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富阳治疗少精症最好的医院渔山乡妇幼保健院支持刷信用卡吗It all started with a voyage that no one can fully explain, even to this day.起因是一次时至今日 仍无人能解释清楚的航行In 1064,Harold and a group of men set sail across the Chanel for Normandy.1064年 哈罗德带人横跨英吉利海峡前往诺曼底Maybe it was to rescue his younger brother,Wulfstan, who had been taken hostage by William.也许他是想去营救 被威廉扣作人质的弟弟 沃尔夫斯坦But for the Norman chroniclers,the journey could only have one purpose.但根据诺曼史料记载 此次旅程的目的只有一个Harold was confirming Edward#39;s offer of the crown.哈罗德前去宣布爱德华传给自己的王位Why would Harold do something so against his own best interests?哈罗德怎会做出这等损害自己利益的事呢Perhaps that#39;s why it makes up the first bit of the story或许正是这令人费解之处of the most grandiose piece of Norman propaganda,the 70-metre long Bayeux Tapestry.才让它在巨幅的诺曼史宣传画中占了首席 这宣传画便是七十米长的贝叶挂毯The tapestry was commissioned by William#39;s half-brother,此挂毯是在征后几年 威廉同父异母的兄弟Bishop Odo of Bayeux, a few years after the conquest.主教贝叶的厄德受委任制作的But it well may have been made by English women embroiders in Canterbury,但它也可能是由 坎特伯雷的英格兰绣女制成who were regarded as the most skilled stitchers in Europe.她们被认为是欧洲最熟练的绣工Who else would have made such a glamorous hero?不然还有谁能绣出这样一位迷人的英雄呢Something seems to have gone wrong in the Channel,perhaps a storm.船在行驶过程中出现了事故 可能是遇上了风暴Landing in the territory of Guy of Ponthieu,被迫停在了蓬蒂约的盖伊的领地they were arrested and handed over to Guy#39;s liege lord,William of Normandy.他们被逮捕 并交给了盖伊的君主 诺曼底的威廉 /201607/456855常绿镇妇幼保健医院电话号码 When the bishops complained, the king declared,当大主教表示不满时 国王宣布;I shall find a way to do my business without you.;我会摆脱你们的控制的The protesting bishops were locked up in the Tower.反抗的大主教们被关进了伦敦塔James#39;s timing was disastrous.詹姆斯选择的时机是致命的For he was doing all this when Louis XIV,因为与此同时 路易十四the militantly Catholic King of France,was threatening Europe.手掌兵权的法国天主教国王 正对欧洲虎视眈眈By January, 1688,James had managed to alienate all his natural allies到了1688年1月 詹姆斯成功地疏离了他所有的盟友and turn himself into a even more dangerous version of his father, Charles I.这样他就成为了一个 比他父亲查理一世更加危险的人物 He was even filling the officer ranks of the army with Irish Catholics.他甚至让爱尔兰的天主教徒 担任军官The only consolation was that,at 52 he had no son.人们唯一的慰藉就是 他已过不惑之年仍膝下无子Next in line to the throne was his daughter Mary, a staunch Protestant,而王位的继承人 是他的女儿玛丽 一名忠实的新教徒who#39;d married the Dutch prince, William of Orange,她与荷兰王子威廉·奥兰治结为夫妻hero of the resistance to Louis XIV.威廉是抵抗路易十四的英雄On June 10th, 1688,all this changed.在1688年6月10日 所有这一切都变了James#39;s wife, Mary of Modena,gave birth to a boy,詹姆斯的妻子 德纳的玛丽 诞下了一名男婴who was duly baptised with Roman rites.他理所当然地按照罗马天主教受洗Now, not only was the king Catholic,so was his dynasty.现在 不仅国王是天主教徒 他的王朝也如此 /201704/506525Got to be kidding me where is this guy?这是在开玩笑吧 这家伙在哪?Hi, I#39;m Dr. Steven Strange, master of the mystic arts.你好 我是奇异士斯蒂芬 神秘的艺术大师Sorry I#39;m late, but the traffic.was unbelieveble.Jimmy: It#39;s 3:30.抱歉我迟到了 但是交通太令人难以置信了 已经3:30了You were supposed to 3:00. I#39;m not paying for the last half hour.