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Its Thursday May 26th, Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是5月26日,周四,我是Wilson Tang,是时候接收今天的最新资讯了。Google is expected to unveil plans turn smartphones into electronic wallets at a press conference here in NewYork. The new service is expected to be called Google wallet. And its based on a technology called NFC, or near field communications. NFC is a short range of encrypted wireless system that will let users swipe their phones in other gadgets over a payment terminal similar to smart card technology found in some debt and credit cards.谷歌将在纽约举办新闻发布会,公布开发智能手机电子钱包应用的计划。这项新务名字将定为“谷歌钱包”。这款应用将依靠NFC,也就是近距离通信技术来实现。NFC通过短距离的无线加密系统,在类似于智能卡片的付终端机器上轻轻一刷手机,就能进行付和查询。Forbes is reporting that Facebook and music server Spotify are teaming up. The companies are expected to unveil a new music streaming service available right in users Facebook feeds. The sofeware will run in background and give users access to Spotifys music library with one major caveat. No access in the US. Well, thats because Spotify itself has yet to secure American music streaming rights.福布斯报道,脸谱网和音乐试听软件Spotify联手了。这两家公司将公布一款新的音乐媒体务器,用户将可以在脸谱网页面上应用。有了这款软件,用户可以在浏览脸谱网的同时聆听背景音乐,同时还能通过提示进入到Spotify的音乐图书馆。但Spotify的务目前尚未登陆美国,这是因为Spotify还未得到美国流媒体音乐务权。Yesterday, we reported that Apple has released an instruction on how to get rid of the rogue anti-virus malware program Mac Defender. In the meantime, hackers have been hardworked on a new version of the software that wont require users to type in their administrator passwords to install and infect machines. These basic defenses kept the program from sping, but to protect yourself, turn off options like open safe files after downloading in Safari.昨天我们报道了苹果公司发布了一款抵御流氓病毒恶意软件的程序Mac Defender。与此同时,黑客们也加班加点创造出了不用用户输入用户名和密码登录就能攻击用户电脑的新版本病毒。而这款基本的防病毒软件只是防止传播病毒,为了你自己的电脑着想,还是用Safari浏览器下载安全文件的好。Sonys playstation network is slowly starting to come back to life, but the company is finally started to offer identity protection to its users affected by the massive breach of data. PS member should start to receive emails with instruction and an activation code for a year of protection for the demix all clear ID+ plan. The offer is good for all American PS and Qriocity services but must be activiated before June 28th. The plan offers up to a million dollars of protection.索尼游戏机playstation未来将推出Life务,但受到之前用户信息泄露的影响,索尼现在开始为用户提供身份保护信息。PS游戏机用户在未来一年内会收到一封来自索尼公司的邮件,内容包括使用说明和激活密码以实施保密计划。这项务将面向PS和Qriocity用户开展,但用户必须在6月28日前激活账号。预计此项计划将耗资1百万。On the subject of the gaming, a company called Envision is coming out with the Androib-based game console, called EVO2. The company is making developer units available today and says that all other units will be available in the fall of this year. The console itself runs a 1.2 G hertz processor, a modified version of android2.2, and would come with a TV remote and game controller. Envision says that the console will run for 249 dollars and you can reserve one today.游戏界一家名叫Envision的公司将推出一款运行安卓系统的游戏机——EVO2。这家公司正在对其进行研发,并将于今天秋天开始发售。这款游戏机配置有1.2 G赫兹处理器,运行修正版的安卓2.2系统,并配有一个电视遥控器和游戏手柄。Envision公司表示这款游戏机将售价249美元,现在已经开始预订了。One more title that will not become to the EVO2 in the near future though, its a sequel to the popular Modern Warfare series. Activision has announced that Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 will be available on Nov. 8th this year on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game looks pretty sharp to our eyes and we expect men across the country to drop their interestes in their girlfriends and life for the next few months after the release.最后一条消息与即将出炉的EV02无关,而是关于畅销游戏《现代战争》的续集的。美国动视公司宣布《现代战争3:使命召唤》将于今年11月8日在Playstation 3,Xbox 360以及PC电脑上发售。这款游戏视觉效果极佳,估计在这款游戏发售后的几个月里,男人都会把对女朋友和生活的热情放到一边专心攻略游戏了。Those are your headlines for today. Im Wilson Tang and this wraps up you week of getting loaded. Well see you on Monday.以上就是今天的头条,我是Wilson Tang,您已经了解了本周的所有资讯。我们周一再见。teaming up 联手注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/210317

