议院少数党领袖麦康内尔在另一个新闻发布会上说:"I also think we should take a look at the tax portion of the stimulus package, take a look at reducing the middle class tax rate," he said. “我还认为我们应该关注这个刺激方案中有关税收的部分,关注降低中产阶级税率的问题。”President-elect Barack Obama, who takes office January 20, wants Congress to pass a stimulus package by early next month, at the latest. 即将于本月20号宣誓就职的当选总统奥巴马希望国会最晚在下个月初以前通过这一刺激方案。On national security, Democrats want to draw down U.S. combat troops from Iraq and put more emphasis on the fight against al-Qaeda.  在国防问题上,民主党人希望削减美国在伊拉克的作战部队,在打击基地恐怖组织方面加强力量。"We will strengthen nonproliferation and protect our nation from other deadly weapons and will share more effectively in the fight against terrorism by transitioning our strategy in Iraq and refocusing our resources on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and other emerging threats," said Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the number two Democrat in the Senate. 来自伊利诺伊州的迪克.德宾议员是参议院民主党的第二号人物,他说:“我们将加强核不扩散的工作,并保护我们的国家免受其他致命武器的攻击,我们还要在反恐斗争中通过移交我们在伊拉克的战略更有效地分享成果,并把我们的资源重新集中在基地组织、阿富汗、巴基斯坦,以及其他正在出现的威胁上面。”Democrats are also eager to end Bush administration detainee policies. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the incoming chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, discussed legislation she introduced this week that would close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay.  民主党人也渴望结束布什政府的拘留政策。来自加利福尼亚的黛安.范斯坦是参议院情报委员会新任主席,她讨论了本周由她本人提出的关闭美国在关塔那湾拘留中心的议案。"The need the close this facility is clear: along with the abuses at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo has been decried throughout the world. It has helped our enemies recruit, it has reduced America's credibility worldwide, strained relationships with our allies, and created a misguided dual legal system," she said. “关闭这个中心的必要性是清楚的:和在阿布格拉布虐囚的情况一样,关塔那中心也遭到了全世界范围的谴责。它帮助我们的敌人招募更多人员,导致美国在全世界的信誉下降,使我们和盟友的关系出现紧张,同时也产生了导向错误的双重法律体系。”The legislation would also limit interrogation procedures by the Central Intelligence Agency and end the outsourcing of coercive interrogations to government contractors. 这项立法还提出限制中央情报局的审讯程序,禁止跟政府签署合同的机构使用这种强制性的审讯程序。Other issues on the Democrats' agenda include immigration reform, health care and education. 民主党人的日程中还包括移民改革、健保和教育等其他议题。Besides passing legislation, members of the Senate will hold hearings on President-elect Obama's cabinet nominees. The first hearing is scheduled Thursday for former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Mr. Obama's choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services. 除了讨论通过立法以外,参议院议员还要举行审核当选总统奥巴马提名的内阁成员的听会。第一个听会订于星期四举行,讨论奥巴马选择的卫生与公共务部部长提名人选前参议院多数党领袖汤姆.达什尔。Although the hearings can be held before Mr. Obama's inauguration, senators cannot vote to confirm nominees until after the new president is sworn in to office later this month. 监管这些听会可以在奥巴马宣誓就职之前举行,但是到本月稍后新总统就任以后参议员们才能投票决定这些内阁人选。01/60727 Pentagon Welcomes Pakistani Raids, Calls for Sustained Effort Against Terror Networks美国促巴持续打击恐怖分子大本营  The Pentagon has welcomed Pakistan's raid on alleged terrorist bases in its northwestern region, but says counter-terrorism efforts need to be made on a sustained basis. 美国国防部欢迎巴基斯坦对据称是恐怖分子大本营的西北地区进行突袭,但是同时表示,反恐努力应当具有持续性。Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says neither Pakistan nor India has asked the U.S. military for help in responding to the Mumbai attacks. But at a news conference Tuesday he welcomed Pakistan's raids in its tribal areas, which are reported to have netted the alleged mastermind of the attacks. 美国国防部新闻发言人莫雷尔说,不论是巴基斯坦还是印度,都没有要求美国军方帮助应对孟买袭击事件。在星期二的新闻发布会上,莫雷尔表示欢迎巴基斯坦突袭西北部落地区,据称那里是孟买袭击策划人的老巢。"We see it as a positive step," he said. "I think what all the problems we have emanating from Pakistan, terror-wise, is that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with on a sustained basis, that it can't be done in fits and starts, that there needs to be a constant and vigilant effort to go after the terrorist networks that exist there and throughout the region." 他说:“我们认为这是一个积极的步骤。我认为,我们面临的所有这些来自巴基斯坦的有关恐怖主义的问题,需要持续性努力才能解决,而不是时断时续的努力能解决的问题。需要契而不舍地在全地区追踪当地恐怖主义网络。”Morrell said the ed States is prepared to help both Pakistan and India deal with their terrorism problems, but he would not comment on whether the ed States has asked for any specific action, such as access for its experts to the captured terror suspects.  莫雷尔说,美国随时准备帮助巴基斯坦和印度对付恐怖主义的问题,但是他不愿透露美国是否提出了任何具体要求,例如允许美国专家接触被抓获的恐怖嫌疑人。President-elect Barack Obama has called the terrorist safe havens in northwestern Pakistan the biggest threat to the security of Americans.  美国当选总统奥巴马将恐怖分子在巴基斯坦西北地区的藏身地称为对美国安全的最大威胁。During a speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, President Bush said Pakistan has some of the most dangerous "ungoverned spaces" in the world. He said the ed States wants to help Pakistan and other countries get control of such areas. 布什总统在纽约州西点军校的一次演讲中说,巴基斯坦有世界上最危险的“无人管理的地带”。他说,美国希望帮助巴基斯坦和其他国家把这类地区控制起来。"The Pakistani people and government understand the threat because they have been victims of terror themselves," said Mr. Bush. "They are working to enforce the law and fight terror in the border areas, and our government is providing strong support for these efforts." 布什说:“巴基斯坦人民和政府懂得这种威胁,因为他们本身曾经是恐怖主义的受害者。他们在加强执法,打击边境地区的恐怖分子,美国政府对这些努力提供强有力的持。”U.S. air strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas, which have resulted in a number of civilian casualties, have been sharply criticized by officials and the Pakistani public. But President Bush repeated that while the ed States wants to help partner nations deal with their own terrorism problems, it will do whatever it must to protect its troops just across the border in Afghanistan. 美国在巴基斯坦部落地区进行的空袭造成了一些平民的伤亡,因此遭到巴基斯坦政府和公众的尖锐批评。但是布什总统重申,美国希望在帮助盟国对付他们国内恐怖主义问题的同时,也会尽一切努力来保护边界另一侧驻阿富汗的美国部队。In a column in Tuesday's New York Times newspaper, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari said Pakistanis understand the threat of terrorism because they have repeatedly been the victims of it. He says terrorists have killed nearly 2,000 Pakistanis so far this year alone. He said he is determined to fight terrorist groups in his country, but he also warned Indian officials and ordinary citizens not to use the Mumbai attacks to stir up anti-Pakistan feeling and to push for military action. He said if that happens, the Mumbai terrorists will have accomplished their mission. 纽约时报星期二刊登了巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里的文章。他说,巴基斯坦人了解恐怖主义的威胁,因为他们不断地遭受恐怖主义的袭击。仅今年一年,恐怖主义就已经提夺去了2千多名巴基斯坦人的生命。扎尔达里说,他决心在巴基斯坦和恐怖主义抗击到底,但是他警告印度官员和普通公民不要利用孟买袭击事件挑动反巴基斯坦的情绪,推动军事行动。他说,如果发生这种情况,孟买恐怖分子才真正达到了目的。200812/58530尉氏县美甲培训视频美甲基础视频教程赫章开美甲店做美甲教学



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