你之前答应我3:00到 我可不买这迟来半小时的单Nice to meet you too. We just dispense with the small talk. show me the demons.那可真是高兴再次见到你 不必多说 让我看看那些小恶魔Jimmy: All right. Here they are. I don#39;t understand. Are they possessed?好吧 他们在这 真不敢相信 他们着魔了?Basically. They ate, like, 50 cup cakes.基本上是的 他们吃了 像是 50块蛋糕Alright,alright,alright.I#39;ll vanquish them.好吧 好吧 好吧 接下来我来教训他们Hold on holdWhat#39;s know? No vanquishing. Pull a rabbit out of somewhere do tricks.打住 你知道吗?不要用这种方式(教训) 就像变戏法一样拉出一个兔子就好A rabbit? Yeah Look I think there#39;s been a misunderstanding. Do tricks. You don#39;t do tricks.一个兔子?是的 我认为这有一个误会 变戏法 你确定不会戏法No Hi! This clearly says the mightiest magician in the cosmos.不 嘿老兄 这上面清楚的写着宇宙中最强的魔术师Everyone exaggerates theirprofile, don#39;t they? Look at yours.大家都夸大了他们的资料了 不是吗?看看你的Jimmy Kimmel, America#39;s favorite late night host. Watch!吉米·坎莫尔 每个人最爱的深夜主持人 你瞅瞅!That#39;s true, is it not? Is it? Hi. That#39;s a cute necklace.如假包换 不是吗?你确定?嘿 那真是一个可爱的项链Is that etsy? Don#39;t touch the eye of agomotto.这是etsy的吗?不要碰阿格多之眼Sorry,you know what,I don#39;t think this is work out .对不起 你知道这事 我可不认为算解决了I think I#39;m going to hire a sponge bob or something.我认为我应该雇佣一个海绵宝宝或别的什么的Thanks you coming. How much? 0. Wait. I have an idea. You suck.还是感谢你的到来 给多少钱?150美元 等会儿 我有一个主意了 你大爷的Next. Happy birthday to you--where#39;s Marcus? Marcu? Oh,he went home.下一个 #祝你生日快乐# Marcus哪去了?马尔库?噢 他回家了Do you want go home with Marcus? No. Be quite.你想和马尔库一起回家吗?不想 给我老实待着 Article/201707/515941富阳打胎住不住院

春江街道人民医院是不是医保定点栏目简介:The vast majority of Chinese infants are not breast fed, with only about 28% receiving only breast milk for the first six months. And that rate is even lower for babies born prematurely. To raise the breast feeding rate, pediatric hospitals in Shanghai set up an education program today. Song Wenjing tells us more. Article/201704/499925富阳市中山是不是医保定点医院 【视频讲解】The Future Strategy Office had come to represent the concentration of elite power that South Koreans are so fed up with, says Lee Jong-tae (no relation to Mr Lee) of SisaIN, a South Korean magazine.一家韩国杂志SisaIN的Lee Jong-tae(和李先生没有关系)称,未来战略室曾代表着韩国人厌烦的精英力量的中心。Elite 精英,杰出人物:“In addition to notions of social equality there was much emphasis on the role of elites and of heroes within them”(Times Literary Supplement)“除了社会平等概念之外还强调其中精英们和英雄们所起的作用”(时代文学增刊)feed up with 对...厌倦I get fed up with other people#39;s greed.我对别人的贪婪厌烦透了。In the past, the office was said to have been vital in ensuring the family#39;s control. It managed relations with the government to that end.在过去,未来战略室据说在保李氏家族控制权上一直是至关重要的。它为此经营与政府的关系。Vital 至关重要A vital component of any democracy is a free labor movement”(Bayard Rustin)自由工人运动是任何民主所不可缺少的组成部分”(贝亚德#8226;拉斯廷)To that end 为了达到目的To that end, the study will do what cannot be done with people — kill some of the monkeys to examine their brains and pancreases.为了达到这个目标,研究中需要做一些无法用人来进行的实验——杀掉其中一些猴子来考察它们的大脑和胰脏器官。Yet even its abolition serves the Lee dynasty. It is a pacifying move to try to “save” the young chieftain, says Lee Jong-tae. Mr Lee can now seek bail, and a court must rule within three months.