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It took years of negotiation and diplomacy to bring about todays historic deal between Iran and world powers. Iran has agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.Now, the White House has to sell this deal to Congress and it could wind up being one of the biggest political fights of the Obama presidency. Congress has 60 days to dissect the terms of the agreement.U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, says that his initial thoughts on the deal arent encouraging.First, he tells us that Irans history of breaking and ignoring agreements is troubling.Additionally, Huizenga points out that Iran is viewed as the worlds leader in state-sponsored terrorism.;Im afraid that this may very well spark a nuclear arms race within the Middle East,; he says.President Obama has said that no deal would mean no lasting nuclear restrictions on Iran, and that could encourage other nations in the region to pursue their own nuclear assets, but as far as Huizenga is concerned the deal presented by the White House doesnt pass the smell test.;I just dont buy where the president is going with this, and theres just way too many pitfalls,; he tells us. ;We need to maintain that pressure rather than just turning it over wholesale and allowing, for example, arms to be imported.;Even as the two countries tentatively approach this deal, there are still American citizens being held captive by Iran.U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint Township, has been fighting for the release of former Flint resident Amir Hekmati and other Americans. Hekmati has been held prisoner since 2011 when he was arrested under suspicion of being a spy.But the release of Hekmati and others was not included in the nuclear deal. Kildee endorses this decision. While he has long been working toward their release, he doesnt want it to come at the cost of the U.S. giving into Irans demands.;We dont want to trade the freedom of an innocent American for a provision that makes the world a less safe place,; Kildee says.Instead, Kildee hopes the added spotlight on Iran will put pressure on them to release the individuals as a sign of their full intentions to adhere to the negotiated terms.Kildee says the captives freedom ;doesnt require any negotiations, it doesnt require a counter-party, it doesnt really require much other than their willingness to release these individuals.;Until Hekmati and others are released, Kildee intends to continue to sp their story, saying he wont allow it to be lost in the discussion of the deal.As for how he will vote, Kildee says he will be taking a closer look at the agreement ;to determine whether, in its totality, it makes the world a safer place.;;Well find out what exact details are in there to see where we can agree,; Huizenga says. ;Im just afraid in the broad brushstrokes at this point its headed in the wrong direction.;201507/385757

Ive missed you so much, Ive missed you so much.我可想你们了 想死了I love being here which is good because thanks the stock market I have to be here.我喜欢回来做节目 因为股票不景气我不得不来but I really do.I just really have been looking forward to getting back to work我真心的 我老是盼着回来工作because Im one of those people who cant sit still which is why I only got laser surgery in this eye right here因为我是个闲不住的人 我还去做了眼科激光手术 就在这边so this side of the room,is anybody over there.I cant even see.you are beautiful over here演播厅的这一边 有人么 我看不到啊 这一边的观众都好靓I kept busy this summer I was working out a lot,Pretty much worked out every single day这个夏天我可忙着锻炼身体 天天大运动量健身I will go to my trainers house,and he would make me do these insane crazy exercises,where I climb ladders and I carry cement blocks我去教练家里 他让我做各种稀奇古怪的训练 爬梯子 搬水泥块now I think about it,I may have been building his master bedroom现在想起来 也许我把他们家的主卧都给装修了cause yesterday we insult the faucet,he said it was good to tricipe to keep turning因为昨天我们修了水龙头 他说这有利于保持三头肌的灵活性and he also said hanging dry wall was good for the up body.so now,but I did work out a lot this summer他还说 粉刷墙可以锻炼上肢 所以 这个夏天真是锻炼了不少and I did some hiking and there are some trials around my house,hiking trials and we have horse trials我还徒步过 我家周围有几条登山路 徒步路线 还有马术的三项赛道which is pretty much the same thing.the horse trials someone rides you and some knows a lot这两样其实差不多 马术赛道就是有马儿驮着你走路 有人很了解哈I went out saw some movies this summer.I saw a lot of good movies我还去看了几部电影 好多很棒的片子did you see Crazy Stupid Love.did you see that.thats a good movie right你们看疯狂愚蠢的爱了吗 看了吗 很好看 对吧Crazy Stupid Love is a good movie.thats a really good movie疯狂愚蠢的爱是部好片 很赞的片子not just cause my brother produced it.but Crazy Stupid Love is a really really good movie.I like that虽然制作人是我兄弟 但真的真的是好片哦我喜欢and I finally gave in and watch the entire episode of the Jersey Shore我最终妥协 看了整季《泽西海岸》 /201605/442462

