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集美区botox瘦脸针多少厦门注射隆胸大概需要多少钱Nato’s chief issued a sharp rebuttal to Donald Trump yesterday after the Republican presidential nominee suggested the US might not defend European allies if they came under Russian attack.北约(Nato)一号人物昨日强烈驳斥了唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的言论,这位共和党总统候选人此前暗示,如果欧洲盟友受到俄罗斯攻击,美国可能不会驰援。The unusually blunt plea for alliance unity by Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s secretary-general, came as Mr Trump’s remarks were greeted with alarm in Nato’s eastern flank, particularly the three Baltic countries and Poland.北约秘书长延#8226;斯托尔滕贝格(Jens Stoltenberg)异常直率地呼吁联盟保持团结之际,特朗普的言论在北约的东翼(尤其是波罗的海三国和波兰)引发了忧虑。Mr Trump’s suggestion the US should defend only European Nato members if Washington is “reasonably reimbursedfor the “tremendous costof protecting them came in an interview with the New York Times. When asked if he would defend the Baltics in the face of Russian aggression, he said: “If they fulfil their obligations to us, the answer is yes.”特朗普是在接受《纽约时报New York Times)采访时发表上述言论的,他提出,只有当华盛顿方面为保卫北约欧洲成员国而需付出的“巨大成本”得到“合理补偿”时,美国才应该保卫这些国家。被问及在俄罗斯侵略波罗的海国家的情况下他会不会保卫这些它们,他说:“如果他们履行他们对我们的义务,是肯定的。”Mr Trump’s remarks went further than previous comments to cast doubt over his support for mutual defence of allies. The North Atlantic Treaty that established Nato commits the US to treat an attack on any of the other 27 members as an attack in itself.特朗普的最新表态比他以往对共同防御盟友的质疑更进一步。缔造北约的《北大西洋公约North Atlantic Treaty),要求美国把针对其它任何北约成员国的攻击视为对自己的攻击。Mr Stoltenberg said: “Solidarity among allies is a key value for Nato.“This is good for European security and good for US security. We defend one another. We have seen this in Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of European, Canadian and partner nation troops have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with US soldiers.”斯托尔滕贝格表示:“盟友之间的团结是北约的重要价值观。”“这有利于欧洲安全,也有利于美国的安全。我们保卫彼此。我们已经在阿富汗看到了这点,在那里,数以万计的欧洲、加拿大及伙伴国的部队与美国军人并肩执行任务。”During the US-led invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent Nato stabilisation mission, all Baltic states sent troops and suffered casualties. The Baltics also supported the US invasion of Iraq.在美国主导的入侵阿富汗和随后的北约维和行动期间,波罗的海三国都曾派兵,并遭受伤亡。波罗的海国家还持了美国对伊拉克的入侵。Some Baltic politicians went further. Ojars Kalnins, chair of the foreign affairs committee in Latvia’s parliament, said Mr Trump’s remarks were irresponsible. “This won’t be good for Nato unity or the security situation,he said. “In principle, he is saying the US will not fulfil its promises or obligations.”一些波罗的海国家政界人士发出了更加尖锐的批评。拉脱维亚议会外事委员会主席奥亚尔斯#8226;卡尔宁斯(Ojars Kalnins)表示,特朗普的言论是不负责任的。“这将不利于北约的团结和安全局势,”他说。“原则上,他在说美国不会履行其承诺或义务。”The military build-up on Russia’s western borders has led to anxiety within Nato, particularly after Moscow annexed Crimea. Only this month, the alliance agreed at a summit to boost deployments as a deterrent in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.俄罗斯在西部边境的军事集结已经导致北约内部产生焦虑,尤其是在莫斯科方面吞并克里米亚之后。就在本月,北约在一个峰会上同意加强在波兰、立陶宛、爱沙尼亚和拉脱维亚的部署,作为一种威慑。来 /201607/456283厦门大型整形医院 Heartbreaking images show the human cost of Chinas economic growth with an estimated 60 million children left behind by their parents.令人心碎的图片展示了大约六千万中国孩子被迫成为留守儿童,这是中国经济发展的人力成本。