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呼和浩特双眼皮修复哪里好新城区无痛隆鼻收多少钱Leaders社论Britains planning laws英国规划法An Englishmans home英国人之家The shortage of housing is a gathering national crisis. Rev up the bulldozers英国住房匮乏,危机重重,应大兴土木!NOW that the economy is at last growing again, the burning issue inBritainis the cost of living.既然英国最终恢复了经济增长,如今国民生活成本问题便成了燃眉之急。Prices have outstripped wages for the past six years.过去六年来,物价一直超过工资水平。Politicians have duly harried energy companies to cut their bills, and flirted with raising the minimum wage.政治家们已适时地督促能源公司削减账单,辅以增加最低工资水平的措施。But the thing that is really out of control is the cost of housing.但是真正失控的是房价。In the past year wages have risen by 1%; property prices are up by 8.4%. This is merely the latest in a long surge.去年,工资已增长了1%;房地产价格却增长了8.4%。If since 1971 the price of groceries had risen as steeply as the cost of housing, a chicken would cost 51.这仅仅是长期价格飙升中最近的一次。倘若自1971年,百货商品的价格以房价一样的增长比例大幅上涨,一只鸡将会卖到51英镑。By subsidising mortgages, and thus boosting demand, the government is exacerbating the problem.政府助房屋贷款,进而促进需求,如此是不断使问题恶化。But that is not the main reason for rising prices.但是这并不是房价上涨的主要原因。Driven by a baby-boom, immigration and longer lives,Britains population is growing by around 0.8% per year, faster than in most rich countries.受婴儿潮、移民、寿命延长的影响,英国人口每年以大约0.8%的比率增加,要比大多数富裕国家更快。Foreign wealth, meantime, is pouring intoLondon.同时,外来人口正不断涌入伦敦。If supply were rising fast too, increasing demand would not matter; but it is not.如果供给也增长迅速,那么日益增长的需求问题也就不值一提了;然而事与愿违。Though some 221,000 additional households are formed in England annually, just 108,000 homes were built in the year to September 2013.尽管每年英国都会新建多达22.1万的额外住房,2013年年初到9月仅有10.8万建好。The lack of housing is an economic drag.住房的匮乏一直给经济拖后腿。About three-quarters of English job growth last year was inLondonand its hinterlands, but high prices make it hard for people to move there from less favoured spots.去年,四分之三的就业率增长是来源于伦敦与一些内地贸易区,但高昂的房价如今使人们对这些地方望而却步。It also damages lives.人们的生活也因此深受其害。New British homes are smaller than those anywhere else in Europe, household size is rising inLondonand slums are sping as immigrants squash into shared houses.新的英国住房变得比欧洲其他地方更小,但随着移民不断挤进合住房屋,伦敦的家庭规模日益庞大,贫民区也不断扩张。Inequality is growing, because the higher property prices are, the greater the advantage that accrues to those whose parents own their homes.不平等性日益明显,因为房价越高,对于父母拥有房子的家庭占据的优势越大。This is all the result of deliberate policymaking.这都是政府经过深思熟虑后才制定的政策。Since the 1940s house-building inBritainhas been regulated by a system designed to prevent urban sprawl, something it has achieved spectacularly well.自从20世纪40年代,英国就有专门的体系来控制建房以免城市扩张,部分成果显著。It is almost impossible to construct any new building anywhere without permission from the local council.要大兴土木必须要经过当地议会批准。In the places where people most want to live—suburbs at the edge of big cities—councils tend not to give it.但对于人人皆眼红的宝地—紧邻大城市的郊区—议会一般是不会批准。Ministers have tried to override local NIMBYs.部长们也努力推翻当地的邻避主义者。The previous, Labour, government set regional house-building targets and bullied councils to accept high allocations.之前的英国工党政府设立了区域性的建房目标以及强迫议会接受高额分配。The current coalition has scrapped that approach in the name of local democracy—but it, too, has resorted to strong-arming councils to release more land.现在的联合政府以当地民主之名不再采用了这种方式—但是它也有使高度警惕的议会让与出更多的土地。