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Osteria IIson,is that right?YesOsteria IIson 这么读对吗 对的how do you feel all those picture I just show to everybody else?Im scared,I bet you are你觉得我刚才展示给大家的照片怎么样 吓到我了 你肯定吓着了I bet you very scared,can you guss what picture Im gonna show我确定你肯定吓坏了 你能猜出我会展示哪张照片么I picked thousand that I have,oh really我贴了成千上万张 哦 真的吗I just saw one that I thought that was really really worth showing我只看到了一张 我觉得真的真的值得一秀Well lets just show it好吧 我们来看看吧Thats not me,thats just one of my friend这不是我 只是我一个朋友I dont care,Im not asking you to come down here我不管 我又没让你下来这Thats called ;face;book,who is that这叫“脸”书 这人是谁Lets get to the bottom of this,who is this我得刨根问底了 这人是谁Its one of my best friend Michel Luis我其中的一个最好的朋友MichelIm blessing his face all he probably watch this我在想他的脸 他也许在看这个We are hiking on mount Ail on national park我们在国家公园爬Ali山we cilmb very dangerous rocks up to,that sign is ;hidden canyon;我们爬了那些非常奇险的石头 看到了牌子上写的“内有峡谷”This is the post that he gives me这是他给我的照片Well he has a very pretty lady butt is what he has,very pretty恩 他有个很美的女人屁股 非常漂亮All right,All right,I bet after you show all the stuff好吧 好吧 我相信在你们展示了这些东西后you gonna all change your privacy settings Im sure我确定你们都会改你们的私人设置的and those of you who I didnt show,congratulation I didnt show them还有一些我们有展示的 恭喜你们 我没有展示But if I did show your picture today,you gonna get a brand new computer,you gonna get a brand new Acer laptop但是我今天展示图片的那些人 你们将会得到一台崭新的电脑 你们会得到一台崭新的宏基笔记本For those of you who didnt get the picture show lets dance那些没有让我展示照片的人 我们跳舞吧 /201607/452804。

The ed Nations reported that as many as 50 civilians were killed in airstrikes on seven schools and hospitals Monday in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Idlib. 联合国报告称,周一叙利亚阿勒颇和伊德利卜省七所学校和医院遭空袭,造成多达50名平民遇难。A spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told reporters at a briefing Monday afternoon in New York, ;Such attacks are a blatant violation of international laws.; 周一下午在纽约一发布会上,联合国秘书长潘基文发言人对记者表示,“这样的袭击是公然违反国际法的。”The spokesperson added that children were among the dead in the missile strikes on at least five medical facilities and two schools in Aleppo and in Idlib. 发言人还表示,在阿勒颇和伊德利卜至少五所医院和两所学校遭导弹袭击,孩子也在遇难者中。The U.S. State Department blamed the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Russian backers for the attacks.美国国务院指责叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德政权及其俄罗斯持者。译文属。201602/426450。

PorcFest and the Free State Project豪猪自由节和自由州项目Anarchists get organised无政府主义者组织起来了The plot to liberate New Hampshire策划解放新罕布什尔州A YOUNG man in a leather loincloth saunters past a woman dressed like Alice in Wonderland. The tang of pot wafts through the air, and a small remote-operated drone buzzes overhead (“Bought it in China,” says the proud owner; “Id use it to follow chicks,” marvels one chap). Guns are everywhere; Bitcoin is the currency of choice. The Porcupine Freedom Festival, which ended on June 29th, saw more than 1,500 libertarians and anarchists descend on Lancaster, New Hampshire. The events mascot is a porcupine, which, though well-armed, only causes pain when attacked.一名身着皮革遮羞布的年轻男人漫步走过一个打扮得像梦游仙境的爱丽丝一样的女人。大烟的味道飘在风中,一家小型远程操控无人机在头顶嗡嗡作响(其所有者骄傲地说,“这是从中国带回来的,我用它来追踪我的小鸡们”,这让小伙子大感惊异)。在这里,无处不在,比特币是一种货币选择。于6月29日结束的豪猪自由节(Porcupine Freedom Festival)期间,有1500名自由主义者和无政府主义者屈尊来到了新罕布什尔州的兰卡斯特。节日的吉祥物是一只豪猪,尽管全副武装,但遇袭时仍会疼痛。New Hampshire is a natural stamping-ground for freedom-lovers. It has low taxes, lean bureaucracy and some of the loosest gun laws in America. Grown-ups can ride around without seat-belts or motorcycle helmets. The right to rebel when public liberty is “manifestly endangered” is enshrined in the state constitution.新罕布什尔州是自由爱好者的天然宝地。这里有着低廉的税收,稀薄的官僚意识和全美几乎最为宽松的管制。成年人可以不系安全带或不带头盔地兜风。在州立宪法中,当公共自由“明显岌岌可危时”反抗的权利被奉若神明。