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湖州美白针多少钱湖州丰额头多少钱Talk of the Town The latest celebrity news including Britney's circus, U's new, new album and Paul and Ringo together. 精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?Britney Spears is kicking off her first tour in five years promoting her latest hit album Circus bee an adoring hometown audience with jugglers, acrobats, rings of flame and lip syncing. The ___(1)___ is in the process of a major comeback after a ___()___meltdown that included stints in psychiatric care, an ugly divorce, shaving her head and partying without panties. The Circus-theme tour makes stops in cities.U just released its first album since this week. But the Irish rock band is aly planning a quickie ___(3)___ next year. Lead singer Bono says the new disc will be called Songs of Ascent and will be more mellow than the current album.Ex-Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are reportedly said to perm together at a charity concert next month. Sir Paul will headline the event that will ___()___ at Radio City Music Hall.Horror flick fans will ___(5)___ own the score to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Psycho. The -page document is being auctioned later this month and includes the shrieking violin notes to the film's famous shower scene.In Los Angeles, I'm John Russell Reuters.填空 :1. pop star . high-profile 3. follow-up. take place 5. get a chance to 68湖州botox哪家医院好 Eiu0bwV|7D3^Al3*w8qiLnIWT]#rJb1ch^g.O,Maria is 18. She will go to college in September. She will be a college student in September. But right now it is summer time. It is June. Maria needs a job. She needs money college. She needs money to buy books college. She wants a job. Maria went to a restaurant. “Can I have a job?” she asked. The restaurant manager said, “I’m sorry. I don’t need anyone right now.” Maria went to a book store. “Will you give me a job?” she asked. The book store manager said, “I’m sorry. I don’t need new workers right now.”uK*n^9[KgpKLBPQ~6ok!C!pSAcMrsWs@GI8g-E!8)8-IF1 3906湖州整形医院排行榜

湖州曙光美容整形医院做去眼袋手术多少钱Malala Visits The White House马拉拉前往白宫Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban last year, is touring the US to promote her memoir, I am Malala. Malala was shot because she defied the Taliban and campaigned girls education. The -year-old was up the Nobel Peace Prize this weekend. If she had won, she would have been the youngest recipient in history. While at the White House, Malala told the Obamas that she believes drones are fuelling terrorism. She asked the president to stop using drones, and to improve relations with her country’s government.马拉拉·优素福造访美国,宣传自己的个人回忆录《我是马拉拉,而就在去年,马拉拉遭到塔利班击,头部中弹由于他反对塔利班,并争取女性教育而遭到击本周,岁的马拉拉将争夺诺贝尔和平奖如果获奖,她就将成为史上最年轻的获奖者马拉拉在白宫会见了奥巴马一家,并认为无人机助长了恐怖主义她呼吁奥巴马总统停止使用无人机,并改善美巴关系译文属原创,,不得转载 13湖州九八医院减肥手术多少钱 Voice 1: Remember, the vampire bat drinks the blood from the wounds of its victims. It produces a special chemical that stops the blood clotting. Well, scientists have genetically engineered this chemical to produce a new drug — desmoteplase. Desmoteplase can break down blood clots. It can return blood flow to the brain up to nine hours after a stroke. Desmoteplase is also able to break up clots without affecting blood clotting in other parts of the body. Most importantly it does not increase the risk of bleeding on the brain.声音1:记住,吸血蝙蝠会从受害者的伤口吸血吸血蝙蝠会产生一种阻止血液凝结的特殊化学物质科学家对这种化学物质进行了基因改造,创造出一种新型药物——去氨普酶去氨普酶可以溶解血块这种药物可以在中风发作9个小时后使血液重新流向大脑去氨普酶还可以在不影响身体其他部位血液凝结的情况下溶解血块最重要的是,它不会增加脑出血的风险Voice : Early studies of desmoteplase have shown promising results. Doctors gave patients desmoteplase within three to nine hours of a stroke. In one study, blood flow to the brain returned to fifty five percent of test patients. Doctor Howard Rowley from the University of Wisconsin Medical School said,声音:去氨普酶的早期研究显示出可喜的效果医生在中风发作后3至9个小时内给病人用去氨普酶在其中一项研究中,参加试验的病人中有55%的病人在用该药物后血液重新流向大脑威斯康星大学医学院的霍华德·罗利医生表示,Voice 1: It is the biggest breakthrough I have seen in twenty years.声音1:“这是年来我看到过的最大突破”Voice : Vampire bats are probably the most disliked kind of bat. But, they may hold an answer to one of the world leading causes of death — strokes. It seems that nature has many secrets we have yet to discover. Who knows what other solutions may be in the creation that is all around us.声音:吸血蝙蝠可能是最不受欢迎的蝙蝠类型但是,它们可能是中风这一世界上主要致死原因的解决方法看起来大自然还有很多我们没有发现的秘密谁知道呢,也许我们身边的生物身上也隐藏着其他解决方法 译文属 531湖州医院打玻尿酸多少钱

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