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惠州市人民医院看男科怎么样惠东县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478386惠州妇幼保健人民中医院男科专家挂号 After enduring everything the Sahara has thrown at me,i desperately needed rest.在撒哈拉遇到一系列挑战后 我真的需要休息一下了While I had some sleep,it just never feels enough.虽然我昨晚休息过了 但远远不够A very cold night.Im very pleased to see the sun come up finally.晚上超级冷 能看到今早的太阳 我还真是庆幸Strange thing about the desert.沙漠里有一桩纠结的事You spend most of the day wanting the cool of the evening and then most of the night longing for the heat of the sun again.希望白天是夜晚的温度 又希望夜晚是白天的温度Ive got breakfast.The easiest way of eating this is to make a bug patty out of these things.See what weve got here.我已经有早餐了最容易的方法 做一个捕虫装置 看看抓到了什么Couple of locusts.Get rid of those spiny legs.抓到了蚱蜢 把带刺的翅膀摘掉The beetles, a couple of moths as well.Even got a praying mantis.瓶子里还有飞蛾 还抓到了一只螳螂Quite a diverse breakfast .Squish all that up together.真是一桌“丰盛”的早餐 把螳螂揉成一团Its going to be masses masses of protein in this.这一团都是蛋白质Got to keep thinking of the energy and the protein.想着能补充能量和蛋白质就好了a rogue leg in there.Oh, god.I have really learned to hate that taste.有条腿冒出来了 上帝 这味道真难吃Its that cold, sandy, crunchy goo with a very off mustard taste.是种凉凉脆脆沙沙的感觉 有点像特制的芥末I dont think of the taste. Just get it down.别想这个味道 赶紧吞下去Youve got to keep chewing it to get that stuff down. Come on.只有咀嚼才能咽下去 忍耐点吧Truly terrible way to start a day.今天的开场真是可怕But its going to give me some energy.Breakfast, done. Lets Go.这会给我补充一些能量的 吃完早饭 上路201611/480210The Midwest, 1935.Giant dust storms ravage American farmland.中西部地区 1935年 巨型沙尘暴不断侵扰着美国农田The worst drought in U.S. history.美国迎来了史上最严重的一次旱灾Two and a half million people abandon the great plains.二百五十万人民离开了这片广阔的平原Families, driven off their farms,heading in hope for California.无数家庭 被迫放弃自己的农场 前往加利福尼亚寻找新的希望Life in rural America was absolutely horrendous.当时美国的乡村生活是十分恶劣的Dust storms could obliterate everything.沙尘暴席卷了一切It was nearly impossible to grow food in that soil.在那样的土壤中想要种出粮食几乎是不可能的Hi there. Are you guys good?嗨 你们怎么了?But one man plans to revive this barren land: Roswell Garst.但有个人决定让这片土地重复生机 他就是罗斯韦尔·加斯特Born-and-bred farmer, instinctive entrepreneur.他是个地地道道的农民 是位天生的企业家He sells his cattle, mortgages his farm,他卖掉牲畜 抵押农场and bets everything on a wonder-crop将全部筹码都压在一种神奇的作物身上thatll become a key to mankinds future:hybrid corn.也正是这种作物 成为了人类未来的关键 它就是杂交玉米Its cross-bred to resist drought and disease,这种杂交品种可以抵御干旱和疾病so it can still grow in the scorched earth of the Midwest.因此在中西部干旱贫瘠的土壤里同样可以生长He drives 2,000 miles a week promoting his hybrid seeds.他每周驱车行驶两千英里来推销自己的杂交种子His slogan:An Astonishing Product - Produces Astonishing Results!他的口号是: 不可思议的产品 带给你不可思议的收获!201605/444633惠州妇幼保健院看泌尿科怎么样

惠州中大惠亚医院尿科What we found in the ACE study involving seventeen and a half thousand middle-class adults wasACE研究通过对17500名中产阶级成人的观察发现that life experiences in childhood that are lost in time童年经历会随着时间的流逝在他们的记忆中逐渐丢失and then further protected by shame and by secrecy and by social taboos against inquiry into certain realms of human experience,但那些由于羞耻 保密和社会禁忌等原因不愿意被人盘问的经历反而会被保护从而遗留在人的记忆的某个角落that those life experiences play out powerfully and proportionately a half century later以致于即便是很多年后这些人生经历对其影响深远in terms of emotional state,in terms of biomedical disease, in terms of life expectancy.它们会在自身情绪状况、生物医学疾病、或寿命方面成比例地对人生造成影响In 1985, I first became interested in developmental life experiences in early childhood really by accident.In the major obesity program we were running,a young woman came into the program.在我们着重研究的肥胖问题中 一个年轻姑娘来到我们这She was twenty-eight years old, and weighed 408 pounds,她28岁 重达408磅and asked us if we could help her with her problem.