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郑州薄唇手术河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院去色斑怎么样HTC Corp. began to outsource production of some of its smartphones for the first time this quarter, as it looked to slash costs and pursue customers in developing markets. 宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 简称:宏达国际)本季度首次开始外包部分智能手机的生产业务,目的是降低成本,争夺发展中市场的客户。The Taiwanese smartphone maker has outsourced at least three of the new models in its midprice Desire series to Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Compal Electronics Inc. and China#39;s Wingtech Group, said people familiar with the matter. Both assemblers began to mass produce smartphones for HTC this spring, the people said. Traditionally, HTC has produced all of its phones at its own factories. 据知情人士透露,宏达国际已将中档价位的Desire系列中至少三款新机型外包给了台湾合同制造商仁宝电脑(Compal Electronics Inc.)和中国大陆的闻泰集团(Wingtech Group)。这些知情人士称,今年春季这两家制造商已开始为宏达国际批量生产智能手机。以往,宏达国际的所有手机都在自己的工厂生产。The move accompanies other efforts by HTC, which isn#39;t profitable, to turn around its business. Chairwoman Cher Wang has taken a more active role in management in the past year, and the company recently hired Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s former U.S. marketing chief, Paul Golden, as a consultant to beef up its marketing. 与此同时,陷入亏损的宏达国际还采取了其他措施来扭转经营状况。过去一年中,该公司董事长王雪红加大了在公司管理方面的参与度,该公司最近还聘请了三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)前美国市场营销总监戈尔登(Paul Golden)担任顾问,以增强公司的营销能力。HTC has long focused on high-end phones and resisted outsourcing, even as competitors from Apple Inc. to Nokia Corp. have turned to contract manufacturers to focus on design and save costs over the years. But as HTC struggles to hold its ground against Samsung and rapidly growing Chinese brands, it has decided to launch more low-price phones this year with the help of contract manufacturers. 宏达国际长期以来侧重于高端手机,并拒绝外包生产业务;而过去几年来,从苹果公司(Apple Inc.)到诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)等竞争对手已经纷纷将生产业务外包给合同制造商,以便能够专注于产品设计和节省成本。但是宏达国际难以招架住三星(Samsung)和迅速崛起的中国大陆品牌的挑战,该公司在今年决定在合同制造商的帮助下推出更多低价手机。Once the world#39;s largest smartphone maker by shipments at its peak in 2011, HTC has since seen its stock slump by more than 86% amid unsuccessful marketing campaigns, supply-chain mishaps and growing competition. The mistakes brought HTC its second net loss on record in the first quarter, and it has fallen out of the world#39;s top 10 smartphone makers since last year. The company#39;s stock rose by the maximum daily limit of 6.9% on Monday to 169 New Taiwan dollars (US.59) on expectations that HTC would forecast a return to profit for the second quarter when it releases guidance on Tuesday. 宏达国际在2011年顶峰时曾是全球出货量最大的智能手机制造商,此后,受营销策略不成功、供应链事故和竞争加剧的影响,该公司的股价下挫逾86%。这些失误导致宏达国际第一季度出现了第二次季度净亏损亏损,去年还跌出了全球十大智能手机制造商行列。周一,宏达国际的股价涨停,至新台币169元(约5.59美元),涨幅6.9%,因投资者预期,宏达国际在周二公布业绩预期时会预测第二季度将扭亏为盈。HTC declined to comment. 宏达国际不予置评。Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in March that HTC was considering the possibility of using contract manufacturers, but that the company had no plans to outsource its flagship HTC One line or its key midprice phone, the Desire 816. The company#39;s high-end phones are still its earnings drivers, said Yuanta Research analyst Dennis Chan. 宏达国际虽然继续在自己的工厂生产最先进的设备,但已将一款面向大陆市场的重要手机的生产外包出去。两位知情人士称,闻泰集团正准备量产Desire 616,这款手机搭载低成本芯片制造商联发科技(Mediatek Inc.)生产的八核处理器;闻泰集团也为小米(Xiaomi Inc.)等大陆品牌生产手机。