  Everybody likes music, right? 人人都爱音乐,对吧?I mean, no matter who you are, where you live, or what your ethnicor cultural background is, people everywhere derive some pleasure from listening to their favoritemusic.不管你是谁,住在哪,来自什么种族,拥有什么文化背景,听自己喜爱的音乐都会感到快乐。Apparently, though, some people are simply not capable of enjoying music. 但是,很明显,有些人就是无法欣赏音乐。This not because theycant experience pleasure at all. 这并不是因为他们根本无法体会快乐的感觉。People who dont “get” music typically enjoy sex, food, moneyand many other pleasurable things. 那些不爱音乐的人一般喜爱性,食物,金钱和其他能够带来快了的事物。Just not music.只是对音乐不感兴趣罢了。According to at least one study, its not necessarily due to amusia a condition that hampers thebrains ability to process music. 至少有一项研究显示,失音症不一定是问题的根源所在。People with whats being called “specific musical anhedonia” haveno trouble making sense of or hearing music properly. 那些患有特殊音乐快感缺失症的人是可以理解或正常聆听音乐的。Theyre just indifferent to it.他们只是对音乐没有什么特别反应而已。In the study, researchers at the University of Barcelona examined thirty subjects split into threegroups. 在该项研究中,巴塞罗那大学的研究人员将30个研究对象分为三组。Each participant listened to different types of music and rated how much they enjoyedthem.每个参与者要求听不同类型的音乐并告知他们喜爱的程度有多少。They were also made to respond to questions in order to win or lose between twenty-five centsand nearly three dollars to test if the participants were only immune to music, or immune to other“pleasures”, like the prospect of winning money.同时,他们还需要回答问题,如果只是对音乐免疫,那么参与者可以赢得25美分到接近3美元的奖励,如果对其他能够带来愉悦感的因素免疫的话,就得不到奖励,比如赢钱能带来愉悦感。Meanwhile, the scientists measured their emotional response to each task by analyzing heart rateand how well their skin conducted electricity.同时,科学家们通过分析心率和皮肤导电性测量出参与者对每项任务产生的情感反映。And the researchers found that some of the participants had no emotional reaction to the musiceven when they were emotionally stimulated by the money incentive task. 研究人员发现,一些参与者对音乐没有任何情感反应,甚至是在金钱刺激的情况下。The researchers dontknow why some people derive no pleasure from music. 目前研究人员还不知道为什么有些人无法从音乐中获得愉悦感。Further research may provide an answer.想要找出还需要进一步的研究。201410/335193

  The birds have flown in from New Guinea and Japan to the north, Fiji to the east and even from the Asian mainland, thousands of kilometers away.海鸟们来自北边的新几内亚和日本,东边的斐济,甚至从数千公里的亚洲大陆飞来。In summer, Raine Island is the most crowded destination on the Great Barrier Reef.夏季的雷恩岛成了大堡礁最拥挤的目的港。It may look chaotic, but there is some order here.可能看起来一团混乱,但仍有规律可循。Brown boobies are everywhere, but other species perfer specific nesting sites.褐鲣鸟随处扎营,但其他鸟儿喜欢特定的筑巢地点。Red-footed boobies hang out on branches, a scarce commodity on the outer reef.红脚栖居在树枝上,树枝是外堡礁上的稀缺物资。Caspian terns from Japan nest on the sand.来自日本的红嘴巨鸥在沙地筑巢。Frigate birds find low-growing shrubs,and red-tail tropic birds hide amongst the limestone rocks.军舰鸟找到了低矮的灌木丛,红尾鸟则在石灰岩中安家。The birds like the turtles ahead here to breed.同海龟一样,海鸟来这也是为了繁衍。But the turtles, unlike the birds, are about to face the greatest challenge of their visit to Raine Island.可海龟不同于海鸟,它们即将面临雷恩岛之行的最大挑战。By later afternoon, they move towards the prime nesting beach that surrounds the entire island.下午的晚些时候,它们游向围绕小岛的首选筑巢海滩。All around here, its like the troops of massing.在我的四周,就像是军队正在聚集。The landing force is preparing itself, like you see heads popping up in dark shades, moving in shallows.登陆部队正在为登陆做准备,高高抬着头以及在浅滩上移动的深色龟影。And then the glistening back will appear.接着闪闪发光的龟背出现了。This is the moment of transition, when they leave the wavelessness of the sea.这是转折性的一刻,脱离了海水中无重力的状态。 201507/386553。

