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Today in History: Tuesday, November 27, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月27日,星期二On Nov. 27, 1978, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk, a gay-rights activist, were shot to death inside City Hall by Dan White, a former supervisor.1978年11月27日,旧金山市长乔治·莫斯贡和同性恋权利活动家城市监督员Harvey Milk在市政厅被前监督员丹·怀特射死。1901 The Army War College was established in Washington, D.C.1901年,陆军战争学院在华盛顿特区建立。1910 New Yorks Pennsylvania Station opened.1910年,纽约宾夕法尼亚站开通。1942 The French navy at Toulon scuttled its ships and submarines to keep them out of the hands of the Nazis.1942年,在土伦,法国海军毁掉自己的战舰和潜艇使之不落入纳粹手中。1953 Playwright Eugene ONeill died at age 65.1953年,剧作家尤金·奥尼尔去世,享年65岁。1970 Pope Paul VI, visiting the Philippines, was slightly wounded at the Manila airport by a dagger-wielding Bolivian painter disguised as a priest.1970年,教皇保罗六世访问菲律宾,在马尼拉机场被一舞着匕首伪装成牧师玻利维亚画家轻微刺伤。1973 The Senate voted 92-3 to confirm Gerald R. Ford as vice president, succeeding Spiro T. Agnew, who had resigned.1973年,参议院以92 -3 投票确认杰拉尔德·福特接任已辞职的斯皮罗·阿格纽当选副总统。1985 The British House of Commons approved the Anglo-Irish accord, giving Dublin a consultative role in the governing of British-ruled Northern Ireland.1985年,英国下议院批准英爱协议,给予都柏林对英属北爱尔兰顾问作用。2002 U.N. specialists began a new round of weapons inspections in Iraq.2002年,联合国专家开始对伊拉克武器进行新一轮的核查。2008 Iraqs parliament approved a pact requiring all U.S. troops to be out of the country by Jan. 1, 2012.2008年,伊拉克议会批准一项条约,要求所有美国军队在2012年1月1日离开这个国家。 Golfer Tiger Woods crashed his SUV outside his Florida mansion, sparking widesp attention to reports of marital infidelity.年,高尔夫名将在佛罗里达的住宅外撞毁了他的SUV,这引发了对其婚姻不忠的报道。 Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced daughter Chelseas engagement to longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky.年美国前总统比尔·克林顿和现任国务卿希拉里·罗德姆·克林顿宣布女儿切尔西与相恋多年的男友马克·梅兹文斯基订婚。 /201211/211141How To Give And Receive Compliments VideoJug and etiquette expert Diana Mather of PublicImage.com, have prepared a film on how to give and receive compliments. Giving and receiving compliments can help strengthen bonds and improve relationships, so listen carefully to these simple tips.Step 1: Be sincere(真诚)The key to giving compliments is sincerity. There is something about a fake compliment that is easy to spot, and is embarrassing for both giver and receiver. A good compliment is a little outburst of enthusiasm and positivity, and as such should be delivered spontaneously and simply. If you prepare compliments in advance, or think too much about what you are going to say before you say it, you may end up sounding too smooth or too polished, which is suspicious. So the rule should be, as soon as you are moved to say something nice, do so.Step 2: Be simple and specific(简单明了)Be specific and concentrate on a single achievement rather than making a generalization. This shows sincerity because you realize the importance of that achievement. For example, instead of saying 'you are an excellent cook', compliment them on a specific dish, 'That quiche was simply delightful'.Be wary of damning with faint praise, so don't qualify your statement by saying 'That quiche was excellent - considering the state of your kitchen'. Do not compare their achievement to somebody else's, or some other achievement. A compliment needs to flatter the receiver on it's own merits.Step 3: Be timely(及时)Giving a compliment in a timely manner is just as important as the sincerity of your compliment. So aim to deliver the compliment very soon after the achievement you are complimenting has been attained. A compliment given in front of others conveys the fact that you want witnesses to