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Men are believed to be more creative than women, even if they show equal skill.就算表现出的能力不相上下,人们还是觉得男性的创造力比女性强。This is according to a series of studies that found most people associate creativity with #39;masculine qualities#39;, such as risk-taking and a sense of adventure.一系列研究结果发现,大多数人都把创造力和男性特质联系起来,比如承担风险的能力或是冒险精神。The findings provide a clearer insight into why men tend to get promoted faster than women in a range of professions, the researchers say.研究人员表示,这些研究结果让人们可以更明确地洞悉为什么在职场中男性比女性晋升得更快。#39;Our research shows that beliefs about what it takes to #39;think creatively#39; overlap substantially with the unique content of male stereotypes,#39; says lead researcher Devon Proudfoot at Duke University.这项研究的领头人、美国杜克大学的德文·普劳德富特说:“我们的研究表明,人们对于‘创造性思维’的认知很大方面都和传统观念的男性特质相重合。”In an online study, the researchers randomly assigned 80 participants to a passage describing a type of creativity.在第一个实验中,研究人员在网上随机指派80名参与者阅读一篇描述创造力的文章。They included the ability to #39;think outside the box#39;, also known as divergent thinking, or the ability to #39;connect the dots#39;, known as convergent thinking.这篇文章所描述的创造力包括“跳出框框思考”,也称作发散性思维,以及“将多个点连在一起”的能力,也叫作聚合思维。After ing the passage, the participants rated how central 16 different personality traits are to creativity.读完文章后,参与者对16种不同的人格特质按照他们和创造力的关联大小进行排序。As expected, participants associated creativity more with stereotypically masculine traits, including decisiveness, competitiveness, risk-taking, ambition, and daring, than with stereotypically feminine traits like cooperation and understanding.果不其然,相比传统观念中的女性特质(如合作和理解),参与者挑选出的大多都和典型的男性特质相符,包括坚定果断、争强好胜、勇于冒险、雄心勃勃以及大胆勇敢。In a second online study, Proudfoot randomly assigned 169 participants to about either an architect or a fashion designer; some were told the professional was male and others were told that the professional was female.在第二个在线实验中,普劳德富特随机指派169名参与者阅读关于一个建筑师或一个设计师的资料,一部分人被告知这名专业人士为男性,另一部分人被告知这名专业人士为女性。The participants viewed three images of the person#39;s work and rated the work on its creativity, originality, and outside-the-box thinking.参与者通过三张照片了解这位专业人士的作品,并从创造性、原创性和开创性思考三个方面来给作品打分。The male architect was judged as more creative than the female architect, despite the fact that their creations were identical.尽管他们的作品大体相同,但人们还是觉得男性建筑师比女性建筑师更加富有创造力。#39;This result suggests that gender bias in creativity judgments may affect tangible economic outcomes for men and women in the workplace,#39; the researchers write.普劳德富特写道:“研究结果表明,在判断创造力方面的性别偏见可能会影响男女在职场中实际的经济收入。#39;In suggesting that women are less likely than men to have their creative thinking recognized, our research not only points to a unique reason why women may be passed over for corporate leadership positions, but also suggests why women remain largely absent from elite circles within creative industries,#39; says Proudfoot.“研究显示,女性的创造性思维相比男性更难以得到认可。我们的研究不仅从一个独特的角度解释了女性为什么会与公司高层职位失之交臂,也解释了为什么创意产业的精英圈子里难觅女性的身影。 /201510/401656