  The Next IdeaWhen the housing crisis hit in the mid-2000s, millions lost their jobs. Licensed home builder and Saginaw resident Jeff Little was one of them.Jeff lost his job in 2006, and soon his wife was unemployed as well. Struggling to make ends meet every month, he became self-employed and worked on and off while searching for a full-time job.For eight years, his efforts to land steady employment were unsuccessful until he got involved in an innovative public-private partnership developed to help create long-term career opportunities.Community Ventures, launched in October 2012 by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), helps eligible “structurally unemployed” people living in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.The program focuses on people with extended joblessness, low income, disability, limited education, or past incarceration.The goal is to place 1,000 structurally unemployed into stable jobs every year.To get there, the Community Ventures Team works cooperatively with local community and talent partners like Goodwill Industries, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), Michigan Department of Human Services, Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Detroit Employment Solutions, and others to find and screen eligible candidates.A connection is then made with participating employers, recruited by Community Ventures and MEDC, who commit to providing full-time (at least 30 hours) long-term positions that pay living wages. In order to minimize the hiring risk, businesses receive a stipend for each participant to pay for on-the-job training.As part of the program, local partners provide extensive post-employment support services like job coaching, transportation, workforce iness, child care, and adult education, depending on each participants needs.Last year, Jeff landed his first full-time job in nearly a decade.Working with the Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Jeff was identified as a good Community Ventures program candidate and was hired at Nexteer Automotive, a Saginaw-based automotive supplier.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.In Michigan, through Community Ventures, we have flipped that around by working directly with employers to ensure that participants gain high-demand skills and real jobs - jobs that set people on a sustainable path to independence.Its working. Nearly two-and-a-half years into the program, Community Ventures has placed more than 3,500 structurally unemployed people into long-term employment with more than 150 companies.This unique Michigan model could one day serve as a blueprint for a national program.So whats the Next Idea?There are about 300,000 people in Michigan who meet the definition of structurally unemployed, and about 16 percent of our population lives at or below the poverty line.What if, instead of 1,000 people a year in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw, we targeted 10,000 to 15,000 people across the state? Imagine what would happen to unemployment and poverty in Michigan if 15,000 structurally unemployed people started finding opportunities for themselves.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.Community Ventures doesnt have to be limited to just four urban areas. It can be expanded into any area where you have people who have chronically struggled to find jobs.The challenge now is to scale it on a statewide basis.In his 2016 budget recommendations, Governor Snyder has asked the legislature for million to continue the program in the four target communities. Expanding the programs reach, however, will require additional funding. With state budget priorities and realities as they are, relying on public dollars alone isnt feasible.We have to look outside the norm.One area we are looking at engaging is Michigans philanthropic community. Michigan is home to over 2,200 foundations providing hundreds of millions of dollars in grants every year. We feel that an economic development initiative like Community Ventures that promotes social enterprise would be a good fit for the mission of any number of foundations in the state.Another avenue we are exploring is social impact bonds. With this model, governments team up with service providers and private sector investors to create and fund innovative social programs. Investors are repaid only when the programs reach specific targets and tax dollar savings are achieved.A third opportunity we are looking at is crowdfunding. We know that a state-led crowdfunding effort can work. Our Public Spaces Community Places initiative has had tremendous success enabling local residents, businesses