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沙坪坝治疗不孕不育医院有哪些重庆市爱德华医院治疗阳痿多少钱A newly discovered species of rust-eating bacteria is eating the wreck of the Titanic, researchers say. The micro-organisms, which have never been seen before, are helping decompose the famous ship at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, say the team. They isolated the micro-organisms from a 'rusticle' collected from the ship - lying 3.8km below the ocean surface- and have named their find Halomonas titanicae.   某研究组织宣称,闻名世界的泰坦尼克号在深海中的残骸遭到海底超级细菌的侵蚀,残骸恐N年后彻底消失。据悉,这种神秘的超级细菌(微生物)还是第一次被人类发现,虽然它的“真实身份”还需要研究人员去揭晓,然而这种微生物每天在分解和侵蚀在大西洋3.8公里深处的泰坦尼克号残骸的“举动”很是让人痛心。研究者给超级细菌起了一个学名“盐单胞菌属泰坦尼克号杀手”(H. titanicae )。   The researchers from Dalhousie University, Canada and the University of Sevilla, Spain, say the bacterium could pose a new microbial threat to the exterior of ships and underwater metal structures such as oil rigs. The researchers, who published their findings in the latest issue of the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, also tested the rusting ability of the bacteria.   来自加拿大以及西班牙大学的研究者称,这种超级细菌严重腐蚀沉船残骸的表面,同时也对钻油设备产生巨大威胁。科学家的这一重大发现已经在《国际微生物期刊》上发表,探索这一超级细菌的腐蚀能力已经正式列为研究课题。   'This could be useful in the disposal of old naval and merchant ships and oil rigs that have been cleaned of toxins and oil-based products and then sunk in the deep ocean.' They believe that the findings have opened up further areas of research that could be applied elsewhere. 'Finding answers to these questions will not only better our understanding of our oceans, but may also equip us to devise coatings that can prevent similar deterioration to our metal structures.'   研究者说,对于超级细菌的研究可以大大提高“海底清污”的能力,以及更好的维护行驶船只,特别是航龄时间较长的大型轮船的基本运行。科学家相信,这项研究具有很强的实用性,研究结果可算是“万众期待”。因为自从英国石油公司泄漏危机事件以来,媒体对“如何治理漏油”事宜十分敏感的缘故。对此,研究者说:“研究超级细菌对海底清污工作的潜在作用可以显著提高人类对海洋的认识,同时也可以相应加强海中金属用品抵御腐蚀的能力。” /201012/120895合川不孕治疗医院 大渡口输卵管如何检查

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秀山土家族苗族自治县做四维彩超哪个地方好 Is Beauty Plus Brains A Mere Myth?美貌与智慧真的不可得兼吗?Can someone be beautiful and brainy at the same time? Or is it that models or people who are physically attractive are not usually that smart? Does being more beautiful make you brainier, or does brainy make you any less beautiful? 有没有人可以集美貌与智慧于一身呢? 外表美丽的模特抑或其他人通常不聪明吗?是美丽容貌使你更聪明,还是智慧使你缺少美丽的容颜?According a recent research conducted in US and UK, physically attractive men and women are much smarter than regular people. It goes on to say that attractive women have an IQ that is 11.4 points higher than average-looking women. I don’t buy that argument, because I feel their intelligence is because of them as a people, not because of the pretty faces.根据最近的一份研究表明, 在美国和英国,外表美丽的男性和女性们比一般人更聪明一点。而且,漂亮女性的智商比一般女性高11.4分。我并不认同这个观点,我认为他们的智慧只与人相关,而与漂亮面孔没有关系。We have all seen fantastic-looking women say the dumbest things. We have all heard Miss Universe contestants failing to answer questions that even five-year olds can. However, there are myriad of examples that prove that as a concept, beauty and brains can go hand in hand.我们都看过漂亮女人说一些愚蠢的事情。经常听到一些环球的参赛者回答不出连五岁小孩都会得问题。不过,也有很多例子表明,美丽与智慧可以并存。1. Natalie Portman娜塔丽·波特曼She is a Harvard graduate. That#39;s right , Harvard! Has contributed to scientific journals and even given a lecture on terrorism at Columbia. Wow! And she looks spectacular, doesn#39;t she, and a phenomenal actress to top it.她是哈佛毕业生,没错,哈佛!曾经为科学期刊工作甚至还在哥伦比亚大学发表过关于恐怖主义的演讲。哇! 她看起来很不一般,不是么?当然她最突出的身份还是女演员。2. Famke Janssen范姆克·詹森The X-men hottie graduate from Columbia in English literature and also fluent in Dutch, German, English and French. Now that#39;s a combination that is hard to beat.这位主演《X战警》的辣毕业于哥伦比亚大学英语文化专业,并且她的荷兰语,德语,英语和法语也同样很流利。真是无懈可击啊。3. Kate Beckinsale凯特·贝金赛尔This Vampire-butt-kicking beauty is not just a pretty face. She graduated from Oxford. When she was younger, she also won the W. H. Smith Young Writers award for her creative writing. She speaks French and Russian. Man, is she talented.这位吸血鬼的主演可不是个脸蛋儿漂亮的花瓶。她毕业于牛津大学。年轻时,她还因个人创作荣获 W. H. 史密斯青年作家奖。凯特会讲法语和俄语。伙计,她很有才吧?4.Maggie Gyllenhal玛吉·吉伦哈尔She is a graduate in literature and Eastern religions from Columbia. And who can forget the fantastic movies she has done, from the critically acclaimed #39;Secretary#39; to #39;Sherrybaby’ to the cute baker in #39;Stranger than Fiction#39;. Not just that, she is also highly active in human rights, civil liberty, and anti-poverty crusades. That’s a thinking man’s star, eh!她毕业于哥伦比亚大学文学与东方宗教专业。她演过的影片角色,从《秘书》、《雪莉宝贝》到《笔下求生》中的可爱糕点师,都深入人心。不仅如此,玛吉积极投身人权、民权自由以及反贫困运动中,堪称是一位有思想的明星! /201209/197861重庆爱德华人流手术多少钱重庆无痛人流多少钱啊



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