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It was very difficult.做起来很不容易。Harry and Seamus swished and flicked, but the feather they were supposed to besendingskyward just lay on the desktop.哈利和西莫一挥一抖,一挥一抖,做了一遍又一遍,但应该被他们送上空中的羽毛还是一动不动地躺在地板上。Seamus got so impatient that he prodded it with his wand and set fire to it -- Harry had to put it out with his hat.西莫一气之下,用魔杖朝羽毛一捅,羽毛着火了——哈利不得不用他的帽子将火扑灭。Ron, at the next table, wasn#39;t having much more luck.在另一个桌子上的罗恩,运气似乎也好不到哪里去。Wingardium Leviosa! he shouted, waving his long arms like a windmill.羽加迪姆勒维奥萨!他大声喊道,一边像风车一样挥动着两条长长的手臂。You#39;re saying it wrong, Harry heard Hermione snap. It#39;s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the #39;gar#39; nice and long.你说错了,哈利听见赫敏毫不客气地说,“是羽加——迪姆勒维奥萨,那个‘加’字要说得又长又清楚。You do it, then, if you#39;re so clever, Ron snarled.既然你这么机灵,你倒来试试看,罗恩咆哮着说。Hermione rolled up the sleeves of her gown, flicked her wand, and said, Wingardium Leviosa!赫敏卷起衣袖,挥动着魔杖,说道:“羽加迪姆勒维奥萨!Their feather rose off the desk and hovered about four feet above their heads.他们的那根羽毛从桌上升起来,飘悬在他们头顶上方四英尺的地方。Oh, well done! cried Professor Flitwick, clapping. Everyone see here, Miss Granger#39;s done it!哦,做得好!弗立维教授挥着手喊道,“大家快看,格兰杰已经成功了!Ron was in a very bad mood by the end of the class.到了快下课的时候,罗恩的情绪坏到了极点。It#39;s no wonder no one can stand her, he said to Harry as they pushed their way into the crowded corridor, she#39;s a nightmare, honestly.怪不得大家都受不了她,他对哈利说,这时他们正在拥挤的走廊里费力穿行,说实在的,她简直就像一个噩梦。Someone knocked into Harry as they hurried past him. It was Hermione.有人撞了哈利一下,又匆匆从他们身边走了过去。是赫敏。Harry caught a glimpse of her face -- and was startled to see that she was in tears.哈利瞥见了她的脸——他惊讶地发现她在掉眼泪。I think she heard you.我想她听见你的话了。So? said Ron, but he looked a bit uncomfortable.那又怎么样?罗恩说,但也显出了一丝不安。She must#39;venoticedshe#39;s got no friends.她一定已经注意到了,她一个朋友也没有。 /201205/184282It was summertime, and I know the air conditioner was on in the house but it dropped down really quickly. The dial started moving really quickly and was spelling something out over and over again. I got very scared and was going to take my hands away when the girls begged me not to. They thought it was exciting. My sister and I were getting nervous. The new "spirit", and I know it was a new one because of the change in the room and this strange feeling that came over me, was spelling out the words "GET OUT, FIRE, FIRE". This really spooked me and I broke the connection. Michelle was a little aggravated at me. She wanted to ask it more questions relating to these words. I just wanted to go home. I was beginning to feel very sick to my stomach and had a pounding headache. I don't know why but I had to get out of that house and go home. I called my mother to come and pick my sister and I up and we went home. The other girls stayed the whole night with Michelle. They said the next day that they had a ball and that we were chicken for not staying. I didn't mind the name calling because when I got home I started to feel better and was able to fall asleep. It was very late by the time we got home and got to bed and I didn't know if I would be able to sleep but I had to admit I was feeling very tired. Article/200905/69567

“So, does your dad know you’ve got the car?” said Harry, guessing the answer.“那你们把车开出来,你爸爸知道吗?”其实哈利已经猜到了实情。“Er, no,” said Ron, “he had to work tonight.“哦,不知道,”罗恩说,“他今晚加班。Hopefully we’ll be able to get it back in the garage without Mum noticing we flew it.”但愿我们能悄悄把车开进车库,不让我妈妈发现。”“What does your dad do at the Ministry of Magic, anyway?”“你爸爸在魔法部做什么工作?”“He works in the most boring department,” said Ron.“他在一个最无聊的部门,”罗恩说,“The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.”“禁止滥用麻瓜物品司。”“The what?”“什么?”“It’s all to do with bewitching things that are Muggle-made, you know, in case they end up back in a Muggle shop or house.