但是即使它的废除仍然对李氏家族有利。 Lee Jong-tae说到,试图“挽救”这位年轻的首领是令人欣慰的行动。 李在镕可以现在寻求保释,法院需在三个月内裁决。Abolition 废除Their discussion centred around the abolition of slavery.他们的讨论是以废除奴隶制度为中心而进行的。Pacify 平息Government forces have found it difficult to pacify the rebels.政府军发现难以平定叛乱分子。Chieftain 酋长In truth, he has been acting as a corrupt chieftain. 事实上,他的行事作风如同一位腐败的首领。Still, after his arrest, says Chang Sea-jin of the National University of Singapore, Mr Lee will have “neither the legitimacy nor the size of equity stake” to maintain the emperor-style management of his father (inheritance tax will slightly reduce the family‘s stake). Perhaps!尽管如此,新加坡国立大学的教授张信真称,李在镕被捕后,为保持他父亲帝国式的管理方式,他不会拥有合法性也不会拥有股权(遗产税将略微减少该家族的股份)。或许如此equity stake 股权The ADB is also prepared to take a small equity stake in private sector ventures.亚洲开发也准备在私人企业中收取不量的股本金。inheritance tax 遗产税Inheritance tax should be paid when the wealth of a dead person is inherited by someone.遗产税应该在继承死者的财富的时候缴等等。The day-to-day running of Samsung will be little affected by the dissolution of the family#39;s most loyal body, because of the control still wielded by the Lee dynasty.三星日常的经营不会受到该家族最忠实的人离开的影响,因为控制权还是掌握在李氏家族day-to-day 日常的I am a vegetarian and use a lot of lentils in my day-to-day cooking.我是个素食者,日常烹调中使用许多扁豆。Dissolution 解散He stayed on until the dissolution of the firm in 2000.他一直呆到2000年公司解散。Wield 掌握 (权力)He remains chairman, but wields little power at the company.他还是主席,但在公司内没有什么权力。Most people expect the key functions of the strategy office to be transferred to other parts of the group, most likely to three companies—Samsung Camp;T, Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics—in preparation for a long-anticipated transition to a more transparent holding-company structure.许多人认为,战略部的关键职能可能由其他部门来实现,最有可能的三个部门是三星物产,三星生命保险和三星电子,这三个部门已经为转变为控股公司做了长久的准备。transparent易懂的; 显而易见的The company has to make its accounts and operations as transparent as possible.该公司不得不尽力使它的帐目和运作一目了然。holding-company控股公司Shares in Samsung Electronics are trading at near record highs owing to strong results and optimism about the coming launch of the latest model of its main smartphone, the Galaxy S8.三星电子的股份以接近历史新高的速度交易,这归功于对其主要的智能机盖乐士S8最新模型将要展出的强劲业绩和乐观态度。owing to 由于;因为He was out of work owing to a physical injury.他因为受伤而失业了。Galaxy1. 星系2. 一群有才气的、迷人的或显赫的人或物a galaxy of theatrical performers.众星云集The chief surprise this week was the mass resignation of the strategy office#39;s nine executives, including an old guard handpicked by the elder Mr Lee.本周主要令人意想不到是战略室九位高管的大量辞职,包括李健熙精心挑选的一位保守派Handpicked亲自挑选的; 精选的The president relied on his handpicked security and intelligence forces in the Interior Ministry to maintain his rule.他依仗自己在内政部精心挑选的安全与情报势力来维护自己的统治。Mr Chang suspects that this “corporate cleansing” will work in the younger Mr Lee#39;s favour. Some of the executives had become so powerful that they might have overshadowed him.张教授猜测这次“公司清理”在李在镕的持下会成功。