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One of the most important parts of life are the friendships you have. Close friends are like a chosen family: they are the people you choose to have in your life on a long-term basis and you love them as if they were your sister or brother.Friends are one of the biggest enhancements to life. They are there to laugh with you, cry with you, and share the ups and downs of life with you.Most people have large group of friends, but everyone has their friends they are closest with. Here are four friends every woman should have in her close group of friends.1.The Fun One: This is the friend you can always count on to have a good time with. “The Fun One” is the friend you go to when you need a break from the stresses of life and just want to go out and have a good time. Be it grabbing drinks, hitting up a movie, or signing up for a rock climbing class, this friend is always down to try anything at least once. She will push you to your limits and have you try things you never thought you would all while making sure you have the time of your life. “The Fun One” is a must-have when the stresses of school, work, family, or anything else get to be too much and you need to unwind.一个快乐知己:和她们在一起让你感到轻松,是你休憩的港湾,是你情绪低落时的强心剂。她们快乐勇敢,会带着你去尝试一些你未曾尝试过的事情,例如攀岩等。在学习,工作和家庭压力越来越大时,拥有一个快乐知己易燃成为一种必需。 /201001/94337。

Five tips to lower stress at workplaceWhen it comes to lowering stress at work, studies from around the world have yielded a set of five tips, with advice ranging from grabbing 40 winks at your desk to taking your pet to work.The first tip highlighted by New Scientist magazine is that workers should be sociable - but not too sociable.British research has shown that sociability is good for the health, with a study of thousands of civil servants revealing that moral support from colleagues, encouragement from supervisors and clear direction from bosses kept stress levels down.Male civil servants who lacked support in the workplace were 31 per cent more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, and women 43 per cent.However, too much socializing could lead to work piling up.The second tip is to ensure your surroundings are as pleasant as possible.Simply being able to see your colleagues makes the working day much more manageable, with the height ofpartitionsdividing up office space affecting stress levels.Surprisingly, the higher the partition is, the more people complain about noise from their neighbours.Research from the University of Montreal shows that the optimum partition height is 4ft 3ins (1.3m) - high enough to provide privacy but low enough to ensure staff do not feel isolated.The third piece of advice for workers is to learn to switch off.Mobile phones and other electronic equipment should be switched off after hours to allow burnt-out brain cells to recharge.Playing with a cat or dog can also aid relaxation and if workers can persuade their boss to let them into the office then the day will fly by.如果要缓解工作时的压力,可以参考世界各地的研究得出的五大妙法,其中包括在办公桌前眨眼40下以及带着你的宠物去上班等。《新科学杂志》强调的第一大妙法是,要善于交际,但不要过头。英国有研究表明,善于交际有利于健康,一项对几千名公务员的调查发现,同事的精神持、上司的鼓励和老板给予的明确指示可以缓解工作压力。在工作中缺乏持的男公务员心情焦虑、情绪低落的可能性比得到持的人高31%,而女公务员的这一比例则为43%。然而,过于爱交际则会导致工作干不完。第二大妙法是保令人愉快的工作环境。办公室里用以分隔空间的隔板高度会影响压力的大小,所以在工作时只要让自己能看见周围的同事,你这一天就会舒心得多。奇怪的是,办公室的隔板越高,觉得周围噪音大的人越多。蒙特利尔大学有研究表明,办公室里隔板的最佳高度为1.3米,这个高度足以保护隐私,又不会让员工感到孤立。第三大建议是学会“关机”。下班后关掉手机和其它一些电子设备,让自己养精蓄锐。和宠物一起玩耍也有助于放松,如果能说老板允许员工带宠物上班,那一天就过得飞快啦!Vocabulary: partition : 办公室里常用的“隔板” /200808/46426。

