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Each year in the ed States, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed property - especially stock certificates, jewelry left in safe-deposit boxes, and seemingly forgotten money in checking accounts - are turned over to state governments by banks and companies that cannot locate the owners. The states, in turn, try to find these people.在美国,每年都有价值数千万美元的私人财产无人认领,其中包括股票券、保险箱里的珠宝首饰,以及在活期存款帐号上显然已经被遗忘的钱。由于找不到主人,或者公司不得不把这些东西和钱上交给州政府,由州政府负责去寻找主人。The mid-South state of Arkansas even makes a game of it. It calls it "The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt."美国中南部的阿肯色州甚至把这种“失物招领”变成一个游戏,叫做“大阿肯色州寻宝行动”。Each October, every newspaper in the state publishes a special section. There are no stories in it. No photographs. No advertisements. Nothing but page after boring page of names and people’s last known addresses. State auditor Charlie Daniels and his staff hope that people identified in that list will contact them and claim their cash and personal property.每年10月,州里的每份报纸都会推出一个专版,上面没有报导,没有照片,没有广告,有的只是非常单调的人名名单以及这些人最后为人所知的地址。阿肯色州审计员查利·丹尼尔斯和他的同事们希望相关人士看到那个名单后,能够和他们联系,找回属于自己的个人财产。Last year, that unclaimed treasure trove of everything from cash to diamonds and guns was valued at million. 去年,包括现金、钻石和在内的无人认领物品总价值达到2千200万美元。Charlie Daniels’ office puts the cash in the bank and the valuables in two big safes in the capital of Little Rock. It even holds onto some items that have only sentimental value, like World War Two medals, that are starting to turn up regularly, now that so many veterans of that war are dying. The state has even been known to hold onto false teeth and urns of cremated human remains.审计员丹尼尔斯和同事们把无人认领的现金存在,把其它贵重物品放在首府小石城的两个大保险箱里。他们保存了一些只有情感价值的东西,比如二战勋章。这种无人认领的勋章现在慢慢多起来了,因为越来越多二战退伍军人离开人世。阿肯色州政府甚至会保存假牙,以及骨灰盒。The right of the owner - or that person’s lawful heir - to claim this property or money never expires. Each year in Arkansas alone, about 15,000 families who join in the treasure hunt discover that they have inherited valuables they never knew existed. No lottery ticket anywhere can match the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt’s decent odds of paying off - sometimes quite handsomely.不管是物品的主人还是法定继承人,他们认领这些物品的时间没有期限。每年,仅仅在阿肯色州一个州,大约就有1万5千个参加寻宝行动的家庭会发现,他们居然能够继承到一些价值不菲而且他们以前从来不知晓其存在的物品。没有哪个州的票可以和大阿肯色州寻宝行动相比,因为寻宝行动常常会给人带来有时是相当可观的一笔财富呢。201104/132584ANNCR: The National Cancer Act – Today on Congressional Moment During the first 30 years of the 20th century, America became a safer and healthier place. Living conditions improved, causing many diseases to almost disappear. One exception to this pattern was cancer, and in 1937 Congress established the National Cancer Institute. By 1970, cancer had become the nation's second leading cause of death. Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough sought to make its conquest a national priority. He led a group of medical experts, cancer advocates, and business leaders who explored the issue. They became commonly known as the "Yarborough Commission." The Yarborough Report became the blueprint for the National Cancer Act, which was signed into law in 1971 by President Richard Nixon. The National Cancer Act provided additional funding for the National Cancer Institute, establishing 15 new cancer research centers, local cancer control programs, and an international cancer data research bank. Its passage received a boost when popular columnist Ann Landers encouraged a flood of mail from her ers, urging representatives to vote for the bill. The goal for a simple cure for cancer remains elusive. But scientific knowledge about cancer continues to grow. New techniques for detection, diagnosis, and treatment are constantly emerging, as a result of efforts of Congress and the American people.08/82262

Avon boots out its boss雅芳把老板给炒了Andrearsquo;s adieu钟彬娴,再见!An ugly mess at a beauty firm化妆品公司的丑陋乱局;YOU have got to go home tonight, Friday evening, and you have got to fire yourself,; a management coach once told Andrea Jung, the boss of Avon, an American beauty firm. The idea was for her to come back to work the following Monday as if starting her job anew. Alas, this brilliant tip was not enough. As Avonrsquo;s share price has wilted like mascara under a sunlamp, Ms Jung is being pushed out for real. On December 13th the firm announced that she will be replaced as chief executive.美国化妆品公司雅芳的一位经理曾对老板钟彬娴女士(Andrea Jung)说道:;你今晚必须回家,周五晚上,而且你必须辞职。;该想法是为了让她能在下周一犹如重新开始工作一样重返办公室上班。唉,这个聪明绝顶的小建议并不能起到明显作用。当雅芳公司股价像日光灯下的睫毛膏一样萎缩时,钟彬娴女士确实被推到风口浪尖。