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Encouragement Can Work MiraclesSomeone said that encouragement is simply reminding a personof the “shoulders” he’s standing on,the heritage he’s been given.That’s what happened when a young man,the son of a star baseball player,was drafted by one of the minor-league teams.Hard as he tried,his first season was disappointing,and by midseason he expected to be released any day.The coaches were bewildered by his failurebecause he possessed all the characteristics of a superb athlete,but he couldn’t seem to incorporate those advantagesinto a coordinated eft.He seemed to have become disconnected from his potential.His future seemed darkest one daywhen he had aly stuck out his first time at bat.Then he stepped up to the batter’s box againand quickly ran up two strikes.The catcher called a time-outand ran to the pitcher’s mound a conference.While they were busy, the umpire,standing behind the plate,spoke casually to the boy.Then play resumed, the next pitch was thrown —and the young man knocked it out of the park.That was the turning point.From then on, he played the game with a new confidence and powerthat quickly drew the attention of the parent team,and he was called up to the majors.On the day he was leaving the city,one of his coaches asked him what had caused such a turnaround.The young man replied that it was the encouraging remarkthe umpire had made that daywhen his baseball career had seemed doomed.“He told me I reminded him of all the timeshe had stood behind my dad in the batter’s box,”the boy explained.“He said I was holding the bat just the way Dad had held it.And he told me,‘I can see his genes in you;you have your father’s arms.After that, whenever I swung the bat,I just imagined I was using Dad’s arms instead of my own.” 1。

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  • Everyday English每日会话:The Way -01-7 19::3 来源: Bobby: How's tricks this week Kelly?Kelly: Pretty good, thanks Bobby. What about yourself? Bobby: Everything is just great me. But I feel a little washed out. Kelly: Really? I have a similar feeling - like I just need to disappear a few weeks to recharge my batteries. Bobby: Maybe we could just take-off and escape? Kelly: No we can't. We have responsibilities that we can't back-out from. Bobby: Like what! Kelly: Like school, our part-time jobs and our families! Bobby: Oh yeah! I didn't think that one through too carefully. 鲍比:这周过得怎么样凯丽? 凯丽:很好,谢谢鲍比你呢? 鲍比:每个人对我都很好,可我觉得有点儿疲惫 凯丽:是吗?我也有类似的感觉,就好象是需要消失几个星期给自己冲一下电 鲍比:也许我们可以离开,去逃避一下? 凯丽:不行我们不能这么做我们身上有很多责任不能逃避 鲍比:什么责任? 凯丽:比如说学校、我们的兼职工作还有我们的家人! 鲍比:噢没错!我没好好考虑过这些事------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW WORDS (生词) 1) Tricks: everything in your life 生活中的一切事情 Tricks has many meanings but in this context it is a question meaning 'how is your life'. “Tricks”有很多意思,在本文中是一个问句,意思是“你过得怎么样?” ) Washed out: tired and bored with your life 很疲惫,对生活厌倦了 Whenever I feel washed-out I go on a quick holiday and then I feel much better. 每当我感到疲惫的时候就休一个短暂的假期,之后就会觉得好多了 3) Recharge: to out life or energy back into something 充电、重新注入生命或活力 Every night I recharge my mobile phone and myself! 每天晚上我都给手机和自己充电! ) Back-out: when you agree to do something and then change you mind 收回:同意做某事后又反悔 So many times I want to back-out of my job, but then I remember the pay at the end of the month. 有好多次我想辞掉工作,可是接着就会想到每个月底发的薪水 Dialogue(对话) Jessie: If you could back-out of all your responsibilities and run away, where would you go? Tina: To a distant island along way from everyone. Jessie: What would you do all day? Tina: Lie on the beach and sleep to recharge my batteries. Jessie: Sounds ideal. I would go to a big, busy city. Tina: Why would you go somewhere full of strange people? Jessie: So I wouldn't see anyone who knew me at all. Tina: And what would you do all day? Jessie: Shop! Shop until I couldn't shop any more. Tina: I will sing you a song about running away then! 杰西:如果你能够推开所有的责任去逃避的话你会去哪? 蒂娜:到一个偏僻的岛上,避开每个人 杰西:那你每天做什么? 蒂娜:躺在沙滩上睡觉给自己充电 杰西:听起来很理想我会去一个繁忙的大都市 蒂娜:你为什么要去一个谁都不认识的地方呢? 杰西:这样我就一个熟人也碰不到了 蒂娜:那你每天会做什么? 杰西:购物!购物!直到不能再买了为止 蒂娜:那么我给你唱一首关于逃避的歌吧 每日 nbsp 鲍比 一个。