This is why it was chosen as the site for the Free State Project (FSP), which aims to lure at least 20,000 like-minded people to this small state (population 1.3m) and make it even more “liberty-loving”. Since 2002 nearly 16,000 have pledged to come and help slash state and local budgets, limit government meddling and legalise choices that do not harm others, such as drugs, gay marriage and maybe prostitution. It will be a “Yankee Hong Kong”, says Carla Gericke, FSPs president. “The one place in America that is economically free, like a beacon to the rest of the country—or even the world.”这也就是为什么,这里会被选作自由州项目(FSP)的地点,这个项目汇集了至少20,000名志同道合的人,他们来到了这个(人口仅有130万的)小州,使这里变得更加“热爱自由”。自2002年起,约16,000人承诺来到这里,帮助大幅度削减州和地区的预算,限制政府干预以及使不妨害他人的选择合法化,比如毒品、同性恋婚姻甚至性行业。FSP项目主席卡拉·格里克评价道,这里就像一个“美国版的香港”。她说:“这是全美唯一一个经济自由的地方,对于整个国家——甚至整个世界来说,这里就像一块熏肉一样诱人。”More than 1,600 “Free Staters” have aly made New Hampshire their home. They are beginning to have an effect. In 2012 the Granite State became the first to allow lawyers to tell juries they may acquit a defendant if they believe the law is unfair. In 2011 the state stripped away much of the red tape that kept home brewers from selling their wares, spawning a boom of “nanobreweries”. And in January the state House was the first legislative body in the country to vote to legalise marijuana for recreational use, although lawmakers backed down when Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, proved reluctant.超过16,00名“自由州人”已经把新罕布什尔州看做自己的家。并且他们开始有影响力。2012年,花岗岩州成为首个允许律师在认为法律不公的情况下,告知陪审团他们已经宣判被告无罪的州。2011年,该州废除了禁止家庭酿酒者出售自家商品的大部分规定,带来了一批“纳米酿酒厂”的成长繁荣。1月份,州议会成为全国首个投票通过大麻用途合法化的法律机构,尽管当民主党州长玛吉·哈桑对此表示不情愿时,州议会又退缩了。Some locals feel that the anti-government agitators have gone too far. A group in the small town of Keene tops up parking meters that have run out to stop traffic officers from issuing penalty tickets. The traffic officers complain that activists sometimes harass them; a charge the activists deny. Other protesters are accused of provoking cops into arresting them so they can film the resulting altercation. An anti-libertarian group called “Stop Free Keene” grumbles about the public pot-smoking and rude street art that the newcomers bring.然而,一些当地人觉得,反政府煽动者也许过火了。小镇基恩中的一个团体重新启动了废弃的停车收费器,来阻止交警开罚单。交警抱怨道,这些激进分子不时骚扰他们,而激进分子则否认这一指控。其他的抗议者则被责备激怒警察逮捕他们,以录下随之而来的争执过程。一个叫做“停止解放基恩”的反自由主义团体则对这些新来者带来的公众吸大麻行为和粗鲁的街道文化怨声不迭。In the jovial atmosphere of PorcFest, where idealists bond over their shared mistrust of rules and big institutions, the prospect of a future New Hampshire that can do without such things seems far-fetched. Tech geeks (who still dominate the Free State movement) enjoy home-made “bananarchy” ice cream while prattling on about the power of crypto-currencies. “Bitcoin can topple governments and end war,” gushes one fan.在节日的欢快氛围中,理想主义者因他们对规则和大机构的不信任感而团结,而没有这些内涵的新罕布什尔州未来似乎遥不可及。电脑怪客(仍主导着自由州运动的人们)一边闲扯着神秘货币的力量,一边享受着家庭自制的“香蕉自由”冰激凌。一名狂热粉夸张地赞美着:“比特币能够推翻政府,结束战争!”Others are more realistic. “Im an incrementalist,” explains Jason Sorens, the subdued intellectual who dreamed up the Free State Project while he was getting his PhD from Yale. Now a lecturer at Dartmouth College in Hanover, he is eager to use New Hampshire to test libertarian theories about enlightened self-interest and reciprocal altruism, small government and large networks of voluntary institutions. “We dont have all the answers,” he says, “but its worth the experiment.”但其他人则更为现实。在耶鲁大学读士时设想出自由州项目、如今因担心而日渐沉默寡言的学者杰森索朗解释道:“我是一名渐进主义者”。如今在汉诺威市达特茅斯学院任讲师的他,急切地想用新罕布什尔州测试自由主义中,关于开明利己主义、互利主义、小型政府和庞大志愿组织网络等理论。他说:“我们没有得到所有的,但这次试验做得很值得。”译者:杨雪 译文属译生译世 /201507/386749。