It has also worked with the Bank of England to reduce the cost of credit and has subsidised high loan-to-value mortgages through a scheme called “Help to Buy”.目前政府已和英格兰合作以减少信贷成本,也通过出台“购买帮手”这项体制以持高额的贷款比率。This has boosted demand for housing but not supply.这都促进了人们对住房的购买需求,但没有提高住房的供给。Compare global housing data over time with our interactive house-price tool采用交互式的房价工具,比较全球楼市数据不同时段的变化A much better way of encouraging house-building would be to give local councils bigger incentives to allow it.鼓励建房更好的方式就是刺激当地议会批准它。NIMBYism is not always irrational.邻避主义者并不总是不理性的。Housing developments spoil views; incomers fill roads, schools and doctors surgeries.楼市的发展会改变他们的观点;不断有移民者搭乘汽车上班、进入学校学习、去医院看病。Yet though land prices can soar 200-fold when planning permission is granted, councils cannot extract much of the increased value to spend on services.然而尽管建筑许可的颁发使房价翻了200番,议会却无法将增值的大部分用之于务。A new scheme, the Community Infrastructure Levy, nods in the right direction.社区基础设施征税这一新的体系算是走对了方向。But it is hedged with restrictions and is expected to raise just 650m a year nationally. That is not nearly enough to change minds.但是它的限制条件依旧模糊不清,可能税收每年全国范围仅会增长6.5亿英镑。这还不足以改变人们的观念。Local governments, which are short of cash these days, could be allowed to charge developers much more.当地政府如今缺乏资金,倒是可以向开发商收取些费用。But the ideal solution would be a tax on the value of land.但理想的解决方案是对土地价值征税。This would be low or zero for agricultural land and would jump as soon as permission to build is granted.这对于农业土地而言,税收近乎是零或者十分低,只要批准建房,那么税收就会猛增。It would prod builders to get to work quickly.如此可刺激建房者高效率工作。It would also help to capture the gains in house prices that result from investment in transport or schools.同时,也有助于获取因投资交通或学校的房价收益。The green belts that stop development around big cities should go, or at least should be greatly weakened.阻止大城市发展的绿化带必须去除或至少应极力减少。They increase journey times without adding to human happiness.他们只是增加人们旅行时间而没有提升人们幸福指数。Londons, in particular, mostly protects scrubby agricultural fields and pony paddocks.尤其是伦敦的绿化带只是保护矮小的农业土地还有小马围场。Parts would be prettier with housing on.其中部分区域,在上面建上房屋会更宜人。This blessed plot天佑方案The government should also do more to organise and pay for industrial wastelands to be prepared for housing.政府也应大力组织或买下一些工业废址以为建房做准备。“Brownfield” sites are typically built on only when land prices rise enough to cover the high cost of development.只有当土地价格上涨至足以覆盖发展的高成本时,“布朗菲尔德”地区才特别作为建筑地址。Urban development corporations, such as the one established in the 1980s to regenerate eastLondons docklands, could assemble such plots of land more effectively than private developers.城市发展性企业可以比私人开发商更有效地集合这类土地,比如20世纪80年代成立的一家城市发展性企业就使东部伦敦多克兰港区改头换面。Not all these policies would be popular or easy.并非所有的政策都容易实施或大众化推广。Even the modest planning reforms introduced by the coalition are resented.甚至联合政府引进的最保守的规划改革都令人怨声载道。Building on fields in a country that is as crowded asEnglandwill always rile some people, however well-designed the system.不管该体制有多好,在同英格兰那般拥挤的乡村田地上建房,总会激怒一些民众。But the alternative is worse: a nation of renters and rentiers, where only the rich own houses但是可选的办法更糟:国家属于房东与靠出租生活的人,只有这些有钱人才有房子。 