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重庆市妇幼保健院可以刷社保卡吗遂宁做双眼皮手术费要多少重庆市星宸整形医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 Scenic spots around China are reportedly mobbed with visitors during a long national holiday this week, which has many ordinary Chinese frustrated. But this is actually an encouraging sign for the country#39;s economy.据报道,在本周的“十一”长假期间,中国各地的旅游景点都人满为患,令很多普通百姓感到烦恼。但这对中国的经济来说实际上却是一个鼓舞人心的迹象。The total number of people arriving at major tourist sites in China over the first two days of the #39;National Day#39; holiday is up 18.8% from last year. That represents a slight slowdown from 21% growth during the holiday week last year. But it compares favorably with an 8.8% rise in 2011 and just 6.5% in 2010, according to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch economist Lu Ting.Agence France-Presse/Getty Images2013年10月3日,大批游客涌入天安门广场。今年“十一”长假的前两天,中国主要旅游景点游客数量较上年同期增长18.8%,略低于去年“十一”长假期间21%的增幅。但据美银美林(Bank of America-Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺说,今年的增幅高于2011年的8.8%和2010年的6.5%。Other data tell a similar story. On Oct. 1, the first day of the holiday, Chinese railroads carried 10.3 million passengers. That#39;s up 13.2% from a year earlier, according to government figures.其他数据也显示了类似的状况。10月1日,也就是“十一”长假的第一天,中国铁路客运量达1,030万人次。据政府数据显示,这较上年同期增长了13.2%。Unfortunately, like those scenic spots, investments on the Chinese travel theme have become crowded. Shares in travel-booking site Ctrip.com International, for instance, have more than doubled this year and now trade at more than 63 times this year#39;s expected earnings, according to FactSet.遗憾的是,和旅游景点一样,对中国旅游类股的投资也人满为患。举例来讲,据FactSet说,旅行预订网站携程旅行网(Ctrip.com International)今年以来股价上涨了一倍以上,目前(根据今年的预期每股收益计算的)市盈率超过63倍。But investors should still cheer the strong tourist data, because it signals that Chinese consumers are very much alive and kicking.但投资者仍应该对强劲的旅游数据感到高兴,因为它显示出中国消费者非常活跃。As a proxy for consumer activity, the tourist figures may be superior to official retail sales figures. The National Bureau of Statistics tabulate the latter and these government statisticians exclude all kinds of consumer services, from travel to haircuts, while including some government purchases. Retail sales in the first eight months of 2013 increased 12.8% year on year.作为衡量消费活动的一个指标,旅游数据可能优于官方发布的零售额数据。零售额数据由中国国家统计局发布,政府统计人员剔除了各种消费务(从旅游到理发)的数据,而将一些政府采购包括在内。2013年前八个月的零售额较上年同期增长了12.8%。What#39;s more, because many purchases in China are made in cash and off the books, many economists believe that consumption is severely under-counted in official estimates. In a recent report, Standard Chartered cited work by professors at two universities in Shanghai, who estimated that in 2009 household consumption was close to 50% of the economy, compared to the NBS estimate of just 35.3%.此外,由于中国很多采购是用现金付款,不计入表内,很多经济学家认为消费在官方估计的数据中被严重低估。渣打(Standard Chartered)最近在一份报告中引用了上海两所大学的教授的研究,这些教授估计,2009年中国家庭消费接近经济总量的50%。相比之下,国家统计局给出的估计数据只有35.3%。Not all economists would put the true consumption figure quite so high, though most agree the official figures are significantly understated. 并非所有的经济学家都认为真正的消费数据会有这么高,不过大部分人都认为官方数据存在严重低估。For years, critics have lamented China#39;s slow transition to a consumer-led economic model. This week#39;s strong tourist data is just the latest indication that China is further along on the path to rebalancing than many give it credit for. 多年来,批评人士一直在哀叹中国向消费拉动型经济模式的转变步伐缓慢。本周发布的强劲旅游数据只不过再一次显示,中国在经济再平衡的道路上走得比许多人认为的要远。 /201310/259712重庆腋下脱腋毛哪家医院好

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潼南区中医院等级When Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks contacted Facebook for help understanding how best to use the site, the company#39;s representatives showed him how. After Mr. Lin underwent knee surgery this spring, he returned the favor: a live chat for Facebook fans from his hospital bed. To date, about 54,000 people have ;liked; it. 当纽约尼克斯队(New York Knicks)球员林书豪联系Facebook,请教如何最好地利用该网站时,Facebook的公司代表给他做了示范。今年春天做完膝盖手术后,林书豪还了这个人情:在病床上与Facebook粉丝在线聊天。迄今为止已经有约5.4万人“赞”过这次聊天。 Social-media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr are increasingly forging relationships with celebrities to give both users and advertisers plenty of new material. Many of the sites have hired people and added resources to provide celebrities and entertainment-industry brands like TV host Kelly Ripa and Nascar with marketing ideas, insider tips and even technical support. Facebook、Twitter、YouTube和Tumblr等社交媒体网站正与越来越多的名人结成合作关系,从而为广大用户提供更多新鲜爆料,也为广告商们带来更多新的商机。