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B News - At least 39 people, including 15 foreigners, have been killed in an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkeys interior minister says. At least 69 people were being treated in hospital, four were said to be in a serious condition, Suleyman Soylu added.B新闻 - 伊斯坦布尔一家夜总会遭袭, 至少39人丧包括15名外国人,土耳其内政部长说。至9人在医院接受治疗人据说伤势严重,苏莱索伊卢还说。A gunman opened fire in Reina nightclub at about 01:30 local time (22:30 GMT), as revellers marked the new year.当地时间大约凌晨1:30 (格林威治时间22:30),一名手趁着狂欢者庆祝新年之际在雷娜夜总会开射击。Addressing reporters early on Sunday, Mr Soylu said: ;This was a massacre, a truly inhuman savagery. ;A manhunt for the terrorist is under way. Police have launched operations. We hope the attacker will be captured soon.;索伊卢部长周日上午对记者发表讲话说;这是大屠杀,真正没人性的野蛮行径;;搜捕恐怖分子的行动正在进行中。警方已经发起了行动。我们希望不久就能抓获袭击者;Reina nightclub, in the the Ortakoy area of Istanbul, is an upmarket venue on the banks of the Bosphorus.伊斯坦布尔奥塔科伊地区的雷娜夜总会,是斯普鲁斯海峡岸上的一个高档场所。Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin said the attacker killed a policeman and a civilian outside the club before entering and opening fire. There were reportedly as many as 700 people in the nightclub at the time of the attack, some of whom jumped into the water to escape.伊斯坦布尔市长沙欣说,袭击者进入夜总会开火前在外面打死了一名警察和平民。据报道,袭击发生时夜总会内多00人,其中有些人跳入水中逃生;Before I could understand what was happening, my husband fell on top me, the Associated Press news agency ed Sinem Uyanik, who was inside the club, as saying. ;I had to lift several bodies from (on) top of me before I could get out. It was frightening.;在我还没明白发生了什么的时候,我丈夫就倒在了我身上;美联社引用当时在夜总会的希娜姆的话说;我得推开压在我身上的好几具尸体才能脱身。真是太吓人了;The Turkish authorities have imposed a media blackout on coverage of the attack, citing security and public order concerns, but it does not extend to official statements.土耳其当局以安全和公共秩序之虑为由,对这次袭击报道实施媒体封锁,但不包括官方声明。Some media reports spoke of more than one attacker and Dogan news agency reported that some witnesses claimed the attackers were ;speaking Arabic;, but there is no confirmation of this.一些媒体报道说不止一个袭击者,而多安通讯社报道,一些目击者称袭击;说阿拉伯;,但这种说法没有得到实。来 /201701/486666The first significant step to putting the Paris Climate Agreement into practice will take place on Friday.周五, 落实巴黎气候协议将迈出第一个重大步Around 155 countries are expected to formally sign the deal at the UN, setting in motion events that could see the treaty operational within a year.55个国家预期在联合国正式签署协 启动或可于年内将协议付诸实施的一系列事件.The UN says the expected record turnout for the signing shows overwhelming global support for tackling rising temperatures.联合国表 预计创纪录的出席签字人数显示, 解决气候升温获得了全球压倒性But some environmentalists have dismissed the event as a ;distraction;.但一些环保主义者将此次活动斥为 “注意力分散Despite the absence of President Obama, around 60 world leaders are expected here at UN headquarters, including French President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Trudeau from Canada.尽管奥巴马总统缺席, 但大0位世界各国领导人预计会来联合国总部, 包括法国总统奥朗德和加拿大总理特鲁But their signatures alone will not be enough to make the Paris agreement operational. The legal requirements mean that each country will have to go through a process of ratification. For some this will require nothing more than the assent of the political leader as in the example of the ed States.但光有他们的签字还不足以将巴黎协议付诸实 法律要求意味着每个国家都必须走批准程序. 对一些国家而言, 这只须政治领导人的同意即 譬如美国.Others though, such as India and Japan, will have to take the document to their parliaments; some may need new laws. The European Union is expected to lag behind on this issue as it has not yet agreed with the 28 member states on how emissions cuts will be shared out. Each member state will also have to ratify the deal individually.然而对印度和日本等另一些国家来 必须把协议提交国 有些国家可能需要新的法 欧盟估计会在这个问题上滞 因为它尚未与8个成员国就如何分摊减排量达成协议. 每个成员国还得单独批准协Some countries, including the Marshall Islands, Palau, Fiji and Switzerland, have aly completed this step and will be able to formally join the agreement on April 22.其他国家,包括马绍尔群 帕劳群岛, 斐济和瑞 已经走完这一 将能够在42日正式加入该协议.To become operational, the treaty needs at least 55 countries representing at least 55% of global emissions to complete all the steps. While this is a tough threshold to reach an unusual coalition of interests is making it possible.