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达州市妇幼保健院种植牙口腔成都老年人种植牙专家I#39;m Michael Colombo with MAKE Magazine.And I just an article by Heather Murphy in the New York Times,who said that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently had some Chinese lawyers visited him.And he requested that they put their cellphones into the refrigerator thinking that it would act as a Faraday Cage that could block any signals so that they wouldn#39;t be surveilled while they were having their dinner.我是Make杂志的Michael Colombo 我刚读到纽约时报作者Heather Murphy的一篇文章,文章中提到NSA监视计划泄露者Edward Snowden,最近和几名中国律师品了乌龙茶。Snowden要求律师们把手机放到冰箱里,他认为冰箱可以起到法拉第笼的效果,它能屏敞任何信号,这样他们在吃饭的时候,就不会被监听了。And I thought about this,and I thought I was gonna try it out,So what I have here are two cellphones,they#39;re both Samsung Androids,and I#39;m going to put one into my refrigerator,right here.And I#39;m going to use the other phone to call it.Here we go.Beep...Do you hear it?我曾经想过这个问题,并觉得自己应该试一试,现在我手里有两部手机,它们都是三星的安卓机,我将把一部手机放到冰箱里,放到这里,用另一部手机给它打电话,来吧(拨号音……)听到了吗?So,I guess that didn#39;t work,did it now?Boy,I hope Snowden#39;s okay.Now,when I the article,another thing that I was a e by a designer in a counter surveillance by the name of Adam Hardy.And he said that a cocktail shaker works really well as Faraday Cage.So I just happen to have a cocktail shaker right here.那么,我猜这个方法不管用,不是吗?乖乖,真希望Snowden没事。当我读这篇文章时,注意到的另外一件事是一家反监视公司的设计师,署名为Adam Hardy的引用,他说,鸡尾酒调酒很适合当做法拉第笼用,正巧我手边,在这里有个鸡尾酒调酒器。So,let#39;s give it a try.We put the phone inside the cocktail shaker.There we go.And now we are going to try calling it.and I not hear any ringing,OH,Wow,what do you know? It went straight to voice mail.Let#39;s just be sure and check the phone here.And,as you can see,there#39;s been no miss calls on my phone.让我们试试看,我们把手机放到鸡尾酒调酒器里。来吧。 现在我们来试试向这部手机打电话。我没听到任何铃声,Oh,我去,你发现了什么?信息直接到语音信箱去了。让我们来确认下,看看手机怎么样了。正如你看到的那样,我手机中没有未接来电。So,if you want to make a Faraday Cage so that the government doesn#39;t surveil you,don#39;t use a refrigerator,use a cocktail shaker.I#39;ll drink to that.I love Science.那么,如果你想做一个法拉第笼来防止政府监视你,别用冰箱,用鸡尾酒调酒杯吧。为它干一杯,爱死科学了。 Article/201504/365633成都正畸牙套 International efforts join Indonesia#39;s search operation for flight QZ8501各个国家加入到QZ8501航班印尼搜索行动International efforts are joining Indonesia#39;s search for AirAsia flight QZ8501.国际力量已经加入到亚航航班QZ8501的印度尼西亚搜索工作当中。Singapore has sent two naval ships.新加坡已派出2艘军舰。It#39;s also deployed another Air Force C-130 aircraft.同时还部署了一架空军C-130飞机。Singapore authorities note it#39;s not the first time Singapore and Indonesia have worked together.新加坡当局表示这已经不是和印度尼西亚的第一次合作。They say the two sides will be able to execute the search operation effectively.新加坡方面表示双方能够有效地执行搜救工作。Malaysia will deploy three naval fleets and an Air Force C-130 plane.而马来西亚将派出3艘海军舰队和一架空军C-130飞机。Other countries, including Australia, the ed States, Britain, South Korea and India will also send planes and naval fleets.而包括澳大利亚、美国、英国、韩国和印度等的其他国家也将派出飞机和海军舰队加入到搜索行动当中。Experts will also be sent in.有关专家也会被派去现场进行援助。 Article/201412/351447栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/394863崇州市妇幼保健院口腔专科