The legions of under 17s are often looked after by their grandparents in impoverished rural areas as their parents leave to work in the countrys cities.在贫穷的山村,因为他们的父母去这个国家的城市里工作,成千上万17岁以下的儿童被它们的爷爷奶奶一辈的人照看着。A survey by the National Health and Family Planning Commission published last year found that there are 61 million left behind children across China.国家卫生与计划生育委员会去年一则调查报告称,中国大约有6100万留守儿童。While many cities like Beijing rely on workers migrating from the countryside municipal authorities often do not provide basic provisions such as schooling or healthcare for their children.当一些像北京之类的城市依靠乡村迁徙的民工时,当地政府通常不会为他们的孩子提供教育或医疗等保障。This means it is impossible for families to stay together the South China Morning Post reported and experts fear this is doing long term psychological damage to children.据南华早报报道,这意味着一家人团聚在一起是不可能的,而专家也担心这将对孩子造成长期的心理伤害。In some provinces including Anhui Henan and Sichuan 44 per cent of children live without their mother or father according to official figures.官方数据显示,在一些省份,包括安徽、河南、四川,4%的孩子不能与他们的母亲或者父亲在一起。来 /201702/493091厦门韩式漂唇多少钱

厦门省妇幼保健院门诊方便The eight candidates vying to be the next secretary-general of the UN will for the first time pitch for the job in public, in a process that promises greater transparency but which will come down to an accord between the US and Russia. 9名候选人将首次公开角逐下任联合国(UN)秘书长一职,这一过程有望增加透明度,但最终结果将会取决于美国和俄罗斯达成的一致意见In an effort to shift the selection process away from backroom dealmaking, the candidates are detailing their case to the UN General Assembly in a 10-minute presentation followed by two-hour question-and-answer sessions between yesterday and tomorrow. 在昨天到明天天时间里,这些候选人每人将先0分钟时间向联合国大会(UN General Assembly)作竞选陈述,然后回答提问。每名候选人将总共小时时间。这一安排旨在让遴选过程不再成为幕后政治交易的过程For the first time in the UN’s 70-year history, the eight people who have so far declared their candidacy including Helen Clark, former New Zealand prime minister, and Irina Bokova, former Bulgarian foreign minister will also take part in public events designed to create a broader debate about their views. In another first, a public list of declared candidates will be made. 迄今宣布参选的个人——包括新西兰前总理海伦#8226;克拉Helen Clark)和保加利亚前外长伊琳#8226;科Irina Bokova)——的竞选过程还将是公开的,目的是让人们可以对他们的观点展开更广泛的辩论,这是联合国70年历史上的首次。联合国还将公开参选人的名单,这也是历史上的首次Even with the new burst of public scrutiny, however, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council still have an effective veto over the decision, with the US and Russia expected to have the decisive voice in choosing a replacement for Ban Ki-moon. 然而,即便遴选过程头一次要接受公众审视,联合国安理Security Council)个常任理事国仍对最终决定拥有事实上的否决权,预计美国和俄罗斯在选择潘基Ban Ki-moon)的接替者时有决定性发言权As a result, the candidates will face the delicate task of finding a way to talk about important global issues without offending Washington or Moscow. 结果是,这些候选人将面对一个微妙的任务:设法在不冒犯华盛顿或莫斯科的情况下谈论全球重要事务“There is much more transparency this time, but that does not alter the fundamental political game, which will ultimately come down to the US and the Russians,said Richard Gowan, an expert on UN issues at the European Council on Foreign Relations. 欧洲对外关系委员European Council on Foreign Relations)联合国问题专家理查德#8226;高恩(Richard Gowan)表示:“这次的遴选透明得多,但这并没有改变基本的政治游戏格局,它最终仍将取决于美国和俄罗斯。“If any of the candidates say anything remotely controversial about the Middle East peace process, Israel, Syria or Ukraine, they are going to be on the next flight out of JFK.