In the following paragraphs, we will highlight several key words from the last six decades. These words and phrases document China's shift from emphasizing politics to preserving culture and growing the economy. They remind us about how far we have come as a country. And they can help us better tell China's story to foreigners interested in knowing more about our country.在下面的文章中,我们将重点介绍过去60年来的几个重要表达。这些词汇记录了中国从强调政治挂帅到保护文化、发展经济的巨大转变。它们让我们回想起中国经历了怎样翻天覆地的变化。它们让我们可以更好地将中国的故事讲给那些对中国感兴趣的外国友人们听。1950s 20世纪50年代study hard and move forward every day 好好学习,天天向上Mao Zedong wrote to honor an 8-year-old boy, Chen Yongkang, who helped police catch a spy in Suzhou, in 1951. Mao asked all kids to study hard to do a better job for the country. Banners with this slogan could be seen in almost every classroom.1951年,苏州市一名8岁小学生陈永康帮助警察捉住了一名特务。事后,毛泽东主席为他题词“好好学习,天天向上”作为奖励。毛主席希望每个孩子都能好好学习,将来为祖国贡献自己的力量。写着这句标语的横幅几乎挂满了中国的每间教室。food coupon 粮票This allowed people to get certain food supplies under the planned economy. Low agricultural production meant insufficient food supplies and a a system and the coupons were a means of distribution. The a system lasted to the early 90s. The tickets are now the stuff of collectors.计划经济体制下,粮票是人们购买某些粮食的必备凭。较低的农业产出导致了食物供给的短缺和定额分配制度,而粮票恰恰解决了这一分配问题。这种定额分配制度一直持续到90年代早期。如今,它们已经成了收藏者们的挚爱。1960s 20世纪60年代ations from Chairman Mao 毛主席语录Practically everyone has heard of the Little Red Book. This collection of ations from Mao Zedong's speeches and writings was published from 1964 until about 1976. People had to remember lines and use them to guide their thoughts. The title Little Red Book was coined by Westerners because of the red cover and pocket-book size.几乎所有人都听说过《红宝书》。1964年至1976年,人们从毛泽东的演讲和著作中摘选部分内容制成语录并出版发行。人们被要求背诵其中的语句,并以此来指导他们的思想。西方人根据该书红色的书皮和口袋书的大小将其命名为 "Little Red Book"。 /200909/85595。

21世纪让你变得更健康些If you are the parent of a young child, you need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet not only for your child but also for you. Towards this end, one step that you will want to consider taking is the eating of smaller meals and the eating of smaller portions when you do eat.Nutritionists have long held that it is better to eat smaller meals more often than it is to eat 2-3 large meals every day. However, most people have ignored this advice because it is often easier to eat fewer times a day and they are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In today’s world, many people are so busy throughout the day that they feel they don’t have time to eat 5-6 times per day, as experts often recommend. This is understandable, especially since there are certain social aspects built around the three main meals, especially lunch and dinner. Restaurants and other eating establishments also design their s around three square meals.But if you care about your health, there are many reasons to consider switching to eating small. Most people who eat fewer times a day tend to really stuff themselves at mealtime. This is due in part because they know that it will be awhile before their next meal, and also because they are used to the humongous servings that most eateries now offer. People get so used to eating large meals that they feel unfulfilled if they shrink their portions. If they knew that they would be able to have another snack before their next meal, though, it might change their approach to eating.Some nutritionists believe that eating