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宜春市立医院华尔兹脱毛锯齿线面部提升锯齿线悬吊除皱术多少钱高安市人民医院OPT美肤艾莉薇玻尿酸爱芙莱玻尿酸要多少费用They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so make sure you’re not enabling your kids irresponsibility by doling out the cash. If they dont learn to manage money, it may cost them their future.人们常说,有其父必有其子,所以有计划地给孩子零用钱,以免孩子在用钱方面没有责任感。如果他们不学会理财,将来会付出代价。You Will Need你需要Discipline纪律Allowance零用钱Planning skills计划技巧Budget预算Savings account储蓄账户Prepaid debit card预付借记卡Sound investment strategies (optional)合理的投资策略(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Model behavior1.以自己的行为作榜样Model the behavior you desire. Get your house in order and discipline yourself before you curb them, so that your advice and counsel has credibility.你想孩子有什么样的行为,以身作则。开始约束他们之前,把房子整理得井然有序,严于律己,这样你的建议和忠告才有说力。STEP 2 Say no2.说不Say no to your teen. Many parents lack the gumption – don’t be one of them.向你的孩子说不。许多父母缺乏进取心——不要成为他们中的一员。STEP 3 Control their spending3.控制出Help control your teens spending by educating them about wants and needs. Allowing them to have a credit card only temporarily forestalls the conversation about responsibility.帮助孩子控制出,教育他们学习欲望和需求的不同。允许他们暂时拥有一张信用卡,预先进行关于责任感的对话。STEP 4 Use allowance4.使用零花钱Use allowance as a tool through which they can experiment with their own money, allowing them to suffer the consequences when money is wasted. The results will be priceless.用零花钱作为一个工具,让孩子用自己的钱亲身体验,让他们承担钱被浪费掉的后果。所取得的结果将是无价的。Many financial companies offer services for monitoring your teen’s credit card account.许多理财公司提供监督家中青少年信用卡账户的务。STEP 5 Teach planning5.教他们制定计划Teach them to plan, which may include getting a part-time job to purchase desired objects.交给他们制定计划,或许包括为了购买渴望已久的物品而做兼职工作。STEP 6 Help them make a budget6.帮助他们制定预算Help them develop a budget, teaching them to acknowledge each expenditure and to organize their basic material desires.帮助他们制定预算,教给他们确认每一项花费,组织基本的物质需求。STEP 7 Set saving goals7.制定储蓄目标Set goals for a savings account aimed at future needs like college, trips, and marriage. Agree to reinforce this with small matching contributions on your part.制定储蓄账户目标,用于将来的需求,例如大学,旅游和婚姻。自己也可以做出相应的贡献,使该目标得到强化。Teach sound investment strategies to your teen, or have someone who knows what they’re doing help.教给孩子合理的投资策略,或者让知道自己在做什么的人帮忙。STEP 8 Allow a pre-paid card8.允许他们持有预付卡Allow the teen to have a prepaid debit card instead of a credit card. There is no government bailout authority that will reinforce poor money management for your family.允许孩子持有一张预付卡,而不是信用卡。没有任何政府救援机构会帮助你的家庭处理糟糕的财务管理状况。By 2008, over 91 million U.S. households had at least one credit card.截止到2008年之前,超过9100万美国家庭至少持有一张信用卡。201502/361288宜春妇幼保健医院割双眼皮手术多少钱 According to a new report, Danes take happiness to another level. 据最新报道称,丹麦人的幸福水平最高。In this years World Happiness Report, Denmark took the top spot from Switzerland, which was bumped to No. 2 on the list. 在今年的世界幸福报告中,丹麦取代瑞士位于第一,瑞士排列第二。But there isnt a wide margin among countries that ranked the highest. Iceland, Norway and Finland round out the top five.但在排名最高的国家中没有宽泛的边界。冰岛、挪威、芬兰位于前五。The researchers used six components to measure happiness: the countrys gross domestic product, social support, life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and perceptions of corruption within the country. 