巴中市妇幼保健院美白牙齿需要多少钱The battle tactics of the Roman army were rehearsed and drilled,罗马军队的战术都经过了反复的演练and rehearsed and drilled to a fault,通过不断地演练找到缺陷so that in the chaos and distraction of battle,这样在混乱的战场上everyone did their job, they knew what to do.每个士兵都能各司其职 知道自己该干什么By the time Paulinus is finished in Britain,保利努斯的军队结束在英国的任务时His men kill as many as 80,000 people.击杀人数已达八万人之多The rebel stronghold, destroyed.The druids, annihilated.反叛者的据点也被捣毁 而德鲁伊人 也不复存在Once a land is conquered, the first priority:A network of roads.当一篇土地被征后 首要任务便是 建造公路网络The Roman soldier was a versatile soldier.罗马士兵是全能的士兵He wasn#39;t just a fighting machine.他不仅是战场上的杀戮机器He was an engineer,a road builder, a bridge builder.还是优秀的工程师 铺路工人 造桥工人This meant you could have rapid deployment of the Roman army.这样一来 便可以很快地从罗马军队调用人手The Roman road, 23 feet across,罗马人建造的公路 宽二十三英尺(约七米)Wide enough for an army to march six abreast.可容六列军队并肩前进 Article/201510/404023成都超声波洗牙好不好 It#39;s the first early human这是早期人类中that has really modern human-like characteristics.第一个真正拥有现代人类特征的种别Really big brain and indication头部很大 还有据显示that it was a big game hunter.他们曾是大型猎物的捕杀者These were extraordinary evolutionary changes.这些都是进化史上的重大飞跃But why did they take place?但这些变化为何会发生It has long been thought that where our ancestors lived长久以来 我们的祖先究竟安居在何处and how they got on with each other他们之间相处又是如何改变进化历程的affected their evolution.这都是有待考的课题But scientists are now asking但现在科学家有了新的疑问if another integral part of life, the very food they ate,日常饮食 这一生活密不可分的部分could have had such a revolutionary effect.会不会对进化演变有着影响呢To find the answer, we need to go back four million years想解开这一谜团 就要回到400万年以前to when the forest-dwelling ape Australopithecus roamed the Earth,那时林居的南方古猿 刚开始直立行走surviving on a diet of raw fruit and vegetables.单靠生鲜蔬果为生Apart from walking upright,除了直立行走Australopithecus was very similar to modern apes.南方古猿 跟现代猿类非常相似 Article/201504/370807成都补牙哪里可靠

成都市第六人民医院超声波洁牙冷光美白喷砂洁牙价格Ten light years from Earth, the star Epsilon Eridani天苑四恒星距离地球10光年Spectacular rings of dust and ice它有由尘埃和冰构成的壮观圆环And somewhere in there, planets forming out of debris在圆环里的某些地方,有碎片形成的行星being born before our eyes.就在我们眼前诞生Asteroids and comets everywhere到处都是小行星和彗星We could almost be looking at our own solar system我们几乎就是看到了数十亿年前的billions of years ago.我们太阳系的样子With comets delivering the building blocks of life彗星把生命材料带到to these young planets.这些年轻的行星上At the center of all the action, a star smaller than our sun主导这些行为的是一个比我们太阳小一些的恒星still in its infancy.这颗恒星还处于幼年Any life in this solar system would be primitive at best这个太阳系的生命应该还很原始There must be more mature solar systems out here这里应该还有更成熟更进化的太阳系But finding them is like looking for a needle in a cosmic haystack但是找到它们却像在宇宙海洋里捞针Twenty light years from Earth.距离地球20光年Star Gliese 581红矮星格雷司 581It#39;s about the same age as our sun.它大概和我们的太阳同龄This planet is just the right distance from its sun这颗行星距离它的太阳距离刚刚好Any closer and water would boil away, any further and it would freeze再近一点水会蒸发,再远一点则会结成冰Ideal conditions for life to emerge一个生命演化的理想环境And if a comet has struck, delivering water and organic materials如果彗星的撞击给它带去水和有机原料then life, complex beings like us, even civilizations like our own那么生命、像我们一样的复杂生物,甚至像我们一样的文明could be down there right now现在就可能在这里存在They could be tuning into our TV signals他们可能正调到我们的电视信号watching shows from 20 years ago.观看我们20年前的电视节目But until we devise a way of communicating但是在我们找到跨越这么远距离的over these vast distances, all we can do is speculate通讯方法之前,我们只能猜测Us and them, living parallel lives我们和他们各自的生存着unaware of each other#39;s existence.彼此都不知道对方的存在Unless life has come and gone除非这里曾有过生命和灭绝 Article/201507/383500 Sometimes, one second requires everything you#39;ve learned in your whole life.有些时候,你需要穷尽一生的努力才能完成一秒钟的成就All your dreams.你所有的梦想。Everything you achieved.你达成的每个目标。Everything that put you to the test.每样考验你的事物。All the commitment.所有投入的心血。Everything that kept you ticking.你专注的每分每秒。All the failures.或是所有的失败。And all your perseverance.以及你所有的坚持。All for that one second.全都是为了那一秒钟。That decides... Everything.而这决定了...一切。 Article/201703/499887川北医学院第二附属医院洗牙洁牙窝沟封闭蛀牙龋齿怎么样好吗成都老人镶牙哪家好



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