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哈密腋窝脱毛多少钱喀什麦格假体隆胸多少钱石河子市去眼角纹多少钱 For a Chinese solar-equipment maker to default may seem like a rare sign of consolidation in an overcrowded sector. Yet don#39;t expect new light to shine on this industry.中国光伏设备制造商上海超日太阳能科技股份有限公司(Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science amp; Technology Co. 简称:超日太阳)出现债务违约,这可能是产能过剩的中国光伏产业将进行整合的一个少见的信号。但先不要期待中国光伏产业会东山再起。Shanghai Chaori Solar has become the first company of any stripe to default in China#39;s domestic bond market. That it was a solar company underscores Beijing#39;s desire to instill some market discipline in a bloated sector fueled by local government-funded companies who have kept making panels despite plummeting prices in recent years. Chaori#39;s default comes after rival Suntech failed. Investors are now turning to another panel-maker, Baoding Tianwei, which this week reported a second year of losses, to see if officials will let it fail.超日太阳成为中国国内债券市场上第一家违约的公司。第一家发生债券违约的是光伏企业,这说明中国政府很想把市场约束机制引入到过度膨胀的光伏产业中。导致该产业过度臃肿的是那些由地方政府资助、不顾近年来的价格下跌持续生产光伏面板的公司。超日太阳债务违约是在其竞争对手尚德太阳能(Suntech)破产之后发生的。现在投资者关注点转向另外一家面板制造商保定天威保变电气股份有限公司(Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., 600550.SH, 简称:天威保变),该公司本周公布连续第二年出现亏损。投资者想看看中国官方是否会让这家公司破产。This consolidation is partly why panel prices stabilized last year, says CLSA#39;s Charles Yonts. Higher demand also helped, as China alone doubled its purchases of panels.里昂券(亚洲)(CLSA)的Charles Yonts表示,这种行业整合就是去年光伏面板价格企稳的一个原因。需求上升也起到了一定作用,仅中国的面板采购量就增加了一倍。The problem is prices may not rebound. Manufacturers are investing again, with leading panel-makers planning to increase supply by roughly 30% this year, according to NPD Solarbuzz. Global panel-making capacity should be roughly 60 gigawatts in 2014, more than two-thirds in China, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association forecast last year.但问题是价格可能不会反弹。制造商们又在投入资金,NPD Solarbuzz的数据显示,主要面板制造商计划今年增加30%左右的供应。欧洲光伏产业协会(European Photovoltaic Industry Association)去年预计,2014年全球光伏面板制造产能将达到大约60千兆瓦,其中超过三分之二的产能都在中国。That#39;s still too much, considering the world#39;s demand for new solar-generated power may just be 45 gigawatts in 2014, says Nomura. China now accounts for 30% of global demand, according to Mr. Yonts--and it doesn#39;t help that starting in January, the government cut by 10% the above-market price it pays utility-size solar farms in the provinces that previously bought most of the panels.野村(Nomura)认为这个产能还是太大了,因为2014年全球的太阳能电力需求可能仅为45千兆瓦。Yonts称,目前中国占全球需求的30%。尽管从1月起,在之前光伏面板采购量最大的省份,成规模太阳能电场高于市场水平的上网电价将下调10%,但这也起不了太大作用。These farms are far from the regions that need power and burden the transmission network. China is instead offering incentives to build roof-top installations, except that#39;s easier planned than done. It#39;s tough to secure ownership rights to rooftops or arrange financing, says Frank Haugwitz, an independent solar energy consultant.这些电场远离需要电力供应的地区,承担着输电网络的负担。中国转而为屋顶太阳能提供激励措施,但说起来容易做起来难。独立太阳能咨询公司Frank Haugwitz表示,很难确定屋顶的所有权,也不好安排融资。Other big markets aren#39;t looking promising either. Germany is cutting subsidies and Japan may follow suit, while the U.S. has set up trade barriers against China.其他一些较大的市场化似乎也不乐观。德国正在削减补贴,日本可能也会紧随其后,而美国则针对中国设置了贸易壁垒。