落实协议, 需要至少代表全球排放量55%5个国家完成所有步 虽然这是个艰难的坎儿, 但达成不同寻常的利益联盟使跨过这个坎儿成为可Firstly President Obama is keen to ensure the deal is operational before his successor takes office next January. If the next President wants to take the US out of an established treaty they will have to wait for four years - by which time they may no longer be in charge.首先, 奥巴马总统热切希望于明年一月继任者就职前确保协议生效. 如果下一任总统想使美国退出已确立的协 他们得等 而到那时, 他们或许已不再管事了.Many of the least developed countries are pushing forward as well because a clerical error in the drafting of the new agreement means it becomes operational as soon as it hits the 55/55 mark, and not in 2020 as many people had supposed.许多最不发达国家也在向前推 因为起草新协议时的一个书写错误意味着, 一旦协议达5(个国/55(%的减排量)的目 就会立刻生效, 而不是像很多人认为的要等020 /201604/438569Saudi Arabia’s new energy minister rallied Opec support for maintaining production on Thursday, as a near-doubling of crude prices since January eased tensions among oil exporters.沙特阿拉伯新任能源部长周四呼吁石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)持维持石油产量不变,自今月以来,原油价格上涨近一倍,缓和了石油出口国之间的紧张。Khalid Al Falih said the 13-member group should “encourage the rebalancingof the market as prices recover from the worst crash in more than a decade.哈立#8226;法力Khalid Al Falih)表示,随着油价0多年来最严重暴跌回升,拥3个成员国的欧佩克应“鼓励市场再平衡”。But he told reporters at the Opec meeting in Vienna that it was “prematureto try and restrict output, as demanded by some of the hardest hit exporters, when production growth was aly declining and demand was responding to lower prices.他在欧佩克在维也纳召开的会议上告诉记者,在产量增速已在下滑且需求正对较低油价做出回应之际,试图像一些受到最沉重打击的出口国所希望的那样限制产量还“为时过早”。“We feel the market is rebalancing as we speak,Mr Falih said, adding Riyadh wanted “to work collaboratively#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.[to] steward the market back to equilibrium法力赫表示:“我们觉得,此时此刻市场正在再平衡。”他补充称,沙特阿拉伯希望“合作致力于……引导市场回归均衡”。Weaker Opec members, such as Nigeria and Venezuela, had called for more robust co-ordinated action to boost the price further as they face economic and political crises. But even they seemed content to put on a largely united front for the group.尼日利亚和委内瑞拉等较为弱小的欧佩克成员国曾呼吁采取更强劲的协调行动以进一步提高油价,这些国家正面临经济和政治危机。然而,就连这些国家现在也满足于该组织采取基本团结的姿态。Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria’s oil minister, reflected the mood of the meeting, saying: “The market is doing good.”尼日利亚石油部长艾玛努#8226;伊比#8226;卡其Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu)在谈到此次会议的情绪时表示:“市场表现不错。”Brent, the international benchmark, has soared 80 per cent since touching a low for the year in late January. It hovered around a barrel on Thursday.自今月底触及最低点以来,国际油价基准布伦特原油价格(Brent)已飙0%,周四盘旋在每桶50美元左右。West Texas Intermediate, the US benchmark that has soared almost 90 per cent since its low for the year, was trading just above .美国原油基准西得克萨斯中质原West Texas Intermediate)价格已较今年最低点飙升0%,昨日位于每桶略超过49美元的水平。来 /201606/447765The US and China have agreed on a new UN resolution to place additional sanctions on North Korea in response to its latest nuclear and missile tests.美国和中国已就进一步制裁朝鲜的联合国新决议达成一致,这些制裁是对朝鲜最新核试验和导弹试验的回应。The US was due to present the draft resolution to the UN Security Council yesterday afternoon, US officials said, following seven weeks of intense debate between Beijing and Washington.据美国官员表示,美国定于昨日下午将决议草案提交联合国安理UN Security Council),此前北京和华盛顿之间进行了持续7周的激烈辩论。The resolution is expected to add more North Korean government entities and individuals to the UN sanctions list, however, diplomats would not say if the text goes further in applying additional sanctions on Pyongyang.预计该决议将把更多朝鲜政府实体和个人列入联合国制裁名单,但外交官们不愿说明决议文本会不会更进一步,对平壤方面施加更多制裁。The agreement on a draft resolution reflects China’s growing frustration with its North Korean ally at its continued efforts to develop a nuclear weapon, however, western officials say that Beijing is still reluctant to inflict too much economic pressure on Pyongyang.同意决议草案反映了中国对其朝鲜盟友开发核武器的持续努力日益不满,但西方官员们表示,北京方面仍不愿对平壤施加太大的经济压力。The US has applied its own pressure on China to take a tougher line on North Korea by announcing the planned deployment of a missile defence system in South Korea that would have implications for China’s own armoury of conventional and nuclear missiles.