smaller meals more often can lower your cholesterol. A study published in the British Medical Journal determined that people who eat six small meals a day lowered their cholesterol by 5% compared to those who ate 2-3 big meals every day. Of course, most of these people were probably not eating fast food six times a day. No matter how often and how much you eat, healthy choices must still be made in regards to the type of food you eat. But it does appear that eating more frequently can help lower cholesterol.Another health advantage to eating small is that it is easier on your digestive system. When you eat large meals, your stomach and intestines are forced to process more material at once, which can lead to indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn and occasionally ulcers. More food goes to waste when a lot of food is eaten at once, since the body can’t digest and use it all at once. Eating smaller is easier on the digestive system because your body is able to slowly process the food and properly distribute the nutrients. Eating smaller also makes it easier to be active between meals, since it doesn’t take your stomach so long to rid itself of all the food. 如果你的孩子还小,你一定得知道保持饮食健康对你的孩子和你自身都十分重要.为此,可供你考虑的一种方法就是实行少食多餐制.营养学家早就提出与其每天吃2-3顿正餐,不如增加餐次同时减少每餐的食物摄入量.然而大多数人都对此不屑,因为少量的餐次对大多数人来说比较可行,而且人们也习惯了早餐,午餐,晚餐这种形式.如今,许多人太繁忙以至于他们认为没有时间像专家所推荐的那样,一天中吃5-6顿饭.这是可以理解的,因为现在的人们在三顿正餐间都需要进行一定的社会活动,尤其在午餐和晚餐之间.饭店和其他享用饮食的地方所提供的菜单也都是针对这三顿正餐而制订的.但是如果你关心自己的健康,那就有太多理由让你少食多餐啦.大多数每天就吃几顿饭的人会每顿都吃得饱饱的.一部分原因是他们知道在下顿饭之前还有一段时间,另外,他们也已经习惯了如今这种食物的大供应量.一旦人们习惯了每餐都吃得很多,那么一旦要让他们减少食物量,他们就会觉得没吃饱.但如果让他们知道在下一顿饭之前还有一顿点心,那么也许他们会改变一下现在进食的方式了.一些营养学家认为每顿吃少点可以降低你的胆固醇.刊登于英国医学杂志上的一篇研究显示,与那些每天吃2-3顿大餐的人相比,每天吃6顿饭,但每顿量都很少的人们体内的胆固醇含量低了5%.当然,这些人可不能一天6顿都吃快餐.无论你吃几顿,每次吃多少,选择健康的食物也是很重要的.但少食多餐确实被明可以降低你的胆固醇含量.每顿吃少点同样也对你的消化系统有好处.当你吃得多时,你的胃和内脏同时被迫接受太多的东西,就会出现消化不良,胃痛, 胃灼热等状况,偶尔还会出现胃溃疡. 由于你的身体无法一下子消化你吃的所有食物,如果你一次进食很多,许多食物其实是被浪费的.如果吃得少一点就能减轻消化系统的负担,因为你的身体可以慢慢消化食物并且合理分配营养成分. 吃得少点也可以使你的胃在两餐之间变得更活跃点,因为你的胃不必再用很多时间去消化所有的食物了. /200803/30959。

1. We evolve hotter.A recent study revealed that women are getting better looking through evolution; meanwhile, men are staying the same. After following more than 2,000 people through four decades of life, the study showed that attractive women had 16 percent more children than average-looking chicks and that beautiful people are 36 percent more likely to have a daughter as their firstborn. All those gorgeous daughters mean more beautiful women than in past generations.1. 我们比男人进化的更美在进化中,女性变得更加出众,但男性在外貌上的进化微乎其微。而且数据也表明,漂亮姑娘会生育更多的孩子,而这些孩子中,女孩又比男孩的比例高,这就是为什么漂亮女孩会越来越多。 /201002/96949。

Men who earn less than their female partners are more likely to cheat on them, a study published on Monday found.本周一公布的一项研究发现,收入低于女伴的男性在感情上出轨的可能性更大。Cheating may be a man's way of trying to restore his gender identity when he feels it is under threat, Christin Munsch, a sociology doctoral candidate at Cornell University, says in the study, which she authored and presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.康奈尔大学社会学士生克里斯汀#8226;穆切在她撰写的研究报告中称,男人在感觉自己的“男权”地位受到威胁后,出轨可能是他挽回尊严的一种方式。克里斯汀士在美国社会学协会的年会上提交了该研究报告。"Making less money than a female partner may threaten men's gender identity by calling into question the traditional notion of men as bwinners," Munsch said.穆切说:“经济上处于弱势地位会威胁到男人的性别认同感,因为这有悖于男性是家中经济柱的传统观念。” /201008/111620。

