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栏目简介:The city received about 40 percent more rain than usual in May, and the wet weather will continue this week. Yuan Chenyue tells us more. Article/201706/510998。

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson51:AT THE HOTEL 在旅馆751. Welcome to the Comfort#61557; Hotel. 欢迎来到康福德旅店。752. I just need a room for two. 我要一间双人房。753. Do you have any vacancies#61558; ? 你们有空房间吗?754. One double bed will be fine. 一张双人床就行了。755. Would you like a discount#61559; on your room charge? 你的住宿费需要打折吗?756. I’m like a wake-up call. 我想要叫醒务。757. Would you like some help with your bags? 要帮您提包吗?758. We don’t allow pets in our rooms. 我们房间不允许宠物入内。759. Fresh towels are in the bathroom. 干净的毛巾在浴室里。760. Room service can be called at the front desk. 在前台有客房务。761. Do you want a single or double bed? 您要单人床还是双人床?762. The elevator#61560; is at the end of the hall. 电梯在大厅的尽头。763. Outside calls will be added to your bill. 外线电话费会记在您的账单上的。764. I don’t have any hot water in my room. 我的房间里没有热水。765. I need a taxi to the airport. 我需要一辆出租车去机场。【生词解读】1. comfort n. 安逸;舒适2. vacancy n. 空处;空地;空房3. discount n. 折扣;打折扣 4. elevator n. 电梯;升降机 /200708/17093。

With the stranglehold of the monopolies over, Americans now realize that anything is possible as long as they work together.随着垄断制约的结束 美国人现在意识到 只要他们齐心协力 一切皆有可能The nation is more powerful than ever and that power will soon be needed.国家比以往任何时候都更强大 这种强大很快就派上了用场On a brisk spring morning, two years after the breakup of standard oil, John Rockefeller joins his old rival Andrew Carnegie to mourn the loss of one of their own.标准石油解体两年后 一个清冷春天的早晨 约翰·洛克菲勒跟着老对手安德鲁·卡内基 一起去哀悼一位同辈Less than a month from his seventy-sixth birthday, J.P. Morgan dies in his sleep.离七十六岁生日还有不到一个月的时间 J·P·根在睡梦中去世Morgan leaves such a mark on American finance that the New York Stock Exchange shuts down, an honor normally reserved for the passing of a president.根对美国金融的影响如此之大 以至于纽约券交易所都闭所致敬 这通常是总统才能享受的荣誉J.P. Morgan certainly was the foremost name in banking in terms of creating modern finance... and you can#39;t have a modern economy without a modern, effective functioning banking system.在建立现代金融方面 J·P·根肯定是界最重要的名字 现代化的经济绝对少不了一个现代化的有效运作的体系He was as influential as any of the Titans of that day.他和其他当时的巨人一样拥有巨大的影响力While the old rivals once saw each other as cutthroat competitors now, in their twilight years, the fathers of American business have found a mutual respect.虽然他们将对方看作你死我活的竞争对手 但是在晚年 这些美国商业元老却相互尊重起来 Article/201608/457577。

Shootings in Chicago have reached a deadly new high.芝加哥的击事件已经达到了致命的新高度。According to data gathered by the Chicago Tribune, 1,000 more people in the city were shot this year than at the same time last year.据芝加哥论坛报的数据,相比去年同期,今年超出1000多人遭击。Homicides are on the rise, too. Police say there#39;ve been nearly 600 so far this year, while last year saw about 400 at this time.凶杀案也有上升的趋势。警方表示,到目前为止今年已经有近600起,而去年在这个时候有大约400起。The report comes after a particularly bloody weekend for the Windy City.该报告之前,芝加哥遭遇特别血腥的周末。A total of 48 people were shot in Chicago between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning. Eight died from their injuries.周五下午和周一清晨间,共有48人在芝加哥遭击。8人伤势过重死亡。This year has become the deadliest for Chicago in the past two decades, though other cities like New Orleans, St. Louis and Baltimore have higher homicide rates per capita.在过去的20年里,今年成为芝加哥最致命的一年,虽然其它城市像新奥尔良、圣路易斯和巴尔的有更高的人均杀人率。译文属。 Article/201610/473002。