hear proof of its sincerity.If for some reason you miss the window of opportunity to make a spontaneous compliment, you can always come up with an excuse to write a note afterwards- a card saying thanks for dinner for example- and include your compliment within it.Step 4: Receiving a compliment(接受赞扬时)When someone compliments you, the simple steadfast rule is to smile and say thank you. Do not shrug off a compliment or disagree with what they are saying as this will show that you think the other person's judgment is poor, and dissuade them from complimenting you in future. Another important rule is to not upscale a compliment. For example if someone says to you: "The board of directors liked your presentation today" Do not say something like: "Liked it? They absolutely loved it. It blew them away."Another thing you should avoid if you have been given a compliment, is to immediately reply with one back. This can sound insincere, even if you mean what you say.201004/101105Step 1: Put the interview into perspective 对面试进行展望 You should make sure its the right company for you as well as be on your best form for them. 你要确保这家公司是你正确的选择,这样才能展现你的最佳状态展现。Step 2: Be clear 搞清楚 What are your unique selling points? 你的独特之处是哪里?Step 3: Examples 第三步:举例子 Make sure you use plenty of examples as proof of your abilities. Be clear about the problem, action and result - making it unique. 确保你使用的大量的例子来明你的能力。明确问题,行为及结果,使其独到。Step 4: Never assume 第四步:永远不要假设 Dont assume the interviewer has your CV. Go through it with them. 不要假设面试官已经阅读过你的简历。去经历它。 Step 5: Never slag off 第五步:回首过去,绝不谩骂 Be positive about your experiences so far. 乐观看待自己到目前为止的经历。Step 6: Prepare at least three questions 第六步:准备至少三个问题 Think about what you want to know.思考什么才是你想要知道的。 Step 7: Listen 第七步:仔细聆听Listen and answer the question asked. 仔细听然后回答问题。Step 8: Dont talk too much 第八步:言多必失 Dont go into excessive details, but do engage them in conversation. 不要涉入过多细节,但是在谈话中要稍微涉及。 Step 9: Do your research 第九步:做过研究 Know the company. 你需要十分透彻了解该公司。 201201/169573

This is an instructional providing advice on how to conduct an interview. It gives information on understanding resumes and ensuring a smooth interpersonal interaction.本段视频为怎样主持面试提供了建议,关于怎样理解简历,怎样保顺畅的人际沟通等方面。Were going to look at how to interview. The first thing you need to remember, is to make sure you are prepared, and that you have actually the CV of the person you are about to interview. When you are looking at the CV, look at any previous experience thats relating to the job that you are interviewing them for, and have some questions prepared.我们一起来看一下怎样进行面试。你要记住的第一点就是确保做好准备,保看过了将要面试的人的简历。看简历的时候,了解一下与应聘的这份工作相关的经验,准备好一些问题。For example, if you want them to expand on a point, and give you some examples of what they have actually done. You may also want to clarify things like dates, and job titles, as sometimes these can get a bit confused on a persons CV. When you are interviewing, make sure that it has a conversational tone to it.例如,如果你想要他就某一点进行扩展,举出几个例子,他具体做了哪些工作。你可能还想让他澄清一下具体的日期和工作职位等等,因为有时简历上写的比较模糊。面试的时候,确保以对话的语气进行。The person that you are interviewing doesnt want to feel like you are going through a questionnaire. If you keep it natural,you are more likely to get a truthful response to your questions. Do remember that the person you are interviewing is going to be nervous, so make sure you dont make too many snap judgments at the beginning of the interview.求职者不喜欢你像审讯犯人那样。自然一点,你会获得更加真实的回答。记住,你面试的人可能会紧张,所以,面试刚刚开始时不要急着做出判断。Near the end of the interview, do make sure you do ask the person if they have any questions for you. They may have prepared some, but it also gives them a chance to speak and see how they come across in that situation. After the interview, do make sure that you do follow up.