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七一九矿职工医院官网专家在线咨询崇义县妇幼保健院男科挂号Michael Jackson did have a problem.迈克尔·杰克逊确实有些问题Do l believe he was an addict?我是否觉得他有毒瘾?No, l dont believe Michael Jackson was a drug addict.不 我不认为迈克尔·杰克逊是个毒虫He went through cycles.他是一阵一阵的lt really depended on what was happening in his life and in his world.要看当时生活周遭发生了些什么事l had no reason to think or believe that he was on drugs我一直不认为他在吸毒until my children came to me one time and they said it,直到有天我的孩子们跟我说and l said, Well, lve never seen him in that shape. 而我回说 我从来没见过他那个样Then l went to him and ll tallked to him about it,and he kept denying it.然后我亲自去跟他聊 他坚决否认l asked him, l said, ;Now, Michael, is there any problems I should know about?我问他 迈克尔 你有没有什么问题要告诉我?What do you mean? 什么意思?l said, Well, you know, once in a while you seem a little dizzy.我说 你有时看来昏头昏脑的;You wanna go to rehab?;需要去戒毒中心吗?No. No! There you go. see? Now, why would you assume that?不用! 你看你又来了 为什么直接就这么想?lm not taking anything, Frank. lm not doing one thing. 我没有在吸毒 法兰克 我什么都没做201511/409889赣县妇幼保健院治疗龟头炎多少钱 The Innovation of Loneliness我们为何孤单?A simple fact: monkeys that are known to have a developed social life, organize in small groups with several dozen members. The size of each of these groups is limited. In order for them to function, all members of the group need to know each other well. The average size of the group changes from 20 to 50 members.一个简单的事实:据悉有发达社交生活的猴子们,由几十个成员的小团体组织起来。这些团体个别的大小是有限的。为了要让它们运作,所有团体成员需要深入了解彼此。团体平均大小从二十到五十个成员之间不等。When the number of monkeys in a group passes certain threshold, the social order crumbles, and the group tends to split into two separate groups. A similar situation can be found amongst humans as well.当团体里的猴子数量超过特定门槛,社交秩序就会解体,该团体倾向会分裂成两个分开的团体。相似的情况也可以在人类之中发现。The invention of language and gossip has helped shape larger and more stable groups. Sociological research indicates that the maximum natural size of a group of humans is roughly 150 members. Most humans are just incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people. So even today, the threshold of a human organization is around the number of 150 members.语言和流言蜚语的发明帮助形塑了更大且更稳固的团体。社会学研究指出,人类团体的最大自然规模是约莫150个成员。大部分的人就是无法亲密地了解超过150个人。所以即使是今天,人类组织的门槛大约是150个成员。Man is a social creature, and the feeling of loneliness can drive them mad. Yet the western and modern world sanctions individuality. The individual is measured by personal achievements, such as having a career, wealth, a self-image, and consumerism.人类是种群居生物,而孤单的感受可以让他们发疯。然而西方和现代世界鼓励个体状态。每个个体是由个人成就衡量的,像是有份工作、财富、自我形象、和消费主义。In this course of action, many people lose their social and familial connections in favor of self-actualization ideal. As a social fabric in the western world weakens, it is not surprising that more and more people define themselves as lonely. And thus, loneliness has become the most common ailment of the modern world.在这个行动的过程中,许多人为了持自我实现的理想,失去了他们社交及家庭的连结。当西方世界中的社交结构弱化,越来越多人会将自己定义成孤单并不令人讶异。因此,孤单已成了现代社会中最普遍的疾病。One of the possible reasons for this ailment is the online social network. In a world where time is money, in which our surroundings heavily pressure us to achieve more and more, our social life becomes tainted and more demanding than ever before.