and other community stakeholders to use crowdfunding to support the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC.Today, Jeff Little is a machine operator at Nexteer.With the help of an onsite ;success coach,; he is thriving in his new position and has aly earned two raises. Little credits Community Ventures as a “total life change,” and getting up and going to work every day and providing for his family has instilled in him a new sense of pride and purpose.Jeff Littles story is about more than finding a job. It is about an opportunity to change a life for the better.With innovative thinking, we can take the model that is working to empower people in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw who previously may have lost hope of ever making a living and bring it to other communities across Michigan.We have an opportunity to help write thousands of similar stories.Michael Finney is senior advisor for economic growth for Governor Rick Snyders administration and the former president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.201506/378649

  Thats weird,ok.So now youre in this movie and who is in it with you?Oprah Winfrey,yes.真奇怪 好吧 你现在出演了这部电影 演员还有 奥普拉·温弗里 是啊Did you mom,you know,did you take her on the set of ;Selma;?Did she meet Oprah.你带你妈妈去了《塞尔玛游行》的片场吗 她跟奥普拉见面了吗I actually took my mother to Oprahs home,but I had to threaten her first.实际上我带我妈妈去了奥普拉的家里 但我得先威胁她I had to say mother,do not.I had to speak to her and say,If you embarrass me,dont ask any,dont say anything,dont ask anything.我得说 妈妈 不要 我得咬牙切齿地说 如果你让我丢脸了 不要问任何 什么都不要说 什么都不要问What would she say to Oprah that would be embarrassing?Seriously.她跟奥普拉会说什么让你丢脸的话 说真的she said to me,I wasnt going to say anything.I was only going to ask her what was going on with her and Steadman?她跟我说 我什么都不打算说 我本来只打算问她 她和长期搭档斯特德曼之间是怎么回事Mom.I say,dont ask her that.I was going to ask her if I could hang out with her and Gail.妈 我说 别问她那个 我打算问她 我能不能跟她还有盖尔出去玩No,you cant say that either.No,no.I had to keep her close to me.不 那也不能问 不行的 我得让她一直待在我身边You did get to socialize with Oprah,and you shot something with Oprah,right?你们的确跟奥普拉去玩了 你跟奥普拉拍视频了 对吧You been on my Instagram?Yeah,Ive been on your Instagram.Yes,Ive been on your Instagram.你看了我的Instagram吗 是啊 我看了你的Instagram 是的 我看了你的InstagramThis is you and Oprah,what are you doing.Youre cleaning up in the kitchen?这是你和奥普拉 你们在干什么 你们在厨房里搞卫生吗We are washing dishes.Is this after a party because it looks like youre having a lot of fun for cleaning.我们在洗碗 这是在派对之后吗 因为看起来你们搞卫生搞得很开心Well,heres what I will tell you.Oprahs lovely.shes everything you think she is.我要告诉你这个 奥普拉很可爱 她跟你认为的一样好However,she has a very heavy hand when it comes to pouring a drink.really? yeah.但是 她倒酒的时候手很重 真的吗 是的she likes a big strong drink? she gives you about 98% alcohol and then a DNA sample of a liquid.她喜欢大杯的烈性酒 她给你倒98%的酒精 然后是混合酒的DNA样本201609/468153

  Monarch butterflies are not around in the numbers they used to be — not by a long shot. By some estimates, monarch populations have dropped by 90% over the past twenty years.But why has that happened to these iconic butterflies?On a butterfly surveyI took a walk with Jerry Wiedman to count butterflies. Hes a retired chemist. Wiedman brought a clipboard, and a butterfly net with a pole almost as tall as he is. We walked around a park that overlooks Lake Erie in northeast Ohio.This isnt just a casual walk. This path through meadows and woods is whats called a butterfly transect. Wiedman and others set it up.;And we count butterflies within 7.5 feet on either side of us,; he said.As we walked, he jotted down how many butterflies and what species we saw.;Theres your red admiral, see him?;Wiedman has been fascinated with butterflies since he was a kid.A mystery of natureFor many young people, monarch butterflies are the first to get their attention. Their large orange and black wings are easy to spot. And their migration story is a mystery of nature.Each spring, these tiny, fluttering creatures fly thousands of miles. They leave their winter homes in forests high in the mountains of Mexico, and the females lay eggs on milkweed plants in the southern U.S.Most monarchs live only a few weeks. So the new butterflies continue the journey started by their parents. It can take five generations to complete one migration to Canada.Some years, Wiedman