其中一些高管权利太大可能会压倒他。Overshadow1. 使黯然失色Hester is overshadowed by her younger and more attractive sister.她那更年轻而且更有魅力的使赫斯特黯然失色。2. 给…蒙上阴影Fears for the president#39;s safety could overshadow his peace-making mission.对总统安全的担心会给他的和平促进任务蒙上阴影。The unit#39;s closure might both save the heir and make his return easier.这个部门的关闭可能既挽救了这个继承者,也使他的归来更容易。Closure1. 倒闭; 关闭...the closure of the steel mill. …这家钢厂的关闭。2. (道路、边界等的) 封闭Overnight storms left many streets underwater and forced the closure of road tunnels in the city.一夜的暴风雨使城市里的许多街道都淹没在水中,公路隧道被迫封闭。3. 认栽I asked Trump if the reunion was meant to achieve closure. 我问迈可特朗普再度联合是否意味着认栽。 Article/201707/516213渌渚镇中医医院主页

杭州富阳区中医医院门诊收费Patriotism. There#39;s a word thrown around a lot.“爱国心”,这是个被用到泛滥成灾的字It inspires passionate debate and is worn like a badge of honor. And with good reason.它会引发充满的讨论,也会被视为荣誉徽章一般来别在身上。是有些好理由。Because it means love and devotion for one#39;s country.因为它代表了对自己国家的衷心热爱与忠诚奉献。Love. For a word designed to unite, it can also be pretty divisive.爱。身为一个被设计来“使人结合”的单字,不过同样能造成分裂You see, there#39;s more to patriotism than flag sequined onesies, and rodeos, and quadruple cheeseburgers.你知道,爱国心不仅仅是国旗、西部牛仔和四层干酪汉堡Patriotism is love for a country, not just pride in it.“爱国心”是对于国家有爱,而不光只有骄傲But what really makes up this country of ours? What is it we love?但什么才真正组成了我们的国家?我们爱的到底是什么?It#39;s more than a huge rock full of animals like cougars and eagles, right?它绝对不只是一块充满动物的大石头,比如说美洲豹和老鹰,对吧?It#39;s the people. Do me a favor and close your eyes for a second. I want to try something out.我们爱的是人。帮我个忙,闭上眼睛几秒钟。我想做个测试。Picture the average U.S. citizen.想象一个美国公民Think about it. How old are they? What#39;s their hair like?想象一下,他们几岁?他们有什么样的头发?How much can they bench? Got one? Ok.他们可以举起几磅?想出来了吗?很好So, the chances are the person you#39;re picturing right now looks a little different to the real average American.所以,你想象出来的这个人很有可能跟真正的“美国公民”有段差距There are 319 million U.S. citizens. 51% are female.有三亿一千九百万美国公民,51%是女性。So, first off, the average American is a woman. Cool huh. Is that what you pictured?所以首先标准美国人应该是一名女子,酷吧,这跟你想象的符合吗?54 million are Latino. 40 million are senior citizens. 27 million are disabled. 18 million are Asian.五千四百万拉丁裔,四千万高龄公民。两千七百万残障人士,一千八百万亚裔。That#39;s more people in the U.S. than play football and baseball combined.比所有在美国玩美式足球与棒球的人加起来都多9 million are lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender.九百万的女同志、男同志、双性恋与跨性别者。More than the entire amount of people that live in the state of Virginia.比所有住在弗吉尼亚州的人还要多。Around 10 million are redheaded. 5.1 million play Ultimate Frisbee. And 3 and a half million are Muslim.一千万的人是红头发。五百一十万人玩极限飞盘,三百五十万穆斯林。Triple the number of people currently serving in the ed States military.比现在在美军役的人多出三倍。Almost half the country belongs to minority groups.整个国家大概有一半的人都属于少数族群People who are lesbian. African American. And bi. And transgender. And Native American.女同志、非裔美国人、双性恋、跨性别者以及美国原住民。And proud of it! We know that labels don#39;t devalue us, they help define us:并且为此骄傲!