“就是禁止对麻瓜制造的东西施用魔法,怕它们万一又回到麻瓜的商店或家里。Like, last year, some old witch died and her tea set was sold to an antiques shop.就像去年,有一个老巫婆死了,她的茶具被卖到一个古董店,This Muggle woman bought it, took it home, and tried to serve her friends tea in it.一位女麻瓜买下了这套茶具,回家请朋友喝茶,It was a nightmare — Dad was working overtime for weeks.”真是一场噩梦——爸爸连着加了好几个星期的班。”“What happened?”“怎么回事?”“The teapot went berserk and squirted boiling tea all over the place and one man ended up in the hospital with the sugar tongs clamped to his nose.“茶壶突然发起疯来,滚烫的茶水四处乱喷,一个男的住进了医院,夹方糖的钳子钳住了他的鼻子。Dad was going frantic — it’s only him and an old warlock called Perkins in the office — and they had to do Memory Charms and all sorts of stuff to cover it up —”爸爸忙得不可开交,司里只有他和一个叫珀金斯的老巫师。他们不得不用遗忘魔咒和各种办法来把它掩盖过去……”“But your dad — this car —”“可你爸爸……这车子……”Fred laughed. “Yeah, Dad’s crazy about everything to do with Muggles; our shed’s full of Muggle stuff.弗雷德笑了。“是啊,爸爸迷上了和麻瓜有关的一切,我们的棚里堆满了麻瓜的东西。He takes it apart, puts spells on it, and puts it back together again.他把它们拆开,施上魔法,再重新组装起来。If he raided our house he’d have to put himself under arrest.如果他到我家抄查,他只好逮捕自己。It drives Mum mad.”妈妈为这都快急疯了。”“That’s the main road,” said George, peering down through the windshield.“那是大路,”乔治透过挡风玻璃望着下面,说道,“We’ll be there in ten minutes. . . . Just as well, it’s getting light. . . .”“我们十分钟就能到那儿……还好,天快亮了……” /201205/184790

Tradition Facing Forward 国油双峰塔:亚洲出头天! With pinnacles ascending 452 meters above Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers have a slender elegance reminiscent1 of the graceful spires2 of Muslim temples. The Islamic influence extends right down to the towers? floor plans, which are based on an eight-pointed star.However, the Petronas Twin Towers are not merely a tribute to Malaysia’s cultural and religious heritage. They are Malaysia’s challenge to the Asian financial hegemony3 of Hong Kong and Singapore. In building the towers, Malaysia was proclaiming that it, too, wanted to be a center of world trade.Each tower is supported by a solid 23-x-23-meter core of high-strength concrete. In addition, the towers are joined by a walkway at the 41st stories. The increased stability enabled architects to boost the buildings? height-to-width ratio, giving the towers an air of elegance.In erecting their towers to the heavens, the builders did not wish to compromise the security and comfort of those who worked there. The twin edifices4 were equipped with three major safety networks. Each tower has its own building control system, fire alarm system, and building security system. In case of a computer failure, these systems can be controlled separately by each tower, independent of the main network.With a state-of-the-art computer system nestled within traditional architectural motifs, the Petronas Twin Towers are both Malaysia’s monument to its past and the hope of its financial future.1. reminiscent a. 使想起的2. spire n. 尖塔 3. hegemony n. 霸权4. edifice n. 建筑物,(尤指)大厦坐落在吉隆坡的国油双峰塔,是两座高452米,耸入云霄的尖塔状建筑,其修长雅致的外观不由让人想起穆斯林教堂优雅的尖顶。伊斯兰的影响力还扩及到塔底以八角星为基准的地面设计。然而,国油双峰塔不只是对马来西亚文化和宗教遗产的献礼,更表现了马来西亚对香港及新加坡亚洲经济霸权的挑战。通过建造双峰塔,马来西亚向世界宣告,它也要跻身世界贸易中心的行列。撑每座高塔的是23×23m2的坚固的标号混凝土芯。此外,双塔在41楼由一条走廊连结了起来。这样增加了建筑的稳定性,建筑师们就可以提高建筑的高宽比例,使双塔具有高贵典雅的外观。在建造高耸入云的双塔时,建筑师们也兼顾到了大厦里工作人员的安全和舒适。这两座大厦里设有三大安全网络。各塔都有自己的控制系统、火警系统和大楼安全系统。万一计算机出现问题,各塔有各自的安全网络。拥有最先进的计算机系统和传统建筑的外观的国油双峰塔既是马来西亚历史的纪念碑,也是未来经济发展的希望。 Article/200803/30115