Good books take ers on journeys in their minds. The announcement of this year’s US National Book Awards finalists has highlighted a number of modern literary gems.一本好的书能带领读者徜徉心灵的海洋。今年美国国家图书奖的入围书目无疑是现代文学的瑰宝。The books tackle a range of topics, from science to friendship to culture. Here are some standouts to add to your ing list.图书涵盖了各种主题,从科学、友谊到文化。下面为各位推荐其中几本好书。 The Soul of an Octopus《章鱼的灵魂》by Sy Montgomery作者:赛餠哥马利Publisher: Atria Books出版商:阿特里亚图书“A good book might illuminate something you knew little about, transform your world view, or move you in ways you didn’t think possible. The Soul of an Octopus delivers on all three,” the magazine New Scientist commented.“一本好书能为你开启未知世界的大门,它能改变你的世界观,亦或为你打开曾以为不可能的路。《章鱼的灵魂》满足了上面三个条件,“《新科学家》杂志评价说。After writing about birds, pigs and tigers, US naturalist Sy Montgomery decided to choose these polypod animals as the subject of her latest book, The Soul of an Octopus:A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness.继写过鸟、猪和老虎后,美国物学家赛餠哥马利决定以多足动物为自己新书的主题,新书名为《章鱼的灵魂:意识奇迹的意外探险》。“Here is a baggy, boneless body that can pour itself into the tiniest spaces, has venom like a snake, ink like an old fashioned pen, a beak like a parrot, can taste with their skin, and can change color and shape,” Montgomery explained to the National Geographic on why octopuses intrigue her.蒙哥马利在向《国家地理》杂志解释章鱼是如何给自己灵感时说:“这是一个松松垮垮的无骨肉体,它能进入最小的空间,有蛇一样的毒液,有老式钢笔一样的墨汁,有鸟一般的喙状物,可以通过皮肤尝味道,可以任意改变颜色和形状。”In the book, Montgomery explores the emotional world of the octopus. She uses different experiments to show that they possess consciousness as well as individual personalities.书中,蒙哥马利探寻了章鱼的情感世界。她通过不同的实验展示了章鱼和人一样也是有意识的。For example, based on her research, she finds out that Octavia, an octopus caught in the wild, is friendly and good at multi-tasking. And Kali, who has been living at the New England Aquarium, is playful and loves exploring.比如,在研究的基础上,她发现一个从野外抓回来的,叫奥克塔维亚的章鱼,十分友善并且擅于同时处理多个任务。而另一只生活在新英格兰水族馆名为卡莉的章鱼,则顽皮而热爱探索。Montgomery is a good storyteller. Her skillful writing weaves facts together with personal narratives, which makes the book very informative but easy to .蒙哥马利很会讲故事。她用高超的写作技巧把事实和个人叙述穿插起来,让这本书简单易懂又不失知识性。 /201512/413730

People living in small cities generally enjoy better sleep than those in larger ones in China, according to the China Sleep Quality Index 2016.近日发布的《2016全国睡眠指数报告》显示,我国小城市居民的睡眠质量普遍高于大城市居民。The report showed that negative emotions were a major obstacle to quality sleep for people in China.该报告显示,不良情绪是妨碍国人拥有高质量睡眠的罪魁祸首。The research was based on feedback between January and March to online questionnaires sent to netizens in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.这项研究是基于今年一到三月的一项在线问卷调查的反馈结果,该调查覆盖了30个省、市、自治区。Those surveyed had an average sleep index of 69 out of a possible 100, indicating an overall gap in the quality of sleep for Chinese people, the report said.该报告指出,这一调查设定的满分为100分,结果显示受访者平均睡眠指数为69分,这显示了中国人睡眠质量的总体差距。The sleep index was based on seven subindices, including the ability to fall asleep quickly, the ability to have regular sleeping hours and the ability to control emotions.该睡眠指数是依据快速入睡能力、规律睡眠能力、控制情绪能力等七个维度得出的。Respondents scored 49.3 in their ability to control emotions, ranking the lowest of all seven subindices, which means negative emotions were the biggest contributor to bad sleep, the report said.报告显示,受访者在控制情绪能力上的得分是49.3分,是七项评估里得分最低的一项,这表明负面情绪是睡眠不好的最主要因素。The report also showed that residents of bigger cities in general had slightly worse sleep. Residents in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou averaged 67.2 in the index, while those in middle-sized and small cities averaged 70.4, the report said. Of all provincial capitals, Nanjing in East China#39;s Jiangsu province, ranked highest at 71.4, while Hohhot in North China#39;s Inner Mongolia autonomous region ranked lowest at 65.5.