That could explain why panel prices are down 4.4% since November, according to PVinsights. This bodes ill for China#39;s panel survivors who should otherwise benefit from their competitors going under. Trina Solar and Jinko Solar, who just started returning to profitability after many quarters of losses, are among the biggest panel players.PVinsights认为,这就是为何面板价格自去年11月以来累计下跌4.4%的原因。这对中国幸存的面板制造商来说不是什么好兆头。如果价格不跌,这些公司本可以因竞争对手的破产而受益。天合光能有限公司(Trina Solar Ltd. ADS, TSL)和晶科能源(Jinko Solar)都在规模最大的太阳能面板企业之列。后者在经过多个季度的亏损之后刚刚恢复赢利。Consolidation will only continue if Beijing can force local governments to cut production--and give up the jobs that go with it. That#39;s a tough sell as China#39;s economic growth weakens.只有在中央政府迫使地方政府削减产能,并放弃该行业的一些就业的条件下,太阳能产业的整合才能继续。随着中国经济增长的放缓,这很难让人接受。 /201403/279785“Writing is easy,” the sports columnist Red Smith once said. “You just open a vein and bleed.”体育专栏作者瑞德o史密斯曾说过:“写作并不难,只需掏心挖肺地对待读者即可。”The same might be said of the car business. It’s easy: You just design and build great cars.汽车行业可能也有类似的表述。这不是件难事:只需要设计并造出好车就行。Of course, it isn’t that simple. As the recent misfortunes of General Motors GM 0.19% and Ford Motor F -0.30% demonstrate, something as straightforward as installing foolproof ignition switches or accurately calculating fuel economy can elude the most experienced of automakers.当然,事情并没有这么简单。通用汽车(General Motors)和福特汽车(Ford Motor)最近的负面新闻表明,最为老道的汽车制造商也会在傻瓜式点火开关的安装或燃油经济性计算精确性上面栽跟头。When it comes to marketing cars, there is an emerging debate that can most succinctly be described as mass vs. class.在汽车营销领域,一场争论正在如火如荼地进行当中,简而言之就是:车型数量与档次之争。On the mass side is analyst John Murphy, author of the long-running “Car Wars” study for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Murphy is a fan of new models, the more the merrier. He has consistently demonstrated that market share is directly related to the number of new models a company introduces and the speed with which it refreshes them. While he concedes the importance of mix, pricing, execution, distribution, and brand power, he argues that the more rapidly product lines are expanded and refreshed, the more rapidly sales will grow. “Our measures of replacement rate and showroom age are the major driver of market share gains and losses,” he writes. “Successful new products drive higher market share.”分析师约翰o墨菲是“数量”派,他是美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)长期调查《汽车之战》(Car Wars)的作者。墨菲钟爱新车型,而且车型越多越好。在他的不懈努力之下,他所得出的结论是,市场占有率与制造商推出新车型的数量和速度有直接关系。在承认搭配、定价、执行、销售和品牌影响力的重要性的同时,他还认为,生产线扩张、更新的速度越快,销售业绩的增长也就越快。他写道:“更新率和展厅年限指标是企业获得/失去市场份额的主要原因。成功的新产品会带来更高的市场份额。”Leading the arguments for the class side is longtime marketing consultant and self-styled industry curmudgeon Peter De Lorenzo. De Lorenzo, who is based in Detroit, leads the AutoExtremist blog, calls himself “a purveyor of the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth,” and has been a rigorous defender of brand integrity. “How a brand is perceived can make or break a car company, regardless of how long and illustrious a run that brand has enjoyed up until any given point in time,” he wrote in June.“档次”派阵营的主要人物则是资深营销顾问、自称行业异类的皮特o德o罗伦索。德o罗伦索常驻底特律,是客“汽车极端分子”的主。他称自己是一位“非常规、朴实无华、最热门事实的提供者”,而且一直是品牌诚信的忠实拥趸。他在6月的文中写道:“人们对品牌的看法能造就、也能毁掉一家汽车公司,无论这个品牌在此前任何一段时间内拥有多么悠久或辉煌的历史。”