这种疾病其中一个可能的原因是线上社交网络。在一个时间就是金钱的世界里,在其中我们的环境用力迫使我们去成就更多更多,我们的社交生活变得堕落,且比以往更加苛求。And then theres technology: simpler, hopeful, optimistic, ever young. We become addicted to virtual romance, disguised by the social network which supplies an impressive platform that allows us to manage our social life most effectively.然后出现了科技:更简单、有希望、乐观、非常年轻。我们变得沉迷于虚拟恋情,被社交网络所掩饰,那社交网络提供一个让我们最有效地管理社交生活的超棒平台。However, our fantasies about substitutions are starting to take a toll. Were collecting friends like stamps, not distinguishing quantity from quality, and converting the deep meaning and intimacy of friendship with exchanging in photos and chat conversations. By doing so, were sacrificing conversation for mere connection. And so a paradoxical situation is created, in which we claim to have many friends while actually being lonely.然而,我们对于替代品的幻想开始造成伤害。我们像集邮一样收集朋友,不去分辨(注一)量与质,并将友谊深入的意义和亲密度转变成交换照片和网路聊天对话。借由这么做,我们牺牲掉了对话,换来的只不过是连结。所以一个矛盾的情形产生了,这种情况下我们宣称有很多朋友,然而实际上却是孤单的。So what is the problem in having a conversation? Well, it takes place in real time, and you cant control what youre gonna say. And that is the bottom line. Texting, email, posting, all of these things let us present the self as we want it to be. We get to edit, and that means we get to delete.所以进行对话有什么困难?嗯,它即时发生,且你无法掌控你将要说些什么。那就是最重要的。简讯、电子邮件、贴文、所有这些事让我们表现出我们想要成为的自己。我们得以编辑,那表示我们得以删除。Instead of building true friendships, were obsessed with endless personal promotion: investing hours on-net, building our profile, pursuing the optimal order of words in our next message, choosing the pictures in which we look our best, all of which is meant to serve as the desirable image of who we are. Were expecting more from technology and less from each other.我们没有建立真正的友谊,而是着迷于无止尽的个人行销:花数小时在线上、建立我们的个人档案、在我们下一个讯息中追求完美的文字排序、选出我们看起来最美的照片,所有这些都是为了当作我们自己最满意的形象。我们期望从科技得到更多、从彼此得到更少。The social networks arent just changing what were doing but also who we are, and thats because technology appeals to us most where were most vulnerable.社交网络不只改变我们正在做的事,也改变我们的人,那是因为科技在我们最脆弱的时候最吸引我们。And we are vulnerable, we are lonely, but we are afraid of intimacy, while the social networks offer us three gratifying fantasies: One, that we can put our attention wherever we want it to be. Two, that well always be heard. And three, that we will never have to be alone. And that third idea—that we will never have to be alone—is central to changing our psyches. Its shaping a new way of being. The best way to describe it is ;I share. Therefore, I am.;而且我们很脆弱、我们很孤单,但我们害怕亲密,然而社交网络提供我们三个令人满意的幻想:一,我们可将注意力放在任何我们想要的地方。二、我们永远会被倾听。还有三,我们永远不必孤单。而那第三个概念--我们永远不必孤单--对改变我们的心理非常重要。它形塑了存在的一个新方式。最好的形容方式是:“我分享,故我在。”We use technology to define ourselves by sharing our thoughts and feelings even as were having them. Furthermore, were faking experiences so well have something to share, so we can feel alive. We slip into thinking that always being connected is going to make us feel less alone. But we are at risk because the opposite is true: If we are not able to be alone, we are only going to know how to be lonely.我们借着甚至在拥有的当下去分享我们的思考和感受,来运用科技定义我们自己。此外,我们捏造经验好让我们有一些东西事可以分享,所以我们可以感受自己还活着。我们一股脑儿地认为,永远被连结将会让我们感到不那么孤单。但我们处在危险中,因为相反情况是真的:如果我们不能够独处,我们只会体验到如何变得孤单。注一:此处原文是说“not distincting quantity versus quality”,但distinct是形容词,不能当动词使用,推断作者要表达的意思应该是分辨,也就是文中的“distinguish from”。因为这影片的作者是以色列人,所以英文用字并非完全精准。在此我们选择显示文法正确的用字,避免学到不正确的英文。201503/364670安远县人民医院包皮手术哪家医院最好

