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  • So we have cooking and we have small guts.正是因为烹饪技术 人类才有了小肠道This freed up energy for us to develop这些多余的能量what is arguably the most important organ in our body...使我们身体最重要的一个器官 得以发展the organ which, many would say, makes us human.普遍认为 正是这一器官的发展造就了人类Our brain.那就是我们的大脑The small gut big brain theory was developed小胃大脑理论是由by paleoanthropologist Professor Peter Wheeler.古人类学教授彼得·韦勒提出的We think that the smaller digestive system我们认为 正是食物的转变in Homo erectus was able to evolve because of the shift in diet,使直立人的消化系统得以进化freed up energy which could be used to power a larger brain.这些多余的能量可以增强我们的脑力And this is what we see,我们可以看到the increase in brain size in Homo erectus直立人肠胃变小的同时mirroring the reduction in the size of its gut.脑部也开始变大And it certainly does take a lot of energy to power our brains.要增强我们的脑力 肯定得消耗很多能量Although only 2.5% of our body weight,尽管大脑重量只占体重的2.5%when were sitting, our brain consumes 20% of our energy.即使坐着不动 脑部也会消耗我们20%的能量201506/378431。
  • Do you sometimes wish you were an only child? Yeah, so does your irritating little brother or sister.有时候是不是特别希望自己是独生子女?你那不愉快的弟弟或也是这么想的。You Will Need你需要Imagination想象力Self-control自我控制A little kindness一点温和Steps步骤STEP 1 Find solutions1.寻找解决方案Figure out exactly what your little brother or sister does that annoys you, then come up with a plan. If your sibling always messes with your stuff, ask your parents if you can keep your bedroom door locked when you’re out.找出你的弟弟或哪些行为激怒了你,然后制定计划。如果他们老是把你的东西弄得乱七八糟,问一下你的父母,外出时能否把卧室门锁上。Don’t be mean. Your younger sibling looks up to you, so set a good example (even if you feel like yelling!).不要苛刻。你的弟弟总是在仰视你,所以做个好榜样,即使你非常想要大喊大叫!STEP 2 Ignore him2.忽视他Try ignoring the little pest. Many times, younger siblings do annoying things for attention. If you ignore the bad behavior long enough, he’ll eventually give up.尝试着忽视这个小害虫。许多情况下,弟弟做让人生气的事情是为了引起你的注意。如果你忽视坏的行为,他最终会放弃。Ignoring doesnt mean putting your hands over your ears and yelling, ;La, la, la—I cant hear you.; Remember, negative attention is still attention.忽视并不意味着双手捂住耳朵,大喊“我听不到你说什么。”记住,消极的注意仍然是注意。STEP 3 Make a deal3.做交易Make a deal. Say something like, If you give me some space while my friends are here, we can play your favorite board game after they leave.做一笔交易。比如,“如果我的朋友在这里时你给我一点空间,他们离开后我就和你一起玩你最喜欢的棋盘游戏。”If your sibling is pestering you out of boredom, try suggesting a fun solo project, like asking him to draw you some pictures.如果你的弟弟是因为无聊才缠着你,建议有趣的单人游戏,比如让他为你画一些画。STEP 4 Give in4.屈If all your little bro or sis is really guilty of is wanting to play with you, give in once in a while. It will mean more than you think.如果你的弟弟或仅仅是想让你和他一起玩,偶尔可以屈一次。这样做的意义或许超乎你的想象。STEP 5 Involve your parents5.让父母介入When all else fails, get help from mom or dad. Dont tattle—just ask for a suggestion on how to get the little twerp out of your hair for a while.如果所有方法都失败,向父母求助。不要饶舌,直接征求建议,怎样暂时把这个恼人的小家伙开。From 1986 to 2006, the number of American families with only one child doubled.从1986年到2006年,美国独生子女家庭的数量翻倍。 /201503/361433。
  • Joe Jackson called me and told me乔·杰克逊打给我that they were looking for a place to go.跟我说他们在找新东家And of course, Huff and myself,瑟夫跟我当然we tried to get them for Philly lnternational Records.费力的想把他们拉到费城国际唱片来But at the same time, CBS但同时间 CBSwas negotiating with them also.也在与他们谈合约l wanted to know if there was a shot, a chance,我想要知道到底有没有胜算of being able to get involved. And l was told there was.他跟我说有The next is, We sat doWn and we started to negotiate.我们并开始坐下来谈They wanted a million dollars.他们要价一百万And l figured, Okay, thats all l could approve up to. 我心想 我也只能核准这么多That was my approval level.我被授权的上限也就在这l had to go through the ranks我得连络高层and ll said, ;We have a chance of signing the Jackson 5;我说 我们有机会签杰克逊五人组and they said, ;Theyre done.;他们却回 他们已经过气了l said, ;No, lm sorry.我说 不 抱歉l believe in them, l believe that theres a big future,我对他们有信心 我相信前途无量l believe that Michael Jackson我相信迈克尔·杰克逊;Could be one of the biggest stars ever.;会成为数一数二的巨星That took care of that.就搞定了l was handed the letter and they said,他们把信给我 然后说Theres your deal memo, go sign em. 这是你的合约信 去签吧ln order to move on and progress,为了继续往前走Joseph said he had to do it约瑟夫说不得不这么做because he wanted the children to get credit for their writings and all of that,因为他希望孩子们的创作可以被注意到and they couldnt do that at Motown.但在城却不可能CBS offered them movies, they offered em a TV show,CBS为他们安排电影演出 还有电视节目cartoons and everything.甚至还有卡通And of course Gamble and Huff, you know,肯尼·甘柏与里昂·瑟夫这里we couldnt offer them all those things.我们当然不可能提供这些so they decided to go with CBS.所以他们决定去CBSProbably the most important signing of my career.这可能是我的事业生涯中 签过最重要的约201509/398633。
  • 栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201510/403874。
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