De Lorenzo has been a persistent critic of luxury brands that use new models to grow volume. He believes they are compromising their identity by using their brand for vehicles that have no connection to heritage and history. “They believe that if they cover every niche in the market–both real and imagined–it will ensure their survival and profitability,” he contends. “But it doesn’t work,” he writes. “There are painful ramifications that come with their actions.”德o罗伦索一直都在批评豪华汽车品牌使用新车型来提升销量的做法。他认为,这种做法会有损品牌形象,因为品牌被用在了与其传承和历史毫无关联的车型身上。他指出:“这些厂商认为,如果公司能照顾到每一个细分市场(有的是真实存在的,有的是公司想象出来的),他们的生存和利润就有了保障。但这是行不通的,而且这种举措会带来痛苦的后果。”One of the unique strengths of “Car Wars” is its distillation of competitive intelligence, press clippings, speculation, and rumor analysis into a rigorous analysis of future product trends. In the most recent edition covering the years 2015 to 2018, Murphy identifies by model name and segment, every redesign and new model coming to the U.S. market. He sees a surge of new crossovers vehicles bearing the badges of luxury manufacturers that previously concentrated on sedans, coupes, and sports cars–among them Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and Bentley–and writes approvingly about the positive impact on sales. “If the numerous new German Lux CUVs are well received in the market,” he writes, “there may be some upside risk” in the market share of European OEMs.《汽车之战》的一个独特优势在于,它将竞争情报、新闻简报、观察和传闻分析进行过滤加工,然后整合成为未来产品趋势的严密分析。在最近一期涵盖2015-2018年趋势的调查中,墨菲按照车型名称和类别分别列出了进入美国市场的每一个重新设计的车型和新车型。他发现了新跨界车型的崛起,而这些车型出身于过去专注于轿车、轿跑和跑车的业界豪门,例如奥迪、宝马、捷豹和宾利,而且他还以赞许的口吻提到了这个趋势对于销售的积极影响。他写道:“如果大量的新型德系豪华CUV(混合型多用途车)在市场上得以热销,那么欧洲OEM(原始设备制造商)厂商的市场份额可能会面临一些上行风险。”Such product line extensions into unfamiliar segments by long-established brands induce a state of near apoplexy in De Lorenzo. Brandishing no research but effectively flexing his instinct from years in the business, he argues that automakers–particularly those with a racing heritage–should stick to making cars and leave crossovers and SUVs to the likes of Jeep and Land Rover. He gets especially vitriolic in discussing the strategies of the fast-rising German luxury makers, which seem to keep adding more body styles–BMW Active Tourer anyone?– aimed at freshening up their product lines and adding incremental volume:知名品牌这种将产品线扩展到陌生领域的做法几乎让德o罗伦索感到抓狂。德o罗伦索并不会拿什么调查来说事,而是有效地借助多年来形成的行业直觉。他指出,汽车制造商,尤其是那些拥有赛车传承的制造商,应该致力于制造轿车,同时将跨界车型和SUV交给吉普和路虎这样的生产厂家。讨论迅速崛起的德国豪华车制造商的决策时,他会变得尤为刻薄,因为这种讨论似乎总是围绕增加车型的种类——宝马Active Tourer车型,有人要吗?——它们的目的在于更新产品线,从而增加销量:o “[Audi] seems to be falling victim to the disease that’s infecting all of the German brands of late, the ded being all things to all people daze that leads these manufacturers to drop their guard and make mistakes.”“(奥迪)似乎患上了最近所有德国品牌无一幸免的传染病,这是一种面面俱到的可怕打法,它让消费者眼花缭乱,而且也让这些制造商放松了警惕,开始犯错误。”o “Almost everything that made BMW a BMW has been lost in translation.”“似乎BMW的一切精髓都已在车型大战中消失殆尽。”o “When [Mercedes-Benz is] off, well, they can stink up the joint like no other. Daimler is forced to stretch out its model lineup because it’s trying to fight a brutally competitive auto world without the resources of the other auto manufacturer conglomerates.”“当(梅赛德斯-奔驰)遭遇滑铁卢时,它的东施效颦能力较其他品牌有过之而无不及。戴姆勒被迫扩充车型数量,因为它没有其它汽车制造巨头的所拥有的资源作为依靠,而且还得硬着头皮去在这个竞争异常激烈的汽车产业中寻求自己的一席之地。”