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Thai police are hunting for further suspects linked to Bangkok’s worst-ever bomb attack after the arrest of a foreigner allegedly involved in the plot spawned more questions than answers.泰国警方正大力搜捕与曼谷史上最严重爆炸案有关的其他嫌疑人。此前,他们逮捕了一名涉嫌参与这一阴谋的外国人,但这一行动产生的疑问比解开的谜团还多。Authorities said they were tracking hundreds of phone numbers and passports after detaining the suspect in a raid in Bangkok on Saturday, but they have yet to reveal his name, nationality or any information on motive or possible accomplices. A raid on Sunday on a second address yielded no evidence, police said.上周六,泰国当局在曼谷展开的一次突击搜查中羁押了一名嫌犯。泰国当局表示,目前正在跟踪成百上千个电话号码和护照,但他们仍未披露这名嫌犯的姓名、国籍或任何有关动机或可能同谋的信息。泰国警方表示,上周日对另一处地址展开的突击搜查没有找到任何据。The mystery has been intensified by officialscontinued insistence that the August 17 murder of 14 foreigners and six Thais at the Erawan shrine in the capital’s heart was no international conspiracy. Thai media reports have linked the detained man to a Turkish passport whose identity page was widely broadcast after the arrest, but the document is suspected to be a fake.泰国官方依然坚称7日发生在曼谷市中心四面佛神庙、导4名外国人名泰国人丧生的爆炸案并非国际性阴谋活动。这一表态令案情变得更加扑朔迷离。泰国媒体的报道已将上述被羁押男子与一份土耳其护照挂起钩来。在这名男子被捕后,该护照的身份页曾被广泛播报。不过,该护照被怀疑是假的。Authorities in Ankara have asked the Thai authorities for the suspect’s fingerprints and other details but have yet to hear back, a Turkish security official said. The official said that a Turkish identity card found separately during the investigation was a genuine document previously reported missing by a Turkish national.土耳其安全部门的一名官员表示,土耳其当局已要求泰国当局提供嫌犯指纹及其他细节,但尚未得到回复。这名官员表示,调查中发现的一张土耳其身份是真的。此前有报道称,该身份是一名土耳其公民遗失的。Officials from Thailand’s police and ruling military junta did not respond to a request to comment on the alleged contact from Turkey. Bangkok has previously rejected offers of assistance on the investigation from other countries, including the US.记者请求泰国警方及军政府官员就土耳其方面声称展开的联络发表,泰国警方及军政府官员没有回复记者的请求。此前,曼谷方面还回绝了美国等国就调查提供的援助。Gen Prawuth Thavornsiri, a police spokesman, told Thai television that authorities were investigating 1,000 numbers possibly linked to the group to which the 28 year-old detainee belonged, although he declined to identify the organisation. He said police still believe the suspect could be the man in a yellow T-shirt whom security cameras revealed dumping his rucksack at the packed shrine shortly before the blast.泰国警方发言人普拉武他翁西里将军(Gen Prawut Thawornsiri)在泰国电视上表示,当局正在调查可能与这8岁嫌犯所属组织有关的1000个电话号码。不过,他拒绝披露该组织的名称。他表示,警方仍然相信这名嫌犯可能就是那名身着黄色T恤的男子。监控摄像头曾拍到那名黄衫男子在爆炸案发生不久前,将他的背包扔在这一人群密集的神庙。The man, who police say has been in Thailand for more than 18 months, has been charged with possessing illegal explosives. Police say they found bomb-making equipment, including detonators and a metal pipe with lids, at a raid on the north Bangkok apartment where they made the arrest. Authorities say the device that ripped through the shrine was a pipe filled with explosive and ballbearings.泰国警方表示,这名嫌犯已在泰国停8个月以上,他已被指控持有非法爆炸物。警方表示,他们是在曼谷北部一所公寓逮捕这名嫌犯的,在对公寓展开的搜查中,他们找到了炸弹制作装置,包括多节雷管和一节有盖的金属管。泰国当局表示,在神庙爆炸的装置正是一个填充有爆炸物和滚珠的管子。来 /201509/396739。

One man has been killed and three police officers wounded in a shooting at an event in Copenhagen where a controversial Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a dog was speaking.哥本哈根一个活动现场发生击事件,造成1人身亡名警察受伤。当时一名曾把先知穆罕默Prophet Mohammed)描画为的有争议的丹麦漫画家正在事发地点发表演讲。Danish police said on Saturday afternoon that two people responsible were still at large after reports of up to 40 shots being fired.丹麦警方周六下午称,两名涉案嫌疑人仍然在逃,此前报道称嫌疑人开了多0。The shootings took place at an event where cartoonist Lars Vilks and the French ambassador to Denmark were debating art, blasphemy and freedom of expression.击案发生在一处活动现场,漫画家拉尔斯#8226;维尔克斯(Lars Vilks)正在此与法国驻丹麦大使辩论艺术、亵渎神明和言论自由等课题。The French ambassador wrote on Twitter: “Still alive in the room Reports suggested Mr Vilks was also unharmed as police stopped the shooters in the hallway outside the event. The dead man has not been named.法国大使在Twitter中写道:“仍然活着,呆在房间里”。报道称,维尔克斯也没有受伤,因为警方在活动现场外的走廊上阻止了手。目前尚未公布遇难男子姓名。Helle Merete Brix, one of the event organisers, said she hid in a cold room with Mr Vilks during the shootings. “There is nobody that thinks it is pleasant when somebody tries to attack you. We sat in the cold room holding hands and telling jokes. For what else can you do in such a situation?she told TV2.