  Oh, no! Denzel thought. Where’d THAT come from? He was looking at a big red dry stain that was on the carport where he always parked his car.There was only one thing to do: check his power steering fluid and his transmission fluid, both of which were red. The power steering fluid was at the proper level, so that left the transmission fluid. A small leak could result in a damaged transmission, which could cost ,000 to ,000 to repair or replace. Denzel did not have ,000 or ,000.Denzel was not sure about how to check his transmission fluid level. But he found the instructions in his car manual. They were not complicated.He ran his engine for about 15 minutes to get it up to normal operating temperature. Next, he shifted the transmission through all the gears, and then let the car idle for three minutes in Park. Then he pulled out the dipstick. The fluid was at the correct level. Denzel breathed a sigh of relief.As he drove off in his car, he wondered if he would ever find out the cause of that stain. Or would it be one of those mysteries of life, like the mystery of why his last girlfriend had left him.“Why did you break up with me?” he had asked her on the phone a while ago. “I thought everything was going well between us. Then, wham, out of nowhere, you told me we were through. You needed more space, you said. What does THAT mean?”“It’s a long story,” she replied.“Go ahead,” he said. “I’ve got plenty of time.”“I’ve got to go,” she said.“Women!” Denzel muttered as the phone went dead. Article/201107/143409

  有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter13暂无文本 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/51232。

  There are some “good” things about the disease of tuberculosis (TB). One is that it can be cured. Another is that TB is not sp by shaking hands, sharing dishes, or sharing clothing. Another is that people usually catch it only from others that they are with constantly—such as family, friends, or coworkers. The occasional cough or sneeze from a nearby stranger doesn't transmit TB.Many people think TB is rare, like bubonic plague or smallpox. Yet TB still occurs worldwide, killing almost 2 million people a year! Most victims are young or elderly, and live in developing countries. Yet even in developed countries, TB is a killer. In the US, TB killed 650 people in 2005.Caused by bacteria, most forms of TB can be treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics must be taken for weeks, however, before the victim completely recovers. Ignoring doctor's orders, some victims stop taking their antibiotics as soon as they start feeling better; they risk catching a stronger version of TB in the future.TB usually attacks the lungs. Symptoms vary. But common symptoms include fatigue, lots of coughing, loss of appetite, chest pain, and spitting up blood. A simple skin test, followed if necessary by a chest x-ray, will determine if active TB exists. If so, a doctor will prescribe antibiotics.More than a billion people have inactive TB. It becomes active and life-threatening only when a person's immune system weakens because of aging or a serious illness. Article/201105/137730

  A classical guitarist was thrilled to hear from New York City police that his valuable guitar had been found. It disappeared almost a year ago when he got out of a taxicab and forgot to take the guitar with him. Laurence Lennon, 44, said he was running late that day. He was talking to his manager on his cell phone when he dashed out of the cab. He said that he gave the driver and told him to keep the change. He walked through the front doors of the concert hall still talking on the phone to his manager.Upon discovering his loss, Lennon used his cell phone to call the police. The policewoman asked him for the name of the cab company, the number of the cab, and the name of the driver. He said that she had to be kidding.She told Lennon that he could file a missing items report at the police station or online. Lennon asked for the online address. It was www.nypd.gov/toprotectandtoserve/haveaniceday. She told him that finding the guitar might take a couple of years—finding