This technology is known as the internet of things,这项技术被称之为物联网where the objects in our houses - kitchen appliances,我们家中的一切物品 例如厨房用具anything electronic - can be connected to the internet.所有电子产品 都可以连接到网络But for it to be useful, we#39;re going to have to share但为了确保实用性 我们需要分享intimate details of our private life.私生活的一些细节So this is my things app.这是我的物联网应用软件It can run on your mobile phone它可以在你的手机or on a tablet or something like that.或平板电脑之类的设备上使用I can do things like look at the comings我可以用它来查看and goings of family members.家庭成员的出入情况It can automatically detect when we come and go它能基于我们的手机based on our mobile phones自动探测到我们的出入or you can have it detect your presence with a little sensor,或用一个小传感器来探测你的存在you can put it in your car or something like that.你可以把它安装在车里或者其他地方So when we leave the house,这样我们出门离家时and there#39;s no-one home, that#39;s when it#39;ll lock up也就是家中无人时 房子就会自动上锁and shut down all the electricity used and so on.关闭所有用过的电器等等For most of us, this is deeply private information.对于大多数人来说 这是极其隐私的信息Yet once we hand it over,然而一旦我们提交了这些信息we have to trust a company to keep it confidential.就必须要相信公司会保密The consumer really owns 100% of their own data客户必须完全掌控自己的数据信息so they#39;re opting in.这样他们才会选择使用It#39;s not something where that data would ever be shared这不是未经客户许可without their giving their permission.就会分享数据的应用重点解释:1.be connected to 有关联例句:The patient was connected to the monitor.病人被接上了监测器。2.based on 以 ... 为基础例句:Communism is based on Marxism.共产主义是以马克思主义为基础。3.lock up 上锁; 封锁例句:It#39;s not my job to lock up!上锁不是我分内的事。 Article/201611/480488。

中国色拉英语乐园Salad English Park 故事梗概:   故事发生在一个人和动物友好相处的现代都市里。在那个世界里有着和我们现实生活完全一样的场景。所有发生的故事围绕我们日常生活的场景展开。包括出租车,饭店家庭聊天,医院,商店等等。还有可怜的Mr.B先生,总是个倒霉的家伙,被困在小岛上多日,每次求生的努力总是失败。另外还有一心想得到新式捕虫武器的青蛙,狡猾的商人,多情的公鸡,忠厚而失败的老牛等,许多许多有趣的人物演绎出一场一场好戏,同样折射出我们忙乱而精的都市生活。也许通过这么多细致的描写,你也可以发现你自己身边的青蛙,公鸡…… /200711/21347。

So I knew this guy who thought he did everything he could for his wife, but the wife was just completely unhappy.这个伙计觉得他为妻子做了很多,但他的妻子却完全高兴不起来。And he couldn#39;t understand why. He would say, But look! I#39;m doing all these things for her... But here was the reality...他不明白为什么。他说,“瞧,我为她做了这么多…”但事实是…He never told her how much he loved her, he never told her how beautiful she was.他从来没有告诉过她,他有多么爱她,也从来没有告诉过她,她是有多么漂亮。In his mind it was like, Why is all that fluff necessary?他总觉得,这么做有必要吗?I make sure to support the family, and take out the trash, and fix things...我肯定会照顾家庭,倒垃圾,修理东西…I#39;m showing her real love, why are those extra words necessary?我给她真正的爱,为什么还有必要说些多余的话呢?Alright, so that is the equivalent of someone who speaks English going to China好吧,这就像是,一个讲英语的人去中国and speaking with people who don#39;t understand English,和不懂英语的人说英语,and being confused about why it#39;s not working... Why don#39;t they understand me?!