has personally counted hundreds of monarchs migrating through Ohio.But thats changed. ;We dont get the the numbers we did in the late 90s or early 2000,; he said.A troubling downward trendHis counts show fluctuations in the monarch population, but its a downward trend. Its the same story around the country.Chip Taylor is the director of Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas and he says monarch numbers started to plummet in the early 2000s. Thats when new farming technology — known as Roundup Ready (glyphosate-resistant) seeds — became popular. With Roundup Ready seeds, farmers could spray entire fields with herbicide. The weeds would die, but the crops were fine.Taylor says it also killed off the milkweed, and thats the only food monarch caterpillars can eat.;You know, Ive got really nice pictures of milkweed growing in corn and soybean fields around the year 2000. Then around 2006 you couldnt find milkweed growing in corn and soybean fields anywhere. I mean it was just about impossible,; he says.Around 2007, President Bush made a push for huge increases in corn-based ethanol and other homegrown sources of energy. With the help of Roundup Ready technology, many farmers planted corn and soy on land that had been fallow, or in conservation. This killed off even more milkweed. ;And the estimate is that weve lost 100 million acres of habitat just to the adoption of this particular technology,; says Taylor.Should the monarch be listed as threatened?According to estimates by the Center for Biological Diversity, monarch populations have dropped by about 970 million since the mid 1990s. Theyve petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the monarch as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.Taylor argues against that.;I dont think they should be listed as threatened. I think that is counterproductive. The value of this petition is that its caught everybodys attention,; he says.He says regulation could set up conflicts between farmers and the federal government.Still, he sees a need to restore tens of thousands of acres of habitat for the butterflies. He says thats aly starting to happen, with many people planting milkweed in their home gardens and teaching children about it in school.201505/376032

  No. 1 Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prizein 1939, he was nominated by Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament.第一,希特勒在1939年获得了诺贝尔和平奖的提名,提名他的是勃兰特,一位瑞典议会的议员。The man was a dedicated anti-fascist and he made thenomination as a joke, but unsurprisingly is sarcasm wasnt very well received.此人致力于反法西斯,并把这项提名当作笑话,但毫无疑问这个讽刺并不被大众理解。No. 2 Hitler invented the blow-up sex doll.第二,希特勒发明了充气娃娃。German troops were getting syphilis from engagingwith French prostitutes, so to counteract this, Hitler had lifelike dolls madethat could pack into soldiers bags and provide comfort when needed.德国军队从法国身上染上梅毒,所以为了抵抗此病,希特勒下令制作了栩栩如生的娃娃,可以装在士兵的包裹里,在需要的时候提供安慰。No. 3 Hitlers first love was a Jewish girl, lackingcourage he never spoke to her.第三,希特勒的初恋是一个犹太女孩,由于缺乏勇气,他从来没有对她说话。He was only 16 at the time and he wrote a number oflove poems about her.那时他只有16岁,还写了许多关于她的爱情诗。Some sources claim he even contemplated suicide, asan escape from the suffering unrequited love caused him.一些消息来源声称他甚至想以自杀来逃避单恋的痛苦。No. 4 Hitler led the first public anti-smokingcampaign in modern history.第四,希特勒领导了现代史上第一次公共禁烟运动。The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign banned smoking inpublic transport vehicles and raised the tobacco tax.纳粹反烟运动禁止在公共交通工具上吸烟和提高烟草税。They also promoted health education and organizelectures for soldiers.他们还推行士兵的健康教育并组织讲座。No. 5 Hitler was a vegetarian, and created lawsagainst animal cruelty, he passed laws which regulated animal slaughter as wellas animal transport.第五,希特勒是一个素食主义者,他制定了反对虐待动物的法律,通过法律规范动物屠宰以及运输。Most importantly, he prohibited hunting and limitedanimal testing.最重要的是,他禁止打猎和限制动物实验。Unfortunately, the animals previously used inmedical experiments were replaced by the Jews.不幸的是,之前医学实验中使用的动物被犹太人所取代。No. 6 Hitler was saved from drowning by a priestwhen he was four years old.第六,希特勒在他四岁时溺水,被一个牧师救了。The priest was around hitlers age and jump to therescue when the ice under Hitlers feet cracked and he sank into the freezingwater.这个牧师跟他差不多年龄,在希特勒脚下的冰裂开,陷入了冰冷的水时,跳下去救了他。