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[3] 1口语盘点第一季:老美嘴边500句之二 --19 ::53 来源: 55. What‘s new? 有什么新鲜事吗?56. Count me on 算上我57. Don’t worry. 别担心58. Feel better? 好点了吗?59. I love you! 我爱你!60. I‘m his fan 我是他的影迷61. Is it yours? 这是你的吗?6. That’s neat. 这很好63. Are you sure? 你肯定吗?6. Do l have to 非做不可吗?65. He is my age. 他和我同岁66. Here you are. 给你67. No one knows 没有人知道68. Take it easy. 别紧张69. What a pity! 太遗憾了!70. Any thing else? 还要别的吗?71. To be careful! 一定要小心!7. Do me a favor? 帮个忙,好吗?73. Help yourself. 别客气7. I‘m on a diet. 我在节食75. Keep in Touch. 保持联络76. Time is money. 时间就是金钱77. Who’s calling? 是哪一位?78. You did right. 你做得对79. You set me up! 你出卖我!80. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?81. Enjoy yourself! 祝你玩得开心!8. Excuse me,Sir. 先生,对不起83. Give me a hand! 帮帮我!8. How‘s it going? 怎么样?85. I have no idea. 我没有头绪86. I just made it! 我做到了!87. I’ll see to it 我会留意的88. I‘m in a hurry! 我在赶时间!89. It’s her field. 这是她的本行90. It‘s up to you. 由你决定91. Just wonderful! 简直太棒了!9. What about you? 你呢?93. You owe me one你欠我一个人情9. You’re welcome. 不客气95. Any day will do. 哪一天都行夕96. Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧!97. Congratulations! 祝贺你!98. T can‘t help it. 我情不自禁99. I don’t mean it. 我不是故意的0. I‘ll fix you Up. 我会帮你打点的1. It sounds great! 听起来很不错1. It’s a fine day 今天是个好天1. So far,So good. 目前还不错1. What time is it? 几点了?1. You can make it! 你能做到!1. Control yourself! 克制一下!1. He came by train. 他乘火车来1. He is ill in bed. 他卧病在床1. He lacks courage. 他缺乏勇气 口语 盘点 第一季我开始意识到,总有那么一只鸟,那么一个人在前面等我,这个人可能是我的爱人,可能只是朋友,但一定是知我懂我的人,这令我感觉如释重负A Little Piece of Me When Mike told me he was leaving I felt like a vase which has just smashed. There were pieces of me all over the tidy, tan tiles. He kept talking, telling me why he was leaving, explaining it was the best, I could do better, it was his fault and not mine. I had heard it bee many times and yet somehow was still not immune; perhaps one did not become immune to such felony.And yet it was a young woman who stared back at me from the mirror. A young woman full of promise and hope, a young woman with bright eyes and full lips just waiting to take on the world. It doesn't haunt my dreams as I feared that night. Instead I am flying far across fields and woods, looking down on those below me. Suddenly I fall to the ground and it is only when I wake up that I realize I was shot by a hunter, The next night my dream is similar to the previous nights, but without the hunter. I fly free until I meet another bird who flies with me in perfect harmony. I realize with some relief that there is a bird out there me, there is another person, not necessarily a lover perhaps just a friend, but there is someone out there who is my soul mate. I think about being a broken vase again and realize that I have glued myself back together, when Mike has is merely a little part of my time in earth, a little understanding of my physical being. He has only, a little piece of me. 90英语口语:美国人嘴边最cool的0句英语 --6 :9: 来源: 以下这0句英文,很酷,很潮,很高频,背下来直到脱口而出,你的口语会让人刮目相看哈   My time is your time. 请你吩咐!   .My hands are tied. 我很忙,无能为力   3.To make a long story short. 长话短说   .It's a date. 一言为定   5.That's a steal. 真便宜   6.She has no sense. 她不懂事   7. It's not big deal. 没什么了不起   8. What's the fuss? 吵什么?   9. Don't push me. 别逼我   . Have a good of it. 玩得高兴   .Go down to business. 言归正传   . Does it serve your purpose.对你有用么   . It's long story. 一言难尽   . Don't play possum. 别装蒜!   . Make it up. 不计前嫌   . Don't over do it. 别太过分了   . You want a bet? 想打赌吗?   18. Who wants? 谁稀罕?   19. December heartbeat. 黄昏恋   . Follow my nose. 凭直觉   1. Cheap skate. 小气鬼!   . Big mouth. 多嘴   3. I'm going to go. 我这就去   . can-do 能人   5. Leave me alone. 别理我   6. Don't pass the buck. 不要推卸责任   7. I can't put up with her. 我受不了她   . She is just thick-skinned. 她真是厚脸皮   9. I see eye to eye with you. 我与你的意见一致   30. We are on good terms. 我们关系很好   31. Many people. many tastes. 各有所好   3. One man's meat is another man's poison. 对一个好的事对另外的人并不是好事   33. Many hands make light work. 人多好干活   . I won't live on the handouts of other people. 我不会靠人家的施舍过活   35. He is on his high horse these days. 他这几天有点趾高气昂   36. You give him an inch and he will take a mile. 得寸进尺   37. He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王   38. I can't make two ends meet. 青黄不接 月光一族   39. None of your keyhole. 不准偷看   0. I am totally messed up. 我心乱了 美国 英语口语