美国本身已对中国施压,要求中国对朝鲜采取更强硬立场——美国宣布计划在韩国部署一套导弹防御系统,该系统对中国自己的常规和核导弹力量具有潜在影响。Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, confirmed yesterday there would be a new UN resolution on North Korea. However, he sharply criticised the announcement about deploying the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defence platform in South Korea.中国外长王毅昨日实,联合国将通过针对朝鲜的新决议。不过,他尖锐批评在韩国部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD)平台的声明。“China’s legitimate national security interests would be jeapordised and threatened,he said on a visit to the US.“中国的正当国家安全利益很可能会受到损害,甚至是威胁,”王毅在访问美国期间表示。Even amid the signs of agreement, significant differences remained over Beijing and Washington’s version of what the two governments have agreed.即便在达成一致的迹象中,北京和华盛顿对于两国政府同意了什么内容的表述仍存在显著差异。Washington said the US and China “agreed on the importance of a strong and united international response to North Korea’s provocations, including through a UN Security Council resolution after Mr Wang met with US officials. “They agreed that they will not accept North Korea as a nuclear weapons state.”王毅会晤美国官员后,华盛顿方面表示,美国与中国“一致同意针对朝鲜的挑衅作出强大而统一的国际回应的重要性,包括通过联合国安理会的决议……两国同意,他们将不接受朝鲜为核武国家。”But an official from China’s foreign ministry had a different interpretation of the meetings, stressing China’s longstanding opposition to sanctions on Pyongyang.但是,中国外交部的一名官员对中美官员的会晤作出不同解读,强调中国长期反对制裁平壤。“A resolution is just around the corner,she told a regular press briefing. “We hope that it can help stop [North Korea] from developing its nuclear and missile programme. At the same time we hope that the resolution and sanctions are not the fundamental way to resolve this issue we hope that all parties can go back to the negotiating table.”“目前联合国安理会涉朝新决议磋商已取得重要进展,有望很快达成一致,”她在例行记者会上表示。“我们希望并相信新决议有助于有效阻遏朝鲜核、导计划的进一步推进。同时,我愿再次强调,安理会决议本身并不能从根本上解决半岛核问题,希望各方最终回到通过对话谈判解决问题的轨道上来。”China’s foreign ministry proposed yesterday for the first time that “de-nuclearisationof the north be pursued in “parallel trackswith negotiations for a formal peace with the south.中国外交部昨日首次提出了实现朝鲜半岛“无核化”与半岛停和机制转换“并行推进”的思路。来 /201603/429065

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on last Wednesday that imposes new sanctions on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) in order to curb the countrys nuclear and missile programs.联合国安理会上周三通过一项决议,即为了遏制朝鲜的核导弹计划,将对朝鲜实施一系列新的制裁措施。The resolution was unanimously adopted by the 15 members of the council in response to DPRKs nuclear test on Jan. 6 and a satellite launch on Feb. 7.理事5名成员国一致通过了该决议,该协议是对朝鲜日进行的核试验和2日卫星发射做出的回应In the statement, the council condemned in the strongest terms the nuclear test on Jan. 6 and the satellite launch on Feb. 7, which it said used ballistic missile technology banned by previous UN resolutions. Pyongyang insisted it was a peaceful satellite launch.在该声明中,安理会强烈谴责了1日的核试验和2日的卫星发射。安理会表示,朝鲜发射卫星使用了联合国先前已明令禁止的弹道导弹技术。但是平壤方面坚持认为,这是一次和平的卫星发射。The resolution includes a ban on all exports of strategic materials from the DPRK. It also puts out a ban on supplying aviation fuel to the DPRK. Moreover, it requires member states to inspect all cargo going to and from the DPRK.该决议中包含禁止朝鲜战略物资出口、禁止向朝鲜提供航空燃料和联合国成员国必须对进出朝鲜的货物进行强制检查等条款。UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday welcomed the Security Councils move, saying the DPRK ;must return to full compliance with its international obligations.;联合国秘书长潘基文上周三对安理事会的这一行动表示欢迎,并表示:“朝鲜必须完全履行其国际义务。”Stressing that sanctions are not the objective, Liu Jieyi, Chinas permanent representative to the UN, said the resolution itself cannot offer a fundamental solution to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, and dialogue is the only viable way to resolve the issue.中国常驻联合国代表刘洁仪强调制裁不是目的,并表示这一决议本身不能为朝鲜半岛核问题提供根本性的解决办法,而对话是解决这一问题的唯一可行途径。U.S. President Barack Obama also welcomed the UN resolution , calling it ;a firm, united, and appropriate response by the international community; to halt DPRKs nuclear and missile programs.美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马也对联合国这项决议表示欢迎,并称其是国际社会遏制朝鲜的核计划和导弹计划做出的强硬的、一致的和适当的回应。来 /201603/430016

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