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以下是广告词的中英对照:Hi my name is Jason Cornwell . Im user experience designer at Gmail. We have been hardworked to update Gmail with a new look.Im excited to share with you some of the biggest improvements.大家好 我是Gmail的用户体验设计师Jason Carmel。经过长时间努力,我们给Gmail打造了一副新面孔。让我来给大家介绍一下“整形”后的Gmail。To start, we’ve completely redesigned the looking field of Gmail. To make it clean, simple and intuitive as possible. In addition, the new Gmail automatically adapts to fit nicely in any size window. If you prefer specific display density, you can easily set that as well. Some people use a lot of labels, others chat a lot, you can now adjust the size of label and chat area to meet your needs.首先,我们重新设计了界面 看上去更加清晰、简洁、直观。新的Gmail可以根据浏览器窗口自动调整大小,可以轻松设置每页显示的内容数量。有的用户喜欢用标签 有的用户爱好聊天 你可以根据喜好调整各功能区域的大小。Even if you do nothing, Gmail adapts to you. The new look allows themes to really shine. We update many of them with new high-resolution imagery. You may wanna take a moment to check out one of the many new high definition themes.不常用的工具Gmail会为你隐藏。新界面的主题要多炫有多炫,我们添加了很多高清图片,留着慢慢品味吧。Conversations in Gmail have been redesigned to improve the ability and to feel more like a real conversation. You also add the profile pictures so you can see who said what.我们还重新设计了Gmail的聊天功能,现在功能更完善、更贴近真实对话,还可以自定义头像,一眼就能辨认出聊天对象。Searching is the heart of the Gmail. The new search box makes it easy to customize your search to find exactly what youre looking for.搜索是Gmail的核心。新的搜索栏让自定义搜索变得更加简单、精准,还提供了筛选功能,用来标记邮件。We are excited to finally share the new Gmail with you. And hope you enjoy the new design as much as we do.为了新版Gmail,我们倾注了一腔热情。希望你也能喜欢。201404/289066Matt recorded this raging dust storm on his camera phone.马特用他的手机拍下了沙尘暴肆虐的画面Just a reminder how dry we are只是为了提醒我们and the condition that our land is in.我们的土地旱成了什么样This dust storm was so huge这场沙尘暴极其巨大it made the local news 55 miles away.88公里外的当地新闻都进行了报导Look at this incredible , folks.大家瞧瞧看这不可思议的景象I have never, ever我之前还从没seen anything like this before.见过这样的景象This is where we live,这就是我们的家园and this is what were in for until we get some moisture.除非下雨 否则一直都会是这样Its gonna take a pretty significant rain event.这里需要一场救命的大雨You know, we need moisture and we need a bunch of it我们需要雨水 很多的雨水before we can do something to this land.这样才能在土地上种东西201410/333433

Tea and other goods were stored in strong bulkheads, each waterproofed and separated from the next to minimise flood damage.茶叶和其他货物经防水处理后分储在防水壁中以降低洪涝带来的损失。This innovation, introduced to keep precious tea cargos dry, spurred on the improvement of not only Chinese boats, but Western ones, too.这种保持珍贵茶叶干燥的革新措施不仅改进了中国的船只,还改进了西方的船只。The distinctive rigging of the junks sails allows easy handling in bad weather, essential along this storm-battered coast.舢板上独特的索具使得它在恶劣的天气下也容易操纵,这在风暴肆虐的海边至关重要。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:1. separate from(使)分离;(使)分裂;(使)分开;eg. It is simply not that easy to separate the bare details of a call from its content.把电话中的重要细节从内容中分离出来并不简单。eg. This patient should be separated from the others.这个病人应该隔离。2. not only...but (also)不仅……而且;eg. The moves in chess are not only manifold, but involute. 下棋的走法不但多种多样,而且错综复杂。eg. He not only promised, but performed. 他不仅许下诺言,而且做到了。 /201409/331656

The pipe I have here is about the size and shape of a kazoo, the childrens toy music pipe that makes buzzing sounds when you blow through it. So its not like any normal modern pipe with a long stem and a bowl at one end. This one is carved in reddish stone and has a flat base about four inches (10 cm) long, so its almost exactly the colour and the size of a bourbon biscuit, and at one end is carved a small hole to serve as the mouth piece. The pipe bowl is halfway down, but its no simple hollow for holding the tobacco, because its in the shape of the upper half of a swimming otter, with its paws perched on the bank of a river, and it looks as though its just popped up out of the water to look around. The stone is smooth, and to me it beautifully suggests the sleek wet fur of the animal. The otter looks along the pipe so that, as you smoke it, both you and the otter would be looking into each others eyes. But in fact you are even closer to this animal than that suggests, because if I try to smoke it now and put it to my mouth, I discover that I am literally nose-to-nose with the otter. And that contact would have been even more striking than it is now, because the empty eye sockets would have been inlayed with fresh water pearls. This wonderfully crafted and evocative object pinpoints in history the worlds earliest use of tobacco pipes. Sherlock Holmes probably didnt know it, but this is where the story of pipe-smoking begins.这只烟斗的大小类似于卡祖笛。现代烟斗一般是一根一头带斗的长管,而文中这只由红色的石头雕成,还有一块长约十厘米的扁平底座,大小和颜色都与巧克力夹心饼干类似。底座的一头雕有小孔,起烟嘴的作用。斗的部分则位于中央,并非一个简单的碗形斗,而是形似一只漂在水里的水獭的上半身,仿佛它刚从水里冒出头,爪子搭在河岸上,正要四处张望。烟斗通体光润,完美表现出水獭湿漉漉的闪亮皮毛。水獭此刻正朝烟嘴的方向看去,人抽烟斗时就仿佛在与它对视。但其实抽烟的人与它之间的距离还会更近些:把烟斗含在嘴里,你的鼻子就会碰到水獭的鼻子。如今留在水獭眼窝处的深坑当年应镶嵌翁淡水珍珠,让抽烟人与水獭的接触更有趣味。这只工艺精美的烟斗是目前已知世界上最早被使用过的烟斗之一,福尔斯未必也知道,它是烟斗历史的起点。201412/351058

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