报告还指出,大城市居民的睡眠质量较差。北京、上海、广州等一线城市居民的平均睡眠指数为67.2,而中小型城市居民的平均睡眠指数为70.4。在所有的省会城市里,中国东部江苏省南京市睡眠指数以71.4分高居榜首,而中国北部内蒙古自治区的呼和浩特以65.5分倒数第一。Freelancers and salespeople were among the professionals that have the longest sleep on working days, averaging 8.3 hours, while newspaper journalists sleep 7.5 hours per workday, the shortest of all 18 major professions covered in the survey.工作压力大、夜间过度使用电子产品等因素会造成睡眠障碍。在受调查的18种主要职业中,自由职业者和销售员的工作日睡眠时长最长,平均达8.3小时,而新闻记者的工作日睡眠时长最短,为7.5小时。 /201603/433443If you don#39;t smoke or do drugs you may think you#39;re clear of bad habits. But what if you bite your nails or pop gum repeatedly? Bad habits aren#39;t addictions. They#39;re repetitive, negative behaviors that often start as coping mechanisms -- ways to reduce stress, relax and generally feel better. They aren#39;t generally dangerous, just annoying to those around you.也许你会认为,自己不抽烟不吸毒,就与不良习惯丝毫不沾边。但如果你没事就爱啃自己的指甲或者嚼口香糖吹泡泡呢?不良习惯并不是指对事物着迷上瘾, 而是一系列重复而负面的行为。它们起初是作为一种减轻压力、放松身心和提高个人舒适度的方式而存在。一般情况下,这些不良习惯并不会危害你的健康,只是会让你周围的人觉得很反感而已。So, how do you stop doing them? It#39;s not so easy. Habits can trigger the release of dopamine, a chemical that#39;s part of the brain#39;s reward system. You get positive reinforcement from your brain for performing these habits, so that compels you to keep going. In addition, researchers have found that habits form familiar neural pathways in your brain. If a behavior is routine, this frees your brain to concentrate on other things. That#39;s great if you#39;ve gotten into the practice of meditating each evening, but it can be bad news if you#39;re downing a pint of ice cream in front of the TV instead. We#39;ve got a list of 10 really hard habits to break and ways you might overcome them. And speaking of ice cream, let#39;s kick off our look with one that plagues most of us.那么,究竟如何才能改掉这些不良习惯呢?这真的很困难。这些习惯可以触发人体释放一种名叫多巴胺的化学物质,它是大脑“回报机制”的组成部分。在做这些习惯性动作时,你体验到快感增强,这又反过来促使你继续保持这一习惯。此外,研究人员发现习惯可以在大脑内构建熟悉的神经通道。当行为成为习惯之时,大脑就可以被解放出来去专注于其他事务了。如果你已经形成了每晚都要冥想的习惯,那太棒了;反之,如果你每晚在看电视时能不知不觉吞下一品脱(约0.58升)的冰淇淋,那可就太糟了。本文列举了10个最难改变的恶习以及可能克它们的方法。既然已经谈到了冰淇淋,那么我们就先来看看这个使绝大多数人都深受困扰的不良习惯。10.Snacking10.吃零食I mentioned eating ice cream at night because snacking is not only one of my bad habits; it#39;s my hardest one to break. If I chose to snack on nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, it#39;d be one thing. But chips and ice cream call my name. So why do we snack, and why do we reach for the high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie foods?在上文中我已经提到了晚上吃冰淇淋这一例子,这是因为吃零食不仅是我的众多不良习惯之一,更是最难改变的一个。如果我进食的是诸如水果和蔬菜这类有营养的食物,那便罢了;但问题是,薯条和冰淇淋总是在向我招手。那么,究竟我们为什么会吃零食?又为什么非要选择那些高脂,高糖,高热量的食物呢?One simple reason: Our brains tell us to because they make us feel good. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates raise our mood by producing neurotransmitters like serotonin and anandamide. Back in prehistoric times, when eating was all about survival, it made sense for your brain to reward you for seeking out high-caloric foods. These brain chemicals work with others like opioids that can relieve stress and even physical pain. But these are temporary effects; the negatives, like feeling sluggish and guilty or even gaining weight, aren#39;t worth it. For those times when you#39;re legitimately hungry between meals, the solution is to make sure you have satisfying foods on hand that will fill you up, like small amounts of nuts. If you find yourself mindlessly snacking in front of the TV, make a rule only to eat when you#39;re focused on your food. Look for other ways to make yourself feel better -- hanging out with a friend, going for a walk or watching your favorite show on TV. If only carbs will do, keep the serving as small as you can.