12月13日,公司宣布钟彬娴将只担任首席执行官一职。The makeover will be gradual. Ms Jung, who has run Avon since 1999, will stay on as chairman and help the board find a new boss. It will be a tough job for anyone. Avon is the worldrsquo;s biggest direct-seller: an army of cheery salesfolk hawk its products door-to-door. The 125-year-old New York-based company has an annual revenue of over billion and operations in more than 100 countries. But it has stumbled badly of late. Its share price has fallen by 45% this year (see chart).该变动将会是平缓的。钟彬娴自1999年来执掌雅芳,她将留着主席的位置上并帮助董事会找到新的主席。这对任何人来说都是棘手的。雅芳是世界上最大的直销公司:雅芳有一热情洋溢的销售大军,挨家挨户的推销产品。总部坐落在纽约的雅芳已经有125年的历史,年收入超过100亿美元,经营范围超过100个国家。但是最近雅芳发展严重受阻,其股价今年已经下跌了45%。Ms Jung had a glossy start at Avon, presiding over six consecutive years of double-digit growth. Yet she failed to use these fat years to invest in the business. By 2005 the firm was looking blemished. Sales declined in major markets. The share price dropped. Ms Jung laid off 25% of senior staff and cut costs everywhere except for advertising and distribution.钟彬娴女士在雅芳上任伊始非常顺利,代领雅芳连续六年创下增长率为两位数的记录。但是她并没有利用公司繁荣发展的这几年对业务进行投资。到2005年,公司发展出现问题,主要市场的销量下滑,公司股价下跌。钟彬娴解雇了25%的高级职员,并且全面消减除广告和配送方面的成本。Avon never really recovered. In March Ms Jung launched the biggest hiring drive in the companyrsquo;s history and nearly doubled the marketing budget. She saw in the global economic crisis a chance to overtake Avonrsquo;s rivals. It didnrsquo;t work.雅芳从未真正恢复。年3月,钟彬娴开始公司成立以来最大的招聘活动并且将营销预算将近翻了一番。她在全球金融危机中看到打败竞争对手的商机,但是却失败了。Moreover, the company has spent more than 0m on an internal investigation of alleged corruption among sales representatives in China and Latin America. Several have been dismissed. Americarsquo;s Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating, too. If Avon is found guilty of anything, the penalties could be steep.而且,公司耗资1.5亿美元对中国和拉美的销售代表中所谓的贪污行为进行调查,一些销售代表被解雇。美国券交易委员会也进行调查。如果雅芳被判定有罪的话,那么处罚将会非常严重。165963

  Bacon price hike to save industry A national pig petition is set to back UK pig farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by high feed prices and cheap foreign meat.Now a national pig petition is being launched today to support British pig farmers who say their livelihoods are threatened by soaring feed prices and competition from cheap imports.The campaign is backed by celebrity chefs from Gordon Ramsey to Rick Stein, and launched by Waitrose. But in a global market should consumers be expected to pay more for products just because they're British? Here is Jane Dodge.Most of us have a soft spot for pigs, not enough though to stop us eating them. Bacon is the nation's favorite meat. But the butties we know and love could become a luxury in the future according to pig farmers. They say they're struggling to survive, a big rise in the cost of feed means they're no longer making a profit. Some are quitting. Others like Martin Martindale in Hampshire have scaled down production.Solely, we've seen our overdraft rise, uh, some 3 times, uh, triple in size over the last 6 months, um, if the, if the situation continues, um, then we will find it increasingly difficult to stay in businesses, we will have to charge more for our product.To make that palatable to consumers, a campaign has been launched today called "Save Our Bacon".According to the industry the cost of rearing a pig is around 106 pounds. But farmers only get 80 pounds when it's sold, so that's a loss of 26 pounds. Farmers now want consumers to pay more for their pork.Aren't you just at the end of the day asking us to buy British?That's part of what we're trying to do, but the problems behind the British product, the freshness, the welfare standards that we've produced to are all far better than there is available from imported product.Standards may well be high here. But competitors argue their product is just as good and cheaper.There are occasions I would say where individual governments, uh, go ahead of the basic EU legislation which is, uh, to which we must alter it here, uh, that has happened in this country we would accept, with certain aspects of uh, pig welfare, but Danish farmers would also point to areas, in the area of welfare where their government has gone further than the government here.Ultimately this is a fight for hearts and minds - British pig farmers have to persuade consumers that quality is worth paying more for.200810/54099