Murphy and De Lorenzo agree on some things. In the latest “Car Wars,” Murphy singles out Ford and Honda for their speedy replacement of existing models, and predicts that each will gain half a point of market share over the next three years. De Lorenzo likes both companies too. But he worries that if Ford “allows itself to get complacent, its prospects will be less than stellar,” and wonders about Honda, “will it stumble again and lose its way?”墨菲和德o罗伦索并不是在所有的观点上都格格不入。在最新一期的《汽车之战》中,墨菲单独例举了福特和本田,介绍了他们快速更换现有车型的举措。而且他还预测,在未来的三年中,这两家的市场份额都会增长0.5个百分点。德o罗伦索也很喜欢这两家公司。但是他担心,如果福特“放任自己不思进取,它的前景并不会太好。”同时他也为本田感到担忧,“它会再次摔倒而变得一蹶不振吗?”Who is the winner in this faceoff? The Car Wars analysis has a lot to recommend it. With statistics on new models going back to 1987, it possesses unusual depth. It is even-handed, and if it occasionally misses some fine points, it projects a reasonably accurate view of a company’s relative position in the market compared to its competitors. But Car Wars may be of less value going forward. As foreign automakers fill out their product lines and as all manufactures achieve more consistency in their product renewal cycles, there will be fewer big shifts in market share.在这场对峙中,谁会成为赢家?《汽车之战》的分析有很多都值得称道。调查涵盖了1987年的新车型的数据,深度非比寻常。这项调查十分公正,就算偶尔会遗漏一些细节之处,但它以合理的方式准确地展现了公司相对于竞争对手的市场位置。但是从长远来看,《汽车之战》调查的价值可能会缩水。因为随着外国汽车制造商生产线扩充的完成,以及各大制造商的更新周期变得更为一致,市场份额的波动将会更小。De Lorenzo plays favorites and rarely lets the facts get in the way of a good argument. German luxury car makers are enjoying record years, and despite some grumbling about the quality of lower-priced models and unconventional body styles, they appear to be holding on to their existing customers at the same time as they attract new ones. Passionate though he is, De Lorenzo can shift gears. At one time a ferocious opponent of Porsche’s diversification away from sports cars into SUVs and four-doors, he now praises the company for being “relentlessly focused” and “peerless” in its execution.德o罗伦索打的是喜好牌,而且很少让事实成为其有力观点的障碍。近几年,德国豪华车制造商的销售业绩接连创下历史新高,尽管人们对他们的低价车型和非传统车型的质量仍存在一些抱怨,但这些制造商不仅留住了现有的客户,还吸引到了新客户。虽然德o罗伦索是一个狂热分子,但他也有可能会反其道而行之。曾几何时,他曾强烈地抨击保时捷的多元化举措,即从跑车转向SUV()和四门轿跑领域,然而如今,他却对这家公司“不懈的关注”和“无与伦比”的执行表示赞许。And in the end, it is execution more than anything else that determines success or the lack of it. Look at Tata, owner of both Jaguar and Land Rover. Jaguar concentrated on sedans and coupes for its entire life and nearly expired. Now the first Jaguar crossover, the XQ, is due in 2017. Land Rover, on the other hand, has stayed focused on SUVs and thrived. Even its Sport model is expedition-capable and there are no signs of an active tourer on the horizon.最后,在所有的要素中,执行才是决定成败的决定性因素。我们不妨看看捷豹和路虎的母公司塔塔。捷豹始终专注于轿车和轿跑,差点破产。如今,捷豹的第一款跨界车型XQ将于2017年面世。另一方面,路虎一直专注于做SUV,并因此而兴盛起来。即使路虎的跑车车型都具有越野能力,而且它目前也并不打算推出类似于active tourer这样的车型。 /201406/307774阿图什冰点脱毛多少钱

新疆省激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱乌市自治区人民医院脱毛手术多少钱 The developers in the audience at WWDC may have missed the significance of the attention Apple AAPL 1.41% paid Monday to Spotlight — the little magnifying glass on the top right hand corner of the Mac’s home screen — but Ad Age didn’t.周一召开的苹果全球开发者大会(WWDC)上,开发者们可能忽略了苹果对于Spotlight的重视程度,但行业资讯网站广告时代Ad Age却注意到了这一点。Spotlight是Mac电脑主屏幕右上角的一个小放大镜图标。