还因为交流不了而感到非常困惑,为什么他们听不懂我说什么?I#39;m speaking English, it#39;s the best language in the world, how can they not understand me?我说的是英语,世界上最好的语言,怎么能听不懂呢?So the whole idea here is that people speak different love languages.所以这里的意思就是表明人们也会用不同的爱的语言。In this example, the man#39;s love language was acts of service.在这个例子里,男士的爱语是务行动。And his wife#39;s love language was words of affirmation.而他妻子的爱语是肯定言辞。And he spoke the language of acts of service and expected his wife to feel loved,他用“务行动”这种语言期望妻子能感受到爱,which is again kind of like speaking to a Chinese person who doesn#39;t speak English就有点像是对不懂英语的中国人讲英语,and being surprised and angry that he doesn#39;t understand you.还因为对方听不懂而感到惊讶和生气。So the five love languages are: Words of Affirmation. Quality Time. Receiving Gifts. Acts of Service and Physical Touch.所以这五种爱的语言是:言辞肯定,品质时间,接受礼物,务行动和肢体接触。And one of the things that has made my relationship with my girlfriend so enjoyable for over two years now我和女朋友在两年时间里能够保持关系稳定的一个重要原因是is that we have the same primary love language,我们有共同的主要爱语,and it#39;s quality time which is closely followed by physical touch.就是品质时间,紧随其后的是肢体接触。The most enjoyable thing for us is when we cook an amazing dinner and then sit down我们最享受的事情就是,做一顿大餐,然后坐下来and just spend time with each other. Or when we go on a date and just spend time together.和彼此共度时光。或者是我们约会的时候也很享受彼此的陪伴。And it#39;s the same thing with physical touch.肢体接触也是同样的。We can sit around for literally hours just holding and touching each other and it doesn#39;t have to be anything sexual.我们可以坐上几个小时,仅仅拥抱一下,而没有进一步的表示。So that works out really well but for her, words of affirmation are really important as well.所以真的挺顺利的,但是对她来说,言辞肯定也是很重要的。For me, I don#39;t really care so much about it. I don#39;t have to be told how pretty I am every day,对我来说,我并不是很在意这一点。我不需要每天都有人夸我多么漂亮,I#39;m fine without that. But at the same time, I don#39;t make the mistake of thinking,就算没人夸,也没事。但同时,我没有犯这种思想错误,Well, I don#39;t need it so it#39;s not important. No, I tell her how beautiful she is, because why wouldn#39;t I?那就是,我不需要就说明它不重要了吗。不,我会告诉她,她是有多么美丽,为什么不说呢?Even though that#39;s something that I personally don#39;t need I find it really enjoyable to do it for her.尽管我个人并不需要那样,但我也乐于为了她而去那么做。Now here#39;s a little difference between the book and this...现在呢书上和这里有一点小不同…The whole idea in the book is to figure out what your partner#39;s need is and then meet that need.全书的思想是找出并满足你伴侣的需要。So let#39;s say you#39;ve been married for 30 years, and you hate each other,如果你已经结婚了30年,你们都很讨厌对方,that can be a great way to make the relationship better.那这样做能极大的改善你们的关系。But the ideal situation for me is to start with a person who has about the same disposition as you.但对我来说,理想的状态是和一个有相同性情的人重新开始。So going back to my girlfriend, we have almost an identical disposition except for words of affirmation. But that#39;s fine...所以回到我女朋友这里,除了言辞肯定这一点,我们几乎有相同的性格。但是也没事…That#39;s a language that even though isn#39;t natural to me,虽然我并不擅长说那种话,I like it, I want to speak it. It#39;s kind of like French,但是我喜欢它,我想说。