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响水县治疗痛经多少钱盐城市妇幼保健院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱盐城协和女子医院打胎价格 Kelly McGonigal is a convert. A health psychologist who teaches at Stanford University, for years she had held to the conventional view that stress is bad for you.凯莉#8226;麦戈尼格尔(Kelly McGonigal)改变了自己的观点。作为一名在斯坦福大学(Stanford University)任教的健康心理学家,她很多年里一直秉持传统的看法,即压力对人不好。But when a few years ago she came across research which suggested that stress is bad for you only when you believe it to be damaging, she had to reconsider. Indeed, the same research found that people who lived with stress but did not view it as harmful were the healthiest people of all.但几年前,她无意中看到了一项研究结果,认为压力只有在你相信它有害时才对你不好,之后她不得不重新思考自己的观点。事实上,同一项研究还发现,那些生活在压力之下但不把压力视为有害的人才是所有人中最健康的。McGonigal started digging deeper into the subject and the result is this book, which argues that by recognising and working with stress, rather than trying to ignore or suppress it, we can perform better and achieve more.麦戈尼格尔于是开始深入研究这一课题,成果就是这本书——《压力的好处》(The Upside of Stress)。书中认为,通过承认压力并在压力下工作——而非试图忽视或压制它——我们可以做得更好,取得更大成就。It is a bold and counter-intuitive thesis, and she makes quite a good case for it. In particular, she forces the er to take a more nuanced view. For example, there is more than one kind of response to stress. There are alternatives to “fight or flight”. We can also rise to the challenge.这是一个大胆且与直觉相反的论点,而且她为之提出了相当充分的理由。尤其是,她极力劝说读者接受一种更加微妙的观点。例如,对于压力有不止一种反应。除了“或战或逃”之外,还有其他选择。我们也可以接受挑战。What is more, some of our fundamental concepts could be misconceived. The Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye carried out significant research into the subject in the 1930s, studying the behaviour of rats in experiments. But, as McGonigal points out, some of these tests involved randomised electric shocks and near-death by drowning, hardly the common experience of many humans. The stress the rats endured was of the worst kind. What safe conclusions should we draw from that?更重要的是,我们的一些基本观念可能都是错误的。匈牙利内分泌学家汉斯#8226;谢耶(Hans Selye)上世纪30年代对这一课题开展了重要研究,观察了实验中小白鼠的行为。但是,正如麦戈尼格尔所指出的,其中一些测试涉及随机电击以及溺水造成的濒死体验,这些并非很多人共有的体验。那些小白鼠承受的是最极端类型的压力。我们能从中得出什么可靠结论呢?McGonigal says that stress is an important signifier, not something to be ignored. “You don’t stress out about things you don’t care about, and you can’t create a meaningful life without experiencing some stress,” she writes.麦戈尼格尔称,压力是重要的信号载体,是不应被忽视的。“你对不关心的事情不会感到有压力,不经历某种程度的压力,你无法创造出有意义的人生,”她写道。She suggests a three-step approach to change our “mindset”: acknowledge stress when you experience it, welcome the stress by recognising that it is a response to something you care about, then make use of the energy it gives you.她建议采取一种三步法来改变我们的“心态”:感受到压力时,你要承认它;欢迎压力,明白压力是你对所关心之事的反应;然后利用压力给你带来的能量。McGonigal has the zeal of a convert, which possibly leads her to believe she has cracked the problem. There are some big claims. Working better with stress “could even mean the difference between having a heart attack at 50 or living into your nineties,” she says.麦戈尼格尔拥有一名皈依者的热情,这可能使她相信自己攻克了这个难题。她说了一些大话。能否在压力下更好地工作“甚至可能意味着50岁心脏病发作与活到90岁的差别,”她说。She acknowledges that not all life events can be managed away: “Not every trauma has an upside#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;you shouldn’t force a positive interpretation on every instance of suffering.” But only a few pages on she writes: “Choosing to see the upside in our most painful experiences is part of how we can change our relationship with stress.”