When it was released in 2005, Spotlight was simply a quick and convenient way to search the contents of your local hard drive — to locate a document, say, or a lost e-mail. It’s been quietly gathering power with each new iteration: doubling as a calculator or a dictionary and offering Boolean (and/or) searches.苹果2005年就推出了Spotlight,最初只是一种搜索本地硬盘内容的便捷方式——比如查找文件或丢失的邮件等。而它每一次改版,都伴随着功能的不断增强:如今的Spotlight既可用作计算器或词典,也可提供布尔(和/或)搜索。But in OS X Yosemite, the new Mac operating system unveiled Monday, Spotlight comes front and center — literally. When you tap on the magnifying glass, a search window pops up in the middle of the screen. And when you type a few characters, it doesn’t just search your local computer, it searches the Internet as well, delivering maps, Wikipedia articles and Web results stripped of their ads. Repeat: Stripped of their ads.而在周一发布的最新Mac操作系统OS X Yosemite中,Spotlight被推到了台前的中心位置——至少从形式上看确实是这样。点击放大镜后,屏幕中央会弹出一个搜索窗口。输入文字之后,Spotlight不仅会搜索本地计算机,还会进行互联网搜索,提供地图、维基百科(Wikipedia)文章和去除广告后的网页搜索结果。注意:是去除广告后的搜索结果。Microsoft MSFT -1.23% is delighted that Apple is using its Bing service to search the Web. “Last year Bing became the default web search for Siri, and will now also be the default web search provider in the redesigned Spotlight search feature for the next generation of iOS and OS X,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Ad Age. “We’re excited about extending the Bing platform to help iOS and Mac customers find what they need to get things done.”微软(Microsoft)很高兴看到苹果利用必应(Bing)提供网页搜索务。一位微软发言人告诉Ad Age:“去年,必应成为语音助手Siri的默认网页搜索引擎;而在新一代iOS与OS X中,必应将作为改版后的Spotlight搜索务的默认网页搜索务提供商。能够扩展必应平台,帮助iOS与Mac用户查找他们需要的信息,我们感到非常兴奋。”Google GOOG -1.62% will not be so happy. Advertising — especially U.S. search advertising — pays for nearly everything Google does, from building driverless cars to wiring whole cities with fiber optics. According to eMarketer estimates, Google took in 70.8% of the .92 billion spent on U.S. search advertising last year.但谷歌(Google)恐怕不会开心。从设计无人驾驶汽车,到建设光纤城市,谷歌每一个项目的资金,几乎都来自广告业务,尤其是美国搜索广告业务。据市场调查公司eMarketer估计,美国去年的搜索引擎广告开为199.2亿美元,其中约70.8%被谷歌收入囊中。If Apple hopes to disrupt Google by giving the information away for free, it’s got its work cut out for it. As Ad Age poins out:苹果如果希望通过免费提供信息来扰乱谷歌的运营,那它还有很长一段路要走。正如Ad Age指出:“Apple’s search tool shows only a few results per query, meaning a lot less real estate for results. That means Apple would have to prove that its small number of results are accurate enough to fulfill someone’s query. Good-enough search has never been enough to unseat or take share from Google.”“苹果搜索工具每次查询只显示很少的几个结果。。这意味着,苹果必须明,它寥寥可数的搜索结果就已经足够准确,可以满足用户的查询需求。一款搜索引擎如果只是足够好,那它不足以撼动谷歌的地位,也不足以抢占谷歌的份额。” /201406/303473昆玉做双眼皮多少钱

乌鲁木齐达坂城区激光治疗鸡眼多少钱Though Google#39;s search engine is all but unused in China these days, the company#39;s latest gadget, the Google Glass , aly has some early adopters here. 尽管谷歌(Google Inc., GOOG)的搜索引擎现在在中国使用的已经很少了,但该公司最新的设备谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)已经在中国找到了用户。Apart from Tuesday#39;s one-day sale of Glass to the general public, Google has sold the headsets by invitation only, but that hasn#39;t stopped China#39;s dauntless online merchants from getting ahold of the product. A simple search of Alibaba#39;s popular online Taobao marketplace turns up dozens of listings for Glass, many of which seem to be real. (The product is also available for sale on eBay in the U.S.) 