研究人员通过六个部分来衡量幸福感:国内生产总值、社会持、预期寿命、自由、慷慨以及对腐败的看法。Interestingly enough, countries can make up for major financial rough patches and still rank high in happiness. 有趣的是,国家可以弥补主要财政上的不足,仍在幸福排行榜上位于前列。Iceland and Ireland went through banking disasters, and both countries ranked relatively high on the list — No. 3 and No. 19, respectively. 冰岛和爱尔兰经历了灾难,但两个国家的排名都比较高,分别在第3和19位。Of the 157 countries looked at in the survey, Burundi was ranked at the very bottom of the list, just below Syria and Togo.在调查中的157个国家中,布隆迪垫底仅低于叙利亚和多哥。The ed States is ranked 13th.美国排名第十三。译文属。201603/432299明天就是愚人节,快跟Adam, Spencer学学愚人节和各类整人把戏英语怎么说。201508/392996宜春中医院祛疤多少钱

樟树市中人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Without charts or compasses,He has traveled 2,500 miles,没有地图和罗盘 他走了两千五百英里To one of the remotest places on earth.来到了世界的尽头A volcanic island, half the size of Detroit,在茫茫的太平洋上 有一个火山岛In the vast emptiness of the Pacific Ocean.只有底特律的一半大小Ive sailed across the Pacific and I know how big that ocean is, its huge.我航行穿越过太平洋 我知道这片海洋有多大 它壮美辽阔Youre down in a canoe,you can only see four, five maybe six miles.你乘着独木舟 视野只达四 五英里 最多不过六英里You cant see that far, youre on the sea level.你看不到那么远 因为你是在海平面上If you sail past an atoll, its only a tree high.如果你绕过珊瑚礁 它就只有一棵树那么高If youre ten miles away, youve missed it.如果你在十英里开外 就会与它擦身而过So actually putting a real needle in a haystack,实际上 在太平洋上找到复活岛youll find that needle before youll to find Easter Island.比在干草堆上找根针还难The key to crossing the ocean: an instinct for navigation.穿越海洋的秘诀在于航海的天分The Polynesians were so amazing.波利尼西亚人十分惊人Their ability to navigate,their understanding of the stars,他们的航海技能 他们的天文知识celestial navigation was unparalleled.他们的天文导航能力是无与伦比的And they used it to sp over almost the entire Pacific,他们用这方法几乎走遍了太平洋all the way to New Zealand.还有所有通向新西兰的航道201511/410679宜春市第三人民医院光子脱毛多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201510/404728樟树妇幼保健院全脸颏部颌角颌骨要多少费用

宜春激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱Hey,Head squeezes,hope youre well,were gonna try a slightly different approach to my Qamp;A s,Were gonna go for one question per short,snappy,to the point,Eh...Mostly we are gonna make more of them and put them out more often,Let us know what you think,We hope you like them.这是Head Squeeze 希望你还好,我们要稍稍换一个方法来做问答视频,我们将在一个视频中解答一个问题,简短,时髦,切题.我们会尽可能多做视频,并且更经常把它们发布出来,告诉我们你在想些什么,我们希望你喜欢这些视频。But,put your comments down below this .we will them all and whatever you guys suggest,well try to build in to these s,all well. So,lets start with an absolute ultimate question via Youtube from ANDKIT4747249,catchy.另外,请在这些视频下面留下你的.我们会看完它们并且无论你建议什么,我们也会尽量将其融入这些视频中,那么让我们从一个很高级的问题开始.来自YouTube的ANDKIT4747249 很吸引人。The question is:Why dont birds fall out of trees when they sleep,Now,for this,I need to do my best Mary Poppins meets Shooting Stars impression to bring on the birds,so here we go,PURR...COOL...Job done,Right.Now,this is all about feet .Human feet may differ in their size,and also their smell,But they dont really differ that much apart from that whereas birds feet vary a lot.just think about the talons of an eagle,or the webbed feet of a duck.问题是: 为什么鸟儿在睡觉时人会从树上掉下来,好,为此我得施展如Mary Poppins 流量般从天而降,那样的效果来召唤神鸟,来吧。(噗)任务完成,好的.这一切都是和脚有关。人类的脚也许大小不同,气味也不同,但除此之外它们的差别不那么大,然而鸟类的足部有很大差别.想想老鹰的爪,和鸭子的蹼。