其实原因很简单:大脑指挥我们如此,因为吃零食的感觉实在是太棒了!富含脂肪和碳水化合物的食物可以产生诸如五羟色胺和大麻素等神经递质,从而使我们的情绪高涨。回望史前时期,在饮食与生存息息相关的情况下,大脑自然会激励你寻找高热量的食物。这些脑神经化学物质与类鸦片活性肽等其他物质共同作用,可以起到缓解压力,甚至减轻生理性疼痛的作用。然而这些好处都只是一时的;若是因为吃零食使人萎靡不振,内疚不已,甚至引发体重增加等负面效果,那就得不偿失了。当然,在两餐之间会产生饥饿感是人之常情,解决方法就是保你手边有可以使你产生饱腹感的食物,比如少量的坚果。如果你发现自己有时百无聊赖地坐在电视机前,不假思索地吃着零食,你该考虑养成一个习惯:只有注意力放在食物上时,才吃东西。此外,你还可以寻找其他替代方法来使自己更加惬意——比如与朋友共度美好时光,出去散散步,或者看你最喜欢的电视节目。但如果只有碳水化合物才可以解你心忧,那么请尽可能地控制摄入量吧!9.Nail Biting9.啃指甲Biting your nails isn#39;t as unhealthy a habit as snacking, but it#39;s still a bad one. It#39;s embarrassing to have ragged, chewed nails. And since it#39;s a habit associated with anxiety, it can feel like people learn all about your mental state just by glancing at your hands.啃指甲并非像吃零食一样不健康,但这仍然是个坏习惯。被啃过的指甲周边参差不齐,看起来很不得体,试想如果在某个重要场合被人看到这样的指甲,将会多么难为情啊!而且由于啃指甲一般是焦虑所致,似乎人们只要扫一眼你的双手便能了解你的精神状态。Interestingly, the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association#39;s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classifies nail biting as a body-focused repetitive behavior disorder, along with hair twirling and skin picking and relates them all to behaviors characteristic of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). One big difference is that most people with OCD want to stop their practices because they don#39;t get any pleasure from obsessively lining up their shoes or washing their hands. Nail biters, on the other hand, usually find gnawing on their tips pleasurable and stress-relieving. While nail biting is not generally harmful, if you attack the cuticles you can risk bleeding and bacterial infection. One way to stop the habit is to keep your nails impeccably manicured, so you won#39;t want to ruin them. Some people put bitter-tasting polish or even a bandage on a finger to remind themselves to stop the biting and find something else to do.有趣的是,美国精神病学会出版的第五版《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》将啃指甲、抓头发和抠皮肤归为一种聚焦于躯体的重复性行为障碍症,并且认为这些症状都与强迫症的典型行为相互关联。二者最大的一个区别是,大部分强迫症患者都希望自己不再受那些习惯的困扰,因为他们无法从把鞋子排列得过度整齐或者过度清洁双手的过程中得到一丝一毫的快感。而恰恰相反,咬甲癖患者却常常很享受这个在指尖上啃咬的过程,这能让他们舒缓压力,心情愉悦。虽然啃咬指甲通常不会使人受伤,但如果你咬伤了指甲周围的皮肤,仍然会导致出血并可能造成细菌感染。戒掉这一恶习的一种方法就是定期精心修剪指甲,保持其整洁美观的状态,这样你就舍不得毁掉它们了。有些人会涂上苦涩的指甲油,甚至在手指头上绑上绷带,以此提醒自己停止啃指甲,并找些其他事情来忙活。8.Procrastinating8.拖延症I#39;ve put off this article because I work best under pressure! OK, not really. Although we often joke about procrastinating, it can be a really bad habit. Procrastinators sabotage themselves to avoid doing something that they don#39;t want to do. They#39;re the ones who cram all night for a test, routinely pay late fees for bills and buy gifts on the way to the party. The outcome is often poor test marks, wasted money and a late arrival at the event. It#39;s not about running out of time; it#39;s about failing to regulate behavior. It#39;s difficult to understand the motivation behind procrastination but here are some common reasons.“我之所以延期完成这篇文章,是因为在高压下我能做得更好”——拖延症患者常常这样安慰自己,但事实并非如此。虽然我们经常拿拖延症来调笑,但它确实是一个坏习惯。