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Like with any language, the meanings of certain Japanese words change over time. Take the word “otaku,” which is originally a polite way of saying “you.” It’s so polite that overusing it can make a person sound a little wishy-washy, giving the impression that he’s not really comtable with interpersonal relationships in general. Of course, if someone isn’t spending his time interacting with other people, then what does he fill his days with? Presumably, his solitary, or at least niche, hobbies such as watching anime. And so otaku picked up a second meaning of “obsessive nerd.” That was 30 years ago though, so a recent survey sought to answer this question: What do Japanese people imagine when they hear “otaku?”日语同其他语言一样,日语里一些词汇的含义也会随着时代的变化而变化以“御宅”(otaku)这个词为例,这个词原本在日语中是‘你’的礼貌说法不过‘御宅’这个词过于谦敬以至于使用次数太多会给人一种轻浮不善交际的感觉当然,如果有人每天都不和别人打交道,那么他拿什么来打发时间呢?也许只能是他的兴趣爱好了吧,就比如说看动漫所以‘御宅’这个词又有了第二个意思,它指的就是那些宅人们御宅这个词在日本已经有了30多年的历史了最近的一个调查就研究了如下课题:“日本人听到‘御宅’的时候,会想到什么” 97351斐济群岛 Fiji Islands500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983190.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_983190.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>在斐济群岛的水域中,帝王虾和寄居蟹消失隐秘在大豹海参皮肤上豹纹中海参用它皮肤上的粘液提供食物给这些甲壳类动物,而当它受到威胁的时候,则会把有毒污秽的胃部器官喷射出来,以保护自己Photograph by Tim LamanIn the waters of the Fiji Islands, an emperor shrimp and a commensal crab nearly vanish in the calico pattern of a large leopard sea cucumber. The sea cucumber provides food the crustaceans in the m of mucus on its skin and defends itself by ejecting its toxic stomach when danger threatens锤头鲨 Hammerhead Shark, Bahamas500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319590.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319590.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>外表上看起来原始,长着巨大的锤状头,就像图上这只一样的锤头鲨,实则是鲨鱼里进化最先进的种类它的拉开式眼睛和鼻孔提供敏锐的外部感觉,嘴上细小的感受器能助它精确捕食许多锋利的牙齿则是尽享美味的工具 Photograph by Brian SkerrYPrimordial in appearance, great hammerheads, like this one near the Bahamas, are actually among evolution’s most advanced sharks. Wide-set eyes and nostrils provide keen peripheral senses, and tiny electroreceptors on its snout help it pinpoint prey. Dozens of serrated teeth do the rest.螳螂 Stick Mantid, Cameroon500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319751.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319751.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>在大约1800种螳螂中,大多将他们的时间花在静坐和等待中,看起来犹如虔诚的祈祷者,常被称为“祈祷螳螂”这些既像拥有高超捕获技巧的猎人又似隐秘刺客的合掌螳螂,以神秘的双重身份的让人类为之痴迷了数千年,古代希腊人最早在神秘学中使用到这个词mantis【螳螂】——预言者Photograph by Mark MoffettMost of the roughly 1,800 species of mantids-often called praying mantises-spend their time sitting and waiting, seemingly at prayer. These highly skilled hunters and masters of disguise have fascinated humans thousands of years; the ancient Greeks first used the term mantis, meaning “prophet.”北极狐 Arctic Fox, Hudson Bay, Canada500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319635.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319635.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>在加拿大哈德逊湾,一只神秘的北极狐悄悄地跨越被雪覆盖的山脊这些不比小猫大很多、看似脆弱的北方哺乳动物,自始至终都衷诚地在贫困和严寒的极北茁壮地成长Photograph by Norbert RosingA stealthy arctic fox steals across a snow-patched ridge in Canada’s Hudson Bay. Not much larger than a big housecat, these seemingly delicate northern mammals are as hearty as they come, thriving in the privation and bitter cold of the Arctic north. 387An employee dressed in a panda costume talks to a customer during the soft opening of a panda-themed hotel at the foot of Emei Mountain, in southwest China Sichuan province,February 5, . According to local media, the hotel is the first panda-themed hotel in the world and will officially open in May with room rates from 300 () to 500 yuanper night.照片是年月5日在峨眉山脚的一家熊猫主题旅馆试营业期间,一个穿着熊猫装的员工在跟一位顾客交谈,峨眉山在中国四川省的西南部据当地媒体得知,这家旅馆是世界上第一家熊猫主题旅店,并将在五月正式营业,届时房费会在每晚300元(8美元)到500元范围内Picture taken February 5, . REUTERS照片由路透社摄于年月5日 369Misha - Moscow 1980The Moscow Olympic bear "Misha" was developed by the renowned illustrator of children’s books Victor Chizikov. It took the illustrator six months to draw one hundred variations of the bear that also carried the full name Mikhail Potapych Toptygin. "Misha" was finally unveiled on December 19th, 1977. Misha was featured on hundreds of different pins, as a plush toy, in plastic, porcelain, rubber, wood, glass and metal. Misha also appeared on a stamp.500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.style.cursor'hand'; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" onclick"if(!this.resized) {return true;} else {window.open('http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319338.jpg');}" alt"" src"http:pic.kekenet.comReadUploadFiles_98319338.jpg" onload"if(this.width>500) {this.resizedtrue; this.width500; this.alt'点击在新窗口中打开';}" border0>  米沙是1980年莫斯科奥运会吉祥物这只由俄国一位著名儿童文学家呕心沥血创造的俄国熊,于1977年月19日呈现在公众面前除了被做成各种产品,米沙还出现在了专门发行的邮票上 3356

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