guitars was not as important as finding murderers and marijuana smokers. Then she told him to have a nice day."This year has been depressing," said Lennon. “I had to postpone the recording of two new CDs. I’ve been using borrowed guitars. And I was losing hope of ever recovering my guitar.”Lennon was reunited with his 0,000 guitar yesterday. The case and the guitar had been discovered in the corner of a coffeehouse only two blocks from where Lennon had lost it in the first place. Lennon had offered a ,000 reward for its return. He said he would give the reward to the coffeehouse owner, who had notified the police. The police department prepared a news release about its success in tracking down the guitar. Article/201107/144153Teacher: Walter, why don't you wash your face? I can see what you had for breakfast this morning. Walter: What was it? Teacher: Eggs. Walter: Wrong, teacher. That was yesterday.教师:沃尔特,你为什么不洗脸?我看得出你今天早饭吃了什么。沃尔特:我吃了什么?教师:鸡蛋。沃尔特:错了,老师。那是昨天吃的。 Article/200804/36100;Indeed you are mistaken. I have no such injuries to resent. It is not of particular, but of general evils, which I am now complaining. Our importance, our respectability in the world must be affected by the wild volatility, the assurance and disdain of all restraint which mark Lydia#39;s character. Excuse me, for I must speak plainly. If you, my dear father, will not take the trouble of checking her exuberant spirits, and of teaching her that her present pursuits are not to be the business of her life, she will soon be beyond the reach of amendment. ;你完全弄错了我的意思。我并不是因为吃了亏才来埋怨。我也说不出我究竟是在埋怨哪一种害处,只觉得害处很多。丽迪雅这种放荡不羁、无法无天的性格,确实对我们体面攸关,一定会影响到我们的社会地位。我说话爽直,千万要请你原谅。好爸爸,你得想办法管教管教她这种撒野的脾气,叫她明白,不能够一辈子都这样到处追逐,否则她马上就要无可救药了。 Her character will be fixed, and she will, at sixteen, be the most determined flirt that ever made herself or her family ridiculous; a flirt, too, in the worst and meanest degree of flirtation; without any attraction beyond youth and a tolerable person; and, from the ignorance and emptiness of her mind, wholly unable to ward off any portion of that universal contempt which her rage for admiration will excite. In this danger Kitty also is comprehended. She will follow wherever Lydia leads. Vain, ignorant, idle, and absolutely uncontrolled! Oh! my dear father, can you suppose it possible that they will not be censured and despised wherever they are known, and that their sisters will not be often involved in the disgrace?; 一旦她的性格定型以后,就难得改过来。她才不过十六岁,就成了一个十足的浪子,弄得她自己和家庭都惹人笑话,而且她还轻佻浪荡到极端下贱无耻的地步。她只不过年纪还轻,略有几分姿色,此外就一无可取。她愚昧无知,头脑糊涂,只知道搏得别人爱慕,结果到处叫人看不起。吉蒂也有这种危险。丽迪雅要她东就东,西就西。她既无知,又爱虚荣,生性又懒惰,完全是没有一点家教的样子!哎哟,我的好爸爸呀,她们随便走到什么地方,只要有人认识她们,她们就会受人指责,受人轻视,还时常连累到她们的们也丢脸,难道你还以为不会这样吗?1.be affected by 受;;影响The decision was affected by his fluctuation of mood. 这个决定受他情绪的影响。2.ward off 防止, 避开He fling up an arm to ward off the blow. 他迅速抬起手臂挡开这一击。3.be involved in 涉及到, 与 ... 有关联They were involved in a long legal wrangle over payment. 他们在付款问题上陷入长期纠纷。 Article/201201/167637

  Marriage seems to be a dying institution. Everywhere we look, there are more and more statistics saying marriage is on its way out, divorce is on the increase, or people are leaving it later and later to tie the knot. A worrying trend over the past few decades is the number of people who live together without making the commitment of marriage. I’m not really sure what the difference is. If you love someone and want to stay together forever, why not get married? I think marriage adds a lot to a couple’s life, from the wedding day itself, right through to all of the anniversaries. Unmarried people miss out on these special occasions. Marriage is also important if you want to start a family. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned. Article/201105/138410Spaceship to the Moon 飞往月球的宇宙飞船 And so they waited.And waited.Rilla slept in her chair.Kiah and Seru talked quietly.Seru#39;s brother came and went.Most of the prison guards ran away with the prisoners.于是他们等待着。等了又等。瑞拉蜷在她的椅子里睡着了。凯和塞鲁悄悄地谈着什么。塞鲁的哥哥进来一趟又出去了。监狱里的大部分卫兵都和犯人一起逃走了。Seven or eight people;some prisoners and some guards;didn#39;t want to run away, so they came into the room and waited, too.只有大约七八个人;;包括犯人和卫兵,不愿意逃走,于是也到这个房间里一起等待。Ten o#39;clock came,then eleven o#39;clock.It was very quiet.Seru walked up and down the room.Kiah sat next to Rilla.Seru#39;s brother came into the room again.10点钟, 11点钟。房间里安静极了。塞鲁在房间里走来走去。凯坐在瑞拉身边。塞鲁的哥哥又走了进来。;It#39;s after midnight,; he said.;已经过了午夜了。;他说。Just then, they heard the noise of a plane.Kiah stood up. ;Come on,; he said. ;Let#39;s get out of the building.;就在这时,他们听到一阵飞机的轰鸣。凯站起身。;来啊,;他说,;咱们到楼外面去。;Quietly, they left the building. It was a dark, hot night. There were no guards in front of the prison, so they went to the gate and waited there. Suddenly, they saw the plane.他们悄悄地离开了大楼。这是个漆黑闷热的夜晚。监狱前面没有卫兵,于是他们来到大门口,在那儿等着。突然,他们看到了一架飞机。It was a little plane, and it was going to come down on the road in front of the prison!那是一架小飞机,正准备在监狱门前的马路上降落。Rilla took Kiah#39;s hand. ;You were right,; she said. ;I#39;m sorry.;瑞拉抓住凯的手。;你说得对,;她说,;我很抱歉。;Kiah smiled. He began to feel happy. ;That#39;s all right.I understand.I know Adai very well, and you don#39;t.;凯笑了。他高兴起来:;没关系,我明白。我非常了解阿岱,而你并不了解他。;The plane stopped and someone opened the door.Kiah ran across to the plane.那架飞机停了下来,有人打开了舱门。凯朝飞机跑了过去。;How many can you take?; he called. ;There are twelve of us.;;你们能带多少人?;他喊着,;我们一共12个人。;;That#39;s all right,; someone said. ;Quickly,the spaceship is waiting.;;没问题,;有人答道,;快点,宇宙飞船正等着呢。;The twelve people got into the little plane, and the plane be-gan to move. Rilla looked at the captain of the plane. He was tall, with brown hair. He looked nice. Was this the famous Commander Adai?12个人都上了那架小飞机,飞机启动了。瑞拉看了看机长。他身材高大,头发是棕色的。这个人看上去很不错。他是不是那位著名的阿岱司令?;Where is the spaceship?; Kiah asked.;宇宙飞船在哪儿?;凯问。;At the old airport,; the man said. ;One of the fires is moving very quickly across the new forest. It#39;s going to arrive at the west of Kisangani before tomorrow, I think.;那个老机场,;那人说,;一股大火正掠过新森林。我想明天之前这火就会烧到基桑加尼西部。But the old airport is OK.; then the man looked at Kiah and smiled warmly. ;My brother;, he said. ;My little brother, in prison 888!;好在那个老机场还能用。;说完,那人注视着凯,脸上带着亲切的笑容。;我的弟弟,;他说,;我的小弟弟,住进了888号监狱!;;Your brother? Commander Adai?; Rilla asked. ;But you didn#39;t tell me that!;;他是你哥哥?阿岱司令?;瑞拉问,;可你从来没跟我说过!;Kiah smiled. ;Nobody knew,;he said. ;But now;it doesn#39;t matter now.Everyone can know.;凯笑了。;以前没人知道,;他说,;可是现在;;现在没关系了。大家都可以知道。;The little plane came down at the old airport,south of the town.小飞机在城南的飞机场降落了。;Let#39;s be careful,; Adai said. ;We don#39;t want someone to shoot us before we leave.;;咱们要小心,;阿岱说,;可不能在出发之前中了别人的子儿。;The spaceship was dark. Quickly, everyone jumped down from the plane and ran across to the spaceship. Soon, the spaceship left Earth, and everyone looked down at the burning planet.宇宙飞船笼罩在一片黑暗中。大家迅速跳下飞机朝飞船跑去。很快,飞船离开了地球,大家俯视着下面这颗燃烧着的星球。They saw the dark smoke over Africa, and here and there, through the smoke, the red, Nangry fires.他们看到了非洲上空的黑烟,以及黑烟下面到处肆虐的愤怒的烈焰。;The fires are destroying the forest very quickly,; seru said.;大火很快就会把森林烧毁。;塞鲁说。Adai put his hand on Kiah#39;s arm. ;I#39;m sorry about Zadak,; he said.阿岱把手搭在凯的臂膀上。;扎达克的事真让我难过。;他说。;I wanted him to wait,; Kiah said. ;I wanted him to talk to you.;;我曾希望他再等等,;凯说,;我本来想让他和你谈谈。;Adai#39;s face was sad. ;He didn#39;t want me to die,; he said quietly. ;He was a good man.And now he#39;s dead.;阿岱神情悲切。;他不想让我送死,;他低声说,;他是个好人。可现在他死了。;;And Gog is going to Mars,; seru said.;还有,高格要到火星去。;塞鲁船长说。;Mars? He#39;s crazy! Mars isn#39;t y for people,; Adai said.;火星?