While it is keeping production of its most advanced devices in-house, HTC has outsourced a high-power smartphone aimed at the China market. Chinese contract manufacturer Wingtech, which also makes phones for Chinese brands such as Xiaomi Inc., is ying to mass produce the Desire 616, which will run a fast eight-core processor made by budget chip maker Mediatek Inc., said two people familiar with the matter. 其中一位知情人士表示,闻泰集团也为宏达国际生产Desire 210,该款手机是该公司迄今为止价格最低的智能手机,上个月在印度推出,售价为8,700印度卢比(合145美元)。Wingtech also manufacturers HTC#39;s cheapest smartphone to date, the Desire 210, which was launched last month in India for 8,700 rupees (US5), one of the people said. 另一位知情人士称,台湾的仁宝电脑在第二季度开始为宏达国际生产Desire系列的部分智能手机;仁宝电脑也为诺基亚代工。Taiwan#39;s Compal, which also supplies Nokia, began production in the second quarter of some HTC Desire series smartphones, another person said. 巴克莱(Barclays)分析师Dale Gai表示,外包生产业务将有助宏达国际节省一些研发成本。不过他认为,这不会成为该公司扭亏为盈的关键因素,因为宏达国际的主要产品仍由该公司自己生产。 /201405/294624郑州/上街区腋窝脱毛多少钱 新乡市第二人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱

郑州市第一人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱Apple announced Monday that it sold more than 10 million new iPhones over the first three days of sales — defying some analysts’ predictions and beating last year’s record 9 million.苹果(Apple)在本周一宣布,新一代iPhone开售头三天的销量已经超过了1,000万台。这超出了一些分析家的预计,也打破了去年900万台的纪录。How were those sales split between the big iPhone 6 and the bigger (and more profitable) iPhone 6 Plus?而大屏幕的iPhone 6与加大款(并且利润更高)的iPhone 6 Plus的销量有多大差距呢?The company did not say. That’s information they’ll want to keep from their competitors.苹果并未透露这个数字。他们不想让竞争者知道这一信息。We did get some third-party estimates over the weekend, but they came from different types of sources, and — curiously — they contradict each other.本周末,我们确实从第三方得到了一些估值,不过它们来自不同的消息源,而且有趣的是,它们相互矛盾。The chart above happens be from the mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, but the ones put out by its competitors, Chitika and Fiksu, are not much different. They all show iPhone 6 activity (in-app purchases, etc.) over the first three days outpacing the iPhone 6 Plus by more than seven to one.上面的表格来自手机分析公司Mixpanel,不过其竞争者Chitika和Fiksu得出的数据与此相差不大。它们都显示,最初三天内iPhone 6的活跃度(包括应用内购买等)是iPhone 6 Plus的七倍以上。UPDATE: The ratio of Asian Americans in Soho dropped visibly Sunday after Chinese customs officials were reported to be confiscating grey market iPhones. Meanwhile a er in Berlin writes that the lines there were dominated by Russians and Poles buying for resale in their respective home markets.更新:有报道称,中国的海关人员正在收缴灰色市场的iPhone。在那之后,周日在Soho区的亚裔美国人比例有了明显下降。与此同时,德国柏林的一名读者写道,如今排长队的主要是俄罗斯人和波兰人,他们将在各自的本土市场转售这些手机。 /201409/331980郑州/市妇幼保健儿童医院做双眼皮多少钱 iPhones and iPads moved an important step towards becoming staples of modern working life on Tuesday as Apple sealed a groundbreaking alliance with IBM to turn its gadgets into fully business-friendly devices.iPhone和iPad周二向着成为现代职场必备用品的目标迈出了重要一步,苹果(Apple)与IBM达成一项具有开创性的合作协议,将把苹果设备变成完全商业友好的设备。The partnership, intended to increase the security and functionality of Apple’s mobile devices for corporate users, is a mark of how deeply “consumerisation” is reshaping corporate technology markets.这一合作针对企业用户,旨在加强企业用户使用的移动设备的安全和功用。这也表明,“消费者导向”正大大改变企业科技市场。Apple and IBM were once bitter foes in the personal computing market, but have been forced to co-operate as workers bring gadgets from their personal lives to the office.苹果和IBM曾经是个人电脑市场上的一对劲敌,但随着员工将电子设备从个人生活带到办公室,双方被迫展开合作。The deal will see IBM provide cloud services, including device management and security, for Apple’s handsets and tablets, which it will sell to large business and government customers loaded with apps specialised for particular industries.根据这笔交易,IBM将为苹果手机和平板电脑提供云务(包括设备管理和安全),苹果向大企业和政府客户销售的也将是带有行业定制应用软件的设备。