Ironically, the hero grew up to regret the incident.具有讽刺意味的是,这位英雄长大后表示十分后悔这个举动。No. 7 During the First World War, a British soldierspared the life of a wounded German, that German was Adolf Hitler.第七,在第一次世界大战期间,一名英国士兵救了一个受伤的德国士兵一命,那个德国人就是阿道夫#8226;希特勒。The soldier had a clear aim to kill at point-blank,but he decided not to shoot.这个士兵本可以一毙命,但他决定不开。Hitler later found an article about the soldier,recognized him in the picture and save the clipping.希特勒后来发现了一篇关于该士兵的报道,从照片上认出了他并保存了剪报。No. 8 Hitler plan to collect thousands of Jewishartifacts to build a museum of an extinct race after the war.第八,希特勒计划收集成千上万的犹太人艺术品以在战争结束后建造一个灭绝种族的物馆。He ordered the collection of 200,000 items whichwere photographed and catalogued, the collection was meant to serve as a trophycase.他命令集合20万件物品来拍摄和编目,这个收集被作为自己的一个奖杯陈列。No. 9 Hitler never once visited a singleconcentration camp.第九,希特勒从未去过任何一个集中营。In fact, he was very careful about keeping a safedistance from all the dirty work.事实上,他非常小心地和所有肮脏的工作保持着一段安全距离。He deliberately spoke very vaguely about thesubject, and no written order about the killings ever existed, he gave the mostsensitive order exclusively and verbally.他故意很含糊地谈到这个话题,对裁定杀戮从不下书面命令,这些敏感的命令都是口头陈述并鲜为人知。No. 10 Hitler only had one testicle. Reportedly, hewas injured in battle with his abdomen and groin suffering most of the damage.第十,希特勒只有一个睾丸。据传,他在战斗中受了伤,腹部和腹股沟遭受了严重的伤害。As a result, he lost one of his testicles, the wardoctor supports this claim although no conclusive evidence was ever made inpublic.结果是,他失去了他的一个睾丸,虽然战地医生持这一说法,但至今没有有确凿的据来公然实。201508/391263


  And I have to jump into this pool,and just sink to the bottom.我必须跳进泳池 沉入水底And it was the worst day of my life.那是我人生中最糟糕的一天It was like panic and I did it with hours and hours with this - Wow我特别惊慌 这一幕拍了好几个小时 -哇哦We did, I dont know 30 takes and I just Finally the sweet underwater camera man was like,我们拍了 我也数不清 大概30次吧 最后还是多亏了那个好心的水下摄影师He saw me starting to kind of have a little bit of panic,他发现我开始惊慌害怕And he said ;you dont do this ,we are done , youre done就跟我说;不拍了 休息吧Youre not doing this anymore;.And then of course I started crying.不用再拍了; 然后我就开始哭Cuz Im like ;My god, Im not doing my job And Im panic and Im scared and Im gonna die;.哭着说;我没有尽职 我又慌又怕 感觉自己快要死了;And then I just ,we just did it maybe three more times when I found it但最后我们还是又拍了3次Wow! So you did it even more after until it likes 33 takes. - Yeah. Finally did it.所以拍了33次才拍成功 -是的 终于成功了Its a glad for punishment. - I might know.真是遭罪 -我想也是Imagine if you were on a tricycle then you have to do the scene想象一下 如果拍这一幕时你得骑着脚踏车Oh! Could you imagine? - Wouldnt it been worse你能想象吗 -那一定会更糟的That wouldnt been terrible. - If you chosen to do it that way.一定非常糟 -如果你这么做的话Yeah, I could have actually, but then I would actually stay under water.如果那样我就只能待在水底了Cuz it would have something holding me.Yeah, you wouldnt let it go.因为有东西拖住我 而且你不懂得松手Because the weighs is more enough.No.Riding the tricycle.因为那车太沉了 是啊 骑着三轮车 /201512/417346

  Undercover on a Segway摄位车上进行的“秘密活动”Tourists beware游客们当心A report from the seamy underworld of unlicensed tour guides关于无导游这个阴暗地下世界的报道A TERRIBLE threat stalks the streets ofWashington,DC: unlicensed tour guides. These brazen lawbreakers imperil the public by showing them around the nations capital without a permit. Your correspondent went undercover to observe at first hand the dangers tourists face in their clutches. It was harrowing. First, your correspondent had to balance on a Segway, a two-wheeled vehicle from which she could have fallen several inches to the cold, hard pavement. “Just try to relax,” purred Bill Main, the outlaw guide, “Its easy.” With white knuckles and a pink helmet, the tour began.华盛顿特区大街上正蔓延着一个可怕的威胁:无导游。这些无耻的违法者扰乱公共秩序,在没有许可的情况下带领游客们参观这个国家的首都。记者亲历地下世界去观察第一手游客们关键时刻面临的危险。这让人很恐惧。首先,记者必须在摄位车上保持平衡,这种两轮电动车有让她从任何一边摔向冰冷坚硬的人行道上的可能性。“别担心,”违法导游Bill Main发出喉音说道,“很简单的。”在兴奋、紧张中带着一个粉色的头盔,这趟行程开始了。Mr Main never took the exam to become a tour guide, so your correspondent braced herself to hear a torrent of errors. Would he claim that the White House was once destroyed by aliens, as in the film “Independence Day”? No. Actually, he was pretty good. Yet he could be jailed for 90 days if caught.Washingtonrequires all guides to pay 0 and take an exam. That adds up: Segs in the City, the firm Mr Main runs with his wife, Tonia Edwards, employs a dozen guides.Main从未参加过成为导游的考试,因此记者准备好了听到一大串错误信息。