"Bailout," "change" crowned the words of 2008"Bailout" and "change" were crowned on Monday as the words of 2008 after a year in which a huge financial crisis hit the ed States and Barack Obama celebrated a historic victory as the first US black president.Merriam-Webster Inc., the publisher of a leading US dictionary, said "bailout" -- meaning "a rescue from financial distress" -- was the word that received the highest intensity of lookups over the shortest period of time.John Morse, publisher of Merriam-Webster Inc., said this was not surprising given that the word ubiquitously featured in discussions of the presidency and fiscal policy.He said the presidential campaign also produced voluminous hits for words like "vet," which ranked second in the 2008 list, "bipartisan," "misogyny," and the word used to describe both candidates on the Republican ticket, "maverick."He said one of biggest event-related words of the year was "socialism" which came third in the list of the 10 top lookup requests.Rounding out the top 10 list were "trepidation," "precipice," "rogue," and "turmoil."A separate survey on words used in the media and on the Internet by Texas-based Global Language Monitor spotted similar trends, with "change" coming top of its list -- the top political buzzword of the US presidential campaign.Global Language Monitor, which uses an algorithm to track words and phrases in the media and on the Internet, said "bailout" came second in its list but would have been higher if it had hit the media earlier than mid-September."Obamamania," which describes the global reaction to Obama's campaign and subsequent election victory, came third in the list followed by "greenwashing," "surge," "derivative," "subprime," and "foreclosure."Rounding out the top 10 were "Phelpsian," referring to swimming champion Michael Phelps' feat of winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and "Chinglish," the often amusing Chinese-English hybrid that hit the headlines ahead of the Beijing games."Global English has been driven by three notable events during the course of 2008: the US Presidential Election, the financial tsunami, and the Beijing Olympics," said Paul JJ Payack, president of The Global Language Monitor.He said "financial tsunami" was the top phrase of the year followed by "global warming" and Obama's "Yes, We Can," while among the top 10 political names in the media in 2008 were Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton. 2008年度热词榜于本周一出炉,在金融风暴席卷美国和奥巴马当选美国历史上首位非洲裔总统的形势之下,““援助(bailout)”和“改变(change)当之无愧地登上热词榜之首。美国权威辞书出版机构梅里亚姆#8226;韦伯斯特公司称,“baillout”(意为财政救援)是今年短时间内查询频率最高的词语。韦氏公司总部位于马萨诸塞州。总裁约翰#8226;莫斯称,今年“bailout”一词在与总统选举和财政政策有关的讨论中“频频出现,所以当选年度词汇并不意外。莫斯称,今年的总统大选还催生了 “vet(老兵)”、“bipartisan(两党连立)”、“misogyny(厌女)”、及用来形容共和党两位候选人的“maverick(标新立异者)”等一系列热词,其中“vet”高居排行榜第二位。此外,排在前十名的还有一个与时局有关的词就是socialism(社会主义)。跻身前十名的其它几个词还包括:trepidation(恐慌)、precipice(悬崖;险境)、rogue(无赖;诈骗)和turmoil(骚乱)。位于美国得克萨斯州的全球语言监测机构对媒体和网络用词开展的一项独立调查也发现了类似趋势,调查结果显示,“change(该变)”为今年媒体和网络上出现频率最高的词,是美国总统大选催生出的最热门的政治流行词。全球语言监测机构采用一种运算法对媒体和网络上出现的词汇进行了跟踪统计,据其介绍,如果位居第二的“bailout”一词于9月中旬之前就出现在媒体上,那么它就有可能位居榜首。奥巴马赢得大选在全球引发的Obamania(“奥巴马热”)名列第三,“greenwashing(“漂绿”)”、“surge(增长)”、“derivative(衍生产品)”、“subprime(次贷)”和“forclosure(止赎权)”位列其后。排在这份榜单前十位的词语还包括:“Phelpsian( 前所未有的胜利)”,主要形容美国游泳名将菲尔普斯在北京奥运会上独揽八枚金牌的辉煌战绩。;以及“Chinglish(中式英语)”,指的令人啼笑皆非的“中国式”英语,在北京奥运会之前它成为报纸的头条新闻。全球语言监测机构主席保罗#8226;帕亚克说:“今年有三件大事推进了英语全球化:美国总统大选、金融危机和北京奥运会。”他说,“financial tsunami(金融海啸)”是今年最热门的短语,“global warming(全球变暖)”和奥巴马的口号“Yes, we can.(我们能做到!)”位居其后。此外,奥巴马、布什和希拉里登上今年的媒体十大政界名人排行榜。 Vocabulary: greenwashing:漂绿(由brainwashing转变而来;指的是公司在广告和营销中宣传自己产品的环保特性,但这些特性和宣扬根本经不起消费者的严密审查(也就是有虚假成分)的行为。) /200812/57891。