面试者在对你提问完毕之后总会问:“好,你有什么问题吗?”你可以询问公司竞争对手的情况、公司的发展计划以及独特的产品等等,借此显示你已进行过研究但有些问题会使你显得准备不足、过于心急或令人生厌下面是8个常犯的错误8 Questions Never to Ask at a Job Interview When they finish quizzing1) you,interviewers always ask,“So,do you have any questions?”That’s your cue to show off your research with queries) about the company’s competitors3),plans growth,specific products,etc.But some questions can make you seem ill-prepared,overeager or disagreeable.Here,eight commonly asked bloopers.1. What,exactly,does your company do?Never pose questions that a library search could have answered.. What does the job pay?Avoid money discussions until the interviewer makes you an offer.3. How many vacation and personal days d o you allow?Makes you sound lazy――again,wait the offer.. How long will it take me to get promoted?Try a less pushy) version:“Can you describe what my career-advancement track might be like?”5. Is that your husband in the picture on your desk?Don’t initiate a personal discussion;stick to questions about her career path.6. What are you going to do about the poor permance of Product X?Reframe the question positively:“What plans do you have to build sales f or Product X?”7. What’s your company’s track record on promoting women and minorities?A legitimate5) question,but inter-viewers may worry that you’ll sue if you don’t advance quickly.Instead,check out the comp any’ s reputation through the industry grapevine6).8. So,when do I start?A slightly obnoxious quip.Don’t invite yourself into the job. 1

看脸的世界 颜值低用英文怎么说? -- :: 来源: 颜值低用英语怎么说   看脸的世界,碰上颜值不高的纸,小伙伴们私下里会咋说?如果你的字典里只有beautiful和ugly两个标准,那可真要当心啦!因为提起ugly,老外的真实感受是看一眼就糟心、颜值低爆表,基本都要为负了……“不好看”英文到底该咋说?  1. Homely Homely可以形容女性热情友好,特别居家但这个词一旦用在长相上,就没那么友好了,它的意思是“不好看”、“没吸引力”例:She has a homely face(她长相一般)  . Be no oil painting 说人家不好看,英国人最爱拐弯抹角Be no oil painting,是不是特别含蓄? 可它还真是用来八卦颜值哒!例:His new girlfriend is no oil painting. (他新交的女朋友真难看)  3. Plain-Jane Plain作形容词时有“简单、朴素”之意而英语的世界里,Jane这个名字也很普通两个词合在一起,用来形容纸“相貌平平”、“不起眼”例:She's indeed a plain-Jane(她长得真的很一般)  . Average Average只能说颜值达到平均分了,average face可以理解为“大众脸”,average-looking意思是“长相一般”例:She's an average-looking girl(她是一个长相很普通的纸)  5. Not good-looking 其实美也不一定非要拼颜值,长得不美,可以有气质、可以心灵美所以,英文里的ugly还是免了吧!嘴上留情说人家“不漂亮”,还可以用not good-looking. 例:She was not exactly good-looking, but definitely attractive(她不算漂亮, 但确实很有魅力) 英文 世界 颜值低

chaperon: 女伴 -01-7 00::7 来源: 如果读过小仲马的《茶花女,不知你是否记得Marguerite(玛格丽特)的女伴Prudence(普律当丝),chaperon(女伴)一词曾在英文版的《茶花女里频繁出现 chaperon最初来源于古法语,表示“鹰的羽冠”,后来逐渐衍生为“保护” 受法语影响,英语 chaperon含有“伴护”的意思在早期用法上,英语词 chaperon指贵族戴的“斗篷”或“风帽”;后来指在社交场合陪伴并保护一名未成婚少女的人,尤指年长妇女;现在,若形容未成年少女的“监护人”,也可以用chaperon来表示 如果你要和男朋友出去度长假,又怕爸妈担心,可以让已婚的相陪做你的chaperon(女伴),当然,前提条件是大家都不觉得这种方法“老土”! (英语点津陈蓓编辑) chaperon 英语 nbsp 后来

佐治亚理工学院的工程师们在海军部持下,已经研制出一种智能衫,它能监视与生命有关的征兆,并向医生发出紧急信息New guard health Smart Shirt Georgia Tech engineers,sponsored1) by the Navy,have developed a Smart shirt that can monitor your vital signs and beam urgent) messages to your doctor.In combat,the shirt could be a lifesaver:it can detect bullet wounds with optical sensors3) and radio back to HQ help.Within the next five years,doctors may use it to keep an eye on post-op patients,athletes and astronauts.And new parents worried about SIDS?Tiny wired pajamas).Stress Glove In the 80s,wearing a single glove made you look cool.These days it may keep you from losing your cool.MIT's Galvactivator is a fingerless glove rigged5) with an LED display that glows bright white when your stress hormones go into high gear.The glove measures skin conductivity,a reliable indicator6) excitement levels.It could help the anger-prone to control their tempers:like the warning light in your car,it comes on when you start overheating.It could also help you signal romantic interest across a crowded room,if winks and come-hither gestures don' t work. 187

英语俗语学习:to be dead on one's feet -01-7 19:: 来源: to be dead on one's feet一整天在电线杆上贴标语或招贴画确实是很累的马丁回到家的时候可能会感到两只脚累得连站都站不动了也有一个俗语来形容这种情景:to be dead on one's feet美国虽然是最先进的国家之一,但仍然有好多职业需要工作人员站着做的,售货员就是其中之一站了一天,到了下班的时候,他们必然会感到两只脚很累e.g. Honey, I've got to sit down and rest bee I take you out to dinner.I'm really dead on my feet tonight: we had the big year-end sale on and I was so busy I didn't even have time lunch.亲爱的,我得坐下歇一会儿再和你一起出去吃晚饭我今天晚上两只脚实在累死了我们正在举行年底大减价,我忙的连午饭都没有时间吃又如:My parents took me to Constitution Avenue to see the parade.After standing there a whole day, my mom was so dead on her feet that she could not even cook dinner us by the time we got home. 我爸爸妈妈带我到宪法大街去看游行我们在那儿站了一天,回到家的时候,我妈妈的脚累得要死,连做晚饭也做不动了 学习 英语 feet dead

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