拖延症患者总会找出一些借口来避免做自己不想做的事情。他们往往会临阵磨,到了最后关头才为了应付考试通宵达旦;常常会因为拖延而缴付滞纳金罚单,抑或是在参加聚会的路上才开始准备礼物。这样做的结果往往就是考试成绩不如人意,浪费金钱,参加聚会迟到。造成这种局面的原因往往不是时间不够,而是拖延症患者无法规制自己的行为。人们很难弄懂拖延症背后的动机因素,但这里列举一些常见的原因:Fear of failure or success; Fear of making a bad decision; Seeking a pressure-fueled adrenaline rush; Rebelling against controlling parents or other authority figures. No matter what the reason, if procrastinating is a problem in your life, you have to be proactive. Set clear goals, with rewards if necessary, and imagine how great you#39;ll feel when you finally complete that project with time to spare. You might even consider enlisting somebody to keep you honest and check in with you on your progress. And you have to do it right now.对成败得失的恐惧;害怕做出错误的决定;寻求高压下肾上腺素激增的快感;反抗父母或者其他权威人士的控制;无论出于什么原因,如果你有拖延症,那就必须同时具有前瞻性。设定清晰的目标,有必要的话,也可以在自己达成目标后给予一定奖励,试想一下自己提前达成既定目标的满足感,那时你一定会如沐春风吧!你甚至可以考虑召唤小伙伴来监督你如实完成任务,同时记录你的进展情况。那么,还犹豫什么!此时此刻就开始行动吧!7.Swearing7.爆粗口When a character starts swearing on TV or in a movie, it can be pretty funny. But it#39;s often not so funny in real life. Many people consider swearing vulgar, low class and unprofessional. They see the swearer as lacking in self-control and unable to express himself properly.电视或者电影中的人物爆粗口是一件看似很有趣的事情,但这要是发生在现实生活中,就绝不是那么有趣了。很多人觉得讲脏话是一件低俗、没品且不道德的事情,他们认为那些随意爆粗的人缺乏基本的自控能力,不会用合适的方式来表达自己。On the positive side, swearing has been shown to calm a person down and let her express anger without hurting anybody. A British researcher found that swearing helped his subjects to bear pain better than those who said a neutral word. Swearing turned on the subjects#39; fight-or-flight responses, allowing surges in adrenaline. However, the researcher cautioned that swearing loses its emotional potency the more it#39;s done, lessening its ability to dull pain. That#39;s probably true of swearing in general – it has less potency the more you do it. One way to stop is through using a ;swear jar.; Put in a set amount of money every time you swear when you shouldn#39;t, and make it enough to hurt. Decide what you#39;re going to do with the money, and make it something that#39;s not fun, like putting it into your retirement account or paying off a debt. (Otherwise you#39;ve just given yourself a good reason to keep on swearing). You could also try substituting innocent words. Everyone will be laughing for real when you yell ;Suffering Succotash!; next time something goes wrong at work.从积极的层面来看,一个人爆粗时表明他想要冷静下来,他想在不伤害任何人的情况下通过咒骂来释放自己的怒气。一位英国的研究人员发现,爆粗的人比不爆粗的人能承受更多的痛苦,这是因为人在说脏话时会触发开启“还击——逃跑”反应机制,使得肾上腺素的分泌激增。但同时,研究人员也告诫人们:说脏话的次数越多,其调节情绪的功能就越差,减轻痛苦的功效也就会越弱。一般来说这多半是正确的——你咒骂的次数越多就越无济于事。停止说脏话的方式之一就是使用“爆粗处罚罐”,在你每次不该爆粗而爆粗时,就放入一笔数额不少、足够让你肉疼的钱。你还要考虑一下怎样使用这些钱,最好用它们来做一些无趣的事情,比如存入你的退休金账户或者用来偿还债务(否则你只是为自己可以继续爆粗找了一个绝好的理由)。你也可以尝试用委婉无害的语言替换掉爆粗时常说的一些话,当你下次在工作中遇到麻烦而大喊“苦难的豆煮玉米”时,同事都会被你逗乐的。6.Gum Snapping6.嚼口香糖Learning how to blow bubbles is one of those childhood rites of passage, like whistling or riding a bike. But by the time we reach adulthood, we#39;re not normally chewing bubble gum, but the kind that freshens breath. That gum isn#39;t ideal for blowing bubbles, so some people resort to snapping, or popping it instead. Much like nail biting or hair twisting, gum snapping can become an unconscious behavior used to relieve stress or boredom. However, there are some positives of gum chewing. Researchers found that it made people focus better on tests of mental agility for about 20 minutes. Maybe that#39;s why some people do it at work. The problem is, the endless popping sound can be so distracting for the people around you that they may be tearing their hair out or even complaining to their human resources manager.