Now birds that sleep up on branches like sparrows and wrens,they are known as the passerines if I just pullem over,These birds usually have 4 toes,Theyve got three at the front that bend forwards and theyve got one at the back that actually bends backwards,known as the hallux,Off you go,Now those feet are made out of tendons and bones,and they are wrapped and are kind of thick tough scaly skin.那些在树枝上睡觉的鸟,比如鹦鹉和鹪鹩,它们被称雀形目的鸟.让我把它拿到这里,这此鸟儿一般有四只脚趾。它们的前三只脚趾前倾还有一只脚趾事实上后倾,这被称为后趾,你可以飞走了,鸟儿的那些脚是由肌腱和骨骼组成,它们被包在一起,是一层又厚又硬的鳞皮。Two of those tendons,the flexor tendons that extend all the way down through the leg muscle and into the toe,Now when a bird comes and lands its those flexor tendons that immediately and involuntarily flex and attach them to that branch,even if they fall asleep,it doesnt matter,Those tendons are attached to the branch.其中的两条肌腱,即两条屈肌通过腿部肌肉一路下去延伸到脚趾。当一只鸟飞过来着陆时,正是这些屈肌立刻本能地收缩,并紧贴到树枝上,即使鸟儿睡着了也没有关系,那些肌腱已经紧贴到树枝上了。Its the weight of the bird that actually cause them to grip on ,Off you go,Now actually what can happen is that people have found birds are dead.but still clinging on to a branch,Nice .So there you go,one question,one answer,Nice and short and sweet,we hope you like it ,Do let us know what you think,If youve got any more questions about sleep or about birds,the feather variety.是鸟儿的体重使得肌腱,你可以飞走了.有这样一件事,人们发现一些鸟儿已经死去,却仍然紧紧抓在树枝上,不错,正是如此,一个问题,一个。精妙,简短又有趣,我们希望你喜欢。请让我们知道你在想什么,如果你还有关于睡眠的问题,或是关于鸟儿,这些浑身是羽毛的动物。201507/383669 While the forecast in Chennai, India, is looking drier and the city is starting to slowly repair, the worst rainfall in a century is leaving some officials wondering if its a side effect of climate change.印度气象台预测金奈雨量减少,城市开始慢慢恢复,此次降雨是一个世纪以来最为严重的一次,一些官员怀疑是气候变化的副作用。Intense rains and flooding in Chennai have killed more than 260 people as of Saturday morning.周六早上强烈的降雨和洪水造成金奈260多人死亡。Most of the southern city was forcefully shut down by the water. Trains stations and the airport were temporarily closed, thousands were rescued as their homes were destroyed and there were large electricity outages.大部分南方城市被洪水中断。火车站和机场被临时关闭,数以千计的人被救出,他们的家园被冲毁,大量电力中断。Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told the Hindu, ;What is happening in Chennai is the result of what has happened for 150 years in the developed world. That is what has caused 0.8 degrees Celsius temperature rise. And therefore they must now take action more vigorously.;欧盟环境部长普拉卡什·雅瓦德卡尔告诉印度,金奈发生的一切是发达国家150年来的结果,造成0.8摄氏度温度上升。因此,他们必须大力采取行动。Javadekar, however, refused to address another climate change issue — the pollution in India.然而,杰瓦德卡拒绝解决另一个气候变化问题—印度的污染。Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi said on Thursday that while the Western world may have been a major polluter 100 years ago, now India is a bigger polluter.工会妇女儿童发展部部长甘地星期四表示,尽管西方世界可能是100年前的一个主要污染源,现在的印度是一个更大的污染源。But according to a speech made at the COP21 climate summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country isnt likely to change at this point.但根据一份由总理纳伦德拉·莫迪在COP21气候峰会上的讲话,印度不太可能改变这一点。Chennais heavy rain was caused by an El Nino among other weather factors, according to Indian meteorologists.根据印度气象学家,金奈大雨是在其它气象因素下的厄尔尼诺现象造成的。译文属。201512/414361宜春韩美美容医院祛痣多少钱宜春韩美整形美容医院整形美容科



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