他会说白宫曾被外星人摧毁过一次么,就像电影“独立日”中的场景那样?不会,事实上,他很好。然而如果他被抓到了会被判监禁90天。华盛顿要求所有导游付费200刀然后参加考试。还要加上:Main和太太Tonia Edwards运营的公司城市摄位车公司雇佣的大批导游。The permit system protects incumbents, raises prices and kills jobs. Mr Main also believes that it violates his right to free speech. Robert McNamara of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian law firm, agrees. “The government cannot restrict speech unless there is evidence the speech is causing harm,” he explains. Tour guide patter hardly qualifies. Mr McNamara helped Segs in the City file a lawsuit against the city government in 2010. The city won; Mr Mains appeal reached a DC federal court on May 5th. The city defends the licence as an essential safeguard for consumers.许可系统保护了在职者们,提高了价格,削减了岗位Main也相信系统侵犯了他的言语自由权。自由论法律公司——司法研究所的Robert McNamara同意他的话。“政府不能限制Main的言语除非有据说他造成了伤害,”他说道。导游的话很难界定资格。McNamara在2010年帮助城市摄位车旅游公司起诉了市政府。但是政府胜诉了;Main在5月5号上诉到特区联邦法庭。市政府辩护到书是为消费者设置的必要护卫。In the 1950s only one American worker in 20 needed a permit from the government; today that figure is around one in three. Some jobs, such as doctors, clearly need strict controls. But some states require licences for florists and interior designers. Such permits tend to cost hundreds of dollars and months of extra training, yet offer little benefit to consumers, says Morris Kleiner, an economist at theUniversityofMinnesota. Sometimes customers, like undercover tourists, can look after themselves.20世纪50年代政府平均20人中之批准了一位美国工人成为导游;今天数据到了大约三个过一个。一些工作,比如说医生,明确需要严格控制。但是一些州要求花匠和室内设计者考取书。这种许可需要花费数百美元和长达数月的额外培训,然而这对消费者来说受益甚微,明尼苏达大学的经济学家Morris Kleiner说。一些客户,比如“从事间谍活动的”旅游者们,能照看好他们自己。译者:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201601/421437

  Volkswagen大众汽车VW conquers the world大众征世界Germany’s biggest carmaker is leaving rivals in the dust德国最大汽车制造商令对手望尘莫及When Ferdinand Piech arrived as Volkswagen’s chief executive in 1993, things looked dire. The carmaker was overspending, overmanned and inefficient, and had lost its reputation for quality. How things have changed: last year the VW group’s profits more than doubled, to a record 18.9 billion (.8 billion). As other European volume carmakers seek to close factories and cut jobs, VW is seizing market share in Europe, booming in China and staging a comeback in America. It plans to spend 76 billion on new models and new factories by 2016. Its global workforce is more than half a million, and growing.1993年,当费迪南德·皮耶希出任大众所首席执行官时,这家汽车制造公司的处境十分糟糕——公司不仅经费超资、人员冗杂、效率低下,还丢掉了产品质优的牌子。如今时过境迁,大众集团去年利润翻了一番有余,以189亿欧元(238亿美元)创历史新高。正当欧洲其他年产汽车制造商试图关厂裁员时,大众集团却在欧洲抢占市场份额,在中国迅速蓬勃发展,在美国卷土重来。大众计划在2016年投入760亿欧元用于新车型的研发以及增设新工厂,公司现有全球劳动力逾50万,这一数字还在持续增长。It took years for Mr Piech—now chairman, but still with his hands firmly on the wheel—to tame VW’s menagerie of semi-independent brands and get to grips with its global empire of factories. He has been a ruthless hirer and firer of executives: only last month Karl-Thomas Neumann was removed as head of VW’s Chinese operations, supposedly for his disappointing performance, despite the juicy profits VW is making in China. Mr Neumann had been talked of as a possible successor to the chief executive, Martin Winterkorn.皮耶希先生现在虽已退居集团主席一职,却依然紧握大全,他在驯大众旗下一系列半独立品牌,把握全球工厂帝国上耗费数年。他一直是冷酷无情雇主,也是执行官“杀手”——仅在上月,大众中国CEO倪凯明突遭撤换,尽管大众在中国的利润不菲,据猜测倪凯明是因其在华表现不佳而黯然离场。倪凯明先生曾被认作是继任首席执行官马丁·文德恩的热门人选。Mr Piech is a grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, who founded VW after Hitler called in 1934 for the creation of a cheap “people’s car”, a Volkswagen. The Piech-Porsche clan controls both VW and Porsche, a sports-car maker that is now being folded into VW after the failure of an overambitious and highly leveraged reverse takeover. On July 4th VW agreed to buy the 50.1% of Porsche it does not yet own for 4.46 billion.皮耶希先生是费迪南德·保时捷的孙子。老费迪南德响应希特勒设计一款价格低廉,属于“人民大众的轿车”的号召,在1934年创立了大众公司。如今,皮耶希-保时捷家族同时打理大众和保时捷两个品牌。保时捷是跑车制造商,在一次雄心过大且高杠杆的反向收购失败后,被整合至大众麾下。今年7月4日,大众同意以44.6亿欧元的价格吞下保时捷余下的50.1%的股份。VW is also buying Ducati, a maker of fancy motorbikes, and consolidating MAN and Scania, two lorrymakers, into its commercial-vehicles division. Yet still the firm remains hungry. It has long coveted Alfa Romeo, a premium-car division of Fiat; and is rumoured to be eyeing up Navistar, an American lorrymaker. Mr Winterkorn nevertheless dismisses the suggestion that the group is getting unmanageably big.