许多网站已经招兵买马并增加资源,为电视主持人凯莉#8226;里帕(Kelly Ripa)以及美国赛车协会(NASCAR)等明星和产业品牌提供营销理念、小道消息甚至技术持。 ;I get the dish right from the celeb#39;s mouth,; says Nicole Eisenberg, a 42-year-old mother from Bloomfield Hills, Mich. She used to devour celebrity magazines to get the latest on who is dating whom and who wore what designer to which premier. Now, she follows Gwyneth Paltrow, Kid Rock, Ivanka Trump and others on Twitter. 来自密歇根布卢姆菲尔德希尔斯(Bloomfield Hills)的42岁母亲妮可#8226;艾森伯格(Nicole Eisenberg)说,现在能直接从明星嘴里得到消息了。她以前总是翻阅杂志了解明星们的最新消息,比如谁和谁好了,谁穿着哪个设计师的衣参加哪个首映礼了。而现在她在Twitter上关注格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛(Gwyneth Paltrow)、基德#8226;洛克(Kid Rock)、伊万卡#8226;特朗普(Ivanka Trump)等一众明星。 Celebrities generally aren#39;t paid for their social-media efforts. But their involvement is essential to the sites because their photographs and posts give people glimpses of their rarefied worlds, drawing even more users and advertisers. 明星一般不会因为在社交媒体上的努力获得报酬。但他们的参与对这些网站至关重要,因为他们的照片和帖子能让人们了解圈,从而吸引更多的用户和广告商。 ;Our primary goal in partnerships is to enable users to have great experiences on Facebook,; says Justin Osofsky, director of media partnerships for Facebook. ;We have a business model based on advertisements and as people spend more time on Facebook, we monetize that.; Facebook媒体合作总监贾斯汀#8226;奥索夫斯基(Justin Osofsky)说,我们合作的主要目的是促使用户在Facebook上拥有良好的体验;我们是基于广告的商业模式,随着人们在Facebook上花的时间越来越多,我们便可将其货币化。 Today, most major social networks have departments dedicated to creating partnerships with celebrities, politicians and sports figures- as well as professional sports leagues, movie studios and television networks. Even start-ups are quickly staffing up with Hollywood liaisons. In some cases, employees of social networks act as IT assistants for celebrities- helping them learn how to sign on to their websites and download apps. 如今,大多数主要社交网站都设有专门负责与名人、政客和体育明星,还有职业体育联盟、电影工作室和电视台建立合作关系的部门。就连初创企业也开始迅速安排专人与好莱坞联络。某些情况下,社交网站的员工会充当明星的IT助手,帮助他们学习如何注册网站和下载程序。 Members of Twitter#39;s partnership team keep a close eye on upcoming film premieres and reach out to studio executives and celebrity publicists with ideas of how Twitter can be used to help create buzz- debuting film trailers exclusively on Twitter, for example. Twitter also meets with agents and producers to analyze the stats: What likely caused spikes in tweeting? What didn#39;t work as well? When a public figure#39;s tweet results in big buzz, Twitter makes sure other celebrities know it. One such moment came when Nascar driver Brad Keselowski tweeted a photo taken from his car of a fire at the Daytona 500. He saw the number of his followers triple. Twitter合作关系团队的成员们会密切关注即将举行的电影首映,并联系电影公司高管和明星的公关人员,磋商如何利用Twitter来帮助造势,比如在Twitter独家首播电影预告片。Twitter也会与经纪人和制片人会面分析数据:促进微数量激增的可能原因是什么?有哪些是效果不甚理想的?当某位公众人物的微引起轰动时,Twitter就会确保其他明星知道。一个例子就是,在Daytona 500比赛中,美国赛车协会车手布拉德#8226;克塞罗斯基(Brad Keselowski)在着火的车里拍了张照片并发到Twitter上。接着他的粉丝数就翻了三倍。 Omid Ashtari, Twitter#39;s man-on-the-ground in Los Angeles, is known to refer to celebrities as ;clients; and say that his job is to provide them ;customer service.; (Rachael Horwitz, a spokeswoman for Twitter, said no executives were available to comment.) 据说Twitter驻洛杉矶媒体主管奥米德#8226;阿什塔里(Omid Ashtari)称明星为“客户”,还说他的工作是为他们提供“客户务”。(Twitter发言人蕾切尔#8226;霍尔维茨(Rachael Horwitz)说高管们都无暇置评。) When former NBA star Shaquille O#39;Neal debuts ;The Comedy Shaq,; a channel devoted to comedians this fall, viewers will tune in on YouTube. ;My philosophy is 60% to make you laugh, 30% to inspire and 10% to promote whatever I#39;m doing,; says Mr. O#39;Neal. 当NBA前球星沙奎尔#8226;奥尼尔(Shaquille O#39;Neal)的喜剧频道“The Comedy Shaq”今年秋天开播时,观众可以在YouTube上直接收看。奥尼尔说,我的哲学是,60%让人发笑,30%起激励作用,10%用来为我所做的事宣传。 One Direction, the British boy band, launched its official U.S. tour blog on Tumblr, after the social blog network made a compelling pitch. Tumblr#39;s new publication, ;Storyboard,; would publish a story about the band and its fan base. In addition, Tumblr promised a ;mass promotion; package that would include tweets to 300,000 Twitter followers and additional coverage in another publication, such as Seventeen or Rolling Stone. 社交客网站Tumblr强力造势后,英国男孩组合一世代(One Direction)在该网站发布了其美国巡演的官方客。Tumblr新推出的“Storyboard”将会发布一篇有关该乐队及其粉丝群的报道。此外,Tumblr还承诺将会举行一次“大规模宣传”活动,包括面向30万Twitter粉丝的微,以及在《Seventeen》和《滚石》(Rolling Stone)等杂志上进行报道。 ;They#39;re the most popular thing on Tumblr, hands down, and we reached out to them,; says Jessica Bennett, Tumblr#39;s executive editor. Tumblr执行编辑杰西卡#8226;班尼特(Jessica Bennett)说,毫无疑问他们是Tumblr上最受欢迎的,所以我们联系到了他们。 /201207/189597 重庆疤痕整形医院重庆哪里有脱毛的



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