我们都知道标签并不能够贬低我们的价值keeping us dialed in to our cultures, and our beliefs, and who we are. As Americans.他们让我们定义自己是谁:帮助我们深深浸濡在我们的文化以及信仰,和“我们究竟是谁”之中,以美国人的身份。After all, what#39;s more American than the freedom to celebrate the things that make us us?毕竟,还有什么比“能自由庆祝我们之所以为我们”更有美国风格呢?I mean, it#39;s stitched into the stars and stripes of this country,我是说,它已经镶嵌在这个国家的星星以及条纹上了,from the Constitution to Gettysburg, to our motto, ;E Pluribus Unum;, from many, one.从美国宪法到盖茨堡,再到我们的箴言“合众为一”,自纷乱分歧,合而为一。It#39;s even in our country#39;s name – the UNITED States.它甚至深植在我们的国名当中:美利坚“合众”国This year patriotism shouldn#39;t just be about pride of country. It should be about love.就在今年,“爱国心”不该再只是以我们的国家为荣。更该是爱我们的国家。Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion, and any other labels.超越年龄、身体残疾、性倾向、种族、信仰以及任何其他标签的爱Because the second any of us judge people based on those labels, we#39;re not really being patriotic, are we?因为在以标签来批判别人时,我们就不是真正的爱国了,对吧?So let#39;s try this one more time. Close your eyes, picture that average Joe or Joan, or Juan, or Jean-Luc.所以,让我们再试一遍,闭上眼睛,然后想象一个乔或乔安,或是一个胡安或约翰路克The real people who make America America.也就是那些让美国之所以为美国的人。And this year, whenever you feel the urge to don star spangled shorts,而今年,不论你是超想买些有着闪亮小星星的短裤,or set off fireworks the size of my biceps, to show love for our country,或放个跟我二头肌一样大的烟火来庆祝对于我们国家的爱,remember that to love America is to love all Americans. Because love has no labels.切记,爱美国,就是要爱所有的美国人。因为真正的爱,没有成见。 Article/201704/503762 It#39;s just 25 years since the World Wide Web was created.万维网自诞生起仅过了二十五年It now touches all of our lives,但它的触角却已深入我们的生活our personal information and data我们的个人信息数据swirling through the internet on a daily basis.每天都徘徊于网络中Yet it#39;s now caught in the greatest controversy of its life -现在它被卷入了自诞生后最大的争议之中surveillance.监控This is a spy master#39;s dream.这是一个间谍之王的梦想No spy of the previous generations could have imagined that we老一辈间谍怎么也想象不到would all volunteer for the world#39;s best tracking device.现在的人们会主动去买世上最棒的追踪设备The revelations of US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden美国情报部外包技术员爱德华·斯诺登泄密事件have led many to ask if让众人不禁开始顾虑the Web we love has been turned against us...我们深爱的网络是否背叛了我们They don#39;t just want your search data or your e-mail.他们不仅想要你的搜索数据或电子邮件They want everything.他们什么都想要And, as you are being surveilled 24/7,在你全天候被监视的同时you are more under control.你也越来越受控制You are less free.不再自由..Leading to soul-searching这一变化amongst those responsible for the Web itself.让网络的创始人开始深思I used to think that in some countries you worry about the government我以前认为有些国家的人需要提防政府and in some countries you worry about the corporations.而有些国家的人需要提防企业重点解释:1.be caught in 陷入; 卷入例句:We were caught in the storm and got drenched.我们遇上大雨全都被浇透了。2.lead to 导致,引起例句:The Government#39;s present course will only lead to disaster.政府的现行方针后患无穷。3.under control 处于控制之下例句:You must get your spending under control.你必须节制开。 Article/201611/479158富阳如何超导可视无痛打胎东洲街道中医院四维彩超预约



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