像吹口哨、骑自行车一样,学吹泡泡是童年时代必做的事。但长大之后,我们却不嚼泡泡糖,转而喜欢可以清新口气的口香糖。如果想要吹泡泡,口香糖并不十分理想,因此有些人就使劲嚼,让它们发出“嘣嘣”的声音。就像啃指甲、拧头发一样,嚼口香糖也会成为人们在释放压力或者打发无聊时光时的一种无意识行为。然而,嚼口香糖也并非一无是处。研究人员发现,这种行为在思维敏捷度测试中有助于人们提高注意力达20分钟以上。也许这就是为什么有些人在工作时喜欢嚼口香糖的原因吧。但问题在于,嚼口香糖带来的噪音很容易使你周围的人分心,会让他们抓狂甚至向人力资源经理投诉你。If you#39;re a gum-snapper, think about why you#39;re doing it and find a quieter way to deal with that emotion. If you#39;re worried about bad breath, stock up on mints or keep a toothbrush at work.如果你喜欢嚼口香糖,也许应该认真思考一下自己为什么会这样,然后最好找一个安静点儿的方式来处理你的情绪。如果你很担心自己口臭,那就在办公室放一把牙刷或放点儿薄荷糖吧。审校:落月 旭旭 前十网 /201602/424857In the tail of February when Chinese people are still in a post-Lunar New Year festive mood, they have been suddenly pulled back to harsh reality through a topic seen as taboo in such a holiday season – death.在二月末,中国人民还沉浸在春节之后的气氛中的时候,一个在节日里被视为禁忌的话题——死亡,却忽然将他们拉回残酷的现实。A joint statement released by nine ministries called for burial of deceased family members in a cemetery plot rather than the traditional one-plot-for-one-body practice.近日,九部委联合发文,提倡过世的家庭成员合葬在一个墓位,而非传统的一人一个墓位。The statement came on Wednesday, two days after the Lantern Festival, and caused discussions over life and death one month earlier than due as the topic is usually popular in Qingming Festival, or Tomb Spring Festival known as a day when people visit cemeteries and pay tribute to ancestors.这一倡导发表于上周三,也就是元宵节过后两天。这提前一个月引发了人们对于生与死的讨论。生与死的话题通常在清明节被讨论得很多,因为清明节是人们扫墓、对祖先致以敬意的节日。With or without the festivity-mutilated statement, Chinese people are still frustrated with the beyond-reach prices of cemeteries especially in big cities where sky-high housing prices, job pressure, and air pollution have aly made for difficult standards of living. This leads to philosophical frustrations – why is it equally hard to die?不管有没有这份破坏节日气氛的联合发文,中国人在面对墓地不可企及的价格时,总会感到沮丧,在大城市中尤其是这样。大城市里房价极高,工作压力大,又有空气污染问题,这都使得生活非常困难。这就引发了具有哲学意味的挫败感--为什么死去和活着一样难?How hard can it be? In Beijing, a burial plot can claim from 40,000 yuan (,214) per square to tens of thousands of dollars, while price tag also pick up from 50,000 yuan (,655) per square and up in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The per square cost of where the body will be laid can rival that of a comfortable apartment one can buy to live an actual life.究竟能有多难呢?在北京,一块墓地的价格为每平方米4万元(折合6214美元)到上万美元不等;而在上海和广州,有的墓地标价为每平方米5万元(7655美元)或者更多。作为遗体的安置之处,墓地每平方米的价格都比得上活人居住的舒适公寓了。Soaring prices didn#39;t scare people away from getting their dead family members into earth though. Traditional Chinese funeral rites advocate extravagant burials in a way to make their ancestors rest not only in peace, but also in dignity.飞涨的价格并不曾吓退想使已故亲人入土为安的人们。传统的中国葬礼提倡奢侈厚葬,以此使得他们的祖先不仅能够安息,还能够有尊严。Convention also prefers the practice of bodies being buried in the soil than ash sping as a Chinese saying goes – ;Falling leaves settle on their roots;. This explains why authorities have promoted eco-friendly funerals, such as sping ash to the sea, but for years they#39;ve only received cold shoulders.中国的习俗更倾向于将遗体埋葬在土壤中,而非将骨灰撒掉,正如中国老话所说的:“落叶归根。”因此虽然政府提倡要生态安葬,如骨灰撒海等,但多年来人们对此一直态度冷淡。 /201602/428351