201401/273510内蒙古医科大学附属医院打瘦脸针多少钱 Russia and Ukraine俄罗斯和乌克兰A brief intermission课间休息The ceasefire holds uneasily, but tension in eastern Ukraine will still trouble the governments in both Kiev and Moscow停火维持不易,东乌紧张局势仍困扰乌俄双方政府THE war in eastern Ukraine has quietened, for now. Its disparate factions have as much reason to keep fighting as to put away their guns. But a ceasefire signed on September 5th in Minsk is so far mostly holding. Ukraines president, Petro Poroshenko, does not want to fight an unwinnable war against Russia, which is the situation he would have been in had he pressed on with Kievs “anti-terrorist operation” in the east. His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, is happy to see Donetsk and Luhansk turn into breakaway territories that can serve as instruments against Kiev.发生在东乌克兰地区的战争暂时停止,但内部纷争依旧。它内部完全不同的派别有许多原因继续战争,停火也一样。但是9月5日在明斯克签署的停火协议迄今为止仍在生效。在东部强行推行基辅的“反分裂运动”,让乌克兰总理佩特罗·波罗申科并不打算在这样的情况下与俄罗斯展开一场毫无胜算的战争。它的俄罗斯伙伴,弗拉迪米尔·普京则非常高兴看到顿尼茨克与卢甘斯克转向领土分离,并且表示可以提供例如武器一类的持来反抗基辅方面。From the outset the Kremlin has been advocating a permanent ceasefire, not from humanitarian impulses but because it likes the idea of frozen conflict-zones in the east of Ukraine. The political mood in Kiev spurred Mr Poroshenko to press on as long as Ukrainian forces had momentum. But the incursion by Russian troops with heavy weapons in late August showed that Mr Putin would not allow Kiev a military victory. Without direct NATO aid, Mr Poroshenko felt forced to make a deal.从克里姆林宫提倡永久停火开始,并非出于推行人道主义角度,因为这是一个冻结乌克兰东部战争区的计划。基辅的政治环境刺激波罗申科,只要乌克兰人民武装力量露出苗头,他就要去镇压。但是俄罗斯重型武装军队在八月末的入侵表示了普京不会允许基辅方面的军事胜利。没有北约组织直接的指示,波罗申科处理起来力不从心。In the short term this will seem like a victory for Moscow. It has a mechanism to influence Ukrainian politics, much as it has in Moldova and Georgia. For as long as the status of Donetsk and Luhansk are undefined Ukraine cannot possibly join NATO. Mr Putin will have noted that his insertion of regular Russian soldiers met criticism but little action from abroad. Barack Obama declined to call it an invasion, but rather “a continuation of whats been taking place for months now”. The European Union will apply new sanctions next week, but describes them as “reversible”, perhaps to show that it is reluctant to isolate Russia. This week Russias Gazprom cut gas supplies to Poland in an effort to stop resupply back to Ukraine.在短期内来看这似乎是莫斯科当局的胜利,它用一种特别的技巧去影响乌克兰政局,很大程度上如同它对尔多瓦与格鲁尼亚所做的一样。长期以来顿尼茨克与卢甘斯克的情势都不明确,乌克兰不可能加入北约。普京将会注意他插手俄罗斯正规军,遭到了一小部分国家的批评。奥巴马拒绝称其为一场“入侵”,而是“最近几个月正在发生的一切都是一种扩张”。欧盟下周将会启动新的制裁,但把俄罗斯描述成“叛徒”,也许是为了表示他们隔离俄罗斯是无奈之举。这周俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司切断了对波兰的天然气供应,以防止他们二次供应给乌克兰。The war has felt distant to most Russians. State television has manipulated its narrative of the conflict to soothe viewers feelings of inadequacy and imperial nostalgia, while talking up Western plots and machinations. A poll by the Levada Centre found that 77% of those surveyed said America was the main initiator of Kievs operations in the east. The secret burials of Russian paratroopers killed in Ukraine, only to be disavowed by the Russian state, have proved uncomfortable. But compared with the short-lived season of protest three years ago, Russian society seems docile and unthreatening. Another Levada poll found only 8% willing to join protests if they started, against 21% in 2011.这场战争对于绝大多数俄罗斯人来说是十分遥远的。当在发生西方阴谋论的时候,州立电视台通过控制电视台对于争执的描述,去安慰观众们的不完全帝国主义怀旧情结。勒瓦达中心的一项民意调查发现,77%的被调查民众说美国是基辅在东部活动的主要发起者。被俄罗斯政府所否认的,隐瞒了伞兵在乌克兰遭遇不测的消息,已经引起了民众的不满。但是和三年前短命的抗议相比,俄罗斯社会看起来十分温顺不成威胁。另一项勒瓦达民意测试发现如果俄罗斯和乌克兰开战,只有8%的民众会加入抗议活动,与2011年的21%相反。