1. For each habit, identify your triggers. What situations trigger your smoking habit (waking in the morning, having coffee, drinking alcohol, stressful meetings, going out with friends, driving, etc.)? Identify all of them, for each habit.1. 找出每个坏习惯的触发因子 在哪种情形——早晨散步、喝咖啡、酗酒、重大会议、与朋友外出或者开车时——你会想抽烟? 搞清楚你的每个坏习惯的触发因子。 /201004/101427。

Women do a lotof silly things to try to impress men; because men do a lot of ridiculous things to impress women, too. Though, even acceptedsocietal norms for picking up a guy often miss the mark becausewomen overthink things. Here's a look at some of the most surefireways that women think that they can impress a guy--and why they'llfail miserably every time。  女性总会做一些傻事去吸引心仪的男生,而男生也会做出许多离谱的举动去追求女生。不过,已被大众认可的追男方式却经常不凑效,那是因为女人错误地估计了它们所能产生的影响。下面来看看这些被女性认为肯定会吸引到异性而又屡屡失败的糟糕方法。  1.Makeup 化妆  Makeup doesn't doa lot for guys. In small doses it's alright, but if I want to geteyeshadow all over my clothes, I'll go see the Cure inconcert。  化妆对男人不会意味着更多东西,淡妆就行了。如果我想让衣上沾满女人的眼影,那还不如去听怪人合唱团的演唱会。  2.Perfume 香水  No man minds whena woman smells like nothing--a simple stick of deodorantaccomplishes this. Women who slather on the perfume end up smellinglike the front counter of Macy's, and it's a bit of aturn-off。  如果一个女人闻起来没有什么特别的味道,我相信没有男士会介意——你要是担心自己的汗味或其它不好闻的味道的话,简单地使用去味剂就可以解决这个问题。问题就是总有些女人会在身上喷上一层又一层的香水,这浓烈的香味会使她们闻起来像梅西百货里的售货,那多少让人有些失去兴致。  3.Name Brands 用名牌  You shouldn'twear name brand clothes that cost more than they need to justbecause you want to impress men. If you're trying to impress women,this sometimes works, but name brand items don't do much for anyman other than Ralph Lauren. And just to prove that men don't knowanything about brands, I just referenced Ralph Lauren. I have noidea if he makes good clothes. Probably not. But he's the onlydesigner I could name。  不要为了取悦男人就在他们面前穿戴名牌饰,他们不看重这个。如果你是为了刺激其它女性,这招的确奏效。衣的品牌名称对男人没有意义。为了明男人对品牌根本没有概念,我在这提下RalphLauren的名字。我不知道他是不是能做出好衣来,这无关紧要。但他是我能叫出名来的唯一一个装设计师。  4.Tanning 古铜色肌肤  Tanning salonsare all over the place, waiting to help you turn your skin into asort of orange, glowing monstrosity that looks like it was sprayedout of a can. There are men out there who are impressed by a goodtan, but they're what the scientific community calls "pig-ignorantslimeballs"。  各地滋生了专门做日光浴的美容院,你可以坐在屋子里看她们是如何把你皮肤变成带点橙色的,像发着光的小怪物,看起来好像是从哪个实验室的瓶子里逃出来的。有些男人对棕褐色皮肤确实很迷恋,但这些女人却被理性思考者称作“无知的可怜虫。”  5.Cosmetic Surgery 整容手术  It almost soundstrite to say that cosmetic surgery is ugly and disgusting. Everyoneclaims to hate it; yet, it's still a thriving industry. The thingis, though, the cosmetic surgery industry caters to a specific kindof person--the type of person who wants to look fantastic at allcosts. The industry isn't set up for making people beautiful. It'sset up to make people think they look beautiful. And if the resultswere fantastic, well, then all's fair in love and war. Ultimately,breast augmentation, fat reduction, Botox treatments ... all ofthis looks terrible to men, women, small children and animals.Plastic surgery may eventually provide a way for people to cheat themselves into looking younger。  整容手术是非常恶心令人厌恶的,这样的说法几乎是老生常谈,每个人都说不喜欢它。然而,它仍然是一个兴旺的产业,关键是整容业迎合的是特定人群的需要——该类人愿意不惜一切代价使自己看上去漂亮。整容业不能使人们变得更美,它只是使人们认为他们看起来美丽动人。如果整出来的效果很棒,那么好了,在爱与竞争中相关的一切都可以获得公平对待了。不过最终,隆胸,减肥,肉毒杆菌毒素治疗.。。这一切对男人,女人,儿童还是小动物来说都很可怕。整形外科所能提供的只是使人变得年轻的谎言。 /200911/89289。