The first quality standards for pollution filter masks will take effect on March 1 in a bid to regulate the rapidly growing domestic market.今年3月1日,首个空气过滤器质量标准将会生效。该标准将会规范快速增长的国内市场。The Group Standard on Protective Masks against PM 2.5 was released on Jan 18, with the goal to regulate filter efficiency. The standard will also ban the use of cancer-causing aromatic ammonia in the fabric and list the details of domestic producers.1月18日,PM2.5防护口罩团体标准已经正式发布。该标准旨在规范过滤器的有效性。此外,该标准还将会禁用工厂致癌物质芳香胺,并且将国内生产的细节一一公示出来。The China Textile Commerce Association conducted research on facial protective masks and initially drafted the regulations in February 2014. Li Jianhua, head of the association, said the domestic market has grown quickly due to the frequency of severe smog blanketing many cities.中国纺织品商业协会开展了关于面部保护面罩的研究,并于2014年2月首次起草规范。商会负责人李建华表示,由于国内很多城市频繁收到严重雾霾的影响,国内市场需求增加迅速。Of the 37 tested masks from major brands in China, only nine were adequate in filtering air borne pollutants and enabling smooth breathing, said a survey conducted by the China Consumers Association in March 2014.2014年3月,中国消费者协会展开的一项调查表明,在37个中国主要品牌的测试面罩中,只有2个品牌可以有效过滤空气中的污染物,使得呼吸顺畅。Data from newrank.cn, an analysis agency, showed mask sales outstripping condom salesonline on Nov 23, according to a report from the South China Morning Post.《南华早报》的一份报道称,11月23日,来自newrank.cn分析部门的数据显示,面罩的线上销量已经超过了避套。 /201602/426191Most of us have fond memories of bedtime stories. Parents love to pass on their own favorite books to their children. Stories are important in sparking children#39;s imaginations and they teach them about the world. Here are some you will undoubtedly know along with some that are less familiar, and you don#39;t have to be a child to enjoy them. Treat yourself to one from the library or bookstore. You deserve it!大多数人对睡前故事都有自己美好的回忆。父母们愿意把自己喜爱的故事讲给孩子们听。童话故事有助于激发孩子想象力,让他们了解世界。下面给大家介绍的经典童话故事,有的你可能耳熟能详,有的你可能并不那么熟悉。不是只有小孩才能享受童话故事的乐趣。从书店或者是图书馆拿上一本慢慢欣赏!你值得拥有!10.The Secret Garden--By Frances Hodgson Burnett10.《秘密花园》--弗朗西丝·霍奇森·伯内特This story about a garden that transforms the lives of a group of children was serialized and then published as a whole in 1911. Orphaned Mary Lennox, a sickly child, is sent to live in England following her upbringing in India. At the house of her guardian Uncle, Mary discovers a neglected walled garden that no one is allowed to enter. Mary resolves to restore the garden with the help of her new companion, Dickon. Mary#39;s guardian#39;s son, Colin, another sickly and spoiled child, is also in on the secret. As the garden blossoms once more, the characters hope to physically and emotionally heal themselves. Burnett#39;s most acclaimed book was only popular after her death.《秘密花园》是关于一群孩子的生活因一个花园而改变的系列故事,于1911年整篇出版。孤女玛丽·莱诺克斯是个看起来有点病怏怏的孩子,生长在印度,因失去双亲而不得不跟随舅舅到英国生活。在她监护人——舅舅的家里,玛丽发现了一个四面围墙的花园,这里平时不允许人进去。花园因疏于照顾,已经荒废。玛丽决定和她新的小伙伴迪肯秘密恢复花园的原貌。玛丽舅舅家的男孩——科林——也是个病怏怏的,还有点被宠坏了的孩子。他也加入了他们的秘密行动。这些孩子们希望当花园重获生机时,他们自己不管是在心灵上还是身体上都能得到治愈。伯内特最负有盛名的这本小说是在她过世后才开始广受欢迎的。9.The Little Prince--By Antoine de Saint-Exupery9.