  Reluctant Pakistan Considers IMF Loan to Avoid Default巴基斯坦考虑IMF贷款以还外债 Pakistan holds talks this week with the International Monetary Fund about what is expected to be an estimated billion bailout package. With foreign currency reserves dwindling and the rupee trading at all time lows against the dollar, Pakistan is in danger of defaulting on its debt. The country's traditional donors are not offering any immediate aid. 本星期,巴基斯坦和国际货币基金组织举行会谈,主要讨论巴基斯坦预期接受的一百亿美元救助计划。由于外汇储备下降,以及卢比对美元的汇率降到历史最低点,巴基斯坦面临无法偿付国际债务的风险。而传统援助国现在没有向巴基斯坦提供任何帮助。Pakistani officials say that because of the country's central role in the war against terrorism, shoring up its economy is an international priority.  巴基斯坦官员说,由于巴基斯坦在反恐战争中的重要地位,救助巴基斯坦经济是一项国际首要任务。Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters this week in Islamabad that he was optimistic the international community would come to Pakistan's aid. 巴基斯坦外长库雷西在伊斯兰堡对记者表示,他对于国际社会向巴基斯坦伸出援手感到乐观。"The world is recognizing Pakistan's role to keep the world peaceful and secure and also recognizing the economic challenges and the human price Pakistan has paid to make the world a safer place," said Qureshi. "And the democratic government of Pakistan is projecting Pakistan's case on that platform." “国际社会了解巴基斯坦在维护世界和平与安全方面扮演的角色,同时也了解巴基斯坦为了维护世界安全而承受的经济挑战并付出的人力代价。巴基斯坦民主政府正是基于这种原因来发出呼吁。”But the country's traditional donors have not stepped-in to help. Last week, President Asif Zardari returned from China with pledges to help construct two nuclear power plants - but no direct aid. This week, the "Friends of Pakistan" meeting of several wealthy nations including the ed States and Saudi Arabia, produced no plans to address the immediate problem of servicing Pakistan's debt. 巴基斯坦的传统援助国尚未出手相助。上个星期,巴基斯坦总统泽达里在中国访问期间,中国承诺帮助巴基斯坦建造两座核电站,但没有提供直接援助。本星期,包括美国、沙特阿拉伯在内的一些和巴基斯坦关系友好的富裕国家举行了会议,但是没有就帮助巴基斯坦偿付债务达成任何方案。Former finance minister Zubair Khan says inaction by the current government and the global financial crisis have left Pakistan few options for meeting its estimated billion in upcoming debt payments. 巴基斯坦前财政部长祖贝尔·坎恩说,现任政府的无所作为和席卷全球的金融危机让巴基斯坦对于即将到期的大约30亿美元债务束手无策。"The worldwide financial crisis has aly put strains on potential donor countries. Secondly, Pakistan has not come up with a viable economic program, which they would be y to support," said Zubair. "I do not think anyone is y to give just pure cash to Pakistan to do whatever it likes with it." “全球金融危机已经让潜在的援助国承受了压力。其次,巴基斯坦没有制定出可行的、可以马上得到援助国持的经济计划。我想,现在没有哪个国家愿意向巴基斯坦提供现金援助,让巴基斯坦想怎么花就怎么花。”Zubair says seeking money from the IMF will force Pakistan's government to adopt badly needed financial reforms that should lead to longer-term financial stability. 贝尔说,从国际货币基金组织寻求资金可以迫使巴基斯坦政府实行急需的金融改革,这将有助于长期金融稳定。But officials have been reluctant to apply for politically-unpopular IMF aid because its stringent financial conditions could hurt Pakistanis aly reeling from high food and energy prices.  不过,巴基斯坦官员不愿意申请政治上不受欢迎的国际货币基金组织援助,因为这种援助附加的苛刻金融条件可能会使已经面临高昂食品和能源价格的巴基斯坦人处境更困难。Sartaj Aziz, who served as finance minister under Nawaz Sharif in the 1990s, says an IMF loan could push the rupee even lower against the dollar, drive up unemployment and further raise utility prices. He says if officials can secure enough money from somewhere else to meet upcoming debt payments, Pakistan may be able to stabilize itself in the next year.He says right now the problem is short term, because if there is the expected bumper food crop this year and oil prices stay low, then next year Pakistan can be out of the crisis. Sartaj said one of the country's last opportunities to avoid accepting an IMF package appears to be President Zardari's trip to Saudi Arabia scheduled for the first week of November. Saudi Arabia has aly turned down requests to postpone payments for oil imports, casting doubt on the country's willingness to provide immediate aid. Economists say Pakistan's financial problems have been developing for several years, but the seven-month-old government has done little to address them since taking office.  经济学家们说,巴基斯坦的金融问题已经发酵了几年时间,但是新政府在过去的七个月里几乎没有采取任何措施解决这个问题。Now, facing a growing Taliban insurgency along its Afghan border and a gloomy international financial climate, Zubair Khan says the government may have no other choice but to accept the hardships of an IMF loan. 现在,面对阿富汗边境地区日益猖獗的塔利班反政府武装以及国际金融动荡,祖贝尔·坎恩说,政府除了接受条件苛刻的国际货币基金组织贷款之外可能没有其他选择。"It was mostly for political reasons that they were trying to avoid going to the IMF, but now the time of reckoning has come and they have to go there," said Zubair Khan. “巴基斯坦试图避开国际货币基金组织主要是基于政治原因。但现在,由于面临巨大的债务压力,他们必须和国际货币基金组织接触。”Pakistani officials are meeting with IMF representatives this week in Dubai. Pakistan's finance ministry said IMF officials were scheduled to meet in Pakistan, but changed the venue because of security concerns. 巴基斯坦官员本星期将在迪拜和国际货币基金组织代表会晤。巴基斯坦财政部说,这次会晤原来计划在巴基斯坦境内进行,但国际货币基金组织出于安全考虑改变了地点。200810/53773。