Yet Mr Putins adventurism and revanchism will create new dangers for his regime. A falling rouble and a Kremlin-imposed ban on food imports from America and Europe means that inflation could hit 8% next year. That may spur a level of social discontent which the war itself has not. Existing sanctions, and the prospect of more to come, are dragging down Russias aly faltering economy. Morgan Stanley forecasts a recession in 2015. Rosneft, Russias biggest oil producer, has asked the government for billion to refinance its debts. Global oil prices have dipped below 0 a barrel, whereas the Russian budget is calibrated to balance at a price between 0 and 7 a barrel. Plugging those holes will be costly: Mr Putin must make awkward choices over what interests to offend. His likely response to economic hardship will be to blame Russias enemies abroad for starting a new cold war.但普京的冒险主义和复仇主义将会给俄罗斯争权带来新的危险。贬值的卢布和克里姆林宫对从美国和欧洲进口食品的禁令也意味着通货膨胀可能在明年达到8%。这可能会进一步刺激社会不满的程度,而战争本身却不会。现有的制裁以及未来前景将会拖累俄罗斯早已摇摇欲坠的经济。根史坦利投资公司预测俄罗斯在2015年将会有一场经济衰退。俄罗斯最大的石油生产商——俄罗斯石油公司,向政府索要4亿美元来偿还债务。全球石油价格已经降至100美元一桶,而俄罗斯却通过将每桶油价调整到110美元至117美元之间来平衡财政。堵住这些缺口耗资巨大:普京必须要在得罪什么样的利益之间做一个尴尬的决定。而他对经济困难的回应将会被国外反俄势力指责为要开始新一轮冷战。In Kiev Mr Poroshenko faces his own difficulties—which may materialise well before Mr Putins. He says he will introduce a law next week to create a “special status” for Donetsk and Luhansk. Many questions remain, however: not least, whether Ukraine will manage to regain control over its eastern border with Russia, a decisive factor in assessing if the pro-Russian insurgency can ever be pacified. All sides disagree over how much territory should fall under Mr Poroshenkos self-rule provision. Kiev sees only areas under rebel control—around a third of the two regions—with this status, but the rebels leaders lay claim to the whole of Donetsk and Luhansk. Such issues will weigh on Ukraines parliamentary election next month. Yuriy Yakymenko of the Razumkov Centre, a Kiev-based think-tank, says that, though most voters support peace in principle, the fate of Mr Poroshenko and his political block will come down to the question, “Peace at what price?”在基辅,波罗申科面临他的困难—这些困难是在普京做出关于乌克兰的各项决定之前就存在的。他说他下周将会宣布一项针对顿尼茨克和卢甘斯克的“特别时期”法律。即使有很多问题残留,然而:相当重要的一点是,无论乌克兰是否将要设法重新夺回它与俄罗斯接壤的东部边界的控制权,亲俄派叛乱能否被评定都将是评估中的一项非常重要的因素。且各方都在争执有多少领土应该归属在波罗申科的自治规定下。基辅只看到了叛乱者控制下的地区—大约是顿尼茨克和卢甘斯克地区的三分之一—但是叛乱者首领在这种情况下对外宣称整个顿尼茨克与卢甘斯克都在他们的控制之下。这些问题都将会影响下个月的乌克兰议会选举。基辅主要智库—拉祖姆科夫中心的尤里·雅基门科说,即使绝大多数选民在原则上持和平,但波罗申科与他政治团队的命运将在这个问题上出现下滑,“和平值多少钱?”More immediately, much hinges on whether the ceasefire will keep holding. Mr Poroshenko says that Russia has pulled back 70% of the troops it had inside Ukraine. Yet fighting has flared up and then died down in Mariupol, around Donetsk airport and in several other places. At the same time prisoners are being exchanged. A bigger upsurge in violence could easily reignite the entire conflict.更直接地,在停火协议是否能够继续维持方面有太多的“锁链”。波罗申科说俄罗斯必须撤除他们在乌克兰境内70%的军队。但是在顿尼茨克机场周围以及其他几个地方突然发生的抗争,随后在马里乌波尔消失。同一时间,俘虏们也正在被交换。一场更大的暴力高潮可以很轻易地重燃已经熄灭的争端之火。On the Ukrainian side of the lines most soldiers appear relaxed, but few believe the ceasefire is anything but a respite. Visiting Mariupol on September 8th, Mr Poroshenko said the war was over and now Ukraine had to win the peace. That may be wishful thinking. Rebel leaders still aim to separate from Ukraine. Sergei Baryshnikov, a member of the rebel “parliament”, says a long military and political fight lies ahead. The rebel state of Novorossiya, he says, should eventually comprise all of the Black Sea coast to the borders of Romania and Moldova. And then it will become part of Russia, he adds.在乌克兰边境线上绝大部分士兵表现得轻松,但有极小部分相信停火只是期望。在9月8日访问马里乌波尔,波罗申科说战争已经结束,现在乌克兰用和平取胜。那也许是一厢情愿的想法。叛乱者头目依然把从乌克兰分裂出去作为目的。叛乱者“议会”的议院的谢尔盖·巴雷什尼科夫说长期的军事政治斗争摆在面前,诺沃罗西斯克的叛乱州应该包括黑海沿岸到罗马尼亚与尔多瓦边境的全部地区。他又补充道,然后他们全部会变成俄罗斯的一部分。 /201409/329468呼和浩特激光纹身要哪家医院好