  • A moot point: 争论未决的问题 -01-7 00::7 来源: 历史上总有那么一些“悬案”,惹得大家争论百年、千年,也未争出个所以然这种“争论不休”的问题,可用短语a moot point来表达 就词的强弱意义而言,a moot point最初指“有待商榷的问题”,源于盎格鲁-撒克逊时代的“国民议会”当时,贵族、高级教士总要定期集会,处理一定时期内遗留的司法、行政问题,这种“解决问题”的集会常被称作“mot”或“mote”当然,“解决”实质上是“讨论”的过程,久而久之,motmote和由此演变的moot在词义上延伸为“有待商榷的问题” 现代意义上的a moot point(争论未决、争论不休、毫无意义的争论)源于法学院的学生如果看过热门韩剧《爱在哈佛,想必您也明白,法学院的学生经常开moot court(模拟法庭)法庭上的案件很多是凭空想象的,其间的争论也往往停留在纯理论层面,所以,人们常把这种辩论称之为“无休止、毫无意义”看两个例句:Whether Shakespeare actually wrote the poem remains a moot point among critics.(这首诗是否出自莎翁之笔有待商榷) It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first.(讨论鸡生蛋还是蛋生鸡,毫无意义)(英语点津陈蓓编辑) 问题 争论 moot point。
  • To Benjamin Bailey, th June 1818 My dear Bailey; I was in hopes some little time back to be able to relieve your dullness by my spirits—to point out things in the world worth your enjoyment—and now I am never alone without rejoicing that there is such a thing as death –without placing my ultimate in the glory of dying a great human purpose Perhaps if my affairs were in a different state I should not have not written the above—you shall judge—I have tow brothers one is driven by the ‘burden of Society’ to America, the other, with an exquisite love of Life, is in a lingering state—My love my brothers from the early loss of our parents and even earlier Mistunes has grown into a affection ‘passing the Love of Women’—I have been ill-tempered with them. I have vexed them –but the thought of them has always stifled the impression that any woman might otherwise have made upon me—I have a sister too and may not follow them, either to America or to the Grave—Life must be undergone, and I certainly derive a consolation from the thought of writing one or two more Poems bee it cesease. Your affectionate friend John Keats 89。
  • 人需要有一种宗教信仰使他的生活有意义我希望我也能有这样的信仰,但我的任何信念总会充满困惑和保留看法然而,我写诗就是努力发掘生活的意义偶尔,我用诗歌表现自己的经历和感受,从中也明白了我不曾意识到自己已经懂得的道理,对我来说,诗歌创作的冲动表现出来的,不是因为不系统而不太真实的东西……而是一种信仰,那就是,人必须享受生活,探索生活的真谛,提高生活的品质人可各尽其能,而我则通过写诗尽善尽美地完成我的使命I Wish I Could believe by C. Day Lewis "The best lack all conviction,While the worst are full of passionate intesity." Those two lines of Yeats me sum up the matter as it stands today when the very currency of belief seems debased. I was brought up in the Christian church. Later I believed a while that communism offered the best hope this world. I acknowledge the need belief, but I cannot get how through the ages great faiths have been vitiated by fanaticism and dogmatism, by intolerance and cruelty, by the intellectual dishonesty, the folly, the crankiness or the opportunism of their adherents. Have I no faith at all, then? Faith is the thing at the core of you, the sediment that's left when hopes and illusions are drained away. The thing which you make any sacrifice because without it you would be nothing - a mere walking shadow. I know what my own core is. I would in the last resort sacrifice any human relationship, any way of living to the search truth which produces my poem. I know there are heavy odds against any poem I write surviving after my death. I realize that writing poetry may seem the most preposterously useless thing a man can be doing today. Yet it is just at such times of crisis that each man discovers or rediscovers what he values most. My poet's instinct to make something comes out most strongly then, enabling me to use fear, doubt, even despair as creative stimuli. In doing so, I feel my kinship with humanity, with the common man who carries on doing his job till the bomb falls or the sea closes over him. Carries on because of his belief, however inarticulate, that this is the best thing he can do. But the poet is luckier than the layman, his job is always a vacation. Indeed, it's so like a religious vacation that he may feel little need a religious faith, but because it is always trying to get past the trivial and the transient or to reveal these as images of the essential and the permanent, poetry is at least a kind of spiritual activity. Men need a religious belief to make sense out of life. I wish I had such a belief myself, but any creed of mine would be honeycombed with confusions and reservations. Yet when I write a poem I am trying to make sense out of life. And just now and then my experience composes and transmutes itself into a poem which tells me something I didn't know I knew. So me the compulsion of poetry is the sign of a belief, not the less real being unmulated ... a belief that men must enjoy life, explore life, enhance life. Each as best he can. And that I shall do these things best through the practice of poetry. 97。
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