  Zambia Opposition Leader Sata's Lead Narrows as Vote Count Continues赞总统选举反对党以微弱优势领先 In Zambia, opposition leader Michel Sata is maintaining a slim lead over rival, Acting President Rupiah Banda, as vote tabulation continues from Thursday's presidential election. With more than three-fourths of the vote counted, Sata has 40 percent of the vote while Mr. Banda has 38 percent. 赞比亚反对党领袖萨塔以微弱的优势领先于对手代总统班达,与此同时,周四举行的总统选举的选票清点工作继续进行。在目前已经清点完毕的四分之三以上的选票中,萨塔获得40%的选票,而班达只有38%的选票。Veteran opposition leader Michael Sata sprang into an early lead as the first election returns came in from his strongholds in urban areas and Zambia's mining zones. 富有经验的反对党领袖萨塔在点票开始阶段就处于领先地位,当时的选票主要来自都市地区和赞比亚的采矿区,那些地方是他的票仓。However, acting president Rupiah Banda gradually gained ground as results began to come in from rural areas where his support is greatest. 不过,代总统班达逐渐缩小了差距,与此同时,开始清点来自农村地区选票,班达在那里有大量的持者。The elections were called following the death in August of the late President Levy Mwanawasa from a stroke. 这次选举是8月下旬总统姆瓦纳瓦萨中风去世之后举行的。An analyst with South Africa's Institute for Security Studies, Judy Smith-Hohn, says as a result the campaign was short though heated. 南非安全问题研究所的分析员霍恩说,这场选战因此是短暂而激烈的。"It's been a very highly contested election," she said. "They have had a very short time to actually prepare for it. So it's hard to tell what the tendencies, how it would have been if they had had a few months' chance to actually get the battle going." 霍恩说:“这是一个竞争非常激烈的选举。他们实际上只有很短的时间进行准备,因此,很难判断会有什么样的发展趋势,如果实际上只有几个月时间进行竞选,情况的确也只能如此了。”Mr. Banda campaigned pledging to continue Mr. Mwanawasa's pro-business and corruption fighting policies. These are credited for taming inflation and bringing five percent annual economic growth. 班达在竞选中承诺继续推行姆瓦纳瓦萨的利于商业和反腐败的政策。人们认为这些政策成功地遏制了通货膨胀并使经济出现5%的年增长率。Sata campaigned on the need for change saying that the economic gains had not reached the poor. 萨塔的竞选口号是需要变革。他说,经济增长没有使穷人受益。Voter turnout was low for the election. Some observers say this was because of the short time available to prepare voters. Others say it was because the winner will only serve two years, the time remaining in Mr. Mwanawasa's term. 这次选举的选民投票率很低。一些观察家说,这是因为选民只有很短的时间作准备。还有人说,这是因为获胜者只有两年的掌权时间,这两年是姆瓦纳瓦萨总统任期所剩的时间。The opposition has complained of rigging. But election officials maintain that the vote was free and fair.In the elections two years ago, Sata complained of rigging after he was narrowly defeated by Mr. Mwanawasa. However, the results were eventually upheld.200811/54784

  Arab Summit in Kuwait Offers Funds to Rebuild Gaza阿拉伯峰会为重建加沙提供资金  Top Arab leaders are meeting in Kuwait to discuss rebuilding Gaza and what to do about a stalled 2002 Arab peace initiative with Israel. The meeting, however, takes place amid deep divisions. 阿拉伯国家领导人正在科威特举行会议,讨论重建加沙的问题以及如何处理处于停滞中的2002年阿拉伯与以色列的和平倡议。这次会议是在分歧重重的气氛下召开的。It was the third gathering of Arab leaders in less than a week, and Gaza was once again the focus of debate at the Kuwait summit despite its original billing as an economic forum. 这是阿拉伯国家领导人在不到一个星期的时间内举行的第三次会晤。尽管原来把这次峰会定为经济论坛,但是,加沙问题再次成为科威特峰会的焦点。Saudi King Abdallah told fellow Arab leaders that he was declaring an end to "the recent period of quarrels" and "opening the door of unity." He added that he was pledging billion to help rebuild war-torn Gaza. 沙特阿拉伯国王阿卜杜拉对其他阿拉伯国家领导人说,他要宣布“最近一个阶段的争吵”已经结束,现在“开启团结的大门”。 他还承诺为帮助重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带提供10亿美元。The monarch, however, addressed his most important words to Israel, warning Israeli leaders not to pass up the chance of peace that was offered to them by the 2002 Arab summit in Beirut because, as he put it, such offers may not last forever. 不过,在沙特国王的讲话中,最重要信息是对以色列讲的。他警告以色列领导人不要错过2002年阿拉伯贝鲁特峰会提供的和平机会,因为这样的提议不会永远存在。Israel must understand, he said, that the choice between war and peace will not be offered forever and that the Arab peace proposal that is being placed on the table today will not be on the table forever. 他说,以色列必须明白,在战争与和平之间的选择机会不会永远存在。阿拉伯国家现在摆放在这里的和平提议不会永远留在这里。Syrian President Bashar al Assad, however, did not offer an olive branch to Israel, instead calling it a "terrorist state."He said the most important thing the Arab leaders can do for Gaza is to support its right to self-defense and resistance against Israeli aggression. That aggression, he added, may resume at any moment. Mr. Assad said that since he believes Israel will not change its policies, Arabs must defend the Palestinian cause. 