向我们求助And in fifty-one weeks, we took her from 408 to 132.在接下来的51周中 我们帮她从408磅减到132磅And we thought, well my god, we’ve got this problem licked.我们想 谢天谢地 终于解决这个问题了This is going to be a world-famous department here!这次胜利将举世闻名She maintained her weight at 132 for several weeks,她将她的体重稳定在132磅几周的时间and then in one three-week period regained 37 pounds in three weeks,which I had not previously conceived as being physiologically possible.我之前压根没想到会有这种可能性That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的That was triggered by being sexually propositioned at work by a much older man,as she described him.这是由工作中一个比她大的多的人对其性暗示导致的(当然)她是这么描述的And in short order, she was back over 400 pounds faster than she had lost the weight.很快 她就就增肥到400磅 比她减重快多了I remember asking her why the extreme response.我记得问过她为什么会出现这种极端反弹情况After initially claiming not to have any understanding of why the extreme response,她起初一直说她也不知道she told me of a lengthy incest history with her grandfather from age 10 to age 21.后来 她告诉了我 祖父对她漫长的乱伦经历从10岁直到21岁Ultimately it turned out that fifty-five percent of the people in our obesity program最终得到实 在我们这项对肥胖研究中有55%的人acknowledged a history of childhood sexual abuse.都有童年时被性侵的经历I mean that obviously is not the only issue going on but it was where we began.我想说 显然问题不止一个但我们就是从那个问题起步的And as we went down that trail, then we discovered other forms of abuse随着我们的继续追查 发现在很多机能失调家庭(或其他家庭)中also growing up in massively dysfunctional households, etc.其他形式的侵害也大幅增加the ACE study was really designed to see whether these things existed at all in the general population,ACE研究目的就在于确认是否大多数人都经历过这些侵害and if so, how did they play out over time?果真如此 那它们(指侵害)又如何随着时间的推移造成影响?We studied 10 categories of adverse life experiences我们研究选择了了十类有害生活经历that were chosen because of their prevalence in the weight program因为它们都与体重研究紧密相关childhood sexual abuse, heavy-duty childhood physical abuse这些包括童年性侵 严重的童年身体伤害Im not talking spanking—我不是指打屁股um, major emotional abuse, recurrent humiliation, two categories of neglect还有严重的情感伤害 经常性的精神羞辱 以及两类忽视growing up in a home孩子童年和青春期成长过程中where one of the members of the household,家庭中有人uh, was chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally ill, or in the state hospital;长期抑郁 自杀 患精神疾病 或长期住院的家庭环境中growing up in a home without both biological parents;或者是 没能与亲生父母生活在一起growing up in a home where, um, one of the members of your household was alcoholic or a drug user;或者是 有家人嗜酒或吸毒growing up in a home where mother was beaten;或者是 妈妈被家暴growing up in a home where one of the members of your household was imprisoned during your childhood or adolescence.或有家人入狱Those were the 10 categories.以上就是这十类In a middle-class population, one in 11 people has experienced six or more of those adverse life experiences in childhood.中产阶级群体中 每11人中就有一人经历过以上六类或更多So this is very common totally unrecognized.这种情况非常普遍却完全不被注意到It was difficult for us to accept their commonness.让我们接受他们的共性很难But on the other hand, these are issues that most people never touch.但另一方面 大多数人从未接触过这些问题And so who would know without routinely asking?如果没有例行公事的询问又有谁会知道呢But at a so-called ACE score of six, experiencing any six of the ten categories that we studied,但在ACE六类测评分中 (如果一个人)经历了我们研究得出的10类中的任何六类that person was 4,600% more likely to become an IV drug user than a person那他就会有4600%更可能变成静脉注射毒品的瘾君子who had experienced none of those ten categories.相较于什么都没经历过的正常人Okay? Now, you know,好吧 现在 你知道了you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌you think, you the newspaper, the latest cancer scare of the week,你想 你看报纸 本周最新的癌症恐慌prostate cancer or breast cancer increases 30%, and everyone goes nuts.前列腺癌或乳腺癌上升了30% 每个人就都不淡定了I’m talking 4,600% increase.