赣县医院男科预约TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/434332宁都医院治疗阳痿早泄 Dozens of astronauts have come this way before us在我们之前,已有数十名宇航员前往月球Twelve walked on the moon itself其中12人踏上了月球Just a quarter of a million miles from home.月球距离地球只有25万英里(40万公里)Three days by spacecraft坐宇宙飞船需要3天Barren.贫瘠Desolate.荒芜Its like a deserted battlefield月球看起来就像一个遗弃的战场But oddly familiar.但是惊人的熟悉So close, weve barely left home那么近,就像我们几乎没有离开家Neil Armstrongs first footprints.尼尔·阿姆斯特朗的第一个脚印Looks like they were made yesterday看起来就像在昨天留下的Theres no air to change them.那里没有能够改变脚印的空气They could survive for millions of years这些足迹会存在数百万年Maybe longer than us.或许比人类存在的时间都长Our time is limited我们的时间是有限的We need to take our own giant leap我们必须自己踏出自己的一大步One million miles, 5 million, 20 million miles.1百万英里 5百万英里 2千万英里Were far beyond where any human has ever ventured远征前人未曾到达的地方Out of the darkness, a friendly face一个友善的面孔从黑暗中浮现The goddess of love, Venus.爱之女神,金星The morning star.启明星The evening star.长庚星She can welcome the new day in the east...它可以在东方迎接新的一天......say good night in the west还会在西方道晚安A sister to our planet...金星是地球的姊星......shes about the same size and gravity as Earth. ...大小和引力与地球相仿We should be safe here我们在这里应该是安全的But the Venus Express space probe is setting off alarms但是金星快车空间探测器却时刻提醒着我们Its telling us, these dazzling clouds, theyre made of deadly sulfuric acid告诉我们那些耀眼的云层是由致命的硫酸构成The atmosphere is choking with carbon dioxide金星的大气层充斥着二氧化碳Never expected this Venus is one angry goddess.没想到金星是一个愤怒的女神The air is noxious, the pressure unbearable.有毒的空气,难以忍受的压力And its hot, approaching 900 degrees还有炙热,温度接近900度(500°C)Stick around and wed be corroded suffocated, crushed and baked多呆一会,我们会被腐蚀、窒息、压碎和烤焦Nothing can survive here.任何东西都无法在这里生存Not even this Soviet robotic probe.即使像前苏联金星号机器人探测器Its heavy armors been trashed by the extreme atmosphere.它的厚重装甲已被这极端的大气环境给毁了201505/375988赣县区医院男科医院哪家好

赣州全南人民医院网上咨询 The weather patterns that result are complex and unpredictable天气的形式是复杂并且多变的because of the way the atmosphere interacts with the land,这是由于大气层和陆地海洋,甚至冰川the sea, and even the planets ice.相互作用的结果To see the clash of these forces at their most extreme,我将要出发到南美Im heading to Argentina.去看看这些力量的相互作用This is the Festival de la Pachamama.这是祭祀大地之母的节日Its a noisy celebration by villagers here in Purmamarca in Argentina.这是阿根廷的村民们举行的喧闹的庆祝活动Theres a serious business to this because this carnival is an offering.这是一件很严肃的事情,因为这是一个献祭的节日Its a request for a good harvest, and the god that theyre pleading to人们祈求有个好的丰收,他们恳求的上帝is Pachamama, mother earth, controller of the weather.是大地之母,天气的控制者This part of Argentina they get some of the worst storms in the world.在阿根廷这个地方有世界上最猛烈的暴风雨This landscape is the perfect arena这个景象是一个完美的舞台for two very powerful masses of air to clash,这是两个强气团相互碰撞的场面each with their own very different qualities.每一个气团都有自己不同的特征201509/399254赣州市蓉江区医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱赣南医学院第一附属医院割包皮手术




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