“如果哪位候选人在中东和平进程、以色列、叙利亚或乌克兰问题上说出略微带有争议性的话,他就会乘坐下一班飞机离开肯尼迪国际机JFK)。The selection process this year is revolving around two themes. The first is a push pioneered by Colombia and now supported by a quarter of UN members to have a woman as the next secretary-general. Half of the eight who have so far declared are women. 今年的遴选过程围绕两个主题展开。第一个是推动一位女性担任下一任联合国秘书长——该提议最初由哥伦比亚提出,现已获得四分之一联合国成员国的持。迄今已经宣布参选的9位候选人当中,有4位女性The other is an assumption by governments from eastern Europe that it is their turn to nominate the secretary-general with six of the eight coming from the region. The other six candidates are Igor Luksic, Montenegro’s minister of foreign affairs; António Guterres, former prime minister of Portugal and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Danilo Turk, former president of Slovenia; Vesna Pucic, former foreign minister of Croatia; Natalia Gherman, former foreign minister of Moldova; and Srgjan Kerim, former foreign minister of Macedonia. 另一个是东欧国家设想,现在该轮到他们提名联合国秘书长人选了—名候选人当中人来自东欧地区。上文中没有提到的另名候选人是:黑山副总理兼外交部长伊戈尔#8226;卢克希奇(Igor Luksic)、葡萄牙前总理、联合国前难民事务高级专员安东尼#8226;古特雷斯(António Guterres)、斯洛文尼亚前总统达尼#8226;蒂尔Danilo Turk)、克罗地亚前外交部长韦斯#8226;皮习Vesna Pucic)、尔多瓦前外交部长纳塔利娅#8226;盖尔Natalia Gherman)、马其顿前外交部长斯尔詹#8226;克里Srgjan Kerim)以及昨天刚刚宣布参选的塞尔维亚前外交部长、联合国大会前主席武#8226;耶雷米奇(Vuk Jeremic)The first candidate to present yesterday was Mr Luksic from Montenegro, who faced questions largely about management of the UN. “We need to adhere to the principle of equitable rotation of jobs,he said, suggesting that the new secretary-general should come from eastern Europe. Mr Luksic said he would consider basing the UN’s deputy secretary-general in Nairobi, in order to better address African issues. 昨日第一位出场的候选人是来自黑山的卢克希奇,提给他的问题大多与联合国的管理有关。“我们需要遵守公平轮换的原则,”他表示,暗示联合国新任秘书长应来自东欧。卢克希奇表示,他将考虑把联合国副秘书长一职设在内罗毕,以便更好地应对非洲的问题The Security Council is expected to hold an informal poll this summer, with a final decision in September or October, although diplomats said the process could drag on if there is a stalemate. 预计联合国安理会将在今年夏季举行非正式投票,将在9月或10月做出最终决定,不过,外交人士表示,如果出现僵持,遴选过程可能延长Diplomats say the field is still very open at this early stage, although the two candidates considered slight favourites were Ms Bokova, who is the head of Unesco, and Ms Clark, who runs the UN Development Programme. 外交人士表示,在目前的初期阶段,几名候选人仍然势均力敌,不过外界稍微更看好一些的两名候选人是联合国教科文组Unesco)总干事科娃和联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)署长克拉克Other candidates can still enter the race, especially if none of the current eight wins strong backing this week. If Ms Bokova falters, diplomats said Kristalina Georgieva, the Bulgarian who is vice-president of the European Commission, could emerge as a strong contender, although she has ruled out a bid. 有意参选的人士仍可继续参选,特别是如果目前的9位候选人都没有在本周获得有力持的话。外交人士表示,如科娃局势不妙,那么欧盟委员European Commission)副主席、保加利亚人克里斯塔琳娜#8226;格奥尔基耶娃(Kristalina Georgieva)可能会成为有力竞争者,尽管她已表示不会参选Kevin Rudd, former Australian prime minister, has also been mentioned, although he might be considered too close to the US to win the support of Russia or China, which is also a permanent member of the Security Council. 