除了周二仅一天的公开销售外,谷歌目前仅向受邀者销售这款眼镜,但这并未妨碍无所不能的中国网商们拿到谷歌眼镜的货源。只要在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的淘宝(Taobao)网站上搜索一下,就能搜到数十款待售的谷歌眼镜,其中不少看似真货。(在美国,该产品也能在eBay上买到。)As happened with Apple#39;s iPhone, mom-and-pop electronics resellers in China have discovered there#39;s a business to be made out of the arbitrage of buying items not yet available here and offering them at a markup online. 与苹果公司( Apple)的iPhone一样,中国的小型电子产品经销商们已发现,通过购买中国国内尚未销售的商品,然后在网上加价出售,这也是一桩不错的生意。Two Taobao merchants said they didn#39;t bother to take advantage of Tuesday#39;s sale because they had aly procured enough by buying Glass directly from those with invitation to purchase the product. Still, the merchants said the public sale has helped to spur demand for the smartglasses, which retail for ,500 and sell on Taobao for 12,000-20,000 yuan (,950-,252). 两位淘宝店主称,他们根本不必利用周二的机会购买谷歌眼镜,因为他们已经从那些获邀购买该产品的人那里拿到了足够多的货。不过,这些店主表示,公开销售帮助刺激了该款智能眼镜的需求。每副谷歌眼镜的零售价为1,500美元,淘宝上的售价是人民币12,000-20,000元 (合1,950-3,252美元)。One of the merchants, Xu Wei, said he has been selling Glass on Taobao since January, with an average of one or two purchases a day. That number jumped at the beginning of this month to five or six a day, he said. 其中一位淘宝店主徐伟(音)称,他从今年1月份就开始卖谷歌眼镜了,每天能卖出一至两副。不过本月以来,每天的销量一下子跳升到五至六副。#39;Many people have been buying it as a present to give to others, some have even bought two or three pairs at once,#39; he said. 他表示,许多人买了当礼物送给别人,一些人甚至一次就买两、三副。Mr. Xu said Chinese consumers have some reservations about the product. Many worry Glass may not work behind China#39;s Great Firewall, while others wonder whether the product has an operating system that can run in the Chinese language. 徐伟说,中国消费者对该产品持有一些保留意见。许多人担心谷歌眼镜可能因为中国的防火 而无法正常工作,其他人则想知道该产品是能够刷中文操作系统。Another seller, Zhang Jie, said his margins on the glasses have been getting hit as more and more vendors catch on. He#39;s also seen a bump in orders this month, he said, predicting that demand will strengthen as the price for the product falls and other companies develop similar smart glasses. 另一位卖家张杰(音)说,由于有越来越多的卖家出售谷歌眼镜,他出售谷歌眼镜的利润率受到冲击。他说,他也看到本月订单增加,预计随着产品价格下跌且其他公司开发出类似智能眼镜,需求将增加。To that end, some innovation is aly happening in China. Wang Chengpeng, another Taobao vendor, sells modified versions of Glass designed to enable short-sighted customers to use the product. Mr. Wang, who first got a pair of the Google glasses in November 2013, called the product #39;cool,#39; but was quick to enumerate its defects. 在这方面,中国已经出现了一些创新。另一位淘宝店主王承鹏(音)出售经过改进的谷歌眼镜,可以让近视的客户使用该产品。王承鹏在2013年11月份第一次得到一副谷歌眼镜,称该产品很酷,但很快就举出了产品的一些不足之处。#39;It#39;s not waterproof, it#39;s still heavy compared to normal glasses, and the battery only lasts for three hours,#39; he said. #39;Also the software is not that practical.#39; 他说,谷歌眼镜不防水,和普通眼镜相比还是很沉,电池只能续航三小时,而且软件也不是那么实用。Though Mr. Wang is selling the product without permission from Google, his thoughts about Glass are likely pretty similar to the company#39;s own, and help to explain why it hasn#39;t yet made the product widely available. 虽然王承鹏是在未经谷歌允许的情况下销售该产品,但他对谷歌眼镜的看法和该公司自己的想法很类似,这也解释了谷歌为何没有全面销售该产品。#39;I think innovators can try on Google Glass, but common people should wait,#39; he said. 他说,他认为创新人士可以试试谷歌眼镜,但普通人还是应当再等等。 /201404/288631 北屯市脂肪丰胸价格喀什市隆下巴多少钱



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