他说,阿拉伯领导人现在能为加沙做的最重要的事情就是持他们自卫的权利以及对以色列侵略的抵抗。他说,这种侵略随时都可能再次发生。阿萨德说,他相信以色列不会改变它的政策, 因此阿拉伯国家必须捍卫巴勒斯坦人的事业。Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also used strong language to criticize Israel, condemning what he called its "arrogant use of force." But he also went on to urge Israeli leaders to accept the 2002 peace initiative. 埃及总统穆巴拉克也用严厉的措辞批评以色列。他谴责以色列“傲慢地使用武力”,但是他同时也敦促以色列领导人接受2002年的和平倡议。I tell Israel, he said, that the arrogance of power will not subdue the Palestinian people and will not bring peace...not all the tanks and planes in the world will bring security to the Israeli people. He also warned the world's great powers that the peace process, neglected for years, must be tackled responsibly. Peace in the Middle East, he insisted, is an urgent matter and cannot wait.  “我告诉以色列,傲慢地使用武力并不能使巴勒斯坦人民屈,也不会带来和平。不是所有的坦克和飞机都能给以色列人民带来安全。”他还告诫世界大国,和平进程被忽略了很多年,必须采取紧急和负责任的措施来处理这个问题。他坚决表示,中东地区的和平非常紧迫,刻不容缓。Israel initially rejected the Arab initiative in 2002, but in the past year has said it could be a starting point for discussion.Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose people were the subject and focus of the summit, called for Palestinian unity. 巴勒斯坦人是这次峰会的主要议题和焦点,巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯呼吁巴勒斯坦人团结起来。Abbas insisted that what must be agreed to now is a national unity government to cope with the humanitarian catastrophe, lift the blockade, reopen border crossings, and begin rebuilding. Then, he continued, parliamentary and presidential elections should be held, preferably at the same time. 他说:“我们现在必须要达成的一个共识就是,建立统一的政府,处理人道灾难,拆除封锁,重新开设过境点,开始重建......然后,同时举行议会和总统选举。”Arab leaders later held a closed-door session and al-Jazeera TV reported King Abdallah invited the leaders of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Qatar to his private quarters to discuss their differences. 晚些时候,阿拉伯领导人还举行了一个不公开的会议。半岛电视台报导说,沙特国王阿卜杜拉邀请埃及、叙利亚、约旦以及卡塔尔领导人到他的私人住处,讨论他们之间的分歧。01/61330ManagementWhat do bosses do all day? 老板整天在干嘛?The shocking truth can at last be revealed 惊人真相终将披露May 5th 2011 | from the print editionGotta hone those networking skills“撒网”技能有待磨练THANKS to closed doors and fierce gatekeepers, bosses are tricky to observe in their natural habitat. Yet it might be useful to know what they do all day, and whether any of it benefits shareholders. A new Harvard Business School working paper sheds some light.多亏了紧闭的房门和尽忠职守的把关者,老板们得以狡猾地呆在自己的窝里观察一切。然而,了解他们每天做什么,这些行为又对股东是否有利,也许是不无益处的。哈佛商业学院新披露的一份文件向我们揭示了部分真相。Researchers asked the chief executives of 94 Italian firms to have their assistants record their activities for a week. You may take this with a grain of salt. Is the boss’s assistant a neutral observer? If the boss spends his lunch hour boozing, or in a motel with his assistant, will she record this truthfully? Nonetheless, here are the results.调查对象为94位意大利公司的首席行政官,他们被要求让助理们记录下一周的活动。对这些,你也许不能全信。助理们是中立的观察者吗?如果老板在午餐时豪饮,或者和他的助理腻在汽车旅馆,她会如实记录吗?尽管有此种种不定因素,调查结果如下:The average Italian boss works for 48 hours a week and spends 60% of that time in meetings. The most diligent put in another 20 hours. And the longer they work, the better the company does.一般,意大利老板每周工作48小时,而且60%的时间花在会议上。最兢兢业业的人,工作时长甚至达68小时。而且,公司的运营状况和他们的工作时长成正比。201105/135532以下视频中,11对同性爱侣上周末在美国华盛顿州举行集体婚礼,数周前该州通过了同性婚姻法。201003/99595

  汶川大地震凝聚了全国人民的心,一场波澜壮阔的灾后重建开始了。从地震之后近一年的时间内,近40万人次的志愿者活跃在四川、甘肃灾区,他们义务帮助别人,甚至不惜自己的鲜血和生命。 汶川地震回顾:08年5月12日14时28分04秒 震级:里氏震级8.0级,矩震级7.9级 震中:四川省汶川县映秀镇损失:69229人遇难,374643人受伤,17923人失踪。从地震之后近一年的时间内,近40万人次的志愿者活跃在四川、甘肃灾区,他们义务帮助别人,甚至不惜自己的鲜血和生命。The municipal government of Southwest China's Chengdu city has released a report about the spending of social donations after the May 12th earthquake last year. The report says the city had received money donation, equal to around 1 and half billion US dollars by March.70 percent of the funds have been used in the relief and reconstruction work.The Beijing News published an editorial, saying the report is a good gift to the victims in memory of the devastating earthquake.The author says the move demonstrates the transparency of government work. It's also a responsible action that respects every donor's right to track their money. The newspaper calls on the governments of other affected regions to follow suit.The author further notes that as more memorial activities are planned ahead of the one year commemoration of the disaster, people should express their sincerity and best wishes. The article suggests a close inspection of the reconstruction work.It notes not only the details of donations, but also the government investment should be made. 05/69311As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954