他疯了!火星还不能住人。;阿岱说。;But Gog wants to go,and so he#39;s going,; seru said. ;Tell us about the Moon colony. That isn#39;t y: you need more money.;;可高格要去,他马上就要出发了。;塞鲁说,;跟我们讲讲月亮部族吧。它还不成形,你还需要很多钱。;;No,I don#39;t,; Adai said. ;The Moon colony is y. I asked for more money because of Zadak: I wanted to give him money for rain. But Gog didn#39;t listen; he wanted all Earth#39;s money for the spaceship to Mars.;;不,我不需要,;阿岱说,;月亮部族已经准备就绪。我要更多的钱是为了扎达克:我想给他钱解决雨水的问题。可是高格不听;他要把地球所有的钱都用在去火星的宇宙飞船上。;;I don#39;t want to leave Earth,; Rilla said sadly. She felt tired and afraid.;我不想离开地球。;瑞拉忧伤地说。她感到又累又恐惧。Adai smiled warmly at Rilla. ;Nobody wants to leave Earth,; he said. ;But under the Moon is the best home for us now. Wait and see.阿岱对瑞拉温和地笑了笑。;没有人愿意离开地球,;他说,;可是现在我们最好的家园在月亮下面。等着看吧。The Moon colony is a beautiful, wonderful country, with rivers and rain, forests and flowers, buildings;and the first town. You can visit Earth again soon, and bring more people to the Moon colony.月亮部族是个美丽迷人的国家,有河流,有雨水,也有森林和鲜花,还有楼房;;第一座城镇。你很快就可以再回到地球去。然后带更多的人到月亮部族去。We all want to help Earth, because it#39;s our first home. I know that. At the same time, you are going to be happy under the Moon.;我们都想帮助地球,因为它是我们的第一个家。我理解你。同时,你也一定会在月亮下面生活得愉快的。;Suddenly,someone cried: ;Look at the Moon!;突然,有人喊了一声:;快看月亮!;And through the window of the spaceship they saw the Moon before them, cold, white and beautiful; and under the Moon, there was the Moon colony!透过飞船的玻璃窗,他们看到了眼前的月球:冰冷,洁白,美丽;而在月亮下面,他们看到了月亮部族! Article/201203/174676

  A waitress who worked in a truck stop restaurant received ,000 in a will. The popular Do-Drop-In Truck Stop is on interstate 10 just west of El Paso, Texas. It’s open 24/7, and it seats 80. Matthew had been a regular customer there for the last ten years. He was 70 when he started eating breakfast there. He drove a 1980 Cadillac that was missing three of its hubcaps. The car looked like it hadn’t been washed since 1981.Matthew was a skinny, bald guy. He wore glasses that sat crooked on his nose, and he was missing one of his front teeth. Every so often he joked about his missing tooth. “Ask me what happened to it,” he would ask his waitress. She would ask. “I ran into a door,” he would reply, and then laugh like it was the funniest joke in the world. Most waitresses thought he was a little weird. Each of them hoped he wouldn’t sit in her section. He usually sat at a four-person booth all by himself. He often spilled food onto the table and seat. To make matters worse, he was a terrible tipper—one dollar was it, even though he usually had several free refills of black coffee.“Oh, he’s just a harmless, lonely old guy,” said Amber. Matthew had taken a shine to Amber. After the first couple of months of eating at Do-Drop-In, he made it a point to sit in her section. He had other jokes which he shared with Amber, but they were as bad as his tooth joke. She laughed at them anyway. Article/201105/137336

  18In the course of time, David defeated the Philistines and subdued them, and he took Gath and its surrounding villages from the control of the Philistines. 2David also defeated the Moabites, and they became subject to him and brought tribute. 3Moreover, David fought Hadadezer king of Zobah, as far as Hamath, when he went to establish his control along the Euphrates River. 4David captured a thousand of his chariots, seven thousand charioteers and twenty thousand foot soldiers. He hamstrung all but a hundred of the chariot horses. 5When the Arameans of Damascus came to help Hadadezer king of Zobah, David struck down twenty-two thousand of them. 6He put garrisons in the Aramean kingdom of Damascus, and the Arameans became subject to him and brought tribute. The Lord gave David victory everywhere he went. 7David took the gold shields carried by the officers of Hadadezer and brought them to Jerusalem. 