就像法语一样,it might not be my natural language, but I like it.虽然我不擅长,但是我喜欢它。But... And there#39;s a huge BUT here... Let#39;s say her primary love language was acts of service.但是…这里有个巨大的转折…比方说她的主要爱语是务行动。What that means is that she#39;s not going to feel loved when we cook an amazing dinner,那就意味着当我们做了一顿大餐,and sit down, and look at each other, and appreciate each other.坐下互相凝视并感激对方的时候,她不会感受到爱。She#39;s going to feel loved when I take out the trash.当我倒垃圾的时候她才会感受到爱。Now the advice is, well, figure out that that#39;s what she needs and then do it,建议就是,搞清楚她需要什么,然后对症下药,and you know what, I could do that in the short run. But in the long run, that#39;s going to lead to resentment.你知道吗,短期内我可以那么做。但如果长期下来,我会疯掉的。I just hate the whole idea of even thinking about it.就算只是想到这个主意我都会感到厌烦。So I guess if you#39;ve been married for 30 years, and everything sucks,所以我猜如果你已经结婚30几年,所有事都很糟糕的话,then yes, taking out the trash and meeting her need can make your relationship way better than it is.是的,倒垃圾,满足她的需求,这都可以让你们的关系变得好一些。But my advice for a truly amazing relationship would be to to pick a partner with roughly the same disposition.但是对于一段真正舒的关系来说,我的建议是选择一个性格大致相似的伴侣。It#39;s kind of like, if you hate German. You just hate the way it sounds,这就像是,你讨厌德语。只是讨厌它的发音,you never want to hear it in your life, and then you start a relationship with a German girl.你一辈子都不想听见,然后你和一个德国女孩开始了一段感情。And you get the advice, Well, just meet her need and speak German with her.你吸取了建议,满足她的需求,和她讲德语。And yes, it will be better than talking with her in a language that she doesn#39;t understand,是的,这比用她不懂的语言跟她交流要好得多,but it would also be way better to start with a French girl because you love French.但是如果和一个法国女孩开始的话也许会更好,因为你喜欢法语。So those are the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time,所以这五种爱的语言是:言辞肯定,优质时间,Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.接受礼物,务行动和肢体接触。And my advice would be, figure out what your love language is...我的建议是,搞清楚你自己的爱语是什么…Try to find a partner who has a similar disposition.尝试找一个相同性情的伴侣。Realize that there will be slight differences, like words of affirmation in my situation,要知道多少会存在一些不同之处,比如我和我女朋友在言辞肯定这方面的小差异,and adjust to that if that#39;s going to be something that you know you will enjoy.如果你能坦然接受这种差异,那就尝试去适应。But otherwise, if it#39;s something that you know you don#39;t like,否则,如果你不喜欢,don#39;t just be like, Well, I#39;ll just accommodate that.就不要说什么“我会适应的。”I guess if you#39;re in a relationship which you#39;re not going to get out of for different reasons like marriage,我觉得如果是出于某些原因,比如婚姻,你并不想摆脱这种关系,then that can be the best thing that you can do, but otherwise,那这就是你可选择的最好方法,否则,make sure you#39;re going to enjoy meeting your partner#39;s needs.请确定你将会很乐于满足对方的需求。You don#39;t want to be the guy who only enjoys physical touch during sex你是个喜欢亲密接触的家伙stuck with a girl who wants to snuggle on the couch for three hours, and trying to accommodate that.却要去适应着和一个只想在沙发上依偎几个小时的女孩在一起,你肯定不想这样。And you don#39;t want to be the girl who enjoys going on amazing dates and spending quality time你是个喜欢约会和共度美好时光的女孩,stuck with a guy who doesn#39;t feel loved by that and instead feels loved when you wash his dishes.却要和一个不懂浪漫只会从洗碗中感受到爱的男生在一起,这肯定也不符合你的预期。 Article/201707/516395。