澳大利亚前总理陆克Kevin Rudd)也被提及,不过外界可能认为,他与美国过于亲近、无法赢得俄罗斯或中国的持,中国也是联合国安理会常任理事国之一The US has been criticised for its heavy-handed intervention to secure the nominations of Kofi Annan in 1997, having effectively ousted Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and in 2006 when Mr Ban was chosen. Russia is believed to want a candidate from eastern Europe, while the US would be happy to cast the contest more broadly. 1997年,为了让科#8226;安南(Kofi Annan)获得提名,美国几乎可以说是把布特罗斯#8226;布特罗斯-加利(Boutros Boutros-Ghali)赶下了台;美国在2006年潘基文当选时也进行了强力干预。这种做法让美国遭到外界批评。据信,俄罗斯希望候选人来自东欧,而美国将乐意看到竞争在更广范围内展开Vitaly Churkin, Russian ambassador to the UN, said the public hearings “mightinfluence the final decision. “It is important for us that the next secretary-general enjoy the broadest possible support among members of the ed Nations,he said. 俄罗斯驻联合国大使维塔利#8226;丘尔Vitaly Churkin)表示,公开听“可能”影响最终决定。他表示:“下任联合国秘书长应得到尽可能广泛的联合国成员国的持,这对我们来说很重要。”来 /201604/437700厦门市中医院去痘多少钱 福建厦门做吸脂手术哪家医院好

厦门整形价格 A U.S. federal appeals court expects to issue a ruling sometime this week on the governments request to end a temporary pause of President Donald Trumps travel ban.美国一个联邦上诉法院本周将就川普政府请求结束暂停旅行限令一案作出裁决。A lower federal court issued the temporary restraining order last week, saying the government could not enforce the 90-day entry ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries or the 120-day suspension on accepting refugees.一个联邦下级法院上个星期颁发了一项临时限制令,规定政府不得对来自7个以穆斯林为主的国家的公民实0天的入境限令,也不能暂停120天接收难民。Now the three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is deciding whether to uphold that order, strike it down, or potentially send the case back to the lower court for further consideration. No matter their ruling this week, the case is likely to end up at the Supreme Court.由美国联邦第九巡回上诉法院的三位法官组成的合议庭正在考虑持还是驳回这项临时限制令,还是能将案件送回下级法院再审。无论他们本周如何裁决,此案都很可能会被送到最高法院。The judges heard arguments by telephone Tuesday from an attorney representing the states of Washington and Minnesota, which say the travel ban is unconstitutional and should be invalidated, and from a Department of Justice lawyer who said the president has the authority to issue such an executive order and protect national security.法官星期二通过电话听取了一位代表华盛顿州和明尼苏达州的律师以及一位来自司法部的律师的陈述。前者认为旅行限令违宪,应该宣布无效;而后者表示总统有权下达这种政令,以保护国家安全。If the 9th Circuit does rule on the case, rather than ordering it back to the lower court, that decision will have big implications for possible action by the Supreme Court.如果联邦第九巡回法院做出裁决,而不是将案件送回下级法院,那么这一裁决将对最高法院的决定产生很大影响。The nations highest court has been shorthanded since the death last year of Justice Antonin Scalia, and it is now evenly divided between four liberal-leaning justices and four conservative-leaning ones. It would take the votes of five Supreme Court justices to overturn the appellate courts ruling, meaning a 4-4 tie would let stand whatever the 9th Circuit decides.自从安东宁·斯卡利亚大法官去年去世之后,美国最高法院一直没有补缺。现在最高法院里有四名偏自由派的法官,四名偏保守派的法官。要想推翻上诉法院的裁决,需要五名最高法院法官的赞同,而目前四比四的局面意味着最高法院可能会持第九巡回法院做出的任何裁决。The Supreme Court could also decline to hear the case.最高法院也可以拒绝受理此案。For now, enforcement of the order is entirely suspended, and immigration advocates have been encouraging people who have obtained U.S. visas to board airplanes as soon as they can. Each day since the suspension, would-be immigrants have been doing just that.目前,旅行限令全面暂停执行,移民持者一直在鼓励持有美国签的人尽早登机。旅行限令被暂停后的每一天,准备移民的人都在这样做。来 /201702/491172厦门全面部除皱多少钱厦门市二院割双眼皮多少钱



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