内蒙古一机医院切眼袋多少钱呼和浩特做隆胸手术多少钱 If you have a dog, you may have noticed that sometimes it seems to be smiling.如果你养,你可能已经有所发觉,这只汪星人有时似乎在微笑。But, of course, we know that dogs dont really smile.但是,当然,我们清楚是不会笑的。Thats just how dog mouths appear sometimes, right? 的嘴有时会张开,对吗?Perhaps, but according to neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp of Bowling Green State University, some animals do laugh.也许的确如此,但按照林格林州立大学神经系统科学家贾克·潘克斯皮的理论,一些动物确实会笑。When chimps play, Panksepp notes, they make panting sounds that could be a form of laughter.当黑猩猩玩耍的时候, 潘克斯皮指出,他们发出气喘吁吁的声音可能就是一种形式的笑声。Even rats have a way of laughing-by chirping when theyre playing with each other or being tickled by humans.即使老鼠也有办法—彼此嬉戏或被人类逗乐时候通过鸣叫就可以愉悦自己。But, if animals do in fact laugh, what are they laughing at?但是,如果动物事实上真的在笑,他们是在笑什么?Scientists have long known that for many animals, life isnt all about hunting, foraging, fighting, and sleeping.科学家已经知晓对于许多动物而言,生活不仅仅是狩猎,觅食,争斗及睡觉。Young animals also play a lot, which suggests that animal laughter is related to playful joy.年轻的动物也会玩耍,这意味着动物笑的原因与嬉戏快乐有关。How is this possible?这怎么可能?Human laughter originates in very ancient areas of the brain.人类的笑声起源于大脑非常古老的区域。This suggests that mammalian brains were wired for playful joy long before the rise of modern humans.这表明,哺乳动物的大脑在现代人类崛起前就已经对嬉戏快乐有所感觉。So its not too much of a stretch to claim that pre-human forms of laughter may exist.因此,对于可能存在的远古人类的笑没有太多的观点延伸。To be clear, its not certain that animals really laugh like humans, at least not in response to humor.需要明确的是,动物的笑不一定像人类一样,至少不是对幽默的回应。However, many studies suggest that animals are capable of complex emotions such as fear, anger, and even joy and sadness.然而,许多研究表明,动物本身拥有如恐惧、愤怒,甚至快乐和悲伤等复杂的情绪。So your dogs grin may not be a real human-type smile.所以你的咧开嘴并不是真正意义的微笑。But it now seems likely that deep in brain regions that animals share with humans, the ability for joy and ancients forms of laughter do exist.但现在看来动物和人类共享大脑的深处区域,高兴的能力及远古笑的形式的确存在。 201310/259915呼和浩特去老年斑多少钱

呼和浩特市253医院去除狐臭多少钱May 26th 2012Barack Obama had a wobbly week. His re-election campaign’s attack on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital came under fire from some Democrats for going too far in its criticisms of private equity. And in Democratic primary elections in Arkansas and Kentucky around 40% of the voters withheld their support for the president; some reckoned Republicans had crossed party lines to cause mischief.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马度过了忐忑的一周。他的连任竞选团队针对米特#8226;罗姆尼在执掌贝恩资本期间的攻击,遭到了一些民主党内人士的谴责,认为对私募股权的批评太过分了。同时,在阿肯色州个肯塔基州进行的民主党内初选中,大约40%的投票者没有持奥巴马。一些人认为共和党已经跨越了党派界限,造成了民主党内的不和。Officials in Argentina said they found a bomb hidden in a theatre in Buenos Aires where Aacute;lvaro Uribe, Colombia’s former president, was due to speak. Mr Uribe is campaigning against a constitutional amendment that might exempt Colombia’s guerrilla leaders from prosecution if they make peace.