  When 'I do' means 'I don't anymore'With divorce on the rise in Japan, some couples are choosing to celebrate the end of an unhappy marriage by saying "I do" for a final time at a divorce ceremony before friends and family.Divorce ceremonies were pioneered about a year ago by a former salesman, Hiroki Terai, who set up a "divorce mansion" in a small undercover space in Tokyo.Since then about 25 couples have each paid 55,000 yen (0) to hold a ceremony with all the pomp and grandeur of a wedding that publicly ends their relationship before they officially file for divorce. Terai said he had received more than 900 inquiries.The latest couple, who called themselves Mr and Mrs Fujii, met near Sensoji Temple in Tokyo's traditional Asakusa area on Sunday and rode in separate rickshaws to the divorce mansion."By putting an end to our marriage, we wanted to give ourselves fresh starts and give our lives a sense of renewal," said Mr Fujii, a 33-year-old businessman.He said he felt responsible for the failure of his marriage as he spent too much time away from home and too much money on his various interests including cars - despite numerous warnings from his wife.Friends and family of the Fujii couple followed closely behind the rickshaws on foot, arriving at the divorce mansion for a ceremony where the Fujiis smashed their wedding ring with a gavel, a gesture signifying the end of their partnership.The gavel has a frog's head as frogs symbolize change in Japanese culture."When we smashed the ring together, I felt like 'Oh, this is the end of it, really' and my heart and soul felt renewed. Now I feel I can have a new life and start all over again," said Mr Fujii.His wife of eight years also expressed relief."The moment I saw the smashed ring, I said to myself, 'Yes! That feels so good'," Mrs Fujii said.Terai, who is believed to be Japan's first "divorce ceremony planner," came up with the idea to help couples celebrate their decision to separate after one of his friends went through a bitter divorce.Divorce is on the rise in Japan, where it was once taboo, with about 251,000 divorces taking place in 2008, partly blamed on the poor economy taking its toll on romance.Vocabulary:undercover: working or done secretly in order to find out information for the police, a government, etc. 秘密工作的;暗中做的;私下进行的pomp: the impressive clothes, decorations, music, etc. and traditional customs that are part of an official occasion or ceremony 排场;气派;盛况grandeur: the quality of being great and impressive in appearance 宏伟;壮丽;堂皇rickshaw: a small light vehicle with two wheels used in some Asian countries to carry passengers. The rickshaw is pulled by somebody walking or riding a bicycle. 人力车;黄包车gavel: a small hammer used by a person in charge of a meeting or an auction, or by a judge in a court of law, in order to get people's attention (会议主席、拍卖商或法官用的)小槌take its toll (on sb./sth.): to have a bad effect on somebody/something; to cause a lot of damage, etc. 产生恶果;造成重大损失背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106836

  Political Experts Say Obama Faces Major Challenges奥巴马新政府将面临重大外交挑战 The celebration of Barack Obama's election to the US presidency has died down and now the president-elect and his team begin to face the many choices that confront them as they prepare to assume office in January. Political experts and foreign policy analysts say the new president will face some difficult challenges right from the start. 奥巴马当选美国总统的各种庆祝活动已经平息。现在,这位新总统和他的团队为明年1月入主白宫作准备的同时,也开始面临许多的选择。政治专家和对外政策分析人士说,新总统上任伊始将面临诸多艰难挑战。One of the most obvious problems for President-elect Obama is that he will enter office facing problems left over by outgoing President George Bush. Those problems include a financial crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and a number of other situations all of which demand immediate attention. 当选总统奥巴马面临的一个最明显问题之一就是即将离任的布什总统留下的种种问题。这些问题包括金融危机、伊拉克和阿富汗战争、伊朗可能在研制核武器的问题以及其他需要马上应对的一系列问题。Rice University Political Science professor Earl Black, co-author of the book Divided America, says new presidents have often had to deal with the problems left behind by their predecessor."He will face the situation, for example, that faced Ronald Reagan when he became the Republican president in January, 1981," said Earl Black. "He will have inherited all the problems associated with the previous administration." “例如他将面临里根总统1981年1月作为共和党总统上台时所面临的问题。