Conversation A : At a Family Reunion?MARTIN: Why do you have the family reunion, Mr. KesslerCHUCK: We have a large farm. We have a large house, too.?MARTIN: Is the family reunion very largeCHUCK: We have thirty or forty families. Have you met my wife, MartinMARTIN: No, I haven't. Good morning, Mrs. Kessler.?YVONNE: Call me Yvonne. I'm happy to meet you. You're a reporter.?MARTIN: Yes, I am. I want to meet these men and women.?YVONNE: We have about forty men and women.?CHUCK: We have about sixty children.?YVONNE: It's a large reunion.?CHUCK: Come meet some Kesslers.?MARTIN: Are these men and women all KesslersCHUCK: Some are married to Kesslers. This is my father.?MARTIN: Hello, Mr. Kessler.?FATHER: Hello. Are you a KesslerMARTIN: No, I'm not. I'm Martin Learner. I'm a reporter.?FATHER: Have you met my wifeMARTIN: Hello, Mrs. Kessler. I'm happy to meet you. MARTIN: What do you do, Mrs. Kessler?MOTHER: I'm a housewife.?MARTIN: Do you have more childrenMOTHER: Only there. We have two daughters and one son.?MARTIN: Where do they liveMOTHER: Our son, Chuck, lives here, of course. One daughter lives in St Louis. One daughter lives in Fargo.?MARTIN: What do you do, Mr. Kessler?FATHER: I'm a salesman.?MARTIN: What do you sellFATHER: I sell seed corn.?MARTIN: I'm happy to meet you. Excuse me, I want to meet more Kesslers.?MARTIN: Hello. I'm Martin Learner. Are you a KesslerKAREN: Of course. I'm Karen Kessler. This is my sister.?KENDRA: I'm Kendra. How are youMARTIN: Fine, thanks.?KAREN: Are you married to a KesslerMARTIN: No, I'm not.?KENDRA: Are you marriedMARTIN: Yes, I am.?KAREN: What do you doMARTIN: I'm a reporter. May I ask you some questionsKAREN: OK.?MARTIN: Do you have any brothersKAREN: No, I have only my sister.?MARTIN: Are you marriedKAREN: No, I'm not. Kendra is married.?Practice 1:询问别人家庭情况的一个常用句型是 Do you have...。?Examples: MARTIN: Do you have a wife CHUCK: Yes, I have a wife.? MARTIN: Do you have children MOTHER: We have two daughters and one son.? MARTIN: Do you have any brothers KAREN: No, I have only my sister.?会话 A 在一个家庭聚会上?马 丁:凯斯勒先生,你为什么举办这个家庭聚会呢查 克:我们有个大农场,我们的房子也很大。?马 丁:这次的家庭聚会规模很大吗查 克:有三四十个家庭参加。马丁,你见过我妻子伊冯了吗马 丁:没有,早上好,凯斯勒太太。?伊 冯:叫我伊冯好了。很高兴见到你,你是记者吧。?马 丁:是的。我想见见这些先生和女士们。?伊 冯:这里大约有40位。?查 克:这里大约有60个孩子。?伊 冯:这是个大型聚会。?查 克:来和一些凯斯勒家族成员见见面。?马 丁:这些人都是凯斯勒家族成员吗查 克:一些是与凯斯勒家族成员联姻的。这是我父亲。?马 丁:你好,凯斯勒先生。?父 亲:你好,你是凯斯勒家族成员吗马 丁:不,我不是。我叫马丁·勒纳,我是记者。?父 亲:你见过我妻子了吗马 丁:你好,凯斯勒太太,很高兴见到你,凯斯勒太太做什么工作母 亲:我是家庭妇女。?马 丁:你的孩子多吗母 亲:仅有三个,我们有两个女儿一个儿子。?马 丁:他们住在哪里母 亲:我儿子查克自然住在这儿了,一个女儿住在圣路易斯,一个女儿住在法哥。?马 丁:你做什么工作,凯斯勒先生父 亲:我是推销员。?马 丁:你卖什么父 亲:我卖玉米种子。?马 丁:见到你很高兴。对不起,我想多见些凯斯勒家族成员。?马 丁:你好,我叫马丁·勒纳,你是凯斯勒家族成员吗卡 伦:当然了,我叫凯伦·凯斯勒,这是我。?卡德拉:我叫卡德拉,你好吗马 丁:我很好,谢谢。?卡 伦:你是娶了凯斯勒家族的成员吗马 丁:不,不是。?卡德拉:你结婚了吗马 丁:是的。?卡 伦:你做什么工作。?马 丁:我是记者。我可以问你一些问题吗卡 伦:可以。?马 丁:你有兄弟吗卡 伦:没有,我只有个。?马 丁:你结婚了吗卡 伦:没有,肯德拉结婚了。? /200602/3387。