她承认,并非生活中的所有事都能被妥当处理:“不是所有心理创伤都有积极的一面……你不应对每一种痛苦经历都强迫作出积极解释。”但就在几页之后,她又写道:“选择从我们最痛苦的经历中看到积极的一面是改善我们与压力的关系的一种方式。”“Stress is harmful, except when it’s not,” she concludes. But something is missing: any reference to the large body of work carried out by Sir Michael Marmot over recent decades. He has shown that stress can be hard to avoid, or deal with, especially for those with lower status in an organisation.“压力是有害的,除非它不是压力,”她总结道。但本书有所欠缺的是没有参考迈克尔#8226;马莫爵士(Sir Michael Marmot)近几十年来所做的大量工作。他的研究表明了,压力很难避免或应对,尤其是对那些组织中地位较低的人来说。McGonigal does concede that stress can be harmful when three things are true: you feel inadequate to it, it isolates you and it feels meaningless and against your will. Unfortunately, for quite a lot of people at work, that unholy trinity can apply all too often.麦戈尼格尔的确承认,在三种情况下压力是有害的:你觉得无法应对它,它使你孤立,它的存在毫无意义而且违背你的意愿。不幸的是,对于职场中相当多的人来说,这种邪恶的三位一体往往都可以适用。 /201505/376128建湖县看妇科炎症哪家医院最好的

盐城国家高新经济技术开发区做无痛人流多少钱射阳县中医院妇科预约 A great name is the beginning of a great brand.It should be memorable and create a certain feeling when heard.Here#39;s a quick how-to on creating one and making sure it#39;s not aly used。不同凡响的名称是伟大品牌诞生的开始。在人们听到你公司名称的时候应该容易记住,带来一定的冲击感。Here#39;s How:步骤如下:1.Brainstorm.Think about how you want people to feel when they hear the name.Write down the words on paper and then categorize them by primary meaning。头脑风暴。考虑一下你想要人们在听到你公司名称的时候怎么想。在纸上记下这些词汇,然后按其原意进行分类。2.Relate.Think about related words and phrases that evoke the feelings you want.Hit the thesaurus and find all the synonyms for your words and phrases。相关性。想一想能够唤起你想要的感觉的相关词汇。去查词典,并找出你想要的词汇和短语的所有的同义词。3.Relate more.Find out the Greek and Latin translations of your words.Figure out what colors, gemstones, plants, animals, etc., relate to your words。更多的同义词。找出所有词汇的希腊和拉丁语翻译。找出和你想要的词汇相关的颜色,宝石,植物,动物等。4.Experiment.Start playing with combinations of your various words and partial words.Don#39;t be judgmental now - just make a list。实验。开始将不同的词组合起来。现在只是做个清单,先不要评判。5.Reflect.Review your list and just give some thought to each name.How does it make you feel when you hear it?仔细考虑。重新审查你的清单,想一想每个名字,当你看到每个名字的时候感觉如何?6.Communicate.Go over the list with someone you trust.Have them tell you how each name makes them feel, and how memorable they think it is。交流。和你信任的某人共同探讨这份清单。让他们告诉你对每个名字的感觉,还有他们认为可记忆度怎么样。7.Prioritize.Throw out any that just don#39;t fit and make a prioritized list of the rest。挑选。剔除那些不符合的,然后将剩下的名字排列出先后顺序。8.Check trademarks.Make sure no one is using that name in your line of business.You may be able to use the name in a completely different business, but be aware that it may create confusion for both you and them。检查商标。要确保在你的行业内没有人用这个名字。你可以在不同的领域采用相同的名称,但是要注意会引起你和别人的混淆。9.Check domain names.You want to make sure that an appropriate domain name is available.You want YourCompanyName.com, of course.If that#39;s not available, you may want to reconsider。检查域名。要确保一个合适的域名是否可用。你会想要“公司名词.com”这样的域名。但是如果这个不可用的话,也可以考虑其他的域名。10.Search the internet.Even if someone doesn#39;t have the domain, you still want to see what else is out there that has the same name.That doesn#39;t mean you don#39;t use it if you find something, but you need to know。在网络上搜索。即使别人没有占用该域名,你也要查出用同一个域名搜索会出来什么样的结果。但是这并不是说,如果你搜出了一些结果你就不能用该域名,仅仅是你要做到心中有数罢了。