他将继承前任政府遗留下的所有问题。”Black says another problem for President-elect Obama may be the high expectations he has raised among the people who supported him. 布莱克说,新总统奥巴马面临的另一个问题可能是他使持者对他的期望太高。"Since a lot of Obama's message emphasized hope and change and, to a large degree he was somewhat general about those, he has attracted, obviously, millions of supporters not all of whom probably agree on what change they want and what hopes they are hoping to be satisfied," he said. “因为奥巴马的很多信息都强调希望和变革。他的许诺在很大程度上有些宽泛。很明显,他吸引了上千万的持者,但这些人在希望什么样的变革,以及希望实现哪些目标方面,并不一定都持相同意见。”Some of the biggest and most frightful challenges facing the new president will be in foreign affairs. Peter Zeihan, Vice President of Analysis for Stratfor, a Texas-based private intelligence and analysis company, says all presidents entering the White House find their options are limited. But, he says, President Obama will have some special problems to address. 新总统面临的一些最大,也是最难以处理的挑战来自外交事务。德克萨斯一家私营情报分析公司(Stratfor)副总裁彼德.泽汗说,所有入主白宫的新总统都会发现,其实,他们的选择有限。但是,泽汗说,奥巴马需要解决一些特别的问题。"First, you have Iraq," he said. "He has promised his supporters that he will pull out as soon and as quickly as possible. However, unless he wants to turn around and re-deploy and go to war with Iran a year or two later, he has to be careful in how he does that. There needs to be some sort of agreement with Iran over the future of Iraq. Barring that, if you just have a naked pullout, there is really absolutely nothing that would stop the Iranians from taking over, whether directly or indirectly." “首先是伊拉克问题。他向持者承诺将尽快从速从伊拉克撤军。不过,除非他改变立场,并进行重新部署,在一两年后与伊朗打一场仗,否则,他必须小心从事。在伊拉克问题上,他需要与伊朗达成某种协议。如若不然,仅仅是纯粹地撤离,绝对不可能阻止伊朗人占领伊拉克,不管是通过直接的,还是间接的方式。”Such a move by Iran, Zeihan says, would endanger the Persian Gulf oil supplies and force a US response. Zeihan says the situation in Afghanistan and the refuge Taliban fighters have in nearby Pakistan will also challenge President Obama. 泽汗说,一旦伊朗采取这样的举措,就将危及波斯湾的石油供应,迫使美国不得不对此作出回应。泽汗说,阿富汗局势以及躲藏在邻国巴基斯坦的塔利班残余势力同样对奥巴马构成挑战。"The way that Obama has outlined that he will make a difference in this conflict is by tapping Europeans and calling on NATO allies to do more," he said. "Well, as the Bush administration has discovered, much to its chagrin, the Europeans don't have the forces in the first place to deploy, second, are not willing, as a general rule, to deploy them in combat situations and third, because of the global finance crisis, most of them are pulling their forces home from Afghanistan." 他说:“奥巴马提出的规划是,他在处理这个冲突上会有所不同,那就是,他会召集欧洲人,呼吁北约盟友采取更多的行动。但是,正如布什政府已经发现的,令他们十分苦恼的是,第一,欧洲人没有部队可以部署;第二,欧洲人一般不愿意把他们的部队部署在战斗地区;第三,受全球金融危机的影响,欧洲大多数国家都在把自己的军队从阿富汗撤军。”Zeihan says the new US president would risk provoking conflict with Pakistan if he sends US forces across the border from Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban and Al Qaeda. 泽汗说,如果新总统派遣美国部队越过阿富汗边境进入巴基斯坦,追剿塔利班和基地分子,有可能引发与巴基斯坦的冲突。He says the third security problem the Obama administration will face internationally is the increasing boldness of Russia, which is aggressively countering US attempts to expand NATO in eastern Europe. Zeihan says these are just some of the challenges for the new president. 泽汗说,奥巴马政府面临的第三个安全问题是,俄罗斯在国际上变得越来越无所顾忌。美国试图把北约扩大到东欧地区的计划,遭到俄罗斯的强势对抗。泽汗说,这些只是新总统面临的部分问题。"These are just the three security challenges, all of which, honestly, are more than enough to keep any president busy independently," said Zeihan. "All three together-Whew! I do not envy Obama. I would not have envied McCain, either." “这些仅仅是三个安全问题而已。老实说,这其中的任何一个问题就足以让新总统忙得团团转了。如果三个问题一起出现,怎么办!我不羡慕奥巴马。即使是麦凯恩,我也不会羡慕他。”Zeihan says US options will be limited in the years ahead because the country is over extended militarily and financially. 泽汗表示,由于美国近年来在军事和财政上的过度出,美国的选择其实有限。200811/55348。

  'Porn mode' threatens Web ads 浏览器威胁网络广告模式 InPrivate, a new privacy feature dubbed 'porn mode,' could jeopardize the advertising model of Web search engines. With just a few clicks you can now make sure the computer you're searching the web on has no trace of your activity. The feature known as "inprivate browsing" is part of the test version of Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 8. Bloggers have been critical inprivate the porn mode, since anyone using the computer afterwards should not be able to retrace a user's virtual steps.While it activated inprivate browsing, this'll appear here and that means that internet explorer would be prevented from saving any data about your browsing session.Internet Explorer 