阿根廷官员表示,他们发现了一枚藏在布宜诺斯艾利斯一个剧院内的炸弹。而这个剧院正是哥伦比亚前总统乌里韦将要发表演说的地方。乌里韦正在组织一个反对宪法修正案的活动。如果该修正案通过,哥伦比亚的游击队领导人在同意和解的条件下,便可能逃脱起诉。Spain’s Repsol said that an exploratory well in deep water off Cuba was dry, dashing the island’s hopes of reducing its dependence on imported oil.西班牙雷普索尔能源称,在古巴附近海域深海区的一口勘探井是干的,这打破了古巴对减少对进口石油依赖的期望。In another attempt to inject life into Brazil’s stagnant economy, the government announced a fresh round of tax cuts, this time on car sales and some financial transactions.巴西政府在为向巴西滞怠的经济注入新鲜血液的又一次尝试中,宣布了新一轮的减税政策。这次减税对象为汽车销售和一些金融流通税。In a presidential election in the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina, the candidate of the ruling party, won a narrow victory. The parties complained of vote-buying but international observers said this did not affect the result.多米尼加共和国总统选举中,执政党候选人麦迪纳险胜,当选为总统。各党派纷纷抱怨说选举中有买选票的作弊行为,但是国家观察员表示这并不影响选举结果。Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, unveiled a government dominated by loyalists, tightening his grip on the economy and national security after popular protests. The new government is likely to curtail the ability of Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, to pursue market reforms.俄罗斯总统普金揭开了一个由一群忠实拥护者统治的政府。继一系列的反对之后,他抓紧了经济和国家安全建设。新政府可能削弱总理梅德韦杰夫推行市场改革的力度。Serbia’s presidential election was won by Tomislav Nikolic, who beat Boris Tadic, the liberal incumbent, by two percentage points. Mr Nikolic used to be an extreme nationalist but has changed his tune, vowing to promote integration with the European Union and promising to be a good neighbour in the Balkans.叙利亚总统选举中,托米斯拉夫#8226;尼克利奇击败了自由党现任总统鲍里斯#8226;塔迪奇,以两个百分点的优势赢得了大选。尼克哩利奇过去式一名极端的民族主义者,但是后来转而发誓要促进欧盟一体化,并承诺要成为巴尔干半岛的好邻居。European Union leaders attended yet another summit in Brussels aimed at solving the euro-zone’s sovereign-debt crisis. At the earlier G8 summit at Camp David, in Maryland, Germany came under pressure to do more for jobs and growth, though the communiqué also concluded that “the right measures are not the same for each of us.”欧盟领导人在布鲁塞尔又出席了一次峰会,旨在解决欧元区的主权债务危机。之前在马里兰州戴维营召开的八国峰会上,德国迫于压力,要努力增加就业,促进增长,虽然公报中也说;“对我们每个国家要采取的正确措施不尽相同。”Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, a Libyan convicted of the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie in Scotland, died from cancer. Mr Megrahi was released from prison by the Scottish government on compassionate grounds in , which outraged many relatives of the 270 people killed in the atrocity. He always claimed to be innocent.1988年苏格兰洛克比小镇上空泛美航空航班爆炸事件制造者利比亚人迈格拉希死于癌症。年,苏格兰政府出于同情从监狱释放了麦格拉希,激起了那场暴行中270名死难者亲属的愤怒。他也一直坚持称自己无罪。A Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden was found guilty of treason under laws that govern the country’s tribal areas. Shakil Afridi, who carried out fake vaccinations near bin Laden’s compound so that he could gather DNA evidence on his family, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.根据巴基斯坦部落地区法律,帮助中央情报局追踪本拉登的阿夫里迪被告犯有叛国罪,被判刑30年。阿夫里迪是一名巴基斯坦医生,他当时在本拉登住所附近,假借推广疫苗项目采集本拉登家人的DNA样本。In Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of an opposition party and thorn to the government, was charged with inciting and participating in an illegal street protest on April 28th. Coming just four months after he was acquitted of sodomy (which is still illegal in Malaysia), Mr Anwar said the new charges were also politically motivated.