Books and Arts; Paris under the Nazis;文艺;纳粹统治下的巴黎;Flying the flag;白旗飞舞;A world of collaborators, resistors, speculators and “attentistes”如此多的合作者,抵抗者,投机者和观望者们!And the Show Went On: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris. By Alan Riding. Knopf;《当“秀”还在继续:纳粹统治下的巴黎文化生活》由奥兰·里丁·诺普夫所著。“During the occupation”, declared Jean-Paul Sartre, “we had two choices: collaborate or resist.” But Frances iconic intellectual, speaking some three decades after Hitlers tanks rolled into Paris, was rewriting history. As Alan Riding points out, in this meticulously researched history of French culture during the second world war, there was another option—attentisme, or wait and see—and the divisions between them were easily blurred. Sartre himself was certainly never a collaborator, but his image as a résistant was burnished rather late in the day. Mr Riding notes that “although his involvement in the intellectual resistance had been minimal, after the liberation he had suddenly appeared as the chronicler of Frances calvary.”让·保罗·萨特宣称:“在占领期间,我们有两个选择—合作还是抵抗”。但大约在希特勒的坦克驶入巴黎的30年后,法国代表性的知识分子正重写这段历史。正如奥兰·里丁指出的,经过这段二战时期的法国文化史的认真研究,发现还有另外一个选择——观望;或者称之为“等等再看”,很容易把它们混为一谈。萨特本人当然从来不是合作者,但作为一个抵制者的形象却在很晚的时候才被凸显出来。里丁提到“虽然他在知识分子的抵抗运动中参与度微乎其微,但解放后他突然摇身一变,成了法国磨难史的记录者。Much of this book, notably the flight to America of artists such as Marc Chagall and Marcel Duchamp, or the collaboration of the narcissistic Jean Cocteau, will be familiar to those who have Frederic Spottss 2008 book, “The Shameful Peace”. Mr Riding used to write about European culture for the New York Times and was based in Paris. Where he adds value is in his analysis of the subtle challenges of the Nazi occupation for the various sectors of the arts. If escape and exile were not the chosen option, actors needed to t the boards, singers needed the music halls, musicians needed the concert hall. How could they avoid giving succour to the enemy, given the many Germans in the audience?如果有人读过弗雷德里克·斯波茨2008年的新作《可耻的和平》,就会对这本书里很多内容有似曾相识之感,不论是以马克·夏加尔和马塞尔·杜尚为代表的逃匿去美国的艺术家们,还是自恋的让·谷克多通敌。里丁长住巴黎,过去常给美国的《纽约时报》供稿,内容是关于欧洲的文化。关于纳粹对各艺术流派的微妙挑战的分析,为这本书加分了。如果不选择逃亡和放逐,那演员还是要登台演戏,歌手需要音乐厅,音乐家也需要演奏厅。所以就算观众席上坐着的有很多德国人,他们又怎么可能避免为敌人表演呢?Most chose a degree of compromise, some larger than others. Edith Piaf, who said in 1940 that “my real job is to sing, to sing no matter what happens”, was willing to perform twice in Stalag III-D, a camp for French prisoners-of-war outside Berlin—but on her first visit cleverly encouraged the camp commander to allow photographs to be taken of her with him and the POWs. The photos were then cropped so that each POWs image could be attached to counterfeit documents identifying him as a French worker in Germany. On Piafs next visit to the camp, the documents were secretly delivered. If a POW escaped, he had a protective German ID card. As Piaf put it, “I was not in the Resistance, but I helped my soldiers.”很多人都选择了妥协,只是程度不一。伊迪斯·琶雅芙在1940年曾说“我真正的工作是唱歌,不管发生什么事,都要唱”,所以她很乐意的在柏林外关押法国战犯的德国战俘营Stalag III-D表演过两次,而且第一次去就很乖巧的请求营地指挥官允许她和指挥官本人及战俘们一起合影。然后,这些照片被裁减,这样每个战俘的头像就可以附在伪造文件上明这个人是在德国工作的工人。第二次去Stalag III-D时,这些文件都已被悄悄的移交。如果有战俘逃出来,他就有一张可以保护他的德国身份了。如琶雅芙所言“我不属于抵抗运动中的一员,但是我帮助了我们的士兵们。”By contrast, Jean Guéhenno, an essayist, refused absolutely to write for any outlet approved by the Germans. Instead, his opinions were pseudonymously confined to an underground newspaper, Les Lettres Franeaises, and an equally clandestine publishing house, éditions de Minuit. “Writers should not be seeking the glory of the byline,” he noted in his “Journal des Années Noires”, which was published just after the war. “Now is the time to write for nothing, for pleasure.” Well said—but then Guéhenno did have the financial security of a teaching job at the Lycée Henri IV.