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Heres what the Michigan Constitution says about state aid to private schools:No public monies or property shall be appropriated or paid or any public credit utilized, by the legislature or any other political subdivision or agency of the state directly or indirectly to aid or maintain any private, denominational or other nonpublic, pre-elementary, elementary, or secondary school. No payment, credit, tax benefit, exemption or deductions, tuition voucher, subsidy, grant or loan of public monies or property shall be provided, directly or indirectly, to support the attendance of any student or the employment of any person at any such nonpublic school or at any location or institution where instruction is offered in whole or in part to such nonpublic school students.Thats about as clear as could be.Or, as they say, ;What part of no dont you understand?;The only exception the Constitution allows is that, ;the legislature may provide for transportation to or from any school.;This language wasnt in the original 1963 constitution, but things changed after the Legislature passed a law in 1970, seven years after the state constitution was adopted, to provide direct financial aid to certain private schools.The Michigan Supreme Court also upheld that law, but angry voters collected signatures and got a constitutional amendment on that years ballot to outlaw what was then called “parochiad.”Voters overwhelmingly passed it, and inserted the language Ive just ed into the state constitution, which seemed to settle the issue.But evidently not as far as Governor Rick Snyder and the current Legislature are concerned. The state budget which took effect October 1 includes .5 million to reimburse private schools for the cost of meeting state health and safety requirements.The governor claimed this was in fact constitutional, because the money wouldnt be going to “instructional purposes” – to actually educate kids.However, plenty of people strongly disagreed. The governor then sensibly asked the states highest court for an opinion as to whether this was constitutional, preferably before the budget took effect.Others agreed having the court weigh in was a good idea.The court, however, did something surprising – they refused to issue any opinion, saying, “we are not persuaded that granting the request would be an appropriate exercise of the courts discretion.”That left both sides claiming opposite things.A spokesman for the Michigan Catholic Conference said that since the high court “did not find the funding unconstitutional as the opponents had argued … nonpublic schools are entitled to funding.”But Don Wortuba of the Michigan Association of School Boards said - not so fast. He noted that the court had said nothing about the constitutionality issue.Whats certain now is that lawsuits will follow, and the Michigan Supreme Court will be forced to eventually rule on this.Im not an attorney, but I asked Jack Faxon, one of the last surviving delegates to the convention that wrote the Constitution, what he thought.Faxon, who went on to the state Senate and later owned a private school of his own, said it was clear that aid to private schools of any kind was meant to be unconstitutional, especially after the 1970 amendment.“That was voted on by a majority of the people … and cant be amended by the Legislature,” he told me.In other words, if we now want to change that, passing another constitutional amendment is the only fair and reasonable way to go.201610/469327。

According to family members, at least four Americans are still missing after the Brussels bombings. 据家庭成员,至少有四名美国人在布鲁塞尔爆炸案后仍然失踪。The missing include a husband and wife from the South and a brother and sister from New York City. 失踪人员包括来自南部的一对夫妻,来自纽约的一对兄。Both pairs were at the Brussels airport when two blasts rocked the check-in area, killing at least 11 people there Tuesday morning. 周二早上登记处的两起爆炸造成至少11人死亡,这两队人员当时就在布鲁塞尔机场。According to the State Department, about a dozen Americans were injured in the bombings, leading one lawmaker to suggest an American counter at the airport was targeted.据国务院消息,大约有十几名美国人在爆炸中受伤,一名议员表示机场的一美国柜台被攻击。译文属。201603/433428。