《小王子》--安东尼·得·圣艾克旭佩里Many adults have discovered this book and been inspired by its observations on the values of the adult world. The author, a French aviator, also drew the illustrations. The story is of a pilot stranded in the desert, an event that actually happened to Saint-Exupery, and his meeting a small boy from a tiny asteroid. The Little Prince, as he is known, has been visiting other worlds including Earth and tells the pilot of his adventures and how his encounters with adults have formed his philosophy. Readers of different ages appreciate the story on different levels. Following its publication in 1943, Saint-Exupery disappeared over the Mediterranean on a wartime mission in 1944.书中通过对大人世界生活价值观的敏锐观察而使得很多成年人都有所感触。作者是一名法国飞行员。书中插图也是作者画的。故事讲的是一个飞行员困在了沙漠当中,遇到了来自小行星的小王子。飞行被困沙漠的事情作者圣艾克旭佩里真实经历过。故事中的小王子游历过包括地球在内的很多星球。他给飞行员讲述了他的游历过程和途中遇到的那些大人如何形成了他的人生观。不同年龄段的人对这本小说都有自己不同的见解。此书在1943年发表。没过多久,也就是在1944年,圣艾克旭佩里在地中海的一次战争任务中神秘消失。8.Grimms Fairy Tales--Collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm8.《格林童话》--由雅克布·格林和威廉·格林兄弟收集Some of the most famous fairy tales in the world are in this collection. The tales, originating from Germany and elsewhere, were published in 1812. This book is the perfect introduction to children#39;s literature and an entertaining source for bedtime stories. The tales include Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Elves and the Shoemaker, and Sleeping Beauty. Many families come across the stories for the first time as movie adaptations.世界上非常著名的一些童话都出自这个故事集里。格林兄弟把德国和其他一些地区的童话故事收集整理于1812年发表。这本书是关于儿童文学的完美介绍,也是睡前故事的好出处。故事集里包括《长发公主》、《糖果屋》、《灰姑娘》、《小红帽》、《小精灵与老鞋匠》和《睡美人》等。很多家庭都是通过大荧幕第一次接触到这些小故事的。7.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--By Roald Dahl7.《查理与巧克力工厂》--罗尔德·达尔Best selling children#39;s author, Dahl, brought his love of chocolate to this fantasy tale, published in 1964. It tells the story of Willy Wonka, eccentric owner of a chocolate factory and Charlie Bucket, the boy from a poor family. Charlie and four other children win a competition to tour the factory. As the only child to behave well on the tour, Charlie receives another reward that is beyond his wildest dreams. The morality tale was illustrated by long time collaborator Quentin Blake (from 1998 edition). A film adaptation came out in 1971 starring Gene Wilder and a second one was released in 2005 with Johnny Depp. Dahl also wrote James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Matilda, and The Twits.畅销儿童小说家达尔把他自己喜爱的巧克力融入到了他的童话书中,在1964年出版了《查理与巧克力工厂》。故事与两个人物有关。一个是行为古怪的巧克力工厂主威利·旺卡,另一个是穷苦人家的孩子查理·毕奇。查理和其他四个孩子因而去参观了巧克力工厂。在参观过程中作为唯一的一个表现良好的孩子,查理获得了他意想不到的大奖。这个关于道德品质的童话故事由长期作画的昆丁·布莱克著插图(1988年版本)。1971年这个故事改编成了电影,基恩·怀尔德主演。第二个电影版上映于2005年,约翰尼·德普主演。达尔的其他著作有《詹姆斯与大仙桃》、《好心眼儿巨人》、《玛蒂尔达》、和《蠢特夫妇》。6.The Hobbit--By J.R.R. Tolkien6.《霍比特人》--约翰·罗纳德·鲁埃尔·托尔金Tolkien#39;s imagination, inspired by his knowledge of ancient languages and folk tales, has enthralled children and adults since The Hobbit#39;s publication in 1937. We are introduced to some of the characters that were to feature in the epic trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Home-loving hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is persuaded to go on a treasure hunt with Gandalf the wizard and a group of dwarves. Their adventures lead to encounters with Smaug the dragon, giant spiders, trolls, and goblins. Bilbo also gets acquainted with a creature called Gollum and a certain ring.托尔金富有想象力的创作灵感来自于他对古老语言和民间故事的渊知识。《霍比特人》自1937年出版以来让大人小孩都入迷不已。大家通过《指环王三部曲》,对书中的一些人物都已熟悉。热爱家园的霍比特人比尔·巴金斯在劝说之下,和甘道夫以及一群小矮人一起踏上了寻找宝藏的历程。在旅程中,他们遇到了恶龙史矛革、巨型蜘蛛、巨魔、半兽人。比尔还结识了叫做咕噜的怪物,并拥有了魔戒。翻译:图亚 前十网 /201509/400803

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