8From Tebah and Cun, towns that belonged to Hadadezer, David took a great quantity of bronze, which Solomon used to make the bronze Sea, the pillars and various bronze articles. 9When Tou king of Hamath heard that David had defeated the entire army of Hadadezer king of Zobah, 10he sent his son Hadoram to King David to greet him and congratulate him on his victory in battle over Hadadezer, who had been at war with Tou. Hadoram brought all kinds of articles of gold and silver and bronze. 11King David dedicated these articles to the Lord , as he had done with the silver and gold he had taken from all these nations: Edom and Moab, the Ammonites and the Philistines, and Amalek. 12Abishai son of Zeruiah struck down eighteen thousand Edomites in the Valley of Salt. 13He put garrisons in Edom, and all the Edomites became subject to David. The Lord gave David victory everywhere he went. 14David reigned over all Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people. 15Joab son of Zeruiah was over the army; Jehoshaphat son of Ahilud was recorder; 16Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelech son of Abiathar were priests; Shavsha was secretary; 17Benaiah son of Jehoiada was over the Kerethites and Pelethites; and David's sons were chief officials at the king's side. Article/200812/58155。

  ;I HAVE been thinking it over again, Elizabeth,#39;#39; said her uncle as they drove from the town; ; and really, upon serious consideration, I am much more inclined than I was to judge as your eldest sister does of the matter. It appears to me so very unlikely that any young man should form such a design against a girl who is by no means unprotected or friendless, and who was actually staying in his colonel#39;s family, that I am strongly inclined to hope the best. Could he expect that her friends would not step forward? Could he expect to be noticed again by the regiment, after such an affront to Colonel Forster? His temptation is not adequate to the risk.#39;#39;他们离开那个城镇的时候,舅父跟伊丽莎白说:“我又把这件事想了一遍,认真地考虑了一番,越发觉得你的看法很对。我认为无论是哪个青年,决不会对这样一位姑娘存着这样的坏心眼,她又不是无亲无靠,何况她就住在他自己的上校家里,因此我要从最好的方面去着想。难道他以为她的亲友们不会挺身而出吗?难道他还以为这一次冒犯弗斯脱上校以后,还好意思回到民兵团里去吗?我看他不见得会痴情到冒险的地步。”;Do you really think so?#39;#39; cried Elizabeth, brightening up for a moment.伊丽莎白的脸色立刻显得高兴起来,连忙嚷道:“你果真这样想吗?”;Upon my word,#39;#39; said Mrs. Gardiner, ;I begin to be of your uncle#39;s opinion. It is really too great a violation of decency, honour, and interest, for him to be guilty of it. I cannot think so very ill of Wickham. Can you, yourself, Lizzy, so wholly give him up as to believe him capable of it?#39;#39;嘉丁纳太太接嘴说:“你相信我好了,我也开始赞成你舅舅的看法了。这件事太不顾羞耻,太不顾名誉和利害关系了,他不会这样胆大妄为。我觉得韦翰未必会这样坏。丽萃,你竟这样不把他放在眼里,相信他会做出这种事吗?”;Not perhaps of neglecting his own interest. But of every other neglect I can believe him capable. If, indeed, it should be so! But I dare not hope it. Why should they not go on to Scotland, if that had been the case?#39;#39;“他也许不会不顾全自己的利害关系。除此以外,我相信他全不在乎。但愿他能有所顾忌。我可不敢存这个奢望。要是真象你所想的那样,那他们干吗不到苏格兰去呢?”;In the first place,#39;#39; replied Mr. Gardiner, ;there is no absolute proof that they are not gone to Scotland.#39;#39;嘉丁纳先生回答道:“第一,现在并不能完全明他们没有到苏格兰去。”;Oh! but their removing from the chaise into an hackney coach is such a presumption! And, besides, no traces of them were to be found on the Barnet road.#39;#39;“哎哟!可是他们把原来的马车打发走,换上了出租的马车,光是凭这一点就可想而知!此外,到巴纳特去的路上,也找不到他们的踪迹。”;Well, then -- supposing them to be in London. They may be there, though, for the purpose of concealment, for no more exceptionable purpose. It is not likely that money should be very abundant on either side; and it might strike them that they could be more economically, though less expeditiously, married in London, than in Scotland.