与之相对,散文家让·盖埃诺铁铮铮的拒绝写任何德国批准的公文,他的观点只能借假名出现在一家地下报纸——《法国人信札》和同样保密的出版社——《éditions de Minuit》。他在战后新出版的《Journal des Années Noires》中写道“作家,不应该只追求发表文章的自豪感。现在,是不为任何,只为快乐写作的时候。”说得非常好!但随后盖埃诺的确因在亨利四中教书而经济上得到了保障。Mr Ridings book is an impressively comprehensive survey of the occupation years: the relentless persecution of Frances Jews, especially the foreign-born, by the Vichy authorities as well as the Germans; Goebbelss expropriation of Jewish-owned art; the fascism of some French intellectuals, and the attraction of Stalins communism for others. One irony is that French cinema, so enriched by Jewish directors, actors and producers before the war, nonetheless flourished after their expulsion thanks to an influx of new talent. Mr Riding particularly praises Marcel Carnés “Les Enfants du Paradis”.让人印象非常深刻的是,里丁的书可谓对德占期法国的一次全面调查:法国的犹太人--特别是那些在国外出生的--被维希政权和德方残酷迫害;戈培尔“征收”(实则为抢)犹太人拥有的艺术品;一些法国知识分子的法西斯主义倾向,也有部分被斯大林的共产主义所吸引。一个巨大的讽刺是,战前的法国电影因有犹太导演,演员和制片人的加入而更加丰富,在他们遭到驱逐后,因新锐们蜂拥而入,电影业不受影响一如既往的繁荣着。里丁大力赞扬了马塞尔·卡内尔的《天堂的孩子们》。But if the French arts, from the chansons of Maurice Chevalier to the ballet of the collaborationist, Serge Lifar, survived the Nazis, how lasting was their victory? Mr Riding saves his best for last, with a discomfiting portrayal of the post-Liberation épuration—the “purge” of collaborators—and a clear-headed judgment of Pariss subsequent cultural status.但如果法国艺术——从珍妮特·麦克唐纳的《香颂》到合作主义者谢尔盖·里法的芭蕾——有幸逃过纳粹一劫,他们的胜利又维持了多久呢?里丁把他最好的篇章留到了最后,一是对解放后的“净化”——即合作主义者的清算进行了令人不安的描述,还对巴黎后来的文化地位作出了明确判断。Simply put, between 1918 and 1939 the French capital was also the cultural capital of the world. Yet, by the late 1940s “culturally the city was no longer a magnet for artists and writers from around the world.” Perhaps that was for the better. Mr Riding notes that French intellectuals have “propagated doctrines—monarchism, Fascism, anti-Semitism, Communism, even Maoism—that offered explanations and solutions for everything.” With these doctrines having failed to bring Utopia, “politically speaking, artists and writers may now be less prominent, but they are also less dangerous.”简单的说,1918到1939年间,法国的首都同时也是全世界的文化之都。然而到20世纪40年代后期,“文化上,巴黎不再是吸引全世界的艺术家和作家的‘磁铁石了”。也许那样会更好。里丁写道,“法国的知识分子们各自鼓吹着包括君主主义,法西斯主义,反犹太主义,共产主义甚至毛泽东主义,以为这些足够为一切提供解释和解决之道。”这些理论没有给他们带来乌托邦,“政治上来说,艺术家和作家也许不那么重要,但也因为这样他们不那么危险”。 /201209/201272

Why Salt Clumps?为什么盐会结块?You probably noticed that sometimes the salt gets clumpy. If its really humid outside—there may even be condensation on top of the salt shaker.生活中,你可能发现盐有时会结块。如果室内很潮湿的话,在盐瓶上甚至会产生液滴。The reason this happens is that salt is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic means that salt absorbs water vapor from the surrounding air.产生这种现象的原因是:盐吸湿。吸湿的意思就是盐从周围空气中吸收水蒸气。Eventually, the salt attracts enough water vapor that the gas changes into liquid, and the salt partially dissolves and starts to clump together. To combat this tendency, manufacturers put additives in salt that keep it from liquefying.最终,盐吸收了足够多的水蒸气后气体就会变成液体,盐就会局部溶解并结成一团。为了避免这种情况,生产商在盐中加了添加剂防止其溶解。Sugar is hygroscopic, too. This is partly the reason cake doesnt go stale as quickly as b. You see, when baked goods such as b or cake lose water, the starch molecules in them undergo a chemical change that make them hard and stale.糖也吸湿。这也是蛋糕比面包更难保鲜的部分原因。要知道,焙烤食品像面包或者蛋糕失去水分后,其淀粉分子就会发生一种化学变化使起变得坚硬,不新鲜。But because cake contains more sugar than b, and sugar is hygroscopic, it retains water better and stays fresh a little longer.但是因为蛋糕中含有的糖分比面包多,糖又吸湿,蛋糕就保持了充足的水分,所以保鲜的时间长些。This also explains why saltines and cookies get soft when they go stale instead of hard—because theyre absorbing water from the air around them.盐薄饼干和饼干不新鲜了就会变软儿不是变硬。因为它们吸收了周围空气里的水分。 /201211/211420

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