Frank Gillett, analyst at Forrester Research, hailed the deal as a “landmark agreement”.Forrester Research分析师弗兰克#8226;吉勒特(Frank Gillett)称赞这笔交易是一项“里程碑式协议”。The biggest loser from the partnership is likely to be Microsoft, which will suffer a dent to its ambitions of winning business users over to its Windows 8 software on touchscreen devices, said Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering.Envisioneering分析师理查德#8226;多尔蒂(Richard Doherty)表示,苹果与IBM合作的最大输家可能是微软(Microsoft),微软正试图通过用于触屏设备的Windows 8软件赢得企业用户。Although Apple says 98 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use its devices, the partnership is an acknowledgment that the consumer-focused company lacks the expertise and salesforce required to tackle large corporate customers. It also comes amid continuing criticism of Apple’s cloud services and will provide a fillip to the iPhone, where revenue growth has slowed in recent quarters.尽管苹果表示,《财富》(Fortune)500强公司中有98%都在使用苹果设备,但双方的合作表明,在与大公司客户打交道方面,这家以消费者为中心的公司仍缺乏专业技能和销售团队。而此时外界对苹果云务的批评还在继续,双方的合作将会刺激iPhone的销售,最近几个季度iPhone的收入增长一直缓慢。 /201407/312735鹤壁市鼻部除皱价格

焦作市人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱 After months of rumors, Amazon finally announced its entry into the smartphone market at an event in Seattle Wednesday.流言蜚语持续了几个月之后,亚马逊(Amazon)在本周三西雅图的活动上终于宣告进入智能手机市场。CEO Jeff Bezos spoke to a crowd made up mostly of members of the media to announce the online retail giant’s newest product: the Fire phone, a device with a 4.7-inch screen, a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The new smartphone also features a 13-megapixel camera that can be launched by pressing a designated button on the side of the phone, and Amazon is offering free, unlimited photo storage on the Amazon Cloud Drive.面对以媒体人为主的观众,首席执行官杰夫o贝佐斯发布了这家在线零售业巨头的最新产品:Fire Phone手机。这款手机拥有4.7英寸的屏幕,2.2GHz的四核处理器以及2GB的内存。通过手机侧面的特定按钮,用户还可以使用高达1300万像素的摄像头,同时享受亚马逊Cloud Drive云存储上的无限照片容量。As had been rumored, the phone is being offered in an exclusive partnership with ATamp;T and can aly be found on the company’s website, starting at a price of 9.99 for a two-year contract with the 32-gigabyte model. For a limited time, Amazon is also offering a year-long Amazon Prime membership along with the new phone.正如传闻所说,这款手机由亚马逊与运营商美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)独家合作推出,已经出现在亚马逊公司的网站上,32GB空间的两年合约机起售价为199.99美元。亚马逊还随新手机限时赠送一年的Amazon Prime会员务。After offering up info about the Fire’s physical specs and some of its features, including the new image recognition service Firefly, Bezos finally confirmed rumors that the new product has 3-D capabilities, in a sense. Bezos introduced the phone’s motion-tracking screen, which uses “dynamic perspective” head-tracking technology that relies on four corner-mounted infrared cameras to make images appear to be three-dimensional without the need for 3-D glasses.贝佐斯阐述了Fire Phone手机的物理参数及包括全新照片识别务Firefly在内的部分特性后,最终实了传闻,表示这款新产品在某种意义上拥有3D功能。贝佐斯展示了这款手机的运动追踪屏幕。它采用了“动态视角”技术,依靠在屏幕四角安装的红外摄像头,让用户不需要借助3D眼镜就能感觉到图片的三维效果。Bezos demonstrated how that technology can be put to use, making images on the phone’s display look more realistic while also registering the user’s face and head movements to cycle through Amazon products while shopping on the phone. To be sure, Amazon is aiming the new technology at Amazon Prime members to encourage them to buy more of the company’s products online. Users will also be able to tilt the phone to navigate the Fire’s maps feature and to initiate “auto-scroll” while ing a news article or Kindle book.贝佐斯演示了如何使用这项技术,让手机上的图片看起来更加真实。