8 also introduces inprivate blocking. This alerts users when third party sides are tracking browsing activity; this is where google might be affected.Banner adser often display based on what google or yahoo think a user might be interested in depending on the sites visited.Blocking third parties from browsing activity could disrupt that business model.When people are in inprivate browsing and inprivate blocking, they will be given a list of companies that made aware of who else is seeing the conversation. They can then opt in or opt out, if having those people continue to provide and stream new information and data onto the websites.Microsoft controls around 70% of the browser market while Apple aly has the privacy feature and it can also be added to the popular Firefox 3 browser. A Google spokesman told CNN it's too early to tell how the Internet Explorer 8 features work and what their impact on the search giant might be.Microsoft says there're plenty of things inprivate browsing does not do.It does not necessarily make you anonymous on the web so the sites you visit can record your information. And if you're using a network at the office, your IT apartment can still see what you're up to while you surf on a company PC.Jim /, CNN London.200811/55623

  Some diseases are contagious,like colds, flu, and chicken pox. But what about loneliness? Loneliness may not be a disease, at least not in the same way that chicken pox is. But loneliness can be contagious. How so? The same way that many emotions can be infectious. Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood. While hanging around someone who’s depressed can be, well, depressing. The same goes for loneliness. According to one study, the average person feels lonely about forty-eight days per year. Having a lonely friend adds around seventeen extra days of lonely feelings.【生词注释】contagious adj. 传染性的 chicken pox 水痘loneliness n. 孤独, 寂寞emotion n.情感infectious adj. 有传染性的; 有感染力的hang around 聚在……附近【句子讲解】Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood.这是个复合句,主语是一个定语从句,who’s really happy做定语修饰someone,翻译时要将定语放在先行词前,翻译成“在一个快乐的人的周围”。mood 是名词,意为“心情”,put sb in a good mood 也就是 “让某人有好心情”的意思。有些病是传染性的。比如感冒,流感和水痘。但是寂寞也会传染给他人吗?寂寞并不是病,至少和水痘的病理不一样。但是寂寞也能传染。如何传染的,和许多情感一样传染。在快乐的人周围会使你有好心情。在压抑的人身旁会使你压抑。寂寞也是如此。根据一项研究,大多数人平均每年有48天感到寂寞。如果有一个寂寞的朋友,这会让你额外增加17天感到孤独的日子。 201110/158422

  墨西哥首都墨西哥城4日宣布,该市将从本周起恢复正常的经济活动。 Flu-hit Mexico mulls reopening schools, businessesFrom CRI News in Beijing, I'm David Nye.Life in Mexico could soon return to normal.This, after the government claims the H1N1 flu virus outbreak is declining.Mexico says it's considering reopening businesses and schools, despite reports Colombia became the latest country with confirmed virus cases.The virus has killed 22 people in Mexico and sickened close to 570 others.Worldwide, the virus has affected at least a thousand people.The Mexican government is planning to disinfect schools and provide safety recommendations to businesses.WHO lists Nigeria among countries with capacity to diagnose H1N1 virusAnd the World Health Organization, has listed Nigeria, as one of the countries, capable of diagnosing the virus in humans.Li Changchun calls on youth to further promote spirit of patriotism of May Fourth MovementAbout 3,000 delegates from across China, have marked the 90th anniversary, of the May 4th Movement in Beijing. Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao, were among the leaders who attended.Senior Chinese official, Li Changchun, called on young Chinese people, to further promote the spirit of the movement, through patriotism, diligence, and devotion.China to work with UN to address food shortage China is set to sponsor a UN program, to promote hybrid rice planting, in countries facing food shortages.A UN agriculture agency, says the program, hopes to help underdeveloped countries, enhance grain production, amid the global economic downturn.The UN says the Chinese-developed technology, could raise yields, by up to 20 percent. The program is expected to start in August.Chinese scientists to launch excavation at Peking man siteChinese scientists, say they will soon excavate a cave, where the first Peking Man skull was found, almost 70 years ago. They hope to find additional relics of ape men, who they say roamed the earth, hundreds of thousands of years ago.Scientists say they will begin excavating by mid-May.You're with the news, on China Radio International.To news overseas.05/68898

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