面试快结束的时候,一定要问一下求职者是不是有什么问题要问。他们可能提前做了准备,但是这可以给他们一个说话的机会,也可以看一下遇到这种情况他们会怎么办。面试结束后,确保要有后续行动。Even if that person hasnt been successful, its really important that you give that person constructive feedback. Tell them what they did well, and tell them on what any improvements you think they could make for future interviews. This will make sure that they feel that the interview itself was really a useful experience, and will only be a useful promotion for you and the company.即使这个人求职没有成功,你也要给他建设性的反馈意见。告诉他们做的很好,告诉他们在今后的面试中有哪些需要改进的地方。这样会让求职者觉得面试本身就是一次有用的经历,对你个人和公司也是一次有益的提升。Thanks for watching How To Interview Someone.感谢收看“怎样面试求职者”视频节目。201211/209758

Chinese people are preparing to say good-bye to the Year of the Rabbit and welcome the Year of the Dragon. Its considered particularly lucky to be born in a Dragon year - so for a lot of parents-to-be, its going to be an exciting 2012.Spring Festival is coming. Like many Chinese couples, Li Jie and her husband are shopping for what many consider as the most important festival of the year. However, this year her shopping list is very different from the past because their baby is due in 4 months, and the child will be born in the Year of the Dragon. Li Jie is aly picturing what her baby will look like.Li Jie said, ;This little dragon must be a naughty one. Hersquo;s playing with his own tail.;The dragon is considered an auspicious animal in Chinese culture. In ancient times, people believed that a child born in a Dragon Year would be blessed with fortune and power. And the dragon still holds a certain fascination nowadays. Li Jie and her husband are full of excitement and anticipation.Li Jie said, ;We have been thinking of a name for the child. Wersquo;ve even thought of English names. We will call him Allen if he is a boy and Emily for a girl. My biggest wish is that my baby will be a happy and healthy child. ;But having a baby is not the matter of one single family. The ;dragon; baby rush is putting a lot of pressure on the hospitals.Han Shuxia, head nurse of Shi Ji Tan Hospital, said, ;Soon it will be the Year of the Dragon. Were receiving many more expectant mothers than before. They all hope for a healthy dragon baby. Our hospital will do everything we can to take care of every mother.;In fact, people find good characteristics not only in the dragon, but also in all 12 animals symbolizing each Chinese zodiac. They all represent peoples wish for a prosperous new year. For the parents, their greatest hope is that every child can grow up with love and happiness.中国人民正准备告别兔年,迎接即将到来的龙年。对于龙年,很多父母认为生一个龙宝宝会给孩子带来好运,因此这将是一个激动人心的2012年。春节即将来临。就像许多夫妇一样,李杰和她的丈夫正在为这个传统佳节购买年货。然而,今年她的购物单却不同以往,因为他们的孩子已经有四个月了,孩子将会在龙年出生。李杰勾画着自己孩子的样貌。李杰说道:;这只小龙肯定是最淘气的一个。他是在玩自己的尾巴。;201201/168021

Did you know that beer can be used to clean copper? Learn how to get your pans and old coins sparkling again with these short, easy to follow steps. Just try not to drink all your cleaning supplies before the jobs done.你是否知道,啤酒可以用来清洁铜制品?跟随这段简短的视频来学习一下,怎样用啤酒让你的平底锅和旧铜币焕发出铜特有的光芒。在清洁工作完成之前,不要忙着把所有啤酒都喝光了。You Will Need你需要beer,soft cloth,grubby copper啤酒,软布,污染的铜制品Step 1: Clean the Copper1.清洁铜器Pour your beer into a glass. Place the copper that needs cleaning into the glass. Leave for a few minutes and then buff with a soft cloth.将啤酒倒入玻璃杯中。将需要清洁的铜制品放入杯子中。静置几分钟,然后用软布擦亮。Step 2: Clean your Pans2.清洁平底锅You can clean larger objects such as a copper pan by dipping it into a wider container or bowl filled with beer. Try it out.你也可以将较大的物体,例如铜制平底锅,浸入装满啤酒的口径较宽的容器中。尝试一下。Thanks for watching How To Clean Copper With Beer.感谢收看“怎样用啤酒清洁铜制品”视频节目。201212/212751

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