11.Check company names.If you#39;re planning to incorporate, check with the Secretary of State of the state you#39;re planning to incorporate in。检查公司名称。如果你计划创办公司,要先咨询公司所在地的州部长。12.Check assumed names.For sole proprietors, check for local assumed names (also known as DBA).In the U.S., you check this with the County Clerk。检查营业代理名。对个体户来说,需要核查以什么样的公司名义营业。在美国,可以向郡政府咨询这一事宜。13.Stake your claim! Register your assumed name or file your incorporation papers right away.Also, start using either TM (trademark) or SM (service mark).You do NOT have to register them to use them。坚持你的梦想。马上注册你的营业名称或者将公司资料备档。另外,开始使用商标或务商标。不用等到注册后才能使用。14.Get the domain(s).Find an inexpensive registrar and register your domain.You shouldn#39;t be paying more than a year for each, and at that, it pays to prevent poachers。获取域名。找一家便宜的注册公司,注册你的域名。你每年付的该项费用应该不超过10美元,而这笔费的用途是为了防止入侵者。15.Protect your brand.A U.S.trademark or service mark costs 5.It#39;s a drop in the bucket compared to trying to defend it later.It#39;s not really necessary, though, for a small local business。保护你的商标。一个美国商标或务商标要花325美元。和以后需要花费的维护费用相比,这简直是杯水车薪。但是对小地方的小企业来说,这笔钱其实是没必要花的。 /201507/386079江苏盐城市痛经多少钱

亭湖区治疗肛周囊肿哪家医院最好的Woman walks through Mumbai for 10 hours invest top and mini-skirt and receives NO sexual harassment... in stark contrastto similar shot in New York女子穿背心和超短裙走在孟买街头10小时无人骚扰,与纽约的那个视频形成鲜明对比After seeing the popular 10 Hours ofWalking In New York City , the team at India’s IndieTube decided to make aMumbai version of the popular .在看了纽约10小时行走视频后,印度的一个团队也决定在印度搞一个孟买版本的行走视频。And surprisingly, the Pooja Singh - dressedin a vest top and short skirt - was not catcalled or harassed once.出人意料的是,穿背心和超短裙的Pooja Singh在孟买街头走了10小时都没有受到任何的骚扰。As the woman walks through the second mostpopulated city in the world’s most populated country, several men stare - butnobody catcalls or says anything derogatory.在走过世界上最多人口国家的人口第二多城市时,有几名男子盯着看过,但是没有发出嘘声,也没有说出任何不敬的话来。Not even a single incident of woman street harassment took place in a city thathas diversified culture, demographics and economy,’ a title card at the end ofthe s.在这座拥有多样化文化,人口和经济的城市,这名女性在整个过程中没有受到任何骚扰,视频最后的字幕上如此写到。‘The female citizens are safe, respectedand treated unbiased in this city which never sleeps.’“在这座不夜城里,这名女性公民很安全,受人尊重,而且被公正的对待。”This comes in contrast to actress Shoshana B Roberts - who was the subject of the original set in New York.这与拍摄于纽约的类似视频形成了鲜明的对比,纽约视频中的女主角是女演员Shoshana B Roberts。Ms Roberts was told to smile, advised to thank the men for their lewd commentsand threatened with rape.在纽约的视频中,她被要求微笑,有些男人还对她说出些下流的话语并要求她感谢他们,并威胁要强奸她。The difference is stark: in the original New York version, there were more than 100 examples ofharassment over the 10 hours Ms Roberts was walking the streets of New York, not includingwhistles and winks.两个视频形成了鲜明的对比:纽约的版本中,这名女演员总共受到了100多个骚扰,还不包括吹口哨和使眼色。In India, subject Pooja Singh receivednone.而在印度的版本中,女主角没有受到任何形式的骚扰。 /201411/343124 A painting by Pablo Picasso and a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti have set new records as the most expensive works ever sold at auction, underscoring rising demand for Impressionist and modern art.帕布罗#8226;毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的一幅画作和阿尔伯特#8226;贾柯梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti)的一个雕塑作品创下了拍卖史上最昂贵艺术品的新纪录,凸显出人们对印象派作品及现代艺术作品的需求日益增长。Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” sold for 9.4m on Monday night at Christie’s in New York, while Giacometti’s life-size “L’homme au doigt” sold for 1.3m. The buyers elected to remain anonymous.周一晚上,毕加索的作品《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》(Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O))在纽约佳士得(Christie#39;s)拍卖行拍出了1.794亿美元的天价。与此同时,贾科梅蒂真人大小的作品《指示者》(L#39;homme au doigt)则拍出了1.413亿美元的天价。两宗交易的买方选择不公开自己的姓名。Prices and demand for art works have been soaring to new heights, driven in large part by the growing ranks of wealthy collectors across the world, especially in Asia, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese.如今,艺术品的价格和需求已经一路飙升至新的高度。在很大程度上,推动这一行情的原因,是全球富有的收藏家日益增加——尤其是主要以超级富有的新一代中国富豪为首的亚洲收藏家。“We have entered a new era of the art market where collectors from all parts of the world compete for the very best across categories, generating record prices at levels we have never seen before,” said Jussi Pylkk#228;nen, the sale’s auctioneer.这次交易的拍卖商尤西#8226;皮尔卡宁(Jussi Pylkk#228;nen)表示:“我们已进入艺术品市场的新时代。全球的收藏家在竞拍各个门类的最佳艺术品,而且这类竞拍催生了过去从未见过的创纪录价格。”Last week an unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps”, painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear, at rival Sotheby’s spring auction of Impressionist and modern art.上周,一位未公开身份的亚洲收藏家,在佳士得的对手苏富比(Sotheby#39;s)印象派及现代艺术春季拍卖会上,斥资6630万美元拍得梵高(Van Gogh)的《阿里斯康道路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps)。该画作绘于1888年,就在这位荷兰艺术家割去自己耳朵不久之前。That auction raised 8.3m, achieving the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any sale of similar works.那次拍卖会斩获3.683亿美元,在苏富比类似艺术品的拍卖会历史上名列第二。In total Christie’s sale on Monday evening, entitled “Looking Forward to the Past”, reaped 5.9m.在周一晚上这场名为《展望过去》(Looking Forward to the Past)的拍卖会上,佳士得总计收获了7.059亿美元。Previously the most expensive work sold at auction was Francis Bacon’s 1969 triptych “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”, which sold for 2.4m at Christie’s in November 2013.在此之前,拍卖会上出售的史上最昂贵艺术品,是弗朗西斯#8226;培根(Francis Bacon)在1969年创作的三联画《弗洛伊德肖像画习作》(Three Studies of Lucian Freud)。该作品于2013年11月在佳士得拍出1.424亿美元的价格。“Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” was painted in 1955 and was once owned by the celebrated American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz. The vibrantly hued painting depicts several nude or scantily clad women and was the final work a 15-part series in which Picasso drew inspiration from French master Eugène Delacroix.《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》创作于1955年,曾一度由著名美国收藏家甘孜夫妇(Victor amp; Sally Ganz)持有。这一画作色泽明快,主题是几名一丝不挂或不着片缕的女性,它是一个15幅画作组成的系列作品中的最后一幅。毕加索创作这个系列的灵感,来自法国绘画大师欧仁#8226;德拉克罗瓦(Eugène Delacroix)。Giacometti’s “L’homme au doigt” depicts a 5ft 9in skinny figure in bronze, and has been in the same private collection for 45 years.贾柯梅蒂的《指示者》则是一座高5英尺9英寸的消瘦铜制人像,此前该作品已在同一位收藏家名下收藏了45年。Among other highlights at Christie’s were works by Andy Warhol, René Magritte and Marcel Duchamp. Another Picasso work, “Buste de femme (Femme à la résille)” dating from 1938, fetched .4m.佳士得拍卖会的其他亮点还包括安迪#8226;沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)、勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)及马塞尔#8226;杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)的作品。毕加索作于1938年的另一作品《女人半身像(戴发网的女人)》Buste de femme(Femme à la Résille)则拍出了6740万美元的价格。 /201505/374896盐城三院前列腺炎多少钱盐城协和女子医院宫颈糜烂



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