活动的主办者之一赫勒#8226;梅雷#8226;布里克斯(Helle Merete Brix)称,击发生时,她与维尔克斯躲在一间冷藏室内。“当有人试图攻击你时,没人会觉得愉快。我们坐在冷藏室里,相互握着手讲笑话。在这种情况下你还能做什么?”她向TV2表示。Mr Vilks has been threatened before. Seven people were arrested in Ireland in 2010 over an assassination plot. Later that year, the Swede was hit in the face by a protester while giving a lecture at Uppsala University.维尔克斯此前也遭到过威胁010年,7人因策划暗杀在爱尔兰被捕。当年晚些时候,这位瑞典漫画家在乌普萨拉大学(Uppsala University)举行讲座时,脸上被一名抗议者打了一拳。Fran#231;ois Hollande, France’s president, called Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on Saturday evening to express his solidarity, the Elysée Palace said. Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, will set off for Copenhagen shortly.爱丽舍宫(Elysée Palace)表示,周六晚间,法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)致电丹麦首相赫勒#8226;托宁-施密Helle Thorning-Schmidt),表达了团结之情。法国内政部长伯纳德#8226;卡泽纳夫(Bernard Cazeneuve)将很快前往哥本哈根。Denmark has been on edge ever since the shooting of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris last month as the first newspaper to publish drawings of Mohammed was Jyllands-Posten, a Danish daily.自上个月《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)的漫画家在巴黎遭到杀后,丹麦一直处于紧张之中,因为第一家发表穆罕默德漫画的报纸是丹麦日报《日德兰邮报Jyllands-Posten)。The newspaper stepped up security after the Paris attacks. Several plots had aly been foiled against it and other Danish targets after the cartoons were first published in 2005, an event that led to huge protests and dozens of deaths across the Arab world.在巴黎袭击案发生后,该报纸加强了安保措施。自2005年第一幅关于穆罕默德的漫画发表,引起阿拉伯世界的大规模抗议并导致数十人死亡以来,已有数次针对《日德兰邮报》及其他丹麦目标的袭击阴谋被挫败。Flemming Rose, the Danish editor who originally commissioned the cartoons that were later republished by Charlie Hebdo, has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.最初委托创作后来发表于《查理周刊》漫画的丹麦主编弗莱#8226;罗塞(Flemming Rose)获得了今年诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)提名。He told the Financial Times last month: “I don’t regret commissioning those cartoons. I don’t believe that a cartoon is worth a single life. The problem is that there are quite a few people who believe otherwise and then we are confronted with this dilemma: what do we do?”他上个月向英国《金融时报》表示:“我不后悔委托创作那些漫画。我不认为一幅漫画值得牺牲一条人呀?问题是有相当一部分人的想法正好相反,于是我们就面临这一两难境地:我们该怎么办?”Danish police said the shooting took place shortly before 16.00 local time and the shooters escaped from Osterbro, to the north of Copenhagens centre, in a dark Volkswagen Polo. The three police officers were not critically injured, the police later said.丹麦警方称,击案发生在当地时间6时,手驾驶一辆深色大众Polo从Osterbro区逃往哥本哈根市中心北部。警方后来称名受伤警察的伤势并不严重。The shootings immediately sparked debate in Denmark. One parliamentary candidate for the Danish People’s Party, a populist anti-immigration group that topped the polls in last year’s European elections, wrote on Twitter: “I think the left-wing and others who have supported Islam’s march into Denmark should be made accomplices.He took down the tweet shortly afterwards and apologised.击案立即在丹麦引发辩论。去年欧洲议会选举中得票领先的民粹主义反移民组织——丹麦人民党(Danish People’s Party)的一名议会候选人在Twitter上写道:“我认为左翼和持伊斯兰长驱直入丹麦的其他人都应该被列为帮凶。”不久他就删除了这条推文并道歉。来 /201502/360307。

A close ally of Edward Snowden has told filmmakers that Russias intelligence agency sought to recruit the former NSA contractor, but he declined the offer.爱德#8226;斯诺登身边的一位密友向制片人透露了一条消息,俄情报机构打算聘用这位美国国家安全局(NSA)前雇员,但斯诺登拒绝了这份工作邀请。WikiLeaks staffer Sarah Harrison says the Russian FSB intelligence security service approached Snowden while he was stuck in the transit area of Moscows Sheremetyevo airport for six weeks in 2013.维基解密的工作人员莎#8226;哈里森称,俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)情报安全部门在2013年时曾接触过斯诺登,后者当时被滞留在莫斯科谢列梅捷沃机场中转区长达6个星期。At the time, Snowden was unable to enter Russia or fly elsewhere because his passport had been canceled by U.S. authorities seeking to arrest him for leaking secret documents.在那段时间里,斯诺登不能入境俄罗斯也不能飞往别处,因为美当局已经取消了他的护照,并以泄漏机密文件为由要将其逮捕。Harrison told German filmmakers in a documentary airing late Monday that the FSB asked only once, and he ;didnt give anything to the Russians at all.; The FSB did not respond to an AP request for comment.在周一晚间播出的一部纪录片中,哈里森告诉德国制片人,俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)就问过斯诺登一次(关于工作邀请的事),并且斯诺登也没有给俄当局提供过任何资料。对美国联合通讯社(AP)就此事进行的要求,俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)并未做出回应。Russia granted Snowden temporary asylum in August 2013.2013月,俄当局批准斯诺登在俄临时避难。来 /201501/356255。