我说的可是4600%的上涨率The same ACE score of six produces a likelihood of attempting suicide同样的 ACE研究也暗示了这些人的潜在自杀可能性that is between 3,100% and 5,000% greater than the likelihood of suicide attempts in someone with none of those life experiences.比没有这些人生经历的人要高3100%到5000%的自杀率So the power of this relationship is enormous.所以这种联系的影响力是巨大的So ultimately the question arises: how do life experiences in childhood end up with那么 最后 问题来了 童年的阴影是如何with disease states a half century later?影响到接下来的生活的There are at least two big categories to account for that.主要有两大方面原因One is through the use of various coping devices.一种是通过各种各样的应对方法One smokes to feel better;如通过吸烟来安抚自己one overeats to feel better; one drinks to relax, etc..通过暴食 喝酒 等等And those things carried out in heavy amounts have major destructive patterns,这些行为(如果)过度都会有极恶劣的影响even though they may be immediately beneficial.即使可能短期内很有效果The other broad category has to do with另一种是必须处理the effect of chronic major unrelieved stress on the workings of one’s brain and central nervous system.慢性难除刺激对这个人的大脑或中枢神经系统产生的影响In recent years, this is relatively new,近年来 这些研究不断发展it’s become clear that chronic major unrelieved stress研究结果也逐渐清晰——慢性难除刺激can produce the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in a person’s body,会产生促炎性细胞活素and also can suppress immune system function.也会抑制免疫系统功能Of the ten categories that we studied,我们研究的十类中any six of them produces a shortening in life expectancy of almost twenty years.其中任何六类都会削减大概20年寿命The magnitude of this problem is so huge,这个问题的影响太深远了and the complexity of dealing with it after the fact is so huge,处理这影响也太复杂了that realistically, the only serious approach is going to have to involve primary prevention.唯一可行的方法就是防患于未然No one knows how to do that, but it’s the right question to focus on.没有人知道如何做 但我们仍需关注它201706/512187惠州泌尿外科 Edisons workers labor day and night,digging a network of ditches over fifteen miles long.爱迪生的工人夜以继日地工作 挖出超过15英里的坑网They lay over one hundred thousand feet of thick copper wire,connecting Edisons power station to hundreds of homes and businesses throughout New York.埋入超过十万英尺的粗铜线 让爱迪生的发电站同纽约数百个家庭和商用建筑相连Edisons power grid becomes the model for how electricity is transmitted in the ed States.爱迪生的电网成为了之后美国电力传输的典范He had never worked so long and so hard at any invention to make it functional as he did with electricity.他只对电付出过这么多心血 他从未为了让其它发明实际产生功用而这样做过With Edisons power station up and running,a new era dawns.随着爱迪生的发电厂建成并投入使用 新纪元开启了The city lights up for the first time ever.整个城市第一次被点亮起来And soon, Edisons power grid covers half of Manhattan.很快 爱迪生的电网就布满了半个曼哈顿Electric streetlights line avenues,and homes throughout New York are buzzing with electricity.电灯排在街道两侧 纽约的无数家庭 也都闪耀着电光Edison had a big think approach which said that,We can build giant distribution centers and make it so that electricity is cheap enough for the masses.What a brilliant idea.爱迪生的想法非常伟大 他认为我们可以建立巨大的配送中心 让电的价格得以降低 并进入寻常百姓家 多么卓越的见解J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison stand to make a fortune.J·P·根和托马斯·爱迪生为创造财富做好了准备But their success is bad news for the most powerful man in the country.但他们的成功对国内最有权势的人无疑是坏消息Until now, John Rockefeller has been virtually unchallenged while providing light to homes from coast to coast.直到当时 约翰·洛克菲勒还在为全国的家庭提供灯光 他还未受到真正的挑战201605/444912广东惠州泌尿科咨询

惠州阳痿医院哪好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441510 栏目简介:It has been a week since four sniffer dogs in Lujiazui retired and were adopted by local families. Our reporter Lin Yijing visited one of the retired sniffer dogs today and finds he is adjusting well to retirement.201704/499917惠州市中医医院龟头炎症惠州友好医院医生



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