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COO John Leahy discusses Airbus future Airbus COO John Leahy discusses the challenges of aircraft manufacturing.There is a reason and there are only 2 major manufactures in world today is Airbus and Boeing build aircraft 100 seats and above, it is difficult to do, because you dont just need to get airplane into the air, you have to get within fractions of percent of the fuel burn predictions the range, the way we have been to promising people, and then you are gonna do a lots thing, you gotta build reliably, and it would get into service, its gotta to fly with 99.5%*ability.I just have mentioned those two issues, lets talk about how to oversee the situation in Syria, has to another spike in the fuel prices, this means that the fuel efficiency is paramount.Absolutely, and thats why we bring out our A380 family including single love family,in the new version the nail new engine option, it takes the proven reliability in fuel efficiency with A320, and we do sustain that fuel burn by over 15%, when fuel prices go up, its a two-edge sword, yes, the airlines maybe arent making as much money, but they drives the need to replace that older kit with new aircraft, you know, to afford.A380 is not still the answer to the capacity constraints as we have seen particularly in this part of the world. Absolutely, Im going out after we finish the interview to hit through to get on our airplane and you think about that air-traffic doubles in 15 years, Im going to look around hit through and say how can we get twice as airplanes, you cant, you cant get 20% more airplanes * in fact if we cant get 10% more airplanes then are use it to be the maximum capacity, so what did you do? It has to be a bigger aircraft, it has to.We see all the the catastrophe surrounding Boeing, problems in the dream line 787s. How many industry perspective or lessons can be learned?Well, what you have to do is get it right at the first time, and the airlines get very frustrated, if you bring them new technology product but the reliability is not there, we are watching the mistake they are making and hopefully we are not gonna make the same ones, we have all mistakes with the A380 program, we start a little bit with reliability beginning with that, weve got that fixed now,and we are going to great pains right now with A350 program, to make sure its mature on day one we deliver it next year, the airline are unanimous in saying, its not just the numbers in terms of performance, its the numbers in terms of reliability, we cant afford an airplane that takes 5 years to get mature in the field. /201310/258913。

  • 在过去两年的时间里,摄影师丽萨.克里斯汀跑遍世界,记录了今天还存在的奴隶制度让人无法忍受的残酷现实。她分享了令人难忘的美丽影像:刚果的矿工,尼泊尔的砖工……揭露了全球2700万个被奴役灵魂的困境。201308/251281。
  • 这是个经典的逆袭故事:大卫,一个年轻的牧羊人,手里只有一条投石绳,却打败了强大的敌人哥利亚。这个故事从圣经版本演变成一个逆袭胜利的大众版本。但是,Malcolm Gladwell提出了他的质疑,这真的是大卫与哥利亚的故事所要表达的吗?201406/304579。
  • But actually it was his own empire, Lydia, that was conquered.最终,是他自己的帝国吕底亚战败,Croesus was captured by the great Persian king Cyrus, and he became the worlds favourite moralising example of how fortune can turn, even against the richest!克罗伊斯被居鲁士大帝俘虏。他成为世界上最知名且具具说力的例子,命运如何充满变数,甚至对最富有的人也是如此!In fact, his end wasnt so bad.但其实,他的结局也没那么凄惨,Cyrus shrewdly appointed Croesus as an advisor-I like to think as his financial advisor-and the victorious Persians quickly adopted the Lydian model, sping Croesuss coins along the trade routes of the Mediterranean and Asia, and then minting their own coins in pure gold and pure silver at Croesuss mint in Sardis.居鲁士十分精明,他让克罗伊斯担任自己的顾问—我猜是财政顾问—胜利的波斯迅速釆用了吕底亚模式,克罗伊斯的金币沿着地中海和亚洲的贸易路线散播。其后,波斯人在克罗伊斯位于萨迪斯的造币厂铸造自己的纯金纯银货币。这一做法与库施人征埃及后吸收埃及文化如出一辙。Its an intriguing fact that coinage was invented at pretty well the same time in both China and in Turkey, and its probably not a coincidence.中国与土耳其几乎在同一时间发明了货币,这也许并非巧合。Rather, I think, theyre both responses to the fundamental changes seen across the world around three thousand years ago from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.三千年前,从地中海到太平洋,世界正发生着根本性的变革。货币的出现正是在回应这样的变革。There were military, political and economic upheavals that brought us not only modern coinage, but something else thats resonated till the present day-new ideas about how people and their rulers saw themselves, in short, the beginning of modern political thinking, the world of Confucius and Classical Athens.军事、政治和经济的巨变带来了现代货币,也带来了一些至今仍能引起共鸣的崭新观念:人民与统治者全新的自我定位。简单来说,这便是现代政治思想的开端,开启了孔夫子与古代雅典的世界。Thats what were going to be looking at next week, and were going to start with the people that toppled Croesus-the Persians.下一部分,我们将以推翻了克罗伊斯统治的波斯人作为起点。201409/326663。
  • But the experiment doesnt end there.但实验并未在这里结束All the words produced by the first candidate前一位候选人所创造的单词are used to create the language for the next person in the experiment,都作为下一位候选人创造语言时的参考including the words they invented for the unfamiliar fruit.包括他们为陌生水果创造的那些单词Each of these learners thinks每个实验对象都认为that theyre giving us back the same thing that we trained them on,自己是尽力将我们教他们的东西as best they can,原样交给我们but in fact each of them,但实际上随着时间推移 unconsciously, is changing that language,原始语言一点点地被他们每个人changing it piece by piece over time.无意识地改变了As its passed through generations of users,经过了一代代测试对象的改进the language slowly turns from a random chaotic one测试的语言从最初的混乱无章to one of structure with combinations that can be easily remembered.慢慢地形成了容易记忆的语法结构By the ninth generation, the words have been divided into parts到了第九代 单词已被分为几部分and each of these has a different meaning.每部分都有其自身的含义N, L and R describe the different colours.N L R用来表示颜色The middle of the word describes the number,中间部分用来表示数量and the end of the word like ;plo; or ;pilu;而单词末尾比如;plo;和;pilu;describes the type of fruit.用来表示水果种类201501/353203。
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