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永昌镇中心医院治疗妇科炎症好吗富阳市中山医院白带常规多少钱浙江富阳中医骨伤医院B超 Dear A Moment of Science,亲爱的科学一刻:I like to exercise, but I suffer from migraines and worry thatgetting my sweat on at the gym could trigger a headache.我喜欢运动,但我患有偏头痛,担心去健身房运动到出汗会引发头痛。Am I right to be cautious?我应该这么谨慎吗?Good question.问得好。For some people, exercise can in fact lead to a migraine.对一些人来说,运动其实能导致偏头痛。But most studies have shown that, onaverage, exercise may actually help ward off migraines.但绝大多数研究显示,一般而言,运动可能实际上能帮你远离偏头痛。At the very least, exercise doesnt seemto hurt most migraine sufferers.至少可以肯定,运动并不会对大多数偏头痛患者造成损害。Right,one study done in Sweden put more than ninety migraine prone folks into three groups:正好,瑞典有一项研究将90名患有偏头痛的人分成3组:one that exercised for around forty minutes three times a week, another that was given a drug toprevent migraines, and a third had regular relaxation sessions.一组一周进行3次约40分钟的运动;另一组用药物来防止偏头痛;第三组则进行定时放松活动。After three months, and then anadditional six months of follow up, the study found that migraines were reduced for people in allthree groups.3个月后的研究结果及另外6个月的跟踪调查显示,3组人的偏头痛都有所缓解。Another, smaller study examined more than twenty-five migraine sufferers before, during, andafter working out on stationary bikes.另一项规模较小的研究对25名偏头痛患者在健身车上运动前、运动中和运动后的情况进行了调查。After three months, the subjects all experienced fewerheadaches.3个月后,所有的研究对象发生偏头痛的次数都更少了。So at least according to these studies, exercise appears to be a viable alternative to migraine drugs.因此,至少就这些研究结论来说,用运动来代替用偏头痛药物似乎是可行的。To be clear, though, this doesnt mean that working out never triggers migraines.尽管如此,需要明确的是,这并不意味着锻炼不会引发偏头痛。Especially if you dont exercise regularly, its probably best to ease into it and see how your headreacts.尤其当你不经常运动时,最好是循序渐进地进行运动,并看看你头部的反应。If working up a sweat doesnt appear to trigger a headache, then you can gradually buildup to higher intensity workouts.如果运动到出汗并未引发头痛,你就可以逐步进行更大强度的锻炼。 /201412/346093NPR photojournalist David Gilkey, who won wide acclaim for his work chronicling major conflicts and disasters around the world, died Sunday in Afghanistan after the Afghan unit he was traveling with was hit by rocket-propelled grenades in an apparent ambush. NPRs Afghan interpreter, Zabihullah Tamanna, was also killed in the attack, as was Afghan soldier at the wheel of their vehicle. Gilkey was 50 years old, Tamanna 38.NPR described Gilkeys body of work in its release confirming his death:It is fair to say that David witnessed some of humanitys most challenging moments: He covered wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He covered the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He covered the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa. He covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti, famine in Somalia, and most recently the Ebola epidemic in Liberia.Gilkey previously worked for the Detroit Free Press, and was considered one of the countrys best photojournalists in his time there, and was part of the team that won the paper an Emmy for Outstanding Current News Coverage for Broadband for the series ;Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers.;He also won a George Polk award for NPR in 2010, and the White House Photographers Association named him Still Photographer of the Year in 2011.Gilkey was the first non-military U.S. journalist to die in Afghanistan since the latest conflict there began in 2001.Joe Swickard, Gilkeys former colleague at the Detroit Free Press, joined us today on Stateside.201606/448213富阳包皮环切多少钱

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富阳中医院做产检价格For decades, circumstances forced me to talk almost exclusively of peace.数十年来,迫于形势,我只能谈和平。But now, he told the journalists,the news had to be presented so as to create the impression that...但现在他告诉记者必须通过新闻来制造假象。There are matters which, if they cannot be achieved by peaceful means,must be enforced by means of violence.若一些事端不能通过和平方式解决则必须使用暴力。What was crucial was to say to the people...重要的是要告诉人民领导人永远是正确的...This was now important, said Hitler,in order to free the German people from the bondage of doubt.希特勒说,当前这点尤为重要,唯有这样,能让德国人摆脱疑虑。These were the scenes in Munich, in July 1939,for a celebration of German art.这是1939年7月,慕尼黑庆祝德国艺术节的场景。By the time these pictures were taken,Hitler had orchestrated the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia,and the British and French governments had warned Hitler that if the Germans moved on Poland, then there would be war.庆祝期间希特勒已策划进军捷克斯洛伐克,英法政府警告希特勒,若德国进军波兰,势必引发战争,德国媒体对此事的态度则大相径庭。The German press saw things very differently and with one voice had been telling the people that Germany was being treated unjustly.口径一致地向人民宣传德国受到了不公平待遇。That their Fuehrers legitimate demands were simply not being met.元首的合法要求没得到满足。 译文属201605/442052 富阳第一人民医院是公立医院吗富阳两个月能做人流吗



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