马来西亚反对党领袖,政府的眼中钉安华被告,于4月28日,煽动并参加非法街头抗议。就在四个月前,他案无罪释放(在马来西亚也是非法的)。安华称新的指控也是出于政治动机。Fitch downgraded Japan’s sovereign-debt rating to A+, as its politicians squabbled about passing a rise in the sales tax. Japan’s public debt is forecast to rise to 239% of GDP by the end of 2012.惠誉国际评级将日本的主权债务降级为A+,因为日本的政客针对是否要上调营业税发生了争执。预计到2012年底,日本国债将上升为其国内生产总值的239%Fifteen months after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians voted in their first free presidential election on May 23rd and 24th, with no opinion poll confidently predicting a winner among the three or four front-runners. But nearly all reckoned there would be a run-off, due a month later.5月23日和24日,埃及民众在穆巴拉克倒台十五个月后,第一次自由地选举他们的总统。没有任何一个民意调查可以有把握地预测三四个领先者中谁将胜出。但是,几乎所有人都认为一个月后将会有一场决定性竞选。Representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany began a fresh round of talks with Iran over its nuclear plans, this time in Baghdad, hoping to persuade its government to agree to stop enriching its uranium to the high grade that would enable it to make a bomb.联合国安理会五大常任理事国和德国的代表们,在巴格达,就伊朗核计划开始了新一轮的会谈。旨在劝说伊朗政府同意停止其浓缩铀项目。该项目旨在将铀浓缩到可以制造核弹的程度。At least 100 people were killed by a suicide-bomber at a military parade in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a. A group allied to al-Qaeda claimed to have carried out the attack ten days after Yemen’s army launched an offensive against jihadists in the southern province of Abyan. See article也门首都萨那举行的阅兵过程中发生自杀式爆炸袭击事件,造成至少100人死亡。一个同基地组织有关联的小组称发动了这起袭击案。此事故发生十天前,也门军队向驻南方省份阿比安的圣战战士发动了袭击。Eleven Lebanese Shia pilgrims were kidnapped in Syria. The Free Syrian Army, a group of rebel fighters, said that government forces, hoping to besmirch the opposition, were responsible. As a result, protests erupted in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where people are divided over the uprising in Syria.在叙利亚有十一名黎巴嫩什叶派朝圣者遭绑架。反叛者组成的自由叙利亚军队称,该绑架案是政府军队所为,政府军队欲将罪名嫁祸给反对派。绑架还引发了黎巴嫩首都贝鲁特的抗议。在贝鲁特民众对叙利亚的起义意见存在分歧。Supporters of Mali’s coup leader named him to head a new interim government in defiance of a deal brokered by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a regional body that has been trying to mediate. The announcement provoked protests in Mali’s capital, Bamako. Mali’s interim president was beaten up by a mob.马里政变领袖的持者们将他推举为新临时政府的领导人,这是对区域组织西非国家经济共同体ECOWAS达成的协议的公然违抗。ECOWAS一直在努力调停。声明引发了马里首都巴马科的抗议,临时政府总统遭到了暴民的痛打。Guinea-Bissau’s military junta handed power back to a civilian government six weeks after the army staged a coup.六周前发动了政变的几内亚比绍的军事执政团将权利归还给了平民政府。A South African farm worker was found guilty of killing Eugène Terre’Blanche, the leader of a white-supremacist party, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, who was beaten to death in his home in 2010.南非白人至上运动,白人至上党领袖尤金#8226;特雷布兰奇于2010年在家被打致死。查明凶手是一名南非农场工人。A debate over freedom of expression raged in South Africa over a gallery’s display of a painting of Jacob Zuma, the president, with his genitals exposed. The ruling African National Congress said the painting was disrespectful and sought legal action to have the artwork removed.南非的一个美术展览馆展出的一幅总统雅各布#8226;祖玛的画像激起了一场有关言论自由的争辩。画像中雅各布#8226;祖玛的生殖器无遮掩地暴露着。执政的非洲人国民大会称,这幅画太过失礼,并将采取法律手段将其撤除。201307/247383 呼和浩特哪个医院去痣好呼和浩特去卧蚕眼手术哪家医院好



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