大众公司还买下顶级托制造商杜卡迪,并将曼恩和斯堪尼亚这两家卡车制造商合并至旗下的商务车系。然而,大众依旧野心勃勃。它对菲亚特旗下的高档车品牌阿尔法·罗密欧觊觎已久,有谣传称大众还盯上了美国卡车制造商纳威司达。有人提议称大众集团正日趋壮大而变得难以管理,可是文德恩却对此不予理睬。Mr Piech’s plan was for VW to become the world’s biggest carmaker by volume by 2018. Last year, however, as Toyota struggled with the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami and GM floundered in Europe, VW reached its goal seven years early (see chart), if you do not count Subaru, Toyota’s distant affiliate, or GM’s Wuling joint venture in China, which mainly makes Chinese-branded cars.皮耶希先生的计划是希望大众能在2018年坐上全球汽车销量头把交椅。可在去年,丰田公司在日本海啸余波中苦苦挣扎,美国通用在欧洲步履艰辛,如果不将丰田的远房分斯巴鲁,或是通用在华合资企业,主要以生产中国品牌汽车的五菱公司计算在内,大众公司已提前7年实现目标(见上图)。The 8.5m vehicles VW made last year cover all corners: Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT in the mass market; Audi in premium cars; Porsche, Bugatti and Lamborghini in sports cars; Bentley at the luxury end; plus various commercial-vehicle brands. Most (SEAT excepted) are firing on all cylinders. IHS Automotive, a forecaster, expects VW easily to beat its target of 11m sales by 2018.大众公司去年生产的850万辆汽车覆盖了所有市场类型——大众市场内有大众、斯柯达以及西亚特;高档车市场有奥迪;跑车领域有保时捷、布加迪和兰基尼;高端豪车里有宾利,外加诸多商务车品牌。除西亚特外,其余品牌销量大都一路领先。预测机构思迈汽车信息咨询公司称,大众公司有望在2018年轻松突破年1100万辆车的销售目标。Fierce competition and regulatory pressure to develop alternative-fuel cars are forcing other makers to seek cost-sharing partnerships. Toyota and BMW are teaming up on low-carbon technologies. GM’s Opel division in Europe is joining Peugeot-Citroen to make smaller cars. Daimler is edging towards a threesome with the Renault-Nissan alliance. Sergio Marchionne, the boss of Fiat and Chrysler, recently suggested merging several European makers to create “another Volkswagen”.在代用燃料型汽车的研发上,其他汽车制造商面临着激烈的竞争,以及来自监管部门的压力,使制造商们不得不寻求能分摊成本的合作伙伴。丰田和宝马就正在低碳技术上进行合作。美国通用欧洲子公司欧宝携手标致雪铁龙一同制造小型轿车。戴姆勒则倾向于加入雷诺-尼桑联盟,玩三人行。菲亚特和克莱斯勒总裁塞尔吉奥·马尔基翁近期提议,将几家欧洲汽车制造商合并,组建起“另一个大众”。Volkswagen has been better than its rivals at reducing the number of common “platforms” that its cars are built on. This allows it to offer a fabulous variety of brands and styles while slashing manufacturing costs. The next stage, launched this year, is a versatile platform codenamed MQB, which will underpin the VW Golf, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and SEAT Leon, in all their variations.在减少组装汽车的通用“平台”数量上,大众公司一直比竞争对手做的出色。而这方面的优势也让大众能在大刀阔斧削减制造成本的同时,极大程度的丰富旗下的品牌和车型。今年新发行的代码为MQB的多功能组装平台,将持大众高尔夫系列,奥迪A3,斯柯达明锐系列,西亚特Leon以及上述系列衍生车型的组装。Wolfsburg’s lone wolf狼堡的独狼VW’s size means it seldom needs partnerships with rivals, says Mr Winterkorn. Perhaps this is just as well. Judging by its botched hook-up with Suzuki, a mid-sized Japanese maker, VW is not much good at romance. Suzuki’s boss, Osamu Suzuki, has filed for divorce and is taking VW to arbitration to force it to sell its 19.9% stake in Suzuki. Among other things, he has complained of being treated like a subsidiary, rather than a partner. VW had hoped to develop cheap cars for emerging markets with Suzuki, which is big in India. Now it must do so alone, at considerable cost.文德恩先生说,大众的规模决定了它几乎不需要同对手合作。事实或也诚然如此。从大众与日本中型汽车制造商铃木失败的联姻来看,大众实属不懂浪漫之辈。铃木总裁铃木修已向仲裁法院递交了“离婚”申请,希望通过仲裁以迫使大众返回其持有铃木的19.9%的股份。此外,铃木修还抱怨称,铃木更像是大众的子公司,而非合作伙伴。铃木在印度占有大量市场份额,大众曾期望能携手铃木,共同为新兴市场生产廉价车。如今,大众不得不以高昂的成本独自完成了。In many of the 26 countries where VW has factories, it has been around long enough to be seen as a domestic firm, so protectionists usually leave it alone. The founding family’s controlling shareholding, and a blocking stake held by the state of Lower Saxony, where VW is headquartered, allow it to resist short-term pressures to pull out of any market that turns difficult. Rivals envy the stability this brings, especially just now, says Mr Winterkorn.在大众设厂的26个国家中,被看做国企,故不受保护主义分子的骚扰。大众公司的股权受创始家族掌控,而拦截性股权又由总部所在的下萨克森州州政府持有,这便使公司在市场转难的时候可以抵御短期压力,及时抽身。文德恩先生说,大众的对手们都羡慕这种关系所带来的稳定,尤其是现在。VW can cope with a collapse of the European car market. Others must make deep cuts—or perhaps even, in the case of GM (which has lost billion in Europe since 1999) and Ford (which gave warning on June 28th of deepening losses there), pull out of the continent altogether.如果欧洲汽车市场崩溃,大众可轻松应付。其他汽车制造商则不得不大幅削减,甚至退出欧洲大陆市场,例如自1999年至今损失160亿美元的美国通用公司,以及在6月28日对欧洲损失预警的福特公司。 译文属译生译世 /201607/452495

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