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乌市水磨沟区祛痘多少钱新疆医大第一附属医院激光祛痣多少钱Comprehension 1 Choose the correct word(s) in each sentence 1 Harry Johnny plays football Harry likes doesn’t like his job 3 There are vacancies computer human resource experts in Johnny’s company Olivia sells cheap expensive shoes 5 Fadi prepares sells food 6 Fadi’s uncle father owns the business Comprehension Fill the gaps with one of the following words: solutions exclusive alone online job workaholic 1 Johnny is a ………….. Olivia’s shoes are …………. 3 Harry has had three ….. offers Harry is ……… in the café when Olivia arrives 5 Olivia has thought about selling shoes …………. 6 Harry finds ………….. companies with computer problems 836博乐激光去痘坑多少钱 Grandma:Johnny, I cant believe you would do that.Johnny: I know, Grandma, I just...Grandma: Youre darn tootin, you know! Now, youre on housework duty while Im here!Johnny: Yesm.Grandma:Youre going to mop the floor until you can see your face in it!Johnny: Yesm.Grandma: And youre going to dust every piece of furniture in the house!Johnny: Yesm.参考译文:奶奶: 强尼,我不敢相信你会做这种事强尼: 我知道,奶奶,我只是……奶奶: 你知道,你当然知道!听着,我在这里这段期间,你要负责做家事!强尼: 是,遵命奶奶: 你要把地板拖到能反射出你的脸!强尼: 是,遵命奶奶: 还有你要把屋里全部家具的灰尘都撢干净强尼: 是,遵命重点词汇:on duty负责,on housework duty就是「负责做家事」A: I dont think we can get inside this building.我不认为我们可以进入这栋楼B: There must be a guard on duty somewhere. Let go find him.一定有警卫在哪个地方值班我们去找他dust (v.)撢灰尘,除去灰尘A: Have you finished cleaning your place?你清扫完你家了吗?B: I have to dust a little more and then Im done.我再撢一下灰尘就扫完了darn tootin千真万确,没错这种说法通常只有老人在用A: You look thirsty. Do you want something to drink?你看起来蛮渴的想喝点东西吗?Yesm. Yes, madam . 「遵命,女士」的简略说法madam是对女性的尊称A: You want some biscuits?想吃点比司吉吗?B: Yesm.好啊,女士 381Nico:Ive moving to Atlanta.尼克:我要搬去亚特兰大I want a fresh start.我希望有一个全新的开始Celia:This is a surprise.西莉亚:这真令人吃惊I thought you were going to stick it out here and try to put the past behind you.我还以为你要在这里坚持到底,试图将过去抛之脑后呢Nico:There are too many reminders here.尼克:这里有太多往事了I want a clean slate.我想从头再来What done is done and Im tired of blame and recriminations.木已成舟,而且我厌倦了责任及相互指责Celia:Im glad to hear youve stopped beating yourself up over what happened, but are you sure moving away will help you move on?西莉亚:我很高兴你对以前的事情不再有牵挂,但你确定离开会让自己好过?Nico:The world is my oyster now, isnt it?尼克:现在整个世界都由你做主,对不对?I can live anywhere I want to and do anything I want to.我可以在任何我想的地方生活,做任何我想做的事情Celia:I guess so, but are you sure you want to uproot and leave town?西莉亚:我想是这样,但你确定你想离开这座城市吗?Nico:Im not trying to reinvent myself, but if Im going to start over, I might as well do it in a new town.尼克:我不是试图彻底改变自己,但如果我要重新来过,不妨选择一个全新的城镇Celia:I guess a new town is a good place to start a new life and maybe youll find a new love.西莉亚:我猜选择新的城市是开始新生活的一个好地方,也许你会找到新的爱人Many people bounce back from a difficult divorce.很多人都是摆脱一段不堪回首的婚姻后再次恢复的Nico:Ive sworn off women.尼克:我发过誓远离女性的The only female I want in my life right now is my dog Fifi!我生命中唯一想要的女性现在就是我的菲菲! 05石河子大学医学院第二附属医院激光去痘手术多少钱

伊宁奥美定取出多少钱Hostage Situation Ends at Australia Cafe 人质事件在咖啡馆告捷A gunman entered a downtown cafe in Sydney on Monday, and took people hostage, including employees and customers. The lone gunman ordered some of the hostages to stand by the window and hang up an Islamic flag. At least 5 hostages escaped during the -hour ordeal. This reportedly caused the hostage taker to become extremely agitated. After night fell, commandos stormed the building and ended the siege. Two people, as well as the gunman were killed. The gunman was known to police and was out on bail despite a long criminal history.周一在悉尼,一名手进入了市中心的一家咖啡馆,并劫持了名人质,包括员工和顾客这名手命令人质站在窗前,并挂上伊斯兰国旗在这场个小时的搏斗中,至少有5名人质逃离据报道称这让手极端不安夜幕降临以后,突击队突袭了这栋楼,进行了包围包括手在内的3人死亡警方了解这名手,他有很长的犯罪史,并处在保释期间译文属原创,,不得转载 3833乌鲁木齐哪里可以做脱毛 铁门关市吸脂丰胸多少钱

石河子市做眼角除皱手术多少钱Rich Dad Poor Dad, how the US government works, sneak previews, thisthatthesethose, ;so to speak,; by all means, to begin with, under a spell, down to earthWords:self-helpschemeexecutivelegislativejudicialcongressbranchsupremebillvetooverrideoverviewpreviewto cast a spell 9197 阿克苏市提眉手术多少钱昆玉活细胞丰胸价格



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