#39;#39;“那么就假定他们在伦敦吧。他们到那儿去也许是为了暂时躲避一下,不会别有用心。他们两个人都没有多少钱;也许他们都会想到,在伦敦结婚虽然比不上在苏格兰结婚来得方便,可是要省俭些。”;But why all this secrecy? Why any fear of detection? Why must their marriage be private? Oh! no, no, this is not likely. His most particular friend, you see by Jane#39;s account, was persuaded of his never intending to marry her. Wickham will never marry a woman without some money. He cannot afford it. And what claims has Lydia, what attractions has she beyond youth, health, and good humour, that could make him, for her sake, forgo every chance of benefiting himself by marrying well? As to what restraint the apprehension of disgrace in the corps might throw on a dishonourable elopement with her, I am not able to judge; for I know nothing of the effects that such a step might produce. But as to your other objection, I am afraid it will hardly hold good. Lydia has no brothers to step forward; and he might imagine, from my father#39;s behaviour, from his indolence and the little attention he has ever seemed to give to what was going forward in his family, that he would do as little, and think as little about it, as any father could do in such a matter.#39;#39;“可是为什么要这样秘密?为什么怕给人家发觉?为什么结婚要偷偷摸摸?哦,不,不,你这种想法不切合实际。你不是看到吉英信里说吗……连他自己最要好的朋友也相信他不会跟她结婚。韦翰绝不会跟一个没有钱的女人结婚的。他根本办不到。丽迪雅除了年轻、健康、爱开玩笑之外,有什么办法、有什么吸引力,可以叫他为了她而放弃掉结婚致富的机会?至于他会不会怕这次羞耻的私奔使他自己在部队里丢面子,便把行为检点一下,那我就无法判断了,因为我无从知道他这一次的行为究竟会产生什么样的后果。但是你说的另外一点,我恐怕不大靠得住。丽迪雅的确没有个亲兄弟为她出头,他又看到我父亲平日为人懒散,不管家事,便以为他遇到这类事情,也会跟人家做父亲的一样,不肯多管,也不肯多想。” Article/201204/176541

  I think the Internet is the greatest invention ever. Think how it has changed the world. So much information is out there. It has totally changed my life. I can chat with friends, download music, buy books and get all the info I need for my homework. It took days or weeks to do any of these things before the Internet. I spend hours every day online. I think I spend a little too long. I’m sure staring at a computer screen all day isn’t good for my eyes. I think it’s also making me fat. I need to exercise a little more. The only thing I don’t like about the Internet is that it can be dangerous. I don’t really like putting my personal information online, especially on social networking sites like Facebook. Article/201105/136654

  On May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court approved same-sex marriages in the state of California. By a vote of 4 to 3, the court declared that limiting a marriage to a union between a man and a woman violated the state constitution.The court’s decision was a huge victory for gays and lesbians throughout the state. Hundreds waited outside the courthouse in Sacramento for the announcement, which they greeted with cheers, hugs, and kisses. TV crews interviewed joyful couples.However, conservative opponents have vowed to fight the decision. They plan to gather over a million signatures for a constitutional amendment in November to overturn this decision. If California voters approve the amendment, lawyer Gloria Allred said, “I will take this case to the US Supreme Court. Gays must be free to marry.”It was only 60 years ago that most states banned interracial marriages. However, in 1967 the US Supreme Court ended those bans. Now the conflict is about sex instead of race. At present, only two states legally recognize same-sex marriages—Massachusetts and California. Worldwide, only five countries legally recognize such marriages.“California has joined the 21st century,” said Elton John. “Now Cole Porter and I can finally get married in our favorite city, San Francisco.”“If we normal people don't vote for the amendment,” said conservative George Smith, “God will surely destroy this entire state.” Article/201108/150213

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