同时,当用户在手机上进行在线购物时,摄像头还能根据用户的头部和面部移动情况,记录下用户浏览过哪些产品。显然,亚马逊打算利用这项技术,鼓励Amazon Prime会员多在网上购买商品。用户还可以通过倾斜手机,从而利用Fire Phone的地图软件进行导航,也可以在阅读新闻或Kindle电子书时启动“自动翻页”功能。Amazon’s AMZN 2.69% stock price, which remained relatively unchanged at the start of Wednesday’s event, rose more than 3% following Bezos’ announcement.周三的发布活动开始时,亚马逊的股价几乎没有什么波动,但当贝佐斯的演示完成后,股价便上涨了超过3%。News of a potential Amazon smartphone with 3-D capability leaked earlier this year, with BGR even posting photos it claimed featured a prototype for the new product. Amazon added fuel to the fire earlier this month when it released a promotional featuring several people’s amazed reactions to an unseen product. The people in the can be seen tilting their heads back and forth while using the product, which added to speculation over the phone’s head-tracking technology.在今年早些时候就已经有消息透露,亚马逊可能将发布搭载3D技术的手机。移动产品资讯网站BGR甚至还发布了照片,宣称照片中的就是新产品的原型机。亚马逊也在本月初推波助澜,发布了一部推广视频,其中展现了几位用户面对从未见过的新产品时的惊讶反应。视频中的人们在使用新产品时,前后摇动着脑袋,更加让人们对新手机的头部追踪技术展开了猜测。Amazon is pushing the Fire to current and potential Amazon Prime subscribers, who will be able to use the phone to access streaming and thenewly-launched Prime Music, a music streaming service launched on Monday that lets Amazon Prime members listen to more than one million songs without interruption from ads.亚马逊对现有和潜在的Amazon Prime会员推送了Fire Phone产品的信息。他们将来可以使用这款手机观看流媒体,体验新发布的Prime Music。这是一款于本周一上线的音乐流媒体务,让Amazon Prime用户能够享受超过100万首音乐,而不必受到广告的干扰。One of the phone’s main features is Firefly, an image recognition service that can identify text and images as well as audio and . Bezos said users can use Firefly, which has its own designated button on the side of the device, to scan phone numbers, books and even works of art to get information and save it on the phone. Firefly can also recognize songs and television shows, or offer nutritional information for food.Firefly是Fire Phone手机的主要特色之一。这是一项照片识别务,既可以识别文本和图像,也可以识别音频及视频。这项务在手机的侧面拥有专属按钮,可以扫描电话号码、书籍甚至艺术作品,让用户得到相关信息并存储在手机中。Firefly还能识别歌曲和电视剧,或提供食物的营养信息。The phone also includes Mayday, a tech support feature that connects users via stream to support staff.手机还拥有一项Mayday务,能够提供技术持,让用户与人员进行视频通话。In addition to teasing the release of its new product with vague hints at what was to come, Amazon has been touting the increased selection in its Amazon Appstore. Amazon said earlier this week that it has nearly tripled its apps selection in the past year, to 240,000, a number that signals impressive growth, but which is still about one-fifth of Apple’s app offerings. Amazon also reached a licensing deal with Blackberry on Wednesday to make all of its apps available on the latter’s new line of handheld devices set to launch this fall.除了发布新产品,让人们对即将出现的手机有一定了解,亚马逊还就其应用商店增加的品种进行了宣传。亚马逊在本周早些时候表示,在过去一年之中,亚马逊商店的应用种类达到了之前的三倍,即24万种。这样的大幅进步令人印象深刻,不过它的应用数量仍然只有苹果(Apple)应用商店的五分之一。亚马逊在周三还与黑莓(Blackberry)达成了授权协议,让所有应用都能够在今年秋天发布的一系列黑莓手持设备中得以使用。One person who isn’t too excited about the partnership between Amazon and ATamp;T is T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who unleashed a Twitter rant against the new product a day before it was even announced. Legere came out against the exclusive partnership, tweeting that “Exclusivity sucks for customers,” while comparing the new Amazon device to the failed Facebook-HTC smartphone that flopped last year.唯一对亚马逊和美国电话电报公司的合作高兴不起来的人是运营商T-Mobile公司的首席执行官约翰o莱杰尔。他在这款产品发布的前一天就针对它发表了一条碎碎念的Twitter消息。莱杰尔反对独家合作,他在Twitter上说:“独家合作对消费者而言糟糕透顶,”同时他还把亚马逊的这款新产品比作Facebook与HTC去年合作推出、但却遭遇惨败的那款智能手机。 /201406/307066河南省郑州/华山医院抽脂减肥郑州市儿童医院祛疤手术价钱费用




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